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118.   16.00 GMT.   22/12/15.   Many apologies for the massive gap but CB felt this needed to be said. We have just had nearly 200 countries in Paris discussing global climate change. The result is that they are all looking over one anothers shoulders for who is emitting what! They did agree to apportion $100 Bn per annum to remedy the problem. There were scientific advisors there but WHERE WERE THEY? It is no use worrying about emissions when one of the main causes was never mentioned. This planet was provided with natural lungs by Mother Nature so it could breathe. They were the rain forests (before we cut most of them down). Those who know photosynthesis, the method used by all green plants to live will realise that in daylight plants absorb oxygen and give off carbon dioxide, BUT, in the hours of darkness it flips, they absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. This is natures way of keeping our air clean. It is why, when you take your dog for a walk in the park at 05.00 AM, the air smells so fresh. That is at a low level so the new oxygen is near to the ground, you can smell the freshness but consider the size and density of a rain forest, they push oxygen mush higher into our atmosphere so that winds can distribute that fresh oxygen. It is the pollution of our air by carbon gases that is contributing to our climate change. If those countries in Paris had any sense (and scientific advice) they might have considered a change to how we conduct the worlds finances. Rain forests are cut down first for the value of the exotic woods from the trees. The government of that country then levels the land to build industrial units in the hope of attracting business so they can grow an economy. The world, however, needs the rain forests so why do we not use some of that $100 Bn tp pay these countries to regenerate their rain forests. Firstly, they could plant large areas of the woods we need, mahogany, ebony eyc so the world can still have them. If the plantations were large enough they would constitute something of a factory farm where an annual crop could be cut down and reseeded. The nature of these trees is such that all the usual undergrowth would naturally re-occur, thus cleaning our atmosphere just as it used to be and was designed to be by Mother Nature. AFTER we do this, OK, start to worry about emissions. It will take SO MANY years but years going the right way, not down the up lane of a motorway that will eventually kill us, our children and our grandchildren. This is a political position based on the worlds financial system, not realising what it is important to pay for and finance and it is time we all WOKE UP!

117.   03.00 BST.   20.06.15.   Maybe for once we might see real justice in action. The 21 year old Ruff, a white man who killed 9 black people in a church was captured alive. He may well live to regret that. He will go to prison where, given american "justice", there will be over 50% black inmates who will know why Ruff is in prison. CB does not believe he will live one day in there where he is not reminded what those black inmates feel about him. He may well begin to realise what true hate is. If they put him in solitary, maybe one of his gusrds will be a black man who sometimes suffers temporary blindness. CB thinks that Ruff will never again suffer from constipation and piles are not an option as there may be a lot of traffic right where he does not want it. If he does not learn to be a good bitch very quickly, he may die but maybe he will get all he asked for. OK, every one is innocent until found guilty but CB thinks his real innocence will be lost within the first 24 hours of his sentence.

116.   22.15 BST.   17.06.15.   Now we know the truth of maybe why the 3 west Yorkshire women with their 9 children decided to go to Syria. Even though the fathers solicitor said there was no domestic problems, the truth has just come out on the news. In Islam the man is the law in the house and women are mere posessions. It is their culture. One of the husbands, in a TV interview said "I can't understand why they went, and without my permission", seems he is more hurt by the defiance than the loss. When a womans home life is a bag of crap, another life in the IS would look very inviting. Shame those mothers will find the truth now they are there. Out of the fire and into the frying pan. The only good to come from this is a clearer understanding where Turkey really stands on the question of people moving from there to Syria. Turkey should now be regarded as a muslim state more than a member of the western civilised world.

115.   12.45 BST.   17.06.15.   Well, didn't he do well! George Osborne today stood in for David Cameron at Prime Ministers Questions. For some reason it was a quiet affair in comparison to the norm but overall George Osborne won the day. He DOES look like PM material but the tories have strength in depth with Boris and others who also look like they would be winners as PM. Labour, on the other hand, will still be in disarray. George Osborne added a put down to the opposition, unanswered, about their negative policies on some of the development projects now in place. In most cases he outperformed the answers that we may have expected from David Cameron, were he here.

114.   10.00 BST.   17.06.15.   It is all change today. Firstly we hear that Top Gear will continue with a different line up headed by Chris Evans. CB will wait, watch and then make up his mind. CB can't help but feel that the 350 million audience will shrink to maybe 35 million. It is not possible to replace a man with a unique personality like Jeremy Clarkson, especially when backed up by 2 wholly different personalities like Richard Hammond and James May. Eack one played a part which allowed their individuality to shine whilst the 3 fitted together so well. The new guys will be given a chance but it is a very slim chance that they can present this show as capably and with as much humour as the original cast. Now we move to Camelot. When will they ever learn? The beginning of the end came with the lifting of the lottery from £1 per line to £2. We were promised bigger jackpots but, as CB said at the time, this would not happen and it didn't. Too many people stopped playing or only played when there was a roll over. Funny, isn't it, in the early days when one person won a roll over the tabloids complained that "nobody should be able to win so much money". After that we saw so many roll overs won by multiple winners. After a time it went back to normal but now, at a time of falling revenues, we get double, triple or quadruple roll overs and sometikes won by just 1 winner. A good sql on the system would identify the numbers that would provide a roll over but how could it be guaranteed that those exact numbers came up. CB just finds the trend of rollovers to be less than credible when they appear to fall into what the promoter might want. Now they are to increase the number of balls in the draw from 49 to 59, taking the 1 in £14M to over 1 in £40M as your chances of securing the jackpot and this comes in around October this year. Camelot should register as a political party as they are very good at making promises but not at keeping them. We are told there will be more smaller prizes but we shall see. Bigger jackpots? We shall see. If this change does not work, will we see the end of the lottery, well CB will as CB will not play anymore with 59 numbers in the drum.

113.   10.00 BST.   16.06.15.   The who-ha over the 3 women from West Yorkshire who, with their 9 children, have failed to return home from a trip to Saudi Arabia is showing the weakness of the UK government. There is so much time being wasted by the police and other authorities on this. CB sees the solution as quite easy, except for the children. ANYONE who expresses an afinity with the Islamic State is NOT behaving in a "British way". Let them go but mark their passports for seisure should they try to return. The government might also mark their passports as expired at this point. If they want to go, let them but make it a permanent move from the UK with no return possible. In the case of the children, they have no choice and must go where their mothers take them. They are too young to decide on an idealogical basis so, as where they are going is a war zone, they must be taken into care by the authorities. It is about time we exported those who have lost any "Britishness" they once had.

112.   11.45 BST.   04.06.15.   The questioin of MP's pay is now a prominent feature of the current news. An increase of 10.3% is way too much in times of austerity, even though the recent awards not being taken has led to the real pay of MP's slipping backwards. This slippage has happened to most working folk so surely the MP's could stand it too. What is wrong is the idea expressed by most party leaders to giv it to charity. Noble though it sounds, that would impose a compulsory charitable donation to the tune of 10.3% of the cost of running our political system on the taxpayer. CB suggests that is not acceptible. When working folk have paid their tax and bills, it is up to them to decide if, from what is left, any may be given to charity. It is not reasonable to force the increase on the taxpayer as a compulsory charitable donation. In times of austerity, the right way to do this is to ensure the increase never happens. Pressure must be brought to nullify the increase at it's root.

