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Latest Political News (2012)

174.   22.12.2012.   Egypt is voting again on its future. Many will abstain as they fear that the result will be yet another state governed by belief over logic, in other words, insanity! How long can this world tolerate religion, an unsubstantiated belief, being the overall factor in the running of countries? The planet has needs which will save it from US, MANKIND! Belief will not deliver this, only logic can. The sickness of belief has the power to devour mankind and, if not kept in check, will do so.  CB cares not, he has done his bit which you can read online if you go here. CB has no kids (well, maybe 1)  or anyone else who really cares for him so if it all goes wrong, so what. CB has tried to tell you in this web site but just who is listening?  Listeners can FEEDBACK to show CB that there are some people out there who care.

173.   22.12.2012.   CB has watched the NRA leader on TV telling America they need more guns. Crazy! Read CB's page on "The Flawed Human Psyche" to understand the reality of supposed sane people using guns. He has not thought about "gun rush" which is a flaw in the human brain related to personal empowerment. Gun rush was most likely evident when a trained serving police officer in London assassinated Charles De Menezies, an innocent Brazilian electrician working in London, who was suspected of being a terrorist. He was followed by the anti terror squad and, eventually had 8 bullets pumped into the back of his head by an officer kneeling on his back. The police did the usual, close ranks, denial, cover up and the rest. Thery tried to say that Charles was thought to be wearing a suicide bomb. If that were true, he would have been taken out at distance, not by a man kneeling on his back. The officer who killed him probably had gun rush, which is due to him having been trained to use a gun, been on numerous duties where he was never required to use the weapon and developed gun rush, where he subconsciously needed to get his first kill. apply gun rush to over 300 million Americans and what will you get? Mr. Obama has never had a more daunting task, nor one quite so important. The prevalence of guns in American culture must be stopped and it will take a lot longer than Barak has to fix this. Until this is done America will be reporting more Newtown, Conn. type events and it will escalate from schools to malls, office complexes etc. Unstable people (and that is the majority) will see a gun rush episode as their way of "getting back" at those who upset them. This problem cuts to the heart of the worlds social system and failure to deal with it will accelerate the onset of worldwide rejection of our social values in favour of gun rush law. Be warned. FEEDBACK your comments.

172.   22.12.2012.   Today CB did the Christmas food run. Normally CB ghoes to Waitrose but they can be so expensive. Yes, they have the exotics but CB went to Sainsburys instead. The bill was maybe £20 cheaper but there was no asparagus. At the checkout, CB was presented with a slip from the till which advised that todays shop was 8p cheaper than buying elsewhere. What crap! CB paid £1.05 per 300ml pot for fresh cream (CB only drinks fresh ground coffee, brown sugar and fresh cream) when down the road at ALDI fresh cream is 65p per 265ml pot. Did Sainsburys forget that ALDI is a reputable supermarket? CB also wanted white bread cakes and Sainsbury only had a 6 pack of oven bottom cakes for 90p where ALDI has a 4 pack of bread cakes at 49p and the ALDI cakes are over twice as big. CB regularly uses ALDI as the price is so much better and the quality is better. CB buys sandwich meat at £1,79 per pack with 13 slices of breaded ham in it whereas Sainsbury would be asking £3.00 for the same and 2 for £5.00. When we talk of quality, ALDI cream can be used at up to 8 days after the "best before" date but the Sainsbury product is going off if you go 2 days over the best date. The message to Sainsbury is we are not as stupid as you think. Carry on doing what you are doing and you will follow Safeway into someone else's pocket. When Tesco sells scotch at £14 per litre and Sainsbury sells at £15 but gives you a till voucher for £1, it does not work, we just go to Tesco and save the £1 anyway. When Sainsbury gives a till voucher for a discount off your next shop it lasts for 7 days. What if you shopped on Thursday because it was fine and the forecast for Friday was rain but your usual shop is Friday. Next week on Friday your voucher has run out and, if a company wants to generate customer resentment, the easiest way to do it is to give a promise of a discount that does not work at the checkout. Sainsbury are also advertising pork joints at half price on the TV but this does NOT apply to Sainsburys local OR Sainsburys central. As CB shops at a central, yet another promise has been broken, CB bought a pork joint but NOT at half price! Sainsbury should ask CB about marketing, however, as a retired business consultant, would CB want the job? If you are Sainsburys and you want to talk to CB, FEEDBACK is the route to get in touch.

171.   21.12.2012.   OK, today is the last day of kiddies programmes on the BBC. Is this just another legacy of Jimmy Saville? FEEDBACK from adults only please.

170.   21.12.2012.   What a tragedy, young Neon Roberts has a brain tumour. He has had the operation and now they want to do radio therapy and chaemo. CB took his mom to all her chaemo sessions but it did not cure her, just made her worse. A good friend of CB was diagnosed with breast cancer. She submitted to the butchery, including the lymph glands and was pronounced OK. Her insurance company, BUPA insisted on radio therapy  even though the consultant said it was not necessary. It was done and, afterwards, when looking at the scar, it looked like she had been cooked alive.  Radio therapy on the brain will kill all the surrounding brain cells where the tumour was, therefore  halting any reappearance of the cancer (hopefully).  What of Neon? The court says there can be no quality of life if he dies but did they think of what his life may be like  after his brain is fried?  Will his mom become an unpaid carer for the rest of her life?  This is a hard one but CB has respect for the position taken by his mom.  FEEDBACK your comments, especially if you are a radiologist.

169.   18.12.2012.   The next twist in the Andrew Mitchell affair is, surprise, surprise, maybe the cop who spoke to the press has lied. He is under arrest and the Chief Constable of the MET has said that an investigation is ongoing. Read down this page, where CB said we should not believe what was said just because it was in a cops notebook. At every stage of the game CB has said "don't believe the police just because they are the police", they rely on us and magistrates doing just that. It appears that this arrested cop wasn't even there when the incident occurred. Watch this space as CB gloats when the cop is found to be a liar. Shame it cost this country a very good chief whip. If you know the truth, FEEDBACK CB and let him know what it really is!

168.   18.12.2012.   The Queen has just left number 10 where she was an observer at todays cabinet meeting. She is a lady who has very rarely got it wrong in her term in office, unlike the bumbling politicians who find banana skins at every footstep. Her grasp of UK politics and international affairs is borne of experience over so many years that, just maybe, she should be an official advisor rather than a silent witness.  OK, that goes against the constitution (what constitution) and history but it makes sense to CB. Should CB get an "E" added to his handle? FEEDBACK will tell all.

167.   18.12.2012.   An open message to Barak Obama! Every president has one thing he does during his term(s) that defines his presidency and is what he is remembered for. It is always better for it to be a positive action and not one that commits him to  the darker side of our minds. Mr. Obama is already there for his health care work. Now, after the tragedy of Newtown, it may be gun law. Sir, the right to bear arms is enshrined in the constitution but, when that was written, America was a very different country. Perhaps that amendment needs to be re-written to bring the constitution into the 21st century. A tall order but maybe a national referendum might give you the majority to overcome the political resistance and CB thinks that may be the underlying need to make the changes necessary. You still will not stop a dedicated psycho but to be able to legislate on gun law and make it stick might be a large step forward. Your reply is not required on Whitehouse paper, FEEDBACK will do.

166.   18.12.2012.   The Andrew Mitchell affair trundles on! Now we have a cop arrested for using loose lips to the press. Did he get paid? Isn't this what Leveson is dealing with? Given the cop has shown disregard for the rules can his word be trusted? Referring to the immediate last post, who would you believe, a cop or an MP? Answers please via FEEDBACK.

165.   18.12.2012.   Many apologies from CB, wno was suddenly taken out of action for a few days, even the last post was written but not published. The message is still the same though and CB finds it fun that the Cameron/Clegg circus are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this point. Clegg is more open minded about this but Cameron is showing quite some right wing intransigence.  The trouble is that, if CB's life depended on trusting either one or the other, CB would write his own obituary and publish it on here.  FEED CB with your thoughts.

164.   10.12.2012.   Finally there may to be an inquiry into the drugs policy! Why didn't the government just read CB's page called "The War on Drugs"? It has been on this site for 7 years now and tells the truth about dope and its usage. FEEDBACK to CB!

163.   07.12.2012.   CB is still recovering from the birthday fun and is playing some of his favourite stuff, you know, vynil! There are the John Lennons, Elvis's etc. that we all know but there are some out there that deserve greatness and nobody knows them. Just listening to one now, Russ Ballard, got him on vinyl. Russ lives in north London and does music for TV BUT he is the guy who wrote "God Gave Rock And Roll To You", "I don't Believe In Miracles" and also "Since Youv'e Been Gone". This guy was a front man with Argent back in the 70's (sorry Russ but we are the same age). Why do some of the biggest players in the business have to sit back when lesser deservers are on the stage? Well, sometimes, they want to be in the background, but, CB knows Russ and he is the archetypal front man. Russ Ballards albums are VERY buyable, worth lots next year or 2. Who do you know who should be up there? FEEDBACK to tell CB.

162.   06.12.2012.   CB is still contemplating what to say about the autumn statement, that is how momentous CB sees it. Today is a day off as CB is going on a rare trip out to the pub for his birthday drink. FEEDBACK to CB if you think he has missed something important in the statement.

161.   03.12.2012.   OK, George Osborne, your cheap loans to banks is not working, as CB said it wouln't. Read post number 35/37 and learn. Banks will borrow at 0.75% all day every day and, even under penalty, at 2%. If you want to make them lend the money, raise the penalty interest to over 6% and they will either borrow and lend or not borrow at all. Get the British Bank for Business up and running and they will lend as they will not relish the competition. Why not consider the "debt eradication" policy that CB has given you, then we will see an active if not booming economy. FEEDBACK your reservations George and CB will answer you.

160.   03.12.2012.   What is all this garbage about taxes in the UK. It is simple, it is a war. Governments have revenue departments who must maximise the amount of revenue they get from companies. Companies have accountants who must minimise the amount they must pay. Multi-national companies pay heir tax in the country where their head office is and so they pick a small tax haven from which to operate and all is legal. For this government to try to introduce "morals" into the equation is ludicrous. If we start digging into morals CB suspects the government wll lose big time. Instead of bleating in the press about morals, legislate to change the tax liability of conglomerates. OK, get it wrong and the UK may see a shift out of this country by the big boys so, think carefully before you act. You really should shut up about moral, that attack will take you further into the abyss of a war which you are currently, clearly, losing. FEEDBACK from any interested party is welcome.

159.   30.11.2012.   OK David Cameron, now is your Leveson hour. You know what to do. Hiding under the "freedom of the press" rock will not help you. Legislation, if well thought through, will underpin the freedom to report that you so much prize BUT it will also stop the freedom to misreport, break the rules and all the rest they have done. People cannot self regulate as human nature is to see an inch being offered and then take 10 miles. In todays world there are immense pressures to make more profits for the shareholders. sensationalise stories to sell more papers and so no. No legislation will leave your new watchdog with little bark and no teeth. Shame you must let down all your close media friends but if you do not follow Leveson, you can take a long holiday after May 2015. FEEDBACK your reply (HA HA).

158.   30.11.2012.   CB's good friend bought a lot of new TV gear about 2 years back and, going for quality, bought all Panasonic. One of these units was a DVD/HDD freesat recorder. The DVD tray started giving problems after the warranty had run out. At first Panasonic did not answer the web site enquiry but eventually did reply with some advice. When CB's pal replied with the negative result of following that advice, Panasonic said they would look favourably at helping with any repair. They suggested some engineers near to him and he chose WTV service on Chesterfield Road in Sheffield. They took 2 weeks to thoroughly test and fix the equipment at no charge (we assume Panasonic paid the bill). WTV are excellent, thorough and emails are answered within 10 minutes. Panasonic have also repaired their standing as THE TV equipment supplier for top quality goods. FEEDBACK your Panasonic experiences.

157.   30.11.2012.   So Palestine wants to be in an official capacity of recognition by the UN. Why not? The USA and Israel went against it, with 41 other countries abstaining from the vote. It seems the Israelis and the Americans are scared of Palestine alleging the commission of war crimes by the Israelis. If they committed such crimes then they must be tried for them. The Israelis are the ones who suffered at the hands of Hitler and therefore should be the last country on this earth to do the same. You can't cry foul whilst kicking another player while he is on the ground but, countries and people are good at doing just that. Your FEEDBACK ensures CB gets to know what you think.

156.   28.11.2012.   The government is talking, once again, about a minimum price per unit for alcohol. What cretins! This is because they either have not thought this through or they are all so rich, they don't care. A minimum price will hurt all of us who drink at home and trouble nobody. If the cost of health care is a problem, then introduce charges for treatment for alcohol specific problems. If yobbism is the problem, smash the city centre trouble makers twice as hard if they have ANY alcohol in their blood. It is idiocy to lump all your problems under one banner and tax your way out of it, that will not work. Hey, Mr. Cameron, go to Belgium and just look around. Belgium has still got the class, serenity and beauty we have long since lost, copy their approach. Where did we lose our class and serenity? Ask successive politicians, those who bask in their self created idea of what a better world they have created. Get them to look at thir creation and see it for real. then you look too! Talking of Belgium, if alcohol is priced into oblivion, CB will be buying shares in coach holiday companies, ferry companies etc., the Booze Cruise industry will flourish again. FEEDBACK your ideas on this subject.

155.   28.11.2012.   All the talk on TV today is about regulating the media and this is speculation until tomorrow, when Levenson is published. So many people are against statutory regulation but why? People cannot self regulate, human nature says so! In this modern society, the pressure is on to make an extra buck, make enough to keep the shareholders happy and so no. In that climate self regulators will take an inch, then a yard, then a mile and we will endup with MP's stealing and calling it expenses, police taking bribes from newspapers etc., just going full circle. What will probably happen is the government will take some action after Leveson. They will put an ombudsman in place and then make sure he has no real power. That is the usual way, it keeps the people happy as they think the problem is fixed and, because no real power is given to the ombudsman, they fall into line with the wishes fo the press. Status quo preserved, pour another G & T.
If you are sick of this sham governance, use FEEDBACK to say so.

154.   27.11.2012.   It is about time that we recognised that the flooding in the UK is not freak, it is our new "normal" weather. It is because of over 200 years of water and atmosphere pollution. It started with the industrial revolution when, because of the population explosion (read The Population Trap page), the cottage industry of clothing manufacture had to be mechanised to produce enough clothing for our new needs. From this time we started raping the earth for coal, oil and gas for the new factories, all of which sent their waste into nearby rivers and, through their chimneys into the atmosphere. Over 200 years of this and our new weather is the bill for wanton pollution. The industrial revolution was the point of departure of the lifestyle of mankind from being in tune with nature to going against it. Mother Nature has never gone to war as she never loses a battle. The weather is our warning that she is unhappy with us and we had best listen before she gets really angry. Perhaps we should try to write the program to calculate the exact composition of our atmosphere BEFORE the industrial revolution, compare it to how it is now and consider if we can deal with the change. All you non believers, just think about it, it is obvious but, if you still disagree, you can say so on the FEEDACK page. The amount of change to the overall atmospheric composition may be slight but, in chemistry, often only a slight change has far reaching results. Read the paragraph on the laws of chemistry on The Universe Explained to see why.

153.   25.11.2012.   Leveson reports on Thursday 29th and the government want to read and digest this report before thinking about press regulation. Whether or not it is mentioned in Leveson, the mere accusation against an individual, even when proven later to be wrong, is what destroys a reputation! No amount of money or sorrys can fix this, just ask anyone accused of murder and then released without charge. When they go in a pub there are mumblings, shifty "over the shoulder" glances, the stain never leaves them. Even the BBC can get it wrong, just ask a senior tory peer who now carries the tag of paedophile, even though it has been shown he is not. Self regulation does not work, Mr. Cameron, come up with a better way then MAKE IT WORK! We have no need of any more "Government Ombudsmen" who have neither the desire or the real power to hurt transgressors. FEEDBACK your thoughts, CB will consider them.

152.   25.11.2012.   President Mursi of Egypt is the latest leader to try a power grab. Does he not see that is why the people rebelled against their leaders in the first place? No, he will not see that because his need for power is clouding his thinking. Maybe we should have a "Power Nut" league of all those who have gone power mad. OK, here is the start:

        1.      Putin      (Russia)
       2. Robert Mugabe      (Zimbabwe)
       3. Victor Hugo Chavez      (Venezuela)
       4.   Mursi      (Egypt)

Please use the FEEDBACK to nominate or vote for your choice.

151.   24.11.2012.   On the subject of Palestine, the French are now exhuming the body of Yasser Arafat to see if he was poisoned with Polonium. Maybe, this time, the truth will come out. CB remembers Arafat saying he was not a bomber and could not stop his people sending rockets into Israel. Funny they stopped with his death and it took some years before they started again. If Arafat was killed using Polonium, where did it come from? The case in London of Polonium poisoning showed the very limited availability of Polonium. One to be watched and use FEEDBACK if you have something to say.

150.   24.11.2012.   So we have a ceasefire in Gaza. Hamas is calling it a "victory". Have they not heard of a Pyrrhic Victory? Hamas has lost up to 200 people, many are now homeless, their military boss is dead, their government building is rubble and they think they have won? Israel has lost up to 20 people and infrastructure damage is minimal. Such a point of view shows the sick and twisted mentality of Hamas and, given this, no wonder the Israeli government has doubts about the long term prospects for peace. Israel will, eventually, have to go in there and root out the sickness, much as they do not want conflict but CB can see Hamas picking away at the open sore until it festers enough to need corrective surgery. CB does know the Israeli's are not without stain in all this but they are not aggressors if left alone, Hamas is because they seem incapable of leaving their terrorist roots behind. FEEDBACK your point of view.

149.   24.11.2012.   The BBC has a new DG. CB hopes he is the right man this time. There is one thing they should remember in their news production and that is the fact that, if you are to lay allegations against a person on air, be sure the allegation is correct and that you have the right man. In todays age, where media has so much power, they should know that the allegation is the worst thing they can do. If it is incorrect, as in the very recent case of a Tory peer, it is too late, the damage is done at the point of broadcasting the allegation as most people will have the view that "there is no smoke without fire". Perhaps the law should change so that the minimum compensation figure for such a mistake should be £10M and not the £185,000 the BEEB got away with. FEEDBACK your position on this one.

148.   24.11.2012.   Sadly, we have lost Larry Hagman, of DALLAS fame. This was a man who appeared to have a real zest for life, always a joker, always full of fun, even at the age of 81. Many will miss him, if you are one of us, FEEDBACK to say so.

147.   24.11.2012.   What is going on in Rotherham? The council child care unit has removed some children from their foster carers because the carers are members of UKIP! Are these children of an age where politics is important to them? Given recent activities, perhaps the Rotherham child care unit is not fit for purpose, what say you? FEEDBACK if you have something to say.

