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327.   30.12.2013.   Thank you to all regular readers. This page will be archived tomorrow to News 2013 on the politics map and site map and we start all over again. It only remains to hope you all had a better year than CB and we shall drink tomorrow night to toast in a new and, hopefully, better year for us all. Happy new year.

326.   24.12.2013.   How embarrassing is this? CB is an ex  IT consultant, specialuised in System security and, yesterday got the UKASH virus. This is a Mageia 2 Linux system which is safe from 95% of all viruses. The deal is if you google UKASH it gives you a web site that tells you how to get rid of it. The virus tells you it will go away if you pay them $100 BUT the web site, which is supposed to be in Florida asks you $250 to remove the bug. SO, is this web site linked to the virus writer? Maybe the FBI should look at these thieves!  CB installed the Mageia wisely, he put an 8GB swap file at the start of the hard drive, he then put a 50GB partition to take the program files and he then used the rest of the drive to contain /home, which is where all the data is. Now is a good time to go up to Mageia 3 so we install but do not touch the /home partition and we DO NOT pay $250 to the thieves. We DO send this post to the FBI and Interpol. Do not fuck with CB, it usually hurts. 

325.   2.12.2013.   The Bulgarian president has shown us how good he is at flapping his lips and expelling hot air. He should realise that with nearly 60M people here, we are full up. With over 2M unemployed we do not need workers coming here. The Bulgarian president should pay his own people £200 a week to stay there, that would be more helpful. In the mean time he is best advised to shut up. David Cameron, for once, did good with his measures against benefit migrants. What say you?

324. 22.12.2013.    Strictly is now over BUT it could have been won by any of the 3 still in it.  Natalie was the natural dancer from day 1 but Susanna was a favourite. She did the work and was a spectacular player but Abbey moved forward every time. She listened to the judges and fixed their percieved faults and week by week she  earned the love of the voters.  Now she has the crown. This was the  best ever Strictly and how the hell can they follow this one? Personal chemistry is paramount in this so immense respect to the partners of the finalists, to sit and watch the obvious closeness between their nearest and dearest and their dance mentors, that is the definition of love, trust and respect. Strictly will live on because of that kind of personal respect and CB will be a follower till he dies. Sorry, just wiping the tears away, Strictly is that good, roll on next year.

323.   21.12.2013.   Once again the NHS is in the news. As you know, CB had a stroke 3 weeks ago. CB can verify that the care provided by the NHS is superb. No expense was spared and the feeling of being safe under the care of Dr. R. B. Lindert, a consultant neurologist, is guaranteed. Also, occupational therapist Sara Buse has been excellent and she is one of the worlds most beautiful people. The NHS does have a big problem and it is the middle and senior management, caring more for politics than doing the job of managing. There is much room for a large scale clear out of those ranks but the caring staff should be left alone, they do OK as they are. If CB were retained as a management consultant by the NHS that clear out of the management structure would be assured and many of the inane decisions they have implemented would be changed for logical and cost saving practises. CB also has some thoughts that would stop the bed blocking and save a large amount of money. Maybe someone within the governments health department might use the feedback and talk to CB.

322.   21.12.2013.   Barak Obama is to review the operations of the NSA in the light of revelations of their electronic surveillance systems. Might he also review the operations of Microsoft? Their windoze 8 has an update which is required before you can upgrade to windoze 8.1 and it requires the user to establish a Microsoft account. When you do this, even if you do not want or need such an account, their windoze system changes YOUR personal password on YOUR PC to the one that you use for the Microsoft account. This effectively means that Microsoft have taken control of your PC! Try looking in control panel for the password change function and it is not there. Microsoft should be put in front of the Supreme Court on charges of racketeering! Any PC user with a brain should scrub any Microsoft product from their hard drive and install Linux. CB uses Mageia 2, soon to be upgraded to Mageia 3 and it is such a joy to use. Any questions will be answered here.

321.   16.12.2013.   So Andy Murray is the 60th Sports Personality of the Year. Not surprising as the judges are all English and he did the holy grail of winning Wimbledon, on the back of winning the US Open AND the Olympic Gold! Well done Andy, CB is a fan, as you know, but CB finds it a laugh. Andy only ever smiles when he is with his dogs!  How can they award a trophy  that has the word "personality" in it's title to someone who never appears to be happy?  CB hopes that one day Andy might find  that special something  that makes him a smiler, a projector of fun,  someone who is with the rest of us.  Hey, the intensity of his profession is amongst the worst in the world but others seem to cope so maybe we all can show him the right path!  Sorry Andy, CB does have that caustic byte but there is no animousity,  just taking the piss, hope you are forgiving, and CB does love dogs! CB hopes you are fully recovered from your back op, fighting fit and that you take some more majors this season. Have a good Christmas Andy. Any        replies here please.

320.   16.12.2013.   So pleased to see Sam win the X factor, she was to CB the obvious winner. Do please remember that the runner up, historically, gets the best deal but I think not this time. The self written song by the young guy, the candy thing, was pure bubble gum, just about right for his age and suggesting that when he matures somewhat, he may make a great artist as long as the coke and all else does not cloud his progress. Sam, however, has seen all in her domestic situation improve because she developed a higher level of self respect on her journey and, hey, it works! She can only go on from here and, at her age and with her responsibilities, the dangers of the business should elude her. Good luck Sam! Any replies here please

319.   16.12.2013.   Sad to see Patrick go in tonights Strictly Come Dancing. Good to see a fair result. Would have been a bad deal to see Natalie go as she has been the most natural dancer from day one. Did they rig the vote to put Natalie against Patrick to get the final they wanted, would not put it past them. CB knew a lady who had met Patrick and she spoke so highly of him, saying he was one of the worlds few natural nice guys. Abbey is now looking the best dancer and all 4 left in all have a great chance. This is one of the hottest finals for years but CB says that every year. Strictly fans may comment here please.

318.   16.12.2013.   Many congratulations to China for their moon landing. Good to see that we still want to go into space. Many say that it is commercial and they expect to see China prospecting for metals on the moon but lets get real, at what cost? Metals have a market price on this earth and there are no buyers on the moon so lets see this as a business. The cost of getting metals back from the moon would outstrip the return they got on earth. That is not even considering the cost of mining on such a remote site.  We may be more than just the 10 years suggested on that one but, yes, the comment that China can afford to go there is real. they hold so much of other countries currency and what else can you spend it on?  It is ventures like this that open new doors to mans possibilities and it is good to see, hope the Chinese  government  makes as great a stride on their human rights record.  OK, let us not put too big a damper on what is a great achievement after all this time since it was last done.  Take note all you American kids who believe the teacher who tells you that  the 1969 moon landing never happened, your teach is a LIAR. In 1969 we had no CGI graphics and  some studios still used reel to reel tape TV cameras. How do you think they faked the moon landing in a studio with that old gear and, realise how many people it  would take to make that fake film. Do you not  think that at least 1 of those making the fake would blow the whistle for a pocket full of money. Ask your teach to explain that when he next tells you that we did not land men on the moon in 69!  Remember that, with all the film footage, all the photos, all the people with concentration camp numbers tattooed on their arms, there are still those who say the holocaust never happened and we put them in prison when they teach that.  Always ask your teacher what proof they can give you and then go home, look on the internet and really learn.  Look for yourself to be sure what you are taught is the truth!  Have your say here please.

317.   15.12.2013.   Given CB's recent stroke, CB didn't feel like trekking to the supermarket so he went online grocery shopping. This is something normally done when there is much weight or bulk to carry but, this time it was not much so the delivery charge was nearly as much as the spend (if it were not for the restocking of the scotch cupboard). There is a revolution going on here which some do not yet see! Tesco are good at  online business, if they send a substitute they send more or better at the same price, but the website can be a trick sometimes. They need to pay careful attention to who runs their website services, a fault, found and fixed but then re-introduced indicates that the personnel are not up to the job! Sainsburys send an alternative but at a different price ( small roast of beef £5 replaced by large at £11.88, relying on you not refusing it) but the website is constant. CB has yet to use Waitrose or Ocada, has found ASDA to be a very tricky website but has not looked since the email advice of an all new site and Morrisons are not yet running.  Tesco lead again  but they all know the world is turning. Here is a prediction for you, as the online ordering of groceries increases, the store sales will stagnate until the two are more or less level. Given the cost of large stores and the cheapness of websites, this will promote change. Sainsburys Locals and Tesco Extras are smaller but more expensive, however they are just around the corner. This IS convenience shopping TODAY, buy bulk and weight online and slip out for your fresh cream, milk or what you forgot. Supermarkets judge a stores viability (how much money it earns less its total running costs by calculating the profit per square foot) and on that basis a small local, lower rates and higher prices should net more profit per square foot than the large ones. This suggests that, when online business, comparatively overhead free hits the right figure, the way forward will to be develop the smaller outlets and the big ones can shut EXCEPT those super big stores will be doubled in size having the traditional store in front with the online distribution centre ( four times the size of the store) at the rear. This would streamline the online shopping experience as well as streamlining the profits on a tight margin business. Those who see this to be the future have lessons to learn but fear not, CB is here. Firstly, a web site that does not work correctly is your worst enemy. Secondly you CANNOT charge more online than you do instore and that happens a lot. Thirdly, if it is available instore it MUST be available online and this does not conform to current policy. Too many think that if they only offer the dearer product online they will "pinch" a bit on the order but BE AWARE, we are discerning and will not put up with that crap. Those who do not develop online business, offer EVERYTHING at the SAME price as instore and do the right thing on substitution will become the new "corner shops", the very people that they decimated over the last 50 years. Tell CB if you agree.

316.   11.12.2013.   Much is being said about the 11% MP's pay rise to offset the erosion in the value of their pay over recent years. We should not forget in the Thatcher years, when this was done, the MP's had the rise governed down to the rate of inflation and, by way of compensation, the expenses rules were relaxed and look where that got us! Hard to choose the right answer on this one but it may be safer to pay them then take another route which could, once again, lead to MP's dipping their fingers into our "empty" pot. Your point of view would be gladly received here please.

315.    07.12.2013.  CB has just wached the Jonathan Ross programme. CB has also met many "celebrities" in his time and only a small few are worth knowing. This Jonathan Ross show had two celebs from both sides of that spectrum. One was Olivia Colman, actress of considerable talent, a serious brain backed by a lovely sense of humour and TOP of the list of people that CB wants to know before he leaves this earth. The other is a failed musician, a failed scientist and soon to be a failed TV personality, one Brian Cox. Would you want your kids to be taught by this man? If he had the brains to read and then the brains to understand that any theory that was MATHEMATICALY CORRECT has always been seen to be TRUE, maybe he would be on the right track. If he was so good, why is he on the TV instead of being a lead physicist at CERN? Maybe Jonathan Ross might ask CB to do his show, the refusal might be obligatory but the chance to share dialogue with CB may entertain or even educate  him. While we let those who profess to know teach our kids and we do not verify what they teach them, our kids will be suffering what  Mr.  Cox  thinks they should believe. We also are likely to be under the influence of BBC Horizon who love Mr. Cox but you can read the truth on the BBC page on this site. Time we ditched the wankers , don't you think?    

314.   06.12.2013.   The worlds greatest ever human, Madiba, is no longer with us. Today we lost the man but the greater loss would be if we lost the ethic, the sentiment and all the lessons he ever gave us all! Nelson Mandela's life has to be our greatest ever lesson in how horrendous we can be to another man and also just how wonderful a man can be in his forgiveness of his oppressors.  Now would also be a good day to remember Steve Biko, one of the most intelligent men  ever born who was bludgeoned to death by his Afrikaan  jailors just because he was black skinned. and refused to be just another victim. One day we all might just be a little more loving to our fellow man and not care what colour he is but take more notice of his humanity.  Nelson Mandela's legacy should never be forgotten and the hopes for our future might just  hang on our memory of such a beautiful person.  Those in our world who think that a coloured person is less of a man just because of his colour are the sickest of people and a beautiful life such as Madiba's stands as the testament to the folly of what they believe.  Perhaps we should make the 6th to the 8th  of December every year  the official humanity remembrance days (6th  being Madiba day and the 8th John Lennon day).  Agree with CB here!

313.   05.12.2013.   Yesterday CB had a wonderful experience, he was in the Hammer and Pincers at Bents Green in Sheffield to have a beer with some wonderful people to celebrate his 65th birthday. Most of these folk were those who helped him 2 weeks ago when he had a stroke. CB was humbled by their desire to be with him. We had a great conversation, some good fun and a few pints of Abbeydale Moonshine which is the finest real ale ever brewed. One of our numbers is a young man of 21 years of age who had a meal, the Gammon Platter, and he readily said it was a brilliant meal. Quite something as this man is a chef at the Hammers nearest competitor and his verdict was that it was far superior to what is served at the place where he works.  No problem, CB  knows that this man is going  on to be  a serious mathematician/scientist  which is just one reason why CB loves his company. OK, this is not UK politics or world affairs but it is important to CB so, if you live in Sheffield and you want a meal, go to the Hammer and if you love real ale, you MUST have Abbeydale Moonshine to wash it all down and NO, CB will not be paid for this blatant advertisement, CB gives you advice and information on a daily basis so CB feels that you deserve to be told of this good food deal and to be appraised of the best beer ever. Go try it, get the proof and learn to believe CB's words!

312.   05.12.2013.   We have just seen the autumn statement given by George Osborne, a man who CB knew nothing about but now feels he is the right man for the job of Chancellor. He has made strides in the face of adversity and as we all know, times are hard but George has shown us some light at the end of the tunnel and that as the country recovers from the treason committed by the last government, there is hope for tomorrow! With George, Vince Cable and with Mark Carney at the helm of the Bank of England we might just be moving in the right direction, towards that light. Now CB knows it is Christmas soon so we can forgive the shadow chancellors pantomime performance in his response. He might have to undergo corrective surgery on his throat after the inane rant we had to endure. It contained nothing of any value except that maybe many red lefty diehards might think twice about voting for such a clueless bunch of idiots which is the modern Labour Party. We have all got to tighten our belts for a few more years but already we can see the coalition government has put it'self in a position to help ease the pain and this will become more evident as we climb out of the massive hole dug by the last Labour Government. This always happens, Labour spends the UK towards bankruptcy, the Tories have to do the repairs but that usually comes with another change to Labour before the repairs are finished so we stand still. Maybe, this time, as bad as David Cameron is as a Prime Minister, we should keep him if only to keep George Osborne, Vince Cable and those supporters who aid their good works. Have your say here!

311.   04.12.2013.   Eight banks are fined £1.4 Bn for rigging interest rates. That is a drop in the ocean, £140 Bn might be more appropriate. The levels of global corruption are now so severe that something may go bang. Do we have the ability and power to deal with it? CB thinks not. World beware.

310.   30.11.2013.   Following on from CB's recent health scare, it is only right to mention in despatches those who were involved in his care that were exceptional in their duties. CB was in ward L1 at the Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, England. Much bad is said about the NHS in England but it is mostly rubbish. The male nurse on the early evening shift on Sunday 24th left quite a bit to be desired but the staff nurse on the Monday morning shift, a lovely jovial black lady was exceptional, sorry I didn't get her name. Laura Barnes was also particularly good at her job. The consultant, Dr. R. B. Lindert, was again exceptional, a deep thinking man who offered extensive testing and kept his word, organising a second MRI scan within 1 week and an appointment with his clinic for early January. Worthy of particular mention is Sarah Basu, an occupational therapist who is the most delightful lady and a native of Canada (her husband is such a lucky man). The minute she speaks the solid Toronto accent tells you she is NOT American and the briefest of conversations oozes the class of a thoroughbred Canadian. The NHS does have problems but, David Cameron, TAKE NOTE, those problems are all from middle and senior management and the inane rules, regulations and proceedures they impose! CB is about to embark on a long regime of tests, scans, clinics etc. but hopes for the work to be fruitful and the quality of those mentioned fills one with the hopes of a very good news result. Fear not, good friends, CB's sharpness of mind is not in doubt, the burning pain felt if you suffer his words will not diminish and woe betides if you suffer his byte, just look up to your right! That is all for now unless you have something to say and the scathing attacks on those worthy of them will continue with the usual ferocity.

309.   28.11.2013.   The Bank of England has acted to chop off the chance of a housing bubble. Mark Carney is looking like the best thing we have seen at Threadneedle Street  in ages. It does show how tough it is to make a good decision when we see the action taken does the required thing but hurts others in the process! We have seen a brick maker working full time but now expecting  to choke back as the steam is taken out of mortgage lending. The easy borrow deal will be kept on for  business borrowers though.  Why not vary the mortgage assistance for ONLY new build houses (the government is concerned at the small numbers of new builds compared to how many it needs to be). In this way the brick makers may sustain their output, the government may see a much needed boost in new builds and businesses will NEED to commit to expansion based on borrowings. The assistance might be post coded so the South East bubble can be avoided but elsewhere, like further north, the assistance can be maintained. Care must be taken here so that if the new build programme is slighted by those who would buy new if only they could sell their old property, changes might be made to assistance to accomodate this. So a good job but only half done but still nice to get a good feel for the economy and those who are at the front of driving it. Feedback here.

308. 28.11.2013.   CB must apologise for the sparsity of the recent content. CB suffered a stroke last Saturday. There are some residual effects but this may get better in a month or two. This typing with one hand is tiring, the right hand is OK but the co-ordination in the right arm is suspect. Lifting a pint will be no fun but with curtailed use of the right hand there is no chance of going blind. Speech is a little slurred. There are some very special people who deserve CB's thanks, they know who they are so names are not given. The sharpness and clarity of CB's  thinking is not changed so all future bytes will be just as caustic as always and from this post, we should be back on track for at least one post a day on this page. Can't be bothered to do a feedback so use one of the others, OK?

307.   26.11.2013.   Spain and Gibraltar again! UK citizens should all stop visiting Spain until this is resolved, that way when their tourist economy is decimated, they will shut up and sit down. Opening a diplomatic bag is against all agreed international conventions and should put Spain at odds with the rest of the world. Lets all boycott Spanish holidays, bring the Spanish economy to it's knees, show them we are all for real. Feedback here please.

306.   26.11.2013.   Mr. Salmond has published his independence paper. Watching him speak it is apparent that he is being totally political in pursuing an ideal but has not considered the logic and realities behind it. His sidekick (CB thinks she is the real brains whilst he is the brawn) has had lots to say but has nicely kept just far enough away. The implications of this independence is so far reaching, CB thinks the best outcome is for many committed but thinking yes voters to pull back for now. A narrow defeat for the referendum might prompt the UK government to set up a special Scotland office where each and every problem could be addressed in turn so that, after ten or twenty years, such resolved problems would have given Scotland more and more devolution and moved them to a place where an independence referendum would be a real and achievable prospect. Your thoughts here please.

305.   26.11.2013.   The CPS is to prosecute only one PC over the "plebgate" affair! What about all the other liars involved, the conspiracy over statements, the "its in my notebook" crap and the three representatives of the three forces who all lied. This goes to the heart of police corruption, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by making their notebooks read the same so that officers can commit perjury when they give statements read from their notebooks in a court of law. This is a classic chance to start the root changes needed to be made to policing in the UK and this is needed to restore some of the basics of our society which have been eroded by such long term corruption! How many more times will we need to ask for something that is screaming out for the attention of the government? The Hillsborough findings will bring down the police as we know them but if we start to address that problem now, much that is good can be saved. Come, now NOT later!!! Feedback here please.

304.   23.11.2013.   CB has spent the day in hospital after an emergency dash in an ambulance.  Seems he has had a small stroke. Watch this space but if you have any doubts about the sharpness, acuity and diligence of his brain, READ THIS! Dominic Grieve is apologising to the Pakistanis in the UK over his comments regards corruption.  Shame the Pakistanis do not see that corruption runs their country and because the muslim ethic is for business's to not make a profit, might we ask how they earn any money if they are not corrupt? Maybe Dominic should go further and discuss the corruption in the UK government, the UK banks, the UK police, the BBC and how many more could CB name? CB is quite sick that all he ever reports is the nasty and evil downside that we call humanity! This world is so full of the sickness of mankind, CB will not be upset if a stroke takes him. How long can one man keep trying to get man to see that he is travelling down a bad road before he says enough is enough? People, the sickness is within, see it then maybe we can start to fix it. There is no feedback here, might not be here to answer you but if you must, use any feedback, they all work.

303.   18.11.2013.   What a scam! Paul Flowers, ex chairman of the Co-Op bank, dope user, church minister was accepted as an advisor for Ed Miliband! We now know that Flowers did not have the expertise to run a bank but he was good enough for Ed! Mr. Miliband, or should we call you Mr. Gullible, will you not now accept that you have got no clues whatsoever on economics? Admit that and we will then know why you picked Mr. Balls as your shadow chancellor. CB gives you this, Ed, your skin is thicker than your intellect! You precipitate a 10% increase in energy costs on half of the UK by saying you would freeze energy prices for 20 months and fail to see you did it! Mr. Balls made a namesake of his job when he worked with Gordon Brown in the Treasury but you want us to pick him as our financial saviour in 2015? Do you honestly think the electorate is so stupid as to throw the country's recovery away on your dim witted idea of life in the UK? All you are doing is ensuring that we get Mr. Cameron back and he is a failed PM. The problem you give us is that, in a coalition he has limitations on what he can do but if we get him on his own CB dreads to think what might happen. Give up Ed, one way or another this country is donald ducked. If you win, we got trouble but if you lose, we still got trouble. Bow out, take the Balls with you, somebody has to give England a chance. Anyone want to comment, do it here.

302.   18.11.2013.   Much is being said about the internet search companies cleaning their act up and David Cameron will be talking to them today at number 10. The truth is that they already recognise their responsibilities and paedophiles do not search for their quarry, they know the peer to peer sites where their filth exists.  Identification of such sites can lead to ISP traces on those who visit them and  that has nothing to do with  the search engines. There is, however, a much greater violation being perpetrated on ALL windows 8 users.  When you buy a new PC or laptop it comes with the latest windows  installed. You boot up for the first time and the "windows first run"  helps you set it up by giving information about yourself.  Your last step is to put in the password of your choice to protect your new system. Now, in windows 8 there is a need to upgrade to 8.1. This is free but is a major download of 3.62Gb and is a true upgrade as it does NOT zap your installed apps as was previously suggested. You can only upgrade if you have regularly installed the updates to windows 8.  One of the last updates you do requires you to have a Microsoft account. Many people will not want this but it is  necessary as, after that update, the password on your PC has changed, it will only let you log in to the PC with your Microsoft account password.  Your PC is no longer yours so you look in control panel to change your password and the ability to do that seems to have disappeared! Now anyone at Microsoft with sufficient permission can access your PC because they have all the passwoirds on the account web site and you will never know they did it. This is scandalous as any one who is upset in their job, is made redundant or has any score to settle can wreak havoc on hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Now we have to ask is this anything to do with America's NSA or GCHQ in England and the spying activities that Ed Snowden showed us? If it is then the number of people who can access your PC is enormous and it only takes one bad apple, doesn't it? In short, if you are running windows 8 you may consider yourself under surveillance! Most people use a very small number of passwords so they can remember them but this is a very bad risk. If you do that, you can consider all your passwords as compromised and you can't change them. If big brother is watching over your shoulder, he sees the new one! CB is one up on you all, he is a Linux user. Unix, on which Linux is based, has been around a lot longer than MS DOS, it is much more secure than DOS and Linux is FREE. CB started with Mandrake which became Mandriva and is now known as Mageia. It is a beautiful and trouble free system and CB thinks it is better than anything Seattle  turns out. All the apps are free and all have versions that run on windows. Firefox is the browser of choice and Thunderbird (both from Mozilla) is the premier email package. Filezilla is a great ftp package, KompoZer is an html text editor ( used to write this page) and gFTP is a fast and simple ftp client. Why pay Microsoft to take away your security when you can get it back by installing Linux? Now, Ed Snowden, can you shed any light on this apparent hijacking of our systems? Please do, we need you and do it soon.  Anyone with any more info on this can advise CB with the link.

301.   18.11.2013.   China has, as was suggested 6 months ago on this page, reviewed and relaxed their population control policies. They have had first hand proof that limiting couples to one child (some exceptions apply) leaves them with many old retired people who need looking after but with not enough young tax payers to fund that care. China has so far been the only people to have tried to stop the population explosion and the only country who appear to understand the disaster of mankinds population explosion (see the page entitled "The Population Trap"). We now need to recognise that this concern is a GLOBAL problem, not country specific so when will we try to all come togethere to face up to mankinds global challenges, challenges that cannot put up with any country calling veto, niet or walking away from the issue. We are all in this one together and if you love your kids and their kids you wuill call for your governments to act NOW, we do not have the luxury of a "later, tomorrow, manana". Please tell CB here if you have any opinions on this problem.

300.   14.11.2013.   Surprise, surprise, the police have been caught out once again. They are suspected of choreographing statements relative to the Orgreave operation during the miners strike. Many statements have been shown to be almost identical, word for word, and that, in CB's book, amounts to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. If any of those statements have been used in a court of law, then perjury has also been committed. Anyone doing either of these things wouyld be vigorously pursued by the police so, if proven, will we see police officers charged with these offences and taken to court? CB thinks the usual wriggling, cover ups and rank closing will come once more into play if they feel they can get away with it. This government must actively start to clean up the deep seated corruption within the UK police, no more burying of their heads in the sand!  How much more of this kind of thing will we see? Until we see the commencement of action to fix this corruption it will not stop! Damian Green and Theresa May, take note, this is all on your watch! Any comments can be left at feedback.

299.   13.11.2013.   They have done it again, Microsoft, that is. CB is finishing off a system prep for a friend who has bought a new laptop with windoze 8 as the op system. This windoze has no software in it, you have to put it all there yourself and it looks like Microsoft want you to buy it all from the windoze store. The problem is that you have to fully update windoze 8 (around 800GB of download) and then you can update to windoze 8.1 free of charge but the download is 3.62GB which must be nearly a full re-write of the system. This upgrade also zaps all the software you have downloaded and installed so you have to do it all again. This smells like the Seattle programmers are not worth shit as wages. CB uses Mageia Linux as his opo system and has no problems at all. The system security in that op system is dynamite and Open Office is free and is the premier office software suite. The Mozilla team who CB met in Bruges, Belgium, about 6 weeks ago write the best browser (Firefox) and email (Thunderbird) that can be had in this world and they are also free. One day the world will wake up and kick the Seattle bums into touch, who needs to pay serious money for a sub standard system when you can have the real deal for free?  The size of the windoze upgrade leaves CB with the  suspicion  that security was  seriously compromised in the  original windoze 8 release.  The windoze 8.1 installation is a nightmare. I have been watching a screen now for nearly 1 hour that says "preparing to restart". There is a progress indicator that appears to never move. The only thing that tells me we have not frozen up is the HDD LED flashing. Couldn't the programmers give us a better way to see that something is going on? Perhaps that would take some ability to think so maybe it is too much to ask of Seattles finest code writers! If anyone can enlighten CB on this subject they should do so here on the feedback page.

298.   13.11.2013.   Camelot, where are the bigger jackpots you promised us for the 100% rise in the cost of playing the national lottery? Tonuight it is £2.2M and last weekend it was less than £5M. We know you are also giving away £1M with the 50 raffles for £20,000 but that only adds up to roughly what the prize was before the ridiculously greedy price hike. CB told you it would not work and it seems that many have followed CB's lead and stopped playing. All of that just to be able to promote the Health Lottery rip off. CB is still of the opinion that Camelot should be made to bare the books in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee. Let us all see what you have slithered away into the "reserves", let us all see what the jackpots should really be. Any reply can be made here.

297.   13.11.2013.   Today Mark Carney, Governor of The Bank of England, has said that the UK economic recovery is the strongest recovery in the western world. So, Mr. Ed Balls, now what do you have to say about plan A, plan B or any of the shit you have uttered in recent times? Now must be the time for a serious reshuffle of the Labour front bench and, Mr. Balls, perhaps there should be no seat for you in those ranks. If Mr. Miliband keeps you in place then he surely must realise that the voters will not be out in force voting for Labour, maybe they will see that your continued presence is a threat to the UK. Your inability to comprehend basic economic principles is as dangerous to the UK, should Labour gain power, than any percieved terrorist threat. Maybe the honourable thing to do would be to resign, today would be good, it is PM's Questions in a couple of hours, that would grab the headlines if you were to walk during those proceedings. Anyone who agrees with CB might say so on this feedback.

296.   12.11.2013.   What a terrible mess in the Philippines! Aid is being provided but it is the logistics that is the problem, how to get food, water and shelter to those in need when the infrastructure has been destroyed.  This is the kind of problem that the military can deal with best as they are schooled at getting supplies into  highly restricted areas. CB does find it interesting that FINALLY the science community are saying that this weather pattern could be the new norm, have they been reading the chapter on altering the time scale of a natural cycle as explained on that most excellent web site The Universe Explained. Science and academia seem to be discounting this theory and it may be that they see much plausibility therein which they have failed to spot for themselves. If you care to read it, there is a feedback on it, just as there is here if you have a comment to make.

295.   09.11.2013.   Strictly Come Dancing is hotting up. We can see one or two who should make the final but the use of the public vote has already done a nasty. Rachael went out last week and she could dance but the competition still has two non dancers left in, courtesy of the public vote. Hopefully they will both fall and it is hoped that happens without the loss of any more valid contestants.  Is this vote for real or is it that if someone wants out as they feel they have gone far enough, they are allowed to bow out from the dance off (such is CB's trust in the BBC)? Blackpool next week and it promises to be good and when all is said and done it makes for good TV. Dave Archers musicians and singers never cease to amaze with the quality of their covers. CB hopes the show will go on for years and it seems to be one of TV's favourites. Good luck to all who are still in the competition and the next post will be after the final (unless something changes that priority). Anything to say, do it here.

294.   09.11.2013.   The Geneva talks between the west and Iran are frightening. It looks like the west will cave in and free up Iranian money, stop all and any embargoes against Iran but let them continue their enrichment program (enrichment has only a military weapons usage). Given past statements by Iran about "wiping Israel off the face of this earth" by Ahmedinajad (were such statements sanctioned by the Ayatollah) we have good reason to be afraid of their intentions. To continue down this path has the serious potential of creating an arena where one of the players must consider a pre-emptive strike against the enemy, possibly a nuclear strike. The western foreign ministers seem oblivious to the fact that they may well be laying the foundations of the world's first nuclear war, something we have always been told will never happen. They must always have in mind that Iran, a country run on belief and religion, may well act out of hatred and emotion instead of the tried and tested use og logic. Belief is so dangerous as it allows men who "BELIEVE" that they are right to use it to justify an act against their fellow man which cannot be justified by logic. If Iran cannot be stopped from their enrichment policy then maybe the UN might be persuaded to issue a resolution that "in the event there is ever a nuclear weapon test by Iran, the joint nuclear powers of the UN reserve the right to employ a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran". One way or another those who matter must find a way to stability in that arena, whether it be by sanction, negotiation or the oldest method of all, fear! If such agreement could be reached by the UN's nuclear club then, once it is proven to work, perhaps it can be extended to deal with other nutcases like North Korea. The world needs effective co-operation in this way as such inter country relations are a must if we are to defeat the other global problems that mankind faces in the future. There is a school of thought that says we are a bit too much concerned with the population explosion but they are sticking their heads in the sand. Please show CB when ever there was a stagnation or stoppage in the fertility rate. History says never so we must consider the population count, ever increasing, as the biggest threat to man. Only all countries working together can fix this and the fertility problem is so great it has the potential to make the current Iran problem look very small. For this reason, no matter how unpalatable it may be, the west must rein in Iran and establish a PROPER control over nuclear capabilities worldwide. If you have a better insight into this situation then please allay CB's fears by stating it in the feedback function.

293.   09.11.2013.   There is much discussion about "was Yasser Arafat assassinated"? Polonium has been found in his remains and the finger is being pointed by Palestine at Israel. Has the world conveniently forgotten the killing in London of Mr Litvinenko by polonium poisoning and at that time the killing was linked to Russia as they were the only known source of this radioactive metal? If Arafat was poisoned with this metal then where did it come from if not Russia. We must therefore consider who in the middle east is Russia's big friend. Egypt and Isreal are closely tied to America but Syria is close to Russia. Who else in that area enjoys Russian support? The killing of Arafat may have been designed to cause Israel political trouble but could have been done by any state with Russian support. Israel did benefit as Arafat had always said he had no control over those who fired rockets into Israel but, after his death, the rockets all but ceased for quite some time. Those who want to jump on the "blame Israel" bandwagon might stop and think that eventually the truth might come out so care should be taken when mouthing off for emotional reasons before logic takes over. Nothing to say? If that is not the case then you can tell CB what you think with the feedback function.

292.   08.11.2013.   A good friend of CB's has been a customer of Virgin Money for a long time now (about 20 years possibly). He has a Virgin credit card and has never been late or missed a payment. Virgin Money had a service contract with MBNA (Bank of America) which has now ended so his Virgin card has been replaced with an MBNA card. He thought to look on the Virgin Money web site to see if Virgin Money were doing their own credit cards now, non MBNA. He filled in all the online form only to get to the very end where it said the lender would be MBNA! He then refused to complete and went back to the Virgin Money web site to contact them. He found a freephone number for credit cards and called them only to establish that he was talking to the MBNA call centre. This friend was of the intention to open a bank account with Virgin but now he is not doing that. The end of the service contract with MBNA should have been the cut off point so that all and any credit card questions online should be met with answers as to what Virgin are doing in this area. Referral to MBNA should only occur if the person online were trying to service a card which has now reverted to that provider. New card applications should NOT be anything to do with MBNA.  If Virgin are so laxadaisical  with their web site, how can we trust them in any other area. In a day and age where many people are looking for an alternative banking arrangement from the usual high street suspects NOW is the time for Virgin to forge ahead and be a leader but their web site does not give that impression, just the opposite. A classic example where a web site can do so much damage if it is not correct, TESCO take careful note! Tell CB here if you have problems of this nature.

291.   08.11.2012.   There is a proposed "European Referendum" bill to be discussed by MP's. This one is a biggie in politics. Nissan have said that if the UK pulls out of Europe, they will have to reconsider their investment in Britain. Was this statement issued as a result of a behind closed doors request from someone in a senior political position in the UK? Nissan are no dummies so they have to know that we would not lose all our business contacts just because we pulled out. Not much would be different as we are not in the euro, we would still produce all those cars and have the ability to export them to anywhere. This will be politics all the way and as there is a fairly even divide between yes's and no's, you can expect all the dirtiest tricks in the book to be brought out in the run up to the referendum. The political dirty tricks will also be played in Europe to try to influence the outcome by the yes and no factions there. We have seen how politics can get in the way of good sense, such as in BAE's decision against Portsmouth and in favour of Scotland, given the independence referendum coming in less than a years time. Somewhere down the line after it has all settled, we will notice the brown stuff on the fan and the clean up will have to be started. From now till 2017 (referendum year) CB thinks we will be treated to a show of just how nasty a business politics can be. If you know anything that might be of interest, tell CB here.

290.   05.11.2013.   News is coming in about a cover up in the failures of treatment of cancer patients at Colchester Hospital. Just yet ANOTHER reason to call for an anti cover up law (see post number 288 and many before that) which would address many of the wrong doings in the current news. Perhaps we should introduce a legal whistle blowers charter to properly protect those who show us who the transgressors are, we do not want an Ed Snowden witch hunt in the UK. There are so many reports, day after day, that show us how corrupt life in todays world really is and it surely must be time for the politicians to stop wriggling and get something done. If they do not start the extensive repair job on society that we need so much then we are all descending into the onset of anarchy. CB wonders why the government cannot see this. If you think enough is enough, then tell CB about it with feedback.

289.   05.11.2013.   Keith Vaz has called two of the laughing policemen (or should we say liar policemen) involved in the plebgate affair back to the Home Affairs Select Committee to answer to their previous and contradictory statements. Mr. Vaz, one of the few MP's who still has credibility with the UK voters, is speaking of this meeting as "bringing closure to the affair". Mr. Vaz, for a man of your experience in politics, you must surely see that the high level of damage done to the credibility of the police with this affair, Chief Policeman Norman Bettinson, the Charles De Menezies assassination, Hillsborough, Chief Inspector Desai and all the other wrong doings recently done by our most senior policemen, closure is not attainable. It will be in sight ONLY when the UK voters see a serious and deep rooted change in the operation and organisation of the UK police! Read the page on "The Police" on this site and the many posts on this news page to better understand. The police, having been allowed to run riot with their personal honesty over the years, having been allowed to be too self autonomous for far too long are now in a place where trust in them is non exiatent. If you want closure, you must persuade Damian Green and Theresa May to instigate a full and total re-organisation of the policing function in the UK. You risk damage to your own credibility if you do not pursue this to the end and a politically acceptable end would be seen by the thinkers of the UK electorate as a fudge. It would be lovely for CB to receive some feedback on your thoughts and that can be done here.