111.   11.45 BST.   04.06.15.   The investigations into FIFA are now at a place where thought is being given to changing the venue of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. Russia and Qatar are indignant and assert that the respective World Cups will stay as placed. Whilst it is undesirable to introduce politics into world football, it is only reasonable to question the Russian World Cup. It is, surely, against the sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine situation to give them the financial boost the World Cup would bring. With Putin flexing his muscles by constantly flying his military aircraft near to or infringing the airspace of western European countries and his open stance against homosexuals visiting Russia to watch football, can the 2018 event be left with Russia? Much more to come but such questions MUST be addressed and solved. Should the two disputed venues lose their status there would be £billioins claimed against FIFA as compensation. CB thinks the compensation should be paid from the personal accounts of Warner, Blazer and, if shown to be implicated, Blatter, the rest being made up by FIFA!

110.   0945 BST.   02.06.15.   It has been announced that the Large Hadron Collider is to be restarted again. Twice as powerful as before but still smashing protons. When the accelerator is smashing the sub particles (see The Standard Model) that make the proton they will be near to the base of all mass! They will not "discover" their result as such results will merely CONFIRM what was first published 6 years ago at 17.00 on Friday 13th March 2009. That is a theory that explains the universe, explains how the big bang happened, explains black holes and answers so many supposed unanswered questions. To read this go to The Universe Explained and enjoy!

109.   09.,45 BST.   02.06.15.   Finally we have FIFA without Blatter, feels cleaner already. Blatter will stay as a caretaker until early next year. There has been talk of cracking on with reform BUT, as tainted as FIFA (and Blatter) are it should not be started until new faces are in play. Blatter should stay in the background, shut up and wave when asked to.

108.   12.00 Noon BST.   31.05.15.   Well, after another bought of illness CB is back again. Regular readers will know CB's thoughts on Sepp Blatter. It was always said on this page that FIFA could not be cleaned up whilst Blatter was in charge and here he is back again. All through his reign corruption has been rampant. Any organisation handling the amount of money washing around in FIFA must be likely to suffer corruption but Blatter is trying the divorce method "I didn't do it, it was all that lot". He fails to see where the buck stops. Any organisation as financially of that size ought to be required to have independent auditors ON SITE daily. Perhaps that audit team needs to be a part of the money movement function with the proviso that their private financial situation MUST be monitored with snap audits on their privete money situation. OK, from time to time this may fail BUT wouldn't it limit the amount of corruption?

107.   12.00 noon BST.   21.05.15.   Today David Cameron has delivered a speech from the Home Ofice on the Tory immigration policy. What crap, CB has been personally involved in an immigration situation. CB is a British Citizen but was subjected to an insane pantomime at the Hull immigration desk because he was travelling on his Canadian passport. The bottom line is that what happened to CB is consumate proof that the UK Border Agency has no realistic control over immigration. More will come from this but for now, as it is still being dealt with by CB's MP, we have to stop there, be patient, you will love the full story when CB can tell all.

106.   09.15 BST.   17.05.15.   First, just to clear something up and before we deal with Europe, read post 103 from 5 days ago where CB posed the question of the IS using the "refugees to Europe" Mediterranean migration problem to send IS militants to Europe for terrorist activities. The BBC news channel is today agreeing that point, remember, you saw it here first! Now let us deal with the UK "in or out" of Europe debate. Lets cut through all the crap that politicians are using to cloud the issue. Europe came from a common trading agreement to facilitate business between European countries called The Common Market. Now business is all about MONEY, not politics. Politicians have taken the Common Market forward towards a federal "Unites States of Europe". We did not sign up for that! Because business is about MONEY, to leave Europe should not affect business by much. We will still know all our contacts. Our refusal to join the Euro did not hurt our ability to continue doing business with Europe and neither would our exit from Europe. It could be an opportunity for business expansion. The South American countries who want to expand trade with Europe might need our knowledge and contacts so we could be the middle man here. At the same time we are in a position to develope our ability to trade with those countries. Leaving Europe, but NOT the Common Market, might be a very good thing. All our sovereignty would be back here allowing us to control immigration how WE need it. All we need to know is the money, the bottom line. How much per day does it cost to be in Europe and how much per day do we get back? If we get more back than we pay, is the difference worth losing to get back our sovereignty? This needs to be ACCURATELY costed and explained to us before we are asked to vote. Now, Cameron, Farage and a. n. other, answer this honestly before the referendum. Please word the referendum cleanly and not with words designed to make us vote to stay in. By the way, a definition of honesty can be read in any reputable dictionary, are we CLEAR?

105.   14.15 BST.   15.05.15.   Goodbye BB King. Half of CB's collection is BB or those who were influenced by him. He was the father of the rebirth of blues and most of todays music has to pay respect to him. Glad he left so much on tape, vinyl, VHS, CD and DVD.  CB has his music on ALL the media just stated.

104.   14.15 BST.   15.05.15.   At last we hear good words from Theresa May, she wants to repatriate African refugees. About time we heard sense. Nigel Farage is still in the middle of a mess but HE has spoken wisely, he has said that the agitators within need to decide if they are really UKIP faithfuls. Does it always take an election to bring the politicians down to earth? The only question is for how long? Now Chukka Umunna is walking away from the Labour leadership challenge. Seems so soon. Is there a skeleton in his closet that has ruled him out? He was the one CB was scared of as he looked like a winner but now we do not have to worry, the rest are nowhere in comparison.

103.    18.30 BST.   12.05.15.   Much has been in the news lately of those who are moved by people smugglers onto boats from Libya bound for Italy. David Cameron is right to provide whatever help he can but he is also right to refuse to take any into the UK. How many of them have the skills to contribute to the UK? How many of them are IS militants using the route to get into Europe to begin terrorist activities? If these boats were truned back then people would not see the route as viable, the smugglers would be defeated and the problem is solved. Sometimes you have to be hard to do the right thing.

102.   14.15 BST.   12.05.15.   What a load of fuss over Nigel Farage's decision to accept that the UKIP executive would not accept his resignation! Interviewers tried to question Nigel's integrity, typical of some 80 IQ producer trying to lay a trap for a man considerably more intelligent. Higel is a character, has become the face of UKIP, has looked the best Prime Minister material through the whole election pantomime and does look to be one of the most honest of all the politicians. When tendering his resignation, it was pointed out to him that the ENTIRE party executive UNANIMOUSLY agreed that UKIP could only carry on their good work if Nigel was the leader. They also pointed out how many and who may leave UKIP if Nigel were not the leader. The decimation of the talent of the perty would be the result of his resignation. Nigel had no choice, does he walk away from all he has built and stand aside to watch the party collapse or does he stay? CB knows what he would do and Nigel did the same. All those in the media who want to turn this into a defeat for Nigel should beware, the little numbskull in your earpice will push you into a place where you look as dim as he/she is. Anyone who has neural electricity still active within their brain cells can see, not for the first time, Nigel is a man of integrity.

