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The Leadership

    Both the Conservatives and the Libdems have just recently changed their leadership, and the Lib Dems are doing it again very soon. These changes do not have a direct bearing on life in the UK because those parties are not currently in power. This means we, the electorate, may give our verdict on such changes when we are next asked to vote in a general election. the PM's job, however, courtesy of the Labour Party members, has been "handed" to Gordon Brown. Hang on a minute!

    Most voters are "died in the wool" and only ever vote for their chosen party. If they are not satisfied with that party, they abstain from voting rather than change their colours. Many voters, the floaters, however, will vote for the party they think will do the best job. A major part of the vote process is that they will usually see this party as the one with the most effective and charismatic leader, one that looks like the next PM. In this way, the electorate chose Mr. Blair to lead this country, not Mr. Brown!

    Mr. Brown has shown himself to be a very capable chancellor so far. He seems to be able to avoid all and any banana skins that are often to be found in the heart of London. But, until the people tell him so with their vote, he has not got a mandate to be our Prime Minister. Isn't it about time that legislation were introduced to ensure that, if the encumbent PM cannot continue to do their job for whatever reason, barring temporary illness or extended holiday when the Deputy Prime Minister should hold the fort, then this should automatically precipitate a general election.  Whoever is to lead this country should only get that position when the people have asked them to do the job by voting them into the hot seat. CB thought that that was what democracy was all about!

    Was that play "The Deal" that was shown on TV just fiction? Was it just media hype about Mr Brown wanting so desperately to be PM or is it true? CB has a distrust of politics and, therefore politicians. CB has a distrust of anyone who wants and craves power. Surely, Mr. Brown had enough power as the Chancellor?

    Just to demonstrate the danger of allowing the MP's to "hand over power" from a retiring PM to A. N. Other, what if an extremist party were elected into power in the UK, the BNP say? What if that party had a charismatic leader who was only the puppet for a serious extremist? What if the "Mr. Charisma" led them to power, only to be forced out by "Mr. Extremist"? The extremist would have the best part of 4 years  to wreak havoc on this country. In this way, theoretically, the mechanism exists for UK to be taken over by extremists. That is a worst case scenario but it is not impossible under current rules. The people of the UK must lobby for the change of the rules needed to ensure that an MP can only become Prime Minister when the ballot box says they can!

    SO, Gordon Brown came into office saying that HE wanted a Government that listened to the people. He was going to have "peoples forums" made up of men and women "from the streets" as he wanted to know what they thought. WELL, his first chance was 2 months later when there was the possibility of an election. Surely that is the way to hear what the people want. BUT, he vetoed the idea. In an interview with Andrew Neil, when asked why he didnt go for an election, his words were "I WANT time to show the people of the UK MY vision for the future". This shows the PM to be a true John Nash model. The operative words were "I WANT and MY"! Without an election he is imposing his vision on the country, whether we want it or not. With an election he is explaining his vision for us to decide at the ballot box if his vision is what we want. Forgive CB, but CB thought that that was how democracy should work.

    For those who do not know, a JOHN NASH model (John Nash is the man that the film "A Beautiful Mind" was made about) is a politician that makes all his promises to his constituents, particularly to look after THEM AND THEIR interests. Once elected, however, all his decisions are made with his OWN best interests at heart, his constituents come second to his own personal needs and desires. He justifies this to himself by adopting the attitude "well, they elected me so my judgement must be OK with them".

    Read the page on Iraq when you think about power and politics. Read the page on the vote  for additional related material.

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