288.   04.11.2013.   We are being told today that mandatory reporting of child abuse by those who are paid to look after the childs interests may be brought in. Why did we not do this 30 /40 /50 years ago? There is an easy answer that would deal with this and many if not most of the abuses and wrong doings that have filled our news reports in recent years and that is the Anti Cover Up law proposed by CB on this very page. Such a law would make it a criminal offence with a ten year prison sentence for anyone involved in or assisting in the cover up of any wrong doing. This will be seen to apply to the police, the BBC, the NHS, the press and just about anyone who has recently made the news pages. The only reason we will not get such a law is that we might be watching the houses of parliament numbers reduced by 50% every day if it were in force! Haven't our politicians done well? They are so good at crowing about what they have done but if we look at the reality, check the previous post, consider this call for a new law, consider how far out of control they have allowed the police to get, is this seen as success by the UK voters? Perhaps, if the economy is doing better by May 2015, the major factor to judge the prospective candidates for MP might be the repair of English society and it's subsequent protection from blind faith!!!!! Tell CB here if you agree.

287.   04.11.2013.   Not for the first time have we seen the use of "faith" to defeat the safety of the people. A man on the terror watch list was able to escape his "watchers" by dressing as a woman, wearing a full burkah to cover his face, when leaving a mosque. It must be time for the UK to adopt the laws of France and Australia which ban the covering of faces in public. We have the "surveillance society" powered by CCTV to keep the general public safe and to assist in crime prevention for a valid reason. The vast majority accept this in our own interests so to allow a professed belief to defeat the system is ludicrous. The business of tolerance can only go so far. If those who wish to believe  in such faiths that require faces to be covered, they should find somewhere else to live. Tolerance is a one way street because because those who hold such beliefs also obey the word of a  "holy" book that calls for all non believers to be killed.  If the UK government does not see this  we will be living in a UK in 50 years time where the law of the land will require ALL women, regardless of their faith, to cover their heads when they go out in public and it is only a short 20 year gap from that to the UK living under sharia law.  That written constitution that CB has called for over the last 5 years is needed now more than ever to protect in law the rights of UK citizens. The blindness of our government (they are now issuing a muslim government bond) to what tomorrow may bring is astonishing and they should realise that now is the time to use the law to limit just how much they can allow England to be de-englandised. CB is not anti muslim, he is anti religion, ALL religions and believes that religion has no place in politics because politics should be driven only by logic. Perhaps this is another issue that should be the subject of an online poll at number ten's web site, 100,000 signatures on it would secure a parliamentary debate on the subject. CB can look back to the 60's, 70's and 80's when England was still England and is glad he is older now as there is only a limited amount of time for CB to suffer living in a country which is no longer the place he used to enjoy living in. You can make your point known here using feedback. 

286.   03.11.2013.   Labour are already spending our money in a hope of being elected in 2015. They are proposing tax breaks for company's who use the "living wage". The economy is improving, no thanks to Labour, but it is not yet strong enough to spend in anticipation that the economy will be able to stand it later. CB thinks Labour have being going to "How to be economically stupid and naieve" classes as their every move, every word on the subject demonstrates their lack of understanding of economics. If the UK public could be so collectively dim as to vote for such tricks and those who use them, then they will get all they deserve. A few more years of Labour with it's hands on our purse strings would leave the UK so poor it would make Greece seem like the land of plenty. CB cautions the UK to be very careful when they next vote. With a flawed system that only allows us to choose either / or, we often have to pick the best of a bad bunch but do not let that be the reason to abandon all the good work done for our economy so far. If you have a point of view on this post, here is where you may make it.

285.   03.11.2013.   Finally the UK police have made the U turn and are going to investigate the police federation meeting with Andrew Mitchell in the plebgate affair. West Mercia police, using very carefully chosen words, now say that "they accept there were errors in the reports of the meeting of 3 police federation representatives with Andrew Mitchell". Just look at what had to happen to get here. Firstly the police lied about what was said in the incident, then they tried to say that "because it is written in a policemans book, it must be the truth". Then their respective forces did the usual of close ranks and cover up which always ends with the senior officers in those forces involved telling lies to try and protect their own. The final part is the exposure of this activity by those forces and the move for an investigation which has only come about because of a report by Keith Vaz's Home Affairs Select Committee. Such situations, which are the norm within the police, can only happen because of the amount of (unregulated) power and self autonomy that the police have and a basic reluctance by the government to do anything about it. CB has been pleading on this page for years for a full top to bottom re-organisation of the UK police as it is so obvious it is rotten throughout. Now we have people on TV interviews (David Davis on BBC Breakfast last week) taking the same position. The police, the very organisation that have to try to expose lies and untruths in the pursuit of prosecutions CANNOT be of the same material as offenders, that only destroys any trust we have left in our so called "justice system". If we are to avoid the descent into total disbelief in the system we must fix this now. When the full truth of Hillsborough hits our TV screens we are in danger of a total breakdown so it would be good to be already involved in a full reformation before then so as to have room for hope for the future of UK policing. Perhaps we need a petition on the number ten web site to force this issue as politicians will never do that which has a nasty taste until they are forced to, even when it is in the best interests of the people. Tell CB here if you agree.

284.   03.11.2013.   It never ceases to amaze CB how blatantly stupid so called intelligent people can be. Ed Miliband wants votes so he promises to freeze gas and electric prices with the net result that the power providers increase their prices by around 10% as an insurance against Ed being elected. Then we get the Afghan Taliban shooting a 15 year old girl because she wants to go to school with the net result that she becomes a living martyr, loved by the rest of the world and now elevated to a position where when she speaks, the world listens and the Taliban get all they didn't want.  Now we have America killing a senior Taliban leader with a drone, good result but with the  net bottom line of the damage done to US / Pakistan relations. OK, America thinks it owns Pakistan because of the multi billion $ aid given to Pakistan to keep some measure of control over their nuclear weapons but they do not see that action against the Taliban mayl eventually lead to the next holy war. That is how the muslim peoples will see it, as a war against their belief and, given 1 in every 5 people on this earth have belief in Islam, that adds up to a world war status. America has enough trouble at home and maybe it is time to get the broom out and start sweeping. The NSA must be looked at, the political structure is defunct in a modern world, the gun lobby needs to be addressed (the last 2 points appear to need a redrafting of the constitution) so foreign policy, suspect for many years, must be re-thought. Maybe Mr. Obama should take from now till after Christmas to consider all these points or is he just coasting through what is left of his second term. The rest of the world is at risk while ever America continues down its self destruct path and it feels like it is a time for change. Isn't change what Obama professed to be about? All comments will be received here if you use the feedback.

283.   31.10.2013.   Well, Mr. Cameron, the press did not want legislation for the new watchdog. You did your duty by your pals and also opposed legislation even though Leveson recommended it. Now with a Royal Charter that the press seem happy to ignore, perhaps circumstances might push you into having to do the right thing and legislate. A watchdog backed up by the law is a watchdog that the press MUST accept and would be seen to be free from government interference. NOW what are you going to do? What a shame that the Prime Minister of the UK has to be forced to do the right thing. Those of us who looked to you to be a good PM know the truth now and 2015 is looming. Your only saving grace is the weakness of your opponent but he can be changed before the elections are with us. What will you do if that happens? Please tell CB here what you think.

282.   29.10.2013.   Today the CEO's of the top 6 energy providers are to answer questions from the Energy and Climate Change Committee. The Committee ought to make a point of asking them to what extent are the recent increases a hedge against Ed Miliband's "energy price freeze" policy. He might also ask, in the face of wholesale energy prices having risen 1.5% and the energy company's increase in the order of 10%, what percentage part of the increase is attributable to the Ed Miliband factor. The value of these two questions would be to hopefully get Ed to THINK before he opens his mouth of the consequences of his words. It might also be to ensure regulators can fine the energy company's for robbing the customers with a price rise imposed on an "if that happens" basis. The committee might also consider whether, if the price increases cannot be justified by comparison to the wholesale market price increases but 4 of the 6 have all increased their prices, are they operating as a cartel? Should the latest price rises stand and Ed does not win the next election, the energy company's will have enjoyed a 10% increase in revenues for no reason and please do not expect CB to believe that, given Ed loses the next election, we will all get a 10% reduction in our energy costs. Perhaps Ofgem should get an act of parliament to secure their position free of government involvement and THEN and ONLY THEN can they get to grips with the providers. Tell CB how you feel about this point.

281.   29.10.2013.   HS2 has reared its ugly head again. The HS2 company has released a report with just 2 days to digest it before a commons vote on the project. What are they hiding? The government has revised down the benefits of HS2 from £2.50 per £1 spent on building it to £2.30 per £1 spent. We are still being "sold" on this project in that every time the  graphic of the new train is shown it has 10 or 12 carriages when those who travel on the train regularly know that the train operators run trains with as few carriages as they feel they can get away with. This is to economise on fuel but it means that all seats are full leaving many travellers standing for their journey. Why will it be different just because the train is an HS2? In truth, if we do not build this service, our kids will have to do it some 20 years or more later and the cost then will be 3 or 4 times as much. The infrastructure must be at least maintained if not improved or we are walking backwards so all detractors of the project must think again about their opposition to it. Lets stop all the bleating and get on with it. Say your piece here or forever hold it back.

280.   29.10.2013.   We constantly live in hope but why, when most of the time that hope is dashed by human behaviour. China recently got a new premier, Xi Jinping, and the world listened to him and, on his spoken word, hoped for an improvement in China. Right now, this man is chasing down any protesters, any critics of the Chinese government, arresting them supposedly for trial. Why is it that man never learns? Oppression has been shown time after time that it only serves to create big troubles for tomorrow. Intelligent leaders might listen to credible criticism and address those comments. The world is looking to China, soon to become the largest economy on the planet, for them to show true statesmanship as leaders but how they still do things does not give us much confidence. A world leading superpower cannot wear two faces and China needs to think hard and carefully about how it governs the people, how they may gain more respect around the world, how they might change home policy and foreign policy to ensure that respect. China has this leader for the next ten years and there are other politicians, currently in prison, who might give Mr. Jinping lessons in modern politics, he seems to need them. If you have a point to make on this post, do it here.

279.   27.10.2013.   Oh how CB wishes he was not writing this. There are many great musicians on this earth who have been influential in CB's life but some much more than others. Today we lost Lou Reed at the age of 71 and his music was fundamental in the building blocks of CB's love of music. Lou Reed is right up there with John Lennon (who was killed on CB's birthday), Elvis Presley who gave us rock and roll (along with others), Jimi Hendrix who re-defined the playing of the electric guitar and so many more that we have lost. CB has been digging out old vinyls, listening to the tracks by those who are still with us but it does not dull the pain of what we all lost today. Lou is gone but the love the world has for him still through his musical legacy will live on and with much thanks for his gift. Any words of tribute will be taken here if you wish to say them.

278.   26.10.2013.   And another "AT LAST". A BBC correspondent has just been talking about those companies (BT, Vodafone) who insist on payments to them being made by direct debit and any other payment method attracts a surcharge of around £4.50. It has been suggested that this is not legal and, if you have read the many posts in the past, the direct debit system is flawed and the bank's so called "direct debit guarantee system" where the bank says it will make good any wrongful debits does not work, read the small print! Too many companies have got away with this for far too long and, once again, successive governments have allowed this rip off to continue so as not to rock the boat. CB moved his business from BT when they first introduced this policy and does not use direct debit as a payment method (there are 2 exceptions in dealings with trusted companies but there are too few of those in todays world), and is now enjoying phone and broadband provision at a fraction of the cost of using BT. CB's mobile arrangements are pay as you go which has worked very well for many years and at a fraction of the cost of any contract. There will be a "debitgate" situation in the future because of the flaws in the direct debit system and, as the criminals realise that flaw and start to use it, we will see changes by the banks, not because they want to but because they HAVE to. If you have been robbed by the direct debit system and found your bank's "guarantee" system to fail you, tell CB here.

277.   26.10.2013.   AT LAST! Someone other than CB can see the rot at the centre of the British police. David Davies, writer and broadcaster, was participating on the sofa of BBC Breakfast on the BBC News channel and was discussing the "plebgate" affair". After comments reflecting CB's exact words on this, Mr. Davies said that these policemen had robbed Andrew Mitchell of a prestigious and well paid job within the government and all because of police dishonesty. His final words on the ever diminishing trust in the police force was to say that the affair had made it obvious that there was something very wrong at the heart of the police of the UK. Theresa May, Damien Green, have you started planning the top to bottom reform of our police yet? This is the biggest threat to our society and system of "justice" and you must fix it, the time is NOW! If you have a comment on this subject, please make it here.

276.   25.10.2013.   Ineos is to keep the petrochemical plant at Grangemouth open. This is after a large and humiliating climb down by the Unite union. Have they learned anything about economics? Has the politics been removed from the shop floor? The answer to both must be yes or it would not have been possible to get a £300 Million investment in a plant that is losing money. The message is to the work force, shut up, do your job but do it well. Get rid of your convenor, his agenda is not for you, it is for his beliefs (or the beliefs of the union). You have a long hard road to travel to build a lasting and productive relationship with the management but they have given you the chance so grab it. CB wishes all at Grangemouth, workers, managers and shareholders the very best for your future. Speak here if you have any comment.

275.   25.10.1013.   Ed Balls has just been on TV discussing the economy. Once again his words simply confirm how deluded the Labour Party is when they think they understand economics. Ed Balls is bleating on about falling living standards. ED, when one has tightened the belt and imposed austerity measures in order to balance the budget, living standards WILL slip back! The economy of the UK has expanded at a faster rate in the last quarter than any previous quarter since the big banking crash. CB has personal knowledge of a major European manufacturer of engineering materials starting an English office so suggesting there is investment confidence in the UK.  So, Ed, no matter how many times you said we needed "plan B", we don't, no matter how many times you said "George has got it wrong", he hasn't. After listening to you, the longer we keep the  prospect of economic bankruptcy, Labours trademark, away from high office, the more we will move towards the day when living standards can begin to rise again.  After a shaky start, we now can believe that this governments approach to the economy is correct, if only they were so good in other areas.  There is only one message here to those who are finding it hard, cut your living costs to the bone, run your house like a small business, if you have not got the cash, do not borrow, do not spend, live within your means, it does work. Say what you think here if you have any comment.

274.   25.10.2013.   As CB expected (see previous posts on this page) the revelations of Ed Snowden are far reaching. His latest is to tell us that the American spying operations were far more widespread than previously thought. It seems that 35 world leaders had their phone calls monitored. The damage to the USA now looks to be much greater than was stated in post 272. In the business of politics trust is a rare commodity and in the business of spying it is even less so, how can the USA crawl back from this one? Come on Ed, tell us all about GCHQ or, given that it is The Guardian printing the documents and that it is printed in the UK, would that information be covered up by our dirty tricks department, government or secret service? There is a serious potential here to destroy much of the work that Obama has done to bolster international concord between America and others. America may now be seen more as an enemy than as an ally by those who were friends of America. Now is a time for mankind to consider the most pressing problems on a global basis, those of the population trap and the changing weather patterns, or mans time on this planet may be limited so trust is a necessary. If the worlds number one country behaves in such a manner to it's supposed allies, what chance of we to gain co-operation amongst nations? America has put the chance of concord back by many decades. CB is at a loss to see where this might end so, if you have any clues, state them here.

273.   24.10.2013.   Theresa May has been speaking to police about the "changes" she feels are necessary in their organisation. Theresa, are you too dim to see that window dressing is not enough. You must take a torch to the UK police regime, get rid of what is there and replace it with a totally new philosophy. Scroll down and use the links given in post 268 and learn something about the shortcomings of having 43 separate police forces, instruct Damien Green to come up with a blueprint (easy peasy, it is all on those pages) and get on with cleaning house. Your continued complacency is destroying what is left of our justice system. Scroll down to see what I mean, there are numerous posts on just how that system has broken down and it is now on your watch. All objections will be read here if you use this link.

272.   24.10.2013.   America has been caught spying on the UK public but seemingly with our governments consent as GCHQ played a part. They have been caught spying on France and now Germany (they hacked Angela Merkel's mobile phone). How long will it be till America has no friends left? Their political system has the ability to bring the world's financial system to breaking point due to the USA's ongoing borrowing limit problems. They are intent on spying on those whom they call "friends". Someone should tell them that when you are on the outside looking in, it is warm and cosy inside but very cold where they will be standing. The USA government needs to get control of the "grey" people who work in their so called intelligence sector. It also needs to address the parts of their constitution that may have been good 200 years ago but in the 21st century are clearly counter productive. We may be witnessing the beginning of the Great American Decline, a large scale move by the rest of the world to take a financial holiday from trading with America and a deep mistrust that can never be healed. Those whom America love to hate, the communists, the muslims and all others deemed to be terrorists have now got justification for all they have said about America and all thanks to Mr. Snowden telling the world the truth. Seems Mr. Obama has either much to do or to stay indoors, keeping quiet till he can slink away and throw the problems to the next fool who wants to be in the White House. Speak here or forever hold your peace.

271.   24.10.2013.   Lots of hot air being talked on the energy price problem with number 10 saying that they could remove the so called "green levy" from our energy bills before the autumn statement to be given in early December. That's OK but it conflicts with the carbon promises given by our government to the international community. Such a removal might be in recognition of our current austerity program and it could be reversed in a couple of years when things have picked up. CB is sure that the UK public would be happy enough to go along with such a measure. If you agree, say so here.

270.   24.10.2013.   Some years back the UK was afflicted with a devastating disease among our farm animals, namely foot and mouth. Today we must be on our guard as a variation of this disease, namely foot IN mouth, will be on the rampage when Ed Miliband speaks to a gathering of business men. He will be firing (blanks of course) at David Cameron over current energy policy. He will conveniently forget that his "I will freeze energy prices" policy has contributed to energy price rises of between 8% and 12% and he will also ignore the fact that those business people will have grasped this from the outset. Should you scroll down to post number 267 you will see a message about responsible opposition and, clearly, Ed either did not see this post or chooses to ignore it.  This is a man who is to ask us to make him our leader and he cannot lead himself down the garden path!  There may be more on this later after CB sees how many shots Ed fires into his own foot.  Make your point here and CB may write it up for you.

269.   24.10.2013.   In an open message to the 800 newly unemployed in Grangemouth, politics does not belong on the shop floor, it only opens the doors to the dole queue! Now your pockets know this, perhaps you should elect a Grangemouth workers spokesman to negotiate on behalf of yourselves and not politics OR Unite to strike a deal with those whom you are asking to stump up £300 Million to provide a future for you AND the company. Perhaps you might advise Unite that you will not negotiate with them until your convener has been relieved of his job and perhaps you might ask Unite to write to each one of you individually guaranteeing that politics will never again be a part of any negotiations between yourselves and the Grangemouth management. This may well be the cement under the foundations to secure Grangemouth in a way that might provide the shareholders with the confidence to go forward, provide the investment and forget the past. This may not be enough because the previous investment appears to have been compromised by Unite and politics and now you are wanting more money to be put in. Take your futures into your own hands, look after yourselves and dish out a lesson to all unions that their job is to look after the members, not the political position of the conveners! Good luck and ask here if you think CB can help with advice.

268.   23.10.2013.   Isn't it a state of affairs when we must convene the Home Affairs Select Committee to get the senior police officers of 3 different forces to reconsider disciplinary proceedings against the 3 liars in the plebgate debacle. These senior officers are showing in all it's colours the "close ranks, cover up and protect our own" policy that has protected bad coppers for far too long now. The police are taught to lie as part of the job, as in the business of "making the book" where 2 or more officers conspire to ensure that what is in each officers pocket book matches up for court statement purposes. The truth is that this is a conspiracy (a crime which carries 7 years in prison minimum) and when repeating this in court, at least one of the officers is committing perjury as the words he reads out are not his own original words, they are a result of the conspiracy. Damien Green should be writing the blueprint right now for a full reformation of the UK police and CB suggests he reads the pages on "Policemen" and "The Police" which can be found on this site. When the true Hillsborough findings come out he will have a fait accompli in this area. Have your say here.

267.   23.10.2013.   CB was at the dentist and so missed Prime Ministers Questions today. There was, however, over the last few days, a number of government statements and the usual opposition replies. It seems that Ed Miliband has not yet understood his involvement in the recent energy price rises, attributable to his saying he would freeze energy prices. He does not get it that, in view of his statement, the energy companies are putting increases in place possibly as a hedge against the chance of Labour winning the next election. This man does not see the damage his words can do. Opposition is a responsible part of the Commons but it is also a good way for the electorate to judge the opposition parties and, when the opposition never shows us well thought through policies as an alternative to the government position, the damage they do is to themselves. When such policies ARE published and they do damage to the economy or a section of it, how can the voters feel confident in the opposition parties? Step down off your cloud Ed, see the world in action, join in, we will let you. Comments are gratefully received here.

266.   23.10.2013.   The petrochemical plant at Grangemouth is to close, probably bringing into question the continued viability of the oil refinery which will stay open for now. The union has been doing their usual, demand, demand, demand without any consideration for the financial viability of the company. Seems they are to reap all that they sowed with 800 job losses. Perhaps the first job to go should be the dim witted union convenor that talked his members out of work just in time for Christmas. One day the workers might see that the hard left politics of some unions does not compute with todays economics. Should they get there, they might do well to consider the personal politics of those who stand for office. Problems of viability can be  addressed by negotiation between two willing sides but, if one side deals in ultimatum discussion only, then there is no way forward and Grangemouth shows this to be true.  Jobs are not there as a right, they have to be earned by honest work and good management and they are only maintained by the mutual participation of both sides  to ensure future profitability.  Those negotiating the future of the refinery might do well to look at history, look to the Isle of Dogs in Kent where very large refinery installations are no longer there. All comment can be made here.

265.   18.10.2013.   Yesterday, Prince Charles addressed pension providers. The Prince has, in the past, been discounted by many politicians and others for his outre point of view, for being a "tree hugger" and for being out of step with the world. The content of his speech yesterday made CB wonder if he had been reading every word on this site. His grasp of the global threats posed to mankind, all self inflicted, was excellent. His knowledge of the history of these problems such as the change in weather patterns and the population trap was deadly accurate. His grasp of the implications of the world having to deal with the financial position regarding care of the elderly, the fragility of the world monetary system and the fact that the world cannot feed everyone at a ceiling of 7 billion people with that figure set to rise to 9 or 10 billion within the next 40 years showed a good sense of economics. It is time to realise that Prince Charles has much to say and that he is accurate and believable. Perhaps, if others around the world and in positions of power showed the same level of intelligence we might start to deal with these problems. CB will, in future, pay much more attention to the opinions expressed by Prince Charles and it is also very relevant that there are more than just CB on this planet that can see the oncoming dangers to the sustained presence of man on this planet. Any out there who agree might let CB know here.

264.   16.10.2013.   OK, we have seen the new lottery idea from Camelot. The midweek jackpot is around £2.5 Million and this Saturday the rollover is £6.2 Million. That puts the "increased" jackpot around half a million more than it was in midweek and the Saturday jackpot at £3.7 million. OK, there are those £20,000 draws but, just as CB said even though Camelot promised better jackpots, the "new" jackpots are limited because many of those who used to pay £1 per line would not swallow the doubling of their costs. If this is to be the norm, CB can see the lottery draw fading into the distance. That would pretty much ensure that Camelot would have a hard time winning the new franchise when it comes around again. They could win by default if nobody else saw a chance to make it work all over again and didn't bid. Greed always kills the golden goose and after so many lessons they could take from history, Camelot were still wearing the rose coloured glasses. Maybe the suggestion made earlier on this page to have the Home Affairs Select Committee ask some pointed questions of Camelot should be considered by the chair, Keith Vaz. This price rise appears to have been done to assist Camelot to reboot the lottery for more profit but also to assist them in marketing the "still only £1 per line" health lottery. What do you think? Tell CB here.

263.   15.10.2013.   The IPCC has published its findings on the so named "plebgate" affair. They say the "honesty and integrity" of 3 police officers has been called into question. Nevertheless, there will be no action taken against these officers so, yet again, the man stands above the law. These "gentlemen" cost this country the services of an excellent MP who was a Tory whip and they pay nothing back. Now the Chief Officers of 3 different police forces are doing the usual, they refuse to apologise and are in denial as they cannot see when they have misused and abused their position and power. This is how they learn to behave on the job and it has been the same for decades. Come on Theresa May and Damian Green, it HAS to be time to reorganise from top to bottom this jaded and untrustworthy police force. Best be seen to do something now as, when the full report on the Hillsborough affair comes out, you may have no choice. Our social system can no longer afford to support a force that is so insular that they have lost sight of when they are doing right or when they are totally misusing and abusing their power. If you have a point of view, express it here.

262.   14.10.2013.   This is a sad post and the completion of post number 260. CB's friend did get in touch. She had told CB that she had some mental health issues but that as never apparent to CB and, as a past sufferer, CB does understand depression. CB has a reputation with regular readers for honesty, accuracy and no punches pulled so now CB has to maintain that stance. CB realised years ago that depression is a self inflicted problem and those with strength of mind can think their own way out of depression but, never the less, CB gave this friend his word that she would never suffer again as he would stand beside her and help her through. She is obviously in the middle of a serious bout of depression but she has asked to be left alone. She has asked CB not to get in touch so how can CB keep his promise? This is a very hard moment for CB as when he gives his word, he keeps it but, this time, how can he? In truth, CB has a lot on his plate for a retired gentleman in the near future. There are places to go, things to do and CB is better off without baggage so he can get on with tomorrow but CB is feeling so sad that he is being barred from keeping his word and his promise to his friend but it is her decision. As you might well realise, in depression, she cannot be making the right decisions but to butt in would be invasive so, if any of you can help CB to help her, your advice is desperately needed here. If CB cannot find a way to help her, he will do the usual, get on with tomorrow but there will be a tear in his eye, maybe more than one. Sorry, my sweets, really didn't see or want this.

261.   13.10.2013.   We have 4 working days left before the potential for America to default on it's international debts comes home. The Tea Party, a small right wing faction within the Republicans, seems to be calling the shots. Perhaps the Republican Party should now show some initiative and slap the Tea Party into place. The fundamental flaws in the Constitution have been sorely exposed in this debacle and Barak Obama should be looking at bringing the Constitution up to date to reflect the changing world in which we live. America's economic recovery must have been damaged by this as those country's that buy from America must surely be looking to move their purchasing power to other suppliers in other countries. With a bit of luck, perhaps the American voters might have now learned that a vote for the Republicans is a vote against America and it's better interests and also that vote would be against the American man in the street. In a two party state, this would give free rein to the Democrats in future years which is exactly the situation the flawed Constitution tried to guard against. This is the base reason why CB thinks Mr. Obama's best work over 8 years would be to start the changes to the Constitution that appear to be needed. The alternative is to watch the decline of America in the modern world, the economic move to others and America's influence in world affairs sliding down the snake when America always was on the ladder. This could be a fundamental shift in the future of this world and as long as that move is more "back to nature" then we are finally moving in the right direction. Should ba an interesting week if only it were not quite so serious. CB detests the "politics over the people" situation that this affair has unwrapped and is hopeful of good sense finally breaking into this political stand off. Tell CB here if you do not agree.

260.   13.10.2013.   Just by way of a change CB is writing something personal. Quite recently CB made a new friend, chatting on Facebook, both of us taking the plunge and meeting in person. It was an excellent meeting and we did good. This was a lovely intelligent lady. Last night we were chatting on Facebook and she disappeared. It seems Facebook advised her that her account had been phished and they had cancelled it. She advised CB by email but, without going into detail, the whole episode blew up out of all logical proportion and we are not friends any more. CB has won a few and lost a few over the years but this loss of such a lovely friend is very painful. CB has messaged her to leave the door open but the damage seems to have been done and, in the event of no reply, CB will not make any further contact. CB has answered a message on Facebook and is happy to confirm he valued this lady and her friendship however, if she does not respond, then it seems that CB was the active participant in the friendship and she was just playing at it. Facebook have much to answer to as their system security MUST be suspect (as long as CB has been told the truth). If that is the case, CB wonders just how many Facebook users have been compromised in this way and, of course, all the friends of those who are hacked must be at risk too. It is hard enough in this life to make new and quality friendships without having third parties spoiling things. CB does hope that this friend gets in touch as CB would love to repair the situation. Perhaps this feedback might help.

259.   12.10.2013.   The media don't seem too happy about the new Royal Charter but they have a point. It was the media that exposed the thieving of the taxpayers money through the expenses scandal. If they had been under the control of the politicians a cover up would have been inevitable. Trouble is, the media have shown us that they cannot be trusted either. Back to Leveson. This Royal Charter MUST be underpinned by legislation, sorry David Cameron, you have to do this. Not many invites to dinner in Oxfordshire when you do it but it is the only way to shut all the mouthing down. You will have to make some new friends if you want a free dinner with your social life but you cannot dither any longer on thgis one. Legislation, however, has to be passed by the politicians so there is no way out. CB thinks that if the Chair of the Home Office Select Committee, Keith Vaz, were to be the drafter and presenter of the media control bill, many would trust the thinking and content. Leveson would be satisfied, the media would just have to eat it, the Charter could have rights associated with a "free press" and CB believes that VazK would deliver. Now Mr. C. what do you think of that?

258.   12.10.2013.   All of you voters who pay gas and electricity bills say thank you to Ed Miliband. He has, once again, opened his mouth without thinking. He promised you he would freeze energy prices. In response to this, one major supplier has added over 8% to your bills as of next month and the others will foillow suit. This is most likely to insure their income revenues should the UK be stupid enough to put Ed and his bunch back in charge. These providers are all in the middle of high investment into the infrastructure and an adequate cash flow is required to ensure the completion of such projects and there is much more to be done Ed's policy would ensure the mothballing of such projects to try to avoid blackouts. Now he is bleating about the price the Post Office shares were offered at. His words merely underline the lack of any knowledge of money, finance, investment or economics that he and his team have. If we knew what tomorrow would bring we could all back the winning horse and retire. A share offer has to be priced at a level that guarantees success. That means they will be offered at a discount but getting that discount right is just another gamble. Accountants may advise as to their idea of what the company is worth and that will assist the initial pricing. The open market has put a much higher value on the post office, hence the current share price. Nobody can judge with any accuracy what the market is going to think or do. Keep it up Ed, as long as you are in charge, Labour will not win in 2015 but, in the mean time, when trying to catch votes, don't hurt the people because THEY are the ones who vote, get it? All response to CB here.

257.   10.10.2013.   Malala wins the European Sakharov Prize for Human Rights. If the dimwitted gunmen of the Taleban had got the brains to think it through and realise what an international force for womens rights in the state of Islam she may become they would have been forgiven for eating their own bullets. Many people suffer their lives, the successful enjoy theirs but the few that have their lives thrust upon them get no rest. They have to be up to the job but it seems that life picks them for their abilities. Mandiba (Nelson Mandela) had this happen but just look at what a high quality human being he became from it. CB hopes Malala will be the same but, having heard her speak at such a tender age, he has no fears as long as she learns to dodge the bullets. Her stand has shown the world what an evil belief the Taleban hold and her work is a testament to the evil of belief. Once you believe, you are capable of anything inhuman BECAUSE you DO believe (that you and only you can be right). Ergo, religion is evil, just basic logic. If CB offends you because you are religious, just consider that you do not need to belong to a club to have faith in God, it is a personal thing that you practise in your own heart and mind. You do not need to go to church, read a specific book, obey man made rituals all of which are falsehoods. John Lennon got it right ("Imagine no religion") and if we all agreed, what the hell could most of us find to fight about? Cool, calm and reasoned comment can be given to CB here but no fanatics please.

256.   10.10.2013   The Prime Minister of Libya, Ali Zeidan, has been abducted reportedly by a team of government security police. CB hopes the anger within them that made them do this is not sufficient to incite them to violence towards him and that they release him now they have made their point. It is suggested that they have taken him because they suspect his complicity in the American smash and grab raid that got them a senior Al Qaeda leader from Tripoli. Brings a whole new point of view to the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", doesn't it? Once again, given the Al Qaeda connection, the finger points straight back to Islam, unless you know better. OOPS, they let him go and he is supposed to be unharmed. Tough interview and I bet they don't get the job.

255.   10.10.2013.   In the news today is the possibility of an anti dementia pill. What a good discovery but it will be 10 years before it is on the market. Dementia is a nasty illness as the sufferer is not those who have it, they are usually blissfully unaware of their condition. The sufferer is the family and those who love the person who contracts the condition and are forced to see the degeneration of a once happy and useful person. Not many to get hurt if CB gets it then! CB once met a beautiful and lovely lady on the Black Isle in Scotland called Maggie. She had a disease, MN possibly, where she was in a wheel chair with no control over her limbs, facial contortions, no discernable speech function but if you took the time and paid attention (that means really listen)  you could get what she was trying to say. The deal here is it must be the worst prison of all time because her mind was as sharp as it ever was but shut away in a useless body. Nothing fair about life on this planet but, hey, we all live and love it. Tell CB here if you know a sufferer of a particularly nasty disease and how it affects you.

254.   07.10.2013.   We have a reshuffle of some of the middle and lower level ministers. Does this mean some new sounds on our stereo or just the same old CD's, played in a different order? CB will say more on this when we get a full list of changes or, maybe, you might suggest a change or two here.

253.   07.10.2013.   Today is the first day of the "new" NCA (National Crime Agency), billed as the UK's FBI. This is another example of the government doing just enough to have something to crow about whilst not changing the status quo. Let us ask ourselves if the NCA will stop someone being killed at the hands of an armed response officer who may be suffering from gun rush? Will this stop the misuse or abuse of power by officers or forces? Will this stop the dishonesty of our senior police officers? Will this ensure there will never be another Hillsborough or that no senior officer will be able to interfere with an ongoing investigation? Will this stop the "making our book" practice where two or more officers agree what to put in their notebooks whilst having a cuppa in the canteen (a practice that suggests that every time two or more officers make statements in a court from those books, one or more of them is committing perjury)? No is the answer. We will still have 43 forces, 43 Chief Officers, 43 Assistant Chief Officers, 43 chances of "post code" justice, unlimited days per year where officers have a paid day off to play golf, snooker, football etc. against another force and that happens regularly. We will still have the same training regime, the same insular culture within the police, the same hint of racism in the way they carry out their duties. The NCA might be more effective at cyber crime because of data sharing with Europol and Interpol and other agencies but until the police are totally reformed we will not have moved forward. The respect of our justice system is at high risk until something is done about the police and it needs more than cosmetics. You are free to agree with CB here.

252.   04.10.2013.   Now Ed Miliband is in a battle with the Daily Mail. Who gives a shit about which of them is right? The REAL truth is the regulatory body that should be there and, according to the report, should be underpinned by law is not yet running. It will NOT be underpinned by law because David Cameron needed to keep his pals in the media happy! If the media regulators were in place and underpinned by legislation then Miliband could go to them and get a definitive answer but, hey, he is a politician so he knows how it works. Is that why he is going the way he is going? Yes, of course it is and it shows us all that the quangoes that are our supposed protectors are of no use at all. They are window dressing for successive governments that want us to think that they are protecting us when they do what they do to protect themselves before they protect us. One day, maybe the big item of news will show this quango crap up for what it is and we might get real protection. The truth is we empower MP's by election but we need to see some level of control in place to stop them looking after themselves before they see to our needs, if that were in place we might never have seen them dipping their hands into our pockets to provide their expenses. One day we may learn? If you want to speak, do so here.

251.   04.10.1013.   There is a new argument about where the new HS2 should stop in Sheffield. A new station at Meadowhall would serve Sheffield AND Rotherham AND Barnsley so it is right to put it there. Sheffield Midland Station wants it to be there but, if you read post number 245 on this page, you will see why it should NOT be there. Why make the travelling public suffer the sick cows who work on that station? Lets build Meadowhall, develop it and then we can move all local rail traffic away from the centre of Sheffield to a friendly and welcoming station. David Horne, MD of East Midland Trains or any sick cows can protest here but CB will not bother with their rubbish.

250.   04.10.2013.   There is a piece in todays TV news about forced marriages. What a sick world it is when we still have this happening. This is nothing less than selling your own daughter for money. This is a part of Islam. a deal to promote or enrich the family of the trafficed daughter. When will the world wake up to the sickness and danger that we tolerate under the name of Islam? This is a society where the men all wish to be in total control of women, something we see as psychopathic behaviour in our world unless it is disguised under the banner of belief or religion. These people are wanting the world to be as it was in the middle ages, hundreds of years ago. Well, the men do, what of the women? Without the intellectual input of women, this world would be a dead place but the Islamists want to shut their women away. They want not to hear from them, they make them cover up their heads when in public, they keep them only for use in the bed. How sick is this belief? Let the middle east happen, let us be pushed into dealing with it and when those in the front line have had enough, out come the big guns and we can rid the earth of some of it's insanity and that will be a good day for mankind. If man is to have a future, he/she must wake up, see the truth and put things right or that future will not come, man will self destruct. Islam, tell CB what you will do to him here so it can be published and further condemn your insanity. CB will also crack your reply back to your ISP so that Interpol can lock you up with the rest of the terrorists.