101.   12.45 BST.   12.05.15.   This web site has campaigned for a change in our political structure since 2006. The recent debacle in the election of vote inequality has underlined all that CB ever said. The SNP got 1.5 million votes, five percent, out of 30 million and that translated into 56 seats. UKIP got almost 4 million, fifteen percent and got 1 seat. Surely it is now time for Proportional Representation to be our voting system. UKIP would have 65 MP's under a fair scheme. How can anyone think that what the people wanted is represented by the UKIP result? The only UKIP voters who got what was right were those in Clacton. Politicians do not want PR as they fear two things, one is that there would never be a clear majority and secondly the Commons would have too many extremists as MP's. Well, the larger constituencies with 5 to be returned to Westminster could be cut to 4 IF we cut the number of MP's from 650 to 500. It is all the minor placings that would be lost under those conditions. The nation would save £10M per year PLUS all the associated expenses.  One in three eligible voters did not vote this time as with todays media giving political education, they knew it was pointless so abstention was their protest. Under PR abstention is no choice as EVERY vote counts. PR fixes all things from the PEOPLES point of view and those elected must ACCEPT it, like it or not. There is a petition on to get PR discussed in the house. If you want your vote to count next time, go there and sign it.

100.   12.30 BST.   10.05.15.   A message to David Caneron. Please read the previous post. If the SNP keep to their word and allow their fanatical hatred of all your work to motivate them to disrupt all your work to come, you cannot allow this. We have all moved down a nationalistic  path and England expects (from you).  Now  you have a majority there are no excuses, we expect promises to be kept this time. We expect you to keep the SNP in their place or to engineer their forcible independence but NOT at our expense!  We need Trident to provide our safety through deterrence but we do not need the Scots.  Their independence would solve all the devolution problems AND reduce the number of MP's in the follies by 56, a highly desirable outcome.  Be under no ilusioins, the English public feel much more empowered by recent political  events and should you stray or fail to contain certain possible situations you will come under pressure from public pressure and todays social media  will no doubt be used  to remind you of this.  Do not suffer the illusion of "now we can do what we want", you CANNOT do so without the knowledge that YOUR people are looking over your shoulder all day, EVERY day!

99.   12.30 BST.   10.05.15.   A message for Nicola Sturgeon. Do you think the 60M people of England, Wales and N. Ireland are going to sit back and put up with your block of MP's disrupting the smooth running of OUR country? Think again! Public opinion, through organised online petitions are of a mind to stop you. In fact it may give you the independence you crave BUT it would not be your way. It would be a terrible mess as they will demand a total financial divorce which CB believes will put the Scottish economy back by several decades. Your non austerity policy will take Scotland down the road to bankruptcy in just a few short years. We will demand that we do not share our currency with you. We will make you happy by moving Trident to England. Some of your leading companies may well move their companies out of Scotland. You cannot rely on or make assumptions about your treasury take on tax. If you still want to dig your grave, there are some very good shovel manufacturers in England but the Scottish pound will only buy half as many as English pounds will. Take care and read the post above, number 100.

98.   09.30 BST.   08.05.15.   Boris Johnson spoke a lot of sense last night when asked about Scotland. He said that a federal decision/offer had to be made abot them. First we need to repatriate Trident to Plymouth or Portsmouth. We can't do without that but we can do without the Scots. We should send a building team to reinstate Hadrians Wall. We need to install border controls. We would want all their passports (they are the property of the UK). We don't need a referendum, we just dump them, problem SOLVED!

97.   09.00 BST.   08.05.15.   Now we have it, our country is safe as far as the economy is concerned. The UK was at great risk so the election was the most important in CB's lifetime. Now we have the confidence of the world via the IMF, the banks, the financial services, the stock exchanges! CB's main concern is just how far Cameron might go now he has not got the Lib Dem reins holding him back. What anazing losses, Vince Cable, David Laws and Danny Alexander. Now the Labour Party can truly be said to be the party without Balls! Hope Nigel Farage gets in but what has been clearly seen is the need for proportional representation to be installed as our voting system. The MP's do not want it but WE SHOULD!  It is the fairest system and when UKIP can get  so much of the vote and get  just 1 MP (or 2 maybe) it stinks. The problem is that under PR we could get some extremists  elected BUT if we cut the number of MP's from 650 to 500 we save £10M per  year and it cuts out the extremists.  CB calls that a good deal.  Todays times  DEMAND political change in the UK so we never have the "either, or"  choice again, it's not good enough. CB has been told there has been a petition started for PR, you can find it at!

96.   10.30 BST.   26.04.15.   Well, friends, electioin fever grows and I have nothing to say. This is due to all players bar one are behaving so badly. Billions promised and no indication of where any of them will find the cash. The only party behaving is UKIP who seem to be standing back and not getting involved in the pantomime. They have, we are told, a manifesto which has been professionally and independently costed. Please realise that no promise can realistically be kept. Whoever is in after the 7th will have to compromise so much to scrap together a deal that all are lying through their teeth when they promise us something. Our only hope is that UKIP get enough seats as to doing a deal with the Tories becomes workable. In this way the economy is protected and all other scenarios are fraught with danger for the country. Vote wisely, good people.

95.   23.30 BST.   21.04.15.   What a life! The dog fight before the 7th May just gets worse. The reality is that now any Labour vote is not just the Ed and Ed show gaining control but the ultimate power being with the SNP! What ever happened to Hadrians Wall? The National Heritage needs to start the rebuild NOW but build it higher. If Nicola Sturgeon wants to hurt England to get us back for losing the independence referendum then wielding power in our government is an inside stab. 95 out of every 100 voters this time will not get it until it is too late that a vote for Labour will ensure that the SNP may well run this country! Ed Balls will maybe be the chancellor if Labour "win" and last time his fingers were in our till it came up empty. What Ed Balls knows about economics can be tattooed on a gnats foreskin, unfortunately, there would be almost a blank canvas left! We cannot afford a Labour government BUT a Tory government with Cameron running rampant scares even CB and he don't scare too easy. Time for a real seed change and it comes with using the Proportional Representation voting system. This might mean that we always have a coalition government or a hung parliament but this is FOR the people. Hey, if you want the history of how we got here from the mid 1660's, use the feedback. I am old but not THAT old but I did read it extensively, you will be surprised.  Here is from the mid 1600's and here is either Miliband, the cannot do or Cameron, the will not do. Is this the choice we deserve? NO WAY, time to bring UK politics into the 21st century even though the dinosaurs want to preserve the past. Ultimately, this time, no change to the system but so many ways we all lose, we need to tell those who will not hear that enough is more than enough and LISTEN!

94.   02.45 BST   17.04.15.   Well, did you watch the debate? Yet another shambles. Miliband was, once again, disputing figures supplied by the others whilst saying nothing to make us believe Labours figures, he is no Prime Minister. The most honest sounding person there was, yet again, Nigel Farage (apart from one freudian slip) and again looking like he would be a good PM, shame he cannot get it. What CB was surprised about was the 3 women all totally against Trident. They should all be prosecuted for treason. Do they not know about Russia testing the UK defences? Do they not know how many times in the last 3 months the RAF have scrambled to "escort" Russian military aircraft away from UK airspace? Do they not know about this weeks "escorting" 3 Russian military ships as they sailed down the English Channel? Trident may be expensive but it is imperative we renew it! Who else in Europe has been tested in this way but have said nothing? These are dangerous times as Russia are suffering financially due to the oil price and that compounded by the sanctions imposed over the Ukraine. Such conditions added to a leader like Putin are a very dangerous mix and to not renew Trident would be to hold a white flag up. Add that to the IS and with the political uncertainty in the UK, we are seen to be vulnerable. This has to be turned around and Nigel Farage is the ONLY positive person on our defence question. CB is not happy and hopes the election will fix things, unfortunately, it looks less likely every day.