146.   18.11.2012.   It is getting very hot in Gaza. This is classic beligerent behaviour where someone picks a fight and, as soon as they start losing, they are crying and asking for forgiveness. It has to be apparent to the middle east countries by now that you do not pick a fight with Israel. CB does believe that Israel just wants to be left alone to get on with life. People like Hamas, however, driven by hatred and religious bigotry cannot let the sleeping dog lie. A woman on TV who had just been bombed and had her 5 children in hospital asked "what have we done to upset the Isrealis"? She is the next door neighbour to a Hamas military leader. Madam, you VOTED them into power, if you do not want trouble, there are 2 main pointers. First, never vote for any candidate or party that has any terrorist sympathies. Second, never vote for any candidate or party where religion outweighs politics and sound logic. That way you will be as free as can be from trouble. In this life we only get what we ask for and sometimes that is all we deserve. Now William Hague is mouthing about Israel not using a land invasion to fix things because of the fear of civilian casualties. Sir, were you born dim or have you taken special lessons to achieve this? Is the Israeli rocket guidance system that accurate that it can miss all civilians? CB does think that the Israeli forces, given their seemingly brilliant information ability, may just get to the Hamas leaders with a minimum of civilian casualties much more effectively than rockets might. Tell CB on FEEDBACK if you disagree.

145.   14.11.2012.   The Governor of the Bank of England has just reported on the economy. Given his words, we think he was listening to his copy of "Let it Be" last night (wonder if he had a toque or 2 as well). The UK's "Long and Winding Road" to recovery hides the fact that we are doing better than most of the rest of the world, economically. This is not sufficient to stop the Balls (ED, that is), Milibands and other assorted dimwits spouting off at the mouth on a subject they have shown themselves to have no real understanding of. Shame the politics gets in the way, without it, we could go down the road proposed in post number 35 on this page, that would propel us out of the doldrums in record time. FEEDBACK gives you a say.

144.   14.11.2012.   A woman has died in the Irish Republic. She was having a miscarriage and pleaded for an abortion. This was refused as "Ireland is a catholic country". Here we have a clear instance where belief has ruled over logic, which is insanity (see the page on "The Flawed Human Psyche")! It has been said that the bill to change this is before the parliament but it has been there for over 2 years. Who is sat on their fat flaccid doing nothing except taking their wages? Someone needs to go to prison for this "murder", which might wake up others who have the power to change the law. FEEDBACK please.

143.   14.11.2012.   Today we have general strikes in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece against the austerity measures. What do they want? These countries have successively voted in governments with socialist ethics or tendencies over the years. That means spend, spend, spend! They have excesses of jobs in the public sector but, as any one who lives beyond their means knows, comes the day of reckoning. When the bill lands on the doorstep, it has to be paid. Now is payday so days on strike only inflict self harm. Tonight all the protesters will be doing the same, sat in bars, spending money they do not have and drowning their sorrows. Do we think that, one day, they may wake up and see the reality of life? FEEDBACK (English only please) will be welcome.

142.   12.11.2012.   And now the BBC payoff to George Entwistle is raising controversy. Yes we all feel sorry for him but he was less than competent and such a payoff amounts to "payment for failure" and it is our, the license payers, money! Yet another bad decision by the BBC board suggests a full clear out of the old guard is needed. CB thinks an outside consultant should do this so as to avoid all the old conventions of the BBC and achieve a really clean house. Yes, Lord Patten should go too and CB has been an admirer of most of his achievements over his career but, his failure at the BBC shows just how strongly the old conventions wielded by the old guard have contributed to this state of affairs. Use FEEDBACK to have your say.

141.   11.11.2012.   CB'S UK Hall of Shame:
       1. Members of Parliament for stealing our money and calling the theft "expenses".
       2. The banks and bankers for the scams and also for stealing our money as a "bonus".
       3. The Police for constantly closing ranks and covering up their transgressions until the truth is forced                 out of them, even if it takes 23 years to get to the truth, then pensioning off the offenders so they                     cannot be taken to task.
       4. The BBC for being blissfully unaware of what goes on behind their closed doors and being so stupid             as to broadcast unverified slanderous accusations.
       5. The media for blatantly breaking the law just to get a story that is "in the public interest".
       6. The Government for passing laws that cannot be enforced by the highly paid bodies established to do             just that.
       7. David Cameron for failing to keep electoral promises.
       8. The English Examination Board for destroying the educational prospects of one whole year of                         students by making badly timed changes which it is obvious to anyone with a brain were wholly                     unfair.
       9.  The power companies for robbing us by fixing the gas market.
       10. The people of the UK for standing for it.
Use the FEEDBACK page to vote on who is top and who is bottom of this league table or to nominate someone CB has missed. Just consider before you vote what a magnificent country we have made over the last few years, using the above table to help you remember! All of the above except the people are under the impression that they can win back the trust of the people but they are delusioned if they think that can happen within the next 10 years.

140.   11.11.2012.   And just a couple of hours after post number 139, George Entwistle, DG at the BBC has resigned. Wonder if he reads CB or did the government suggest to the BBC that he go? CB will give the benefit to the DG, he probably realised that resignation was his only move. FEEDBACK?

139.   10.11.2012.   The BBC has done it again. Just how much crap can they tread in? The DG has just said on the TV "I run the BBC by putting the right people in the right places to make the right decisions". What about him??? He has a knack of saying "I was unaware of thgat at the time". He is PAID to know! He best take some good legal advice for when he is in court as most of our laws have a "no knowledge is no defence" basis. How could they leak out a name that was totally the wrong name? Where was the research team? The BBC is going rotten from the ground up. You only need to watch BBC News Channel where, the ticker tape banner with breaking news on the bottom of the screen constantly has spelling or grammatical errors in it and it takes 20 minutes or more to be corrected. Why is it not proof read BEFORE it goes up? Time for a major sweep out at the BEEB. FEEDBACK your comments.

138.   10.11.2012   CB has just watched a chat show with Cameron Diaz as one of the guests. What a refreshing programme. Most celebs are OK to watch but you do not want to ever meet them on just the chat performance. Cameron Diaz, however, is such a beautiful fun loving girl. Every one knows she is one of the worlds beauties but the beauty of her personality far outweighs her looks. CB would never pass up the chance to meet her but, why would she want to talk to a boring old fart like CB. FEEDBACK, Cameron if you see this.

137.    09.11.2012.   The most commonly posted theme on this site has to be reform of the police. By this time next week, we will have 41 new police commisioners, duly "elected" by the people. This will add another £3M per year at least to the policing costs but it also introduces politics into the mix (every candidate has their political affiliation beside their name on the ballot paper). CB suggested a slimming down of the heirarchy with the savings made to be committed to "on the street" officers but this goes the other way. We also have another 41 points of view so that the "post code decision making" is perpetuated, where the best way forward would be centralised thinking from a single board of directors. When will the politicians start to listen to good sense? When will they be more finacially responsible on the spending of our money? When we see pigs flying over the house of commons! CB is not expecting much from the new management order, they will probably sit back, feet under their warm desks, coffee in abundance and hand held out for the monthly pay check. Roll on the day when mankind learns something about it's own mentality. Read the pages on "The Police" and "The Flawed Human Psyche" and then use FEEDBACK to agree or disagree with CB.

136.   09.11.2012.   Louis Eddlestone, 13, has been found dead in a stream 3 days after his family reported him missing to Doncaster police, part of South Yorkshire Constabulary. They treated the disappearance as a "runaway" case and cited internet reports that Louis had been seen. Marvelous that they use the internet as an excuse for not doing their job but, if you report an internet crime to them they get cold feet very quickly! Graham Roskell, further north in the West Yorkshire Constabulary area is still being searched for after 5 fruitless days. What is the difference? Mr. Roskell is an ex police officer, elderly and with some brain deficiency. The other difference is the post code. Whilst CB does see that each case stands on it's own merits, surely there is a problem here. Just another instance that shows us we need a complete overhaul of the policing of our country. Two different areas means two different Chief Police Officers and, therefore, two different approaches to missing people. Read the page on "The Police" to understand better then your FEEDBACK will be welcome.

135.   09,11,2012.   Now that another thief MP has been unmasked there is to be an inquiry into the affair. Maybe that should major on why the police let him go without prosecution. Maybe the police official who made that decision should be investigated and made to explain his failure of duty. Yet another instance on this page of police inadequacy! FEEDBACK your say.

134.   09.11.2012.   China's congress has declared a war on corruption. Do they not realise that a one party state is corruption? Do they not realise that their level of government control over the people is corruption? The world is ready to embrace much more of China than ever before but only when they show us that they have grown up, respect their people's rights and thus are ready for us. FEEDBACK your comments to CB.

133.   07.11.2012.   Obama wins and the rest of the world breathes a sigh of relief. This was the only result we needed, Romney would have been unthinkable. Romney lost as much because of the behaviour of the Republican movement over the last couple of years as because of his percievable failings. The Republicans must, from this, see that people are, year on year, more polityically savvy and their behaviour in their dealings with the President will count strongly towards their results in 4 years time. David Cameron should take careful note as his next judgement day is only 2.5 years away! CB says thank you to the American voters, you saved the world a lot of worry, world wide, politicians will feel easier with 4 more years of what they know, not the fear of the unknkown.  FEEDBACK your say if you have one.

132.   05.11.2012.   David Cameron is in arab parts (maybe CB should rephrase that statement). He is after sales of British made weapons and also a tie up on defence. Trouble is, he should be looking at abuse of peoples rights in those countries. He has been told to keep away from meddling in arab affairs (another rephrase needed?). Now is the time David, rials or rights. CB thinks the rials will prevail, after all, the loudest voice on this earth is money! Your FEEDBACK would be good.

131.   31.10.2012.   At last, it had to come. The EU has bailed out some of its member countries but have insisted in austerity measures in exchange. Now we are looking at the EU wanting to increase it's own budget. No way, Jose, now it is time for the EU to know what austerity is. This budget should not only be cut but provision should be made for the amount cut to be funnelled into the bail out funding. Your FEEDBACK on what goes around, comes around, is invited.

130.   29.12.2012.   Sandy, the superstorm is due to strike America's east coast within the hour. People are talking about this being a freak weather phenomenon. Get used to it, this, rains causing severe flooding, the arctic ice cap disappearing will be the norm. Our weather is one of Mother Natures natural cycles and these cycles have top and bottom parameters. within these parameters there is a maximum and minimum fluctuation. If you increase the maximum and decrease the minimum, the fluctuations still happen but they are exagerrated ( a fuller explanation of natural cycles is part of a web site, The Universe Explained). Unless we fix the variation which man has introiduced, then this weather as we have seen it over the last few years is our new normal. To understand the problem, we should look at the web site above to understand that even the slightest change can have massive impact on the thing we just changed (read the bit about iron railway tracks). WE have changed the composition of our atmosphere and this is the cause of the weather pattern change. We have done this because, from the start of the industrial revolution, our new factories have been pumping their waste into the atmosphere via their chimneys. Only in recent times have we become aware of the danger of pollution. If we used our computers to calculate the exact composition of the atmosphere BEFORE the industruial revolution and we test it now, we will see a small difference, maybe only 1/2 a percent change but that is enough. We then should work out the technology to clean it up, as near as we can back to before all the pollution started. Our modern day weather is of our making. Should we achieve this, it would be very interesting to do studies of sporting achievements in the "new fresh air", studies on our long term health improvements, changes in life expectancy etc. All sensible comment using FEEDBACK will be considered.

129.   29.10.2012.   America goes to the polls within 2 weeks now. They will all be judging Obama's record over the past 4 years but how good is their memory? Obama started by visiting many countrys to cement their friendship with America, a bold and intelligent move. He then started to design his reform package. BUT, just as all got going, the stupidity of the American political system cut in. The American people filled the House of Representatives with Republicans, sufficient to effectively block all or any of the new presidents moves. The Republicans showed their true colours when they stalled their acceptance of the new budget, even though it was obvious they would eventually have to accept it. They played at politics whilst the World waited to see the outcome. They went to within 30 days of a total financial collapse around the world (if America were to default on it's debts, the monetary system worldwide would surely fail). If money were no good any more, the new currency would be fresh water and edible food but with no shops open, we are thinking anarchy, kill or be killed. Now these idiots are asking for you to put them in power! If America goes Republican, especially at this time, they deserve all they get. Unfortunately, that means the rest of the world will catch the same disease. These are dangerous political times in this world and so we all hope for good news from America. FEEDBACK tells me if you agree.

128.   28.10.2012.   CB was interested to see the naivety of Jimmy Savilles nephew on a TV interview yesterday. He said he was having difficulty understanding how his relative could have such a dark side whilst doing so much "good". It has to be obvious to anyone not so close that a predator of such magnitude would have taken positions at hospitals, Broadmoor, etc., to put himself in positions where the opportunity of contact with the most vulnerable was at a maximum. It also would provide the best cover in that such positions, should any complaint be made, would make it look as though the complaint against such a do-gooder was qite unfounded. Quite clever in a very sick way. FEEDBACK gives you a chance to comment.

127.   25.10.2012.   Now Bettison, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, has gone. He will be on a full pension, that will be around £100,000 a year which WE pay for. Does this also put him out of harms way? This is how copos who do wrong are dealt with, they retire early. usually on a full pension and often reasons of "health" are cited. This only happens because WE stand for it. A good cop gone bad should do time, no pension! We should get rid of the double standards, make them pay, just like we would have to. The "GET BETTISON" campaign starts here on the FEEDBACK page.

126.   25.10.1012.   We have now got the underlying confirmation of the total insanity of religion. Both sides in Syria are suspending hostilities for Eid, a religious holiday, whilst they both pray for success in their fight. They will then return to killing one another in the name of Allah. It has to be obvious to a cretin by now that no god, if there is such a thing, cares for any life at all. It has to be obvious that man will kill his fellow man because he likes to do this and any other reason or justification  to underline this action is a  bonus. Time to cut the crap and wake up to the truth. The UN will do nothing so lets get it finished, kill all of them and give the world a new Syria, one without guns and missiles. We are tired of this show, someone flip the channel. FEEDBACK is your turn to speak.

125.   23.10.2012.   And CB has just watched the Panorama program mentioned in the previous post. The BEEB looked very shaky. Too many changes of position, too many changed answers, too many instances which looked like some level of cover up! CB will wait to hear the outcome of the various investigations before saying more but it does not smell good for now. It is good that the victims appear to be being listened to. CB proposes a list which you can nominate contenders to using the FEEDBACK, the list being which so called "trusted" part of our lives will be the next to fail on the honesty test as we have seen untruths and corruption from the police, the bankers, the MP's and now the BEEB has questions to answer. Were it CB asking the questions, he would want to know if the editor of Newsnight, upon starting the digging into Savile's rumoured misdeeds, found that he was about to uncover a massive hornets nest and backed off before he got stung OR, more importantly, was he "advised" or directed to back off from higher up?

124.   22.10.2012.   Mr. Cameron wants us to believe he is going to get tough on crime, introduce serious punishment and dish out real rehabilitation. Well, David, make sure you read the contents of a letter posted second class last Friday to your office. CB has a copy, given by his friend for information so that CB can ensure accuracy in this post. You also mentioned that you were to beef up the consumer protection rules, MAYBE you should make them work in the first place. CB's pal was defrauded on the internet by a Plc. in Windsor who operate on line dating sites. He registered a complaint with Thames Valley police, mainly as the E-crime department is at Thames Valley but, also, the company doing the dirty is in the Thameas Valley area. The police said "it was a civil complaint", thus inviting CB's pal to risk a 3 or 4 figure amount of money to get a two figure sum back, and we know that the courts are a dicey area. This is crazy, if fraud is a civil complaint, why is Asil Nadir in prison? If fraud is a civil complaint, is it no longer a crime? Thames Valley police should not invite people to sue the company as, because most people cannot afford the law, it means that the fraud is ongoing and, at about £10,000 per day being stolen on line, Thames Valley may be seen as AIDING AND ABETTING by their inaction. Fix this David, make those responsible for enforcement of your laws get up off their arses and do their job. If you are so unaware of what is happening on the streets and how your enforcement agents are not dealing with it, you need to get out and about and learn. David, use my FEEDBACK page and CB will help keep you up to date.

123.   22.10.2012.   And yet another possible cover up by an organisation who's reputation is built on our absolute belief in what they tell us, The BBC! CB has long since learned not to blindly accept the word of the BEEB, but millions of people who watch TV belong to that club called "well, it was on TV, it must be right". We will wait to see what the Panorama special has to say at 22.35 tonight and, hopefully, the BEEB will be bright enough to be totally honest and leave no skeletons for us to chew on later. FEEDBACK lets you have your say.

122.   22.10.1012.   Now we are hearing allegations that South Yorkshire police used "dictated statements" in the Orgreave trial during the miners strike. The manner of these fabricated statements is very much in the style of the "making the book" comments referred to in post number 106. CB is not anti police, however, CB would just like to see a police force that lived up to the reputation of being "the best police force in the world, one that other countries look up to and model their forces on". We are being asked to vote for new police commissioners in the next 3 weeks, yet more expenditure where the salaries range from £60,000 to £100,000 a year.  If we want a credible force, we should go for the full reform as described on the Police page on this site. That would also save us the cost of 43 new police commissioners, 43 Chief Police Officers, 43 Assistant Chief Police Officers etc., and the savings could then be used to put more front line officers on the streets. Why are we still letting politics get in the way of good thinking Mr Cameron? Your comments are welcome on the FEEDBACK page.

121.   20.12.2012.   So Andrew Mitchell has resigned. The police federation will be pleased but CB didn't think they were political. This country has lost an able servant over an unproven affair. Frankly CB wouldn't bet on a race to determine who was the most honest and believable, an MP or a policeman. Both have adequately shown their colours many times over quite recently. Just shows how much faith we have in and how much respect we have for those we would like to be able to trust ( good job there is no mention of bankers in this post). Your point of view can be sent via the FEEDBACK page.

120.   20.10.2012.   Syria's problem is being escalated across the border with Turkey. Why and who is doing this? Who, is most likely to be the free Syrian Army as Assad has nothing to gain by extending the conflict outside Syria, he already has enough to do. He may, however, have designs on being the president of the middle east after he has conquered them all (who knows what is in his power driven head and the Beirut car bomb is being attributed to his efforts). Why, is likely to be an attempt to get Turkey to retaliate directly against Assad or, more likely, with Turkey's standing within the UN, this may be an attempt to override the Russian veto on intervention and have a UN intervention resolution passed as was the case with Libya. It is a dangerous escalation which could backfire on the freedom fighters, given that if they won the conflict, they then have to form a government and will need the help and goodwill of their neighbours. If you have another thought, use the FEEDBACK to advise CB.

119.   19.10.2012.   The EU has just announced the idea of a single banking regulator for all banks operating in the EU countries, something called for by CB's good pal (see the links at the bottom of the Idem Servicing page). Now, is this where our government changes their tune and calls for the UK to leave Europe? We know, whoever is in government, there is no real appetite to do more than is barely necessary to the banks as they are scared of any revenue loss to the treasury. What Europe wants is big, it would need the harmonisation of financial laws across the 27 countries and would only be of serious benefit if there were harmonisation of budgets as well. How could the budgets of a left wing country be in harmony with those of a right wing country? This is going to be good, lots of fighting and all to be settled for a 2013 start? CB wants to see that. If you have a thought, use FEEDBACK to tell CB.

118.   18/10/2012.   At long last the bank complaint documentation is ready, not the last draft but near enough to publish. Go to the Idem Servicing page to read. FEEDBACK lets you reply.

