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Idem Servicing has responded to the letter that a good friend of CB sent them. They are not a bank, they buy "bad" debts. They then collect on them. The status of this kind of business is questionable, but as a member company of Paragon-Group Plc, they have a duty to conform to the law. Some internet forums give them a very bad reputation, but we will wait and see if they are to be given a good or bad status, as we can not automatically believe what is said in a forum, we have no way to verify the financial responsibility of the complainant on the forum. Now, CB's friend is a considerable person. He never forgets and it is a rarer occasion that he forgives. He feels that he has been badly treated and, Idem servicing, having bought his "debt" are in the frame. CB's pal has written to them to try to explain and give Idem an out, which they have refused to accept. This is now very important, as CB's pal is taking his complaint to the European Comission in Brussels. WHY? Because the UK government has no political will to deal with the banks because the banks are responsible for an input of 53BN per annum into the exchequer. CB's pal, however, has a cut and dried case against the UK financial system. This may become the hottest news in the whole financial debacle that started in 2008. CB promises to publish the dossier that is sent to Brussels so you can see for yourself and make your own mind up as to whether you think it is right or wrong.  Idem Servicing will be cited in the dossier, hey, they were given an out but they were too stupid to take it. This will be so big it will dominate the news for weeks, CB thinks you should all watch this, it will have an impact on how the banks treat us, the depositors. The EC would love any reason to get its mitts on the UK financial system, especially after Mr. Camerons VETO last December. That veto was FOR the UK government but NOT for the bank account holder. CB's pal will be fighting for ALL of us who have to use the banks, even when they treat us badly. CB will start a new page called "Brussells" to publish the dossier and to keep you up to date with the proceedings. The dossier, according to CB's pal, will be ready to go in 3 weeks so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Thank you all for your patience. Sufficient evidence has now been gathered to start the draft of the complaint to the European Commission. This page has the second highest hit rate of the whole site so CB knows you are watching and waiting. The draft will be long and complex so it will not be here soon, maybe in a month or two but, when it is delivered, there will be a new page dedicated to the affair and you will be given a direct link to it as well mas it being on the site map. Don't hold your breath, we want you to be here to watch the fun and games.

Update, 30.08.2012. CB's pal has had further discussions with Idem. They seem to just love to use threats, even in letters they appear to want to be seen as "nice". There is constant talk about "collection activity" , which might be intended to be intimidating, especially to the elderly. You should know he has made every payment, using a standing order, although they pushed his cashflow considerably when they complained that the transfer did not complete until the first day or two of the following monthy, thus making his payment record incomplete, he had to bring forward the payment date by 5 days, to cover their pedantic approach, and he is a pensioner. Now, if you ask any copper in Manchester who the top 20 heavies are, he will know but, if you ask who the top 20 Birmingham heavies are, he will not. SO, these days, some companies are sending their own guys, usually armed with bogus CCJ's or "court authorities to act as bailiffs", as they will mot be known to the local cops for who and what they are. CB,s pal has a senior cop, a judge and a few solicitors as pals. His residence is web cammed with output directly onto this site. His doors are double bolted (he is in 24/7 as he has some mobility issues), he has 2 alarms, one a direct dial and is on the "quickest response" list. The local cops are aware of the dubious collection issues so are primed to detain unsolicited callers until a FULL credential check is done. It is to be hoped that any collectors sent there are fully cognisant with the task they face AND, that idem are reputable and would not wish to be associated with this kind of action, it could rebound very badly on them. Finally, CB's pal has almost edited the final draft of the documents for Brussels. It has been a large job as it has grown during the preparation process. The biggest deal has been evidence gathering as all has to be written evidence. He has just been notified yesterday that the last piece of this will be sent, but that might take 56 days. The party involved have been told they are evidence, not subject to the complaint so have said they will try for 15 days, THEN you can all see what you have so patiently waited for, CB's first sight was momentous, it is devastating. A feedback will be provided when thew papers are published.

CB's pal has now concluded an amicable agreement with Idem to see off the last of his outstandings and it did not need any collectors. He has also got the next to last rough drafts in pdf format so, at long last, here they are. Enjoy and be scared if you are in banking, CB would be.

EU redacted covering letter
EU Master Complaint
EU addenda 1
EU addenda 2

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