93.   17.00 BST   16.04.15.   Old CB has been very quiet about the election. This is due to total disgust at them all. It has been like schoolyard bickering and with no winners. The only one who has remained above that behaviour (most of the time) is Nigel Farage, who looks more like Prime Minister material than all the others added together. Sadly our voting system does not allow for that and UKIP are just not fielding enough candidates. CB fears the UK is in so much trouble and Ed Balls as Chancellor would seal our fate. We might all take note of the rudeness and belligerence of the TV interviewers has added to the total turn off. CB would not be surprised if the turnout this time is quite a bit less than 2010 and, if so they have all contributed to it.

92. 19.30 BST.   05.04.15.   Apology time from CB. It was said that we are in silly season because it is election time and CB would be busy on this site. The reality is this campaign has been so far so stupid CB has not found too much to say, UNTIL NOW! CB has been so sickened by what has gone down. CB is so sickened by the blatant lies given in promises, it prompted CB to think about tomorrow. The UK is now in so much danger because we will end up with a minority government OR we will have to accept a coalition which the majority of us find unacceptible, NOT quite what we wanted, is it? Sorry if that looks like CB has already decided the outcome but that is not the case, how many times on this site that CB's words have come true? If we, the electorate, can never get what we want, why do not WE change the rules? What if we REQUIRED whoever was the next government to impose our wishes? What if, we asked for a "supplementary vote" on the ballot paper? Normally our candidate makes promises then, once we elect him/her, they do what they want, who gives a shit about promises, read about this on my page entitled "Politicians". What if all their promises were on the ballot sheet? That means, after you have selected your choice, there was a second ballot that listed all their promises and you had to vote for each promise? What if it was the law that they had to obey that vote? We would be requiring them to only make honest promises! That would mean they could never make a promise that they knew they could not keep! Maybe it is a small way to return a small amount of HONESTY to politics. Think about Cameron who made promises in 2010 that he did not want to keep, like electoral reform. He did as we had a referendum BUT it was worded to persuade voters to keep the first past the post system, which he wanted AND we did not get the chance to vote for Proportional Representation. He went to the Conservative conference where all the blue haired old ladies were and every promise that was discussed was defeated, just like he expected. If the old girls said NO, he got the £1M cheque from them on the way out. Miliband is no different, the unions only pay for what they get. Making the elected keep their election promises is much like the company who gives you a job requiring you to be good at that job or else you are out, so why don't we DEMAND it, if the elected will not give us change because they do not want it, we need for them to see that WE DEMAND IT!

91.   23.00 BST.   04.04.15.   Well Nicola Sturgeon, what is the real truth about what was said? The dirty tricks will be more severe than ever before in this campaign. In a case of rape there are usually only 2 people there so only they know the truth. In politics there are usually translators there, pps's (personal private secretary's), possibly electronic devices that you DO or DON'T know about and all the rest. In todays world denials usually get found out so CB hopes your denials are the truth. In politics it is so easy to be top of the pops one day and out of the charts 48 hours later, take care.

90.   23.00 BST.   04.04.15.   The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN is due to be switched on again after a two year wait. Accelerating protons MAY shed some light on things but if it does, we should only see sub particles as those in the Standard Model. make up protons. Dark matter? That is unallocated gravity! How do you expect to contain gravity, it is not like electricity, there are no known batteries for gravity storage. When you can isolate sub particles and accelerate them, maybe you will get the same answer that is given in "The Universe Explained". CB wishes you all the best but you are playing catch up, most of what you may "discover" might only be confirmation of what is already proposed in and proof of The Universe Explained.

89.   21.45 BST.   04.04.15.   We have just had The Voice UK final and Lucy didn't win! CB thought she would and deserved to. She might consider pursuing the marriage of classical and the pop culture, her duet with Will was ace and she would be quite unique, it was done by Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody nd let us not forget Tommy by The Who. This did turn out to be the best year yet and it should grow in future years. Sir Tom's history is that of legend, when he had his own TV show back in the late 60's the pubs used to empty so that nobody missed a minute of him and NOBODY has ever done that before or since. Nice to see Ricky win, CB has grown to like and respect him more and more every show. Will could be one of the great thinkers of our time but, sadly, his web site promises they will get back to you but they never do, Will should go into politics, they never keep their promises either. Will, you might want to read a web site entitled "The Universe Explained", it will help you understand the formation of the particles found in The Standard Model. Rita Ora has been a revelation! If you look closely, whether the song the act is singing is an old one or a new one, she sings all the lyrics so she has an exceptional mind, not to mention her beauty, both visual and personality AND her exceptional talent. CB hopes the team all stay together. CB hopes Stevie goes on to have an amazing career in music so blue watch need to get training his replacement right away.

88.   04.00 BST   03.04.15.   So we have had the big 7 pre election debate and what a farce. Many promises with no explanation of how they would pay, promises that will never be kept. Shame about the 2 party system, Nigel Farage came out of it looking like the best Prime Minister material and Nick Clegg didn't do too bad either. Miliband and Cameron, well it IS a question of trust. Morons who want to do away with Trident (read post 86). CB thinks we will be in big trouble in a months time, the future of the UK could end up in the wrong hands in so many ways, we fear the worst. Nobody saw the possible benefits of exiting Europe, could be the right time before the fan gets overwhelmed with the brown smelly stuff. We do need more financial breakdown on the financial implications of in or out of Europe but there are good opportunities should we leave. It may be only a month to go but somebody once said that a week in politics is a long time.

87.   15.00 BST.`31.03.15.   The BBC are showing a quiz show called "The Edge" and what a laugh it is. Nobody seems to be able to win much more than £500. Credibility is the issue here. Why do they bother? Who is so stupid as to want to play for an unwinnable prize? The BEEB should get out of quiz shows OR have 1 or 2 that are credible. The credibility of the programmers and the directors is very much the issue. How could such a big company be so stupid? This cuts to the heart of the viability of the BBC>

86.   14.45 BST.   31.03.15.   OK, today we got Cameron, Ed Balls and Nick Clegg from 07.30 AM giving us promises that they are unlikely to keep. Cameron and Balls did not define how they would pay for the promises. Such is UK politics in todays world. We do have a BIG problem in this election which is only being talked about sparingly, that is Trident. Plaid Cymru and the SNP are against the renewal of Trident. Nicola Sturgeon believes that if it is removed to Plymouth, Portsmouth or anywhere out of Scotland, the Scots will be safe. Such a FOOL! If Mr. Putin decided to explode his biggest device 1 mile above the centre of the UK (say Sheffield/Leeds) ALL computers, phones and any other electronic kit would be fried. No communications is no defence, we are all done. We need 1 litre of fresh water per day to survive, after which our brains will not function rationally. Fresh edible food, well we can go 3 weeks without this and then our brains will not function rationally. This means that 99% of all UK residents will be dead within 6 weeks. Only those who live on a remote island and with their own food and water supply will live BUT for only maybe 2 years because of radiation sickness. Trident frightens Putin because it is mobile and is the first strike but where from. It is on stealth submarines and if launched, the American back up follows within minutes. SO, if you are wearing your cloth cap on May 7th and you just look for LAB and put your cross there, you do need to know if that candidate is for or against Trident. If they are against, you might be voting for your own death. Same for the blue haired old girls down south. Over the last 3 months the RAF have admitted to scrambling our fighters to escort Russian military aircraft out of British airspace so Putin is testing us. We have not been told how many times this has really happened. We have not been told how many times this may have happened in France, Germany, Spain and so on. Trident is a MUST HAVE and anybody in politics who wants out of Trident is, in CB's mind, guilty of treason.

