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The Flawed Human Psyche

    There are 2 things that influence the human mind when it is making a decision, LOGIC and BELIEF. We think of ourselves as intelligent but, all too often, we take the least intelligent decision because of emotion which is closely linked to belief. Let us separate the 2 in the following table:

                            BELIEF                                                                            LOGIC

This is based on all we are told but none of                    This is based on all we know and all of it is proven. We can
    it can be proven, thus, if we accept what we                    see, touch and feel, smell, taste and hear all that is real. We 
    are told it is belief. Belief covers old wives                       can use scientific principals to verify all that is real. Just
    tales, superstition, religion and none of it is                    consider how forensics is used to deal with crime! All
    provable! Belief can be used to get people to                   computer systems are pure logic, being based on 2
    accept lies and mis-information as the truth.                numbers, 0 and 1, which mean yes or no, positive or
    Belief leads to emotion which is a bad                              negative, present or absent, therefore no grey area!
    influence when making a decision.

    The problem is that, as we are growing up, our heads are filled with more belief than logic, therefore probable misinformation. Decisions based on logic are usually sound. Decisions based on belief are not usually sound. Belief was the reason we went on the Holy Wars, the reason we burnt women at the stake for being witches, the reason why some people wish to commit suicide in an explosion designed to create death and mayhem and is responsible for more harm than good in our world. On the other hand, medicine, a logic based science, is responsible for so much good in the world, helping people to lead better lives. Considering belief, how many times have you "believed" something you have heard about a friend only to find out later that it was wrong? How many times have you said or done something in the heat of the moment because you believed at the time you were right and then later regretting what you said or did when all became clearer. People are, by nature, judgemental. We make many judgements on a daily basis. If we only make that judgement on logic, we have the best chance of being right. The problem is, most judgements are made from emotion or belief, so we have much more chance that our judgement is wrong. We never stop to consider how qualified we are when making a decision. The modern world teaches us to believe in ourselves or we can never be successful but, unless we find the perfect human being and start taking lessons, the vast majority of decisions will be wrong and that will affect not just the decision maker but others who may feel the consequence of that decision. We also might consider the fact that, whilst logic, being provable, is reality. then belief, which is not provable, is fantasy! Given that the vast majority of people in the world live their lives based on belief, what future is there for the human race. Most beliefs must throw away logic for that belief to stand. Under such conditions, those who stick hard and fast to logic only would be forgiven for thinking that the world is gripped with mass insanity.

    The harbouring of a belief which is subsequently challenged by logic will incite in the believer an emotional response and that inevitably leads to trouble because the emotion will be in charge of the response to the challenge and not logic!  The deal is always stop and think before taking an action when emotion is in play. When things get heated, realise that emotion is driving the deal and step back, let logic come into the game. A fight in a bar is caused by emotion. Logic says do not fight, if someone gets killed, you will go to gaol for a long time, emotion tells you to hurt the other guy, which one is right? Logic is the winner every time. This is the most compelling reason why belief should never be the underlying reason for any government such as military juntas or religious countries, read CB's page on Blueprint for a Government! A good book to read is "The Nature of Human Consciousness", it is a diverse collection of essays that will make you think. To learn more about belief and how the mind works, read CB's pages on The Worlds Oldest Industry, and Policemen, and more about a very emotional subject, read The War Against Drugs.    

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