249.   04.10.2013.   Do you remember that song "What a Difference a Day Made" sung by Dinah Washington, Brenda Lee and Aretha Franklin? It came to CB's mind after the short trip he has just returned from. It was a mini cruise with National Holidays to Bruges where you get the ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge overnight on a Tuesday, have a day in Bruges on the Wednesday and come home that night so you really are only away for 48 hours. Well, just read this for a trip. CB went to Leeds at 12.35 on Tuesday 1st, arriving at 13.25, just enough time to go from the coach station to The Palace pub where real ales are sold and what a good pub, especially if you want to eat. The National coach to Hull was due to leave at 14.10 but it left at 14.35 but no problem. Hull at about 16.00 but due to serious mismanagement by either National or P&O ferries we sat for 90 minutes before we could get on the ferry. This ferry leaves at 18.30 and arrives in Zeebrugge around 08.30 and this trip, both ways, it was rocking and rolling so those who get sea sick had a hard trip, CB never has and CB has crossed the Atlantic 3 times on liners, one trip passing through a very ugly storm. Now, there is little to do except have a few beers and watch the show so CB did this. The entertainments manager on this trip was a girl from Liverpool called Jillian. She could be a top class actress as she introduced a vocal duo and then Jilly did the bingo. She is a blonde haired girl with very thick black rimmed specs and she plays the Hi-Dee-Hi part to excellence but. 10 minutes after she has done the bingo, she is on stage without the specs, doing covers and she plays the sax, and she is an excellent entertainer. CB  spoke to her and found that she had written a song of her own but more of that later. OK, we leave the ferry at around 09.00 and the coach takes 30 minutes to get to Bruges. There is now only 1 designated dropping off point for coaches and it is a lay by in north Bruges. You walk across the road where there is a bus stop to take you for about 2 euros into central Bruges but the walk is better. If you cross the bridge into the park you have a 20 minute walk by the river and you arrive in Vrijdagmarkt which is a big square, lots of shops and bars. There is a street from the middle of this square going downhill into the Markt square in central Bruges. This feels like a pedestrian precinct as the road is a cobbled street but so are the pavements BUT vehicles do use this street so take care. There are so many ace shops but, on the way down on the right there is a large church and on the corner there is the cafe Laurent, an excellent place for a coffee and some food. Now Belgian chocolate is famous but so expensive but, about 4 doors down from Laurent there is a shop called Hema where the chocs are very affordable. Further down the road, again on the right, there is a square where the Pizza Hut is and opposite that is Jerrys Cigar Bar. This is the epitome of the beautiful serenity, class and civilisation that Belgium has, CB wishes England still had it too. Jerry has cigars from all over the world. As you walk in there is a glass display case of exotic pipes. There is a sales desk where they like to take British sterling. Jerry had a 50 gramme sleeve of Golden Virginia at £5.40 but, given the exchange rate moves, CB bought at £5.30 so 30 sleeves were taken (20 is the customs and excise guidelines but legally, you can take more as long as you can persuade them you are not a baccy smuggler). He has a large glass case full of spirits. Opposite that is a Humidor behind sliding glass doors where there are 5 tables, a bench seat and various other arm chairs and here you can have a coffee (with complementary shot of Amaretto) and YOU CAN SMOKE! further inside there is a bar and tables. This is the most excellent place to spend your time and money and, given a nice day, there are tables and chairs outside too. This is the right place to buy your cigs and tobacco. So, CB having acquired the baccy, went down the road into Markt Square. There is an open air market only on Wednesdays selling bedding plants and similar. There is the government building which is beautifully built, a large church, horse drawn carriages, in all it is idyllic. CB used the Grand Cafe which has a large outdoor serving area but, if it is a bit chilly, they have a heated verandah so you can drink and smoke in the warm. Now, here CB met 6 people, 4 girls and 2 guys who were his heroes. They were in Europe for a conference but normally reside and work in the USA. This was the Mozilla development team who write Firefox and Thunderbird. They are CB's heroes because CB hates windoze, he uses Linux, currently Megeia 2 (formerly Mandrake and Mandriva) and has installed Firefox and Thunderbird on all the PC's he has prepped over many years. What a magical meeting. Now it is time to make our way back so it is a slow trek up the hil to Vrijdagmarkt. Once up there CB went into the first bar he ever used in Bruges and re-made the friendship with the lady who runs it BUT, her partner was there and he has interests in bars and restaurants in Bruges. CB discussed his business consultancy history with this guy and the potential exists for CB to have a week over there to help him expand his businesses. He would do well to get in touch as CB has a novel idea to combine a pub with a restaurant and live entertainment in a way that is very new.  If that was not enough, we get back on the ferry and it is time to watch the show. Now eating is expensive on P&O. There is the restaurant where a rib eye steak is £17 but the starter is £5 and the sweet is £5 and a glass of wine is more than that so take care. There is another eaterie where starter/main and sweet is £18.50 but it is a "take what you want" deal so, CB had the rib eye on the way out but on the homeward bound trip, used the carvery. £18.50 got CB an oxtail soup starter. The main course was 2 slices of roast pork, 2 large racks of barbecue ribs, 3 chicken legs and various veg. The sweet was Black Forest Gateau with cream so it was good value for money. Now it is show time in the bar, where smooth flow Bass is £3.30 a pint so it is not a rip off. Jillian came to talk to CB and CB persuaded her to finish her spot with her own song, which she had never performed to other people before. She absolutely creamed them and all the talk on the smoke deck afterwards was about her own song. CB asked her how it felt to perform her own work and she said it was a feeling like she had never known before so CB has asked Jill to keep in touch as he wants to help her move from the boats to the O2 arena. This will happen if she writes more original work and we may see a sister site to caustic-bytes and The Universe Explained where you can hear and buy via download Jillian's work, CB hopes she does get in touch. Now, what about that for a trip????? That was no trip, it was just another adventure in one mans life! More of the ongoing adventures of CB will be here when they happen, If you like this kind of post instead of the usual politics and world affairs, tell CB here.

248.   01.10.2013.    Cretinism is alive and well in America, it lives in the hearts and minds of the Republican Party. As America shuts down at great cost to the people (the same people that the Tea Party think and say they are protecting) the rest of the world is braced to take the cost. Where do we find some sanity in a world that can be held to ransom over politics? Maybe it is time for the American people to have a say. If the whole country went on strike, demanding political reform so that this cannot happen again then the mental amoeba's of the Tea Party might be pushed into oblivion. Perhaps the rest of the world might speak by sourcing the goods they need from any country other than America. Something has to give here and it should not be the majority that does the giving. A world wide embargo against American products might jolt the American man in the street into action but rest assured, this state of affairs cannot be allowed to become the norm, it MUST change. A world wide embargo such as has just been described would divorce us all from the American insanity and they could be left to play games all day long, it would not hurt us. The rest of the world has lived in the shadow of America for far too long now, having to put up with various wars, usually fought because of money and not the "anti terrorism" banner attached to them and now is a good time to start the move away from that scene. Here is the place for you to have your opinion.  

247.   30.09.2013.   CB has just watched George Osborne's speech in Manchester. Lots of party stuff, lots of back slapping and most of it for David Cameron, shall we christen them  "The Tight Two"?  Much mention of "Conservative  Policies" and hardly any mention of  the input from the Lib Dems. Over all this was a very good speech and quite well delivered. Three years in the Treasury has allowed George to mature and CB has learned some respect. If only CB could say that about David Cameron. CB is not a leftie, nor is he a liberal and all the Cameron bashing on this page is only for the reason that CB had great hopes for this government and for David Cameron's leadership. Sadly the big let down is David's failure to be mister honest, his failure to deliver on his promises and his apparent decisions to water down measures that should have been full on as he seems to have helped his friends before the country. Sad to watch some develop and mature into their jobs when the one you really had faith in has not. Any who agree or disagree with this point of view are welcome to tell CB with this link.

246.   30.09.2013.   The government will get a bashing for their new "Help to Work" policy. It is right they should do all they can to improve the benefits system but there is a danger in this move. The danger is that some people unavailable for work for health reasons might be thrown into this policy by some jobsworth down the line. People with mental health problems are most vulnerable to this and CB can see the usual situation where the few are tarred with a brush not made for their backs because of the system abusers.  Mr. Osborne needs to be sure there are some safeguards within this move but the thinking is right. If this policy were used to give proper work experience to the long term unemployed as opposed to using them to fill gaps in council services (road sweeping and other mundane social services) then they would be being prepared for work. The friendships with other employees, the  feeling that there is somewhere to belong, that they are doing something worthwhile and are earning more because of it are all  things long lost by the long term claimants and re-educating them in these skills is a big part of changing their thinking from benefit culture to  a social status culture.  Mr. Osborne, good luck but be careful.  CB would like to hear from you.

245.   30.09.2013.    A good friend of CB's has just been fined for "unacceptable behaviour on the railways". He was returning from a few days in South Wales and fell asleep on the train (he had a long session with friends the night before). He woke up to see the sign for Stockport station where he had to detrain to catch a connection to Sheffield. He grabbed his bag and dived off the train, only to realise that he had left his walking stick on the train. DISASTER, but the transport police officer at Stockport assisted CB's pal from platform 1 to platform 0 to get his connection to Sheffield. Once on this platform the officer got on his phone, called Manchester Piccadilly and arranged for the cane to be rescued, labelled for the Sheffield information desk and put on the next train from Manchester to Sheffield, which run more or less hourly. CB's pal got his connection but fell asleep again, waking to see the Sheffield sign and, therefore, another hurried detrain. He went to the Sheffield Tap and got a pint and, after consuming this, went to the info desk to report the events and ask them to hold the cane for him. At the desk he was kept standing around by one Dawn Naughton, information officer, who was shuffling papers but seemingly doing nothing. CB's pal asked if she might find the time to help him but was unprepared for the reply. He was greeted with a couldn't care less attitude. Things like "it's not our job", "it will have to go to lost property" and so no. After attempting to impress the need for the cane to help him walk he was still faced with a no go area and told "if it gets here, we will not accept it". When asked if they could phone Stockport the answer was "it's nothing to do with us" and "we have no phone number for Stockport". CB's pal was totally frustrated and walked away towards the pub, using a few choice words of Kings English as he left. Next thing he was invited to leave the pub by transport police. He was interviewed for over 20 to 30 minutes and the officer then said he would escort CB's pal to the taxi rank. Please note that a police officer, when talking to anyone who appears to be under the influence, they must arrest them in the interests of the safety of that person, other persons and to ensure that, should a subsequent accident or incident occurs, the police cannot be held liable. No such arrest was effected. During the escort proceedure, the officer was called to a proper incident leaving CB's pal on his own. As CB's pal made his way to the taxi rank, the info desk supervisor, one Julie Shuttleworth, was stood outside the station shouting to the taxi rank controller "don't put him in a cab, he's too drunk". This is a person who knew CB's pal needed a cane, had not got his but she tried to stop him getting a cab. A driver who knew CB's pal took him as he worked with a cab company who CB's pal had used for over 25 years. Next thing, CB's pal was summonsed under a very obscure bye law for the offence stated. He pleaded guilty by post and was fined £50 with costs. He pleaded guilty as he is well aware of our "justice" system as described on this page and this site and knew the status quo. He wrote a statement which was truthful, did not offer excuses, did not beg for mercy, offered no apology to the women concerned but just asked the magistrate to treat him fairly. Legal opinion was that the magistrate would hanner him with a big fine but the magistrate obviously had sympathy. Now CB has a lady friend who used to work near this info desk and, when told this story said, "I know that controller, I used to keep my distance because she is a nasty piece of work". Perhaps it is this nasty personality that influences the attitude of this "help" desk. Stagecoach owns East Midlands Trains who own and manage Sheffield Midland Station. East Midland Trains is managed by David Horne, managing director. Mr Horne might do well to review the ongoing training of the desk staff. As CB's pal is over 60, did they consider that he might be suffering the onset of early dementia (he has spoken to his doctor about that potential)? Were they concerned that he would have great trouble because they refused to simply accept the stick and hand it over? Maybe next time the person they treat so badly might be a Stagecoach share holder and these questions might come up at the AGM. CB's pal has transferred his travel arrangements to National Express, much cheaper and he has never had a bad minute with any of their staff. The slogan "let the train take the strain" is very accurate because the station staff cause the strain, best use the coach and it is half the price. Tell CB if you have had shit from these women.

244.   30.09.2013.   Once again the American political system is airing it's dirty laundry in public. The eyes of the world are constantly on America's economic position and for that reason, they are on the Republicans. They are willing to bring America's economy to a standstill for the sake of political grandstanding, regardless of world opinion.  So far, the Democrats are seemingly behaving  responsibly, unlike their counterparts.  The diehard reppos will think their representatives are stars but the world will be horrified that they hold politics way over good sense.  CB does hope that the American voters will remember these actions when it comes to the next election.  Americans surely do not want an irresponsible bunch of cretins running the States and the world does not want that either.  CB wonders when the Americans will wake up to the fact that  their political system is in urgent need of a full reform to provide  a more stable and workable political environment where business can be done without the constant kicking of political footballs.  This matters  so much more because the American economy  is relied upon by so much of the non American world.  Mr. Obama, maybe your swan song should be the formulation and instigation of  political reform, what say you?

243.   29.09.2013.   The Chief of Police in Durham, Mike Barton, has called for the decriminalisation of class A drugs in the UK. Has he been reading the page on this site entitled "The War on Drugs", first published on here 7 years ago? Is it possible that some hint of sense and intelligence is appearing amongst those who hold the power? No, David Cameron says "no change is needed, the current policy is working". He should ask the Mexican Government how many law officers have been killed in this unecessary war. He should count how many are costing the taxpayer millions to keep them in prison. Just another reason why Cameron is not what we need in the May 2015 elections. Say your piece here.

242.   25.09.2013.   A good friend of CB's was doing a bit of shopping on The Moor in Sheffield the other day. He bought a quality bag for a very reasonable price on the open air market. This is a long established market but the city council  is to cut down the number of days they can trade.  Needless to say, there is a petition  to stop the council going against long established licences held by the traders but it is always hard to oppose those with all the power. Why should they be doing this? Is it because the new indoor market that is at the bottom of The Moor has already got some of the tenants moved in even though construction is still ongoing? Is there another interest driving the council? Why should the council listen to any other outside influence as to do so might just smell a little fishy. It is hoped that the petition is big enough to stop the council and, if required, why do we not press for some enquiry into the situation? Council be warned, these market traders have many friends. Reply here if you wish.

241.   25.09.2013.   If any one doubted CB's words expressed in post number 239 they can now see the truth. Ed Miliband, with his vote catching carrot of hammering the energy company's has shown us how little he understands of business and the associated economics. Today a couple of the largest energy providers has seen about £1 Billion wiped off their value as their shares slid downhill very fast because of Ed's words. That lowers the energy providers ability to raise finance, how much they can borrow and at what price they can borrow at. The shareholders will not be happy and Mr. Miliband should realise that this may well have an impact on the ability of these companys to continue the ongoing investment programs they are committed to. That little idea of buying votes from the people by flying a popular flag, when not thoroughly thought through just underlines that to elect Miliband, Balls and the rest of that crew will put economic novices in charge of the country's purse. The UK cannot afford any more of the profligacy of the left until the purse has been properly refilled and the purse strings have been in the hands of those who know economics well but, hey, when all is good again should we be so stupid as to hand a full purse to them? CB says not but you can have your say here.

240.   25.09.2013.   You have seen the new Camelot adds begging you to buy the National Health lottery tickets at "still just £1". This is because the original lottery will go up from £1 per line to £2 per line from Saturday 5th October. In value for money terms the NHS lottery is very poor as it only pays out a maximum prize and is no where near the old jackpot. For years now that jackpot has been falling back and now, the dopes that run Camelot think the "new lottery" will have bigger jackpots. They also think that more people will play the health lottery. Do they not see what is coming? CB will play on the 5th as there are numerous chance draws but after that date he will play neither the lottery nor the health lottery. CB will stick with the Euromillions only. CB thinks that between those who stop playing the lottery, those who play a reduced number of lines and and the increase in cost, the likelihood of bigger jackpots is slim. Camelot will bump them up to start with from their, probably substantial, reserve funds but it is likely when it all settles down that the curtrent jackpot levels will stay. Camelot should look at the golden goose and see the numerous bullet holes, all inflicted by their greed with the multitude of scratch cards and realise that it is dead. Wouldn't it be a good idea for the Home Affairs Select Committee to ask Camelot to explain how much they have held back from the players and the recipients of grants to build up their reserve fund? What a great idea to closely inspect their operation of the lottery as such knowledge would be very useful when considering the next franchise. Richard Branson was interested in having it but he also made comments about thinking it was immoral that a common man could suddenly become rich and he suggested that the whole format should be re-jigged to many more prizes but of a much smaller value. That philosophy would kill off the lottery all together so great care must be taken when awarding the franchise and all knowledge of the operation of the lottery, in that situation, would assist the franchise committee to make a better informed decision. CB thinks that within a few short months we will see Camelot taking yet another reformation of the lottery when they see the truth on the balance sheet. Justice might see them reaping a bitter reward for their greed, what say you?

239.   25.09.2013.   Ed Miliband is blatantly trying to hoodwink the UK voters into believing he is people oriented with his onslaught on the energy industry. Yes they could do with some extra controls but the UK voter is much more upset with the banks and this should come first. Miliband is taking on a fight which he feels he can win and, if he were to address the banks, he knows he would lose. The banks have way too much power from the amount of revenue the Treasury derives from their operations. He can only ultimately lose in the long run by selective governance such as this proposal. The banks may well be dealt with IF Europe takes the fight on (see the page on the complaint against the banks) and you can read this complaint in pdf format on that page. This problem with the power generators would not be on the table if the UK government, whichever party or group of parties forms it, heeded the advice given on the page regarding a modern western civilised government. That is the only way that any government could guarantee the life basics which it is their job to underpin! So, once again we are fogged with sleaze politics designed only to win votes for a failed party, a party which would not address the most serious issues such as reforming the police, dealing with the banks, reforming the UK political system and many other issues that politicians really want to go away. Kid yourself not, the Tories are just the same. The UK social system could be transformed for the better if we persuaded our MP's to deal with these needs. When the final report on the activities of the police in the Hillsborough affair is published (and if it goes far enough) the public will get a wake up call about the police and the need to reform them (see the page on "The Police" for more clarity) and just such an expose would be exactly the right time to do this.  If Europe does not take the bait over the banking system the UK voters will watch the bankers stealing billions every year  of the company's assets that they should be protecting and calling it a bonus. Finally, as long as the MP's maintain the status quo in UK politics we will be voting for and paying politicians to sit on their fat flaccids, grabbing what they can get away with on their expenses, looking after their own interests and the interests of those who find a way to influence them and leaving the voter with nothing to show. The UK needs a revolution but one driven by an honest man who will see through the changes needed and expressed in this post. Can any of you readers see a man or woman who could and would do this? If you can, then tell CB who that is and we can mount a movement for May 2015 to get that person elected as the next leader of the future of the UK. That would be fun.

238.   24.09.2013.   The Godfrey Bloom affair is a total farce. Mr. Bloom attributes his disparaging remarks towards women as "just a joke". CB can see that what was said, in the company of known good friends, would probably cause quite a laugh but a man in the position of Mr. Bloom, a serving MEP, needs to closely consider what the general public might make of what he said. They, and the press, were not privy to the circumstances surrounding the "joke" and will therefore and inevitably be taking the words out of context. In public life you give up freedoms that others normally enjoy and you have the duty to wield your mouth with some discretion. Never mind, if UKIP are to make electoral gains they must pay the political price of membership. The only sorry situation here is that Mr. Farage is looking like a good leader and Mr. Bloom's banana skin is right under Mr. Farage's feet. Who said politics is easy? Tell CB how you see this farce here.

237.   24.09.2013.   It is remarkable in CB's eyes that there are some similarities between people in senior jobs in both the Tories and Labour. We have seen many failings in David Cameron as PM where he has shown himself to be another John Nash model but Ed Miliband does not look like PM material.  Looking at the business secretarys, Chuka Umunna does look like a leader with PM qualities (and has positioned himself in pole if a leadership contest should develop) but so does Vince Cable. Vince, however, because of the two party system, could not be the next PM unless he jumped ship and his politics has been handsomely demonstrated over the years to be firmly Liberal and nowhere near Tory. Now please let CB know if you can see anyone else that could be a wannabe. Ed Balls wife, Yvette Cooper,  might be one but a divorce would be mandatory to have any chance.  What of Harriet Harmon who has, very quietly, shown some leadership qualities but has it been enough? Now, in the blue corner, do we have anyone? George Osborne maybe but he is tainted with the chancellors label. Theresa May might wannabe but her Home Office record is abysmal. Until this office is totally revamped it will remain unfit for purpose and thus will contaminate all Home Secretarys. Other than that we have nothing except, perhaps David Laws, still in a lower place whilst recovering from past political damage and again, in the wrong party. Has the state of UK politics ever been this low? Tell CB if you remember when things were ever this bad.

236.   23.09.2013.   We have another party conference but this is a good one. This is the Labour conference, led by a non leader who does not look to be Prime Minister material, where their economic guru is a member of the team that  drained  our country of money and just left us the debt and where an ex spin doctor, Damian McBride, has been described as "a man who may have broken the law". Various bribes are being used as camouflage but this is what they want us to vote for! The trouble is, should we all recognise this very major problem, we are only left with more Cameron which I am sure we do not want. Given our voting system we cannot have any other alternative and THAT is what they call democracy! CB is sick and tired of pointing out that we have a shamocracy but time after time we get to the same place, nowhere to go. If the voters of the UK allow this status quo to continue then they deserve all that they get. Good sense would be to start a petition at number ten calling for proportional representation as our voting system and an end to the constituencies and safe seats. If that attracted 100,000 signatories then we would get a parliamentary debate which might give us a proper referendum and not the sham Cameron laid on us last time. That might give us a proper democracy. The likelihood of a referendum is slim as the majority of MP's do not want to upset the boat and would be likely to be instructed by their whips to toe the party line BUT it might serve to advise those MP's and the two main parties that the voters think big political change is a must, not a wish. Tell CB if you want a petition.

235.   22.09.2013.   And yet another terrorist attack, this time in Kenya, involving Islamist extremists. The world cannot be too far away from classifying these people as terrorists and mounting their pursuit. That could only be followed by the outlawing of Islam in the civilised world. What is the flaw in Islam that allows some followers to take an extreme point of view. The followers are fanatical in their belief and fanaticism is a form of insanity. The questionoing of the belief is seen as blasphemy but surely a robust belief can withstand any questioning. Something is very wrong at the heart of Islam as they hold the truth to be that if you do not believe their way and with no questions, you are an infidel and all infidels must be killed. Everywhere across the world we are dedicated to treating sickness but Islam is proving to be a sickness and nobody is prepared to see this, much less treat it. These people are taking the world towards a holy war on a world wide scale and all because of belief, not common and sane logic. As long as we preach tolerance we can keep counting the dead and we should consider the "infidel" point of view which has no tolerance whatsoever in it. Now we have a suicide bombing in Pakistan with many killed.  Just check the logic here. These extreme fanatics really believe they will be martyrs if they die for their faith and the reward is a place in heaven with 72 virgins. Islam is a world where the only value a woman has is as a toy for men and the men are in charge of their world. Now, after 80 odd nights the virgins are all deflowered and our hero lives with 72 women. So now, when he says "go make me some tea" his answer will likely be "if you want tea, you make it and make 72 cups for us too". For a macho man that must be more like living in hell than heaven being outnumbered 72 to one! And yet they believe this martyrdom and die "for a cause" When will they wake up but, as far as tolerating them, when do we wake up? The extremists do not see the damage they do to others who want to be muslims living a quiet life with no trouble. Anything to say, tell CB here.

234.   20.09.2013.   A good friend of CB's went to the doctor this morning. He saw a young lady doctor named "Miss Wright". What a lovely experience. Miss Wright has such a lovely face, so easy to look at but she also has that wonderful but rare quality in that she inspires total confidence, you know she will sort you out. She also has a wonderful sense of humour. If you need a doctor and you live in Sheffield, look out for Miss Wright, you can't go wrong. Miss Wright, you may talk to CB here.

233.   18.09.2013.   The row over who used the sarin in Syria goes on but the bottom line is IT IS NOT IMPORTANT! What IS important is that such a weapon existed in the first place. The rest of the world has signed off on the pact against chemical weapons except a few which includes Syria. In future, when 98% of the world agrees a pact of this nature, they should ensure that the strays come on board. Those who refuse should be subject to a UN led embargo on goods in and out of that country and a total electronic block on financial movements, phone and internet usage and all or any measures to put the situation right. This would be difficult against a superpower but we must learn ways of  commanding harmony world wide. Some of tomorrows problems that threaten the future of mankind on this earth are global issues and no country can be allowed to go against every one else when our future needs it. If we do not move towards greater global harmony then we are done, what say you?

232.   18.09.2013.   The Lib Dem secretary to the Treasury was talking yesterday about the economy. He said that the government policy on the economy was working slowly in the right direction but austerity was not yet over. He is absolutely correct as we are seeing some all round improvement but nothing to shout about yet. This will be the norm until 2020. There will be a hardly noticeable easing of austerity bit by bit, step by step, month by month as the economy expands just as slowly. Adherence to this slow progress and maintenance of austerity will underpin this process of recovery.  There will be no big announcements, no champagne parties  because of the steady pace of recovery. Now, all this time, Ed Balls has been  bleating about his "plan B"  and decrying what we can now see is a successful approach to repairing the damage he helped perpetrate. Could Ed Balls apologise for getting it wrong? He could but he wouldn't as politics does not allow for his stance to be wrong, does it? How can the Labour Party have any credibility at all on the economy when they caused most of the problem and then put one of the main culprits in the chair of shadow chancellor?  Do they really think they can win an election  with such a flawed member in the second most important position in their team?  CB has the hopes that the UK voters will see the sense  of staying with a coalition government but one that does not have a Labour content.  Cloth cappers may register their protests here.

231.   14.09.2013.   Have we got a deal on Syria? If so, it is down to the Russians. After aq long winters sleep, the bear has awoken. The sum total of Russian foreign policy was to say NIET in the UN security Council meetings or, on many occasions, wave the veto flag. This time they have stood up to their responsibilities and faced down their ally, the one they prop up with money, arms and ammunition and the one they freely allow to commit genocide with chemical weapons against their own people. This marks a major shift in policy and, if only the Chinese would see it that way too, we would have the major power framework to keep the peace around the world. That might prepare the ground for united efforts against failed countries, corrupt dictatorships and all the other countrys where the people suffer rather than prosper. Might this be the biggest lesson the world of politics has learned in a long time? Say what you think here.

230.   14.09.2013.   We are going to be taxed 5p per bag for our supermarket bags from 2015. CB recycles these bags as bin liners but, from 2015, his raw unbagged rubbish will be binned with the resultant smell and health risks. The only thing good that can come from such blatant stupidity is if someone designs a replacement using materials that can draw no objections (or tax). CB likes to shop online and have his requirements delivered and already has the bagless option checked on all his orders and maybe the online option will become more popular. One way or another, when the inconvenience factor kicks in, the politicians will get yet another black mark against them. If you re-use your shopping bags as bin liners, click here.

229.   11.09.2013.   There is a lot of noise about the proposed HS2 (high speed) rail link between London, Birmingham, Manchester, East Midlands, Sheffield and Leeds. In truth, we cannot afford NOT to invest in the infrastructure of tomorrow. The real questions are cost effectiveness given the £42 billion price tag. This is a passenger link and the graphics on the TV show 12 carriages where the reality is that trains haul the minimum number of carriages for fuel economy (and the maximum inconvenience to travellers). Are we being subliminally lied to? What will this new link do for freight? The demise of the railways in the UK is largely attributable to the transfer of freight from the railways to the road transport industry largely based on cost. There is a lot of concern regarding the cost and damage to those who live on or near the proposed route, given property devaluation and, possibly in some cases, compulsory purchase. We are being told how many £billions per year each part of the link will provide (£1Bn for Leeds and £2Bn for East Midlands) but where do these figures come from and how could they possibly be calculated. Another question is the cost of travel on this link compared to the normal extortion experienced by train travellers on the usual lines? The link MUST be built but due regard must be given to the full functionality of the new service. Clearly, not all will be happy at the final outcome but the tax payer must be given maximum value for money. This will run on and on for many years yet and as with all developments of this type there will be lots of blood sweat and tears. Tell CB your thoughts here.

228.   11.09.2013.   Prime Ministers Questions was another lively affair today. Ed Miliband was woefully ineffective after a surprisingly competent speech before the TUC earlier this week. Some think that Ed's time is numbered as the leader of the Labour Party. It is clear that the Labour Party is moving in the right direction regards the Unions but it is also clear that there is quite some unrest in the Labour back benches. CB would love to see Ed weather the storm as that would ensure a Labour victory in 2015 is unlikely. There is only one pretender in CB's eyes for Ed's job and that would be Chuka Umunna, under who's leadership the Labour Party might have a chance. There is only Harriet Harmon who might put up an adequate opposition but, failing that, CB sees nobody within the Labour Party that shows Proime ministerial qualities. We shall see but if you have in mind a good candidate, tell CB here. It was good of David Cameron to suggest he watches Twitter very closely, however, CB thinks that some clerk in an office has the job of monitoring the social media comments, at least we hope so, otherwise, the UK is being governed based on time spent on the internet.

227.   10.09.2013.   At last some real thinking on Syria. Russia has asked Assad to give up all chemical weapons. This allows for the west to back off from a policy decision that would only ultimately hurt western interests. Russia, which has been seen as the bad guy, has shown that proper thinking applied to a seemingly intractable problem will yield a sensible result and it shows how schoolboy politics with deadlines and red lines is not in the interests of the better good of our world. The west MUST be able to see that Syria has kept nothing back or hidden. The west MUST be able to see that Assad will be available to answer to his war crimes at some point in the future. The west MUST be left in a position that it can feel certain that chemical weapons cannot ever be used anywhere in the world again. All this is a tall order but, given Russia's input so far, then perhaps we should ask Russia to lead any UN team charged with seeing this decision through. It also seems that the mutual dislike and mistrust that exists between Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama that all dealings between the two countries should, until there is a change of personnel, be conducted by their foreign secretaries. This would be the kind of diplomacy that should have existed from the start! Tell CB here if you agree or not.

226.   08.09.2013.   And yet again for the UK police, read keystone cops. Security at Buckingham Palace has been breached once again and two men were arrested. Following that some bright boy in a uniform has challenged Prince Andrew in the gardens of the Palace. The press said guns were drawn in the challenge but Scotland Yard denies this. Now that gives us a big problem as we either believe the police or the press. After Bettinson, plebgate, Desai and all the other senior police officers brought into question as to their honesty we are left having to believe the media and we know not to do that. Given that the police is the last career where a university degree is not obligatory CB is not surprised that Prince Andrew was challenged in his own gardens. Neither is he surprised that the management of men within the police appears to be non existent and nor is CB surprised that the level of intelligence in the senior police is such that they think they can lie and get away with it. The media lie and get away with it because they can by using their power of widespread communication. SO, Mr. Cameron, todays lessons (just for yet another time) are press controls WITH legal backing and a complete reform of the police force as per the recommendation stated on the page on The Police.  When are you going to see what has stared you in the face for so long? Anyone with anything to say  should do so here.

225.   08.09.2013.   Strictly Come Dancing has kicked off once again. There is the same sort of line up with quite a few who look like winners and the usual handful that would appear to have no chance. There is always, however, the surprises like the one who looks to have no chance but does so well and progresses to an advanced stage before the inevitable and then there is the non dancer but who is carried by the audience vote because of their popularity. This year has the same mix but CB has no idea which will be which so no bets will be placed. CB wishes them all well and looks forward to another great competition. If you think you can predict the winner, do it here.

224.   08.09.2013.   Sarah Teather is to step down as a LibDem MP as she feels she cannot accept some aspects of government policy. She is to be applauded. Nick Clegg was seen by many supporters to have sold out his party when an intelligent view might have been that what was done was because of the intolerable position Gordon Brown and his cronies had spent the country into. After three years of our coalition, we have seen David Cameron back out of nearly every promise he made in 2010. He has shown himself to be a true politician where economy with the truth is a daily occurrence. Nick Clegg has shown himself to be a perfect partner to Mr. Cameron, a point noticed by many before CB. Perhaps those who were yelling "sellout" were right and maybe Miss Teather has seen this. OK, we are less than two years before we can vote again but with our flawed political system (read the page on "The Vote") what can we do, our hands are tied. Any comments can be made here.

223.   07.09.2013.   Last night of the Proms, a national institution and CB never misses it (even though he is not an Englishman). This time, however, we were treated to Nigel Kennedy. What an outstanding performer. How can any conductor live with him on their stage? You can trot out all the old great names on the violin but none of them ever married being the best ever player of all time with being such a brash and accomplished performer. We did witness pure genius tonight.  The last night never fails to throw up something special before we get down to the brazen flag waving but, in Mr. Kennedy, we got the best treat CB has seen in over 20 years of watching . Long may the tradition continue and long may CB be here to watch it. Any comments will be gratefully received.

222.   07.09.2013.   Congratulations Tony Abbott, elected as the new Prime Minister of Australia. You have much to do, sir, the biggest job being filling the boots Of Julia Gillard. CB thought she was good for Australia so there will be many eyes on your performance. The world at large has yet to see who you are so world affairs will be high on the list but you have to be seen to maintain the respect the world has for your country. If you do this you cannot fail as the politics of the USA, the UK Russia and even Germany are currently in the toilet. Do well and you may teach those mentioned how it should be done. Your climate change scepticism has to be conquered! Read this web site and also "The Universe Explained" to understand how constant atmospheric pollution since the start of the industrial revolution has changed the overall composition of our atmosphere and the analogy of Iron to Steel masy help you understand how such a small amount of pollution can wreak such a change. Look at your weather ranging from drought to floods over a 4 year period and tell CB that our weather patterns have  not changed! Finally, Mr Rudd, CB is pleased to see you got all you deserved. You robbed your country of a respected Prime Minister and you will be remembered for that by your countrymen, don't spend too much money on trying to get re-elected! CB is here if you have anything to say or ask.

221.   04.09.2013.   Now that the GMB has withdrawn most of it's financial support for the Labour Party it is quite likely that other unions will do the same. The spite displayed towards their man, Ed Miliband, over how the unions were portrayed in the recent candidate nomination scandal in Scotland is like something out of the schoolyard and the unions caused the problem in the first place! CB finds this quite delightful as it has the capacity to strike at the heart of the flawed political system in the UK. As we have a two party system where only Labour or Conservatives can get a majority vote and, should the Labour Party face bankruptcy, we would be down to one party and the question is "IS THIS DEMOCRACY" (read the page on "The Vote")? The political parties will have to do something about central funding for all parties, something they would prefer to do rather than break the flawed two party system. They would be happy to see Labour fail and be replaced by the Lib Dems rather than fix our flawed system. This would not happen because after half the Lib Dem supporters view the current coalition as a sell out by Clegg, they would never get the votes. Enter UKIP? Maybe the financial crunch just might force a move away from our shamocracy towards a system somewhat nearer to democracy but to achieve real democracy needs the constituencies  (we have had those since the 1600's) to be abolished and the voting system to become proportional representation. Perhaps we need a petition on the number ten web site? If you want to support this idea, click here.

220.   04.09.2013.   Ariel Castro has done one good thing in his miserable life by hanging himself, he has saved the American taxpayer a lot of money. Given these times of austerity, maybe standard issue to all prisoners in the USA and the UK might be a well designed noose, strong enough to guarantee the job is done successfully. How much money could be saved by the death of a good percentage of those who society does not want or need? Read the page on the "Social Contract". If CB were in David Camerons shoes for five years he would be the most hated PM of all time BUT the books would balance. There would be few thieves as the penalty they incurred would be the loss of both hands and exclusion from drawing any state benefits or access to NHS services. Rapists would lose their pricks so they could never offend against any other person again and with the same loss of benefit and health rights. Muggers "see a victim" in that they see someone who looks easy meat so if they were blinded there would be no more victims at their hands and also the same loss of benefit and health entitlement. The criminal element would get the strongest message that, if they chose to leave our society by committing crime, out is out and there would be no return. We could nearly empty the prisons by administering such punishments to those who have earned them and, therefore, the cost of law and order would be seriously reduced. Stalkers might lose their legs and, thus, could not be stalkers ever again. Too harsh? No, just doing what would guarantee a greater degree of safety to those who behave as we all should. Many might disagree but the majority might find their faith in a system of "justice" restored. Would you feel better protected under such conditions? Tell CB here if you would.

