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Free Buses

Mr. Gordon Brown has taken some stick from CB on the Leadership page but CB can say that his free bus initiative is a winner. CB has a friend who has mobility problems. Although, only in his 50's CB's pal has a blood circulation problem in his left leg which may ultimately cost him all or part of the leg. He managed to get a mobility pass for cheap bus travel at 40p per journey. When the free bus initiative was announced, he just thought it would be handy not to have to pay. Now things are different.

    His main problem is walking uphill. It is very painful. With free bus travel, he has found that it is so easy to jump on  a bus even for just 2 stops. If those 2 stops are uphill, it saves him pain. He has found that he now goes out twice as much, if not more, than he ever has before. This has made a big difference. If all the elderly and lesser able bodied have found as much relief with their travel, then Gordon Brown has made a difference. That is quite an achievement for a politician to actually do something that people can really feel the benefit of. Well done sir! 

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