85.   19.00 GMT.   25.03.15.   Today is a day of loss. Jeremy Clarkson AND Richard and James from Top Gear and Zane Malik from One Direction. The other four lads can carry on as half a direction and they should do fine but the loss of Top Gear is something the fans will never forgive the BBC for. Perhaps ITV might pick up all three of the presenters and give them licence to continue with just enough of a format change to skate past any legal problems. Profits of £1M per week might help that decision along so CB expects the commercial networks to have their lawyers working overtime to make it happen.

84.   19.00 GMT.   25.03.15.   Today was the last PMQ's of this government and, once again, Ed Miliband showed us all he is no street fighter. David Cameron gave him yet another mauling, backed him into a political corner and then started kicking him in. Today, however, instead of the usual "party line" comments and statements were pretty accurate, much to the pain of Labour. Anyone in any doubt and who watched the show can be in no doubt that the Tory economic program is working and that a Labour government would take us right back to near bankruptcy within a couple of years. The Ed and Ed show (Miliband and Balls) have no idea abouit the economics of this country and CB for one does NOT want them playing with our money.

83.   08.45 GMT.   24.03.15.   OK, it is silly season when it is pre-election. David Cameron is coming under fire for his statement that, if successful in May, he would serve a full five year term as PM but would not serve a third term if the Conservatives were successful in 2020. That is a very fair and honest statement BUT, in their desperation to find straws to cling to, the Labour party is trying to use that statement against the Tories. One Labour MP even accused Cameron of being "arrogant" by making the statement. Those who accuse others of arrogance or egotism put themselves in a bad place because when the words of the accused prove to be right and accurate, the accuser stands guilty of arrogance or egotism for thinking they were qualified to judge the accused in the first place! Mr. Cameron even suggested three names of those who may replace him but he was merely identifying the wealth of talent in his party who had the quality to do the job of leader, many good candidates were not named AND we do not know if those named would want the job. The real arrogance here MIGHT be the Labour Party trying to read into the statement words or meaning that were NOT there. CB hopes the electorate does not inflict such people on the UK as our next government.

82.   13.15 GMT.   23.03.15.   Theresa May has been speechifying about extremism. She was adamant that new steps would be taken against extremism. CB would bet that she does NOTHING about the Qoran which as has been stated before is illegal under British law. It directly offends the sexism laws and it clearly incites to violence in just two statements. Oh, well, it IS coming up to an election so it is OK to make promises that you have no intention to honour. Lets wait and see if she retains her seat, then her job and, at that point, we can remind her of todays words.

81.   13.00 GMT.   23.03.15.   The great debate is still in the news. Aren't we all getting tired of the crap being dished up in the speeches? Old party lines, silly attacks on the enemy, seemingly unkeepable promises, we are getting them all. The debate has prompted the question "who is running the UK, the government or the media"? Cameron has had a tough time and the media are supposed to be his pals. At times the media has seemed to have political leanings and UKIP has taken most of that flack! The whole package merely underlines the fact that you can't trust any of them so why should we bother to vote? Many of us already feel that way and, as much as CB has concern for UK politics, the knowledge of how controlled our voting system is may mean a day in the pub comes May 7th. CB has no time to waste and given what there is to vote for, going to the polls would be a waste of good beer time.

80.   13.00 GMT.   23.03.15.   What good news, Ashya King, the five year old with a brain tumour has been declared cancer free according to his parents. The parents were jailed when they disagreed with Plymouth NHS over his treatment. The NHS treatment would have seen him dead by now and, when the parents wanted to take him to eastern Europe for an alternative treatment, the NHS involved the police, saying they "were acting in the best interests of Ashya". Shall we ask them now? Perhaps there should be a review of all those who were party to the decision to jail the parents, including the police! Perhaps those NHS officials should be compelled to go to the treatment centre and take a course on this alternative treatment. Perhaps there should be legal steps taken against ALL those who, by their care and concern for Ashya, may well have killed him by delaying his treatment. Ashya, good luck to you, you have very good parents and now you will hopefully enjoy a good life with them.

79.   18.30 GMT.   22.03.15.   OK, old CB must eat his words. Last night on BBC TV The Voice UK was exceptional. After all that was said, there was only one that CB does not believe could win and that is Vikesh, Rickies young lady should have gone through. Not only can we see that all the last eight have a career in music, there are also about as many that have gone home who could easily fashion a musical career. This must be the best standard ever seen in the show. After the loss last year of Kylie, Rita had a hard act to follow but she is delightful and a natural. Is there a song she does not know? CB sees her singing along to every number, she is a true natural talent. The show has been good to Ricky as well. We must hope it becomes an institution and should run for many years yet.

78.   11.15 GMT.   20.03.15.   We have had our solar eclipse but sadly, cloud coverage spoiled the experience for many. CB saw a full eclipse back in the 1950's in Canada. CB's father had got some brown and green glass which we used as eye shields. The most memorable part of the experience was how quickly it turned very cold and how fast it went back to warm again. For more on the universe, go to The Universe, which is a quite novel theory of the universe but, not only the most plausible theory yet, but it stands up to all the mathematics including Quantum Gravity. It explains the big bang and how it happened along with answers about dark energy, dark "matter" so go see for yourself.

77.   13.15 GMT.   19.03.15.   Yesterday old CB was facing having the water off all afternoon, we had a burst main. The obvious answer was to go to the pub. Picked up some parts for the new PC first then hit town. CB went to The Roebuck, an old style pub in the centre of Sheffield. This pub is owned by the Wood Street Brewery, a small micro brewery providing a wide array of real ales. CB has it on good authority that a new collection of brews with some very interesting flavour changes is imminent. The pub also provides a good range of fine foods and all at affordable prices. Modern pubs, all plastic palaces, are not like the Roebuck, it is a traditional pub but with free game playing amongst it's traditional attractions such as a good beer garden (the smoke room). Jody is the pub boss but her mother is the head brewer. CB does not drink crap and is quite a fan of the beers found in the Roebuck. When in town in Sheffield, go there and try for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

76. 13.15 GMT 19.03.15.   Yesterdays budget had no surprises and was described by Ed Balls as an "empty" budget. Labour are still clinging to their "£1,600 worse off" figure, even though the latest figures prove otherwise, yet another demonstration that Labour have no grasp whatsoever of economics. George Osborne had no reason to change much in his budget because the economic medicine is working and working quite well. Nice he clipped the banks, helped the pensioners and resisted the temptation to do "a political" prior to the election. He didn't need to as all is in place to continue the recovery without any meddling. It must be hard to be Ed Balls, fighting from a losing position and, with every word said, further proving that as Chancellor, we would be in deep shit.

75.   22.15 GMT.   15.03.15.   OK, CB has much to do this week. After the embarassment of the back up system failing at the same time as computer problems with this machine, next week is a big week. Serious business must be tended but, from mid week on a new 3 machine system will be put in place. Machines are bought and installed but the software laying 3 times will take days. This machine will keep things going, just, so please bear with oold CB, he does know what he is doing.