219.   03.09.2013.   Today the commons will debate the lobbying bill. It looks much watered down from the election promise given by David Cameron. It looks like big money has won over big politics yet again but the good news is Cameron has stuck to the mould, promise it then deliver next to nothing, this is another Cameron fudge. Maybe, to reflect his premiership, the confectioners should invent a new candy (based on fudge) and call it "Cameron Fudge". Looking at how the UK and the USA have performed on the Syria crisis, maybe those who manufacture our condiments should invent a new, very bitter, sauce and it could be called "Syrian Sauce". CB wonders how much of each might sell in our shops and supermarkets, don't say CB never did anything for the economy but, if you want to, say so here.

218.   03.09.2013.   As if politics is not already on it's arse with the bungling by all concerned over the Syrian situation, it has now been leaked that the Americans have been spying on the presidents of Mexico and Brazil. Ed Snowden should be given a medal and we look forward to seeing more revelations of the misdeeds of so called intelligence services. The UK police should have left Mariner alone, they have succeeded in angering those who can to release much more than they were going to. If all this material is of the same level, we look forward to seeing what will be released about the UK and what they are doing behind our backs. Come on ED, lets see it all. Talk to CB here.

217.   03.09.2013.   They always come in 2's or 3's, don't they. Yesterday we lost Sir David Frost and today we lost another very prominent broadcaster, David Jacobs. Those who are around CB's age will remember David Jacobs quite well as at times it seemed he was on our TV's on a daily basis. Who could forget Jukebox Jury? Who was that girl from Birmingham (oyle give it foyve)? If you remember her name, please tell CB here.

216.   02.09.2013.   So much time is being devoted on the news to the UK government digging in their heels over the prospect of another commons vote over Syria. As has been said by CB, it really does appear that the government is relieved over the result of the vote and do not under any circumstances want to revisit it. They will be in trouble should there be another instance of chemical attack or even the recent napalm attack by Assad as the weight of numbers of MP's who have changed their minds and are now wanting another vote could bring the government down should they refuse it. Obama has gone the way of a vote in congress and has set John Kerry up to take the fall. Kerry is selling the idea but will the behind closed doors agreements ensure that Congress says no? Should that happen, CB will be convinced that the UK and the USA possibly agreed to be seen to be going for an attack on Syria whilst they really were working to ensure that did not happen. Behind this would be the fact that any attack would assist the "freedom fighters" who are now being seen to be muslim extremists. If Cameron, Hague, Kerry and Obama had kept their mouths shut they would never have landed in this political mess. The only good news is, that for now, the UK is out of the military danger zone. Tell CB here what you think.

215.   01.09.2013.   Nelson Mandela has gone home from hospital. The medical carers have equipped his home with all they need to care for him but having had this problem for nearly 3 months and at the age of 95, it is likely that he has gone home to face the end. Whilst the whole world wishes him well, we must prepare ourselves for the saddest day seen in decades. Great men are few and far between and Mandiba is certainly one of them. CB wishes you well Nelson, other may echo that sentiment here.

214.   01.09.2013.   Syria again and THAT vote. The results of the lost vote on Thursday last in the UK commons are many. Firstly, if Tony Blair had any thoughts of a return to politics, he should forget that. Secondly, David Cameron is not the man to lead the Conservatives into the next election, he will do a John Major. That would give us Ed Miliband as PM and then we are in trouble. His shadow chancellor is the man who assisted Gordon Brown to nearly bankrupt the UK. Ed, himself, did not show us a leader in his dealings with the vote, just the opposite. Another result is that the international position of the UK has been demeaned and, were it not for the fact that the UK is a nuclear power, our diminished place in world affairs would be even lower! The governments stance against any involvement because of the vote is tricky. The circumstances can change on a daily basis so to absolutely guarantee no further votes and absolutely no involvement in dealing with Syria is entrenchment beyond all belief. New circumstances requires a new debate and a new vote. If it were not for the damage done to the government by this vote, CB could believe that the Tories went into it in a way guaranteed to provide the result they really wanted, that is no involvement. This feeling is backed up by Mr. Obama's decision to ask Congress for approval on the 9th September, permission he does not need as he has it already so is he wanting a no vote too? They are in a bad place because of bad politics and total mismanagement. They need to help the people of Syria, keep Assad's hands off the chemical trigger but any action taken would help the rebels and they appear to be muslim extremists, backed by Hezbollah, and not what a shamocracy wants in power. The business of shamocracy is to tell the people they live in a democracy but to so limit their choices that the politicians never lose control. The UK has only Labour and Conservative to choose from because of the political system. America has only Republican or Democrat for the same reasons so, it is fair to believe that the western world wants shamocracy in Egypt and Syria as long as they can have the 2 partys that they want. The sickness in politics matches the sickness in religion so the future of mankind is assured, that is it will end in blood and tears. CB wants to here what you think.

213.   01.09.2013.   Religious unrest in Myanmar, involving hatred of muslims. Religious unrest in Egypt over whether the country will be a shamocracy or a muslim state, and a military determined to keep religion out of Egyptian politics. There is much belief that muslim extremists are behind the opposition to Assad in Syria. It is always the muslims that are involved. One day the world will see the evil of religion and in particular those religions that demand blind fanatical belief. Religion has the capacity to harness belief around the world to cause a world war. Why do people stay faithful to religion, give their money to finance them when an open mind would show them the evil therein? The Catholic church is the richest corporation on earth whilst millions starve. When will mankind wake up? Probably only after religion causes the greatest bloodshed ever seen. The muslim situation is close to uniting all factions into a holy war, do not say CB did not warn you. If you wish to speak, do it here.

212.   01.09.2013.   Goodbye Sir David Frost. This man was the catalyst that changed the face of broadcasting for ever. They, his programming teams, had no fear and just called it how it was, often shaming the establishment. This was a mould in which to cast so many other shows to follow. He will be missed. If you will miss him, tell CB here.

211.   27.08.2013.   Tony Blair has spoken out on the Syria conflict. Is there a possible path being prepared for his return to the ranks of Labour MP's? Should this happen, would Ed Miliband step down in favour of a known election winner? Would a majority of Labour MP's back such a move? Surely it is the only way that Labour could reasonably expect a return to power. Would his past (Iraq) keep him out of the Commons or, should Syria still be unresolved, would that put him in an unassailable position?  Would the power mad Gordon Brown suddenly erupt into life against Mr. Blair? So many questions but such an interesting scenario. Say what you think here.

210.   27.08.2013.   What a turnup for the book, in America, they have spent $20M in 2 agencies both inspecting imported catfish but NO fish have ever been inspected! This takes CB back to being a boy. CB used to go out on Lake Simcoe, in Canada, with his uncle, on his boat, to go fishing. Sometimes we caught a catfish and his uncle would take it back to eat it. Sometimes he threw it on the front of the boat and the birds would swoop down and grab it. Eating it was, for CB, a no-no as they are bottom feeders, scavengers and eating that shit was not to CB's taste. OK, back to quangoes, seems that America does it like us, put them in place, pay them enough, tell them to stay asleep unless we call, same sleaze and scam as we get from todays business. Was it started by business or did they take lessons from the government? Given we do not have the answer to that question, maybe we know we do not need the answer, we just know what todays world is all about and what todays people are all about. Maybe all politicians are catfish. If you have ever had a reason to ask the help of one of our government watchdogs and got the usual "sorry, we can't help you" answer, please tell CB here and lets see if we can get together and fix it.

209.   26.08.2013.   David Cameron has cut his holiday in Cornwall short to come back and deal with Syria. Nice he can afford to holiday in England, the rest of us cannot afford to holiday "at home" as the british worker wants so much for his wage, we cannot afford to holiday "at home". CB can go to Belgium for 3 or 4 days twice for less than he paid to go to the Mumbles for just 3 days! Now back to Syria. Given all the sabre rattling from the White House but also given the hard words from William Hague, what can we expect? We can not stop the killing, this will continue across the Middle East until the holy war is over. This is the burgeoning war to decide if the Middle East countrys are ruled by shamocracy (logic) or the faith (belief). No intervention from an "infidel" country will change the basic nature of this war. People will die, such is the nature of war and whilst we do not want this, we cannot stop it. We failed to stop Hitler until the inevitability of 1945 happened but, please realise, the only end to the recession from the 1929 crash which lasted until 1936 was Hitler! All countries saw their economy rise for only 1 reason, they were re-arming to stand up to the threat from Nazi Germany. This is how we run our world and only pressure from the people may change how our leaders are taught to think.  All that may be done AGAINST Syria  will not stop a muslim takeover. All that may be done FOR Syria will not save thousands of lives yet to be lost. What we can ask is that the Cameron's and Obama's of this world will, for once, LEARN what it is that is happening and react with intelligence. In the case of Mr. Obama, we have seen intelligence, in the case of Mr. Cameron, we still sit and wait! The next few days are crucial but they will tell us a lot about our leaders. Tell CB here if you know better.

208.   26.08.2013.   CB has just watched a BBC Horizon programme on Dr. Mary Schweitzer's work with T-Rex DNA. What a great show, if it weren't for all that has been said on my page entitled "BBC Horizon". Do these scientists know what they buy into when they take the money and sign the contract? Maybe they just want to further publicise their work and stuff the money but CB does not eat that one. Do they know the naievety of the Horizon researchers? Do they not understand that their only aim is to produce 60 minutes of TV time and stuff the truth or reality? Real science is degraded by the needs of the BBC to come up with the next programme. It leaves the question, which programme can we believe, which programme has been properly researched, which programme tells us the truth? If all are made in the same way as "Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole (2009)" or "Eaten By a Black Hole (2013)" then we can have zero confidence in the show that they put to us.  It took 46 years of producing Horizon but their bubble is now burst, read "The Universe Explained" to get the full picture then  ask the BBC to give you access to the 2 "black Hole" programmes I mentioned, Cb thinks they will not give you access. If they do not, talk to CB here and they may be published on social media. Now is the time for the BBC and the Horizon team to stand up and answer the questions regarding their viability!

207.   24.08.2013.   Tesco are coming under fire from womens libbers protesting against the sale of "lads mags". CB sees the anger from women but what about equality? CB welcomed womens equality but he did say the hardest part of this is women learning to live with their equality. What about the right of lads to buy the magazine they want to read? What about the right of Tesco to sell what they want and to provide the customer with the service they demand? What about the girlies who want to buy Playgirl (is it still being published)? We live in a world where, according to a man who was a university professor and my next door neighbour, 50% of the people here are only here to get up the nose of the other 50% and once we see that, we have stolen a bit of understanding of what it is all about. BUT those others with whom we disagree have just as much right as we do to live how they want to. For the record, CB does not waste his money on trash magazines of ANY sort, newspapers or any waste of the earths resources, CB is an online kind of guy! CB does believe that those who wish to do waste their money in this way have the right to do so. Constructive comment is welcome here.

206.   24.08.2013.   Bo Xilai's trial will be very entertaining. So far he seems to have stood up well to the pantomime. Having been a politician of such a senior position there will be many little "somethings" in the closet, things that would never come out but now his enemies think they have got him, all will be seen. The thing is, if every little thing is small and insignificant, it will only serve to show that his trial really is a political farce. His testimony so far is that of a very honest man, something rare in politics, but the kind of behaviour from someone with great power that endears him to the public and he is popular with the people. Bo Xilai's enemies should tread very carefully as the dogs they have unleashed may well confuse the picture and end up biting them on their arses and Not Bo Xilai. The Chinese ruling party should also be very careful as, even if Bo Xilai is imprisoned, the damage being done to the party and China's image world wide may take decdades to repair. If you know more, tell CB here.

205.   24.08.2013.   A senior cleric from The Lebanon is now defending the Lebanese involvement in Syria. He says "while women are being raped and Syrians are being killed, it needs our help and all who fight will be rewarded by god". Here we have yet another demonstration of blind faith, in the form of belief, being used to justify more warfare, read my page on "The Flawed Human Psyche". Whilst no one can deny the reasonable sentiment in his words, we can see the eventual escalation of a full blown war all over the middle east which will be a holy war to establish the dominance of Islam over all the countries. All those with financial interests in the Middle East, including America, Russia, China, The UK, France and Germany will do well to realise that all is lost unless there is a co-ordinated effort by those countrys to deal decisively with the Middle East and provide stability and safety to those who live there. Further interest in fixing this is oil, gas and dealing with safe havens for Al Qaeda such as the Yemen. Once again we come to the body corporate with no balls, the UN. This can only be done through the UN but they have to be empowered over and above any previous empowerment and with no dissent, no veto's. If we do not take that bold step, mankind will still have it's finger on the self destruct button. If we do, we may just move in a direction that allows us to all agree and that is a must if we are to defeat the 3 global evils of pollution, the population trap and the eventual total collapse of the flawed monetary system. If we cannot agree to deal with all 3 of these areas, mankind has no more than 150 years left. If you disagree, tell CB here.

204.   23.08.2013.   The recent revelations about the use of chemical weapons in Syria has shown, once again, how impotent the UN is. Why does China and Russia not want the truth to be known? OK, Russia seems to have relented but is the desire to keep this from the media to cover up who supplied these weapons? Is the reluctance to act because every one of the major players knows full well that they themselves have much to hide. President Obama demeans US foreign policy on a daily basis with his talk of "crossing red lines" and "serious action must now be taken" whilst he sits in the oval office, his words echoing around the world and NOTHING being done! Come on China, your turn now, this is more important to the world than your lawless persecution of Bo Xilai! CB thinks the world is sat watching and waiting to see the Bo Xilai outcome and China does nothing to promote it's standing in the world by any misuse or abuse of power and by blocking the UN from acting further brings Chinese foreign policy into disrepute around the world! CB also thinks the world is sick and tired of the UN having insufficient power to act, for and on behalf of, persecuted people such as in Syria, Egypt, Zimbabwe, North Korea and the list could go on. Surely it is time to change the rules at the UN, if there is a majority of 100 to 1 then why allow the 1 to carry the vote? Mankind is careering toward a nasty ending because of pollution, failure to control the population explosion and failure to properly fix the world's financial system and only a world agreement on all three of these points will allow mankind to try to fix the self inflicted danger. If our only hope is the UN to achieve this, change must be implemented immediately or you can kiss goodbye to your childrens future. Anyone else who sees this danger might tell CB here.

203.   23.08.2013.   It appears that the watchdog is to investigate the UK furniture retailers for possible illegal selling practices. Way too little and way too late. This has been going on for years so why all of a sudden does the watchdog feel action is necessary? What was the stimulus that woke up the sleeping dog. They have warned the public to be aware especially with this weekend being a bank holiday and traditionally a big furniture sales event. Aware of what, something that we have been watching on our TV ads for decades?  For the benefit of the watchdog, WE, the public have been aware for years, why did it take you so long? CB is afraid that this is yet another example of the "watchdog" quango's being told to keep quiet until prompted. Got a whistle to blow, do that here.

202.   23.08.2013.   Yet another mis-selling scandal has hit UK banks with the sale of insurance against fraud that is totally unnecessary. The laughable part of all this is the new FCA authority talking about the banks getting back the trust of their customers. Are they taking stupid pills? The banks will never ever be trusted again to the extent they used to be. What the dopes don't see is the high level of resentment, even hatred, felt by the public every year when they see the bankers committing blatant robbery on the reserves of the banks and calling it "bonus". If they stop doing this, maybe there might be some room for trust but while it continues there is no chance and, while ever successive governments allow them to do it, the politicians are seen to be guilty of aiding and abetting this evil. We have known for many decades now not to trust the politicians but we used to trust the banks. This is just another example of the society we have built starting to fall apart and that will not end well. Give CB your thoughts here.

201.   23.08.2013.   And today we have seen a three hour "suspension" of trading on the NASDAQ exchange due to a "technical problem". Was this another DOS attack (denial of service)? Read post number 197 on this page which may be relative. If you think it is, tell CB here.

200.   23.08.2013.   And just as the last post is talking about the sickness within America, lets look at the sickness in Egypt. The courts, under the control of the military, have freed deposed Prime Minister Hosni Mubarak, only for him to be kept under house arrest as they are going to try him for the deaths of protesters in Tahrir Square. Will the current military be tried too as they appear to be guilty of exactly the same thing? Wherever we look at todays society we see one law for them and another for us and any semblance of justice that we thought we had is gone. It seems to be getting worse with authorities throwing their weight around when they are more guilty than those whom they persecute. Just look at the trial of Bo Xilai in China, totally politics and nothing much to do with the law. The proliferation of the misuse and abuse of power around the world will inevitably lead to a backlash if it is not checked. CB wants your comments here please.

199.   21.08.2013.   Bradley Manning has been given 35 years detention for whistle blowing. His lawyer has called for a full pardon. A Homeland Security officer has said Bradley must serve many years "to pay his debt to society" Just how sick does it get? Bradley Manning has no debt to society, the American society has a debt to Bradley for showing the truth. Come on Mr. Obama, you have the power to stamp all over the prosecutions for honesty and now is the time! If we continue to allow people to be persecuted for being honest and bringing to light wrong doing by the so called authorities then we see mankind descended to it's lowest level yet. If you agree, tell CB here.

198.   20.08.2013.   There is a reported movement from within the Labour Party to ensure that Ed Miliband is not the man to lead their party into the general elections in 2015. They seem to feel that Ed will not win as he is not seen to be Prime Minister material. Chuka Umunna has made his move by giving a TV speech that fully backs his leader and in delivering his speech has shown the voters that HE is the man who looks like PM material. This frightens CB in that, with Ed in charge, CB feels that the country is safe from Labour until 2020. There is much good in the ideals of the left wing but those ideals are not economically sustainable in the world we live in. In a capitalist environment where consumerism rules under the law of monetarism, the advancement of the working man, a living wage, the minimum wage and all the rest of the left wing thinking serves only to price the UK out of the market, hence a Labour government always spends the country into deep shit. This means that as we become disillusioned with left wing politics, we change to the Tories and we then always have to endure austerity as the tories have to repair the financial damage. As the UK is not a true democracy, it is a shamocracy, because we can only have EITHER Labour OR Tory under the 2 party system we have nowhere to go in 2015. Ed Miliband does not come across as a winner and David Cameron, despite all the promise before 2010, has shown himself to be much less of a leader than he looked so, where can we go? Nowhere until the system is changed. The constant swing from left spending and right austerity suggests that the middle ground might be a good place but our system of constituencies with Labour and Tory safe seats keeping control over our choice, we have nowhere to go. Chuka Umunna, however, should he replace Ed Miliband might provide a swing back to Labour and this would be a disaster should it happen to our economy before the Tory repairs are fully implemented. The only answer that CB can picture is Mr. Umunna being elected but maintaining a very right wing approach over spending and we do not yet fully understand how deeply entrenched in left wing ideals Mr. Umunna is. He would have to be very much a Tony Blair type to achieve this but CB sees a very tricky future for the UK if this is beyond Mr. Umunna's thinking. Where ever his ideals lie, the reality of the needs of UK Plc must come first and he would need to be strong enough to control the looney left within the MP's and also the demands of the unions. If he is up to this, we may be safe but it is a big ask and CB is sure that Mr. Cameron will not win and Mr. Clegg will not be forgiven by his grass roots for going in with the Tories (even though the needs of the UK forced his hand). Surely now is the time to address the shape of our political system but we only have less than 2 years to do that.  CB thinks  that there will be increasing turbulence in our flight towards 2015 that will test the pilots  skills and courage.  A hard landing is predicted but if you can fly, tell CB here what we should do.

197.   20.08.2013.   It is reported that Amazon's US web site was offline for about half an hour yesterday, the latest in a line of high profile internet traders to suffer the problem. This has to be  a criminal DOS (denial of service) attack where hackers take control of the web site until a ransome is paid. The danger is, should this be the case, the ability to do so suggests that all the customer data has been compromised and which is why DOS attacks are rarely admitted to. Are we going to get an official statement from Amazon and, if we get this, will it be credible, will it be factual and honest? This kind of situation happened in the UK within the last 2 years where certain banks suffered a lock down on their web sites AND all their ATM's and the banks skated over the event with very watery explanations. Last night, the 19th, BBC2's Horizon broadcast a frightening  programme on hacking and tried to show us how much danger the world of high speed electronic communications is in but CB would question the Horizon teams accuracy and honesty given the page on "BBC Horizon" published recently on this site. Now we all wait to see what Amazon has to say but, until then, if you want to talk to CB, do that here.

196. 19.08.2013.   The descent into civil war in Egypt is the most dangerous event witnessed in recent times for the rest of the world. This is a straight battle between islam and other religions as to whether the country will be governed by a shamocracy and logic OR religion and belief. Islam is very unforgiving, you either have the insanely blind belief and commitment to a religion that defies logic or you are an infidel and should be killed. Tolerance is not a word found in their language. Why it is dangerous is that, should it spread, we are all affected by a holy war fought on belief and not logic. Belief is most dangerous and sinister as throughout history we can see that it has been used by all aggressors to allow them to be right and therefore do unto others that which logic does not support (read the page on "The Flawed Human Psyche"). We may classically see the evil of religion before our eyes but with the ability to spill over from our TV's into our own back yards. America AND Europe must immediately suspend all monetary assistance to Egypt as it will most certainly be used in the war effort and other ways may suddenly appear to fix the problem once the bank accounts are depleted, it takes money to wage war. If such financial suspension gives Islam an unfair advantage then the UN MUST intervene immediately, not after 2 or 3 years of passing resolutions. The rest of the world as yet has no idea of how dangerous this situation may become but if you want to ask CB why he feels it is, do that here.

195.   19.08.2013.   The detention of the partner of a journalist connected to the Ed Snowden affair at Heathrow airport for some 9 hours needs to be publicly explained. The UK police have cited section 7 of The Anti Terrorism Act 2000 as the reason for his detention even though he was changing planes and not visiting the UK, was this the same anti terrorism law that allowed the assassination of Charles De Menezies, an innocent man, by police in London. Charles was a Brazilian, as is the partner of the journalist so is that significant? It has been reported that the questioning of this man related to the journalistic work of his partner and nothing to do with terrorism, in which case the police, once again, have misused or abused their remit. Would or could this have happened if the police had been re-organised as proposed on this site on the page entitled "The Police"? The police have been successful, however, in that they have enraged the journalist so much that he has promised to publish some details that he has up to now kept under cover and he has promised that some of this "new" material will be about the UK spying operations. Given this, CB has emailed Keith Vaz's Home Affairs Select Committee ( with links to this post. The US authorities are clearly going insane over Ed Snowden telling the truth about the big brother tactics of the American Home Security department so why should the UK police  get infected with the same insanity unless there is a lot more to know about the activities of GCHQ and is there yet another cover up going on! These people using harassment tactics seem to have no realisation of the knock on effects, such as arousing CB's feelings that there is so much more to come out of all this. If Theresa May's Home Office were fit for purpose and had some measure of management control over her police this may have been thought through much more carefully and the above mentioned police re-organisation would give her this luxury. As it is and as it has gone down, CB now wants to hear a much more detailed explanation of GCHQ and what it has done or is still doing that might attract our own UK Ed Snowden! One day these dopes might learn from history that their actions carry consequences, as in the criticism of the politically motivated length of sentence given to the Great Train robbers or the same criticism of the Oz trial back in the 60's. Every time we see this kind of misuse of power there is yet another dent in the credibility of the authorities and one day this will bite back hard. Look at the posts previously on this page regards our absolute distrust of the police due to the high number and frequency of dishonesty discovered in our most senior policemen in recent times. The misuse and abuse of power is taking us to a point where it will become obvious that our justice system is defunct and that is a dangerous place to go so, David Cameron, Theresa May, you have much to consider. Tell CB here if you have more or better information that CB has.

194.   17.08.2013.   For Egypt, read Syria. Civil war is inevitable. The country is divided right down the middle between the military not wanting to cede power and the muslims wanting to introduce blind fanatical belief into the running of what was a good functioning country. Bullets and blood will settle this and Syria and any other conflict of similar nature, of which there will be many. This is EXACTLY the misuse of belief as described on the page "The Flawed Human Psyche". It does bring out the bugs from the woodpile though. America, faced with an obvious military coup (for "to restore stability", read "to get rid of islam in the running of our Egypt") and who are saying it is not a military coup, it is a big problem. They are currently supporting Egypt to the tune of $13 Billion per year and will continue to do so even though American law says they MUST stop all aid to any country which is taken over by a military coup. IF they stopped the aid, the Egyptian army would not have the finances to fight off the muslim rebels so who needs the law when it obviously works against you. All laws work against someone but they have to toe the line so, Mr Obama, this is where your aid has to stop (but watch the under the table dealings). Sorry Mr. Obama, nobody wants to see Islam grab a good country so, use the UN, do an IRAQ! The one thing you and Mr. Cameron and all the others should NOT do is bang on about free and fair elections as there is only Switzerland that has a free and fair voting system. You should not bang on about democracy as only Switzerland has true democracy. Egypt is overthrowing an elected majority choice. If the majority of the American voters chose a new president who was a communist thinker would they be allowed by your system to have their choice? If we could only rid ourselves of the lying, the double standards, the dirty deals and everyday shite that politics gives us we may find we have a better world. What say you Mr. Obama? Tell CB what you think.

193.   17.08.2013.   The anti fracking protesters have won a short reprieve but they will not stop this. Why? Because of money! Money is why the government need a home grown energy source, just like north sea oil was, to stop the country leaking money to pay for imported power (coal and gas). The government also wants the revenue from drilling licenses, the corporation tax from the companies involved, income tax payable by their workers and so on. So, many people become ill from the contamination of the water table but, HEY, what do we have an NHS for? So, many people find their homes are unsellable due to subsidence damage from fracking, HEY, they are insured aren't they, besides, they wanted their gas and elecricity cheaper, didn't they? So, birds, animals, insects will all die but money is more important than they are, isn't it? That, my friends, is the bottom line and you are deluded if you think you can stop that. Tell CB if you know better.

192.   13.08.2013.   Christine Ohuruogu, what a good result but CB says you were very lucky. If you look at the photo, your head was over the line BUT your opponents knee was half a yard in front of your head! CB is so pleased for you and what a leader you are but Ms. Mintsho must be so disappointed with this result. CB wishes you all the best in your future competitions, live it good girl. If you think CB got it wrong, tell CB here.

191.   13.08.2013.   OK, CB has just done a trip with National Holidays, 3 nights in the Grand Burstin hotel in Folkestone Harbour. The cost was £99 but then, add another £18 supplement for being a single traveller. Why extra, the single traveller saves the hotel 3 dinners and breakfasts so there should be a single rebate, not  a robbery of £18 extra! Now, having made the bus, next stop (after only 20 minutes travel) was the first motorway services for the driver to get his breakfast. We were told it was a 45 minute stop which turned into over an hour. Then we stopped at Boreham Wood services, again told that it was a 45 minute stop which became over an hour. Our driver liked the one arm bandits I think. Then we were held up 2 hours by an accident on the M25. Sum total was an 8 hour trip from South Yorkshire to Folkestone, way too long! Now we have the problem of CB missing the bus to Bruges. It left at 07.05 and CB was there at 07.10 so it is not the drivers fault BUT, if his time management had been like it had been previously, maybe CB would have made the bus. The deal is CB did have a good weekend but all the expense was wasted as he did not get to Belgium so CB has to go again, more expense but another weekend away. It does mean another wasted day sat on a coach. It does mean another weekend suffering the awful food served in the Grand Burstin but another weekend in the lovely port of Folkestone Harbour so it is not all bad. National Holidays is a monster with no head as it does appear that there is no decent management. CB was sold a trip with Saturday in Bruges but the hotel decided we would go on the Sunday. CB was to meet a friend in Bruges on the Saturday, NOT Sunday so more was lost than just a trip to Bruges. You should think very carefully before you use National Holidays, there are others out there who are so much better, try Chris at if you live near Birmingham or tell CB if you know of an independent coach company that does these trips by clicking here.

190.   13.08.2013.   We have just been treated to Maria Eagle, shadow transport secretary, mouthing off on the TV about transport costs and once again showing us that the looney left have no concept of economics. The inflation rate for last month has been given at 2.8% but those who do this calculation should go out to do the shopping, then they might get a feel for reality. At this rate, what cost you £10 in the supermarket in January will cost you £13.50 by christmas this year. Does your pension go up by that much? No, of course not. Train fares, what we have to pay to have a holiday will go up by even more at a projected 4.1% next year. The cost of a few away days in this country is becoming prohibitive and a trip like that described in the previous post is the only way to go as that trip can be done 3 times for the same cost as a three day trip in England (CB's last trip to Mumbles for 3 days cost £300). That needs to be balanced with the VFM factor (the Value For Money that you get) and this is the subject of the next post. Now, if the government were to attach a punitive tax on companies who put up their prices, we may cut inflation (otherwise known as GREED) and we might be able to afford to live again. If they put up prices by 2% and that attracted a tax of 5% on their sales, we wouldn't see prices climbing through the roof would we? Tell CB about your inflation nightmares by clicking here.

189.   12.08.2013.   Sorry to all readers, CB needs to go recharge sometimes and this weekend was a trip to Bruges to restock the baccy drawer. Sadly, CB got a bit pissed on Saturday night, missed the bus on Sunday by 10 minutes so it was NEARLY all bollox. It was good because CB was in Folkestone Harbour from Friday teatime till Monday morning. There was the Gary Dean band playing the True Briton pub on Friday night, an excellent band in an excellent, real ale pub. Saturday saw the start of the national power boat championships in the bay and they were on Sunday as well. Also on Sunday we had a bikers rally and CB spotted maybe over £1 million quid worth of Harleys and related but expensive riding hardware, what a great show. There was a duo playing in the Ship on Saturday, another real ale pub, and they were old farts like me but old farts know how to play and these old farts played the blues, just how it should be played, like modern blues, not the old shit.  Now we get to the Sunday where there was a guy and his son doing the DJ bit outside the Ship and they played the 60's (at the request of the landlady) and they were good. CB has decided from this meeting with that knowledgeable DJ and his very talented son that there will be a new page on this site called "The Accident of Modern Music" which will be a bit of history so if you think CB is dishing you out some shit, read your history and, once again, you will see that CB tells no lies. The nett result is that CB has to go back to Belgium soon so there will be another 3 or 4 day missing bit on the news page, however, once the baccy drawer is refilled, we are back online till next year with (maybe) no breaks. CB will still hurt those who need it, Mr. Cameron, tread very careful. If you wish to talk to CB directly, use this link.

188.   08.08.2013.   Our UK Border Agency has fallen down again in Calais. No wonder we have no idea how many "illegals" there are in the UK or where they all are. CB is quite upset about this as, even with a citizenship certificate to show them, these same border agents give CB a hard time because he is not, as yet, travelling on a UK and Europe passport. One of those will be obtained in 2015 when his own passport from his country of origin needs to be renewed. CB has lived in the UK since 1959 and always travelled on his passport from his original country (a Commonwealth country) without hassle but recently it has been a problem. These border agents know how to dish out unecessary hassle to UK citizens but seem to be clueless when dealing with a genuine illegal. Once again, it appears that the Home Office is not fit for purpose. They are in need of a good consultant but, other than the border agency, where to start in such a vast office? Give CB a clue by clicking here.

187.   08.08.2013.   Mr. Cameron, why do you never look before you leap? £500 million into the A&E departments over the next 2 years is just throwing money at a problem instead of understanding it. If you want to reduce the number of visits to GP's by up to 50%, if you want to do the same for A&E departments, if you want to reduce the pressure on the 111 line, do as the continentals do. In Spain and other continental countries, someone will go to the pharmacist FIRST and, if the pharmacist deems it advisable, they will send that person to the doctor. So many of our small ailments can be dealt with by our pharmacists and, when outside of normal shop hours, there is a notice on the pharmacy door telling us which pharmacy is providing a late service. This means that A&E departments would only have to cope with minor ailments in the small hours overnight. This solution to many of our NHS overload problems will cost a lot less than £500 M. Should you scroll down to post number 164 you will see more about this and, if you had read it, you could have saved that £500 M. CB does appreciate that the poster campaign in the doctors surgeries had some limited success until it was seen that people were going to the pharmacy, getting paracetamols and sending them home to relatives but safeguards are now in place to stop that abuse and, since the safeguards were introduced, not too many people are going to the pharmacy first. If you spend just £10 or £20 M of that money on a prolonged TV advert educating our public that their first point for medical access is the local pharmacy and do this in Urdu, Somali etc. on channels that these people will be watching. Education via TV ads is required as it is only a cultural change in our population that can achieve the objective. Immigrants to this country bring with them their culture and, in most cases, their meeting place for women and children is not the local cafe or pub, it is the doctors and, as they do this here, our GP's are snowed under with unecessary appointments. This is why multi language education of the people is the first step to easing pressure on the NHS. Now, the other £480 or £490 Million can be spent on our most needy, you know, the ones who are losing out on disability benefit changes. Why will you not consider this remedy? Tell CB here.

186.   06.08.2013.   The tension in the Yemen is increasing and this has led to William Hague withdrawing all staff from the embassy there. He started by withdrawing all "non essential" staff (leaving only the spies, we presume) but this has now risen to all staff. With modern intelligence systems we surely must know what is going on here. Should the Yemeni government not be sympathetic to Al Qaeda then they might invite the help of the UN to clean house. Should the Yemeni Government be on the side of Al Qaeda then we MUST have much more reason to do an Iraq and clean house. CB does not see any half measures here, after all, if you have a hornets nest in your eaves, you don't stand back and watch it, you bring in the experts and get rid of it. Wherever Al Qaeda has a presence they must be pursued and taken out. If Afghanistan was the start then lets do the Yemen and finish it off with Pakistan. OK, Pakistan is a nuclear power which allows them the luxury of substantial foreign aid but, given that, they should be ultimately persuadeable to allow UN trops to operate within their borders in pursuit of the terrorists. Yes, the definition of terrorist is a bit shady but we can fine tune that definition down to those who would plot or execute organised acts of violence  in any country other than Pakistan. We should expect Pakistan to take their own action against those who live in and commit acts of terror inside their own borders.  That is the grass roots of what is needed, then there is the "back office" operation against these terrorists such as using the world financial system to denude them of their finances.  Perhaps those back room techniques might help push the Yemeni government into capitulation , allowing us to go clean house.  Once again on this site the call is for action, not words.  Talk to CB if you have something to say.

185.   06.08.2013.   A TV news report has warned that, in the words of the Chairman of the Charity Commission "The payment of high salaries within charitable institutions may bring charities into disrepute". CB has known this for many years now and, in our younger days, those with whom CB worked raising funds for charities decided that we would never again give money to these charities but that we would buy and donate the equipment they needed instead. This was done after an episode where, after information given to us, we called the police to verify that the full amount donated had actually found it's way into the charity's bank account. The principle behind our thinking was that, if we donated an incubator to a baby special care unit, it would be very hard to carve 10% off it for the pocket of a criminal element within the organisation receiving the donation. If we look at a Plc (public limited company, ie one that sells it's shares on the stock market), after all operating costs and taxation, they normally make a nett profit of around 8%. National charities often have 8% or even less to go to the charity fund after the deduction of "costs".  Such charities usually have TV ads and they have management heirarchies to run the organisation. If they are asked about their costs they usually reply that they have to pay a competitive salary and benefits to attract people with the right skills and qualities to get the job done. This includes the likes of "fund raising managers" who enjoy large salaries, company cars and all the extras that would be found with a job with a large company. Then there is the cost of TV ads. Once a charity starts down the "corporate" road, they leave the realms of being a charity and become, effectively, a business. The vast part of your donations is used to safeguard the jobs as opposed to going to the charity that you thought you were supporting. So, if you put £1 in a collecting tin, 8p OR LESS will go to what you thought you were supporting. Those who are charity minded should form a group of you who all want to help a given organisation, raise the money, then find out what your charity needs and buy that, donating the goods and not hard cash. It is so sad to have to put this truth on this site but it is merely a reflection on our society and what we have let it become in the age of sleaze and scam. Tell CB what you think by using this link.

184.   05.08.2013.   We are now officially in the age of the grow your own burger. CB has never been any good at growing things so he is unlikely to be engaging in this new culture (pun intended). The technology, however, is more than welcome. If you read the page on "The Population Trap" you will see why. This planet and our species would do well to keep the number of humans on the planet at the current figure of 7 billion. The more of us there are, the greater the problems we will have. Our future is guaranteed to be a nasty one unless we solve the problems of pollution and population control. The first of those problems is much easier to achieve than the second one. Read your history, the start of when man lived his life against Mother Nature as opposed to in harmony with her was the industrial revolution and that was caused by a population explosion. There is much in the way of explanation of that on various pages on this site but if you know better than use this link to tell CB.