117.   17.10.2012.   Greater Manchester Police have just issued an apology to a blind man who was Tasered by one of their officers. The officer says "I thought the man was carrying a Samurai sword". The victim, being blind, was carrying a white stick. Maybe the officer should offer to swap his night stick for the victims white stick, seems like the officer has more need of the white stick. If you can see a reply to this, please use the FEEDBACK page to make your point.

116.   16.10.2012.   CB has just had a short break in Bruges, Belgium. What a beautiful and civilised country that is, and the same can be said for Bruges.  Belgium, like England, is an EU member but there it is clean, no grafitti, women do not cover their heads so how can Belgium be so good where England is lost?  It must be down to politics.  Were it not for the language (although most speak English) CB would go to live there.  CB took a short walk by the river into  the Vrijdagmarkt square and from there, down into the Burg or central square.  Sitting outside the Grand Cafe (Huyze Die Maene)  and sipping a blonde bier, the square had an open market (Wednesdays only), the government building opposite is so impressive. To the right there is a very large cathedral. Everywhere people were sat outside bars and cafes.  The Grand has a heated verandah, quite welcome when it is a bit chilly.  Why can't England be so good?  CB will be going back soon and, vey regularly thereafter.  FEEDBACK to CB with your thoughts on Belgium and why it is so much better than Blighty.

115.   16.10.2012.   Why are the Police Federation hounding the Chief Whip over the "plebs" scandal? Do they think they can win a point? Are they trying to establish that "if it is written in a policemans notebook. it must be the truth"? Come on, we all know better! Just look at the level of dishonesty and corruption in the force and how it goes right to the top. Look at Hillsborough, Bettinson, Cleveland, Desai, where does it end? There have been dipsticks on the TV trying to intimate that "in time, the public will regain their respect for the police". Respect is earned but all too easily lost when you lose sight of the truth and honesty. The police have been involved in way too many cover ups to deserve our respect. Maybe the next ten years without any serious scandal and we will then be on the first rung of the ladder to rebuilding respect for the force. Best way forward, as CB has said so many times, is the reforming of the police (read the page on The Police) so what are we waiting for? FEEDBACK gives you your say.

114.   16.10.2012.   Well, as if we needed any proof, the Taliban have shot a 14 year old girl in the head for daring to challenge them over their sickness of exertion of male control over women. Fanaticism is insanity and that is the extreme muslim state. The west, rather than tolerate this, should fear the advance of such sick radicalism. States that outlaw this belief will, effectively, save themselves from the sickness. No other accepted religion on this earth lives with hate as their basis and best we see that now. FEEDBACK is your route to answer this or any other post from CB.

113.   08.12.2012.   Now there have been mentions of "Boris for Prime Minister". He has become a very likeable man and has shown he is capable in his capacity of Mayor of London. He has shown he is successful in the polls. The more Cameron disappoints, the bigger Boris looks. CB, for one, does think Boris would be a successful breath of fresh air. He is far less removed from the man in the street due to his current position. Some of his views are more radical than the tried and tested tory base. All will be clearer in 2015. If you would vote Boris, use FEEDBACK to tell CB.

112.   08.10.2012.   So Victor Hugo Chavez is once again president of Venezuela. Why does this man need to be in power? Maybe a read of the Flawed Human Psyche page will explain. This is the man who showed all the signs of wanting to be the president of South America when all those countries got together last year. Maybe the people of Venezuela might try to find out about the rumoured arms factory built to manufacture assault weapons and which was, supposedly, sponsored by Chavez. CB would be very wary of what this man has in mind. If you think you know, use the FEEDBACK page to tell CB.

111.   05.10.2012.   Once again we have more police dishonesty. Sir Norman Bettison, Chief of Police in West Yorkshire is to retire on a full pension, effective 31.03 2013. He is ducking the flack to come over his handling of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. All too often police are allowed to retire, often on the grounds of "health reasons", which allows them to duck some forthcoming trouble and leave on their full pension. That is 2 thirds of their finishing salary. The biggest deal here is that this officer is suspected of possibly underpinning the cover up over the police role in the 96 deaths. We also have the Chief of Police in Cleveland getting the sack for dishonesty. SURELY now is the time to reform the police operation in the UK.  Senior police are always saying that the UK police force is the envy of the world. ENVY? Is that because our police have mastered the art of cover up? Is that because the only time they are ever taken to task is when the public en mass can get at them? So, now we see that corruption goes all the way to the top, why is everyone so insistent that the police in the Chief Whip affair are telling the truth just because they "wrote it in their notebooks"? Time to grow up and see the real truth about many of our police officers! Read the pages on The Police and Policemen to know more and use the FEEDBACK page to have your say.

110.   27.09.2012.   John Terry, guilty, but not in a court of law. The FA is setting it'self above the law. The media have done a full report on the news but, once again, they missed the big question. What the FA have done has brought the law into contempt. How can they justify that? Read the page on The Flawed Human Psyche, however, the answer therein applies to the collective committee. Should the FA use the FEEDBACK page they may have their say.

109.   27.09.2012.   Nice speech at the UN Mr. Cameron, shame your Letterman appearance didn't match up. IF you knew your history, you might remember how all those Prime Ministers who fail the people of Britain do NOT get re-elected! OK, how did I fail, you might ask yourself? There are £7BN failures, sir. All the money that is at your disposal is money that belongs to the taxpayer and you are going to give £7Bn to Syria. Yes, we all deplore what the psycho Assad is doing, but we have to find £20Bn of cuts in the NHS over the next few years. Why don't you use OUR MONEY for US? That way we only need to find £13Bn in cuts. Misuse of our money will haunt you in 2015, CB will remind the voters for you. Use FEEDBACK if you have something to say.

108.   24.09.2012.   The Chief Whip deal keeps rolling on. CB is surprised at the general acceptance of the belief that if it is written in a policemans notebook, it will be truthful and accurate. Read the post number 106. That pack of lies from a policemans notebook happened to CB in 1971/1972 and, for researchers, the bent cop was called Dennis Oldfield who was with South Yorkshire police. If the standard practice of "making your book" was going on then, it will still be happening now. Use FEEDBACK to have your say.

107.   24.09.2012.   Finally, Vince Cable is to found a British Bank for Business, something CB has been calling for over the last few months. Perhaps the Treasury might now look at the call for a rethink on debt and the implementation of the "peoples money" approach to debt relief post number 35). That will get this country going again. Use the FEEDBACK to give your opinion.

106.   22.09.2012.   What a lot of noise over the Chief Whips to-do with a Downing Street policeman. Certainly, with the refusal of the cop to open the main gates but with an already open gate within yards, the Chief Whip could have just used that open gate instead. In this way, he was standing against authority and asserting his position. OR, was it the cop who was doing just the same (read the page on Policemen). What CB finds apalling is the reliance on what was written in the cops notebook as proof of what words were used. When CB was a teenager he was stopped for a "moving traffic offence" by a cop he knew. CB followed a local band and this cop, contrary to the rules of his job, moonlighted as the bands manager. There was another cop in the policecar who never got out of the car at all. CB was written up and appeared in court. The first cop gave "evidence" and then the second cop swore on oath all the same "evidence", reading from his notebook. It is common knowledge to anyone who has dealt with the cops that they "make their book" before going to court, ie, they make their notes correspond so that they can back each other up. An interesting note is that, some years later, after  he had retired from the force, the first cop was prosecuted for a car tax fraud, in which the case against him included his giving of false evidence! We should never blindly believe a man just because he is a cop, however the Magistrates always do, otherwise they have nothing. The truth is, only those present will know the words actually used, the Chief Whip was out of order but was he pushed into that position? Use the FEEDBACK page if you were there and know the truth.

105.   19.09.2012.   Dale Cregan, if and when convicted, is a cop killer. WHY make a 999 call just to kill the first two cops to respond? This is a man who accepted the inevitability of a long prison term and, rather than go there as a new target, he wanted STATUS. In the sick mind of a prisoner, a cop killer is a hero and Cregan took the lives of two lady cops for that reason, just their bad luck they were the first to respond. This has lead to a call for all officers to be armed on duty. REMEMBER Charles De Menezies, an innocent electrician who was assassinated on a London tube whilst on his way to work by an officer of the armed response unit who pumped 8 bullets into the back of his head whilst kneeling on him to pin him down. This officer appeared to be suffering a psychological problem known as "gun rush". This happens when an officer regularly carries a gun as part of his duty but is never required to use it. A pressure grows to achieve the "first score". Do the people of Britain want every cop in the country heading on a daily basis towards that end. There will be many more incidents of cops killing if they all carry guns as, whilst most policemen are fairly stable persons, that does not mean they all are (read the page on "Policemen"). The cops don't want to be armed and CB agrees. You might also consider the potential for "suicide by cop", where the criminal would rather take a bullet than go (back) to jail. Any cops out there want to use FEEDBACK to tell CB what you think?

104.   17.09.2012.   Well, the insanity of Islam continues, now they are attacking British, German and other embassies. Perhaps we should look at  what we can do. like, withdraw all our financial support! The religious cretins maybe do not know how much money is given to their countries by America and the UK. If we stop all financial aid, maybe the religious idiots might realise how we give them a life that might not be there without our help. If you wish to consider the insanity aspect, please look at the Human Psyche page.  Islam is a sickness of the mind, the proof is what we are seeing outside the western world embassies. When you bite the hand that feeds you, you are sick. tell CB when your Jihad is going to kill CB on FEEDBACK if you have the brains to understand.

103.    15.09.2012.    The first episode of this years Strictly Come Dancing has just been broadcast. What a line up. CB waits to see this. Just one thing, the dance with Ian and D'arcy Bussell was so passionate. Ian is a class act but the beauty, feeling and artistic impression demonstrated by D'arcy was something to behold. This was a demonstration of perfection from a lady who was born to dance. CB thinks that dancing with D'arcy would go down as one of Ian's career highlights. Ian, use the FEEDBACK to confirm CB was right, or any other constructive comment from any other reader is welcome. All lovers of dance are welcome to comment, sadly, CB was never a dancer, even when he could use his leg, maybe it is envy that makes CB a lover of strictly. If you believe that, look at the end of the news 2011 page, you will see the truth.

102.   14.09.2012.   The extent of the unrest in the middle east over a film is alarming. The most alarming part is how so many people can justify, because of belief, not logic, that it is OK to kill. The demonstrators are showing the world the truth about islam. That it is a fanatical following more than a religion. Fanaticism is only one step removed from insanity, hence the position they take over questioning islam or taking offence over any fun poked at it. Islam has spread across the world because other countries are tolerant. Islam is not tolerant and the proof is outside the embassies in the middle east. If they carry on behaving like this, how long before some countries take the step of making islam illegal in their country? FEEDBACK lets you have your say.

101.   14.09.2012.   Now we finally have the truth on the Hillsborough diasaster, the police are in greater shame than ever they have been. Internal cover ups, par for the course! Now there must be the best chance of a total reorganisation of how the police are run in this country (David Cameron, see the page on The Police). CB found it laughable that the chair of the South Yorkshire Police Authority was optimistic that the police could regain the respect of the public in time. They have not had that for many years now, why should the revelation of their deep rooted corruption make that a possibility? FEEDBACK lets you have your say.

100.   14.09.2012.   Congratulations Andy, US Open Champion (sorry I am a bit late, just got back from a trip). Yes, the pressure will now be less, until you get to SW London next summer. BUT, now you know you are a winner, that pressure may be positive this time. Next stop OZ, then Roland Garros, tuck those under your belt then you can go for the big W. Good luck Andy, CB is on your side. Tennis fans may wish to comment on the FEEDBACK page.

99.   09.09.2012.   CB was not born in the UK, but was born in a Commonwealth country, CB is a British citizen, Last night CB watched the last night of the proms, tears in the eyes and all the rest. What a beautiful celebratioin of Britishness, OK, the conductor was a Chzeck but he wore the CBE and that was quite a moment. Also, the olympians and paralympians with their medals joining in the singing was a bit special. After a summer of the London 2012 festival, the Olympics and the Paralympics, this small nation has shown the world just how GREAT, Great Britain is in world affairs. Nationalism and flag waving is often the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons but the last night of the proms showed the world how nationalism can be for the better good. The Benjamin Britten arrangement of the Natiional Anthem was so cool, maybe that was the best last night we have seen yet. CB will always see the last night as one of the years highlights. Have your say on the FEEDBACK page.

98. 09,09,2012.   Andy Murray, you are, for the second time in your career, in the final of the US open. This, more than any other point in your life, is the make or break. Win this and you have maybe 7 years to add to your grand slam record. Lose this and you might become yet another, albeit, high level, journeyman English tennis pro. OK, BIG task, Djokovic is a formidable opponent but you have beaten him before, Your call Andy, we all believe in you, have a good day, do your best and we all hope for a win. Talk to CB on the feedback page if you want,

97.   02.09.2012.   Ellie Simmonds, nice swim. Ellie, CB wants to give you some advice (as if you need it). There is one thing on this earth that a human can have, but, it cannot be given by birth, it cannot be inherited, it cannot be learned, it cannot be bought and it cannot be earned, if you aint got it, you never will have it but, guess what, you got it, it is called CLASS. You are a lady that has swam your way to glory but, when the swimming has done, you have the quality to be a major person in this world, someone they will listen to.  CB wonders where you might go but CB knows you will be a major influence for lesser abled people. Be there for them, they could never have a better advocate, when you speak, the world listens.  Ellie, CB loves you, you are the para star. If CB has offended you at all, you can berate CB on the FEEDBACK page, as can anyone else who has something to say. Ellie, only one word from CB, RIO!

96.    28.08.2012.   Well Terrie Moffitt, cannabis is not good for your IQ. You should have asked CB before you shot your mouth off. Read CB's page on "The War Against Drugs". CB is in his early 60's and was a teenager in the 1960's.  CB smoked lots of pot but STILL has an IQ of 155! Read this web site, is CB mentally demented? Terrie, use the FEEDBACK page, CB might suggest better uses for your mouth.

95.   26.08.2012.   Coming soon, a New Page on internet dating. Maybe you do not want to read this if you are lonely, but lonely is better than this, do not miss this, it is important to your future well being.

94. 25.08.2012.   David Cameron, you DIMWIT! YOU WILL NOT LIKE THIS, (isn't it strange how the truth hurts most people SO MUCH, BUT, especially, POLITICIANS because they do not understand the reality of the truth)? You are going to tinker with the Consumer Protection Act! Changes are needed but not yours, all you have to do is empower your quangos to be able to act against those who know you are ineffective. The problem, David, is the old one, you are so far removed from the man in the street, you do not understand what life is really like. There are 2 REAL scenarios here and both need your personal touch. The first is a company called Global Personals who operate multiple web sites in the dating game out of Minton Place in Windsor. Many of their web sites may be reputable but at least one,, is not. It is a vehicle to defraud the clients who sign up. If you go on a web site that offers a one month trial at £29.95, a six month membership at £89.95 and a years membership at, say. £150, the sign up page for a reputable company will default to the cheapest option! defaults to the £89.95 option, which means that, any attempt to sign up that fails automatically goes to the £89.95 and takes that money from your card. It is not a hard job for a programmer to make the £29.95 seem good but the "accept" option finds the deliberate bug and then defaults to the 6 months option and automatically takes £89.95 from you. NOW. when you get on the site, you get emails from "members" wanting to get in touch. When you go on site to do the biz, the "members" are designated as "inactive members" and you cannot reply. This is because they are fictitious members from a library and the company operating the site sends you the messages to make you think the site is active. NO member sends you a contact email and then, within 5 minutes, rescinds their membership! This site is not for real, it is a CON, you have been defrauded TWICE, once by the payment and then by the site. NOW, try to deal with it, no chance, and after much aggro, you are told they are regulated by the Trading Standards Institute. OK, go there, every second line on that web site says "We do NOT accept complaints from individual members of the public, please use the Citizens Advice Bureau". OK, do that online, it is good, so you send the letter, all within the kaw. Global Personals will comply BUT, they do NOT refund. OK, go to the Office of Fair Trading, they take the complaint but tell you "we cannot act on this but now we know what they are doing, we will watch them". You are STILL defrauded of £89.95! OK, now make a fraud complaint to Thames Valley Police and you will be told "This is a Civil Case". David, would you please tell me when FRAUD was   taken off the statute as a crime and placed into CIVIL legislation? Maybe Asil Nadir might get a wrongful prosecution if it was changed!!!!!!!! Mr C! ALL you have to do is INSTRUCT the police to DO WHAT WE PAY THEM FOR! Give the OFT the power to shut down a company that refuses to repay money under the distance selling redulations 2000. DO this and the law works. Do you think that when a poorer citizen is defrauded of £90, they have to pay £180 to go to court to get the money back? What if they lose? What if they win but are not given the court costs? How many people will be robbed by Global Personals on a daily basis whilst someone is saving up to sue them, and Thames Valley Police are sucking up doughnuts before going to Windsor to have a few (free) drinks with Global people? David, are you not a lawyer, can you not see that this is NOT justice? Perhaps we might get up a petition to sue the police as accessories to the fraud as, them doing nothing about it, allowed passive acceptance of all the consequent rip-offs? THINK about your approach. NOW, the second and, maybe, the most serious problem. If you ask a Manchester policeman who are the 10 most  dangerous criminal thugs in Manx, they will know them all. Ask the same coppers who are the 10 most dangerous criminal thugs in Leicester, they have no idea. What is happening now is the thugs have got brighter, they are registering companies who collect bad debts. They buy lists of bad debts that go back over 20 years. OK, we know that a debt of over 7 years may not be recoverable BUT, if it is over 20 years, the debtor may now be a vulnerable pensioner. They send the most threatening letters to frighten people to pay. The thugs go to collect carrying fake "bailliff" ID's and the local police, when called, usually side with the thugs because they have not been trained to do the right thing, that is to check the ID and any "court order" that they may have with them. DAVID, it is your best and easiest course to empower your quangos to deal with the law on behalf of the people the law is SUPPOSED to protect and, then, to legislate that it is ILLEGAL to sell a bad debt! OH, DEAR, the BANKS will not like that, but is this Country OURS, or the banks???? Time to stand up and be counted David! Talk to CB, the FEEDBACK page is not just for others, YOU can use it too. OH, by the way, Thames Valley Police will be the recipients of a complaint for failing in their duty BUT, if the IPCC thinks this is a procedural problem, they will reject, maybe yet another area that you need to address to give the British people all they wanted from you, JUSTICE! Now stand up and be a Prime Minister, we have waited a long time, show us what you got!.

