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    Well, here we must start with a bit of psychology. Humans do NOT accept empowerment too well! If you empower a man over another OR others, the first thing he will do is MISUSE that empowerment and the second thing he will do, after he has misused his empowerment and seen that he has gotten away with it, is to ABUSE that empowerment. If you enhance the empowerment by dressing the empowered in a uniform for all to recognise that he is an empowered person, this will compound the effect on the mind of the empowered person. Any person who's job is dealing with the general public will eventually be tarnished by those dealings. There is only about 2% of people who are resistant to this tarnishing and they are the same people who would not misuse or abuse any empowerment. Lets look at how this works.

    There is an unemployed licensed heavy goods vehicle (HGV)
truck driver , on the dole and wanting to work. He is exactly what the bus companys want. They give him a job, put him through the Public Services Vehicle (PSV) training school and when he passes he can drive PSV's (buses). This man is so grateful to be earning again but he deals with the general public. People get on his bus and start digging into handbags for their fare. They do not realise that the driver is working to a tight time schedule OR that it would have been bright to have got their fare ready BEFORE the bus arrived! At the weekend he gets drunken teenagers on the bus, loud and abusive and sometimes the driver is under personal threat. After 6 months of this, he is no longer grateful to have a job, it has changed, the passengers are lucky to be allowed onto HIS bus! He no longer helps old ladys get on and off with their shopping, he just drives the bus, takes the money and watches the clock till he is done. This is the effect dealing with the general public has on public servants. Oh, and after his 6 months exposure he will say he is NOT any ones servant and never has been.

    Now, with the police, they deal with the general public BUT it is the lowest and worst 10% that they deal with! It is going to take a very special man to do this job and NOT be affected by doing it. Thus we realise straight away that recruitment is a nightmare. You know what you want but not enough applicants meet the requirement. This means that many policemen are taken onto the force when their personal profile is unacceptable just to fill the numbers needed. Now these recruits must be trained. CB has long felt that there are major flaws in the training system for the police. The police are an isolated unit so they work together, socialise together and the police is a closed shop brotherhood. The police have lost the respect of the public and it is highly desirable that they win it back. Think about it, these guys do the worst and hardest job there is. On any 1 shift they could be shot at or on the motorway scraping up the remains of people in a smash. Would you want to do that? Fifty years ago the standard applicant to join the force applied because it was a calling, now the psychos apply and also those who want to work 30 years and walk away with a pension of 2/3rds of their salary.

    The Police have lost the respect of the public because they are HUMAN. They tell lies to get a conviction in court. They tell lies to protect one another when a misuse or abuse of power has occurred. Now if the personal profile of 70% of policemen is UNDER the desired minimum and their training is flawed, what can we do about it?

    Here is a classic CB example. About 25 years ago CB used to run a company. At teatime he would lock up and go for a beer with his sales team (2 beers and the salesmen had the courage to say what they really though about the company). On this one occasion, all the salesmen had gone and CB was finishing up to go home. A guy came in with an Alsatian dog. This dog was SO WELL behaved. CB is a dog lover and asked if he could pet the dog. The owner said he preferred that the dog not be touched.
This owner proceeded to tell CB that he was a police dog handler. He also told CB that he was a regular triathlon competitior. All the time he was imparting this information he was staring straight ahead and never looked CB in the eye. Also, all the time this was going on, the cop was constantly jangling the dogs lead. Every time the dog got settled, he was up to heel because this cop jangled the lead. The behaviour of this cop was classic psychopathy, had to be in control, had to show others he was in control etc. CB drank up and left, glad to be away.

    The problem here is that it proves CB's fears of the police being staffed by psychos. CB fears the problem is not solvable. CB believes that a large scale rethink is needed. If we can implement the changes mooted on The Police page, then we could possibly have a full independent survey done by a private consultant on the recruitment and training of the police. Subject to the consultant getting it right and offering good advice, then we could look at other aspects of the police. CB is not against the police at all. CB has played golf with and against many senior police officers and they mostly are sympathetic to CB's point of view. CB is apalled to consider the world without police BUT we need them to be a part of US and our society, not a standalone unit only answerable to themselves. Much work is needed here!


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