183.   05.08.2013.   Goodbye Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward, the UK's hero leader of the successful Falklands campaign. This was a man who dedicated his life to the Royal Navy and really did know what he was tlking about in matters naval. He was appalled in July 2011 when our aircraft carriers were axed by the current government, a sentiment echoed at the time by CB. He was also quite astounded at the stupidity of the purely political decision to axe the sea harriers in favour of the european tornado fighter in January 2012, again a sentiment echoed by CB. You need to use the dates given to see the relevant posts on these events and there is also a post early on this page regarding the unbeatable abilities of the harrier in action. Why do governments fail to listen to those who know? This can only be put down to the needs of money OR politics and not the good sense of what really is the best decision. It merely shows the propensity of our leaders to do not what is best for the country and it's people but to do what is best for their comfortable lives and we still keep voting for them. It is to be hoped that the UK does not have need of the best resources, as we did in 1982, or we may find out rather painfully the result of our leaders decisions. Use this link to have your say to CB.

182.   05.08.2013.   Spain is getting it's knickers in a twist over Gibraltar once again. They are being as obstructive and nasty as possible in order to secure rights over fishing which are UNLAWFUL in European law and regulations. The Foreign Office is doing what it can but surely asking the help of the EU here might be the best plan of attack. If Europe tells Spain to back off, CB does think a lot of the heat, all of it introduced by Spain, might be taken out of the situation and we may get another 10 years of cool relations before another Spanish hothead kicks off again. The EU could possibly, rule on the waters around Gibraltar, currently under dispute to clarify the situation. Spain are now wanting to charge 50 Euros to cross the border into Gibraltar from Spanish soil, probably in an attempt to harm the Gibraltar economy but they are just as much the losers should they do that AND it MUST be against the European open borders policy. Maybe, given the economic plight of Spain and their need for increased numbers of tourists from the UK, we can do a bit for Gibraltar by going elsewhere for our breaks. As the British contribution to the Spanish tourist economy is greater than any other nation, perhaps the UK government should introduce a £100 surcharge on all flights to and from Spain, effective immediately and in place until Spain shuts up about Gibraltar. CB is voting with his feet as all plans to go to Spain have been changed for places elsewhere, next stop Belgium. Feedback if you are inclined to follow suit and vote with your feet.

181.   05.08.2013.   Ian Tomlinson's death 4 years ago is to be "paid off" by the MET police and the family say "this is the nearest we might ever get to justice for Ian". Throw some money at it and it will go away is the rule. Trouble is, the police methods which are very flawed are still in place for the next time. What has been done about the most senior police officers who presided over this affair? What has been done about changing the methods and tactics of the police in such situations? What has been done about recruitment and subsequent monitoring of those not fit for duty such as the officer in this case and the armed response officer who assassinated Charles De Menezies? Nothing we can see so far. Scroll back to post number 149 on this page, read and understand and you will know how close we are to the public having no faith left in the "justice" system and it will become apparent that a full and total re-organisation of the UK police is an absolute necessity. This is BEFORE we start to get the real truth of the police and what they are capable of in their current form from the revelations that will come from the Hillsborough debacle. Theresa May, now Abu Qatada has gone, maybe you might find some time to address this problem? Feedback to CB if you have something to say.

180.   04.08.2013.   The Bishop of Aberdeen is expected shortly to apologise for the monks of Fort Augustus having been at the little boys in their charge. Surely the unnatural practice of celebacy is at the heart of the continual and consistent  abuse of  boys by  Catholic Church clericals.  When will they see the truth?  At the risk of CB repeating himself, the abuse of little boys is why the Catholic Church has the best choirs in the world. The priest drops a coin on the floor, the unsuspecting boy bends down to pick it up, the frock is pulled up and that is the point at which the little boy learns how to hit top C!  This sickness within the church  will guarantee the constant exposures  (pun intended)  and subsequent apologies for  misdeeds  by church clerics.  CB constantly advises against  the practice  of defying Mother Nature  and the more CB advises, the more we see examples of why it is not advisable.  Feedback is welcome, even from church clerics as long as they keep both their hands in full view.

179.   04.08.2013.   Well, just to refresh your memories, you might read post number 166 on this page. CB did warn you about Robert Mugabe having already tied up the election in Zimbabwe. Now it has happened just as CB predicted with Mugabe in for another 5 years and safe from the Court of Human Rights. Tsvangirai, having been seen to be too comfy with his power sharing deal (although Mugabe would not have given him very much) has been forsaken by many of his supporters. Add this to the reported election irregularities and you see why it was so easy for CB to forecast what was said. Western governments are condemning this election but they did not care enough about the Zimbabwean people to send in the troops so, perhaps knowing actions speak louder than words, they should all stop bleating until they are ready to take positive action! Is this democracy? It is about time the world at large woke up to the "democracy" scam. Every "democratic" country in the world, with the exception of the only true democracy which is Switzerland, uses a voting system that guarantees that their people can only have what the politicians want them to have. In the UK it is either labour or tory, in America it is either republican or democrat and so on. All these politicians will assert the fact that they are honest but it only takes a moron with half a brain cell in working order to see the truth and it is all  our fault. WHY? Because we let them keep doing it. CB's disillusionment is complete and mankind deserves all it gets. Using the feedback link is how you may tell CB what you think.

178.   03.08.2013.   Hassan Rouhani is now installed as the new president of Iran. There is much talk about his prowess as a negotiator and that he wishes to repair the damage to Iran/Western relations caused by the last president being a reactionary if not extremist type of leader. We will see but how easy will it be to trust the word of a country notorious in being very economic with the truth? How easy will it be should any agreements be reachede for Rouhani to sell the deal to the Ayatollah? Remember the last president who tried to build bridges with the west? I bet you can't, his name was Mohammad Khatami and he appears to be shunned by the religious leaders. All concerned  with negotiations with the new man must remember that, at the very root of power in this country is religion, ie belief, not logic. Belief is a most dangerous thing when involved with power. Belief causes wars where logic assists peace. At the heart of all negotiation is trust so dealing with a country such as Iran will mean a very long process where every gain on either side will be followed by a long period of testing the words against the deeds. They are welcome to it or do you know better, use the link to say.

177.   03.08.2013.   The Rt Hon Peter Lilley, Conservative MP for Hitchin and Harpenden has just been speaking on the BBC News Channel on fracking. This is an MP who carries on his web site home page a thank you for his help in protecting a green belt, supposedly in his constituency. Mr. Lilley was singing the praises of fracking and would welcome the use of it in his constituency, even going as far as to say he would not mind if they were fracking next door to him. This was an interview but sounded very much like a "toe the party line" speech. How might an MP resolve the conflict of interest between an industrial process at the heart of serious public unrest and with health and safety questions unresolved and being the protector of green belts. Would he protest if shale oil and gas were found in the green belt he has just protected or would he promote the exploitation of the deposits in the name of a better economy in his constituency? Aint it hard to be BOTH an honest man and a politician? What is your slant on this, use the link.

176.   03.08.2013.   Twitter is to introduce a means to report abusive tweets and NOT BEFORE TIME! A thinking web site with real concern for the majority of it's subscribers would have done this ages ago. Might we , not too gently, prod Twitter for other things long since needed? What about the ability to get rid of posts on our home pages that are unsolicited, advertisements, from other than friends and so on. We should have more control over our home page on Twitter. The ability to get rid of unwanted posts should also carry a ban function so the poster cannot do it again. Unsolicited posts on our home page may imply our acceptance of that company or their product, their ideas and so on so should never be allowed in the first place without our express permission. If CB is missing something in the twitter software to fix this, please forgive him, CB is a very experienced IT person and if such fixes have not been seen then it suggests a not very user friendly site (the euphemism used when the software developer has written something then made it nearly impossible to find and use). Perhaps we are evolving into an era where the big guys on the net are made to realise and take on board their social responsibilities and this has also been wanting for a long time but evolution does take an age. How do you feel, tell CB here.

175.   03.08.2013.   There is lots in the news about Cuadrilla and their test drilling in West Sussex for shale oil and gas. If found in sufficient quantities as to be commercial then we may assume that the resources will be reclaimed using the process known as fracking. As a new technology, fracking has it's supporters and also its detractors. We are not yet at the point where a definitive decision can be made as we do not yet have all the answers to all the questions surrounding this technologfy. The two major concerns are that, firstly, the way the technology disturbs the rock bed deep below the earth may be a contributing factor to low level earthquakes. CB does feel that this risk might be minimal as we are not talking about disturbance of the tectonic plates, the movement of which is seen as the cause of major earthquakes. CB has read this subject and also places great store in what is said about this on a web site that he has mentioned before, The Universe Explained. Secondly and, in CB's opinion, of much more concern, is that the process of fracking is likely to contaminate the water table and, through this, local water supplies. There is substantial evidence in the USA, where fracking is in regular employ, that local to the process there has been substantial water table contamination accompanied by a lot of loxcal and unexplained illness. Now, once again, money is at the heart of the problem. Fracking may possibly release billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas giving the USA, UK and all other places where deposits are rich, home supplies of energy for the future. It guarantees fabulous wealth to the companies in this business, just like the oil companies of old and also massive input through taxation to the treasuries of these countries. thus the carrot in front of the trap is a very large one and the temptation to relax or even bend the rules is large. The tendency of governments wuill be "sod it, get it done for the moiney", with a lessening regard to the health and safety of the operation. The trap referred to in the last sentence is of the two wheeled variety but it is not unreasonable to see the other meaning of the word in all this. Should we, in years to come, see those living near fracking sites suffering unexplained failings in their health, reasonably expect punitive compensation to those people, criminal prosecution of the directors of fracking companies AND the politicians who shut their eyes in pursuit of the money and the securing of future energy supplies? If current legislation covers that, so be it, if not, we need such legislation put in place. We also need a FULL compensation package for those whose house value falls due to the proximity to a fracking site and this also must cover any insurance problems and losses for the same reason. There is a web site, Frack-Off, which is an anti fracking web site so the content is not guaranteed by CB and it is up to the reader to make up their own mind as to the content. The American Scientist has referred to an article on fracking related health problems published by The New York Times. Again, even though it is The New York Times, it is still the media so CB does not guarantee the content, it is for the reader to decide. CB hopes he has given enough information here to help readers to think about fracking. Is it a financial angel or a health devil, only time will tell. Have your say on the feedback page.

174.   02.08.2013.   Just seen the news on the TV where they are saying that over 50% of homes in the UK are finding great trouble in paying their household bills every month. This is what is fuelling the increased use of "Wonga" type companies. Mr. Cameron said he was going to do something about such businesses but has not moved yet. Mr. Cameron, do you not realise that these companies have no business when people have no need of their services? Do you not see that the actions of successive governments, especially yours, are the cause of such hardship? Do you not see how much worse this is going to be when planned benefit cuts come into force? And what of those on sickness benefit? We have just been shown footage in the above mentioned TV report of a man in Chesterfield, quite obviously unfit for work who, having taken ill in his assessment and was offered an ambulance, has just been assessed fit for work? Is this an example of joibsworths being instructed to cut the numbers of claimants regardless of their condition? Yes, cuts are necessary but there is a right and a wrong way to do this and your approach seems to be that of privileged people like yourselves failing to believe the truth even when it hits you in the face. Charity is supposed to begin at home so, if the country is as badly off as you tell us it is, why not cut foreign aid????? Our money, the tax payers money, NOT your money, should be used at home and not given away to others not in the UK. It is wonderful to be able to help others and, if you wish to do this, why not introduce a new tax on all those who have over £1 million in the bank to finance foreign aid? That way you keep what you want but all money currently earmarked for foreign aid can be diverted to our own needy. Those who wish to comment may use the feedback page.

173.   01.08.2013.   Ed Snowden has apparently moved to a place of greater safety than where he was. CB, for one, hopes the Americans never get their hands on him as THAT would be a travesty of justice. CB stands by those who risk their all to tell the truth in a world where those in power have forgotten what the truth is. Those in power can do what they want, legal or not, ethical or not, fair or not, as long as, when they are found out, they can organise a scapegoat to take the rap. Could the world ever put this right? Probably not as it has been going on for so long now it seems that such behaviour is enshrined in the way of the world for those in power. Say what you think on the feedback page.

172.   01.08.2013.   Yet another senior police officer has resigned. It seems the chief of the serious crimes department is married to a woman who has used the services of a private detective agency to do work for her company. This senior officer is co-owner of the said company. It is not clear whether they used a detective who has been identified as having done any illegal act. The senior cop says he is resigning "because of a possible conflict of interests". Has it only just dawned on him that his involvement with this company was a potential problem? Just how naive does he think we are. This is just ANOTHER example of the dire need to fully re-organise the whole police function in the UK, read the page entitled "The Police" for clarification. As to yet another possible case of dishonesty, please read post number 149 on this page to fully understand just how much the disghonesty of our most senior policemen is eating into the very heart of our "justice" system. Comments can be made on the feedback page.

171.   01.08.2013.   And yet again a little child has been murdered by his parents or guardians. They are to be sentenced later today in Birmingham and a serious case investigation is ongoing into the details of how the social services (mis)handled the case. How many more times will this happen before something concrete is done to safeguard children where there is any suspicion of maltreatment. The excuse used once again, just as in the "baby peter" case, is that the mother was very plausible in the answers she gave to questions asked of her. The school where the boy attended might have played a key part here IF they were able to. They saw this boy scavenging food from bins. Given an incident like this and IF this government provided legislation to back the schools action, they should have been able to call for an immediate medical examination on the school premises. This would have revealed the boys weight to be far under the expected weight for a child of his height and age. It would have provided the opportunity to look for signs of physical abuse and, above all, if there was any evidence of any of this, provided the opportunity to take him into care for his own protection. This is a very difficult area and, in the past, mistakes have been made with dire consequences for the family concerned.  Given that, if we have a child where the school is sufficiently concerned as to call for a legal medical check and, should that check confirm the suspicion of maltreatment, there should be a national inspection agency  who  must be called in to verify the decision to remove the child from their natural home on the grounds of the child's better good.  This could be a a paediatrician on a retainer in every large city rather than a full blown and regularly staffed agency. Are we going to do this Mr. Cameron?  You are a father and a man who knows personal tragedy, not of your own hand but you should be in a position to understand more than most that our system is inadequate if it allows children to die at the hands of their parents or guardians. Mr. Cameron, lets do this, let it be a positive move from you, for once in your term, and pursue this all the way until it is in place. Have your say on the feedback page.

170.   01.08.2013.   Peter Cruddas has cleared his name in court with the Sunday Times picking up the bill. In all this it has come out that, yet again, our Prime Minister has behaved in much less a reasonable manner than that which we might expect from a man in his position. At the first smell of trouble the behaviour of the senior politicians was as that of the police in a situation, that is close ranks, cover it up and then find out what happened. Now do the police take their lessons from the government or is it the other way round? Unfortunately, this is yet another situation that will make the thinking voter question Mr. Cameron's fitness to hold the office of PM. CB wanted to have a good PM in Mr. Cameron but we do not always get what we want. CB cannot see anyone else who looks like PM material. Vince Cable did show all those qualities but he has become somewhat muddied by association with this government.  Keith Vaz is definitely  PM material but we do not know his aspirations.  Although he is in the wrong party for CB's liking, Chukka Umunna does display  the qualities of a good PM but so did Mr. Cameron before the last election.  Other than that there is nobody who looks fit to be our next PM. We have 21 months for someone to take the reins of their party and show us leadership quality, not just for their party but for this country. Unfortunately, with a two party system, we will have nowhere to go at the next election. If it is between Cameron and Miliband then we are in trouble for another five years and all because the promised political reforms from Mr. Cameron's own mouth in 2010 will never be brought in. CB thinks this country will get all it deserves and CB is so glad he is not young anymore, there is a limit as to just how much more shit CB will have to stand from UK politics. Any suggestions for a new PM may be offered on the feedback page. 

169.   31.07.2013.   Bradley Manning and Ed Snowden, heroes or traitors? Both have told the truth about the authorities! Both have blown the whistle at their own expense! Both have been branded as traitors by the authorities, the same authorities who were outed by these two men for illegal acts or acts of espionage against their own people! How can we allow the authorities to make their own rules, their own laws, act outside of the existing laws or act in a manner that is not in the best interests of their own people? The President is in a bad place over all of this as he is required to back the establishment point of view BUT, he does come across as a basically honest man so, does he compromise his own personal honesty or does he do the right thing by the people. All of this comes down to your own particular point of view but, when we start crucifying honest men for being open, it merely underlines the sickness prevalent in todays society. If this is real life today then what reason do we have to welcome the future? The American people have made their feelings known over Treyvon, are they now going to stand up over Bradley and Ed?  It would be the best way to help their president  decide where he is on this but, as the authorities have  used the "spying"  label, perhaps his hands are tied.  It does not matter that the authorities  are guilty of spying on their own people, they have the right to do that, OR have they?  America, it is "make up your mind" time.  Have your say on the feedback page.

168.   31.07.2013.   The government cuts dubbed by Labour as "The Bedroom Tax" are coming under fire. Those interviewed on the TV have adequately demonstrated that they are being unfairly discriminated against by these cuts. The statement by the government that they are putting £35M into the system for discretionary payments is such bollox. All that will do is to give some jobsworth in each council a decision that should be enshrined in law so as to guarantee our help to those who really need it. Our good jobsworth will spend nothing, do all he can to bolster his own position and sod those who are in need. How can any government, having seen this kind of thing fail so many times before, carry on making the same mistake over and over again? Because it is easier to do it that way and they can crow about "all that extra money" we have put in. Back in the 1990's CB watched a Somali woman in front of him at the post office draw over £800 for one weeks benefits. Somali's living in the UK are those who could afford the trip. Perhaps people like these should be targeted instead of those who cannot defend themselves and those who cannot afford the costs of defending themselves. CB knows cuts are necessary but can't we deliver them without picking on those who we are supposed to be helping the most? Your comments are welcome if you click here.

167.   31.07.2013.   Once again the "right" to die is before the courts. This is NOT a decision for the courts, it is a decision for the government as a change in the law is required. CB thinks that such a law would never stand a chance if open to a free vote in the Commons. There is also the fact that any decision may be flawed as emotion would quite probably play a bigger part than logic (see the page entitled "The Flawed Human Psyche"). Decisions are best taken when one is in possession of ALL the information to make a good and valid decision. This cannot be the case as some of the questions are age old and cannot be answered. There is only one guarantee we are given at the point of entry to our life on this earth and that is that you will eventually die and that, before then, you will suffer some pain. Your life is inevitable from the moment your daddies eye falls upon your mothers face. There IS a gift that comes with your life and it is TIME, but the bastards do not tell you how big your personal gift is. For this reason, you should never waste your own time and you do not have the right to waste anyone else's!  If we all lived to this basic concept the world might be a much nicer place. Having established  these basic concepts to life on earth we may ask those questions. Is the purpose of each life on this earth to suffer the pain that is yours, be that personal pain or the pain of seeing those you love suffer? Is it right to terminate your life to escape the pain that is yours? Is it right to impose upon your nearest and dearest to help you to go? Is it right to expect a medical person, trained to help people and save lives, to go against all that and help you die just because you want to? Anyone with any decency will have the utmost sympathy for those who are so disabled that they might want out but they may not agree with an artificially induced removal from life. CB remembers a lovely lady called Maggie who he met in a care home on the Black Isle many years ago. Maggie has a lively and intelligent mind but it was trapped in a body so diseased that she had no speech, no control over her limbs, even her facial expressions were distorted and CB saw that as the most hideous disease of all. Maggie would never contemplate an early end to her life as she has the mental resolve to deal with whatever comes her way. She is a lady of quality. With the greatest of respect, CB says to all those who wish to go, stop all your bleating, realise that, for whatever reason which, as yet, we do not understand, THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Get on with it and, when Mother Nature says your time is up, THAT is when it is time to go. Those who believe in a greater, divine entity and the idea of heaven and hell might well be forgiven for seeing this world as hell and our life as a sentence to be served IN FULL. However hard it is, we should all stay the course and finish the job! Many will disagree which is why we have the feedback page, use it at your will. 

166.   31.07.2013.   Mr. Mugabe has said he will step down from politics if he loses the election being held today. Last time we saw the media reporting that his henchmen were using violence to secure the election. Mr. Mugabe must have some kind of insurance in place to secure his majority to have made that statement. WHY? Because if someone else becomes president and Mugabe is out, the door is open to pursue him for his past crimes against his own people in the court of human rights. He has much to lose and all those who kept him in place will also be in the firing line. At the age of 89 and with his brain seriously corrupted by 33 years of unbridled power, it is time for him to go but, with what is at stake, can the world expect this to happen? Tell CB if you know better.

165.   30.07.2013.   MP's are concerned that the UK is losing the war on cyber crime and want to bolster our defences against the criminals. They might start with the  E-crimes desk at Thames Valley Police. Last year a good friend of CB's officially used the online form to report a suspected fraud committed by an online dating company who are Global Personals Plc based in Windsor. This company was one featured last night on Panorama, broadcast on BBC1, a programme which highlighted fraud, misuse of data and other scams perpetrated by the online dating web sites. The E-crimes desk replied to the complainant that it felt the incident was one of a civil nature. This meant that they would not pursue the report and the complainant had to pursue the matter in a small claims court. If fraud is now a civil crime, why is Asil Nadir serving 5 years for fraud? The truth is that this company may be defrauding the users of JUST ONE of their sites to the tune of up to £10,000 per day, a figure calculated from the "new members today" number given on the web site concerned. This must, by implication, render the E-crimes team members guilty of aiding and abetting every fraud committed by this company from the time and date of CB's pals report of the fraud, if not before then. Windsor is a small town, maybe the senior executives of this company drink in the same pub as some of the police from Thames Valley and maybe they know one another. Some explanation for the failure of the police to deal with a fraud, especially as documented evidence is available, might be asked, hopefully by a Commons Select Committee! While ever this situation is the status quo, we can never hope to deal with online crime and, ONCE AGAIN, the re-organisation of the police suggested on the page entitled "The Police" is called for.  In todays world in the UK corruption is everywhere and while ever we stand for it, it will get worse so come on, Mr Vaz, call that company and the police to account for their actions before your committee. Ask CB to get the documents for you or even to give evidence to your committee, read the page entitled "Online Dating" and you will see that CB has done a lot of research in this area. Feedback is here.

164.   29.07.2013.   The NHS has, yet again, fallen foul of a general management problem. The 111 help line is failing but why? When good professional management faces an operational problem they do their job by looking at it, seeing what is wrong and fixing it. Are these managers playing politics or are they actually earning their pay?  Many recent problems such as the A&E crisis and this 111 line problem might well be solved by using what we already have in a much better and more efficient way.  We could relieve the pressure on the NHS by utilising our pharmacists in the way that  is done on the continent. It would need re-education  of the UK public in that, instead of the GP being first point contact, people should go to their pharmacist who is very qualified to recommend either a product to allieviate the problem OR to recognise that a doctor appointment is required. Half the GP visits could be relieved by our local pharmacy. Culture is also another reason, for instance, in Somalia the village doctor is where all the women meet to chat. They come to live here but the old custom is still in place. CB has seen this at his own GP's practice. If the pharmacy were to be the medical "first point" then the NHS might be able to levy charges on those who are malingerers, those who use the doctor as a local meeting point, those who are there once a month for the purpose of a note to keep them off work. If the Government had a two pronged attack on those who, in senior management, are only interested in playing politics and those who, at the patient level, spend all their time wasting the GP's time, maybe the NHS might move one pace forward for once without taking three steps back. Talk to CB if ypou know better.

163.   29.07.2013.   Much is being made on the news about Ofgen and it's stance against the power supply companies in the UK. Ofgen seems to have the power to dish out serious fines for wrong doing by the power providers. Usually such mediators, appointed by the Government, appear to CB to be figureheads, kept under the control of the Government and only brought out to play when the threat of peoples reaction demands some establishment reaction. Hence Mr. Camerons desire to set up a watchdog over the press WITHOUT legislation to underpin their position. The norm is that the figureheads stay quiet unless the Government has need of their services to be exercised and reported by the media. This is why the thinking public has no trust in such quangos. The underlying driving force for the quangos to behave in this way is that their work against the companies they are supposed to regulate is directly against the financial requirements of the treasury, you know, income from taxation. Surely, if we are to get proper regulation by the quangos, they must be placed way beyond the control of the Government, possibly by a law covering ALL quangos! Why don't we start the war against the hidden corruption in UK politics with a move such as this? Corruption you ask? Yes, where the politicians say what the people want to hear but they do just the opposite. CB does think that Mr. Cameron would move heaven and earth to ensure such a law never happened as the prime objective of the Government, whichever flavour we have in power, is to preserve their status quo, don't rock the boat unless shit is hitting the fan. Tell CB if you know any better.

163. 26.07.2013.   The Wonga row is a good one. First we have the ex banker, now archbishop, doing David Camerons job for him. Mr. Cameron gave the Wonga's of this world 12 weeks to clean up their act or he would. We have, as is always the case with Mr. Cameron, heard nothing since. Did the treasury appraise him of how much revenue was being gained from usury loan practises? Next we are told that the Church of England was an investor in Wonga. Then we are told some of the low level sleazy types of company that the church is allowed to invest in. Investment in small or new companies comes with a high level of risk so just how much money does the church have invested or holds in readiness to invest? The principles of driving the usurers out of business appear to be of integrity but let us not forget, the church is basically a confidence trick that makes it's money from those who follow it's teachings and preys upon the beliefs of men to further their business. That last statement about religions being a confidence trick preying on the beliefs of men is true to all religions. Anyone has the right to believe in a god, whatever name you give to him or her BUT, to believe, you do not need a priest/rabbi/imam, they are just other mere mortals who know no more than you do if there is a god or not. Without those people, there is no need of a church/synagogue/mosque. There is no need of any books, books are words by men for men and gods have no need of books and there is no need for any "prophet" who is just another mere mortal. Belief is a personal thing for your heart and mind if you so choose it and any religion will take you on if you will pay. Now, if the church goes back to its con trick roots and Mr. Cameron can be persuaded to, just once in his premiership, keep his word and legislate against the thieves, all may be good. Speak here if you have an opinion.

162.   26.07.2013.   A good friend of CB's always shops at Sainsbury's when he needs coffee. He has tried over 100 different ground coffee's but "Original fairtrade ground coffee for filters by Sainsbury's" is his choice. It is £2.29 for a 227g bag. Sainsbury's has decided to discontinue this product. CB's pal has to change and the only comparable item is £1.69 from Aldi but it does not have the same flavour. Most other blends of coffee at Sainsbury's are £3 or more for the same size bag. Sainsbury's may have decided to discontinue this line on profit margin reasons and may be thinking the customer will just switch to a dearer brand (which probably has a higher profit margin). Well, not so. CB's pal will shop at Aldi from now on as, if he does his normal weekly shop at Aldi, it is just over £10 and the same shop at Sainsbury's is nearer £15. The quality of the Aldi food is as good as or, in most cases, better than the Sainsbury's products. This pal shops online but Tesco seem to be winning his business. This is down to web site performance, the accuracy of the search engine and other online considerations. The marketing function at Sainsbury's is abysmal. For nine months now, CB's pal has had to dig to the back of the shelf to find his coffee as the Sainsbury's shelf stackers have been burying their own brand coffee behind other brands. This would lead to reduced sales and, therefore, a "discontinue recommended" report from the computer system, based on false data. If this is the way Sainsbury's are to push their business, they may well go the way of Safeway but a business of the size of Sainsbury's will not find a Morrissons to swallow it up. Customers will vote with their feet and Sainsbury's must look at their failed marketing department and other shortcomings or we will see a realignment of the players in the supermarket business. If Sainsbury's were to use the feedback to talk to CB, then a short return from retirement to perform the required consultancy might be considered.

161.   24.07.2013.   CB must apologise for his lack of attention to this page, all has not been well with CB but now we are back. There is a new page on this site that discredits the BBC Horizon programme and you may wish to read and make up your own mind. It is all about how they totally disregarded The Clements Theory (2009) when making their recent programme "Eaten by a Black Hole" and questions whether we, the viewers, can trust what they broadcast. Tell CB what you think.

160.   08.07.2013.   Andy, thank you for breaking all the shit that the media have shoved at us for all the years about a UK wimbledon winner. Sir, you are a Scot, do you see this as a UK win? CB gives all his respect to you, personally, for your achievement and looks forward to your next exploits. Aussie and French now makes the bag full, do you agree? Andy, now you see and we all see that you are a true athlete and you do know it is not just CB, it is the tennis lovers around the world who support you. Talk to me if you want.

159.   06.07.2013.   Congratulations miss Bartoli, that was some display against such a talented opponent. That final was what wimbledon is all about. Thanks for the show is not just from CB but from all the tennis lovers around the world. Tennis fans may speak here.

158.   06.07.2013.   Oh, the Lovely Lizzie (Sabine Lisicki), it was not to be this time, so sorry. The deal is you finished number 2 but this only means there is so much room in your career for the number 1 to be there. You will win a big one with your talent, it is inevitable given your health and fitness hang in there for you. Miss Bartoli had so much determination but it was needed to prevail over a player with your class, talent and all round game. CB wishes you well in the future and any who wish to add their name to that list can tell CB here.   What a nice little row, Unite, the union that pays some of labours bills acting against Ed Miliband and placing him in an untenable position. Much the same as David Cameron never keeping a promise, looking every bit a Prime Minister in 2010 and now, because the old, blue haired ladies of the south are not allowing him to actually be in charge of the Tory party, he looks anything but. What is the answer? What did Cameron promise in 2010? POLITICAL REFORM, yes, the one that frightens all politicians but, wait. CB does not want to tear the awful and corrupt system apart. Why do we not fix David and Ed's problem in one go? Why do we not establish a system of central political  funding where there is an account that ALL parties draw on to cover their costs? Limits of percentages apply according to the vote percentage gained at the last election. Legislate to account where this funding comes from. nIce idea but unworkable in a corrupt system. The two party state based on constituencies, therefore safe seats would unfairly apportion funds to the two major parties. Seems like piecemeal change is not possible without a total rejig of the system and nobody in parliament wants that. In that scenario, they lose control of their comfortable and safe environment. What ever happened to the "we do this for the people" attitude? Politicians, take great care, look at Egypt, Syria and many other places around the world, sometimes the people wake up and if nothing changes in the UK, we might see thousands of protesters facing tanks (if we have any left) in Trafalgar Square! Your time of take, take, take without any give may well be more limited than you think. Agreee, disagree, say so here.

156. Shall we add the assassination of Azelle Rodney to Charles De Menezies? Azelle is linked to a cop known as E7, whats his name? Did we ever get the name of the cop who assassinated Charles? How many more times? OK, we think that Azelle was a "career criminal" according to the press but Charles was not, he was a hard working guy. Just for yet another time, WE MUST REORGANIZE THE UK POLICE!!!!!!! Read post 149, CB has demonstrated in that post the futility of the new police caution. That caution is only valid if we trust the police and, in face of all that evidence, and add in Norman Bettison again, we know we cannot. If we do not get this fixed NOW, DAVID CAMERON, THERESA, MAY, your broken society may just start to collapse. Feedback here please.

155.   05.07.2013.   Well done Andy, he wasn't that easy, was he? So, it is the old foe (and close friend) in the final. Thank you for giving us fans the best final, world no. 1 against world no. 2. CB will say no more except he will be watching, CB will leave all the usual crap to the cretin brigade, alias the media. Feedback any comment.

154.   05.07.2013.   Egypt is back under military rule, sadly, but as the most important arab country in the Middle East, stability is needed above all else. Mr. Obama is shouting for a fast move back to democracy and he doesn't even know what that is as he is president of a 2 party state (see the page on The Vote). We heard the same from our own UK government, another 2 party state. Egypts problem was the people picked the wrong party. After kicking Mubarak out for running the country "his own way" Morsi should have known better but he was driven by those with religious ideals and beliefs rather than logic (see the page on The Flawed Human Psyche). Seems like "democracy" only works when the people pick the correct party. Maybe, even though the people do no want it, if the military keep a firm hand on the rudder, pulling the strings of whatever puppet is elected, stability can be restored. Feedback if you have any ideas.

153.   03.07.2013.   Thanks, Andy, that was the obligatory nailbiter but it is out of the way now. Get a good rest, we will see you on Friday. Feedback, as always.

152.   01.07.2013.   Andy, nice going. CB, without wishing to offend, has more respect for what you have done for others, particularly Laura, but  your playing all through this Wimbledon has been supreme.  OK, we may get the usual UK tennis player syndrome where you may have a  nailbiter and so will we but, as a proven winner and an Olympic Gold holder, we will be with you next Sunday when you lift the big one. The whole of British tennis owes you so much and all tomorrows winners will speak your name when they are interviewed BUT, you are still so young and you have much more gold to have, including THE BIG W (sorry, that sounds like the best ever slapstick film CB ever watched, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World). Watch that film before next Sunday, have a good giggle, come out to win and just let that happen, CB will be watching ( careful of the bucket). Andy, if you want to waste an email on an old fart, it is on feedback, but all readers are welcome to use that link.

151.   01.07.2013.   Sabine Lisiki, well done, you beat the big one, Serena Williams. Vie gehts, ich habe nicht zehr gut Deutsch, aber Englisch ist schon, also Englisch ist (next, sorry CB forgot the word for next). What can stop you now from holding that trophy next Saturday? CB will christen you "The Lovely Lizzie" if you do not mind, of course. Fear not, my girl, you will never look back from this day. Now, Serena has been "Ms. Tennis" for so long, is this the start of a new era? It may well be just looking at the ages of the Williams girls. A personal note, Serena, you have a mole on the left side of your face, near your mouth. Given all your millions and being an American, the country where plastic surgery reigns supreme, why do you not have it removed? CB does offer his profuse apologies for being so personal but you have such beauty it is such a shame to allow that blemish when it could be gone so easily. Feedback if you wish to give CB a personal smack for being so forward.

150.   01.07.2013.   Laura Robson, this was just not your day and CB has tears in his eyes for you. You are already, at the tender age of just 19, the darling, the sweetheart of UK tennis. Never mind, we are at our strongest between the ages of 23 and 35 so you have so much in front of you and, today, you may have been beaten by experience but, tomorrow, you will be the player with the experience. Your exploits at this years Wimbledon ensure the rent is paid for the next few weeks so it is not all bad. The fight and spirit you have shown us over the last few days has only ever been seen coming from those who have made their names the greatest ever names in world tennis so it is inconceivable that you will never win a major, on the contrary, CB is certain that you will be photographed with a major trophy in your hands before you see that 23rd year of your life. CB has met many people who are so called "celebrities" and most of them were not worth knowing but, a small select few live in the memory of CB and, should CB ever have the good fortune to meet you, CB is sure you will be in the select few bracket. CB wishes you all the best for your future in tennis and will be watching your every serve, return, volley, drop shot and all that you do. CB does believe that you and Andy Murray have the guts, talent and sheer bloody mindedness to bring major success to UK tennis and it is so much wanted and needed by the tennis lovers and it will be so much deserved when it is your time. Hang in there, girl, we all have fallen in love with you this last week and we will be with you every step of the way in the future. Feedback puts you in touch with CB if you want to be bored emailing an old fart.