93.   25.08.2012.   Now we will look at the strange case of Mr. Assange. We have him hiding in a house in London, not checkmate but stalemate unless someone knocks their King down and gives in. His web site brought the American Establishment to its knees, and rightly so. Now the whole machine is oiled and ready to attack. They want him there for a show trial. Remember the 60's, the train robbers trial? OK, they were guilty but the immense sentences were already agreed before the trial started. This is Orwells Big Brother asserting their ABSOLUTE authority! The deal here is, if Assange is found guilty on sex crimes and locked up, the Americans can then use all their considerable power to get him released into their custody to serve his sentence there, AND then they have him. Think carefully now, the honey trap is the easiest and most effective way to kill an opponent whilst leaving him still drawing breath to suffer the consequences (a dead man cannot learn a painful lesson which you want to teach him). The Frenchman, head of the IMF was brought down this way until the witness was found to be unreliable, but she earned her money, he is gone from the IMF and French politics, the accusatiion ruined the man even before proven, (although our Frenchman is answering to the same claims back home in France, so we wonder if he is a bad man for women to know). This time, for Mr Assange,  there are 2 women, safety in numbers? Only he and the 2 women will ever know the truth, unless a camera and voice recorder were used, in which case we know it is a set up! Now, Mr Assange says he is happy to go and defend himself, so he seems happy he did not do anything wrong. RUBBISH, SIR, you of all people should know, you walk into the establishment trap, you will not get out as this is your ticket to America, no green card needed, you will be guilty even without DNA proof!  Stay where you are, wait till William Hague needs to clear his desk, let you go safely and you are home (well, sort of).  Just be aware of the duplicity we have seen in the coalition, safe passage may not be all it seems to be when offered by the current government, and CB is NOT a left wing thinker! Mr Assange, use the FEEDBACK page if you think CB can help, you will be told if CB can help.

92.   25.08.2012.   OK, CB has been in Belgium, that is why you have had no updates and why this will be a
L O N G - P O S T. WHAT a lovely civilised country! Went to Ostend, OK, the beach is like Blackpool, a sea of white whales but just walk away 200 yards and you are sat in the sun, outside a bar where the Blonde Bier is so good, the food is ace and you can smoke a ciggie in the sun, why can't the UK be so civilised? This is why our pubs are all dead or dieing, the smoking ban. Ostend is so good, CB is going back, soon. Ostend is such a vibrant, go do it kinda place, it drags you in to all that is happening, and, for an old dog like CB, that takes some doing. CB is told that Bruges is the same, going there too. Now, CB did this the hard way. CB wanted to go with "" as he has been with them before and has lots of trust (read the Booze Cruise page). This time, the coach connections (where CB lives and Birmingham) didn't work so CB had to have a day in Birmingham so booked in the Thistle, on St. Chads Queensway. What a good place, OK, could have done it cheaper but why? They charged me £50.15 for the night. Food and bar was £28, but so what, food was ACE, bar is what you expect in a hotel, you are trapped so no real ale but high cost, £3.85 a pint for Boddies on freeflow, hey, every good deal has a downside. In this hotel, they are so lucky they employ such good staff. Agneishka (Polish CB thinks) on reception is one of the best and most helpful ladies CB has ever met on a receptiion desk. She is GEORGEOUS but is a new MOM so, hands off. This lady sent me to all the places I asked for and I said no to one of them BUT, CB went there and, when CB got back to the hotel, CB had to apologise, she was right. NOW, read about the fare rises on the trains? CB paid £12 return to Birmingham on the COACH, National Express, 15 minutes faster than the train and it had 4 stops, and the train wanted £77 return. OK, got there, busting for a piss so went in the Dubliner, right next to the coach station, P, taxi to the hotel (taxi in Brum is a trick, there are so many traffic lights they charge on time, not mileage, so CB watched  some malfunctioning lights keep us through 5 changes and the meter went up £1.40 as we sat still). So, checked in, back out, why is there only 4 pubs in Birmingham City center? Was OK, Square Peg was a real ale pub, £2.10 a pint, no probs. OK, now Folkestone, we were in the Grand Burstin Hotel, 3 nights, 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners. They have a cabaret room but they have a 99p bar, 19.30 till 23.00 so what do you think. The food was BOLLOX, but when you are trying to feed 1200 customers in 2.5 hours, that ain't easy, we got what we paid for £109 for the whole deal! So, 10.00 Bham, Folkestone by 16.00, no probs BUT, it is Folkestone HARBOUR, NOT the town. This is not bad, as you got within 100 yards,m Gillespies pub, no real ake but go see Jasmine, 21, she is a charmer. Next pub is The True Briton, 30 yards on, real ale, see Ross, he runs it, Restaurant upstairs, ace, 12 oz steak £12 95, this is the place to be and eat if you find the grub in the hotel as bad as I did. Now, across the road is the Lord George, again no real ale, but, if you go under the arches beside it, you find the Ship Inn. In there, the Abbott Ale is £3.50 and it is $3.00 in the Briton, BUT, live music in the Ship! Watched a local band called Gary Dean, ace covers but did the biz on their own numbers, so worth hearing, good players. SO, there you have it, a small slice into CB's life, use my FEEDBACK page to ask more, OR, look on the updated BOOZE CRUISE page to get more.

91.   25.08.2012.  The supermarket scam goes on. CB has been shopping today. He had a voucher, printed off Sainsburys till for a "product adjustment", where if they sold you something which was priced cheaper elsewhere, they give the difference  back to you (next time you shop AND if you shop quick enough). BUT, if their scotch is £18 per litre and the competition is £17, this why they do it. The amoebas in their marketing department think "keep the price up, give them a voucher, this means they come back to us next week to make the saving by using the voucher". Amoebas need to learn that whoever the opposition is, if CB has a £1 voucher but is going to buy 3 bottles at the right price, he has just saved £2 by going ELSEWHERE! Hey, Marketing Director at Sainsburys, use the feedback to talk to CB, he may come out of retirement just to help you, your amoebas still have only 1 brain cell per amoeba! Sainsburys marketing department are without any understanding of just how much we, the public, understand what you are doing. The way you deliver your voucher system can be so counter productive, JUST THINK! If I shop on Thursday, get a voucher for a discount and it runs out next Thursday, BUT, I am ill, can't shop till the Monday after, go to your till expecting a discount only to be told "sorry, it is out of date, should have used it last week", how do you think I feel? There is something that all marketers should understand, it is called "customer alienation", where you promise them something then they don't get it so decide to BUY ELSEWHERE NEXT TIME!  Online you are good, but watch the cheating on price, we pick it up quick if it is cheaper to go in the shop to buy it and some of us disabled need the delivery so DO NOT rip CB off. Tesco seem to be having a bad time with their IT. The web site varies from day to day but trust from the customer drops every time we have a problem, and secure site problems, the payment page,  when that fails, it gives us the willies. CB will play it safe and keep going to Aldi, the price is right but the quality is not compromised. CB buys smoked Bavarian ham from Aldi at 99p a pack, the same pack that would be £2.50 elsewhere, but, lets be fair, 2 for £4! CB knows who he buys from, and the 2 for £4 would not be as good quality as Aldi! AND, never forget, every time you see the big guys advert on the TV, remember the millions it costs to show you that, and it is maybe 15% of the total of your bill at the check out! Anyone want to start an internet protest at the supermarkets, use my FEEDBACK page to tell me.

90.   25.08.2012.   The KING is dead but long live Lance Armstrong. Just like in the old days, crucified. The words of the fat old fart, boss of American drug testing ring clear "If he don't answer, he is guilty". Doesn't that sound familiar? Witchfinder General? That fat old fart was the guy who, 400 years ago, at the age of 50 + asked the beautiful young girl of 20 to get on her knees so she could be nice to him and if she refused, Friday morning in the market square, he was pointing at her and shouting "WITCH". Half an hour later  she was crispy, so the next girl knew what the world was all about even before he asked. This one adds up to an amoeba, the team have a grudge, will testify and the old fart says YES, got what I want! BLOOD tests old fart????? After all these years we still haven't learned, put the wrong guy in power and we got trouble. If lance is guilty, CB is surprised, how can you be in that business, at the VERY TOP for all those years and never get caught on a piss sample???? EVIDENCE, NOT STATEMENTS should be the criteria BEFORE a crucification takes place. Lance, stay in there, get the old fart, you crucify him, what a lovely headline that would make. Do not give up, WE KNOW who won the biggest bike race in the world so many times, it is yours! HEY, fat old fart, wanna talk to CB? Be careful if you use the FEEDBACK page, CB BYTES!

89.   15.08.2012.   Train fares going up again, how can they even consider it? CB recently costed a trip to Birmingham. The train was £77 return but the coach was quicker and was £12 return. Every year train fares have risen and we are told to expect less queues, more coaches, better services and year on year we get none of those promises. Do the guys running the rail system think they are politicians, make a promise then immediately forget it? Now Virgin Trains are out in December, having lost their bid to retain their franchise. It seems that First have bid around £430M per year to operate the franchise. That is money to be paid out BEFORE we consider the cost of the wage bill to the company, the fuel bill, repairs and maintenance, the costs of running the stations, NOT forgetting the profits they need to make to keep the shareholders happy. Now you know where all the ticket money goes. The beneficiary of the annual £430M is supposed to be the taxpayer but, by the time he has taken a couple of train journeys, he is in the red. Richard Branson has said the loss of the franchise is "extremely disappointing", words which suggest that a profit is likely from running the service, and he is a cute cookie at business. Some questions that our government might NOT like to look at are was it a better service when it was British Rail? Was it better value for money when it was British Rail? Was more freight carried by rail than road when it was British Rail? Our C section (Cameron and Clegg) do not like nationalised businesses but, if they work, WHY NOT. All essentials that governments MUST guarantee to their people are WATER, POWER and reasonable TRANSPORT! None of these can be guaranteed by a fully private enterprise company. Any U turns ahead, Mr C? Please tell CB if there are, you can use the FEEDBACK page.

88.   12.08.2012.   Rio De Janeiro, learn the lessons now! From an olympic opening ceremony where we were bemused until it dawned what the theme was, through the most exciting games ever, to a closing ceremony that left us downhearted. The only good bits of the close were Mr Davies singing Waterloo Sunset, John Lennon and the speeches by Seb Coe and Jaques Rogge and, finally the whole debacle was rescued by a bunch of old men, the Who, showing how it should be done and that they still could do it! Brian May, go home, burn your guitars and look out your window, there you will see the real stars. Maybe you might read to see the real truth of our universe. Got something to say? Try FEEDBACK, it will put you in touch.

87.   12.08.2012.   OK, we are close to the end, maybe now we look at the problems within the olympics. It is a showcase for the world but it can be fouled by people, those who will misuse or abuse the "rules". How many athletes have been crucified by the "olympic authorities", those who have been given the power to adjudicate and have misread the rules, misapplied the rules? Victoria Pendleton has, in CB's mind, a case in law against the olympic judges. The future of the olympics rests on our belief that they are real, factual and fair. Any other deal is not on. We need to be shown by the olympic authorities that all rules within the games are fair and reasonable. If this is not done, Rio is dead, well, it is for CB. What say you, use the FEEDBACK page to spout your mouth.

86.   12.08.2012.   OK, finally, another accolade that Cb regrets he forgot until now. Andy Murray, the epitomy of GB's usual, always gets there but never wins. This time it was different, and against the big boy of tennis, Roger Federer. Please remember, after this final, it is Andy 10, Roger 9 (hope CB is accurate). We now move forward in tennis, yes, Roger aint done yet, but it is the era of Murray and Jokovich, Nadal is the big boy but his injury problems leave him exposed, such a trajedy for him and us , the viewers. Shall we just wait and see what world tennis will serve up to us? tell CB if you are not in agreement by using the FEEDBACK page.

85.   12.08.2012.   In the immortal words of one of GB's greatest bands ever, The Rolling Stones, "Its All Over Now". This has been the greatest games ever staged, but, at the cost of over £9Bn it needed to be. America, 330M people, 45 golds, China, 1.4Bn people, 38 golds, GB, 60M people, 29 golds, Mathematically, GB won this games! CB is sitting here writing this and in his mind, it is the achievements of the girls more than any that are at the front, Jessica and Nicola particularly. Rebecca, you needed to win bronze to learn how you will be a gold swimmer in Rio! Do it for us. Please do not think bad of CB, he loves all the winners as well as the triers. CB wants to thank all the competitors for the enjoyment he has had from you over the last 2 weeks. CB is mobility challenged, at home 24/7/365 (don't get old, it aint for cissies), apart from a weekly trip to the supermarket and your TV input has been a wonderful 2 weeks. Now it is all over, CB will promise that, if he goes in a pub where they are playing "Chariots of Fire"  or "Gold", he will kick the juke box out of existence, pay the fine and walk away! Believe that, CB does not lie (well, online anyway). Did you get the same lift from the games that CB did, tell CB on FEEDBACK.

84.   11.08.2012.   OK, Tom Daly, it was bronze, but you are 18, SO much life in front of you, gold is guaranteed given your talent. You will stride forward with all the other talented sports people of the UK in the years to come. Greatness is yours to enjoy if you stay in training and make it happen. Be lucky Tom, you deserve it. Talk to CB on the FEEDBACK page.

83.   11.08.2012.   Usain Bolt, you must have read my post number 80. This time, in the relay, there was no Bolt ego, you ran your best and gave value for money, your team set a new world record. Thank you, run like that every time and the world will find total respect for a living legend, good luck to you. Talk back to CB on the FEEDBACK page.

82.   11.08.2012.   And yet another star emerges from the olympics, No, it is not Mo Farah, even though his achivements cannot be denied, it is a member of the commentary team, Helen Skelton. What a beautiful lady, knowledgeable on sports and also a fighter. If you saw her trying to do the stones on a mountain bike, you will see what CB means. She would not give up till she did it. CB hopes she will be around for a long time in her chosen career. Helen, talk to CB on the FEEDBACK page.

81.   10.08.2012.   Mr George Osbourne, PLEASE listen this time! Mervyn King spelled it all out. We are in the crap BUT, we need the rest of the world to improve so we can benefit. Tough, they are all in the same crap, waiting for US to lead! Our biggest market, Europe, is worse off! NOW what you going to do????? Political promises are NOT on the menu! A step aside into the world of reality might help. READ my post number 35 on this page, do it, you will become "Gordon Brown, I just saved the world". You might do! All agree that the worlds  money problems are all down to debt, so, take a new point of view on debt. Do what CB suggests, ask any questions on the FEEDBACK page, CB will answer. If you do the trick, all the other countries in the world will follow, and you will have introduced "Global Easing" and we get back to normal. George, CB sees that you might be painted into a political corner and, maybe, you didn't start the painting, maybe the other side handed you the brush. MAYBE, now you see is a good time to get the paint on your shoes, walk away, start again. If you keep on your chosen  path, total anarchy is a possibility, as serious and vicious world inflation is a real potential. You must change, you know that, just consider the alternative proposal given by CB, or, if there is a big flaw that CB missed, explain it to CB, use the FEEDBACK page, OK? George, now is the time to SHIT OR GET OFF THE POTTIE! CB does apologise for the crudity but this time, it is important that we move, constipation was the norm but now it is just too much crap to carry! Money that stands still never earns interest so MOVE IT. George, do not worry about the paper costs, we forgive you, we know you have a lot to dump, hope it does not cause you a PILE of trouble, got it? George, good boys use the flush. Laxatives are available on the  NHS. NOW you know there is nowhere else to go, George, use your brain, see the logic, walk away from the politics and do the right thing, fix the debt problem, OK? George, talk to CB on the FEEDBACK page.

80.   09.08.2012.   OK, Leeds City councillors, what about the freedom of the City for Nicola Adams, her achievement matches that of any other gold medal winner in this olympic games. The freedom of Flint for Jade Jones too. As Team GB's most successful games (ever?) nears a close, we have not done yet. We have been done though. Queen Vics demotion was a direct action against Team GB by the authorities. After they changed many of the rules in cycling to overcome the dominance of the sport by the UK riders, and watching them become even more dominant, the only way they could fix this was to bend or misapply those rules. Victoria had to leave her lane in heat one to avoid the deliberately aggressive riding of her opponent. The authorities turned a blind eye to that and penalised Vics. Once again, the competitor lost out to the authorities being bent, only to be expected, read my page on "The Flawed Human Psyche" for more info. Will we ever have a clean and even games? Dream on, they are run by men and some of them have an agenda. The penalty of 15 seconds against Mr Brownlee Jr, was quite pedantic and, once again, unfair but he got his own (bronze) revenge. On the other side of the coin, its a shame that Usain Bolts ego got in the way of a new olympic record in the 200 metres, Usain, try slowing down AFTER the finish line, THEN you might become a living legend! Don't you understand, the people who paid the highest prices for tickets to watch YOU deserved the record, or at least, for you to have a fair go at it! The International Olympic Committee should investigate all these corruptions. In the future, such a magnificent global spectacle as the games needs to be kept free of insider tricks by the game officials. Wouldn't it be nice to have a corruption free games? No chance, this is mankind you are talking about. Answers please on the FEEDBACK page.

79.   06.08.2012.   Laura Robson, John McEnroe was right, you are just 18, your time will come, you will be the new Virginia Wade the day you win the Ladies Wimbledon Final, and CB believes you will. Never lose heart, keep your self belief, your tennis will be unbeatable before your career is over, trust CB. Talk if you wish on FEEDBACK.

78.   05.08.2012.   Andy Murray, never a grand slam yet but who cares when you are wearing an olympic gold medal. Plenty of time left for grand slams but, Andy, do it again, Laura Robson deserves a gold too. Now you know how it feels to win the big one, you have got 1 foot in the winners enclosure, be it the Rod Laver Arena, Roland Garros, Flushing Meadows or, dare we say it, Wimbledon. Now show the world what you can do Andy.  What say you, use the FEEDBACK page to tell CB.

77.   05.08.2012.   Nice one Ben Ainslie, after a poor start, you showed them all how it is done. CB and Ben have something in common, do NOT mess with us! The Ben Ainslie gold was won with brains, Fridays chess game on the water won Ben the gold. Moral to the story, never mess with someone who is more intelligent than you, a loss is the only result you can expect if you do. Ben, enjoy, you earned it in a way that CB can respect more than if it was just "plain sailing". Something to say? Use the FEEDBACK page.

76.   04.08.2012.   Jessica Ennis, CB and all of the UK are enamoured with you. Such a slight girl, all your competitors stand well above you but NOT when it is podium time. Margaret Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady and CB wishes to christen you as the Steel Lady because you are the latest and best daughter of the Steel City, Sheffield. You are a runner and a jumper but not really a thrower, however, when you needed it, a life times best throw nust have been so welcome. Your tears of relief after your final event were not a sign of weakness, just that  you, like all of your fans, are humans and subject to the emotions we all feel, we were in tears with you too. There are very few people on this earth who have the power, ability and class to inspire others, you know, the Muhamad Ali's, David Beckhams and so on but you have joined that class of person. For this reason, CB will be proposing to the Lord Mayor of Sheffield that you receive the Freedom of the City. You are loved across our nation but not quite as much as you are loved in Sheffield. CB will be watching you (bit like big brother, isn't it). Jess, if you want to tell me I am an old fart, use the FEEDBACK page.

UPDATE!   Jess, your nomination is in the post, CB has done that personally.

75.   03.08.2012.   Royal Bank of Scotland, 83% owned by US, THE TAXPAYER, has just reported a loss of £1.5Bn on their trading year. Now, next January, they will be telling us that they are going to pay £2BN in bonuses, or are they? This is the time to see that they are only stealing the banks stock in trade! This is the time for our controlling 83% to veto any bonus payment. Should we not have that luxury, it takes 75% of the shareholders to call an Extraordinary or Special General Meeting with the purpose of changing the provisions in the Articles of Association and Memorandum of the company, so we can give ourselves the right to veto bonuses, extravagant wage rises and any other thing that enriches the banker for his failure at the expense of the taxpayer! This is the time for David Cameron to stand up and show us he will finally do what he promised, sort out the banks. Nowhere to hide now David, GET IT DONE, OUR MONEY, OUR BANK, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Nowhere to hide this time David! David, got something to say, use the FEEDBACK page.

