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    Until the 6th May, this might be the most important page on this site! CB has never voted Labour  Independent, Liberal, SDP or any other extreme party. It is unlikely that CB will vote, in fact CB will not be in the Country on May 6th! BUT, now the Country is being asked to decide! Would you like to evaluate the choices? OK, Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg! In reality it is Gordon Brown OR David Cameron (read my page on The Vote to understand the 2 party cartel and read my page on The Leadership to help you evaluate your options).

1.    Nick Clegg.     This one CB finds the hardest! Before the Lib Dem's decided who the new leader was, Vince Cable was their "stand in" leader. This man never put a foot wrong. The party then elected Mr. Clegg! WHY???? Vince Cable is the ONLY parliamentarian who seems to NEVER open his mouth and cause himself a problem as his thinking is so clear and logical. He was a superb deputy leader of his party. His words have demonstrated that he has a better grasp of international finance and affairs than any other MP. Vince Cable is the Prime Minister this country needs but he cannot be our PM as he is not his parties leader. CB suspects that, everyone in the Libs knows how good Mr. Cable is but they fear he would be an electoral liability as he seems "so Jewish". CB also has the fear that the Libs might do a "Gordon Brown" by getting elected then changing their leader to Vince Cable, a good thing for this Country but the kiss of death for their party! CB can see why many voters who have expressed their trust in Vince Cable would distrust putting their faith and their vote behind a party who are so blind to his obvious leadership qualities by electing another as their leader!

2,    OK, vote Conservative, David Cameron has it all, he has the "Blair" factor! He looks good, sounds good, it all works, EXCEPT, George Osborne! CB cannot find the confidence to back that man. He has "bought" the business vote with his big plans to not increase the national insurance rates! Great idea but he says he will pay for this by cutting the £6.5 Billion "wasteful" spending by the current Government! If that overspend is true, why have the police not been involved? That is OUR MONEY! The Conservatives are the OPPOSITION, why have they not questioned this before? Remember DEEP THROAT? They said "follow the money"! If £6.5 Billion of our money is being wasted, SOMEONE is signing the cheque, who? Can't we get him and make HIM pay, not us? If this is true, how can we believe the Tories will serve us any better, considering Mr. Osborne seems to know about this financial haemhorrage?

3.    Now it is time for the Government, and that means Gordon Brown! Mr. Brown enjoyed a 10 year period as "The best chancellor ever", whilst Tony Blair was in overall charge. Then Mr. Brown found a way to shove Mr. Blair out of office! Yes, CB thinks Mr. Brown is a bully! Nobody else in the Labour Party seems able to control him so he is "GOD" (more on that Freudian slip later).  Now we have Mr. Brown assuming the job of Prime Minister!  Within a couple of days of taking "office" he was on the Television saying "You will see this to be a different kind of administration. We wish to hear what the man and woman in the street has to say. We will even have forums of ORDINARY men and women from the street so we will know what you are thinking". The use of the word "ordinary" says it all, he has been so long in politics, he feels he is above us all! Within 2 months of that, he had the chance of an election to ratify his position and he refused it. The following Sunday Morning he was asked on BBC TV by Andrew Neil, "Prime Minister, why did you refuse the election"? The answer was "I want the time for the people of the UK to see my vision for the future of the country". IF the UK was a true democracy, surely his vision should have been explained on the hustings and, if we wanted it, he would have got our vote! The truth is he wanted to IMPOSE his vision for this country on us, and he has! Mr. Brown now knows that we have lost a lot of faith in politics and politicians and his answer is the "Preferred or Alternative" voting system. This leaves us with the constituency system, as in the 2 party system. This man is a political dinosaur. Watch him at 12.00 every Wednesday on BBC News, Prime Ministers Questions. He is no match for Mr. Cameron! His only reply is to rubbish the Conservatives (which proves he sees only them as his enemy, thus underlining the 2 party system). He is also NEVER seen to directly answer a question, which makes a total mockery of the half hour of questions. When the financial crisis landed, Mr. Brown claimed to be the leader of the repair, he even did the freudian slip in Parliament when he claimed "to have saved the world". Those who know understand it was a bit more like this --->. The Chinese have most of the worlds money. When the financial crisis broke it was down to the yanks. They had leant money where it shouldn't have been leant. When it started to go wrong, Lehman Brothers packaged the crap (wrapping some good debt with lots of bad) and sold it to banks around the world. Through greed and the need to make "profits" for their shareholders they ate it up! Maybe thats why Lehmans were allowed to go bust, as payback for starting the financial crisis! The Chinese Government INSTRUCTED America to fix it. The only fix was to print money they hadn't got and to issue it. CB believes that China, in order to protect it's dollar reserves guaranteed to buy American bonds. On the strength of this, and seeing that the monetary problem would become worldwide, America advised its nearest and dearest to print money, possibly giving some kind of proposed help? Gordon Brown was maybe about 10th in the list but he said (freudian slip) in Parliament that he had "Saved The World". Now this same man is promising "fairness in the community" as 1 of his 5 election promises. Would you believe that a man who refuses you a vote on whether you want him or not understands fairness? Place your vote. Be careful. CB will think of you all as you cross the country away with your votes whilst he sips a San Miguel. Do not get it wrong, it is not that CB does not care, it is because he is old, has no kids, so it don't matter to him, but he does know how much it matters to you, so THINK before you vote!!!!!!! Could you trust a man who only sees himself in every decision? Could you vote for a man who would sell his country just to save his own arse? If you can't. do what CB is doing and go on holiday! Or, maybe, a hung parliament with Cameron as leader and Vince Cable as chancellor might just save our Island! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!

