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Scam Adverts

Scam adverts are those which deliberately attempt to portray something differently to what is the reality. The furniture retailers, DFS and John Peters and Harveys to name a few,  are currently doing this. They have TV adverts where they show a suite and the TV picture shows the price at £599 but the voice over actually says "five nine nine".
CB thinks this is a very weak attempt to make the goods sound cheaper than the real price.  A major high street electrical retailer is selling LCD TV's for "seven nine nine", just another company in the firing line
. CB has a good description for this kind of advert and that is "ess aitch one tee". What is "five nine nine", or "one four nine nine"?  Is it pounds, euros or pence?  The TV picture defines it as pounds but what about the blind people?

    CB has a friend who is blind (their comments fuelled this page), who often has the TV on to  follow the soaps, by ear only, obviously. We felt that this kind of advertising was prejudiced against the blind. But what to do about it. After taking specialist advice, CB's friend has decided to go to one of these offending companys with a plastic change bag with 599 pence, or 1499 pence in it. They will be accompanied by a suitable witness on this trip. They will ask to buy the item and then offer the pence for full payment. We think that, legally, the retailer must honour their advert and accept the cash as full payment, because, the customer has brought them exactly what was conveyed to them in the advert, and that is the audible amount! CB is just waiting for CB's friend to gather up the courage. Keep watching this page.

    To those retailers doing this, you may have time to change your adverts. Any more we see will be named on this page and any that are bright enough to stop doing this will be removed.  And now, we can buy a Fiat for just "seven four nine five". Thats worth a try!

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