Now down to business!. The Voice UK! What a mess. Rita, CB has so much respect for your position in the music biz but haw could you not choose Hannah? You have 2 good people but she was my pick for the final, sadly, not now. Will, Vish? He sold you on one song, Esmee or Brooklyn were so much better. Ricky, good choices but CB would bet you are gnashing your teeth right now over one of your rejects. Sir Tom, CB can remember when your TV show emptied the pubs, NOBODY has ever done that before. You have a good team BUT CB only agreed with 1 of your picks. The outstanding performer from them all (the last 12) who looks like the winner is Emmanuel. It will be a different year because it usually comes down to 3 or 4 likely winners, not just 1 but, hey, lets see where it goes.

74.   09.00 GMT.   14.03.15.   Having seen the news of the Jeremy Clarckson "dinosaur" statement, CB is amazed. The only way out for the BBC is if it was seen to be Jeremy's choice to leave the programme. So, Jeremy, how much did they offer? CB watches every show and does not believe for one second you are ready to leave, you do it so well because you love what you do. OK, maybe you are fed up with the constant world travel and might want a rest but surely you do not want a full severance! The problem CB has is that he does not think you would do a dinosaur sized SHIT on all the hundreds of thousands who have given you their instant support. If you do, CB suggests a new career for you, that is politics, you would be displaying the same skills as they obviously have.  You could be the new John Prescott!  Think very carefully before you  take that dump, Jeremy.

73.   14.15 GMT.   13.03.15.   The row over Jeremy Clarckson is so regrettable. He is the hub of Top Gear. CB watches without fail. Car testing is excellent, star in a car is good fun, the challenges are outragious but, above all, this is TV's best comedy. Hearings are next week but let us not judge too soon. We do not know if anyone had supped one too many, is there a long running and deep seated dislike of one another, was this a momentary misunderstanding? It might come out but maybe only half of it. Over all CB likes all 3 presenters but it is Jeremy's character that helps drive the show, his no nonsense approach and willingness to say it as it is which is the quality of the show. Top Gear without him is hard to contemplate and the whole world loses if any change is made. Having said that, for an intelligent man like Jeremy to lose reason and descend to schoolboy tactics is quite deplorable. CB is glad he is not making any decisions on this situation.

72.   11.30 GMT.   13.03.15.   Once again CB has watched a couple of BBC Horizon programmes, one on the development of our Solar System and another, much better effort, on Gravitational Waves. As always the presenter leaves us with "unanswered questions". Once again if the Horizon dimwits who call themselves "researchers" had bothered to read "The Universe Explained", all the answers that Horizon and science seem to be still looking for are THERE! The author has pointed this out to the BBC at many levels including the Horizon producers but deliberately deaf ears hear nothing and there are none so blind as those who will not see. Go see for yourself, it is written in everymans everyday English so have no fears. It explains the Big Banf, how and why it happened and all that transpires until the next Big Bang so spend 30 minutes and enjoy.

71.   13.00 GMT. 11.03.15.   Old CB has again had a bad few days but is much better now. Sadly there have also been PC problems and the back up machine, would you believe, went down at the same time so lots of work to do. We have just had the pantomime of PMQ's and there is no improvement there. It was interesting to hear of the Post Office instructions to the independent inquiry to stop their work and shred all documentation regards the second report on their work. How can an "independent" organisation be instructed by those who they are reporting on? This is just another reason for an anti cover up law as those who would suppress that report belong in a prison cell. Now there was much more debate on "The Debate". By the time the voters have had all this shoved down their throats, comes the 7th May, it is likely they will throw up their hands and go to the pub for a pint, it will make more sense than voting for any of the clowns, save for one or two who always seem to be talking sense, Nigel, take note, when the electorate are in your favourite place, sadly you will be working. Apart from the levity the most serious points were those relating to defence. CB wonders why there are so many doubters when twice in the last couple of months, the RAF have scrambled to ward off Russian military aircraft overflying British terrority? When a not so friendly power is testing our defences, Trident is a MUST. The SNP may not like it so maybe the BBC should re-broadcast the excellent programme written by Barry Hines called Threads, after watching that they may want to reconsider.

70.    21.30 GMT.    03.03.2015   CB was just watching Horizon on BBC2 and what bollox it was! All they need to do is read which does what it says, it EXPLAINS the universe, all the rules of chemistry are obeyed, all the rules of physics are obeyed. Horizon listrens to all the dummies who PROFESS to be a brain but they all are protecting  their wages and they know nothing. Go to it, read and learn, it is important to the future of mankind AND, Horizon will hurt mankind if it is allowed to keep misinforming us! Read the truth, learn the truth, think!

69.   13.30 GMT.   03.03.1205.   OK, we have Jihadi John, we have 1400 girls abused in Rotherham, we have over 300 girls abused in Oxfordshire so just how SICK are todays people? We must start to deal with the so called "authorities" who let this happen. Maybe we should look at why they turned their heads when girls complained about abuse. Were those "authorities" involved? Our world is losing the things we used to respect. We MUST stand up and deal with the sicko's, look after our kids and try to make this world of ours a place we can be happy to live in. CB has no kids (that he has ever met) and CB is glad about that because if CB had a daughter who our "authorities" had failed, there would be some dead people on the streets. Time to WAKE UP!

68.   02.30 GMT.   26.02.15.   CB has just watched a woman on TV from Gaza complaining that no arab countries have helped them. WELL, after the 6 days war the lesson was "do not piss around with the Israeli's". Gaza is a building site, rubble only BUT, the people are cheering marches by psychos dressed in black, carrying grenade launchers, re-digging tunnels into Israel, calling themselves HAMAS and talking of the next war. Maybe the Israeli's will eventually remove all Gaza residents to the West Bank, which the Gazan's will not like but, HEY. it is "the will of allah". After that the Israeli's are only watching 1 flank and any more aggression will be easy to fix. OK, CB does know how ruthless the Israeli's have had to be BUT, historically, they had to be. How many other countries reduced to builders rubble because of the actions of internal rebels would still support such rebels? CB does know that this HAMAS support may not be voluntary, he has seen photos of young boys kidnapped by Hamas, taken to camps to be trained to fight so it may not be easy to reject Hamas but eventually it has to change. Hamas is driven by blind, emotional hatred and, whilst there may be a lot of hate in Israel for Hamas, Israel is driven by the logic of a peaceful tomorrow and CB expects logic to always triumph over belief or emotion.

67.   02.15 GMT.   26.02.15.   Three UK girls, one certainly under age were allowed to fly to Turkey so what did the airline do to verify the validity of their trip? Just to fly to Spain we have to be almost strip searched so what is the excuse from the airline. Now we have a row between Scotland Yard and the Turkish government about when the information of the disappearance of these girls was made available. Scotland Yard needs to publish the proof of passing the info to the Turkish Embassy. WHY? If the Turkish embassy employee is muslim, they may have sat on the info to allow the girls to get away. Given the Turkish government, did they instruct the embassy to sit on the info for 3 days? The Turkish government is only just now talking about closing their border with Syria, something that should have been done months or even years ago because they do NOT have an embassy or diplomatic representation in Syria. So, who do we believe, lets get it in the open! Turkey cannot be a UN member and disregard the responsibilities of that membership.

