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    A friend of CB's has mobility problems. He has just been contacted by his opticians to go for his biannual eye test. Having made the appointment, he asked what the difference was to have the reaction type lenses so in sunlight his specs become sunglasses. Having got the price extra, he thought he would check the price with another provider (after all we must be sure we are getting value for money). He saw a TV ad for specsavers. He went onto their web site and declared himself not to be a customer but was needing new specs. He asked them to advise their extra price and agreed to provide his prescription should he go to them instead of his previous provider. He got an email back promising an answer in 24 hours. 5 days later he is still waiting.
    Now, CB does not usually do things for free, but on this occasion the rule will be broken. For the benefit of Specsavers, here are some home truths and rules of running a business!

1.    The only thing harder in business than winning new customers is winning them back when you have lost them, unless you show them disrespect from the start, then you will never win them.

2.    When someone asks you a question, they are already half way to being sold, but you must answer them to have any chance of winning their business.

    Now CB will advise Specsavers how to save money.

A.    Dump your website. If you cannot answer enquiries generated on it you are wasting your money!

B.    Stop the TV adverts. If they attract new enquiries you won't answer them anyway, so whats the point, save the advertising budget.

    CB hopes he has been of assistance to Specsavers and especially to all those who might have gone there for help with their specs.


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