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If you are getting an increasing number of sales calls on the phone, you can sign up for free with The Telephone Preference Service. This takes 28 days to implement but it is good. Just tell any callers that you are with the telephone preference service and they will go away. They get fined £2000 for breaching the service. It does mean you get no sales calls at all, so you might miss something, but how often do you ever buy from a tele sales person.

    CB's friend has an unlisted phone number . It is known to only 5 people including the phone line provider and their ISP for the internet. The line is predominantly for internet access. CB's friend kept getting calls from O2. Apparently, according to the sales person, BT gave them his unlisted number when they hived off O2. Bad form BT! CB's friend also got sales calls from his ISP, Tiscali, trying to sign him up for their phone line service. When questioned, the sales person said he had got the number from the Tiscali database. Not quite the correct usage of the data under the terms and conditions of the data protection act or Tiscali's own terms and conditions. Bad form Tiscali.

    After being particularly rude and forceful with the O2 caller and promising litigation for compensation, O2 have not been back since. After a strong letter to Tiscali, they have stopped as well. CB's friend, however still got some calls. He always asked where they had got the number from. He was told it was a random dial program. These sales people do not care who they sell to as long as they sell. They also compile a database of names and phone numbers, along with addresses if you give it to them. These are then sold to any buyer. This effectively gets your unlisted number passed to who knows? Not unlisted any more, is it?

    The random dial program should be made illegal. The Government should also look at beefing up the data protection act. The selling of data bases just propagates the instance of telephone nuisance by sales people and also the amount of spam mail you get.   

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