66.   02.00 GMT.   26.02.15.   The cops are after Cliff Richard again. Given the pursuit of "stars" for sexual offences going back nearly 50 years, why are they not going after the senior policemen who let it all happen? Why are they not going after councillors and other officials who let it happen? Is there something they do not want us to know? Do they think that to imprison "stars" will make us forget they could only do it and get away with it because of the blind eye policies of senior officers and other officials. Do they think we will never see that some of those officers and officials might have had some involvement. Today more Jimmy Savile offences have been suggested BUT Savile had a coffee morning for policemen every Friday morning at his flat. This should and probably will go much deeper when we start to question those who held positions that could have dealt with these offences when they happened. We have had a sniff of this in Westminster where only those as cynical as CB saw the removal of those selected to chair the inquiry into child abuse MIGHT have had reference to what or WHO they classed as their friends. NOW tell CB there is no need for an anti cover up law!

65.   01.45 GMT.   26.02.15.   Russia is reported to be preparing to use Cyprus ports for their fleet movements. Well, the Cyprus banks hold a few billion roubles so why not? The RAF have warded off Russian military aircraft from UK airspace TWICE in recent days! What is Putin doing? After a long time of being the "Russian Darling" in his presidential duties, the belligerence in Ukraine, the collapse of the Russian economy and the above info suggests the early onset of dementia. Maybe the west suspects this. Maybe the low oil price is with the agreement of OPEC in the full knowledge of the serious effect this will have on Russia. Russias involvement in the Ukraine is a bigger threat to world peace than even the IS so what is really happening? Perhaps now is another opening for China to become more involved in world affairs. China is one nation that Putin might be more aware of than any other country so why do they not come forward with an opinion? Whatever it takes to quieten things down will do.

64.   13.15 GMT.   24.02.15.   Sir Malcolm Rifkind has joined Jack Straw in resigning his post as MP from the next election. Given the sensitivity of his position as chair of the intelligence committee this was inevitable. CB feels Mr. Rifkind's statement that "I do not get a salary, I have to earn my own income" shown on TV was a sealer of his fate. What does he think his parliamentary money is? What about the enhanced payment for chairing a committee and what else did he do in the Commons for which he gained enhanced payments? CB feels Jack Straw was merely preparing the way into consultancy work after he left parliament but Sir Malcolm Rifkind's position seems much more tricky. This one has not done yet.

63.   13.15 GMT.   24.02.15.   Football seems to be at odds over the decision to stage the 2022 world cup hosted by Qatar in winter (November and December) to avoid the stifling hot summer. The question is why should they have the world cup in the first place. It has long been suspected that the Qatari nation has support for Al Qaeda and other islamic terrorists and that support might extend into financial considerations. It seems ludicrous that the world should pump money into such a country. OK, there is an on cost to stage the event but there is also an associated profit for the host. There has already been an outcry about how they were chosen in the first place. Given that with every turn we have more concerns, surely moving the event to another host is the best plan. There may be financial concerns with such a move but that would be better than having terrorists laughing at the world for financing their extreme efforts. When will the world ever WAKE UP

62.   15.00 GMT.   23.02.15.   OK, let us forget CB's pre-election silly season just for this post, CB is asking you all to read this post and understand it may be the most serious thought that the UK can have pre-election. Looking at the polls, we have Labour at 34% and the tories at 33% with UKIP at 14% for May 7th election day. If this is correct we could have Miliband with the SNP as our next government, the Scots calling many of the shots that runs England. CB says this because the third biggest party may be UKIP and they could only do a deal with the tories. Given a UKIP/TORY alliance, this would guarantee the in/out referendum on Europe. Given CB's research on this the referendum should be 55% to 45% to stay in, not what UKIP want BUT!!!! That result could lead us where we need to be! If a coalition TORY/UKIP government got that end, they could see a few things from that result. As the UK is not a euro member, we may be viewed as a peripheral member of Europe. This gives us a different angle. Perhaps the new coalition might propose a "Power Repatriation Bill" which might state that the UK is now exempt from any EU measures that stops us policing our borders, obeying the EU human rights act until we refine our own and any other EU interference in our domestic affairs. This would effectively put the ball in the EU court. They do not want to lose us (BRexit) BUT, under a tory/UKIP government the EU would have to either back down or lose us. Given that the UK is now the strongest economy in the EU,  we have quite some negotiating power. This CB believes would work for Cameron AND Farage and all of the UK. In Europe but with a divorce from "Federal Europe Control" we can fix all that is wrong at home. Out of Europe, the UK could be the power broker for a lot of the rest of the world and Europe. OK, CB's invite to Nigel Farage to meet and sample the finest real ale ever brewed, Abbeydale Moonshine, still stands. Nigel, you have been to Doncaster, Rotherham but just 20 minutes down the road and CB would have bought you that pint AND you would have been in the heart of Nick Cleggs constituency. It is a genteel pub and CB would have a few lads there to augment your security. Next time up here, think about it, there are many more avenues than, maybe, your team has seen yet, just read this site every day.

61. 12.15 GMT.   23.02.15.   The Chuirch of England stands accused of paying some employees less than the minimum wage and if this is true they should be taken to task. Recently we have had Bishops and Archbishops sticking their noses into politics when they should stay doing what they do, that is con artists.  All religions are confidence tricks that get away with it because of the thousands of years they have enjoyed acceptance. Everyone has the right to believe in the god of their choice but it is a matter for their heart and mind ans is a PERSONAL choice.  Religionists use that belief to hook people in so that the church gets their money. Many of those who give to churches can least afford it whilst the Bishops and Archbishops live a lavish life. Look at the uniform clothing suppliers to see how many thousands of pounds a mitre or the robes cost and that is bought from the givings of some of the poorest people who believe. You can sit quietly in a corner of your house and contemplate your belief, at zero cost, and if your belief is well founded, your god will hear you. Religion is quite possibly one of the worlds greatest evils and could become a major risk to mankind (look at the IS).

60.  12.00 GMT.    23.02.15.    We have another "MP's for hire" crisis, CB only says crisis because of the high level status of the accused. Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw appear to have been targeted by the (lower than) gutter press in attempts to show wrong doing. People do what they know in this life and after a career in politics there is nothing wrtong in establishing a Public Relations company and selling it's services. As long as you can deliver on your promises (not something we associate with politicians) you will be offering a legitimate service. Using your friends and contacts is fair game as long as you do not break the law. Doing so whilst still a serving MP, however, is not right as misuse or abuse of power and position is possible and in the case of Sir Malcolm Rifkind who chairs an intelligence committee, special care and observance should be in play. Where do these press guys get off? Unless either of the named parties are found guilty of a transgression then legal action should follow against the sting artists and all and any who employ them. Readers of this page will know CB is no friend of errant MP's but right is right and we should back innocent victims of a smear campaign UNLESS they have done wrong.    