74.   03.08.2012.   How are you all doing with the olympics? CB is not much of a sportsman, never had the ability, with the exception of golf and tennis. CB does love to watch sports. The olympics is a strange animal, the more you watch, the more absorbed you get. CB loved the mind games just played by Ben Ainslie to put himself in a gold winning position in Sundays final, never knew that chess could be played on the water in such a forceful way.  Saw our girl from Camberley win the bronze at judo, don't want her in a car park.  The two girls who won gold on the sculls,  what a lovely partner to Katherine, stood back and let Kath have her day, even though it took two to win.  The stupidity of officials changing the rules in such a way that tactics can be introduced, the badminton players suffered, not their coaches who dictated the manner of play and did not get punished, the officials are at fault here but they won't be punished. The pedantic application of debatable rules that disqualified the two fastest teams in the womens cycling, is this in the best interests of the games? The winners of that race final will have the gold but also the knowledge that they were never the best in the world, they got their gold by default. Those who make such rules should also be aware that they are inviting corruption into their sport, when the two best teams in the world are disqualified, who paid the judges to make sure they were out of the races? Overall, barring the above errors, this is shaping up to eclipse the Beijing games so well done to all who did the organising. Hope Team GB does better than target, stay 4th in the end but get more medals than expected. Still another week to go so, have your say, use the FEEDBACK page.

73.   28.07.2012.   CB's apologies, this one is personal, but, hey,it IS my site! Shasha77, are you still reading my work? If so, use the FEEDBACK page, CB wants to chat with you again.

72.   28.07.2012.   Last night CB was wanting to check his Euromillions draw results. Camelot went on TV promising to make 100 new UK millionaires. They said, on TV, that we should check our tickets online. What cretins, accessing their web site was a nightmare and all you got were time outs. They have no concept of the amount of bandwidth they needed to facilitate a good few million hits all at the same time. Shame CB is retired, they need all CB could do for them. It took at least half an hour to find that CB was still a poor man. However, the question is, how could they make £100 M available????? Maybe some of the past jackpot winners should take out law suits to compel Camelot to reveal their accounts. They must be holding back so much percentage per draw to facilitate this kind of deal. It may seem ungrateful if you won £2.2 M on a Wednesday night BUT, could it have been £3M? If so, you have been robbed. No point in going to the controllers, read CB's post number 65, this is the world we live in, courtesy of our politicians. Seems Camelot can do what it wants, just the very fear expressed by our left wing newspapers when the lottery started in November 1994. Anyone got a comment, use the FEEDBACK page.

71.   28.07.2012. CB has been watching (again) the olympic opening ceremony. The history lesson left CB bemused until it dawned it was just a great big advert for UK Plc. Some bits were left out, like how Britain raped one third of the world via its Commonwealth (although now most of those countries love and respect their ties to "the old country" and they love our Queen), how Britain was responsible for the slave trade, how Britain, under the guise of being explorers were, actually, the most successful nation at piracy ever known and how Britain, with France carved up Africa for themselves. Notwithstanding all those negatives, as the pageant went on, it improved. The sequence of James Bond was ace, although, when the Queen walked into her box, it would have been a nice touch if Daniel Craig had hurried into the box behind her, brushing dust off the shoulder of his suit, it might have just completed the illusion given by the film. What was so good, watching  Mr. Bean playing with the London Symphony Orchestra, was the typical British tradition of extracting the urine (taking the piss out of ourselves) which is such a feature of British humour, good job we have that in todays world. The reference to the UK being responsible for the industrial revolution does not sit too well with CB (see my page on Global Warming), but the ending with newly forged olympic rings coming together was well done. The musical montage was excellent, as it is a toss up since the 1960's whether Britain or America is number one in the music business, that one is a hard one to call. The march past by all the teams was SO LONG, SO BORING, CB just fast forwarded through that. Then we had the finale. All in all, every country tries to outdo the last one and we said we would not do that, but we did. CB feels that the London opening ceremony was the best in olympic history, so far. WHY? Because, as CB sat back and considered these words, he realised just how much such a small nation has given the world over so many centuries, and we are still doing it. All the negatives listed above can be outweighed by all the positives the UK gives, with the obvious exception of the industrial revolution, for which we are now paying. CB wishes all competitors, wherever you are from, all the best, please stay injury free so you can show us your best and gold will only go to the one with the biggest heart (read my post number 69). Believe in yourself, achieve all you have trained to achieve but, above all, ENJOY, it onlt falls to a few to be where you are today! Any questions, use the FEEDBACK page.

RARE OCCASION readers, CB must apologise, CB did not acknowledge the reference to the NHS (National Health Service), a bunch of people who have been very special to CB's needs over recent years, it was wholly right to give them a good slice of the history of the UK. Our NHS is the envy of the world and, yes we have problems, but at least, if you live here, there are people who will care for and about you. One day, maybe every country will have what we have.

70.   27.07.2012.   Barclays bank has carded a $4 Bn profit for its last trading period. Maybe we should be asking what that figure might have been without their deliberate manipulation of the market. Remember, we didn't bail them out in 2008, the arabs did. Maybe the government, under the current circumstances might require an independent audit, (just in case we are owed more tax than might be due on £4 Bn). They won't or can't do that as they don't want to rock the boat that brings them so much revenue, but CB believes Her Majestys Customs and Excise has the right to verify any submitted account should they have sufficient reason so to do, and LIBOR manipulation is plenty of reason. Surely HMC&E are independent of the government in such matters? Come on boys, go have a look, who knows what you will find! If you find it, give old CB an inside hint, use the FEEDBACK page.

69.   27.07.2012.   CB has just watched on TV Ben Parkinson, the soldier who lost both legs and half his brain in an IED attack, carrying the olympic torch. What a determined man he is, CB would not have wanted this guy in a car park if he were fully fit. All those who moan about their problems should wake up each day to the TV footage just aired and they might then shut up and just get on with their day. There are few on this earth who could carry the badge of hero as well as Ben, good luck for the future Ben. Any other fans of Ben may offer comments on the FEEDBACK page.

68.   27.07.2012.   Centrica, the owners of British Gas have recorded a profit of 23% on the domestic supply arm of its operations after a substantial rise in prices. A company spokesman has reportedly said "we would have made a loss if we hadn't put up our charges". OK, sir, what percentage loss would it have been? Tell us, we want to see just how you did this. It becomes obvious by mathematics that you robbed your users. Your pricing had no bearing on the percentage "increase" you had to pay for your gas and we do understand that, whilst you have maintained your price hike, the cost of gas has gone down. CB thinks that anyone who uses British Gas should be on the comparison sites within 1 minute of reading this. CB learned his lesson many years ago and vowed never to use that company again. Anyone got a word to say about this, use the FEEDBACK page.

67.   27.07.2012.   Now, is CB the only guy in the world who thinks this way or not. First G4S drops the ball so the government has to bring in extra police and masses of military personnel to cover security for the olympic games. There are now 36,000 security people, the largest ever security attachment in non wartime history. Why does this smell bad to me. They have replaced private guards with professionally trained people, ones with ready access to weapons and the knowledge and experience to use them. Do the authorities have intelligence of a plan to attack the games? Are they not telling us something? Are they doing this big security thing so as to not let terrorists win the day? Was the G4S debacle a political manoeuvre to facilitate the troops being brought in? CB would not be surprised if this proved to be the case at a later date (freedom of information application). Hope our side wins. Anyone else had these thoughts, let CB know on the FEEDBACK page.

66.   26.07.2012.   Who is this cretin known as Mitt Romney? He slags off the British olympic readiness along with the British people. Should he be elected as the next president, the British may well prove to be his closest allies. He should buy himself a mouth clamp and a copy of the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People", although the book might be a waste of money, one usually needs brain cells to have the ability to read and a few more are needed to understand. America, is this what you want for a president? A man with zero tact, a man who has no desire to consider the needs of the poorest people in America, as long as he is alright and a man who will shortly have egg all over his face if he watches the games on his TV. Romney is a John Nash model, see CB's page on "The Leadership" to understand what that is. America, please be so careful in November, put this man in office and you may well be very sorry four years later. Have your say on the FEEDBACK page.

65.    25.07.2012.      Hey, George Osborne, nice news about the economy, well, maybe not. Scroll down to post number 35, read, understand and implement. To take a new point of view on debt is the cure, do what it says, money goes to the banks, the gross national debt per household comes down, housewives become spenders again, the building trade picks up so your dole queue goes down and the banks are cornered into paying more tax and having to lend to business, all in one bold move. Come on George, time to show the rest of the world the way out of financial troubles. Now you and your colleagues, the dynamic duo, Cameron and Clegg are very fond of telling us what a good job you are doing. We can see how good, the most numerous adds on the TV are payday loan adds, everything from toothpaste to panty liners has to be "clinically proven", which is where the manufacturer has found someone who will say anything for the right anount of money, and on the back of that, we are being sold anti ageing creams by the worlds biggest names selling through the most famous high street shops. Years ago these scam products were sold on the back pages of sleazy magazines. We have an Office of Fair Trading that has not got the power to deal with offending companies, a Trading Standards Institute that will not take complaints and, thus toothless and Thames Valley Police (and South Yorkshire Police) think that fraud being committed all day long by a Plc is a matter for the civil courts. CB has asked many of his pals if they think the world is really getting to be a poorer place to live and nothing to do with how we see it due to our age"? EVERY SINGLE one of them agreed it was worse,  standards had fallen way below what we used to percieve. Education? Have you ever noticed how incompetent most younger employees are these days? Thank you, all you politicians for this wonderful world. Now, George, do not let politics get in the way, consider the proposal, turn this country round, start moving forward again, give us back some of what this age of sleaze and scam has taken from us! Better still George, swap jobs with Vince Cable, CB said just after the election that Vince Cable woulde be the best Chancellor we have had in a century (read old news). Mr Cable, you implement this, you can do it. George, talk to me on the FEEDBACK page, you too Mr. Cable.

64.    19.07.2012.      So, the cop who contributed to the death of an innocent Mr. Tomlinson is not guilty. The system prevails, yet again. Now we learn that this cop was sidelined by the MET when a complaint of road rage was made against him.  It was "not proven" but the MET paid compensation, so they must have felt the complaint had merit.  This cop then gained employment as a community support officer with another force and was subsequently upgraded to police officer. He then transferred back into the MET. The MET says they were unaware of his previous disciplinary history, but was it unaware or the "blind eye"? Every time this happens, it only points to the reorganization of the police that is needed to give the UK a modern police force, fit for todays challenges, see the page on "The Police". We are also aware that quite a fair percentage of officers are psychologically unfit for purpose, they enjoy the empowerment more than they should. Often it is the job that affects them, sometimes they should never have been selected in the first place, see the page on "Policemen". Insufficient credit is given to psychological evaluation in the selection process. CB also believes that the training regime is flawed. The problem is that, many may be accepted where there are doubts because we need policemen and, maybe, not enough people want to be a cop. The deal is, we need to be looking now as a country where we are going with our policeforce and policing. There are too many mistakes happening to look the other way, now is the time! Any cops out there who want to reply can do so using the FEEDBACK link.

63.    19.07.1012.      Once again Russia and China have shown that they value politics over and above the lives of real people. This can only be expected from regimes that have both shown their brutality towards their own in the pest and have a zero respect for the rights of people. When Syria is free from the tyranny of Assad, the new government and the people of Syria might do well to remember and try their utmost to sever all financial and commercial ties with these two countries. Maybe a financial lesson might be heard by Russia and China much more readily than the messages that all the rest of the world would respond to. As for Assad, he might do well to look back at the recent history of Libya, if he doesn't want to die at the hands of the freedom fighters, now is a good time to go, all the way out of Syria, maybe he might be given a pension in Moscow. Anything to say? Use the FEEDBACK link.

62.    18.07.2012.      Nice announcement on the upgrading of the trains in the UK. What a good job, a whole 10 minutes faster from Sheffield to London, money well spent! CB was just looking at a small trip he may be making, Birmingham and back. The train was over £70 return and the coach was faster and at £9.50, just a bit cheaper. Unless the train can be taken out of the "skin em for all you can get" arena and returned to being competitive with their betters, we have just squandered another £9 Billion but, hey, it is only money. CB dreads to think what the difference is for freight being sent by road or rail. Travellers, drivers, use the FEEDBACK link to have your say.

61.    18.07.2012.      Today it has been announced that the Police National computer Archives is to be discontinued  and that the 43 forces around the country will have their own responsibility to archive and save their own old data. What a brilliant move! Now we will be back to fragmented information, just like we had when they were trying to look into the history of the Soham killer, just like we had when it took so long to catch the Yorkshire Ripper! Whoever it is, politician or officer who has come up with this one needs to read the page on "The Police" on this site, maybe if they have sufficient connected brain cells to comprehend the words, they may begin to understand. Collation and centralisation of all data helps ANY police force to solve cases and is the way forward, NOT your way, which is the way back to yesteryear! Any coppers out there got something to say, use the FEEDBACK link.

60.    13.07.2012.      Hey, George Osborne, no reply required, we know you are still asleep. Another £80 Bn into the banks, 0.75% interest and 2.0% IF they do not lend it to business, at 2% they will laugh all the way to their home, the bank. Where is your brain George, still in dreams CB suspects. A non lend to business penalty of 22% might work a little better, all you have done is ensure that the next time they are ready to raid the coffers in the name of "bonus" there is the money there for them to steal! How can an educated man like you be so STUPID? Tell us when you wake up, if you don't, we probably will not know. After all the devastation wreaked on this country by Ed Balls, something CB regards as treason, maybe he would be less harmful than you. The old world is all about debt. We need to move to a new world and take a totally different point of view on debt, that is our only fix. Scroll down to post35 and read it, there is your answer to the UK debt problem and, once the world sees it works, the answer to the worlds debt problems. Go there and start to see the new world, it is in your power to do it. Failure to act seriously and positively will risk the eventual downfall of the world wide monetary system and total anarchy is the only answer to that event. Why are you in politics if not to put right what is wrong? What is it that stops you doing the right thing, might it be politics? Walk out of that room where you painted yourself into a corner, take the paint on your £500 a pair shoes, bite the bullet and do something GOOD for a change. We are waiting George. Come on George, tell me why you will not consider such a radical proposal, just use the FEEDBACK link.

59.    07.07.2012.      The annual Wimbledon media BS is in full swing this weekend with Andy Murray in the mens final tomorrow. The level of media pressure is unbelievable. Do they want him to win? With all the hype they have piled on his shoulders, it is a wonder he can even stand up at all, never mind play a living legend. Andy has beaten Federer before so he knows, on his day, he can do it. He would stand a better chance without the millstone round his neck put there by the media cretins. This final has the potential to be one of the best we have seen in a generation. Federer is nearing the end of his career, Andy is nearer the beginning of his, they both have bottomless pits of grit and courage, they both have world number one skills and ability on the grass. Federer is going foe a record. Andy for his first and greatest slam win. CB has admiration for Federer's achievements but wants to see Andy holding the trophy. Why don't we all step back and let them battle it out purely on tennis terms, not loaded up with crippling expectations? Tennis fans might care to comment on FEEDBACK.

58.    05.07.2012.      Congratulations to all on board at CERN, they tell us they have found the Higgs boson. They have accelerated protons to almost the speed of light and then made them collide to smash them apart and reveal what is inside. In there are the sub atomic particles found in "The Standard Model" which describes all the different components which go together to make protons, neutrons and electrons, all of which combine to form atoms. The standard model was derived from a mathematical algorithm and the theory was generally accepted but there always seemed to be tha last missing piece of the jigsaw. Well, it is not missing now. We are told that the Higgs boson will now make it possible to finally explain the universe. The problem is, there is a very plausible answer out there at, which does seem to explain all the questions still being asked, such as the absolute base units of mass, black holes, why gravity appears to be such a weak force. Should we ever be able to split out, say the quarks from a proton and accelerate just them to destruction, they may prove that all mass is based on just 2 equal and opposites (Mother Natures way), namely energy and gravity. Have a look, it is written in plain English so you do not need to be a physics professor to understand it. Any FEEDBACK is welcome.

57.    04.07.2012.      It seems that the commission to set up surgical excellence centres has decided to close Leeds in favour of Newcastle upon Tyne. WHY? Many businesses chose the Sheffield/Leeds area for its central position. Surely many more people can be treated in that area than can be treated in Newcastle. From the start it has felt like a stitch up, with Leeds featuring in only one option from the outset. It is as if the decision was made a long time ago. Maybe, just as a precaution, given that public trust in many parts of the establishment is so low (see preceding article) all bank accounts and financial dealings of those making the decision might be vetted? Maybe this should be a standing requirement for all those who are in positions of power and public decision making. Any constructive FEEDBACK would be welcome.

56.    04.07.2012.      CB has watched the blazing row develop today over how we should investigate the banking system. Take great care Mr. Cameron, the tax payer has NOT yet forgotten the feel of the hands of politicians in the public pockets. It is with even greater distaste that we view those who annually rifle the vaults of the banks they work for and call it a bonus. Now our government is pumping £10 Bn monthly into the banks so their next years bonus will be safe. Mr. Cameron, you have done very little of what you promised us in 2010. If you are seen to stand back aiding and abetting the bankers, do you think you will get back in cometh 2015? If you fail and leave us with Ed Miliband, we will have nobody fit to be voted into office at all. Now is not the time to fail this country, to do so would hand the banks of this country to Brussells. That might be nearer than you think when CB's friend finishes his complaint ( Idem Servicing ) which will be made to the European Commission. If you continue on the path you have followed so far, you will fail. Any comments can be made on FEEDBACK.

55.    28.06.2012.      Once again the banking system has hit the news for all the wrong reasons. The thieves have been at it again, this time at Barclays Bank, with many more banks to follow. Barclays has had a fine of £290M imposed, and that was a let off for assisting the "regulators". For a change, CB must agree with Ed Miliband in his call for criminal prosecution. Surely NOW governments around the world have to consider legislative regulation of banks in the areas of wages caps, bonus limits and guaranteed criminal prosecution for all wrong doers! Your comments welcome using FEEDBACK.

54.    28.06.2012.      And it is done, The Queen showed every ounce of her class when confronted by the face of Sinn Feine, she did the biz, as distasteful as it might have been. No wonder she has been so successful for so long. She left it to Prince Phillip, who must be commended, when an attempt was made at conversation, he stepped away quickly enough to drive the real feelings home. CB never forgets, but it is an even rarer occasion when he forgives. Your comments welcome using FEEDBACK.

53.    23.06.2012.      The news is that our Queen must now go to Northern Ireland and shake the hand of the murderer who deprived her family of an honoured and revered member. CB thinks that, over all the years that our Queen has reigned, she may never have been faced with such a distasteful task. Over all her life she has demonstrated on a daily basis just what class is all about. This is quite sick, given that it is not her decision to go, she has been summoned by politics to be there. Maam, might CB most humbly ask your forgiveness for his imposed advice? CB knows you always wear gloves however, on this occasion, maybe you should wear, as the first pair, surgical rubber, covered by the finest white silk gloves and then the outer pair. In this way you can stay as far away from murdering scum as is possible to get. Good job it is not Prince Phillip, he would probably wear industrial mitts! What do you think, use FEEDBACK to have your say.

