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The New Government 2010

    OK, now the dogfighting is over, CB accepts that Gordon Brown did display a large amount of dignity in his departure. He was like an AIDS infection, SO hard to get rid of but all is now good. First thoughts are how well the two teams worked TOGETHER to provide the UK with a new Government. The Libdems are highly democratic in the way they work so it is an indication of how well Nick Clegg commands his party that they voted unanimously for the coalition agreement. It will remain to be seen how much control he has when the deal with the Tories gets in the way of addressing some of the core Libdem policies and his party members start to lose patience! Whilst CB's historic leanings are away from the left, CB would have been concerned if David Cameron had won a majority and was therefore in a position to blast his way through coming legislation. The Libdem influence in this new Government should be like a steadying factor and the result SHOULD be a better deal for the UK! CB would have liked to see Vince Cable as the new Chancellor because of his history. Vince Cable seems to never find the "banana skin". He thinks before he speaks, his words are always succinct and to the point, his experience is vast and his understanding of finance is impeccable and he appears to always see the bottom line, something which CB hopes he also sees! Vince Cable is to be in a "ministerial" type role dealing with business and banking.This should mean that he must work closely with the treasury and CB sees the advantage. Chancellor is a very tough job and for George Osborne to have a wise older head to consult has got to be good for the Country! CB only hopes that they get on and can work together. The appointment of Mr. Laws to a treasury post is also good as this gives the treasury an even greater pool of high end talent. Other Ministerial appointments so far are as CB would have been expecting.

    Early days yet so CB will sit back and watch but CB does give one warning. All are agreed that the economy is the very first order of priority but the second MUST be electoral reform. This is dictated by the short time scale. If all does not go well, we are in snap election country and CB feels that the electorate spoke loud and clear on the 6th. We must not turn any voter away without being able to vote ever again AND we must make every voter BELIEVE that THEIR vote counts. Before the next election we must abolish safe seats! We can also expect, given a fairer vote, a turnout in the higher 80% area so the polling stations MUST be ready for this. The next election should NOT be under the old rules, the people gave that message loud and clear! Another serious point is to recognise how few seats the Libdems got compared to the percentage of the vote they won under the old system. The next election, given a fair system would increase their chances, particularly as they would be going into the fight WITH Governmental experience. This is not to say that CB would want this, CB wants the party with the best team and the best policies to win but that cannot happen if the best team is the "third party"  under rules that favour only the top two!

    There has also been much debate on the personal relationship between Camlegg (Cameron and Clegg) and most of it is pessimistic. CB remembers in the 1990's he was saying in a pub what a great album Eric Clapton had just released (Pilgrim) because it felt like it was music from his heart (for a change). A pal of CB's, a drummer, said he would never listen to the music of a man who profited from a song about the death of his son. CB pointed out that all proceeds from that song was to go to a childrens charity. CB also reminded the drummer that, as a musician, he ought to appreciate that maybe it was either the only way, or the best way that a musician of EC's class could best express himself. So you see it is always about the point of view you decide to take, and that choice does show what kind of person you are. All those who say they will never vote Libdem again feel they have been sold out. I think both men have shown great intelligence in putting tribalism behind them in favour of intelligence. Britain needed a Government and the two men provided for the Country. They also demonstrated superb leadership qualities in taking their respective parties down a difficult road. CB says good luck to them!

    Nice speech yesterday (19/05/2010) Mr. Clegg, shame about the sell out. AV is not good enough of a voting system to make the electorate feel it is worth the trouble to go out and vote. Changes to the constituency boundaries have been happening since they were first installed. Because of the "cloth cap and true blue" mentalities we will never be rid of the 2 party carve up. Constituencies must be replaced with a different system. If you continue down the AV road the Libdems and all others will find it even harder to win seats next time. On the subject of sell outs, what about the ID card. The only objectors would be the criminals and the misguided. Given the level of ID fraud and credit card fraud maybe you will reconsider at some point in the future. Just picture how hard it would be to fraudulently use a credit card if it needed a second swipe of your ID card to underpin the swipe of the credit card. ID theft would be so much harder if we worked this way and we know that chip & pin is a flawed system. The potential also exists for the ID card to carry the owners photo (Royal Bank of Scotland used to have a photo on their Highline card) which would make it even harder to commit a fraud. Have another think please.

    12.06.2010:    Nothing happening on the written constitution front. Today the High Court has ruled that the alleged thieves of expenses (3 Labour MP's and 1 Tory Lord) are NOT immune to prosecution. The documents referred to in the Court are from 1669! Isn't it time that this country had a MODERN constitution? A recent and rather senior member of Parliament ended up controlling the affairs of this country WITHOUT the people voting for him to do that job only BECAUSE we do not have the protection of a valid constitution. Are you going to fix this? WHEN? Many friends of CB feel that the person referred to ought to be under the care of a psychiatrist! Isn't that how Hitler got a hold of Germany?  COME ON! IF the UK is to move a little nearer to being a democracy then a proper constitution is a must! Will you do it?



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