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Extended Warranties

Extended warranties sold with many consumer goods are purely another bet, just like insurance. You are effectively placing a bet that the brand new TV you just bought will break down within a specified time. Some of these warranties are reputable, but many are not. Again be careful here. CB would never buy one of these!

    Another thing to be careful of is "distancing". Say you buy a TV from a shop and it goes wrong. You take it back only to be told "Oh, we don't do the repairs, you have to take it to this other company". Here the shop is trying to distance its'self from their responsibility. 
Sometimes the sales pitch might be that the TV comes with a 3 year warranty. When you go back, they might say "OH, that is the manufacturers warranty, nothing to do with us, you have to contact the manufacturer". This is, again, distancing and they cannot legally do this.

You have a contract with the shop you bought the goods from, not the repairers. It is up to the shop to send it to the repair company, not you.The deal is that the shop must supply you with goods of "merchantable quality". That means the TV must be in good working order. If it is not the shop must have the fault corrected, replace the TV or refund you your money.

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