149.   30.06.2013.   We have a serious problem with the system of "justice" in the UK. Currently, if you are in trouble with the police, they will caution you with words something like "if you fail to mention something which you later rely on in court, it may harm your defence". The method of policemen is that they want you to make a statement. They will usually then write that statement up in a way that may not be an accurate copy of what you said. In many cases it will be presented to the court, having been twisted around so it sounds more in favour of what the police would like you to have said than what you really said. Any person with a brain will realise, in view of recent press that it is safer to say nothing to the police and save your statement for the court, where others than just the police may hear your side of events, as you tell them and, hopefully, the court will make a good decision. If the court arbitrarily decide that, because you did not speak to the police, you are hiding something, they may well be guilty of a miscarriage of justice if they "hold it against you". The problem we have is that, if a magistrate decides not to believe the police, we have no system. Why should we not believe the police? We know an assistant chief of police in North Yorkshire has been convicted of stealing drugs from the evidence room and selling them on the streets. We have seen a very senior policeman in the MET named Desai be convicted, imprisoned and then released on appeal. We saw the assassination of Charles De Menezies, followed by the cover up and then the retraction of that cover up and the subsequent resignation of the Chief Policeman concerned. We have seen plebgate, where the principal of a policeman asking us to believe that words written in his book were the truth (as if he couldn't lie just because of a book) and subsequent evidence given resulted in the arrest of police officers at the heart of plebgate. What about Hillsborough? CB knows of a magistrate who was at that match where 96 died. He gave a statement to the police. They called him back and asked him to change his statement as "it did not match the evidence". He refused and pointed out that, as a magistrate, he believed that the statement WAS the evidence. The police decided not to allow his statement. He subsequently resigned form the bench. At the time, words were said to the effect that a magistrate sometimes has to accept the word of the police and then a custodial sentence may be imposed on the defendant. This man felt he could never again lock up someone on the word of policemen after his Hillsborough experience. Looking at Hillsborough, we must ask about the involvement of West Midlands police in this sordid affair where it has been suggested by more than 1 TV documentary that they acted as trouble busters and used blatant blackmail to get police officers to alter what they had said. This was nothing more than a super sized "making the book" operation where the police conspire with one another to ensure what is in the book corresponds with their partners book, never mind the truth to ensure a conviction. The Lawrence family have just found out that, as the wronged family, they were spied on to discredit the family and, hopefully take the heat off the police that had failed to do their duty. Add to all of this the recent "police dirty tricks" documentary on Channel 4, including using the identities of dead children to establish undercover identities,  and we have such an indictment against the police, the question is could they ever gain our trust and respect again? CB's own personal experiences in 1971 of police officers telling lies in court, making their book and the prosecuting officer, one Tony Oldfield of South Yorkshire Police subsequently being thrown out of the force for being bent and then his conviction of car tax disc fraud is documented on previous news pages on this site. On that occasion, both officers lied and the magistrate just rubber stamped the deal, fining CB £10 for a minor traffic offence! Because of all of this, the UK now NEEDS a complete and total reorganisation of the police from top to bottom with a special consideration to make them 1 force, nationally with 1 board of directors, an end to the postcode lottery of 43 different decisions because we have 43 different forces. Special care should be given to a PR director so there is a consolidated approach to all media interviews, special consideration to their method of operation and the same goes for the training regime which appears to be very flawed. Their MO is currently that, if you report an incident, whilst they are asking you to tell them about it, they are looking round to see if they can get you on something. This comes from the "everyone is guilty of something" thinking and, the net result is, the cops get less people reporting things BUT, they also get less public help. This discredit philosophy is seen at its most prominent in how rape victims are treated. These changes are so long overdue but if they are not addressed with immediate effect, we will begin to see the diminution of our "justice" system in the eyes of the public! Before we get there, will the politicians listen? Feedback your thoughts.

148.   27.06.2013.   Goodbye Julia Gillard, CB thought you were good for Australia and good for Australia's standing in the world. Kevin Rudd was never CB's favourite PM but now he gets a second chance. We will be watching. Many in your own party are not favourable to you and following Julia may not be easy either so you do have to be a bit special this time round. Anyone who wishes to update CB on Ozzie politics shouls use the feedback link.

147.   26.06.2013.   The bally hoo about Ed Snowden, where is he and so on is very nicely keeping the heat off GCHQ! When are we going to ask the painful questions about their mining data of our phone calls and emails. When will we start to dissect their transgressions? Feedback if you know.

146.    25.06.2013.   Rafa, Cb does hope that you do not mind his use of your pet name but it is so sad to see you are out of Wimbledon. CB knows it is just a small set back as you have had so much trouble with injury but your recovery and return has made us all so much more in awe of your outstanding ability. You will be back so soon. CB has spent 40 years going to Majorca and, if it were possible to meet you one day, CB would be glad to go to Manacor for that meeting (unless you live elsewhere now). Rafa, you must know that we all are waiting for your next shot at yet another major and that will be at Flushing Meadows, we hope. If you have any baggage to carry, it is only the best wishes and hopes for your next victory that we all have for you. Use the feedback if you want to fix that Majorcan meeting, CB will be there. Easy for CB, Manchester airport, 07.00 depart, 10.30 in Palma, staying with friends in Torre Nova near Magaluf and see you if CB ever gets that lucky. Hey, CB plays tennis but no where near your game but it might be fun, OK? A nice San Miguel or 2 or a few after. That would be one of CB's dreams come true, good luck, Rafa, you should be the next US Open Champion.

145.   25.06.2013.    Mr. Obama, CB has just seen you on UK TV saying that, in the Ed Snowden affair, America is pursuing all legal avenues in this matter. Can you not see, sir, this is YOUR time to show the world what you are really made of! We have the US justice department wanting to prosecute Ed for spying when he just told the truth about YOUR AUTHORITIES doing the spying. As CB said, if your courts find Ed guilty of spying, by implication your justice department is also guilty of the same offence. It is quite ludicrous and CB sees that you are under so much pressure to back the justice department but we, the people, asked you for another 4 years of your life to be given to us and, now, we want you to do it right. You cannot let Ed be a scapegoat. Stop this stupidity, sir, walk into the new world of different politics. CB does think that, if you get hold of Ed and try to prosecute him, there may be protests against your regime of the kind we have recently seen around the world. The people are sick and tired of "the man" stamping all over the people and Ed is likely to become the prophet because he was, unlike your authorities, HONEST! Mr. Obama, stand up for what is right or you have 3 more years where your people will not be on your side, they will just be marking time till you are gone AND forgotten. CB has the greatest respect for you, Mr. Obama and this is the first post that has not been squarely behind you so CB hopes you see this and it helps you to see that this time, it is not the authorities who are right. They got caught doing something that was not public knowledge and were rightfully exposed. This, sir, is NOT a crime, not his crime, could well be the justice department that committed a crime. Mr. Obama, come on, clean your house, the hoover is needed right now. Sir, please use the feedback link if you want to talk to CB, if you know more than CB knows, if you want to help CB understand things a lot better but, other than that, please fix this and get it right and, backing the rogues is not the right answer.

144.   23.06.2013.   Once again the sickness at the heart of the UK police forces is laid bare with the news that the family of Stephen Lawrence were targeted in a possible smear campaign. The Lawrence family lost their son to murderers and, when the police do too little, the Lawrences make some noise to get justice and the police, instead of doing their job, resort to dirty tricks to make the problem go away. Mr. Cameron wants to spend yet more millions on yet another enquiry. The enquiry industry is the only growth industry in the UK economy. Mr. Cameron, just read CB's page on The Police, it has only been up for 7 years now. It will cost you AND the tax payers nothing for you to read and understand it. Do what it says and totally re-organise the forces into one national coherent unit and you will SAVE millions, not spend them. Mr. Cameron, now is not the time to just go through the motions. now is the time to do the right thing and show the UK the Prime Minister that we thought and hoped we were going to get when we put our x's on the ballot paper. Mr. Cameron, use the feedback link to tell CB why you cannot sort out our cops once and for all, even they are ready to welcome the changes.

143.   23.06.2013.   Ed Snowden has left the building. The yanks want him for spying. Excuse me! I thought it was the yankee authorities that were doing the spying, ED just TOLD us they were. What a bunch of CRETINS, they do something, covertly, then, when they get found out, they want to prosecute the scapegoat for exactly what THEY were doing! Under those conditions, by implication, if the yanks find Snowden guilty, then they are also guilty, no defence! Just how stupid can the yankee justice department get. Were they born cretins or do they get special stupidity lessons when they join the "justice" department? Mr. Obama, you have to step into this one. Ed Snowden has, by the actions of your justice cretins, now gone to dine with Mr. Putin. You cannot talk of homeland security when all your dolts do is drive a man with much information to the dinner table of your worst enemy! Mr. Obama, it is now time for a man with your obvious intelligence to stamp all over the stupids and bring some sanity back into this equation. Mr. Obama, please use the feedback link to help poor old CB f he has got the wrong end of the stick on this one.

142.   23.06.2013.   Come on George Osborne, look again at post number 138. Miliband and Balls (what an apt name) are on the economic warpath looking for a credible policy to attack you with. If you do not go the way CB suggests and they get in next time, you have to believe they will do it and if they do, you are out for 15 or 20 years. Steal their thunder, put yourself at the forefront of world economics and go for it. Make it happen, you will never look back, you will be in power for the next 20 years. The UK will be back in gear once more, you know it will worki. You have to realise that the rewst of the world will follow and all economies will be lifted to a place where they can start to grow again. Don't make us wait, get on with it. Feedback your reasons why you cannot go with this suggestion.

141.   22.06.2013.   Andrea wins "The Voice" and what a voice she has. Within such shows there is always a wealth of talent and Leah has the talent. Leah will go on to become a major world entertainer and rightly so. Matt stands a good chance of being a serious, world class entertainer. Nobody in tonights final was there by accident, they all should go on to be stars and, if those who can help them get there do not, more is their shame. CB did not watch last years shows but got sucked in to this years shows and is glad that happened. Feedback if you did not agree with the vote.

140.   22.06.2013.   The yankie authorities have cited spying charges against Ed Snowden and are looking to extradite him. Spying is the theft of documentation or information from one country for the benefit of another country whether for gain or not. It also applies between companies. So far we do not believe Ed has gained anything from his revelations. He has merely uncovered the fact that the authorities in more than one country were doing their own spying.  Now the real spies are wanting their usual  sacrificial lamb. THEY are not admitting to spying, they say it is in the interests of security that they spied. All Ed did was tell the truth and bring covert activities into the open.  This is a massive demonstration of "Big Brother" stamping all over the one guy that can deflect the heat away from them.  Fair enough, we live in the age of sleaze and scam where the truth is totally taboo!  Look at the previous post and ask yourself if there is any justice in the actions against Ed and whether we, the people, should stand for such actions against the man who helped us to know what is going on behind closed doors. If any action should be taken, perhaps it should be against those who violated the rights of their people and, if they could have, would have happily lied to cover it all up. With the sentiments of the previous post in mind, perhaps Mr. Obama sghould get involved in this one and ensure that, even if Ed is prosecuted, he should not suffer any prison time because he was a man of honesty and conscience. Feedback your thoughts on this one.  

139.   21.06.2013.   It seems all around the world people are rising against their governments. Turkey, Brazil, Greece and just look at the arab spring. Surely the politicians of the world must see that the status quo, their comfy, feet under the table days, have gone. Surely they must be slowly realising that, after the election, they have to start showing action, keeping the promises made that got them elected. The protests are a slow move towards anarchy. This is normal during times of austerity but the number of countries with this kind of problem is unsettling. The old world of politics first and people second has gone. Are we at a point in time where those who preside over a two party state might stop the lie of that state being democratic? Democracy is the people picking their leaders and their regime but in the UK, the USA and many other states, you can only vote in one of two parties and this is NOT democracy! The leaders of the countries of the world have to see this and change their entire approach to what they achieve whilst in office. Any failure to hear the voices on the streets can only prolong or even escalate the protests. CB waits to see what comes next. CB's eyes are on the major leaders to start a dialogue where they can and will jointly talk to the leaders of country's with protest problems to bring about acceptable answers. The time is now because inaction hastens tomorrow and leaders who do nothing have a very uncertain tomorrow. Feedback if you have something to say.

138.   20.06.2013.   OK, George Osborne, following on from your Mansion House speech, lets have another look at the economy. Firstly, why not wait a bit longer before selling Lloyds shares? Let them continue to improve and we can then sell at the value of the paper when we bought in and not the written down value you have on the books. That would save you having to play with the figures so you can tell lies to the public about how well you have done! Now lets look at the banks. They have a combined shortfall of over £27 Billion. Why don't you do as CB called for a few times? Accept that ANY money the government has belongs to the people of this country! Accept that the reduction of indebtedeness per household is a good thing. Accept that the repossession of homes is a bad thing. Put £9Bn per month into the banks over the next 3 months but make it plain that the money is to pay off arrears on mortgages. Make the banks write to their clients telling them that the government has cleared their arrears and that their home will no longer be subject to repossession proceedings. In this way you will use the peoples money FOR the people. When the housewife is no longer having to find £50 per month to pay against the arrears, she has that money to spend on the high street. If the housewife becomes more of a consumer again, the high street does well and, as we have seen before, this is the key to economic recovery. Under such conditions, the building industry will kick off again to finish those high street developments that were mothballed. Maybe the councils will be able to let some of the empty properties. So you are getting your £27Bn back in less demand for help from the councils, less dole payments as the building industry is labour intensive thus, more revenue from income tax payments. The bonus is, when the banks come to report annual figures, they have no bad debts to claw back against their tax liabilities and. overall, your net revenues could exceed the expenditure. Now forget the politics of Labour accusing you of buying votes, just let the economic figures speak for your new policy. In fact, when the rest of the world sees your success, they will do the same and, with all economies on the up, you have created "Global Easing". The deal also is, George, that with less money on the market, the banks may be forced to review their lending policies. They may HAVE to lend to business to be sure enough money is out in the market to sustain their profit levels for their shareholders. One question, George, what ever happened about the British Bank for Business, you know, the one CB called for since 2008/9 and the one you said would be created in your budget of 2012? Has this been established yet? Will you update the people on this issue?  Come on George, this time, will you listen? Please do not let politics get in the way of this obvious answer to the country's needs! Feedback to CB, George, with your reasons why you cannot do this.

137.   19.06.2013.   The deputy speaker of the House of Commons has been re-arrested for sexual offences. Many people we know from TV are being prosecuted for "historical" offences, committed many years ago. Why are we not prosecuting the police who failed in their duty to catch these offenders at the time of the offences? Just this week a TV personality who is in his 80's was given 15 months for his wrong doings and, if caught and sentenced at the time of offending, he may have got 15 years.  What of Savile. It is SO easy to believe that the police allowed many with celebrity status to use that status to sidestep investigation. Yet another example of corruption as referred to in the previous post but also an example of those in a position to deal with offenders blatantly sitting on their arses, drinking the tea and going home, contented and happy not to look to their hearts as long as the wages keep coming in. We will never stop corruption but we should be able to maintain a control over so much of it and, until we do, the heart of what we call society is very sick. If Mr. Cameron is not up to the job, maybe we need another Iron Lady but nobody appears to have the gonads required to do the job. If you know an up and coming politician who might fit this bill, feedback the name and CB may give him or her some measure of support.

136.   19.06.2013.   The Care Quality Commission is finally being taken to task over their failings. Yet another cover up. Yet another reason to consider CB's recent proposal to enact the anti cover up legislation. In reality, the government did put this in place for cover ups within the NHS so this situation may apply and hopefully we will see some prison sentences given out to those responsible. Please understand that the NHS cares for about 1.5 million patients per day and the vast majority are better for it but we do have to take extreme action when a scandal like the CQC is unearthed. CB does see that, if the anti cover up laws were in place, we would probably lose 50% of our politicians to prison cells on a day to day basis. We would aslo have the benefit of cutting police costs as so many of our senior police chiefs might join our MP's on a long and quiet holiday. We would be able to clear out our banks too. CB is saying to Mr. Cameron and his pals to be very careful condemning corruption in other parts of the world when, if we give it it's real description, most of what is coming out at home is blatant corruption. Feedback to CB if you know of corruption that has not yet been brought to light, we can fix that on this web site!

135.   19.06.2013.   The government has recieved a report recommending that criminal charges be brought against bankers who are negligent or reckless in their duties. Way too little and way too late and unlikely to be acted upon. How many have escaped the net but were at the heart of the demise of the banks? This is the UK government nibbling at the biscuit instead of taking a real bite IF they implement the recommendation. There needs to be a serious reform of the culture within the banking system, a complete divorce of domestic banking from investment banking, a move to legally limit how much the bankers can steal from their employers under the guise of it being a "bonus", a cap on how much an annual salary can be increased. Obviously even that is the tip of the iceberg. The corruption levels within banking are unsurpassed by any other industry. Just look at it, PPI, the LIBOR crisis, some banks coming to light for blatant money laundering for criminal enterprises. Looking at that, shall we count how many bankers are currently in jail? CB can't think of any! Use feedback if you have any names of bankers who should be investigated with a view to giving them a long holiday at her Majestys pleasure.

134.   19.06.2013.   The UK supreme court has ruled that families of soldiers killed in action in Iraq may bring charges for damages against the government and this appears to be linked to the use of the "snatch" land rover. Shame it could not go further but CB feels that those who have lost their sons and daughters elsewhere may be able to get a high court decision on other locations at a later date. What of the soldier who, yesterday, received his redundancy notice where his finish date falls short by 87 days of him receiving his full pension rights? Whilst CB sees that budgets are tight, why does the MOD constantly shit on the very people who have been in the line of fire for their country. It is not that long ago that they had to suffer an embarassing U turn over the Ghurkas, who have been at the side of the UK army for so many years now. If there is a covenant between our forces and the MOD, then it is high time it was re-written in such a way that petty penny pinching cannot ever again be the method of leaving dedicated servants of the Crown on the roadside. Such people should never be on the outside looking in, they have earned their fireside chair! The MOD needs to wake up! In this world there will always be trouble spots and, because of the "global village" our forces are likely to be in action anywhere in the world where we have substantial financial interests. The continuing stance of the MOD against those who have served may well ensure that, should we need them, our forces will be insufficient in number and therefore, not fit for purpose. Tell CB by feedback if he is wrong.

133.   18.06.2013.   CB is apalled at the number of scam ads on our TV these days. Every ad has to have the words "clinically proven" in it and there is the survey (87% of 123 women interviewed) and all of it designed to suck in the gullible. The biggest scam is the anti wrinkle creams, advertised by every cosmetic and pharmaceutical company and the high street chemists are in there too. Back in the 1960's these creams were advertised in the back pages of sleaze magazines, the mainstream magazines such as Woman, Woman Own and Radio Times did not accept these ads to avoid any association with what they felt were obvious scams. After 30 years of paying out £50 per month, you are £18,000 poorer and the mirror will tell you the truth if you dare look at it when you reach 50. It is a good scam as it will take 30 years to find out you have been conned. Your skin has pores so it can breathe so, do you really think after 30 years of clogging up those pores, your skin will be in good repair? The government is supposed to protect us from con tricks but they are happy to stand back and keep taking the tax revenues. The TV advertisers can only get away with it IF you believe what they say. Time to wise up, don't buy those products. Know that, for every million buyers of such products at the price mentioned, the cosmetic companies will take in £18 Billion over the 30 year term. Feedback to CB if you know more.

132.   18.06.2013.   The weather "experts" are meeting to discuss our current weather patterns. If they take the trouble to read they might look at the paragraphs on "natural cycles". The weather is just another natural cycle and our current weather pattern, which is actually the new "norm" for todays weather, is adequately explained there. Another paragraph which is significant in this is the one on "changing the timescale of a natural cycle". This website will make them think AND does demonstrate that the changing of the composition of our atmosphere since we started the industrial revolution is the cause of the change and IS down to man and his pollution. Any of you "experts" got a reply, please use the feedback link.

131.   17.06.2013.   Well done Justin Rose, US Open Golf champion! It has been a long wait for supporters of English golf. It is also Justin's first major title and CB trusts there will be more to come. Could he do a Jacklin and win the British Open? We all must wait and see. Justin, use the feedback to have your say.

130.   17.06.2013.   The G8 meeting is just about to start but we have already seen the problem. Mr. Putin has his heels dug in over Syria. The whole world wants to see an end to the conflict, an end to Assad's regime and, above all, middle east stability. Mr. Putin is still thinking like a senior KGB officer. He is firmly stuck in the past and in no position to further Russia's place in world affairs. Russia's credibility is at stake here and he cannot see it! Much may be achieved at the G8, namely a new multi national trade agreement which may contribute to the easing of global economic problems. They may even, if they take note of post number 128 and 124 on this page, make some headway into sorting the global tax haven situation but all will be overshadowed if Mr. Putin does not move towards helping the Syrian problem as opposed to underpinning it. Your feedback is welcome.

129.   17.06.2013.   China, seems you are needed again. Dim Kim in North Korea threatens a nuclear strike against the South. Then he cools down. Then he calls for talks with the South, which he then pulls out of. Now he wants to talk to America. Mr. Xi Jinping, you must lay down the law to this maniac. The only other and most obvious move is to dethrone him and set up a peoples government, disarm the country of it's nuclear weapons, such as they might be and set up a system to relieve the people of the misery of life with Dim Kim. Feedback if you know better.

128.   15.06.2013.   Following on from post number 124 on this page, we have the G8 meeting which is imminent. They are going to debate the international tax position. Anyone knows the solution is to have an international tax law that is respected by ALL countries. This will not happen as the so called "tax havens" derive their revenue from providing the service of cheap taxation which is at the heart of the issue. The only answer is for the richer countries to provide sufficient aid to the poorer countries and the tax havens. This aid must be enough money to match what the tax haven might expect from the companies who are registered with them. To compound this, certain extras must be provided, such as infrastructure projects implemented by big companies from the richer countrys, subsidised by those countries. This makes the incentive to provide tax havens redundant as the benefits of not doing so far outweigh the income from tax haven status. Why does it take a mere mortal such as CB to see this? Why do the richer countries not see this? Throw out the politics, replace that with sound economics and logic! Just read this and do it, save yourselves the expense of meeting after meeting. All pull the same way and your objective is realised. Feedback if you see any flaws in this point of view.

127.   14.06.2013.   Why is the UK government trying to ensure Ed Snowden, the US whistleblower, can not fly to the UK? Are they kow towing to the Americans yet again?  There is going to be the heavy hand wielded against him by the yanks so why would Snowden want to come to the UK, where he is in a country that would willingly hand him over.  Not all is as it seems in this affair and CB is sure it will go a lot deeper before  it bottoms out.  Ed, use the feedback if you read this and want to speak.

126.   13.06.2013.   The whistle blower in Hong Kong looks like he will be in trouble. WHY? If he is honest, accurate and factual, he has done no wrong. All the officials in the USA are scared and upset that their clandestine big brother operation has come out. Looks like they are the dishonest ones and are much nearer law breaking than our friendly whistle blower. CB does understand the need for security, especially against terrorism and that this makes the affair a difficult area BUT they surely cannot prosecute a man for telling the truth. They can cloak it under the disguise of NATIONAL SECURITY but we all know that any moves against our whistleblower are nothing more than revenge! This one is a space to be watched. Use feedback if you have a point of view.

125.   13.06.2013.   Well, a good friend of CB's has signed up with Zoosk so he can find a date. He joined on Sunday and set about finding ladies he might approach. After his initial moves he chatted to a lady for over 2 hours. He then sent a message to another lady and got a pop up window saying something about spam and that his messages would not be forwarded. The lady he chatted with came back online and opened a chat window but CB's pal could not respond. If you pay money to a dating agency and are then barred from messenging and are barred from chatting with an established contact, Zoosk are denying the service for which you have paid. they are also denying the rights of the lady who wanted to continue chatting. The current record is Sunday, joined and messages barred, Monday clear, Tuesday messages barred, Wednesday messages barred,  The funny thing is that, on Wednesday he only sent about 20 messages. If you send someone a wink you do so in the hope that they will view your profile and reply. A wink is classed as a message. There are photos on a vertical strip on the top right of the page. It is likely that, as it changes, you may see someone who is attractive and send them a wink. All this is normal usage so where does SPAM come from? The way Zoosk operate their web site is ridiculous. Do you have to be born stupid to be a Zoosk manager or do they give special lessons? CB thinks that you should not spend any money with Zoosk, you might end up wanting to chat with someone who cannot chat back. If you know more about these dopes and their web site, feedback CB and tell.

124.   13.06.2013.   What is all this shit about Google and tax? The UK government is saying that Google has not paid it's "fair share" of tax. The taxation system is that the government, through the inland revenue, collects the tax due. The accountants are tax men who work for Google and their job is to mimnimise the tax payable. The international tax laws are there to be used. If Google sets up its affairs and offices to minimise their tax liability they have done no wrong. The word FAIR does not come into it, the word LAW does. If Google have broken no laws then the amount of tax they pay is FAIR! The UK government should stop bleating. If they think it is not "FAIR" then they should set about trying to change international tax legislation. Perhaps they should change tax law in the UK to circumvent international tax law. If they did this they would see a massive exodus of companies leaving the UK to set up their head offices abroad. The government are using buzz words like "FAIR" and using the media to achieve what they want and in this are disregarding the fact that Google are merely abiding by the international tax laws. If you know better then feedback to CB and tell.

123.   11.06.2013.   The BBC is still on its arse at the news channel. Today CB was watching the lovely Carol Kirkwood presenting the weather when there was a sound error. Looking up CB saw a guy talking but could hear Carol and, after a short time we got Carol back again. As long as the BBC pays buttons to trainees to do the actual production of its broadcasts, we will be watching amateur TV. The continuing incidence of episodes such as this, the ongoing errors of spelling and grammar on the headlines banner merely underline to the viewer that the BBC has still yet to get to grips with its non existent management function. They also have a bad timing record as, when the weather is about to be given, the headlines banner disappears off the screen. For the previous 15 minutes it has repeated the headlines, sport and business but it always disappears just in the middle of the markets and currencies. Ok, its ony 15 minutes till the next markets and currencies but, yes, you got it, 15 minutes later it is the news headlines and we lose the markets and currencies again. One day the dopes at the BBC might learn to use the new equipment and start to get value for the hundreds of millions of our money they have spent. Your feedback is appreciated.

122.   11.06.2013.   The recent dialogue between Mr. Obama and Xi Jinping, China's new premier, sounds like real progress was made and that is encouraging. CB does like a lot of what China has been doing but there are areas that need adressing. This communist country has embraced all the ideals of the west and capitalism. It holds vast amounts of foreign currency and with lots more owing. They must realise that money does not work when it stands still. China might do well and underpin its trading future if it found infrastructure projects around the world, especially in the poorer countries, to invest in. They would be doing so much good and their internatioinal respect would be greatly enhanced. They have a "non interference" policy toward other countries where they are quite closely linked but they must begin to realise that this cannot stay the same. In the case of Dim Kim and North Korea, where China effectively finances the country, China has a responsibility to keep a lid on things there, ensure that Dim Kim is not using Chuinese money to finance a nuclear weapons programme whilst half the nation is starving. China must also look internally. Cimmunism is supposed to be about the people being and workinf for the people. The reality is that government can be highly repressive and tgis must ease off. They should also be much more diligent in maintaining control over local leaders where, the justice they hand down can be anything but just! Lots to do but ten years to do it Mr Xi. The world is watching you. If you have more info on the reality of living a chinese life, use feedback to educate CB.

121.   09.06.2013.   Another update to the Online Dating page, this time it is Zoosk doing the dirty on their clients. Feedback if they have shit on you.

120.   08.06.2013.   There have been updates posted to the pages on BT and Online Dating over the last 24 hours. Use the feedback uif you agree or disagree with what has been said.

119.   25.05.2013.   A good friend of CB's found a web site called answerbag which purports to be an adult site. He has been suspended from this site till February next year and he knows not why. Seems this site is not really adult after all. Rather than spend valuable time on a site run by cretins, it is better to stay with the real professionals at questions and answers and that is Yahoo. Yahoo has a long standing good reputation for answering your questions and is adequately policed. Feedback if you have something to add to this post.

118.   23.05.2013.   Sorry Mr. Cameron, there's been a terrorist murder in Woolwich and you have to chair Cobra. That must really piss you off that you have to leave your work on gay marriage. Such is life, sir, that pesky problems take you away from your real job. CB does apologise to those who have lost with this murder but CB cannot pass up the chance to convey the bottom line to our "leader" and help him to see that his list of priorities is non existent. It does appear that Woolwich muslims are fearing a backlash and so they should. When so many of their people speak words like "jihad" and "infidels" they do not display the tolerance that we showed them by letting them luive in this country, build mosques etc. If every time there is a killing or a bombing or any other action that can be defined as terrorism there is seen to be islam behind it, perhaps our tolerance might wear thin. Do the muslims think we will stand back watching for ever or might they have to pay one day. Muslim believers need to find a way to cure the mental sickness that seem so easy to create in many of their flock. Feedback if you have a point of view on this.

117.   20.05.2013.   So, we think that children of 5-6 years of age need to be taught about online pornography? Who are these dimwits who tell us they are the experts? The age range they identify are the most formative years of a childs personality. The looney left had the idea some 20 to 30 years ago to let children spell the words they learnt phoenitically and the spelling would be corrected later. This gave us a generation of school leavers who could not spell but, hey ho, we can resurrect that old word called dyslexia to explain the problem, no need to place the blame where it belongs, with the teachers. Children of pre school age are trusting of their parents. They come into contact on a limited basis with other children of their own age and trust them. Once at school, the real world emerges and after a couple of years their ability and willingness to trust others is severely diminished as they learn the true nature of the human being. CB has no problem with preparing children for the nasties in life but NOT in the most formative years. There is no knowing what that would do to the psyche of those kids. The experts may well be teaching a generation of monsters with this folly and this world does not need more monsters. Wake up and get real, psychology needs to be used much more extensively in the future but it's misuse will set us all back Feedback if you know better.

116.   20.05.2013.   Well done Mr. Cameron, congratulations are in order, once again you are fiddling with trifles and not dealing with the big problems. Gay marriage will NOT boost the economy. Why grind on with it when there is so much else needing attention? CB would advise you not to expect to be Prime Minister after the next election and that advice may extend to possibly being replaced as leader. Come on, shit or get off the pot, do what this country needs and are looking to you to do. Feedback if you disagree.

115.   17.05.2013.   CB is back from having an operation. It was done in the Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. All concerned were so helpful. It was a shame that a 10.30 appointment led to a 4.30 cut but CB was in a room with a TV and just watched the telly. The proceedure was so much easier than had been forecast and highly successful. After, CB was kept overnight in ward H2. What a joy to watch the staff quietly going about their duties, even when ruffled by an abusive patient, Kath was so polite and solid, telling him she was doing her best to care for him and asked him not to swear again. Totally professionsl and Suse was such an angel. CB had all the proof last night that if there is rot in the system, it comes from the senior management who place the politics of their job over and above the business of getting the job done. Wait, though, next came the day shift. When you go in hospital for a proceedure, they ask you to take any medicines you are taking in it's own packaging. They take it off you and lock it up in a patients locker, reasonable as you do not want drugs lying about unattended. Comes 08.30 and CB's surgeon takes one look at his art and says CB can go home. An orderly came round asking for lunch orders and CB declined but was advised by the meds orderly to order as CB would still be there waiting for his take home pain killers into the afternoon. CB did not order. He self discharged at 10.30, no meds, no advice about dealing with the stitches, no change of bandages and so on and for an op with a high risk of secondary infection. CB was told the delay was with the hospital pharmacy. How long does it take to enter a 7 character hospital number, print the label, stick it on an off the shelf box of painkilers and issue them? The hospitals are bleating about bed shortages and, when they can have one back, they keep the user for another half day. What about the cost of the food, coffees and so on for someone who should be GONE off the premises?  Hospitals should have a designated sign out team as they could do so much good whilst saving loads of money, OR why doesn't the surgeon carry a release note pad and a prescription pad, or is that too intelligent? . Now, back to the meds. All you need is an officious madame who does all she can to stop you taking back your own property, your meds. You have to make them see the meds are NOT their property but they use them as a lever to keep you there.  If you are going in, just take a copy of your prescription, that'll shaft the big "I AM" med girlie. Shame to see it all fall down because of an inadequate release system after such brilliant care given by others. CB must now deal with the nurse at his GP and will print this post to give to her. Feedback if you have had this kind of crap come your way.

114.   17.05.2013.   Now we are trying to make 46 fire departments into one and not before time. Can we expect this to happen with the 43 police forces? That would save fortunes and strip the power from many Chief Officers, handing it to a central board. Could we get this good? Feedback is asked for.

113.   17.05.2013.   Well, Nigel Farage has stepped on a banana skin. Shame, he was looking good. CB does applaud his hanging up on a call from a reporter that Nigel felt was offensive as it made him feel that the reporter was other than neutral in his approach. Glad to see he has such guts. Keep showing such fortitude Nigel, a commodity not seen so often amongst the ranks of our supposed betters. Feedback Nigel, tell CB what you think. 

112.   15.05.2013.   CB has just witnessed Theresa May speaking to the Police. She spoke of trust and supervision where trust was above supervision. How it is so easy to say what they want to hear, not speak the truth. We have Hillsborough and the despicable police behaviour in covering that up. There was a cover up on the Charles De Menezies assassination. THere has been the Inspector Desai affair and two high level resignations of Chief Police Officers and a senior policeman found guilty of being a dope dealer. More supervision is the key as, under the above conditions, trust seems inappropriate. She needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Feedback if you know better.

111.   14.05.2013.   As the Europe problem rattles around, it all plays nicely into the hands of UKIP. The Lib Dem supporters being too blind to see that their party HAD to go into coalition for the sake of the country and are likely to forsake their own at the next election are creating the gap that will be filled by others. The Europe problem is just what UKIP want as it could make them the third party in the UK. The likely outcome is another coalition but this time the Tories with UKIP. What a change that would be. Nigel Farage is looking like excellent Prime Minister material and he is not even an MP, but he does give the impression that he would be more honest than Mr. Cameron! OK, he is a Euro MP, but for a party with no MP's to go to the third party in one leap would be the biggest political upheaval in the UK since Cromwell ceded power to parliament. Under such a change, surely the two party system in the UK would be under siege and not before time. Any detractors from this view should feedback their comments.

110.   13.05.2013.   The Huhne's are out after just 8 weeks for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. One law for them and 7 years for anyone else. And you think the system is just? Think again. Feedback if you know better.

109.   13.05.2013.   The continuing row over Europe puzzles CB. If the UK left the EU, we could deport our foreign criminals. We may well be financially better off. We would not lose our business contacts, with whom we have traded for years despite not being in the Euro. We could develop stronger contacts with the Americas, both North and South. We would be a power broker between the Americas, Asia and Europe as we have extensive knowledge and contacts. Commercially, we win if we are out BUT there is much to be considered of the benefits of remaining. It is a left right check list, IN or OUT and add up the points at the bottom of the page. CB suspects that out would win so, lets get it on, do the referendum but beware the wording of such a request to vote. Feedback if you know more than CB.

108.   14.05.2013.   CB apologises to regular readers for no posts for the last 10 days. CB has had a rough time of late and is going into hospital for an operation. There is only one CB which means that there will continue to be a shortage of posts until he is well again. Hopefully this will be just a few days and CB will be back with a vengeance, please be patient (as CB will be in the hospital).

107.   04.05.2013.   Maybe now we get to the nitty gritty in Syria. Israel has used military aircraft to stop the movement of weapons that may well have been used against them.  Israel does appear to be the dominant country in the middle east. Israel seems to be the target of all the psycho arab countries in the middle east. ERGO, Israel is at liberty to use their obvious military supremacy to deal with any possible threat and that means all of them. SO, GO Israel, take them down, teach them that war and violence is wrong (after you have used war and violence to teach them). Give us the middle east we want and need, no more violence, just good trade and people living decent lives. Do not fall short, fix Iran, even if a nuke is needed to stop them because they will without fear or favour take you out if you let them get too strong. One fix and all is done for the next 50 years and most of the world will forgive you. Do it! Feedback here if you agree or disagree.

106.   04.05.2013.   CB has a friend who never drinks at home. He goes away for a few days and does the pub thing, that is his holiday. How can a few days away be spoiled? He was in Mumbles recently to see an old friend. He came back on the train last Thursday. He fell asleep and, at Stockport, woke up and had to dive off the train very quickly. This meant he left his walking stick on the train but a really good transport policeman named Ian helped him to his next train and said he would get the stick back. So, CB's pal made it back to Sheffield and went to the Sheffield Tap, a pub run by an old pal of his and had 1 pint. He then went to the information desk to ask about his stick The help they gave was nothing and when he complained about their non commital attitude he was dismissed. He did let them know what he thought about a help desk that gave no help. They called the poiice but he was not arrested as the help desk wankers said he was drunk but the police realised he was not.  The "lady" who is a tall blonde piece of shit who is the boss of this desk was the instigator of the complaint. She knew that CB's friend had lost his stick and had trouble walking without it but this super lady then left her post, walked outside the station to tell the taxi controller not to let him in a taxi because he was "too drunk", what a lovely person! CB's pal uses Mercury taxis regularly and a Mercury driver recognised him and took him home, without incident. The transport policeman who talked to CB's pal knew he was not drunk. The cab driver knew the same. Maybe the Sheffield Train Station might think about issuing P45's to their help staff! The travelling public pay enough for their travel and, when help is needed,  should get it rather than getting  a non comittal and unresponsive  attitude.  If you need help at Sheffield Train Station, do not expect it and if you deal with the tall blonde streak of shit who is the "boss" be ready for a nasty experience.  David Home is the MD of East Midlands Trains who govern the station and it is hoped he will dish out the P45's. Hey, blonde shit, feedback here.

105.  04.05.2013.     OK, CB is back. Now UKIP seems to have turned the tide BUT, how many MP's do they have? With 26% of the recent vote, we may expect a turn around in 2015 BUT, lets get real! With Proportional Representation as our voting system, they would get 163 seats out of 650, BUT, we do not have PR! Even with 26% next general election, they will get 25 seats and this is because of the constituency system. Watch the results in 2 years time, just see how close CB's maths are. NOW is a time to demand of the system that things must change, the UK will never be a democracy until it does. How will you feel if so many people want UKIP. vote for them, then get next to no MP's who are UKIP? This is the time, our time, the peoples time but we have to do it. Feedback to CB if you want a say. 

