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The New America

        Since the election of President Obama the world feels like a better place. He is shaping up to be the best President for over 40 years, and CB did think Mr. Clinton was good. Why does CB say this? Firstly, he has removed blind stupidity and belligerence from Americas foreign policy and replaced it with vision, intelligence and sound diplomacy. Every country he has visited has been left with a positive feeling that tomorrows world could be a better place. Above all else he has left their people with HOPE, a highly desirable thing given the world wide financial crisis.

    He has also been steadfast in pushing through health care reform against the strongest opposition. This opposition appears to us in England to be purely political. I refer you to my page on
The Political Blueprint, now is not the time to be left or right. CB was appalled recently when the Republicans recruited a Euro MP to denounce the British National Health System, amazing what some dopes will do for money. Our NHS treats 1 million people every 36 hours so certainly there will be some errors and mis-treatments BUT the vast majority are well cared for. CB's mother died of cancer 10 years ago and her treatment on the NHS was admirable. CB's father died some years before that and, again, the NHS treatment was superb. CB has had a good few occasions to visit the doctor, dentist and hospital, all on the NHS and has NO COMPLAINTS WHATSOEVER! The things said in America about our NHS were blatantly lies, less than the truth and a terrible mis-representation of the real facts. All this organised by the Republicans. CB wonders how that party could ever expect anyone to believe them again, let alone vote for them.

    The times ahead will be tough. We need a "World Parliament" that is functional (unlike the United Nations) because we all need to agree on how to stop climate change. The soaring numbers of humans is another problem that we must address, along with the added food production that this will demand. If we are not careful, agreeing to all work together, the only other alternative is the biggest world war ever known. Faced with all that CB is so relieved to see a man like Mr. Obama in power, he gives us that chance where we may all eventually co-operate.

    CB has often been heard to say he is so glad to be the age he is. CB was a teenager in the 60's. We had the Beatles, The Stones, the women got the pill so we got the women, we had the summer of love and we were all stoned brainless and NOBODY had ever heard of herpes or AIDS. The world can NEVER be that good again! As every day passes, and CB sees the way the world looks to be going, CB believes ever more strongly in that statement

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