52.    15.06.2012.      WOW, has it been that long? CB has been not too well recently but never thought it was this long since a post was made, apologies. OK, now George Osborne has announced that he is putting £10 Bn a month into the banks, nice for them, they get to steal a third of the annual balance sheet every year under the guise of it being a "bonus", but this time, we help them. GEORGE, that is OUR money, you know, us the tax payer, the guys who ELECT you. OK, this time you will get a nominal interest in return, not shares that can lose much of their value for many reasons. If you are wanting to further our economy, use our money for US! You have for a long time been concerned about the rising debt per household in the UK. Because of unregulated banks and irresponsible lending, many households are in arrears with debt, many are under threat of losing their homes. Why not GIVE the banks the money, free of charge, in return for them allocating it against their bad debts and arrears account. THIS way, you use OUR money to remove the millstones that many of us have got. Do you not see, with arrears dealt with, we return to being free to spend again, you know, in the high street, where the economic recovery will start! Also, the banks now have no arrears etc. to claw back against their tax liability, SO, you get it all back in increased tax revenue AND, under those terms, the banks HAVE to increase lending to try to maintain profit levels, you MAKE them review lending policies! All this takes is a realisation that all the financial problems are debt based, and this novel thinking on debt reduction FIXES the situation and frees up those whose spending is the underpin of real economic growth!, Time for another U turn, George, before it is too late, now it is down to you! What do you think, use FEEDBACK to tell CB.

51.    18.05.2012.      CB is just watching the story of the blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng on the world news. He was in custody and managed to escape, finally entering the US Embassy in Beijing. The authorities then conducted a witch hunt against his family, with beatings and all the usual tyrrany. They have reluctantly allowed him and his immediate family to apply for visas to go to America. This does not mean they will allow the visas but the whole deal caused a big diplomatic incident between the US and China just at the time when Hilary Clinton was in China to cement a deal on trade between the two countries. How STUPID can the Chinese Government be? They have built successfully a "communist" state from some of the best capitalism the world has seen. They gave us a good show with the Olympics four years ago. They have done much to earn the respect of the world and then they get upset by one man who happens to believe he can say what he thinks. This kind of blind idiotic behaviour on human rights puts that country right back in the middle ages. How can a country as big and successful as China be brought down by one man? Only if the dummies in the government have not got the brains to realise they need to step forward into this century. Maybe, the best result of this incident would be for them to realise how bad this has made them look! Come on China, wake up. The old guard have to accept that this is the world of technology, where global communication is instant. Chen let it out that the Chinese had a policy of compulsory abortion. This is because the Chinese government have been the only country in the world to recognise that mankinds biggest enemy is the population explosion and they have had a limited number family policy in place for quite a number of years now. Sadly, there are reports of a rethink on this policy, read the page on The Population Trap to get a bigger picture. The Chinese must get it, it only takes a tweet to let the cat out of the bag, so if they have a bad policy and keep it a secret policy because of that, it WILL come out. No point in persecuting a man AND HIS FAMILY because YOU got it wrong. Those days are gone! ALSO, remember, if you DO persecute people as you have done in the past, sites like this one will find you out and help the world to see what you are doing! Any Chinese out there who don't agree, tell CB in English please on FEEDBACK.

50.    17.05.2012.       As CB writes this, he is watching Ed Miliband being interviewed. We should re-name him and refer to him in future as "LOOSELIPS"! He has just been talking about our recession being made in number 10. WELL DONE Looselips, that time you got it right, 13 years of Labour in number 10 left this country penniless and with no ammunition to fight against a world wide recession! Looselips is a man with nothing but criticism but he never details what he would do that is better. CB still thinks the sheer incompetence of Labour ought to be treated as treason, put em all in the Tower! If you would like to see Ed and his merry band in the Tower, tell CB on FEEDBACK.

49.    12.05.2012.      Well, here we have the proof of what CB said a few days ago about the BBC, once respected as a teller of the truth and, now shown to be sensationalist, this being the easier way to describe an enormous entity that may be politically biased. CB watched the LIVE televised interrogation of Rebekka Brookes on the BBC News Channel this morning (read the previous article). CB distinctly remembers her being asked "what was the sign off used by David Cameron on his texts to you"? CB distinctly remembers Mrs. Brookes replying "sometimes it was lol (meaning lots of love) until I told him it meant laughing out loud, after which he never used lol again, and normally his sign off was DC. At 05.09 BST today , CB was watching the BBC News and it was reported that Rebekka Brookes told the inquiry that "David signed off texts to me with lol" BUT, they said nothing about her explaining to him what lol really meant. It is now 06.09 and, as CB writes this, they have done the same again. The BBC seems to have deliberately left out this crucial statement of Mrs. Brookes. Why would they use REDACTION unless there was a political motive. WHY, if the BBC are the worlds leading news providers would they misrepresent, or otherwise publish something of their own copyright in a way that was not truthful OR may be trying to misrepresent the situation in other countries? Shame the Kremlin has gone, we could have blamed it on the KGB mole. Given the previous article, once again, our government has given us an inquiry, at our expense, run by yet ANOTHER Lord, giving us a bollox answer, and used by their establishment (scuse me, I thought it was OUR establishment) to get a result for themselves. Well. given that DC has yet to answer, maybe that is not all true BUT, you get the gist. CB says, just look at all of this AND the previous article and it only takes half a braincell to see that they are not after the principals, they know that they cannot afford to get them so it looks like second best will do, so how many can they get. Watch the interrogations, they want all the underplayers, Brookes, Cameron, Osborne etc. Now CB has seen the OBVIOUS MISREPORTING of the reality, it does appear that this is an upside down cake and that is hard to eat. BBC lovers, refute this if you can by using FEEDBACK.

48.    11.05.2012.      CB has watched today the live questioning of Rebekka Brookes at the Leveson Inquiry. Given she is still being investigated by the police, and, had CB been in the hot seat, CB would have refused many of the questions asked as the answers could interfere with a fair and unbiased investigation still being conducted by the police, IF our current police force are STILL capable of being fair and unbiased (read the pages on The Police and Policemen). CB does realise that Mrs. Brookes will have a substantial legal team behind her BUT, CB does wonder what they are doing for their money letting her give some of those answers. The Leveson inquiry is supposed to be into sleaze within the newspaper industry by that industry using illegal moblie phone hacking to get info for newspaper reporting. Given this, our barrister is SUPPOSED to know the law and should have NOT asked many of the questions he put forward, leading CB to wonder what is going on.  Why did she answer questions that had no bearing on the brief of this inquiry and WHERE WAS HER LEGAL TEAM? Now certain of our Barristers questions seemed to CB to be of a sleazy origin, such as asking how David Cameron signed off his texts to Mrs Brookes, how many times a day he texted her, and with the implication being there was more than a friendship there!  THAT IS HOW YOU CAME ACROSS SIR, DID YOU GET OFF ON THIS ONE, SOMEWHAT DAMP IN YOUR UNDERWEAR PERHAPS? No distinction appeared to be made between the difference between professional contact between Rebekka Brookes and  politicians for the purpose of newspaper business and normal social contact between old friends. It is widely known that many of the main players on todays stage all know one another and have done since their college days, which was BEFORE any of them became successful and could be considered to be able to wield any influence within their own circles. People can only do this if they continue to have the respect of all their friends. Our lawyer seems to be wanting to blur the lines between the old standing friendships and business, and, in so doing, has left CB feeling that CB can have no confidence in the outcome of the inquiry, it feels like yet another whitewash. One would have hoped that such an inquiry costing US, the taxpayer, so much money, that much more professional standards would have prevailed. Today, after 5 hours of questions, it merely appeared that Mrs. Brookes was sitting in a baited trap, not designed to get at the truth but merely to besmirch the reputation of this lady and all those associated with her. Unfortunately, CB  must concede, she is only getting back much of what her papers have done to many others in the name of it "being in the interest of the readers". Now Mrs. Brookes knows how it feels BUT, given a lengthy and expensive inquiry, MAYBE Leveson should be more professional than News International have been in the past. This inquiry will cost us between £200M and £500M and, given the gutter level of the answers our barrister wanted, we will get a report in which we cannot believe. For the benefit of the dimwit asking what was discussed at a private party on boxing day, it MAY occur to him, when he WAKES UP that, Boxing Day is a Bank Holiday. CB suggests that the conversation MAY be of the order of "I promised myself not to overdo the Christmas dinner but, I failed, yet again". IF anyone was so overdone with the scotch that they brought up the question of BUSINESS, most of the congregation might have walked away, suggesting it be dealt with in business hours AND, when they were all sober. Needless to say, most of the politicos would have NOT attended that meeting for fear of it eventually becoming public at a later date. Mr. Barrister, please realise that the personal lives of the players in this production are NOT within the goalposts, it is the business of lawlessness and sleaze within the COMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES that this inquiry is charged with. Never mind the witness being instructed to get back to the question, maybe YOU should stay within the parameters of the brief of the inquiry and that should make it much easier for those witnesses to concentrate on the question asked and to comply with that request for information that is RELEVANT to the brief! Please consider SIRS, IF you go for the principals and the perpetrators, this is still an inquiry, if you go for the periferals, it becomes a witch hunt and becomes political, in which case, CB, and possibly many others,  feel you are discredited. Might CB remind you that 400 years ago, WE STOPPED BURNING WITCHES. Why? Because we saw it to be WRONG! Got something to say? Try CB's FEEDBACK.

47.    07.05.2012.      OK, so we have Putin back in charge in Russia. Good or Bad? The good is that he is a hard man and maybe we need that BUT, we do believe he is corrupt, ask him about his villa? Our world is in so much danger and the world leaders are fiddling as Rome burns! COME ON! WAKE UP, do the right thing! We need you all to see REALITY! If you allow the Euro to fail, you watch the financial world fall to pieces. Is this the sum total of politics? Politics is all about eating shit whilst you make a deal. Gentlemen of the world, get some bread and start eating. A wonderful author from New York called Erica Yong once said "The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat". She was  right! Leaders of the world, you gotta go to the bakery NOW! Do not take us to the badlands, we have trusted you, we have voted for you, NOW is the time to be counted, do NOT let us down. Like it or hate it, have your say on FEEDBACK.

46.    07.05.2012.      OK, CB opened his big mouth on the snooker. CB said that only Neil Robertson was playing snooker fluent enough to win. THEN along came Ronnie. He won and deservedly. It has been good, loved watching it. Ali has been a star. If any of you know how destructive and debilitating Crohns disease is, you may just come to understand what Ali Carter has had to deal with. Look on the net and read about Crohns, THEN realise how well Ali has coped with it. The man is a star! Stephen Hendry has retired. Ronnie might go the same way. Ali, do not even think that way, we need you. Snooker lovers may educate CB on FEEDBACK.

45.    07.05.2012.      OK, is this the new Europe? We now have Angela Merkel saying she will welcome the new French President with open arms. He is a left winger and against austerity! It was only France standing side by side with Germany that saved Europe. SO, now what do we have? If the Euro goes down, the worlds financial system may collapse. That is the end of mankind, total anarchy! Germany will not stand on their own to save the Euro, even they have not got that kind of money, and the German voter  will not do that trip. This world we live in is today at one of the biggest and most dangerous crossroads ever encountered BUT, the "so called intelligencia" that masquerade as our world leaders, cannot see what tomorrow will be like UNLESS they change their thinking. CB has no kids so no concerns other than himself. CB does know that it is different for you. How can we get the worlds leaders to wake up and smell the coffee? Any good suggestions are welcome on FEEDBACK.

44.    07.05.2012.      So, we have a new president in France. He is of the left wing persuasion AND he is on record as saying he is not in favour of austerity measures. It has been Germany and France that has stood behind the safeguarding of the Euro BUT, now will it still be the same. If France does the usual left wing thing, spending money they do not have to create services and jobs in the public sector, can Germany see the way forward? Maybe the Deutschmark might be coming back. CB has only 20 Euros left from his last trip, so the loss might be minimal BUT, If you have loads of euros, now might be a good time to change them. If our new French President does not see reality, he might be the man who brings Europe down. He needs to go to the little room, drop his pants, sit there and consider and make sure that the paper is not too dirty when he has done. All or any comments are welcome on FEEDBACK.

43.    04.05.2012.      Ed Miliband has just stated on the BBC 10.00 PM news that, on the strength of the local elections, "Labour are winning back the trust of the people". If he is so blind as to think this, let alone state it on camera for millions to see, he is just showing us all how far removed he is from street reality in the UK. He cannot decifer mid term blues from reality. Let us wait till May 2015 and see how many voters have forgotten that Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and our Mr. Miliband almost bankrupted the UK! See if we, the electorate, have forgotten that Gordon Brown was good for himself and his ego but not good for the country. See if we forget that, even when all those around Gordon Brown knew he was not fit for office, even collectively they could not get him out. It was the electorate that ousted him. Why would we put them back in again? However we feel about the coalition government, they are better than a party led by a non leader and a party that will spend us out of existence once again. What say you, FEEDBACK?

42.    04.05.2012.      Hillary Clinton is in China on a trade mission. China and the USA are also at war over the treatment of the blind Chinese dissident. Such is politics where they are at one anothers throat one minute and doing multi billion deals the next morning. The stupidity is with China. When the Chinese government are gaining respect around the world for their development program, they act like mediaeval bullies towards one man AND, reportedly, his family. If they do not like what he says, let him go to America. CB thinks that, they are acting as they are because, maybe, there is a lot of truth regards his statements against a "forced abortion" policy supposedly operated by the government. That policy appears to be a good fit with the chinese population control policy. Perhaps the chinese feel that, if they keep their dissidents there and, usually, in prison, they may have some control over what  the dissidents say. Wake up China, go for an integrated policy, keep up your development and introduce a much better policy toward human rights. FEEDBACK is OK from China if it is in ENGLISH!

41.    04.05.2012.      Just watching the UK local election results. The pundits on the TV are slating the government given the heavy vote in favour of the Labour party. They are predicting a big shift in David Camerons policies. No chance. Why do so called intelligent people spout such garbage, especially on the TV, when they have forgotten the norm, that is, local elections always go against the sitting government! Local elections in the mid term of any government are only ever used as a protest against that government. Most people do not bother voting in local elections UNLESS they wish to register a protest. The only difference this time, which may well affect the turnout is the vote for elected mayors in some major cities. Political pundits may FEEDBACK at your peril.

40.    27.04.2012.      Well, what about that. The BBC news has just done a report on Spains problems, some hours AFTER CB did the same (look at post numbers 34 and 36 )! Maybe they should ask CB before they report. If Spain goes to the wall (needing an EU bail out) then Italy will be next. This leaves Germany and France financing the rest of Europe! This is obviously the last bend before the end of the road. If the Euro dies, will that be the start of the world financial collapse?  If it is, read below (3 articles)  about the result of a world financial collapse. The leaders of the world need to come together NOW, dump all of their strongly held "yesteryear" beliefs regarding finance and debt and take on board the new thinking, well documented on this site. If not, you need a Kalashnikov and about 7BN rounds to survive! If you know better, FEEDBACK will educate CB.

39.    27.04.2012.      WHISKY! CB likes to sit and sip at a glass of scotch on odd occasions. Scotch is very much to the individual taste. Think about VFM (value for money). When buying a car, you can have the mini OR the Rolls Royce but in between there is the family motor, economical, carries more than 2, costs an affordable amount of money and is the VFM buy. Whether you are buying the car or a bottle of scotch the VFM is paramount! Single malt or common or garden it comes down to price + taste. CB usually buys what is on offer, somewhere between £13 and £15 per litre and all the standard blended brands are in that bag. CB would NEVER consider buying the bottom of the market brand EXCEPT, this weekend, CB bought TESCO's "everyday value" scotch, online and by mistake. What a revelation! This scotch weighs in at £10.35 per 70cl bottle BUT, it is still 40% in strength. It has a most gentle but unusual flavour. If ever we got VFM on a bottom end of the market product, this is it. HEY, all you scotch drinkers who buy the expensive stuff, just buy a bottle of this and see what you think. Is this just CB's taste, or is it really that good a drink for so little money, try a bottle and tell CB on FEEDBACK.

38.    27.04.2012.      CB's favourite televised sporting contest is the World Darts from Frimley Green in Surrey. This is always in the first week of the new year and is amazing for the way the atmosphere comes across to the viewers on TV. One day, CB will be there for the whole 10 days but it seems that will cost £2500 - £3000 so all donations gratefully accepted. Now, CB has lost some of his love for Snooker but still watches. This years world championship from the Crucible in Sheffield has a bonus to it. There are "journeyman" players who have come good and have taken big name scalps. There are qualifiers who have done the same. There are one or two "old and jaded" who were once the world stars and they are playing, once again, like they used to. This mix is proving to be quite fascinating. Hendry vs Higgins is on now and is a cracking match. The deal is, as you watch, each year there is one player who's game suggests that he will be the one. That player seems to be destined for this years champ by the way he does the biz, even when scrambling through a poor frame. This year nobody fits that bill, with the possible exception of Robertson. So, what is your prediction? Tell CB on FEEDBACK.

37.    27.04.2012.      CB watches the BBC Horizon science series, especially when it's subject is anything to do with the Universe. All these programs are recorded by CB and kept on DVD's for reference in the future. The problem CB has is the research team at Horizon appears to be incapable of fully doing their job. On the first Tuesday of 2009 Horizon broadcast a program entitled "Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole?". This program opened with the presenter asking 10 of the worlds foremost cosmologists "what is a black hole"? They all said "we don't know". The answer is proposed in a theory, "The Universe Explained", which was published on Friday 13th March 2009, some 8 months BEFORE the Horizon program was aired. This theory carries a subtitle "Another Point of View". In the horizon program Michio Kaku, holder of the chair of theoretical physics at City University, New York, showed that, mathematically, the Universe is infinite. He also said "we are at a dead end, we need another point of view". The above linked theory describes an infinite Universe! Horizon have been sent a letter asking them to look at this theory and they have not even acknowledged receipt of same. Other Horizon programs since have dealt with various subjects where the explanation is within this theory but still they ignore it. With such a thorough approach to science, it is no wonder they get it so wrong. Trouble is, this is TV and those watching will believe all they see. Shame, The BBC used to have such a good reputation. Try reading the theory, it is written in everyday language and you do not need to be a physics professor to understand and, then, if you have some comments, use the FEEDBACK.

36.    27.04.2012      CB has just watched a news item which said that Spain's employment minister has declared their employment situation is in crisis with 5.6M unemployed and that is well over 25% of the workforce. CB has come to mistrust statements on BBC news in recent times but, if you read post number 34, CB has just come back from a stay in Marbella. Whilst there, CB talked to some of the Spanish residents to try to get the true picture. It was agreed by all that tourism was down somewhat on the usual numbers, probably as other countries are feeling the pinch and those who might go to Spain are staying at home. As CB walked around all looked OK, there were men tending the roadside flower pots etc. and everything looked like normal. CB talked to a member of the local ploice. It was asked if, given the high level of unemployment, if crime had risen. The policeman said that it had not as there were still the same number of policemen as there always had been. He did say that this had been achieved by the police now working for 300 Euros less per month than they were paid 2 years ago. Spain does seem to be dealing with the austerity required to ride their storm and it is hoped, because of this, they will not go the way of the Greeks. Make no mistake, the Euro crisis is possibly a lot worse than has been reported and it will take a long time and great care and dedication by the eurocrats to fix this problem. This fix is not a given as it is tied into the world crisis described in the report that immediately precedes this article. If you have first hand info that complements this article, pass it back to CB on FEEDBACK.