104.   28.04.2013.   CB's apologies, we have been under the weather recently. CB is having 3 or 4 days recuperation and will return by Friday 3rd May. Hope you are all still here.

103.   19.04.2013.   OK Mo Farrah, you are doing a half marathon, BUT, we all believe you can do the big one. If you are the big star that the hype says, DO IT! run the whole thing. Are you scared to be beaten? If you run it and  you win you will be immortal, but WE want to see you CAN do this. Do not fuck around, do the job. Mo. you are either our man or you are NOT!  Stand up and do  the biz or retire and walk away.  Talk to CB on feedback if you wish.

102.   19.04.2013.   It has just been said on the BBC news that March was the coldest March ever known so WHY did we not get a cold weather payment? Our government is, once again, not being honest with us. Put the £25 into CB's account and CB goes away, otherwise, CB will keep biting you. Theft is not what we want from our MP's but it is what we got when you dipped your fingers into our money on the expenses scam. Put this right NOW or use feedback if you wish to deny CB's statement.

101.   19.04.2013.   CB was just away to The Mumbles near Swansea. He bought advance rail tickets online. wanted to charge CB £7.50 for sending his tickets by first class post so CB said goodbye to those thieves and booked with Cheapest price and tickets in the post at NO EXTRA COST! Be aware, the robbers only survive because we are not careful BUT, if we ARE careful, we spend with the good guys, not the dogs. Online is good but please be careful and if you find a con, use feedback to tell CB so we can go at them.

100.   19.04.2013.   The Boston Marathon? Massachusets? Is this just another example of the insanity of belief in Islam?  Then we should look at gun control. Mr. Obama did it good only to, once again, be stopped by the republicans. When will America ever wake up. You CANNOT have an elected president who cannot do right because of others, in a minority, to be able to stop his good work.  America will slide down the list of world important countries  unless it addresses this stupidity. The American voters should also remember the crass cretinism of the republicans when they next vote. Now get this, CB would be a republican in preference to the democrats on a political idealogy basis but on an intelligence basis, CB could never vote for the dimwits who are todays republicans. If you know better, feedback to CB, educate him.

99.   19.04.2013.   CB's apologies for no posts for the last 6 days. CB was in The Mumbles in Swansea, a lovely place and with so much going on. Now CB stayed in the Mumbles Carlton Hotel, a premises slated as a substandard B&B by tripadvisor. This time last year CB stayed in the Pension Aduar in Marbella (in the old town), again slated by tripadvisor and found it to be excellent value for money. CB stayed in room 6 at the Mumbles Carlton, admittedly the best room they have and, yes, slated by tripadvisor. CB can tell you this room is 4 times the size of many hotel rooms CB has endured. It has a power shower and the bath is also a jacuzzi. The bed is a king size and so comfy. John is a lovely man who manages the hotel and all the other staff are such decent and helpful people that CB is going back soon, same hotel, same room and assuredly the same good experience. If you eat in the restaurant in this hotel, you get a steak dinner for £13.75 (and that included a drink) where any other hotel would ask £50 for the same and CB is advised that the owners have a family connection to a butchery company so your meat is guaranteed to be the best. The rooms start at £45 per night, so cheap you might think the hotel is a flea pit but just go there, see for yourself, it is the best value for money CB has seen in a long time. When CB awoke in the morning and opened the curtains he looked out onto the sea, everything you go away for, so good. CB is of the belief that tripadvisor is in the biz of taking money from business owners to slag off their competitors and, consequently will never again believe any report they publish and neither should you.  Now, just up the road towards the end of Mumbles bay is a pub called the Pilot. The hosts are excellent people, brewers of their own beer in a micro brewery. This pub is vibrant, busy and a flash back to how the pubs used to be before Gordon Brown killed them off with his "they will not drink and smoke in my country" approach. My country? he was a scot! Now CB will put some photos on this page very soon of the Carlton but they are mobile phone photos so CB needs to enhance the pixel rating if he can so you can see for yourself the quality and appointment of the Mumbles Carlton. Every second premises in Mumbles seems to be an eaterie so you are spoiled for choice but the Carlton will be CB's preferred eaterie in future. CB's reputation on this site is for honesty, accuracy and a straight cut to the bottom line so CB paid his way at the Carlton, as he will next time and there is no financial consideration for this write up.  CB would just love liars and cheats like tripadvisor  to get their comeuppance and we achieve that goal by telling the truth and showing them up for what they are. SO, now go to the Mumbles, stay in the Carlton and go home feeling good and refreshed for your break and also feeling like you stole the break because it cost you so little. If you  catch CB in the bar he drinks pints of real ale. Any comments are good on the feedback page.

98.   13.04.2013.   Half the battle might now have been won. The apparent deal between America and China must show Dim Kim that he is on his own but at the trading mercy of China. Now China is in a position to do the politics. Yes, they will have to wield the stick, against their stated policy, but sometimes you can only speak to the sick of mind in the only language they can understand. If Dim Kim is persuaded that the China/America alliance is as or more important than the China/Dim Kim deal, he should be able to back away from the brink he has created. He may be able to blame the Chinese for his failings, thus keeping in with the army and the people and this is the only way he can save face. He must be persuaded that his style of politics is never to be used again. The Americans and Chinese MUST keep their word and deliver a nuclear free North Korea. Only then is the ground clear for the Chinese to enhance their position with North Korea, possibly eventually introducing America into the equation but this would take years. The visit of Kerry to China may be the first steps down the constructive path to fix this areas problems. Feedback to CB if you think so.

97.   13.04.2013.   Arsenal vs Norwich, crucial for the premiership of Norwich, crucial for a top 4 chance for Arsenal. A linesman gives a corner which was clearly a goal kick and, then gives a penalty to Arsenal which was clearly not a penalty. The score at that time was 0-1 to Norwich. The referee could have over-ruled the linesman but did not. WHY? the introduction of goal line technology should be extended to corner flags as well. Perhaps with so much football on TV they should also have video decisions, as they do in rugby. The only valid reason to go against this is if the game is riddled with corruption, backhanders and possible match fixing. Now it is 2-1 to Arsenal and the penalty MUST have been a turning point. CB is getting his info from the TV and has not paid to go to a match since the 1970's as it could be seen then that it was poor value for money. If the game is full of corruption then CB is pleased at all the money saved to date. Is football as sick as cricket? Have your say with feedback.

96.   12.04.2013.   It is now becoming clear that China (as posted by CB on this page in recent days) has the ability to show the world that they possess credibility in international diplomacy. As they hold the financial keys to continued trade with North Korea in foods, power and other essential supplies, they should act positively to rein them in. China does not want a unified Korea but to allow them to continue as they are, will not bring a unified Korea, it may bring a nuclear wasteland instead. Even with a unified Korea, after the nuclear dust dies down and its half life dissipates, the new Korea would still be a large market but one much more easy to deal with. It would also bring peace to an area of the world that has only just functioned until now. The world hopes that China can see this and waits to see if they take up the reins. Feedback if you see it different. 

95.   12.04.2013.   The politics of the Leeds childrens heart surgery row has now been shown to reside within the NHS. Sir Roger Boyle has come out in favour of Newcastle, saying that he would not have his daughter operated on in Leeds. As CB said, we need to have an inquiry AND this should inspect the finances of those involved. The top echelon of the NHS needs a clear out. How can we expect consistent and competent care in hospitals when those who lead the NHS behave in this manner? Mr. Cameron, THIS is a very high priority problem and, when you get back from Germany, you need to look at this. Feedback should you wish.

94.   11.04.2013.   So the world sits on its hands waiting to see if Dim Kim is going to set off one of his fireworks. He jumps up and down screaming for another sweetie and we all have to wait on him? It is surely about time we put things right in that country. China may well be in a mood to agree, they do not want nukes going off with a large expectancy of fallout on their land and people. Japan  must be heartily sick by now. and ready to assist in a good clear out. Russia could sit back and watch. If that were to be the scenario, maybe the game is on. The world could really do with a rest from this kid so they could get on with more important business. Your feedback please.

93.   11.04.2013.   Well, CB's friend who is making complaint to the European Commission (see the pdf documentation on the Idem Servicing page) on the banks actually did make a complaint to the UK's financial ombudsman, even though he had no faith in them. It was done so that Europe could see all avenues had been exhausted. He is waiting for the ombudsmans letter of rejection of his complaint (good evidence for the EC) and copies of that will go to Brusells. He did have a phone conversation with a Mr. Greg Olsen which also confirmed his belief of incompetence by those dealing with his case. This man has serious verbal diahorroea, he knows not when to shut up and listen, in other words, he is a poor communicator. He also was somewhat discourteous to CB's pal in that phone call. More to follow when CB has been further advised. your comments are good on the feedback page.

92.   11.04.2013.   Many apologies, CB slipped up with links to The Universe Explained. They have all now been fixed. CB will do better in future and will check more carefully before posting. These (now tested) links apply to posts numbers 1,21,66,80 and 91.

91.   09.04.2013.   At long last science has caught up with things explained 4 years ago in The Universe Explained! In that theory, the move towards our weather being more extreme was attributed to atmosphere change, probably linked to man made pollution. We now have Reading University telling us that plane rides will be bumpier in the future because of a change in the composition of the atmosphere. They put this down to an increase in Carbon Dioxide. Not surprising as the Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide content of our atmosphere is directly linked to the photosynthesis process of green plants. Having hacked down so much of our rain forests for money, we have effectively taken out a lung of this planet and it is not a surprise to see the effect. Maybe one day we will learn but will it be too late? Use feedback if you have something to say.

90.   09.04.2013.   What is going on with the media? BBC news has now completed 24 hours non stop Margaret Thatcher. HEY, read the previous post, CB liked her work BUT she is dead. Does that need 24 hours coverage? Overkill (pardon the wording) is todays media norm and aren't we just sick of it! It is about time the cretins who decide to carry on like this are replaced with management who try to use thinking, brains, grey matter to run the channel or is there nobody there who might have the required credentials. Come on, wake up, she is gone, MOVE ON! Feedback if you agree/disagree.

89.   08.04.2013.   Goodbye Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady, CB was a supporter and believer in your work. You were a great exponent of leadership and how it should be done. Thank you.

88.   08.04.2013.   Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) said on TV that he could live on £53 per week, CB knows he said this as CB watched the interview! Now there is a petition for him to prove he can do this and IDS has said it is just a stunt. Come on IDS, stand up for what you said, if you get too hungry, you can always eat your words. It will do no harm for a politician, normally with no idea what street life is, to actually find out. Not that it would change anything, it never does but, given the propensity for dishonesty in politics, there would need to be checks. A full strip search done by a recognised professional is needed to ensure no odd £50 notes are secreted about the body. No credit cards, no stash of anything, no food baggys, just a determined effort from this man to live for 7 full days on £53. A TV crew might be a good idea BUT there would need to be an adjudicator as, for a good bung, any of the crew might be bribed to assist with food or money.  Come on IDS, do this and do it right, fair and  with honesty, we want to see it and we want to see how you cope.  Supporters of this might feedback your thoughts to CB.

87.   08.04.2013.   Muslins killing christians in Egypt, muslims being killed in S.E Asia, what value is belief? How can 90% of mankind hold belief to be dear in the face of that? Because it allows them to kill "believing" they are right. John Lennon got it right with the words in his song, Imagine, when he said "Imagine there's no countrys, no religion too"! Why isn't he upheld as a prophet, his words are more sacred than any religion. Belief used to justify torture and killing just because someone does not agree with how you think is insanity and yet it is taught and preached every day. Just look at the previous post. Feedback if you agree.

86.   07.04.2013.   Talks with Iran on their nuclear ambitions have stalled and participants have retired to their respective countries.Iran have said that trust is a 2 way street. They are enriching uranium, the classic use of enriched uranium is making bombs. They refuse to stop doing this but insist their needs of nuclear power is domestic. Then they ask us for trust. How stupid do they think the rest of the world is? The nuclear club have had these weapons since 1945 for the earliest members. They have developed and tested them and have highly sophisticated systems, something Dim Kim should think about. Irans stance is like the student, on their first day at school, trying to con the teacher on his given subject. The real fear, however, is that Ahmedinajad has stated in a speech that Iran would wipe Israel from the face of the earth. We also must consider that Iran is run by the muslim faith, NOT logic, but belief. Mankind has always used belief to justify actions against their fellow men when logic does not support such action. Iran could quite easily bomb Israel and say "it was the will of allah". Would they say it was "the will of allah" if Israel nuked Tehran? NO WAY, THAT would be an act of war, not "the will of allah". Such twisting and turning, the twisting of the words of the Qoran, is well known to the world. It is this behaviour that sends men with suicide vests into crowds in the name of allah. Now we are supposed to believe that such people are building a bomb for the purpose of peace? Iran should wake up. Better still, the world should wake up, get in there and stop the insanity at the roots and take out the enrichment ability. Iran could become another North Korea but CB thinks they would not shout like Dim Kim, they would just launch because hatred is their driver. The worlds leaders MUST convene a meeting and AGREE a policy of intervention where nuclear attack is a danger. Once this policy is used successfully and the aggressors  see a united front  from ALL the major countries, then the Syria's and Zimbabwe's can be dealt with from strength.  If you think CB's solution is viable, use feedback to say so.

85.   07.04.2013.   OK, Mr. Obama, it is time to sort out Dim Kim. Invite him to the White House for talks. Sit him down and ask him what you do if you have a boil on your arse. Do you keep sitting on it or do you lance it and fix the problem. Look the dope in his dim eyes and tell him no new deals, no new negotiations and advise him that if he or his generals ever behave like that again, you will believe him and nuke his country. Don't shake his hand, have security escort him to his plane and stuff him on it. CB is sure he would understand. Shame you can't just do it but, from what CB is hearing from his contacts, the world is ready to accept  executive action against this regime.  If Dim Kim were faced with a country wide rebuilding program he wouldn't have the money for nuclear weapons.  CB is told that he has positioned his rockets on the east coast so, when they misfire, they may drop in the sea instead of becoming an own goal as "friendly fire".  What say you, Mr. O, use feedback to tell CB.

84.   05.04.2013.   It seems it is now time to pick your side. Either Kim Yong Un has some special reason to want to start a war he cannot win (according to all military analysts) OR we are seeing a man too young and politically inexperienced to be a good leader. The Chinese people are on his side but have they considered their position regards possible nuclear fallout? The world can see that the only country prepared to use nuclear force in other than retalition is North Korea! This dope has backed himself into a position where he cannot win the war, cannot win any negotiations and, ultimately, cannot win the hearts of his people. He carries loyalty from the military as they can surely see the end of their way of life approaching and a military mind sees only victory in a war, thus they have no other way to go.  Ultimately we could be seeing the reunification of Korea, hopefully  under Southern control but what will the bill come to?  CB thinks the people of the North might welcome a regime that spends its money on feeding its people rather than filling the nuclear bunkers. Maybe it is also time for the new Chinese leadership to change the usual policies and step in, all over North Korea, and impose a settlement.  If they do not do this, we have the possibility that Kim fires off some nukes and China forbids a response. This puts the UN, South Korea and the USA  in direct conflict with China.  All this risk because of one man? Best find the way to get rid of the idiot  and then begin a new  dialogue with the North. Have your say on the feedback page.

83.   04.04.2013.   As an update to post 69, CB has discovered that the difference between a contents quote of £31.11 and a renewal quote of £63.99 is accidental contents insurance cover. Seems a lot for a low percentage of the risk. The problem is auto renewal. The policy holder has to opt out of the renewal or his bank is AUTOMATICALLY debited. This practice should be outlawed! Any time money is taken from a client, it should be the law that the client has personally authorised the debit and it should NOT be assumed that authorisation has been agreed by default.  CB still feels the AA insurance services are practising slease and scam. Feedback lets you say your piece.

82.   04.04.2013.   Where did the lost Katrina millions go? Frankly, you asked for it. The business of rebuilding homes lost to the storm should never have been tackled by handing out money. Most people being given cash would find something else to spend it on. The rebuild should have been like a giant construction site. Employ builders, labourers, plumbers, sparkys, roofers. Provide them with the raw materials and watch them go. Companys do not give their employees the budget for their job and tell them to get on with it, they control costs by careful provision of materials, they pay wages and so on, CB doesn't need to do it all. The decision to hand out cash should be investigated, as should the person responsible for that decision. Next time, do it like a company taking on a rebuild contract, it will probably help your job creation program as building is labour intensive. Use feedback to contact CB.

81.   04.04.2013.   CB has just watched an hour long special on the Hillsborough disaster. It showed how the truth came out after 23 years. Not surprising it took that long after how it was shown a special team from West Midlands police were drafted in to get statements changed to reflect the required version of the "truth". Some officers refused to change their statements, others were "persuaded". Those persuaded did so to protect their jobs. The special team should be identified and prosecuted for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Those who changed their statements should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the conspiracy. After watching the description of how the special team did the job, CB wonders how many people they have wrongfully imprisoned using the same  tactics?  Small wonder there is so little trust in the police. It also shows  how the most senior policemen can do something like this and use another force to give it respectability. Surely now, after Scotland has shown us the way by making 8 forces into 1, we MUST bring our 43 forces down to 1 force all under 1 board of directors.  Under 1 board it would not be possible to arrange a liefest if the relevant controls were in place. Those  witnessing such a deal would also have somewhere to go to use that special whistle. CB believes the TV version as he had a friend who went to this match, saw the disaster, made a statement which he was later told did not match the evidence and was asked to withdraw the statement. He was also, at that time. a sitting magistrate. His statement was never used in the evidence. Any extra info can be given by feedback.

80.   03.04.2013.   Yet again the BBC newschannel are reporting the "New Science". CERN's collider is being rebuilt and will be ready in 2 years. The AMS experiment is reporting they have "found" hints of dark matter. This "New Science" is 4 years and 3 weeks old. First published on the internet, after elaborate copyright protection steps were taken, at teatime on Friday 13th March, 2009, THE CLEMENTS THEORY (2009) explains all they are still looking for. It explains the control of galaxies. It explains black holes. It explains "dark matter" and much much more. It conforms to the mathematics of Einstein's Relativity. It conforms to the mathematics of Quantum Mechanics and also Quantum Gravity. So, when they find all they are looking for, they will only have succeeded in proving this theory! Sorry, chaps, finally you are going in the right direction, both of you, but the horse bolted 4 years back.

79.   03.04.2013.   Tevez is fined £1000 and given 250 hours of community work. The fine is like fining a man on the average wage £2. The service might be good but Cheshire is a very wealthy area so how much can he really do. Again it appears that the rich and famous can skate around the law all too easily. The norm would be for  a short holiday at Her Majestys Leisure, say 6 months. The business of driving whilst uninsured is the big issue here because any victim of Tevez, uninsured, will likely face financial problems should there be a non fatal accident. Use the feedback page if you want to speak.

78.   03.04.2013.   Mr. Obama, perhaps Kim might not be your problem. If you can persuade North Koreas allies in the area to prevail on them the problem is fixed. If the military can be placated they might remove the sick little boy. If the people can be persuaded they could organise a national strike in protest. If the military are behind the people, Kim is gone. One way or another he must go because he will either run headlong into war or he is left being seen as a loser. He has painted himself into a corner. There has never been a greater potential for WW3 since Cuba than this. Feedback to CB with any comments..

77.   01.04.2013.   Today the legal aid system has been cut to save £350M. This is a big problem. This takes justice OFF the table for so many who are wronged by a legal system that is flawed. The police are happy to take your complaint but in many cases they tell you it is "a civil case". This means you have to sue in the civil courts and so many times it is financially beyond those who are wronged. So many times it seems too much of a gamble in that, if you are scammed out of £90 and the law suit might cost £250 with no guarantee you will win. This may be seen as the police aiding and abetting a crime and the best defence is attack. Anyone told by the police that their case is a "civil" matter and who can afford the law should sue the people who committed the crime AND the police for aiding and abetting that crime. A good frtiend of CB reported an internet case of fraud to the Metropolitan Police, who house the cyber crime unit, and was told it was a civil matter. Since when was fraud taken off the criminal list?  Asil Nadir is doing 10 years for fraud so it CANNOT be a civil matter. Cameron does not understand fair, he is a millionaire. Cleggs situation can hardly be called poor. What of the rest of them, they do not know the reality of street life or how, if you are not rich, you are the target because the criminals know you have no way to get back at them. One day we may get a government who really understand the needs, hopes and ASPIRATIONS (the governments latest buzz word) of those who gave them their well paid jobs. ONE DAY, maybe? Feedback is welcome.

76.   29.03.2013.   What a turn up for the book, Leeds hospital has suspended heart surgery on children due to abnormally high mortality rates. The whole business of child heart surgery being moved to Newcastle has had a stench of politics with it and the timing of this, just 1 day after a high court decision to review the situation smells even worse. This MUST be investigated at the highest level and in FULL public view. Just how far up the chain of command does this go? We need to see who is the driving force behind this and what money has moved and where it moved from and where it moved to! NO cover ups! IF there is a consultant in Newcastle who is far better in his/her knowledge and approach, ask him/her to work in Leeds, make him/her a pay offer that cannot be refused. Read post number 20 on this page and lets make that new law a part of the outcome of the investigation! Feedback please.

75.   29.03.2013.   It seems that, from his words, North Korea's Kim has designs to be the worlds next Hitler. He does understand the meaning of pre-emptive so, Mr. Obama, CB is ready when you are. War is the last thing the world wants but sometimes you can only talk to someone in the language he understands. The apparent sickness of mind, probably brought on by power (Read the page entitled "The Flawed Human Psyche") , that Kim is suffering from must be quenched so the world can get back to full stability. It seems that it is your bag, Mr. O. As soon as your intelligence tells you the time is NOW, do it, no remorse, get rid of him. CB thinks the majority of North Korean people would thank you for the relief you give them. All comments on feedback please.

74.   28.03.2013.   Our best wishes go to Nelson Mandela, one of the worlds greatest people in modern times. Now to the BBC. They have moved to a new home and some small differences can be detected in the news channel broadcasts. They still have the dyslexic typist inputting the headlines that are shown on the banner on the bottom of the screen. They still have not learned to proof read those headlines BEFORE they are shown. They still have the guy whose ears do not work too well as we get the sound turned down or disappearing for a minute or so before someone corrects it. All of this proves they still have a serious management problem. Shame CB is retired as a management consultant, lots could be done for them. Maybe you have suggestions which you could leave on the feedback page.

73.   28.03.2013.   FIFA are in more trouble over corruption. Things will never change until Blatter is out as it seems he wants no changes to his empire whatsoever. Then they have to get Mr. squeaky clean in who MUST be seen to sweep up the dross. Trouble is, it appears that corruption is the norm, has been for years, so, how is it defeated if it is rife?  All suggestions are welcome on feedback.

72.   28.03.2013.   Mr. Obama, time for some home based foreign diplomacy. Maybe you should invite Kim from North Korea to a party in the States. Promise him a front row seat at the next Lakers game, then show him some video of your tests on the neutron bomb. Promise him that if he wants a pre-emptive party, you already have your invite and you will know when to attend courtesy of your satellite timers. Once he sees the reality, you can send him home. The next party might have a religious fanatic as the guest, think his name is Ahmedinajad. Sorry, sir, CB can only think of those two, all other candidates are dead (Bin Laden, you got him close up and personal and you droned the rest). Hey, remember us in the UK, we are your allies, special friends, maybe you can help us with Abu Qatada, it will only cost two cents worth of lead. Use  feedback to tell CB when the parties are, CB wants a full report.

71.   26.03.2013.   It has been announced that some legislation is to be introduced in the NHS to be able to prosecute anyone who fails to report shortcomings or misdoings in the hospital system. This is welcome and yet another thing CB has called for. It falls way short of the anti cover up legislation called for in post number 20 which would apply to anyone, not just the NHS! Why can't we do this? Tell CB why on the feedback page.

70.   25.03.2013.   About time! David Cameron is today to outline a proposal to stop benefits and social housing for immigrants until they have lived and legally worked in the UK for 2 to 5 years. CB was calling for this in posts on the "News 2012" and "News 2011" pages. Is D.C also going to go for a claw back on all the financial holidays given to those immigrants who have not had to wait a qualifying period already? One thing that seems to be overlooked on the immigration problem is that those who can arrive here are already quite well off (in terms of wealth in their native countrys). If they can afford to pay to get here, sometimes a ransom to traffikers, just how much benefit do they need? A good friend of CB's lived across the road from some new built social housing in the early nineties. A Somali family moved in there. On one occasion he witnessed the lady of that house collecting £788 from the post office. He also noticed that the kids went to school in a taxi on a daily basis and the woman always went out in a taxi. The hard pressed UK taxpayer has been funding such goings on for far too long now and it is good that it is to be stopped. What say you, use the feedback page to tell CB.

69.   24.03.2013.   You have seen CB refer to todays world as "the age of slease and scam". This is where companys used to treat their clients fairly because the company valued its good name and did all it could to keep their clients, but now in the age of slease and scam they operate on a principle of "stiff em for all we can get". Maybe the reason for the change is partly due to the internet comparison sites so companies thinking they only have you for a year try to maximise their take. Just to demonstrate the age of slease and scam, a good friend of CB's was due to renew his contents insurance. He is insured with The AA, who for the last 2 years have been the most competitive (although last year they had to halve their original renewal quote to keep the business). This year the renewal email did not contain a quote so CB's pal went online, got a new quote and secured a policy for over £20 less than last year. The day after he got another renewal email with a price of  twice as much as he had just paid. Why would an online quote be half of a renewal of an existing policy? Only because of slease and scam. The price did not reflect the risk, just how much they thought they could get for a renewal. Just another example of how little we can trust anyone in this day and age. If you have been ripped off, use the feedback page to tell CB.

68.   24.03.2013.   As the Cyprus saga gets nearer to a decision it seems to CB the damage is already done. The Cyprus government is thinking of a 25% hit on savings accounts of their citizens, much more than the previous 10%! The principle of robbing  money that has already been taxed  seems to be established.  With the meagre return of todays interest rates and now the possibility of being robbed, many will want to get most of their savings out of the banks but where can it go?  Many will want to use offshore accounts but they would want to use only those places that pass legislation that effectively stops any government from dipping their hands in to such deposits. This is happening at a time when most banks need savings deposits as they are still short on liquidity from the 2008 crisis.  This thinking  is so dangerous as it could have a massive effect on the  viability of many banks around the world and, thus, severely test the whole financial system. The blame must be placed with the brains of Europe if we could find one to blame! The only outcome from this is big trouble for the future. Anyone with a good idea to stop the trouble should feedback to CB and lets get the idea on the net.  

67.   22.03.2013.   Following on from post number 65, Cyprus has had the good sense not to thieve any money from the savings of its people. It is now debating other ways  to get the money they need. One of the ideas is to nationalise some of the larger pension plans. This is not good but is better than the first idea. Nationalisation of pensions really means that the government can utilise the money they contain and will fix it later. They also know that the call on that money will come bit by bit as workers retire (they do not all do that on one day), but there is a trap. That trap is they are effectively borrowing that money until later. This means they MUST sort out the economy within about 5 years or the same problems as today will re-appear but worse. The mickey mouse economics favoured by those countries that are on the left seem to be living numbered days. Maybe the Cyprus government should read posts number 35 and 37 on CB's page entitled "News 2012" on this site, maybe that will fix some of the problem. And, if you have a thought that may help, feedback is the page to say it on, your thoughts will come direct from this site by email to CB.

66.   22.03.2013.   Yesterday the national UK news on the BBC carried an article on new discoveries about the universe. They finished it off by suggesting that we need to take a new and alternative look at what science thinks it knows. They have been contacted regards this as that alternative look has already been published. The BBC aired a program, Horizon, in early November 2009 called "Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole" where science failed to explain what a black hole was. They also could not explain "dark matter". Eight months before this program was broadcast, on Friday 13th March 2009, a theory was published called "The Clements Theory 2009", which is a theory explaining the universe from a different point of view. The BBC has failed to view this with an open mind so far. Their researchers do not have to be scientists to understand it, the writing is in plain English. The theory describes a universe that is mathematically in line with the calculus given by Einstein. It is in line with Quantum Mechanics and it is exactly what is calculated by Quantum Gravity. All that is needed to read and understand is an open mind as it may challenge many theories out there, strongly defended by their authors but, sadly, incorrect. It also fits in with other theories. The only requirement is twenty minutes of your time, see what you think. There is a feedback on the site so CB does not give one here, just a link to the Universe Explained.

65.   22.03.2013.   An open message to the leaders of Europe. How stupid can you be? The imposition of a tithe on savings for the residents of Cyprus is the most dangerous move ever yet made! What do you think would be the result if you did this to the german people? The system works because we trust it. We work, get paid, pay tax on that money and the rest goes into the bank where it is supposed to be safe. If you show us that it is NOT safe from further raids by "taxation" then we will not want to save. We will not want to keep money in the bank where you can get at it. You risk a run on the worlds banks to reduce the amount of money at risk. Where would we keep that money, under the matress? Do you want a ten thousand percent rise in burglary? Have you got the police resources to deal with that? You need to start using your brains, if you can find one between yourselves. There is a line here which must NEVER be crossed or you will bring the worlds financial system to breaking point and that would never be fixable! If thuis action is your only idea then world anarchy is just around the corner. If you have anything to ask CB, use the feedback link.

64.   21.03.2013.   Cyprus has backed away from the theft of their peoples savings. What a good decision! Unfortunately, with the EU bigshots proposing this, it can be seen that the idea of grabbing what has always been beyond the reach of such theft has been accepted. CB gives fair warning to any country that thinks this is their way of getting revenue. Such an act would certainly start a run on that countrys banks but is also likely to fuel a run in many other countrys. If you want to bring the financial system worldwide to breaking point, this will do it. That would be quickly followed by total anarchy. Fiddle with the rules as you may, just be certain that a cracked financial system will not take much more to break completely. Surely there can not be any country that could be SO STUPID as to follow this path. Use the feedback if you know of one and tell CB.

63.   21.03.2013.   The Australian government has today apologised for the nasty adoption policy that was used and abused for over 30 years. Unmarried mothers were bullied into giving their babies up for adoption, whereupon they were shipped wholesale to Australia. This was done because of the attitude to unmarried mothers, now totally changed. The taking of the children was often done through the church and now, looking back, we not only see how unreasonable it was but we can accept it was extremely evil.The situation was much the same with the Magdalene girls in Ireland. Why, when we see how dangerous belief is, do we keep supporting it. The world would be a better and safer place without any religion. Before you use the feedback link, read the page entitled "The Flawed Human Psyche".

62.   20.03.2013.   George Osborne has now delivered his budget. Overall CB feels that the government has got some kind of grip on the basis of the economic problems. They certainly appear to be in charge, even though it could be done much better. No other party in CB's opinion has anything near the answers given in this budget. The 1p drop in beer duty, whilst very nice, will not make any difference to the pubs as the damage is already done with the smoking ban, nobody CB used to drink with goes to the pub now. The worst part of the budget is the inevitable reply from Ed Balls, which will, once again, underline that the only financial knowledge he has is how to bankrupt a country. He is still banging the same drum and those of us with any brains are still not listening. Your thoughts on the budget can be given here.

61.   19.03.2013.   Blair is right. With the suspected use of chemical weapons being reported today, how much longer do we wait before we do a Saddam on Assad? The world must adopt a new approach to situations such as Syria, that is a zero tolerance on dictator oppression! If you think Blair is right, use this link to the feedback page on this site where you can have your say.

60.   17.03.2013.   George Osborne has said on TV today "there is no miracle cure for the UK economy". George, read my posts numbers 35 and 37 on the page entitled "News 2012". Try that and you will not look back. If you do not like that tell CB why. It is hoped that it is not just politics standing in the way of real recovery!

59.   17.03.2013.   Cyprus parliament votes today on whether to thieve up to ten percent of all savings held by their people in the banks of Cyprus. This is apparently an edict from Europe to Cyprus before an estimated ten billion euros bail out and underlines why the euro is in so much trouble. This has not been thought through because if this is passed it could lead to the same action being taken by any needy government around the world. What does this do to the incentive to save for your old age? If they really want to save the financial system the Cypriots will not pass this through parliament, the alternative being the potential collapse of the worlds banks. Fear of being robbed of money you have earned, paid tax on and is safe in your bank account, could lead to a run on the banks of the world and that is the beginning of the end. Can these dopes not find another way? CB is, frankly, at a loss to understand the level of global stupidity being demonstrated over the monetary system and the lack of clear thinking of what the world will be like under a full financial collapse!  Come on, WAKE UP! Comments can be made on this link to another page on this site.

58.   16.03.2013.   Mr. Cameron, what a speech. CB is pleased you want to build a "country of aspiration". It is good to hear because just watching your own personal performance, we, the voters, can't catch our breath. You have yet to keep a promise. You have been seen to change your word constantly. You have been seen to be not in control of the party in that the little old blue haired ladies of the south seem to be able to veto much of what you promised. You walked away from the recommendations of the very lengthy and expensive Leveson enquiry, thus placating your media friends. You want to win a clear majority in 2015. Your best way of achieving thuis is to step down and let the country have someone they can believe, someone they can believe in, someone they can vote for, it would make quite a change for them. Should Labour change their line up, get rid of Miliband and Balls, there are others who could win the next election waiting in the wings. The UK voters can see the crisis looming if you stay in post so, if as you say, you stand in the interests of the country, prove it, step down. Tell CB if you agree or disagree.

57.   15.03.2013.   Next year the UK will be 250,000 places short in the primary schools. This is just the start of it. Read the page entitled "The Population Trap" to better understand where this is going and your feedback will be answered.

56.   14.03.2013.   Come on Mr. Cameron, who are you trying to flannel? Your idea of regulation of the press without legislation is ludicrous! Your comments about non acceptance by the press of a regulatory body not to their liking is so transparent. LEGISLATED regulation will TELL them they are being watched BY THE LAW!!!!! They are only in this situation because they asked for it, deserved it and should be given all they earned. If you fudge this just to keep in with your pals, the whole country will remember in 2 years time! BE CAREFUL, there are many waiting in the wings to fill your job. BE AWARE, this is seen by all as YOUR problem because of the extensive friendships you enjoy with exactly the people who have done wrong, you are on very slippery ground and nobody is watching your back. Feedback to tell CB he is wrong on this.

55.   14.03.2013.   We have a new pope. How long will this one last? He is already, at 75, 10 years past the normal retirement age. CB wishes him well but also wonders who would want to lead such a church? Your feedback is welcome.

54.   14.03.2013.   With the confirmation of Xi Jinping as the new leader of China the rest of the world is looking on. The world wants to see what kind of man he is. Their judgement may well be very good if they see a little less of the "jackboot" approach. A serious war on corruption would be welcomed too. A move towards cutting industrial pollution is expected. Any general improvement on human rights is a bonus. In fairness, with a (relative) booming economy it should be a lot easier to pursue the above policies but will this fit China's idea of the next ten years? All those who trade with China will be living in hope for such policies as they would make it easier for them to relate to Chinese development. Xi Jinping, take note or feedback (in English please) to tell CB what the Chinese future holds.

53.   13.03.2013.   No new pope yet. What a palaver. TV pictures of the cardinals showed CB only one thing, that it is yet another road show. Those red uniforms must cost a fortune. Uniform clothing companies make loads of money. A friend of CB is a scot from the MacDonald clan. He bought the full tartan outfit and, over 15 years ago, it cost over £3000. Just how much is the cost of all the uniforms the catholic church owns, and all paid for by the people, many of whom are quite poor. CB has no love of churches or religions, they are all con tricks. Now we even have our own bishops in the UK demanding a say in government policy over benefits. They should shut up and get on with the job of conning the people, abusing little boys and whatever else they are up to. Your comments are welcome on feedback.

52.   13.03.2013.   Another U turn by the government on minimum prices per unit for alcohol and very welcome too. We, the tax payer who likes a drink at home over a weekend, should not pay for the excesses of someone else's sprog misbehaving.  If you are a champion of fair play, this is the right thing to do. Deal with the problem at the point of transgression, not from the pockets of the innocent.  Feedback  if you wish to reply.

51.   13.03.2013.   Leveson did a good job Mr. Cameron so no legislation to control the press is NO ANSWER! The press did wrong because of a lack of control, now make them pay the price. Sorry if it puts you off the christmas list with your pals but you cannot fudge this one and survive. We can see your cabinet members gathering in the wings and should you fail, the next election may be contested by the Conservatives under a new leader. Feedback if you have anything to say to CB.