    Yes, this a JOKE! Gordon Brown dies and goes to heaven and asks to be let in. Gabriel says "well, you are on the list but we have a new policy here. You do know what a policy is"? Yes comes the reply, what's this policy? Gabriel informs Mr. Brown that he must spend 24 hours in hell, then 24 hours in heaven and then he can choose, but the choice is irrevocable. Brown goes down. When the lift door opens he cannot believe what he sees. The weather is beautiful, he is on a golf course, old friends abound. Harold Wilson, wearing a cashmere suit, greets him and takes him on the terrace where there is a barbecue. It could not be better. After the 24 hours expire Brown goes up to see Gabriel and promptly asks to be sent back down. Gabriel informs him if he rescinds his 24 hour inspection of heaven and chooses hell, he can never come back. Brown insists on going straight back to hell. When the lift door opens he is confronted by a searing hot barren landscape. He is astounded to see Harold Wilson, wearing a threaded and shot at suit, grubbing at the side of the road for crumbs to eat. He confronts him with "Harold, what's going on, yesterday it was beautiful here and now look at it"? Harold, with a wry smile says "You should know the answer to that one, yesterday was BEFORE the election"!

    Beware promises from men who have already shown us their true colours!!!!!!

    OK, so now what? It has become quite apparent over the last few days that there will be the usual bickering between the 2 main parties. Mr. Cameron seems to have lost his willingness for reform, he too, as well as Mr. Brown wants to perpetuate the 2 party system. How do you choose? REMEMBER, the old 2 party system applies for this election so, if we want to wrest the power from the MP's and place it more with the people, every vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for the people. CB is NOT a Lib Dem supporter BUT, if we leave the Lib Dems holding the balance of power, the system WILL change, as CB believes that a coalition government between the Torys and Lib Dems will never happen unless one of the criteria of forming a coalition is a change to proportional representation so that every vote is a meaningful vote from the next election after this one! That will be the first time since Cromwell took  governance from the crown and placed it in the hands of Parliament that this country will be a true democracy. They also have to ensure that there can never again be a Gordon Brown (someone who takes charge of this country without a clear mandate) unless there is a mandatory general election for THE BRITISH PEOPLE to  ratify the incoming PM's position!!!! In many ways, this could be the most important election for the future of this country and it is NOT all about the economy, the future system of elections is just as important. If more voters abstain from voting than at the last election, it SHOULD tell the MP's how little we think of them, but it could also be a disaster in terms of our future.


Now we are getting the "honesty"???? Alan Johnson is talking about the Labour Party's ability to deal with the Libdems in a hung parliament. What a joke, Gordon Brown is too much of a dinosaur to ever be able to deal with Nick Clegg in the same way as the Tories, and his "ideas" on political reform are so far removed from REAL reform that I am sure Nick Clegg would not find a square milimetre on which to stand.

David Cameron is adopting scare tactics claiming that a hung parliament cannot work to achieve what is needed to be done. Rubbish, he is scared that a large turnout for the Libdems will cost him more seats that Labour, THAT is the truth! In reality, with our flawed voting system, it is conceivable that the Tories and the Libdems could poll the most seats between them, and get most of the vote, thus getting in each others way! HOWEVER, Labour may, by virtue of having the most seats of any party by 1 or 2, be asked to form a government. It can only be hoped that this is not the case, that would be a disaster!