35.    25.04.2012.      CB has just read a financial article from which is alarming in that it underlines all that CB has said about the way the world financial system is heading. The article is headed "The Deadliest Vicious Cycle We Have Ever Seen". At any moment in time a few of the worlds Countries will print any amount of money they need even if they do not have the resources to cover it, in other words, they are living beyond their means. Currently, EVERY Country is doing this. The nett result is a likelihood of the worst and most vicious inflationary spiral the world has ever known. This could only culminate in the total collapse of the financial system. After that, the only things of value would be food, fresh water and arms and ammunition. The deal would then be that, to go out for food and water will become more than just a trip to the supermarket. All shops will be empty. Food warehouses will be "owned" and guarded by gangs. Country villages will survive as isolated communities until the shotgun shells run out. In the cities, when you go out for food and you see another human, kill them before they kill you. If you are the survivor, hack the arms and legs off, that is your food for the next week. That is not an extremist reaction, just see the reality! Read the articles on a re-think about debt and economics on the "News 2011" page. If the governments of the world do not fix the money problem, this is where we are headed. The UK is currently using "quantative easing" to survive. The Bank of England is printing money which is then used to buy government bonds, thus financing the government. Does this figure reflect in the Public Sector  Borrowing figures? If this quantative easing were used instead to pay off household arrears, the banks would get the money. The people so helped would no longer be in danger of losing their homes. The money they now have that would have gone to paying debt is now available to spend in the high street on food and clothes etc. The banks would have no "bad debts" to claw back off their tax bills. They would also be forced to re-lend money to protect next years profits. The government would benefit from increased tax revenues as the economy picks up. We all know that all recoveries to the economy have started in the high street. If all countries adopted this approach we would achieve "global easing" and the problem may well be fixed. All that is needed is a new approach to debt. One day we might learn but ubtil then, and how things are done now, we are heading toward world wide bankruptcy which can only end up with the breakdown of society and total anarchy. Maybe this is the answer to the Population Trap. Your FEEDBACK might be appreciated.

34.    22.04.2012.      CB is back from a short stay in Marbella, Spain. Having gone blindly to Majorca for so many years, this was the first visit to mainland Spain. What a lovely place Marbella is (for those who have not been). We stayed in the Pension Aduar in the old town. Now CB has some mobility problems so the steepness of the Calles was a problem. Aduar is in the lower center of the Old Town. About 100 yards uphill to the left of the bottom of Calle Aduar, on Calle Peral is the Plaza DE Ronda. Here you will find La Cuisine. Danny is the proprietor, a Spanish gent who has perfect English as he lived many years in England. Brilliant food and better VFM (value for money) than most others. It is a treat to sit outside Dannys and sip a beer or two whilst taking the sun! Downhill, to the right of Aduar there are some beautiful shops and the beach is really only 10 minutes. On the right before you get to the bottom of Calle Peral there is a tapas bar called Arco. They do an excellent steak, chips and salad for 16.50 Euros. The proprietor is Frank and you should eat there at least once. it is GOOD. At the bottom of Calle Peral turn left to the main road and, on the way you will  pass La Pesquera restaurant. Do not go there! You could spend half your stay there waiting for the staff to stop fighting and realise that customers mean no redundancy, but they need to be seated and served, something that the staff fight shy of. At the bottom of this Calle you find the main road and the crossing is right there. Across the main road is the taxi rank and also horse drawn carriages. Carry on straight down to the beach. There you will find Cruso Crusoe's. Here you can get the best burger chips and salad you will ever taste. It is 10.90 Euros (thats a lot for a burger) BUT the VFM factor is guaranteed. This is not mince, it is chunks of  barbecued steak and is worth every cent. Next door, to the right is the entrance to the marina. Here is Tiger Bay, a cafe/bar with the tastiest coffee at 1 Euro a cup and the food is pretty good too.  Now, getting back to Pension Aduar. It is quite basic, charging only 213 Euros for a room with private bathroom for 7 nights. CB saw many reviews before going that were awful. Some were on Tripadvisor. If you believe those people you will not get accuracy OR honesty. Maybe they will write anything you want them to say if the price is right. CB has a pal who owns a small hotel and they trashed him on the net  BUT, CB knows the truth as he has been there many times. On the Pension Aduar reviews we expected the smell of cat urine, non existent security for our effects, people who could not communicate, it was all there. NOW, the truth! For a cheap place to stay, it is excellent VFM! The towels are changed every day. There is a woman there, doing the cleaning who appears to work 24/7. There is only 1 cat, a tiny jet black lovely and no smell. The manager speaks English well enough and, as for security, it is fine. If you are too dim to use your keys, well what more can I say? Any reason to agree or disagree, try the FEEDBACK.

33.    02.04.2012.      The world can only be richer for the bravery and integrity of people such as Aung San Suu Khi. The Burmese military must now step back and let the country develop under the hands of others better equipped to do the business.

32.    31.03.2012.      IRAN??? E=MC² is the most famous equation ever BUT it is ambiguous. E= (MxC)² tells us the squared applies to MxC where E= MxC² tells us that the squared applies to C (constant, the speed of light) only. We know that Einstein worked in his OWN notation, not mathematical notation, nevertheless his "equation" led to the commissioning of the first collider in Cambridge in 1932. After that Oppenheimer demonstrated that E and M (mass) had a relationship big enough to end the second world war between the USA and Japan. Einstein had an ego. He did not want to be proven wrong in his lifetime. Maybe Einstein KNEW there was an immense relationship between Energy and Mass but he just had not worked it out. Maybe E=MC² was  intended as a signpost for all physics students who would follow him to direct their research into that relationship so as not to waste time by going down blind alleys. Well, if that was the case, it worked. It gave us the bomb, an arms race, a cold war and a terrible fear of a nuclear confrontation. Where such armaments are held by (hopefully) stable countries, our fears are there but on yellow alert. When countries run by the military, such as North Korea have such arms, the alert goes to amber. When the country developing such arms is a country run by religious fanatics, the alert goes to red! Iran is such a country. Their "president", Ahmedinajad, stated that "Israel has no place on this earth and their country must be obliterated". IF those words were political, designed to get his pre election voters on his side, well that is politics BUT the words were ill chosen. IF he meant it, and that is a better fit given the nature of that country, the alert is now scarlet! A newly developed weapon used in the open would be a very dirty bomb, killing millions way beyond the target and for many years after! The American neutron bomb is highly selective, low blast, high density but localised radiation and with little damage to infrastructure. IF the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, French etc (the known nuclear club) could all agree that NOW IS THE TIME, the Iranians could be given a time scale. That time scale would be STOP development NOW or risk a joint UN Neutron Bomb attack. Make them know that the fate they desire for Israel will be visited on them first. NO shallow promises, a definite date for nuclear attack to wipe out Irans major nuclear sites AND their major cities. This sounds extreme BUT it is not as extreme as an actual attack, either by Iran on Israel OR, more likely, a pre-emptive attack by Israel, which CB feels would be justified. The timescale ultimatum as described by CB would be enough to allow politics, not nuclear attack, to be the playingfield. IF the major nuclear powers can agree, it would be the step forward needed. A good by-product might be that North Korea also gets the message and MAYBE they could become a more welcome member of the nuclear club! The hard end of this is that, sometimes those who you are talking to do not want to listen and, should Iran be one of those, the attack would HAVE to be carried out. After that, the world might settle down for a few decdades but, with 1939 in mind, the attack would HAVE to be carried out! Your words only, NO NUKES, are welcome at FEEDBACK.

31.    31.03.2012.      Sepp Blatter, you lovely man. You are now talking about having a female member of FIFA. Does this mean that, in the very near future, suspicions of sexual sleaze can be added to the possible  corruption hints that we all believe of FIFA? You do have a way of management that should be scrutinised. Come on you supporters, have your say at FEEDBACK.

30.    31.03.2012.      What a MESS we have made of our political world! Aung Sung is to stand in the forthcoming elections in her country. She knows there is little chance of a fair deal. All the TV pictures show she is the most popular politician per capita in any country in the world and displays the level of intelligence such as is required to run a country successfully! The military, however, will never cede power, they showed that to the world last time by locking her up for half her life after she clearly won the election. And still she has the guts to "soldier" on. As CB has stated before, other than Switzerland, TRUE democracy does not exist in this world. Corruption runs this world through the bent political systems in place. Is it better to have corruption (almost) out in the open, such as in Burma or Russia, or is it better to have it hidden away, as in the UK? The UK, corrupt? CB can see you all boiling over BUT, ask yourselves, the UK government KNOWS that the banks need to be dealt with BUT, there is no political will to do it as they fear the loss of £53Bn per annum into the treasury. What IS corruption? Is it taking a back pocket full to get things done OR is it turning a blind eye when both your eyes work only too well. ONE day, we may see a truly honest politician obtain power FAIRLY but, as we know, the honesty will not last for long as human nature is to favour corruption. Perhaps we should all accept corruption in politics because we know it is there but by voting, WE turn the blind eye so WE are corrupt. Maybe the only real way forward is to go on a world wide political strike, NO VOTING, pickets on all ballot boxes. Maybe THEN the would be politicians would get the real message, it is time for change, not the promise of change till the promisor gets elected BUT REAL change, effected the minute we give them power, unless we are still in the pub, on strike. Are you up for a political strike? Tell CB on FEEDBACK.

29.    30.03.2012.      George Galloway wins Bradford, what a result! In the UK where we have a 2 party system, what happens when both parties perform so badly, the protest vote is cast in the same way and grows to a serious level? We arrive at a stalemate, where the coalition government may have 3 or 4 parties in it. NOW mr. Cameron, is it time for you to govern down your own grass roots blue hairs and make the necessary room for serious political reform? In interviews about the loss of a safe seat, Labour were , yet again, talking of "learning lessons". In CB's day, we went to school as children to learn our lessons but, every day, there is someone in politics on the TV talking about learning lessons. What does that tell us? Are they all incompetent? Have none of them learnt any basics? Wouldn't it be nice to have politicians who have been sufficiently educated that the "lessons" buzzword can be forgotten? What say you? Tell CB on FEEDBACK (and if you are a politician, please get an adult to check your spelling and grammar).

28.    29.03.2012.      Yet another high level resignation from the police (just before the resignee was to be taken to task for employing an ex News of the World person). The level of buddy buddy corruption we have seen from the police has taken CB's distrust of the police to a new and higher level. All their recent problems (and not so recent if you have a good memory) stem from being a disjointed bunch of 43 independent units instead of being one national force with common policies and methods of operation. How long will it take the Home Office to see this and do something about reorganising the management of our police? This is the 21st century and the cops are still operating much as they did when they were formed by Peel himself. Anything bad that CB hears about police failings will not be a surprise, it will be expected while ever they are yet to be reorganised. Read the pages on The Police and Policemen to better understand before using FEEDBACK to have your say (in proper English, NOT police speak).

27.    29.03.2012.      Yesterday there was a lot of talk aboud Syria's ASSAD being, eventually tried for war crimes after killing so many of his own people, especially taking it out on children to get at the parents. Assad is typical of a human being having had too much power for way too long, and that is not good for the human mind. If he does go to trial eventually, the court should take Russia and China there too. They both are finally realising that the rest of the world is watching. They have as much blood on their hands as Assad as, for the reasons of political influence in the region and pure and simple profit on their various commercial agreements, they have not only stood back but, using their vetos, have contributed to the death toll. If you are going to do a job, do it right! Comments in English only (not Russian or Chinese) to FEEDBACK.

26.    23.03.2012.      Just been watching the Queen on TV. What a magnificent and beautiful flagship she has been to the UK! Eighty five years old and still, on she goes. She obviously has no desire to let Charles get into the frame. She has a knowledge of her importance to the UK, and the quality and grace to do the right thing at the right time. Perhaps, she shows us all that true blue blood really does exist. Remember, she was thrown onto the throne (sorry about that joke) at a time that was way too early for her, she maybe deserved to have more time for herself, BUT, when the chips were down, she stood up more than any other royal that this country has ever seen! She is loved and respected around the world. It is heartening that Kate seems to be a natural successor. It appears that our Queen likes Kate and it appears that Kate has all the qualities to be a true successor, given that Wills has all the qualities to be a true King, we WILL wait to see. The deal is, the Monarchy costs us all LESS than the amount of UK income they are responsible for, and, one day, the dummies that hate the royalty MIGHT find the brains to learn the real value commercially of our royal family to the UK's coffers. Nice if the Government ALSO learned that lesson and re-provided that wonderful mobile and floating sales forum formally known as the Royal Yacht! Royalist or not, your comment is asked for on FEEDBACK.

25.    23.03.2012.      CB is watching with great interest the debate on the minimum price per unit for alchohol. CB  does not go out too much these days, it hurts to walk and since the smoking ban, pubs are not the same any more. CB sometimes likes to have a glass of scotch at home over the weekend. CB now sees that, with minimum pricing, he will pay the penalty for drunken kids in the city streets, even though he has done nothing to deserve it, (aint got any kids that CB has had to raise).  Governments  very often get the right answer but implement their measures in the wrong way.  CB has calculated that the cost of his preferred drink will not vary upwards by much but it means that, at Christmas, when CB enjoys a £3 per litre discount off of his preferred drink (scotch), that will no longer  be available. It also means that there is a big new future for the return of the booze cruise ( see the page on BOOZE CRUISE), and the Government has NOT considered that. Ms May, MIGHT you consider the following measures? You might publish the minimum price per unit for alchohol products applicable to ALL those who sell alchohol products. You might then also publish a punitive rate of DUTY applicable to those sellers  who fail to comply. You might also publish a time line BEFORE each Christmas where it is acceptable to offer a discount for VOLUME sales (where people buy more than normal to stock up for Christmas). You might also publish a list of those particular drinks that you have identified as problem products (cheaper vodka and ciders) and apply that punitive rate of duty to those products 24/7/365. THIS way, the seller or manufacturer does not get the benefit, the Treasury DOES! Doing it that way also means you have circumvented the booze cruise problem. Please also consider that, if you really want to get to the heart of this problem, you might consider placing the responsibility on the OFFENDER in that you should find a penalty that can be inflicted on the transgressor, NOT everyone, which includes the innocent!  Ms. MAY, if you wish to reply, use the FEEDBACK and you will get straight to CB!

24.    21.03.2012.      CB is just listening to Ed Miliband giving his answer to George Osborne's budget speech. Listening to the Chancellor inspired quite some confidence in CB. Listening to Ed Miliband underlined just how little the Labour Party knows about economics. Ed Miliband descended into personal attacks on the Government members, at which point CB was finally and firmly convinced of Labour's inadequacys. CB thought Ed Balls was the shadow chancellor so why did Miliband give the answer? Was it the Ed Miliband roadshow? CB is hopeful that the UK voters are bright enough that they are not going to be conned by Labour ever again. Any reasonable and constructive comment is welcomed by CB on FEEDBACK.

23.    17.03.2012.      Mr. Milliband, CB has just watched you giving your "guaranteed jobs for young people" speech, ADMIRABLE! BUT, WHERE will these jobs come from? Will they all be in the public sector? You know, the area where YOU over borrow to pay for those jobs?  CB seriously hopes that someone pinches you and wakes you from your dreams.  Not too soon, we want you to still be the leader in 2015  as that will guarantee that Labour cannot be elected, nobody sees you as a "Prime Minister in Waiting" which is the mantle worn by all those who win elections.  Please keep it up sir, the cabaret is brilliant but we all see it as the comedy it is. Serious politics is currently with the Government, who are tackling the financial mess Gordon Brown took us into.  There is only one comedy on TV that beats you and Ed Balls talking economics and that is TOP GEAR! Shame they only do 6 at a time, maybe they should do 26 per year. Anyone who wants to talk Balls should use the FEEDBACK.

22.    17.03.2012.      Watch the budget this week. MAYBE, a suggestion from CB (look back at the News page for 2011) might be on the cards. CB suggested that, as part of a revolutionary package to boost the economy, we should start the British Bank for Business. This could be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of England. Maybe it could be RBS, working in a new and more profitable area. Whilst a nationalised business is NOT a policy associated with either Conservatives OR Lib Dems, we are in exceptional circumstances, and they may see the interim sense of such a move. Such a venture may have immediate benefits for the economy and, which, in the years to come, might be sold off at a good profit after it has served it's nationalised purpose. If the Chancellor does this, CB's only question is why did he not do the whole package? We are in the area of the newspapers here, mere speculation, so we will leave that until we hear the speech BUT, would it not be good to have got it right? CB also wishes to apologise for this web site being unavailable for 24 hours earlier this week. CB's web space provider did not have a card on the system to debit for the next 2 years web space so they just blocked access to the site. How brain dead is that? They didn't even have the brains to email CB to remind him, it is against their policy! They forgot the old marketing adage, winning clients is the hardest part of business EXCEPT, winning them back when you have sh1t on them is even harder! CB has now prevailed upon them in the hope he has found 1 brain cell within their management team and that it will not happen again. CB offers his apologies. Tell CB if you missed the site on FEEDBACK.

21.    02.03.2012.      CB is going to Spain soon. The flight only deal was booked with CB has dealt with this company for quite some years now. The required flight was booked at a price which was LESS than booking direct with the flight operators. There is one area when dealing with any company, ESPECIALLY when the deal is an online deal, that is of the utmost importance and that is customer service. Filghtline are exceptional at providing such service. Two members of staff stood out on this occasion, that was Jo on the bookings team and Tanya on the support team. CB says, if you want a flight only deal to anywhere in the world, you have NOT got the best deal until you look at what Flightline can offer! Tell CB if you agree OR if you have ever had a poor service from this company on Feedback.

20.    27.02.2012.      OK, after todays broadcast on BBC News, we know that the police have got a system of payments to "friends and relatives" from the newspapers, this is the corruption that we long suspected being proven. This one is too big for them to cover up. The question is, quite how far did this corruption go? What else might we find in the near future? Read the page on The Police and Policemen to better understand this posting. The deal is that the Home Office now needs to do the re-organisation of the police to give us an organisation that fits the requirements of the 21st Century. The day of the PEELERS has passed! Hey, just consider, the riots last year? Do you believe that the gang leaders of London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Manchester knew each other, phone numbers  etc.?  Come on, THINK. There needed to be a central controller! Just close your mind and go back to being a kid. Kids can imagine, so LETS IMAGINE! There is a meeting of the association of chief police officers (ACPO). They have had their dinner, the speakers etc., and they are sat there drinking their brandies, probably all on our pocket. The main topic was the government cuts to the police forces. It would only take just 1 ACPO to say "If we had a serious riot in a major city, we could deal with it, but if it was in more than 1 city and simultaneous, we would be overstretched, maybe the government might be persuaded to re-think their cuts if that happened. OK, now we can see the POSSIBLE scenario. First of all, we know that the police in LONDON were told to stand down for 2 hours. That would take an order from a VERY senior officer. That officer might also have the clearance to access the PNC (police national computer) to obtain the info on gang leaders around this country. That officer would also be able to text the London gang leader to advise him that, if they went on a riot, they had 2 hours clear, after that, you are in gip! If it was more than 1 ACPO, it is conspiracy and that carries a 7 year minum term EACH. This officer would then ALSO have the ability to pass the phone numbers of the gang leaders in London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton AND Manchester, thus ensuring the ability to organise co-ordinated riots. JOB DONE! CB wants you to know that he only writes this because CB sees the lack of respect we all have for the police and it was NOT like that some years ago, back then we could trust them.  They have systematically shown us over the last 30 years or so that they CANNOT be trusted. Cb believes that this is due to the training methods. The use of psychology may well be the answer. This is not an easy fix but it cannot be left for tomorrow. Any constructive input to this problem will be gratefully received on Feedback.

