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to enter the dragons den. There is a massive on line industry built around the lonely singles market, an area where we would hope the proprietors have a heart and some decency. Forget it! CB's pal went looking. There are many mainstream dating sites, often advertised on TV and are probably reputable and then there are these. Reputable and allied to Magic Radio is magic dating. This site is run by Global Personals in Windsor. They also have This site is just a scam. Register on there for a 29.95 1 months trial and it will default to the 89.95 6 month membership. OK, you got robbed of 60 but, hey, talk to the help team, they will fix it. NO WAY, they maintain you selected the 6 months option. A reputable company sets the default to the cheapest option and, if you wanted more, they can always take extra money and up your membership. Not these guys. Once on the site, you get contact emails and, when you go to answer, the member is described as "inactive member". Nobody makes a contact and then immediately cancels their membership. Inactive members never have a photo or have a completed profile as they are most likely just names in a .dll library file. It is such a con. OK, slightly up market is Cupid Plc in Edinburgh. They have so many sites, loopylove, wildbuddies. girldateforfree etc. On here there are real people and plenty of them but there are also scammers. Little 20 year old girls asking men in their 60's if they want to watch a web cam show but you have to subscribe to a site for $4.99. CB's pal suspects that, once that site has your card details, you can get ready to be robbed. You can report scammers but Cupid likes them as they pay revenue and there are lots of them. If you report them, cupid will enter you into the dirty tricks book. After a month of seeing the reality it all becomes so sleazy. You can make a "friend" in chat but then you got to meet them. One member is in her 30's and is looking for "men over 55, 60's ok, nobody younger". That one smells like if a meet is agreed, once you are there, her big beefy boyfriend is on hand to escort you to the nearest ATM to empty your card(s). Also these sites are operated on an automatic opt in basis so, once you have paid your 3 for a 3 day trial, you MUST cancel automatic billing or, 3 days later you are charged 40 on your card. Read the small print but be ready for a struggle with the unhelpful software to find the bit that cancels the charge. Best advice, forget it, that way there is no cost, no trouble, no heartache, just stay safe.
       A good friend of CB's has just done a seven day trial with Do not go anywhere near these scammers if you are looking for real contact with a real member whom you may meet one day. This site is full of lady "members" and they approach you as soon as you join. You can talk to them for hours, sexy chat, dirty chat, no problem until you realise that all are site admin. In seven days CB's pal never to his knowledge talked to a real member. Just talk to one of them who is supposed to live in the same city as you and ask them a question about your city, you will not get an answer because they do not know the city, they are on a keyboard that could be anywhere. You may be chatting and suddenly the feel for the person will change. The use of English may be less and the keyboard typos will increase. This happens when it is tea break and one admin hands over to another. There was even an occasion where the "female" admin handed over to a "male" and that was instantly recognisable. Many of the admin are also a bit dim, it is so easy to expose them and in one case, where CB's pal was "talking" to a 48 year old woman, the dope on the keyboard started talking about wanting a baby! CB's pal played along and promised to impregnate, what a wind up, the admin didn't see that, in this day and age, the courts use DNA to make the father pay and continued with the scam! In short, if you pay to contact someone who you might meet, forget it you are wasting your money. The only value for money here is if you want to sit all day and chat dirty with someone. Now it is not known for sure if there are any real female members on here. There may be but admin may be hijacking their accounts to chat with you and keep you away from a real person experience. If not, it is a total scam. Some admin went away when asked if they were admin, some lied and said they were not. Some made arrangements to meet. CB's pal was promised a meet on June 7th, the promise being made on May 30th. On May 31st the admin person ignored CB's pals chat request (it was a different admin person with no knowledge of the previous days chat). That same admin person on the 31st was making arrangements for someone to go to Glasgow to meet them (they slipped up and sent this message to CB's pal in error). This site admin cares not if you waste money on a train ticket, that you may be a lonely vulnerable person not needing to be let down by a con, this site is pretty sick. They are so dim that, when CB's pal advised them that his experience would be written up on the net, they still persisted and, even now, he is getting emails from them. STAY AWAY, scammers like this are bad news.
        CB's pal is now checking out SaucySingles. This appears to be the usual contact site and has programing similar to the Edinburgh opoeration but it is run by Alcuda in Cyprus. Lots of members but hardly anyone chats. Hardly anyone answers emails. When you see a profile that describes the lady as 42 and her age is given as 47, you realise that, 5 years ago, she was a member and that the site has retained her profile but she is probably long gone. If you do a search on there, you get the same old list of dogs every day and hardly any of them answer. A search for new members brings up just 4 and the site claims anywhere up to 5,000 new members daily but, in CB's pals local area, a 50 mile radius, he is finding maybe 1 a day that is new. There is also many web cam scammers on here and the site loves them, they pay a subscription. The deal here is you are offered a free viewing but you have to go to another site where they charge you $4.99 to verify your age and status. Once you have done that, THEY HAVE YOUR CARD DETAILS so be aware and beware.
       The reality with all these sites is, they take your money but what you get in return varies immensley from site to site. The internal site rules mean that, as a premium member, if you contact someone by internal email, it says you have made contact but if that member does not have premium membership, they cannot read your message AND the site does not tell you this. They are all such a rip off that, if there was someone out there with a business brain, they would see the potential for an HONEST site. If that happened they would clean up, take the market within a month and become very rich just by treating the client fairly. Take great care, it seems the only dating sites that may work are the big name sites that advertise on the TV and, of course, on there any reference to sex will get you barred. The more you look, the more you realise just how unbalanced and divorced from the reality of life that so many of these people are, the clues being "looking for real love", "looking for Mr. Right" and all the dreams that can never be realised. The minefield of using sex contact sites MUST be taken carefully, step by step. Never post a recent photo, you may compromise your security. Going to their city to meet may leave you being marched to the nearest ATM by some heavies to milk your account (if you put your card in and enter the pin number backwards, the money will come out of the machine and, if they respond quickly, a police car should also be there). Be so careful of inviting anyone to your house, once they see it is a burglary prospect, you may get an unwanted visit and not from your online contact. TAKE GREAT CARE, CB only wants you to be safe and any scammer is not safe. 
       Now lets add Zoosk to the list of scammers. CB's pal joined there and sent some messages out. Imagine his consternation to get a pop up window referring to spam and telling him he had reached his limit and couldn't send any more messages that day. This is denial of the very service for which he has paid. It is tantamount to taking money under false pretences. You also have no chance of emailing support or customer services.  Then he was emailed by Zoosk telling him that a lady he had chatted with for about 2 hours earlier wanted to chat again. He went online only to find that Zoosk would not transfer his chat as he was "spamming". They effectively denied the rights of the lady who wanted to chat, even though  she had paid and she has the right to sue for denial of a paid for service. It begins to look like all dating sites have some scam, rip off or other practises that are wholly against the member and what he/she wants to achieve. CB says keep your money in your pocket, and, supposedly OK sites like Zoosk should be avoided at all costs, especially those that might hurt your pocket. Go to joeclem111 on Facebook to see the full posts, you will not believe.

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