26.04.2010: CB
is off on holiday from today until the election is over. Before that, he has just watched the 3 leaders on the BBC News channel. It seems now that David Cameron is saying that he does not want any change to the voting system, thus preserving the flawed constituency system. Gordon Brown's "preferred candidate" voting system also preserves the constituencies. Neither of them will give up the 2 party cartel. It is to be hoped that Nick Clegg wins as that is the only chance the voters have of getting a fairer system. Cameron's statement is also a complete U turn from his stance at the time of the expenses theft! He is now as credible as Gordon Brown and that is another joke! The most frightening thing was the launch of the BNP's manifesto last week. It is in times like these where the ruling 2 parties cannot be believed and the system is so swayed in their favour that extremists get a bonus. The BNP manifesto contains much that appears credible and will appeal both to the dyed in the wool nationalists and also those who feel genuinely disenfranchised by the main parties. DANGEROUS TIMES! CB has never voted Libdem but just now it seems the safest vote for the future of Britain. Enjoy the election. San Miguel and VIVA Espania rules for the next 2 weeks.

    Well, now we have a result, OH YES WE DO, CB is back! As regards the election outcome, it was not unexpected by CB! We now seem to have a Country that has all the proof it needs. Under our current electoral system, when preparation was made for the "expected" turnout and that was up by 50% in some areas, voters were turned away! Some of those areas had insufficient ballot papers and, worst of all, it was handled differently by each of those areas. What a shambles! Where seats were quite marginal, those votes probably would have counted. The two leaders, Tory and Libdem are trying to put it together but they have both made similar statements. CB agrees that the economy is first in the queue, but they both talked of schools and Europe BEFORE electoral reform. This is probably because reform  is the nettle that is too hard to grasp. Having seen the polls that show 62% of the Country want PR, CB thinks it should be the SECOND priority. WHY? Because it is likely we will need to go to the vote within the next 6 to 12 months and the people DO NOT WANT ANOTHER SHAMBLES! Promises made MUST be kept! We also need a WRITTEN CONSTITUTION to more tightly control the electoral process and to stop another Gordon Brown hijacking this Country without the need for an election to ratify the Prime Ministerial change!  Electoral change, incorporating a fairer vote for the people,in CB's view is more likely to give us a clearer decision than the non event we just had. It could and SHOULD be enacted  as soon as possible and could be incorporated into the new constitution as and when that was ready.

    Update 10/05/2010! Bearing in mind CB has been abroad for the 2 weeks prior to the election and therefore missed many parts in the run up, some things seem apparent. Of the three leaders, CB has long since learned not to have any trust for Gordon Brown. The man who would be in CB's eyes, David Cameron is a let down. When the expenses scandal broke, he went in hard against errant MP's. He also said many things about political reform. Now he has done a full U turn and it appears the biggest sticking point between the Torys and the Libdems is just that, political reform. DC has come out firmly against reform. Is he really in charge and leading his party. Now Mr. Clegg seems to have always stuck to his policies and, more importantly, his word. Some of his policies are firmly against CB's thoughts. If the UK were in the euro, we would have been in much greater trouble than we currently are. Much of the action taken during the financial crisis would not be open to us from within the euro! The business of standing up for ones principles and ones policies is much what we should look for in a Prime Minister. The other thing, during all this horse trading, is that the Libdems appear to have behaved much more honourably than any other faction. Their way of doing things WITHIN their party also appears to be fully democratic, unlike the other two. It does begin to appear to CB that the Libdems AND their potential cabinet team are just what the UK needed for a totally new start. CB sits at his keyboard totally amazed as, before all this CB did not think that way. CB HAS NEVER BEEN A LIBDEM!!!! Maybe the real change this country needs is a new snap election where, having seen what we all have seen, we go to the polls not full of spin and BS but with our eyes open and we give Nick Clegg and his team the mandate they need to bring us the real change, not the spin change that Mr. Cameron preaches but can never deliver!

    AND STOP PRESS --> What is this about a deal with Labour albeit without Gordon Brown? Not another Prime Minister who has NOT been elected into his job by the people? THIS surely tells the people their vote counts for NOTHING! If Nick Clegg goes for this just to get Proportional Representation he is BLIND! He must see that to go that way will give the Libdems another 50 years in the wilderness EVEN WITH PR! After what CB just said about Nick Clegg and his team, it is enough to make CB give up (well maybe not quite that much).

    AND now the dreaded Mr. Brown is to go! Amazing, half the Labour Party has been trying to oust him but he was too strong for them and now, would you believe, Nick Clegg has achieved all their dreams for them! IF his replacement is the right man and IF he is another Tony Blair type front man AND if we do have another election in short order, WHAT can we quite expect as the result. Maybe the Torys and Labour might just break even but would the Libdems get more seats or less? This pot is BOILING!

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