19.    27.02.2012.      Julia Gillard, Australian PM, has seen off the challenge of her power mad opponent (see the page on The Flawed Human Psyche). She does come across as a proper leader and CB believes that she carries the support of many of the worlds leading Premieres. She seems to have more gonads than most of her contemporaries and CB hopes that if Julia reads this, she does not take CB's words in any way other than what CB means. In todays world we need leaders who are THE REAL DEAL! Julia is THE REAL DEAL! CB might live in the UK but, he does know that the world needs JULIAS! CB wishes Julia a long stay in power only because she has shown the rest of the world how it SHOULD be done and CB, renowned for being short at coming forward at giving respect, gives his respect UNCONDITIONALLY to Julia.

18.    26.02.2012.      Did any of you see the Graham Norton show at 22.35 on BBC1 UK terrestrial TV last Friday? Mark Wahlberg was a guest along with Minnie Driver. There were 2 others on too. If I was Minnie Driver I would have walked off the show. It was NOT the Graham Norton show, it was the Mark Wahlberg show! As entertaining as he is, such great fun, it was an insult to all the other guests who had to grab what time they could or it would have been 100% Wahlberg. The BBC are at fault here, they are supposed to be in charge of production. The producer should have been in Nortons ear (through the earpiece) ensuring that there was some equality of time share between the guests. Maybe he thought that anything Wahlberg said was of more interest than what anyone else had to contribute. If so, he should be sacked. Cb is watching SHOOTER, a film starring Wahlberg as he writes this entry. CB is a fan, BUT, CB wanted to hear more from Minnie in that show. CB invites the BBC to respond using the Feedback provided here.

17.    24.02.2012.      Chris Tappin is on his way to America under extradition order. He is right on every count so far. Abu Qatada? We can't get rid of him. Political reform? Promised by David Cameron and provided by nobody, just another election promise forgotten the minute Mr Cameron stepped over the number 10 threshold! Abu Qatada, a man labelled as a terrorist, has more rights than Chris Tappin! Reminds CB of the courts of law, where they bend over backwards to ensure the rights of the accused but NOBODY seems to ensure the rights of the victim! What a lovely world we have made for ourselves. Maybe someone should construct a priority list and send it to number 10. MAYBE we should start a priority list cyber petition, get 100,000 signatures and FORCE the idiots to debate it in the follies. That is a thought, the pen is mightier than the sword but the electronic pen is a real weapon. Talking of weapons, Abu Qatada reigned supreme because of the European Courts, NOT the British courts, MAYBE, Mr Tappin should have got a brief bright enough  to see the European court as the way out! After all, as a British citizen, he is ALSO a citizen of Europe! Any comment, please feel free to use the Feedback, AH, by the way, CB's web host managed to lose all CB's feedback email addresses but CB has just tested them and they all work, so feel free.

16.    24.02.2012.      Royal Bank of Scotland have just reported a loss for the last year but they are taking £800M in "bonuses". Looks like they have got their thieving mitts in our till again. They have to be taking our (taxpayers) money if they made a loss. The government has no political will to do anything because the financial institutions pay over £50BN per year into the treasury. There is still a law against aiding and abetting isn't there? With 83% of the shares, the government has the voting rights to stop this theft of the banks stock in trade, money. CB thinks it is high time the government gets a realistic view of what is going on as the voters will certainly remember things like this at the next election. Your say is on Feedback.

15.    17.02.2012.      Getting rid of Abu Qatada is easy. Do we still have an MI6 in the UK? NO, guns and silencers are not needed, just black diplomacy. All you need is a friendly middle eastern country (one friendly with the UK and Jordan). That country, overtly, says "OK, we will take him". We ship him out to them, they immediately arrest him as he steps off the plane for some misdemeanor and lock him up, pending an extradition application from the Jordanian court. They agree the extradition and it's job done, where's the next terrorist to be dealt with? Maybe it is a so-called black op! A team from the SAS or, maybe, the SBS kidnaps him! NO, they do not kill him, that would point the finger at the UK, he is shipped to Jordan, where he is covertly seen to be alive, albeit in a different place and then there is the question, was it the UK or was it Jordan? Think of the "reasonable doubt" situation in a court of law. A little of that type of politics and the terrorists will soon get the message. Any retired special ops guys who fancy a black op, do not tell CB on Feedback, CB may be indigted (just a joke, honest).

14.    15.02.2012.      CB has just watched Ed Balls on the BBC News channel doing what he always does, that is talking out of the part of his anatomy that is normally used for sitting on! He was responding to the latest jobless figures. He compared the UK economy to that of America, where he said that the USA had a policy of recovery and their jobless total had fallen. Maybe the man should watch BBC Iplayer, where he can see a re-run of Mondays Panorama program, you know, the one entitled "Poor America"! We have come to expect much of this from Mr. Balls, after all it was his assistance to Gordon Brown that got the UK into such trouble in the first place. CB cannot believe that Mr. Balls was ever allowed anywhere near a job in economics but it was Ed Miliband who gave him that job. CB hopes they both retain their posts in the Shadow party as  this means that, if the electorate has any brains at all, they CANNOT be elected to wreak any more havoc on us in 2015. Any FEEDBACK reply Mr. Balls?

13.    09.02.2012.      And so Capello has gone. CB made his thoughts clear 2 postings below this one. The media frenzy is now unleashed, "Redknapp For Ever". Mr R. has just had a good escape, why would he want to take a job that puts him right back in the crap bucket? There is one thing quite clear from all this, when England do what they do best in 4 months time (failing miserably) they have the perfect excuse! Whilst CB wants to be sat watching as they lift the cup, CB is more a realist than a dreamer! Are you a football expert, tell CB on FEEDBACK!

12.    09.02.2012.      Just at the time the UK is cutting back on it's military capability, the Falklands comes into play again.  Does the Argentinian President need a political shot in the arm? Before opening her big mouth,  she should reflect that, last time, Galtieri didn't get a shot in the arm, he caught it up his arse instead! She is beginning to sound like the sick old man of Africa, Robert Mugabe, who, every time he needs a political boost, he reverts to blaming all his woes and personal failings on "The Commonwealth". The Falkland Islanders have stated their choice, they wish to remain BRITISH! THAT means that the changing of the guard is NOBODY'S business but OURS! WHO is stationed there is NOBODY'S business but OURS! If we dig for gold or drill for oil, it is NOBODY'S business but OURS! Any Argentinian complaints addressed to the UN should be treated with all the disrespect that they deserve! FEEDBACK?

11.    06.02.2012.      Capello, Terry, etcetera. What a load of cr*p! What is going on here? Anyone charged with the same offence as John Terry would just go to court. John Terry's legal team have successfully put the trial date back to July 2012! This can only be to leave Terry as captain of England until AFTER the European Championship has been decided. The judge who allowed this decision needs to be investigated, this is the heart of the problem! We know that there will be black players in the England squad. great players who deserve their place BUT, could they be lead by a man accused of racist behaviour? NO WAY! CB thinks that the England campaign for European glory is already sunk, how can we expect our team to do well with this kind of garbage hanging around their ankles? Capello has to go, but that is what he wants anyway! Terry needs to go, yes he is a good player but it is time for his younger, faster replacement to be brought  in, AND, a player who is carrying no baggage. Terry should get all he deserves, IF, he is guilty. If not, then that is good for football. There is no room in our lives for racism, but, when it so profoundly affects a business as big as football, we can see the financial consequences coming home to us. If there was ever an indictment against racism, this is it. CB wishes Capello well, CB wishes Terry well (if he is innocent), CB wishes England well in the European war BUT CB sees nothing but the worst to come because of this stupidity. What do YOU think, use the FEEDBACK and tell CB.

10.    04.02.2012.      So, we have still got protests in Egypt! WHY? Because they want to be rid of Assad. Trouble is, Assad does NOT hold power there, his brother DOES! His brother is in charge of the military, so, if real change can happen, they have to remove Assad AND his brother. This is quite obviously a model of a military Junta! If Assad goes, his brother will, probably, take control, and, if that happens, you can expect many more deaths of protestors. Please remember, the more people who DIE from your actions, the greater  your chances of being in Brussels and answering to your EVIL ways of trying to cling onto power! It is not worth it! If you have even HALF a brain, you must see that it is all over, now is the time to go,   better than getting shot in a hole, just like Gadaffi! Just work out a way to back off and let the UN f*ck it all up, like they usually do! This is a legal way out. Hey, you are there in Egypt, why don't you tell CB what YOU think on FEEDBACK.

9.    04.02.2012.      Well, another LibDem bites the dust, BUT, always remember a lady scorned! OK, Mr. Huhne MAY be innocent, AND IS, until proven guilty, BUT, the CPS was put in charge of prosecutions AFTER the police were seen to be so incompetent and to have wasted money on prosecutions that could never have been proven, SO,  is this the "lady" getting her own back for past transgressions by her EX?  Did this happen the way the cops think? Did she give evidence against her EX just to get one back on him? Maybe, the biggest question MIGHT be, in Mr. Huhne's defence, if the police got the bottom line evidence from a NEWSPAPER,  HOW DID THAT PAPER GET THE EVIDENCE? IF they got it from a hacking, then does it not follow that the evidence, being illegally obtained, cannot be admissable in court? This one will be one to watch. EITHER, he is OK and it is his EX trying to take him out OR, he will get all he deserves, OR, he is basing his denial on a possible legal technicality (just explained by CB), trouble is, CB sees this as a possible miscarriage of justice, and how many times has this happened before? Please  get this right, CB is no fan of the Lib Dems OR  Mr. Huhne! CB is a fan of truth and justice and CB is firked if he can see a way that truth and justice might apply here. SO much for our trust and respect in the justice system! OK, so you are a lawyer, tell CB what is wrong with this point of view on FEEDBACK.

8.    28.01.2012.      Sir Philip Hampton, chairman of RBS, has foregone his £1.4M "bonus". Nice he sees the reality of the current position. All other staff, however, will be paid a "bonus". Where is the money coming from? Out of our pockets, US, the UK tax payers. Why can RBS NOT see the reality. The profit and loss account for the trading year is merely a statement of trading results for the purposes of determining how much tax is payable to the Inland Revenue. UNTIL the £43Bn we put in the bank is repaid, there cannot be a REAL profit. This means that any "bonus" paid to any member of staff is money stolen from the bank and, ultimately, US! Come on Mr. Cameron, with 83% of the shares you can call an Extraordinary or Special General Meeting, the purpose of which would be to re-write the articles of association and memorandum of the company. Here you could limit any "bonus" to, say, 10% of the salary maximum. You could also introduce any safeguards you need to stop the  staff stealing the bank's stock in trade, MONEY! You cannot stand back and hide from your responsibilities, with 83% of the shares, the ball is firmly in your court!

7.    28.01.2012.      QPR vs Chelsea and there is some talk about Ferdinand shaking Terry's hand. This would be inadvisable as, this next week, Terry will be on trial for racial abuse against Ferdinand. Any action that may affect  the outcome of the trial should be avoided, regardless of any good or bad feelings between the two players. Maybe you see it different, tell CB on FEEDBACK.

6.    28.01.2012.      Well, CB watched a film on Channel 4 (UK terrestrial TV) last Tuesday called "Crossing Over". Harrison Ford was the main star. It was all about illegal immigrants into the USA. There was nothing so startling about this film EXCEPT, the bit where there was a muslim girl, 15 years old, standing in front of her class, saying that the 9/11 terrorists did a bad thing BUT they did it so the world would hear their plea. Obviously, emotion was in charge over logic and her class mates rejected her point of view. Next thing she is being investigated by the FBI. They split the family, made the girl leave America with her mother, whilst the father stayed with the 2 youngest kids because they were born in the USA and could not be deported. This girl did not come across as a threat BUT, the USA government, separating her and her mom from the rest of the family, probably created so much hate for the USA, they probably deported someone who would make it their business to come back with a very heavy vest full of C4! Maybe America might look back at all they have done around the world and LEARN how it should be done! Maybe they will, one day, try to employ people with INTELLIGENCE, who can read the possible consequences of their actions! Yep, that will be the day. What do you think, tell CB on FEEDBACK.

5.    27.01.2012.      Sorry for CB's abscence, lots of problems. Master PC is not yet fully rebuilt. Also got serious health considerations but, hey, that is life! OK, so to economics! We have the idiot team still there, Milliband and Balls. All they can say is "Too far, Too fast". Balls has the credibility in economics of somewhere less than an educated amoeba! After all HE was instrumental in Gordon Browns philosophy of "spend it, do not tell the public and maybe we can fix it later". Miliband is truly a fish out of water, his brother would have been the best choice, so how good is the union influence on our politics in the UK? Long live Labour! If the team stays the same, we, thankfully, will not vote them in as the new Government in 2015.  The only man in Labour currently who looks like PM material is Chukka Umunna, he is quite a brain. What a shame that a man, so obviously gifted , would be on the side of the idiots and spendthrifts. CB finds it quite a joke to watch PM's Q's on a Wednesday at  noon as D.C. always rips shreds from Miliband. This country is really in a mess and CB thinks that a totally new point of view might be the answer. Trouble is, how can we ask those withot an imagination, even though we elected them, to suddenly find intelligence? Answer, we CANNOT!  There are many possible solutions out there BUT they are all the workable solutions that any government will NOT contemplate. The dunces  still think in terms of POLICY, they do not realise that policies are the pursuit of IDEALS and, in todays market, they need to see that the pursuit of reality is more important than policies! CB feels that, without another point of view, nothing will change, and how it is at the moment, we know that change is necessary, we know that change is needed, so why does this government think they can do the usual, sit still, let it pass and we can go back to the norm? CB would say "cometh 2015" BUT, if our choice is Cameron/Clegg  OR Miliband, what have we got to  vote for????? Have your say on FEEDBACK.

4.    21.01.2012.      HEY you all, sorry I have been missing. Started with a motherboard failure on Boxing Day. Thought I fixed it BUT, things started to go wrong from there. Still using a spare PC but I do believe from next Tuesday, all will be back to normal! Have you been watching the snooker, BGC Masters? Murphy just beat John Higgins! Brilliant final, Murphy vs Robertson. Let us look at this more closely. O'Sullivan is out, so is Trump. These two players are the FLAIR players and it is so exciting to watch them, like it was to watch Alex Higgins and Jimmy White. Watching John Higgins is not as exciting BUT, there are other things to think about. Trump will mature and. as he does, his game will change (hear the words of Steven Hendry) and it might calm down! Ronnie has mental issues. NO, he is NOT  mental, he has less mental self control than other players have. When he is at home, he wants to be playing and when he is playing, he wants to be at home. He has a restless mind which means we never know if he is there to do the business or just to show up, get the cheque and go home. This leads CB to the whole point of this post. All the top sixteen have quality but in different ways. Why, then , is John Higgins such a winner? INTELLIGENCE! John  has a great cueing ability. He has good cue power. He is a great potter, even at long distance. He is a brilliant break builder. In the words of Sean Murphy, when asked by Hazel Irving, "what are his strengths, answer, EVERYTHING, what are his weaknesses, answer NONE). Every snooker pro cares not who they get in the draw, BUT, CB thinks that they all secretly do NOT want John. WHY? Listen to the commentators. There are better break builders, there are better potters etc. etc. etc. BUT, John has the one thing special to him, his INTELLIGENCE. Now do not misunderstand, all the top players show, when they are interviewed, they are bright BUT, John is more so! If you are sat down, begging for another chance, and your opponent misses a shot, you are ON. If John is your opponent, you know that if he missed a pot, you have a chance BUT, if he just slid out of position with the white, you are in trouble because, John will look at the table and spot the potential snooker BUT he also thinks to himself "If I was coming to the table, where is the one place I would NOT want the white to be? Then he puts it there! If you beat John Higgins, you have to believe it is your trophy because you have to beat his brain and, at snooker, he has the best brain in the world. The Murphy/Robertson final is not to be missed, CB will be there, glass of scotch, baccy, slippers, feet up, can it get any better? As a final note, when John retires, CB thinks his total bag of trophies will better any one else in the game, all bets considered if you respond to feedback, CB will reply.

3.    10.01.2012.      This world is so full of double standards. The Iranians are reported to be enriching uranium. They insist that their nuclear program is peaceful BUT, enrichment is not needed for power generating reactors. It IS needed for the construction of nuclear weapons. Ahmedinajad has stated that "Israel should be wiped from the face of the earth". Was that statement a political manoeuvre to get his people on his side OR was it a statement of impending Iranian policy? Some countries should not be allowed under any circumstances to hold a nuclear capability.  It was OK to invade Iraq. It was OK to invade Afghanistan.  The Taleban often hide out in Pakistan (witness the death of Bin Laden) BUT Pakistan is a nuclear power. Without the £Bn's of dollars from America, Pakistan is a failed state, but seemingly cannot be invaded. It appears that a nuclear power is OFF the invasion list. If any country should be invaded to stop a potential disaster, it is Iran. SO, why is it not on? Maybe it is time that, through the UN, the foreign policy of all the major countries should be co-ordinated in the greater interest of this planet. What say you (feedback)?

02.    8/01/2012.      Hello, the new motherboard is still OK! Now, let us look at corporate theft! YES, they are stealing from US! In October 2008, our Government put OUR money into the Royal Bank of Scotland. The share price was around £1.05 per share. Today it is 20.5 PENCE! WE, the British public own 83% of this company. They are now seeking the avenue to go private. That means they have to buy back all the shares held by their investors. SO, we get around 20 pence per share, meaning we lose over 80p in the pound. This is the kind of "legalised" theft that the anti capitalism protesters have been campaigning against! If the Government accept this, they should all go to prison. May we remind the Government that it is still an offence to aid and abet a felony. Unfortunately, our laws will prosecute those who steal, BUT those same laws sometimes shelter certain people who have the protection of so called "fair trading"! You don't agree so tell CB on feedback.

1.        06.01.2012.      Well, happy new year to all readers. CB is sorry for the late good wishes. CB's motherboard crashed on Boxing Day morning. CB went online to Amazon using the spare machine, where he knew they could fix him up. What a good company they are. Not only did they have the right board and at the right price, they dispatched it very quickly. Shame they used City Link as the carrier. I should have got the new board on the 30th but the bungling of City Link's operation meant that the board arrived on the 5th. Amazon will be advised to leave City Link out in future. Now, if you want to look back at old news items, they can be found on the site map as "News 2011". CB hopes the disastrous end to 2011 and start to 2012 will be the end of it. Should you have any comments you can use the feedback to have your say.

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