50.   12.03.2013.   We have just been told on the news that West Yorkshire Police have no records of any complaints against Jimmy Savile, even though over 40 of his victims lived in their area. They are also thought to have failed to share any knowledge they had of this with other forces. Smells like the days of the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper when West Yorks police failed to share info with South Yorkshire police, who eventually caught him. This inter force rivalry of "we are having the collar, tell the others nothing to help them" is self defeating and is YET AGAIN a reason to amalgamate all the police forces into one national force. That would provide a common interest, a common agenda, a common policy, common prosecution decisions and remove the post code lottery as to how things are perceived by the police and dealt with. WHY have we not done this yet? If you know, feedback to CB and tell him.

49.   08.03.2013.   North Korea is doing some sabre rattling, probably because their leader needs to underpin his position, given his young age and short time in charge. The problem is his words are quite alarming. The last time the world ignored a country being led by a man with a sickness in his head gave us the worst six years in world history from 1939 to 1945. This time will the world leaders take note and act first, especially given the lack of support for North Korea by its only ally, China. Should there not be a summit to bring together all the nuclear club members to unite against such a threat, using such force as is necessary to fix the problem? Maybe, with a successful outcome, they might then deal with Iran. Should this happen, the message would go to any other nation who tries to walk the same nuclear path as the previously mentioned two countrys. Inaction is no answer and NOW is the time. Feedback your thoughts to CB if you want.

48.   07.03.2013.   David Cameron has just sppoken on the economy. He wants to understand what has gone wrong. Well, based on world prices, the UK has lost its manufacturing to South East Asia. We are left with specialist manufacturing. This means a higher dependency on service industries, particularly the financial sector. Too many eggs in one basket is a recipe that can only yield omelettes, D.C.! Please refer to posts number 35 and 37 on the news 2012 page for a good answer to the economic problems, that suggestion would put the UK at the forefront of world economic recovery. If you agree/disagree with CB, feedback and say.

47.   07.03.2013.   Once again Royal Bank of Scotland has had a computer failure. This would have a knock on effect to Natwest and Ulster Bank. Now old CB is a retired IT consultant and has done system security and if CB worked for RBS in their IT department, CB would fear for his job OR be very sick at taking the rap for something not of his doing.  OK, that department should be able to stop what may have occurred. This problem looks more like a DOS (denial of service) attack by cyber criminals. They gain access to the system, lock it up, demand loads of money and will then restore the system. They will have all the customer details and the usual threat for non payment is to publish those details. The bank pays as it is the quickest and easiest way to get out of gaol AND it can be covered up (no bank wants to admit to poor system security).  Now this happened just some months ago so it suggests crime rather than  poor  IT proceedures. A company of that size and nature should be certain of the quality of its IT staff. This also happened to LloydsTSB quite some time back so lets see if it happens again. Insider info can be sent to CB via the feedback page.

46.   07.03.2013.   Wall Street is at a record high and markets around the world are doing similar. Where is the confidence coming from? The Euro crisis is far from over and  world economics is nothing if not uncertain. Italian politics is on its arse. Venezuela has an uncertain future. Syria is worsening. Kenya's voting is under protest. Obama has had to sign off on massive spending cuts. The UK is suffering a slow but disputed recovery in fortunes. North Korea continues to misbehave, Iran carries on developing their nuclear potential and Japan and China are in dispute over some small islands. Argentina are still disputing the Falklands. Many North African countries are seemingly ungoverned.  In the UK household name companies are going bust, albeit the majority of them are high street retailers who have not kept pace with internet marketing. Do the money men know something we don't? Are they betting on massive profits over all the potential wars or do they believe a third world war is on its way? If you have the answer feedback to CB, clue him up, it is not too often that CB is in the dark.

45a.   06.03.2013.   Victor Hugo Chavez has gone, RIP, let's hope his successor is duly elected in as fair a manner as can be expected and lets hope he is on more level ground when deciding the future of Venezuela. 

45b.   06.03.2013.    Finally the UK government is to do something about the rip off payday loan business, first called for by CB over a year ago.

45c.    06.03.2013.    Mervyn King is calling for a split up of RBS and not before time. The actions of George Osborne in Brussels this week and the failure of the government to use the 83% controlling interest in RBS to make them shit or get off the pot shows how scared our leaders are of rocking the boat. There are little things all adding together that will dilute the City of London's grip on world banking so now is the time for the government to see this and start to do some of what we are looking for. Deal with the bonus theft. Force our banks to lend in return for our help. Place some control over salary awards, bring them into line with industry.

Use the feedback page to comment on these posts.

44.   05.03.2013.   Sir David Nicholson is currently answering some very tough questions from the Commons Select Committee on Health. He is the CEO of the UK's National Health System. Valerie Vaz is the chief questioner and she is so hard hitting and right to the point. Every time Sir David wriggles she is there to block the fudge. Every answer he gives merely underlines that he is being asked to provide the most senior management services that are way beyond his capabilities! He is also blissfully unaware that, in many parts of UK law, there is a codicil that says "No knowledge is no defence"! Make no mistake, the role of CEO of the NHS will be one of the toughest executive positions in the world. It would take quite some character to be successful. Not only must they be a consumate and time proved manager of a large organisation with a turnover of multiple billions of pounds but they would have to be quite skilled in politics to handle the constant interference from the Health Department. Such a CEO would have to ride all of this for at least a year, after which, should they be capable, their results would quieten down the Health Department interference. After watching the select committee proceedings, CB is convinced that the clean sweep should start at the very top. If you think you could run the NHS, use feedback to tell CB why you could do it.

43.   04.03.2013.   One down and one to go. Our errant Scottish cardinal has admitted trying to be defrocked in the wrong way in his past life. Our errant cardinal has been so vociferous on the subject of homosexuality, made his case against it, then admits to being one, just the sort of honesty that befits a scam organisation such as the church! Now, Mr Rennard, ready to admit to impropriety yet? Come on, tell CB on the feedback page.

42.   02.03.2013.   Once again the insanity of the American political system has been exposed. They choose a president for the next 4 years and then fill the House of Representatives with the opposition, thus allowing a situation where any move the president makes is stopped from being enacted when it gets to the house. Last year the republicans in the house took the world to within 30 days of potential financial collapse (the result of America having to default on it's payments) by playing politics over Mr. Obama's new budget. Now they have incurred a £56 Bn cut to the US spending projection, caring not who they hurt in the process, by once again playing politics. It will likely be those who can least afford it who will suffer because of the cuts. The American electorate would do well to remember that when next asked by the republicans for their vote. CB knows how much political reform is needed in the UK and also how unlikely this will happen due to the two party only political system but it is no different in America, just more critical to world economic stability given Americas position in world financial affairs. After 1929, the world monetary situation was patched up but then came 2008, so now that system wears the bandaids of 1929 and stands on the crutches of 2008 and surely cannot withstand another "accident". Are the republicans wanting to bring the world down? They certainly behave like it. Things are tough enough without being tested further by inanity from one group of politicians. If you have any further information on this or want to comment, feedback to CB.

41.   28.02.2013.   Royal Bank of Scotland have declared a £5.15 Billion loss for their last trading year. They have also declared a £600 Million reserve for the payment of "bonuses". Once again they are stealing the taxpayers money and this time, yet again, it is a reward for failure. Their hand in the corporate till would be regarded as theft of the company's stock if they were in any other business than banking. Our Prime Minister says they are"acting with restraint and responsibility" so he is condoning this theft. Where will that money come from if the bank made a loss? It will have to be siphoned off from the day to day cash flow, thus starting the next trading year with a £600 M loss and add that to the £43 Bn they still owe us OR the treasury will have to provide it. The PM, Chancellor and various others are technically aiding and abetting the theft of corporate  money by the banks board.  The people of the UK will not forget this in 2015!  The PM, at PMQ's on a Wednesday lunchtime, says he is "acting in the best interests of the country" but in doing this, he is failing to see how much distaste the voters have for theiving bankers. Those who are stupid enough to vote (other than those voting in a marginal constituency) thinking their vote counts, will try to tell the government they have had enough but where do you place your cross? We have nothing but empty politics in the UK and allowing the banks to continue to steal under the guise of "bonus" merely underlines that fact. Feedback to CB if you agree or disagree.   Italy has rocked the boat via their failure to resolve the general election. It is obvious that there is massive unrest with the recent austerity measures. A comedian seems to be the most acceptable candidate, probably correct given the laughable state of Italian politics. Many seem to want to leave the EU. They appear to be oblivious to the fact that the country would be bankrupt without the EU. If they think austerity is hard, they will just not believe what it is like to live in a bankrupt country. Politics worldwide is on its arse and the politicians carry on regardless. They promise political change and then just carry on with the status quo. That recipe will not rise, it will fall flat and CB does not want to contemplate that scenario. The wake up calls are everywhere with all the scandals arising, the horsemeat affair looking like a major criminal conspiracy, IF we can believe that. Given all this, no action is unacceptable, feedback if you disagree.

39.   26.02.2013.   We have two more candidates for the anti cover up law that CB has suggested. Cardinal Keith O'Brian has put the Catholic faith back in the firing line for sexual impropriety which he denies (an attempt to cover up misdeeds until proven). Surely the propensity for such behaviour in the Catholic church is due to the wholly unnatural practice of abstinence from sex as required by the vows of priests. CB wonders how much support for such an anti cover up law would be given by a section of the government who's representative, Chris Rennard, has been accused of sexual impropriety, again denied (until proven), yet another cover up attempt. CB wonders if the advice to deny came from the same legal team as was the representative of Chris Huhne? These scandals are coming at us almost on a daily basis, further underlining the sickness of modern day society. The time is NOW to consider the proposed legislation (see post number 20). Use feedback if you have a comment on this post.

38.   23.02.2013.   Things you don't know about the police. If you are a copper who plays golf with a handicap of 4 or less, you will be in the "home and away" team. This is where you play against the other 42 forces, that is 84 days per year, probably getting paid as an "on duty" day and drawing expenses as well. If we made the police force a national force, this is all over. Do they play football, rugby, snooker, darts etc in the same way? How many police days are paid for by us but lost to police work in the name of "inter force social relations". A full reorganisation of the police is so long overdue. The government says it is doing a reorganisation but to what extent. They are so scared of the police and the power they have, almost to the same extent they are scared of the banks and their power. Is it not time to act? Come on Mr. C. flex those muscles (do you have any). Do for the people what they really need. A move in that direction may get you re-elected because, at this moment, you may well not be re-elected and, if we believe what you say, we cannot afford another Labour government. Under the current political status quo, Labour is the only other alternative so maybe it is time to do the political reform you talked about before we elected you. You have only 2 years left to fix all these problems, NOW is the time to start. Mr. C. if you have anything to say in answer to CB, use the feedback link.

37.   23.02.2013.   Camelot are in trouble. They have said the UK lottery will rise from £1 per line to £2 per line. The jackpot the other Wednesday was £1.9M estimated. The roll over tonight is an estimated £6M, far from the jackpots of the early days. They say the new lottery will restore the big jackpots but the price for this is a reduction in the smaller prizes. The truth might be, if you watch the adverts for the Health lottery where they make the point that their price will stay at £1 per line, that Camelot are foregoing the main lottery and promoting the health draw. The health draw costs you £1 per line but the biggest prize is £100,000. Small odds against the old original lottery. CB will stop doing the national lottery at the point of the price rise. If many others do the same, it will die. Camelot are lost for ideas, perhaps if they use feedback, CB might accept the offer of a consultancy to dig them out of their own shit!

36. So Oscar is out on bail. What a road show! They have in 1 week almost tried the case BUT, what lies beneath? If Oscar was not a world name or a medalled athlete, would he have got the same result, out on bail? Was there a method in their madness by giving the case to a copper who would be accused of 7 counts of attempted murder? Surely, now he has been recused, it lends so much weight to Oscar's situation. Is this another case of one law for the rich and another for the rest? Can there ever be an honest and fair trial from this point on (and CB means a fair trial for the family of the murdered lady, Reeva). South Africa, BEWARE! It has taken many years for your country to live down the history of apartheid. It has taken many years for your country to live down what you did to Nelson Mandela AND what you allowed your police to do to Steve Biko! Anything other than a free and open trial with a result that adds up logically will do your cause so much harm. Advise CB on feedback if you disagree.

35.   22.02.2013.   Have you seen the "redaction" of the BBC statement on their position with Savile? Read post number 20, such a law would stop such a cover up. The BBC says they have done this on "legal advice" which may read, between the lines, "if you let them see that, you will be sued". Come on, NOW is the time to introduce the anti cover up law, lets stop the cheats, bullies and liars whether they are in the NHS, police, BBC or any other place where they get the belief they are beyond the law. If they know they will go to gaol AND have to pay, they will settle with the "honesty and payment is the best policy" option and closing ranks and covering up will be much less prevalent. iF you know better, feedback to CB.

34.   21.02.2013.   So Spurs fans are attacked in France by anti semites. Just look at your history. The conditions that feed the growth of fascism and extermism are those that we have now. Joblessness, austerity, cut backs are all the breeding ground of trouble born of discontent. Where do you think the Nazis came from? It starts with dissatisfaction with the leaders. This gives a platform to the next Hitler. Once he gets power it is too late. Todays world leaders should consider this point. If we do not fix our world, conditions are brewing for another world war. Remember it is world war that mobilises all work forces into the factories to make the requirted munitions. Is this how we want to kick start the world economy?  Better answers are needed, NOW, not later.  Feedback to CB if you have any thoughts on this subject.

33.   21.02.2013.   More home grown terrorists! Surely this shows the serious flaw at the heart of Islam. No other religion can be twisted so easily as to persuade its members that killing and violence is gods will. Maybe it is time for the death penalty for guilty terrorists.Maybe it is time for the government to wake up to the threat from this quarter. These people are raised, fed, educated, turned into respectable adults, maybe working or on the dole but they turn against the hand that feeds them so readily. Can we afford such people, CB thinks not. Feedback your thoughts on this.

32.   21.02.2013.   Has our government been reading CB's post number 15 on this page? They are reported to be considering using some of the £10 Bn foreign aid reserve for defence projects. Yes, Mr. C., that is what CB meant about using OUR money at HOME for US, the tax payer!  Where did that money come from whilst pensioners are having their free home alarms taken away because they cannot afford the £21 per month being asked?  Perhaps you should read post number 22 on this page, get your priorities right. What say you, Mr. C., feedback lets you answer me.

31.   20.02.2013.   Hilary Mantel was quite scathing with her words of description of Princess Kate. She should be more careful, after all, Hilary is no oil painting. With a face like hers, CB thinks it a good idea that she has no mirrors in her home. What a horror show, waking up in the morning and having to look at that in a mirror! Surely it can't be jealousy that prompted such a rash outburst. What say you Hilary, feedback lets you answer.

30.   18.02.2013.   So David Cameron is in India today. Once again he is repairing damage instead of doing what he went there for. The stance of the UK against Indian students will be on his agenda. This is only because we have done something wrong toward them. Why? Foreign students are a viable source of income for the UK's universities. Why would Indian students be any different than those from any other country? Maybe, Mr. C., when you get back, look at what is wrong at home then your forays abroad might be just for the business at hand and not grovelling for forgiveness every trip you make. Click feedback to tell CB your thoughts on this.

29.   17.02.2013.   And just to finish off on the last posting regards food contamination. CB has acquired a meat mincer/grinder/sausage maker. With this machine CB can be certain of what he is eating. It is not good value to scrimp on the quality of food for personal consumption. Frying steak is not as cheap as packaged mince but it tastes so much better and will make good lean mince. There are many other cuts that lend themselves to making mince so CB, for one, will enjoy a care free diet of things made with mince.  Should you feel this is a good idea, use feedback to tell CB.

28.   15.02.2013.   Following on from post number 24, a good friend of CB's has just had a result. In mid November last year he went to a supermarket and bought all the ingredients to make some chili. He cooks 1.5 kgs of mince with all the other ingredients in a big pot, eats his evening meal off it and splits the rest into individual portions to go in the freezer. This time the mince was not red but grey. After cooking it did not taste right. He put 11 portions into the freezer. eating only 1 of them since. That one did not taste right so he finished up scraping the chili into the bin. In January he needed to make some bolognaise but used a different supermarket for his supplies and this tasted good. Today he told the story of these events to the manager of the supermarket where he bought the suspect mince. Whilst no liability was admitted, the manager of the offending supermarket replaced all the ingredients free of charge so CB's pal can now throw away the old stuff and cook up a new batch. If you like that, then you will like this! Use feedback to tell CB if you have bought minced beef which did not taste too good after cooking. Remember, minced beef is the starting ingredient for many meals, especially the pre-prepared ones at the centre of this scandal. The point of mincing is the ideal place to mix a contaminant with the real thing!

27.   14.02.2013.   Try watching the BBC news channel, it has been the best comedy on TV. Since the Pope resigned there has been so much time devoted to the story. What story, he is an old man who has retired from his job, just like Fred Smith who finished at the supermarket last Friday but he didn't make hours of news. The comedy crept in when we were watching the presenters stumbling and bumbling for words whilst staring at an idiot board  that simply read "Ad Lib, fill in". So many times this happens when they have a story, give it too much time and this leaves the presenters high and dry. One day they will learn and now is a good time. The BBC has a new director of news, considering the old one has gone to be controller of radio. Lets hope the new brooms are good sweepers. If you know the exact words that were on the idiot board, use feedback to let CB in on the secret.

26.   14.02.2013.   Yesterday in Prime Ministers Questions, Ed Miliband promised he would make a speech. David Cameron said it would be a speech without any policies. Today, Ed Miliband, in the promised speech, promised to bring back the 10p income tax rate. This was removed by Gordon Brown WITH the assistance of Ed Balls, who would be the Chancellor of the Exchequer should Labour be elected in 2015. This about turn is tantamount to an admission by Miliband and his cronies of total incompetence in financial matters. How can they bumble along like this and hope to be elected? How can the finances of the UK survive if they were elected? The more politics CB follows, the more CB realises just how much trouble the UK is in. Over the next 2 years, the UK needs a natural leader to emerge, take the reins of his party and be elected as Prime Minister. Use feedback to answer this comment.

25.   14.02.2013.   CB has just been watching the story of a senior NHS manager, Gary Walker, dismissed from his job with Lincolnshire NHS Trust, where part of the dismissal was a "gagging order" to ensure what he knew did not come out. He broke the order and has been threatened with legal action EVEN THOUGH the NHS has banned the use of such orders. His ex bosses deny that they instructed staff to pursue targets at the expense of patient care and safety. Who would you believe, those who bullied staff and imposed a gagging order or the whistle blower who risks all to get the truth out into the public domain? This sad state of affairs underlines why we need the anti cover up legislation called for by CB in post number 20 on this page. The intensity of modern day life and the need to make the next buck has taken man to the levels recently seen where any trick in the book is good. We have descended to the lowest levels of behaviour just to get on and make more money, who cares what it costs the victims. Now we have shown in this way that no organisation is worthy of trust, we need to embark on a new path, not one that removes controls but one that imposes them and with a severity that those controls bite deep and are effective.  Not what modern western governments have been preaching over the last 3 decades but now painfully obvious that this is the way we need to go.  Feedback if you agree or disagree.

24.   13.02.2013.   As the horsemeat scandal trundles on, CB has it on good authority that it will get much worse. Up to now, only "processed ready meals" such as lasagne and so on are affected but CB does think you may find that packaged minced beef will come into the equation shortly. If you have bought mince where the meat looks more grey than red and the taste was not quite what you expected, then it may well be suspect.  Watch this space and feedback if you have had the same experience.

23.   08.02.2013.   Findus is the latest food supplier to have been found to be distributing horse meat. Just another area, food supply and processing, where the industry needs the trust of the people and they have thrown it away. There is nowhere any more that companies or the people who operate them can be trusted. Mankind cannot be allowed to operate without strong AND  legally underwritten controls in place. Such controls must have a criminal penalty attached if they are not enforced to ensure the controllers do their jobs too and this would be the control on them! CB never buys pre-prepared foods. CB loves cooking and also uses basic ingredients so CB knows just what is in his creations. BUT, does CB know? Probably not. Last week CB made foods using beef mince so has no idea if it is 100% beef or is there some geegee in there? We have also had halal foods with pork in them. Well, hundreds of millions eat pork every day and the world is still turning so maybe that is not quite as bad. The biggest concern is that there are supposed to be many health checks in place on food preparation but if we can have contamination on the level we are seeing, the question is are the health checks being done? Probably not. When it comes to cost cutting, such checks may be skimped on to assist profitability. What will come next, will we all be told that we have been unwitting cannibals? It would not surprise CB in the least. Use feedback to talk to CB.

22.   07.02.2013.   Mr. Cameron, now we have got the gay marriage vote out of the way, perhaps you might review your priority list. Maybe, even, you might put the most desperate problems at the top and move trivia like gay marriage to an appropriate place well down the order of priorities. It would be good to understand your thinking on priorities as, with that vote, it is clear you are not sure.  Use feedback to give CB an answer Mr. C.

21.   07.02.2013.   Question, will the dark matter experiment in Italy prove "The Clements Theory 2009" to be accurate? Your feedback will be gratefully received.

20.   06.02.2013.   There is a report being delivered on the lack of care at Stafford hospital. Watching this makes CB wonder how the NHS has ever been managed over all it's years. The basic lack of standards at this hospital is criminal. There has also been cover ups where they have failed in their duty of care. Now recently we have seen cover ups in the BBC, the police, the banks and the list goes on. CB proposes the "Operational Cover Up Act". This could be a law that makes it a criminal offence with a minimum 10 year sentence for anyone contributing to any cover up of wrong doing in any organisation. Such a law would effectively deal with the Savile affair, the Hillsborough disaster ,  the phone hacking affair and all the other recent occurrences of this nature. Feedback gives you your say.

19.   06.02.2013.   Have you seen the new Monarch Airlines TV advert, "Lets Make Flying Fun Again"? Flying is a part of the trip and enjoyed by most. What is not fun is the near strip search at the airports, the security measures and all of that. OK, it is necessary but it is what puts CB off. CB's last few trips have been coach and ferry trips, no security hassle, good steaks on board and a few beers in the bar, much more civilised than flying. CB wishes Monarch well with the new campaign but it is a poor advert. Shame, CB uses Monarch when flying is required and they are an excellent airline and highly competitive too. Any more Monarch fans out there? Use feedback to tell CB.

18.   05.02.2013.   What a great start to February. Seven hundred football matches fixed (is this why FIFA does not want goal line technology, so the corruption can carry on undisturbed). Chris Huhne admits he is a liar and pleads guilty. The police admit to using the identities of 80 dead children to establish under cover presences. The banks are involved in yet another scandal over inappropriate lending to businesses. The banks say the new regulations will stop them lending to business but they are only lending to them now if they can rip them off. We have a new archbishop but within a deeply divided church. Will we ever see the sickness of mankinds self destruct ability recover? If you think there is a chance, feedback to CB and say what you think.

17.   03.02.2013.   We have today seen on the TV news a beautiful girl, Naomi Oni, disfigured in an acid attack. She says she was attacked by someone wearing a burka.which will inhibit any identification. Surely we should take a leaf out of France's book and ban the covering of faces in public. There are many occasions where CCTV helps us identify people of interest, even if only to substantiate their statements of their whereabouts at a given time. How much more of the UK will be given away in the name of tolerance. In this particular case, we seem to be tolerating the crime, not any beliefs! Tell CB your thoughts with your feedback.

16.   01.02.2013.   Now we are being told the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) is underfunded, underequipped and not fit for purpose. The establishment should understand that those of us who are thinkers never believed in them anyway. Government quangos are all put together the same way. They are never given sufficient power to be autoinomous. In this way the government can maintain control over their activities. Only legislation underpinning the quango can give the necessary powers. Just try getting the OFT, Ofcom, ofgen etc to take on a complaint and you will see them all fudge their way out of helping you. Feedback if you have had a better experience than CB has just described.

15.   01.02.2013.   David Cameron is in Africa. Whilst there, he is pledging millions of the UK taxpayers money for various causes, and our pensioners are being faced with having to pay contributions to their releif benefits. Mr. Cameron, your job, and our money, is HERE in the UK! Your cause is admirable but your timing is crap. Feedback if you agree or even disagree.

14.   23.01.2013.   Having just watched David Cameron's speech on Europe, CB is in total agreement. No surprises, straight on the chin, full hit and CB would take exactly that stance if CB were doing the negotiation. The danger is the referendum, how it is worded. The public MUST have a clear say on an unambiguous question of in or out which can be measured against the final deal that is agreed with Europe. Your feedback on this is welcomed.

13,   19,01,2013.   The kidnapping in Algeria is quite a problem. There are many countries which are trying to fight against Al Qaeda or other terror organisations but many of these countries are ill equipped to deal with such a problem. Trouble is, if they can't do it, then the rest of the world is at risk. Surely there is a better way. Why do we not put the UN on a higher level of responsibility? It must be cheaper for all the member countries to fund the UN than to be involved themselves. How many billions has it cost to occupy Afghanistan? The UN's peacekeeping forces should be increased, be better equipped and be given a mandate to kill when necessary! The UN acts for all the world so no animousity can be held against any one country if they root out terrorists and execute them on the spot. Time the world woke up, reorganised their capability and let them loose wherever they are needed. If they were an international military police force, so many areas of conflict could be cooled down by their presence. Feedback gives you your say.

12.   16.01.2013.   Camelot are to double the price of the UK national lottery tickets from £1 to £2 per line. Were they born stupid or are they taking special lessons in the art. The Wednesday draw is now down to £2M for the jackpot with Saturday at about £4.4M. Do they not keep records? Those jackpots used to be around £5M and £10M respectively. What superbrain watches such a decline and answers it with a 100% increase? Watch and see what happens, so many players (including CB) will stop playing that their takings will stay about the same AND  so will the prizes. Camelot have said the prizes for 5 numbers and 5 + 1 numbers will halve. Such badly thought tinkering can only lead to disaster. We already know that they retain quite a sum each draw, where do you think the special prizes come from which are usually offered at Christmas? Tell CB what you think on feedback.

11.   14.01.2013.   Pakistan, a failed nation, is up in arms again. Not against another country but against each other. Shia's are killing Sunni's. This is belief once again causing bloodshed where logic would not allow it. The mental sickness of belief will bring down mankind. The belief in Islam is a mental illness! No other religion can foster extremism like Islam so the flaws are obvious but Islam will not contemplate criticism of the belief.  Why can intelligent  people be so twisted by belief?  One day, maybe, the sick might be healed but until then, they put all of us at risk. Feedback your comments.

10.   11.01.2013.   OK, so there is to be an inquiry into Jimmy Savile's voluntary work with the Leeds hospitals, and it will cost millions. Save your money, read CB's comments given in news 2012! Savile volunteered his services because it gave him the opportunity to do his nasty on those who could not fight back. He probably had no other motive in giving his time other than to get his jollys. Because he was a celebrity, it opoened doors for him that would not normally be open. Celebrity is a form of empowerment, read the page on The Flawed Human Psyche and you will understand. Any who wish to speak, please use the feedback facility.

9.   11.01.2013.   Back to the BDO World Darts. Beautiful competition so far, shame it is beyond the comprehension of the camera director of the BBC. We still are, even under the discipline of split screen technology, failing to get the shot. The director is still cutting back to the board AFTER the darts have landed. Does he/she not get it that the dynamics of this broadcast are that the viewer gets to feel that they are at the centre of the action? Watching the dart hit the board, knowing the desired result, means that you see the success or failure of each throw right at the point of impact? Come on Auntie, dump the dope, let them learn on something like countryfile, not our once a year showcase!  Feedback to CB if you can help.

8.   10.01.2013.   Barak Obama and those of his advisors who have little understanding of the UK and it's relationship with Europe, this is how it is. We have traded with every country in Europe for a couple of hundred years now. We are not in the Euro but it causes us no problems. Even if we left the EU, do you think our personal contacts would stop wanting to make money from trading with us? Do you think our companies would suddenly stop talking to theirs? It is all about business, which is making money, or does your business work different to ours? Outside the EU, the UK may be in a better position, possibly as a go between or even a power broker to help smooth relations between North and South American companies and our friends in Europe. Wake up to the real world! If you weren't born stupid, then stop taking the special lessons. Stay with us, keep your eye on the real ball and everyone should score on a regular basis. You can ask any questions if you use the feedback page.

7.   08.01.2013.   Let us look at power. Money is power and, as Erica Yong put it so well and so many years ago, life is a shit sandwich, the more bread you got, the less shit you gotta eat. But we are looking at real power and that is held by politics and religion. Politics SHOULD be logic and religion IS belief. Some countries are governed by belief. OK, so let us understand. If you ask any government what their first duty is they will tell you "the defence  of our country and the people who live here". Isn't that a protection racket (you pay and I will defend you) and aren't protection rackets illegal all over the world? Religion is the other power but it is a confidence trick! If you want to believe in a god, regardless if he is called Allah, Yaweh, God or whatever, it is a personal decision for your heart and mind alone. You do not need a priest/Imam/Rabbi, they are just men who can know no more than you. You do not need a book, they are written by men. You do not need a church/mosque/synagogue, these are just the business premises where the men take your money and the services are merely participation theatre. You do not need a prophet, they are again just mere mortals. Confidence tricks are illegal all over the world unless they are known by the name of religion. Maybe one day this world will wake up and man can go forward without bullshit clouding his mind, then he may have the room and time to think clearly. Just stand back and look at all the world's troubles that are happening now and you will see they are all from the above, either politics or belief. For how much longer can we afford this luxury? Mankind is in the final stage of his domination because he must now start to deal with global problems, such as population control, pollution giving us climate change and other considerations that are not country specific but are global. CB has no kids so it is easy for him BUT, you all have them and what are you leaving them? CB knows but you will not see because you do not want to. He who sticks his head in the sand leaves his arse up in the air and you know what happens to an unprotected arse, don't you! CB can provide pages where this is discussed in more detail, use feedback to ask for the links.

6.   07.01.2013.   What is happening at the BBC? We know they can't manage and we know that outside broadcasts are fraught with danger but they have been doing the BDO World Darts from Lakeside at Frimley Green for so many years now. Saturday the computer score board, used to give the TV score broke down. Software, once developed and proven does not fail unless some dopoe makes changes. In IT, we say "if it aint broke, don't fix it or you'll fux it". Well, they fuxed it all up. If that were not enough, the director has no concept of how to broadcast darts. He keeps cutting from the board to face shots and hand action shots right in the middle of the throw, even to the detriment of the shot where sometimes he misses the action. Someone ought to point out to him that it is ON THE BOARD where the action is. Get the board camera on shot and LEAVE IT THERE!  Shame if the shots are spoilt, this year, as always, it is very exciting. No previous winners are left in, it will be a new champion this time. Some new faces and a strong Dutch presence again and it is full of promise. All will be good if the dummy controlling the output learns how it is done in good time.  Maybe their boss might suggest the old split screen, face on the right and board on the left, usually works. Answers from the BEEB please on feedback.

5.   07.01.2013.   This ones a biggy! A good friend of CB bought a new laptop with windows 8 pre installed. He adores the laptop, very high spec, and thinks quite well of windows 8. He is, however, a Linux user and wanted to install that. Usually you go into the BIOS (basic input/output system) by pressing F2 at boot up and you can then select the boot order, change it to DVD first and away you go. NOT with win 8! It changes the BIOS so you cannot do that. There is something called secure boot which verifies that it is win 8. This has to be disabled and the legacy OS selected to boot win 7, vista, XP or, if none of them are on, it will boot from the DVD. When you buy a new laptop there are old programs you want to install. There may be games on DVD you want to play. You may want to run from a live CD and all of these are excluded. It appears that some software may have to be bought from the windows store. Microsoft talk of this being necessary for win 8 to run properly. Not all together true, If you have a win 7 pc and you buy win 8 and install it, the default install is "upgrade" which wipes win 7 and replaces it with 8. IF you refuse the "upgrade" option and select "custom install", it will put 8 beside 7 and give you a dual boot so you can pick and choose which windows you run each time you boot. If you install this way, win 8 does NOT change your BIOS and it still runs OK under the old legacy option! This effectively removes many of your rights to use your new machine as you would expect to.  You are also advised to back up your disk and CB's pal found the only way to do this was to buy another hard drive and a USB 3 caddy for it, another £60!  Having done this, he found that you cannot boot from the USB 3 disk. With no interchangeability, you would have to swap the disks to restore the original hard drive. To do this, you lose your warranty as you cannot open the machine under warranty conditions. Also, when buying an external drive OR a caddy, most of them will not recognise Linux. CB thinks this is to do with lost revenues if Linux gets any stronger. Many people are scared of Linux but, if you have a smart phone and it is on Android, you ARE a Linux user! Now you know how good that is, you might realise how good a Linux PC is. This is a biggy as CB's pal is going to make this posting available to the European Commission in Brussels. Last time Microsoft got involved there it cost them over £800 million pounds in fines. This time, lets hope it is £10 billion, maybe they may learn their lesson this time.  Try feedback if you want to discuss.

4.   07.01.2013.   Religion rears its ugly head again. Belfast is gripped in the insanity of belief causing emotion thus trouble and all over a piece of cloth. The church cannot contemplate women bishops nut gay ones are OK! CB thought the bible forbade gay sex but didn't mind women too much. There it is again, belief over logic cannot be sane. The Indian nation wants our business but rape and murder seems OK (unless it is reported on TV). What was the bus driver doing other than aiding and abetting, hope he is prosecuted too. All of this is why CB's opening remarks about not wishing a happy new year were made, how can it be when we let our world be like this? Comments on feedback please.

3.   07.01.2013.   Seems the Argentine Prime Mistress has got em twisted. She is banging on about the Falklands again, trying to distract her people from all her political failings. The Sun wants a war (they have taken out a very antagonistic advert in an Argentinian newspaper). Roll on Leveson. Have the Argies forgotten last time when they got their arses kicked? Maybe it is the demise of our harrier jets that have given them more courage! The harrier was just an engine with wings, tail and cockpit so a very limited ability to carry weapons but it was special. The VTOL (vertical take off and landing) capability was so beautiful. CB saw an airshow where the jet did a high speed pass and you nearly got whiplash trying to keep it in sight. Next it came back and slowed to a stop, 50 feet in the air, danced back and forward then, pointed its nose upward and shot off. All had tears in their eyes. This plane could point the jets downwards from the usual "out the back" thrust position, which is how it could hover and land like a helicopter. That was called "viffing" It's speciality, however, was discovered by the Americans. This plane was especially good for navy type ops so the sea harrier was built and many were sold to America. There are many attached contracts such as maintenance training etc and pilots must be trained. During a training session on viffing, one of the yanks asked what would happen if they viffed the plane at full speed. The trainer said "come on, lets find out". If you are flying a jet fighter and your instruments tell you that a pursuing enemy was locked onto you, eject or kiss your arse goodbye UNLESS you are in a harrier. If you viff a harrier under those conditions, it will IMMEDIATELY drop a few thousand feet and slow down but if you immediately undo the viff, it comes back up behind your attacker so, lock and shoot, you win. Why didn't the UK develop this plane further? Forget europolitics about the joint fighter, our harriers were the best. Those with more knowledge than CB may educate using the feedback page. Getting back to Argentina, they have no use for the Falklands except for the oil they perceive to be there.

2.   07.01.2013.   Today is the Cameron - Clegg show. Mr. Cameron has said it is the second half with the coalition coming out with a full tank of gas! We know that, all we have had for 2.5 years is gas and no action! Cameron did look a believable PM in waiting before 2010. Since then we have seen every reason to distrust him. Clegg seems to have been cast from the same mould. Ask yourself, if you really had to, could you trust either of them? Which of the two would you trust over and above the other? One day, they (politicians) may learn that a promise is to be kept. Labour are no different, just that they are much less competent. Given this country has a two party system, what can we vote for next time? Given current polls, maybe the next coalition will be Cameron and UKIP! After the next election we can wipe the crap off our shoes but CB bets we still find plenty there and we will all have run out of paper. CB could find a measure of trust for the words of Barak Obama, Angela Merkel and Julie Gillard in Australia but who else is worthy of trust in this world of politics? CB does not wish ill on anyone and therefore hopes Victor Hugo Chavez makes a good recovery but also hopes he does not return to power. Any other suggestions use feedback.

1.   07,01,2013.   Hiya, many apologies, old CB has been otherwise occupied for the holiday but CB is coming back with a vengeance! Normally, a happy new year wish might be in order, it would be a lie if CB thought we had much chance of it getting better, however, CB hopes it won't get much worse. There may be occasions this year where CB's terminology might be stronger than previous but it should not be enough to offend, just make the point a bit harder. Seems the Mayan "prophecy" was crap. You need to see that they were an old society, lived in close harmony with Mother Nature, realised that she works in cycles and the "prophecy" was just for one cycle to end and another to start. It is amazing how many young people were really scared at the prospect of the end. If you wish to understand natural cycles better, go to "The Universe Explained", where they are given in detail. If you wish to make a point, complain or just get up CB's nose, use feedback. All the previous postings can now be found on News 2012.

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