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Meter Readers

Have you noticed how many times you get a meter reader asking to see your gas and electric meters lately? CB does not let them in. CB reads CB's own meter and posts the figures on the net. Why? You might have also noticed how many doorstep salesmen you are getting that are trying to get you to change your supplier.

    CB believes that a lot of these "meter readers" are privateers. Notice that they don't wear uniforms any more. These people are, in CB's opinion, data muggers. They sell their collected data to any interested parties who then use the figures to identify their target accounts and you get the "changeover rep" on your doorstep.

    So much for the data protection act! This is just another example of those people in society we used to trust. That trust has now been eroded in CB's opinion. If you watch the TV programs on rogue traders it is clear that the trustworthy ones are few and far between. The police? More on that subject on the police pages. Isn't it a wonderful society our politicians have built for us. CB has little trust for anyone anymore, except for those friends who have been friends for a long time and, over that time, have shown themselves to be constant and trustworthy. 

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