59. 13.30 GMT.   22.02.15.   Labour MP for Great Grimsby,Austin Mitchell has come back into the news with his comment even if the candidate was a raving alcoholic sex paedophile, as long as they were a Labour candidate, they would not lose. Grimsby has been Labour since 1945 so should be regarded as a safe seat (under the 2 party system we have in the UK). Nigel Farage is delighted with the statement and believes it will add a stimulus to the electoral reform debate. Much is being said about the relevant intelligence of the UK electorate who are much better informed by the modern media, the social networks and not least, There is still a big hangover from the past. An old friend of CB's lived in a flat where his next door neighbour was a large, belligerent Irishman. This Irishman was devoted to political belief and was a racist who hated Pakistani's. He did not understand the value of abstention and would willingly punch anyone who professed a political opinion but had not voted. After a recent local council election, CB's friend saw his neighbour and asked him if he had voted and was told "yes, I did". The question was then, "did you look for the LAB tag on the ballot and put your cross there"? The neighbour said that he had, only to be asked "did you look at the name"? The reply was "no, didn't need to, Labour is OK by me". CB's pal then told his neighbour that he had helped Asif Iqbal to the council. Now, when that is the mentality, surely we need a better electoral system than first past the post. Proportional Representation is the only system where every vote counts and MAY then persuade more of the electorate to come out and vote. Whether it would help in the case just described we do not know but it surely would not make things worse. Austin Mitchell retires from the Commons in May this year so if Grimsby is to be lost to Labour, this is the time. With an unknown standing for Labour, maybe UKIP might do very well.

58.   23.30 GMT.   20.02.15.   CB has just listened to Kelly Clarkson singing her "new" single, Heartbeat Song on the Graham Norton Show on BB1 TV. Listening to it, all I could hear was Jessie J and "Money, Money, Money", the similarity was so strong, or is it just CB's ear. Jessie might have a case here but CB does think that Jessie might be too nice a girl for such an action but maybe her management might not be so nice. If a judge with no ears could find George Harrison guilty of plagiarism with his song "My Sweet Lord" in a suit in favour of "He's So Fine", released in the early 60's by the Chiffons, then Jessie's case has to be much stronger. Anyone who has listened to music for 60 years, has a good ear for music and is a discerning listener should marvel at the available variations used by writers and arrangers and, thus, the similarities between "Heartbeat Song" and "Money, Money, Money" could and should have been avoided. CB will not be surprised if a suit or, at least, a settlement, is part of coming showbiz news (but a closed settlement would not be reported, as would be the case given no suit).

57.   15.15 GMT.   19.02.15.   CB watched a fiction this week entitled "UKIP 100 days" which was a fantasy of events after a shock win by UKIP leaving them as our next government. All supposed to be good fun BUT it looked as a joint effort from the other parties to frighten the electorate into not voting UKIP. Whether an ill conceived show or an ill timed broadcast date in the run up to an election, CB wonders if UKIP might have some legal position here against the broadcaster. The media, enjoying "freedom of speech" also enjoys the responsibilities that come with such freedom. Portraying even fictional events, such a programme might conceivably be seen as something which might sway the thinking of many of the electorate who do not enjoy high IQ's. If we allow such programmes we leave the door open to the misuse of radio and tv to have a major influence in politics under the guise of entertainment.

56.   12.30 GMT.   18.02.15.   Cameron was crowing this morning about the employment figures but with good reason, given a 97,000 reduction in the unemployment figures for the 3 months to 31st December 2014. Labour were bleating once again using the old figure of the working man being £1,600 worse off than he used to be. We know that in the world of statistics the numbers can be massaged to get the desired result but the Ed and Ed show should be careful. Given an inflation rate of only 0.3% that figure should be adjusted. Such a low rate of inflation is not quite what the economy needs and may go negative but we could only stand a short break of negativity. It is to our credit that we have Mark Carney as the governor of the Bank of England, a man who appears to be the best we have ever seen in that capacity. Canadian by origin he is of the best stock but that origin may debar him from being awarded a Knighthood, something he already deserves in CB's view. Interesting times but the figures that appear to support the tory claims of the continuing good fortune of the UK economy come at the right time for them, given the impending election.

55.   11.30 GMT.   17.02.15.   More silly season with Cameron speaking in Hove, more promises so more to be wary of. The difference is he does sound more plausible than the Ed and Ed show. In one question he defended the policy of the removal of Gadaffi from Libya but we are seeing the result of failing to install a strong government in that dictators place. We now have the IS in Syria, Iraq, Sinai and Libya and that is not recognising Africa's troubles with Boko Haram and others. Any who disbelieved CB when he said world war 3 was under way might stop to consider recent events. France, Denmark, arrests in Manchester, Liverpool and London for terrorism. The soldiers of Jihad are in every major city of the world, ready, able and waiting to pursue the aim of converting the world to the insanity of Islam. Make no mistake, there is no such thing as "radicalisation", only more and more who believe the teachings of the Qoran and it's ideaology and who are increasingly impatient to Islamise the world. Every day the west fails to heed the warning signs is another day that Jihadi's get stronger. If that is the world the west wants, they are aiding and abetting the Jihadi's achieving it.

54.   09.15 GMT.   17.02.15.   It is classroom time for silly season followers in the run up to our elections in May. We look to Greece where their seemingly highly capable Finance Minister, Mr. Varoufakis, is now ready "to do whatever it takes" to extend Greek Euro debt. This suggests acceptance of the austerity imposed by the European Union, something which the Greek PM told his people pre election that he would not accept unless re-negotiated terms are on the table. Which one of the two will have to back down? Should it be Tsipras, the Greek PM, the lesson would be relative to pre election promises not being kept! Now relate that to the Ed and Ed show, Cameron and Clegg in the run up to May. Can't speak of Farage just yet, he seems to have largely avoided making promises. It is too late in Greece, they have got Tsipras for a full term now, even if he cannot deliver on his promises unless there is a no confidence vote or serious street dissention. All of us in the UK should watch the Greek pantomime with our election and the associated promises in mind!

53.   00.15 GMT.   17.02.15.   Well, following on from post 51, CB renewed the contact with his online friend but after 2 or 3 days chat the ties have again been severed. The internet is so tricky with people being somebody that they really are not but CB thinks this friend was by and large genuine. Questions were asked to clear up some things but some were and some were not fully answered. CB is a chat room veteran and has personally conducted a year long very successful experiment looking at keyboard contact, no body language there to help, and that which applies for a person to totally "be" a different person online, as many chat room users do. CB has very cold feet based on those experiences but a very warm heart which will not now be needed. It is hard to lose a friend, real ones are so few in this life so take great care online, it is not an easy place to be sometimes and recognise how easy it is to hurt others even when you do not intend to.

52.   12.45 GMT.   16.02.15.   The Ukraine ceasefire is hanging on but is very frail as reports of military action at Debaltseve are coming in, not unexpected. This could have serious repercussions for Russia. The Ed and Ed show (Miliband and Balls) rolls on with more promises on wages and employment contracts. Why does it always have a hollow ring when we get Ed and Ed promises and they are not the only ones who'se promises sound hollow, after all, it is pre election silly season? Egypt is now bombing Libyan IS supporters so is the IS making more ground? Iraq's PM has boldly predicted the recapture of Mosul this year. Has he been taking lessons in promises from Ed and Ed?

51.   12.00 GMT.   14.02.15.   Yesterday was a day of 2 halves for old CB. The afternoon was a lovely experience sharing a few pints of Abbeydale Moonshine, the finest real ale ever brewed, with a young friend. We meet up about every 6 weeks and have a pint or 2 (or more) in the Hammer and Pincers where the food is excellent, the staff are so friendly and the beer is tops.. So, on returning, CB was involved in a chat with a lady who had sought him out on the book. It did not end well.  Now CB  is a solo item and would love the friendship of a good lady (anyone up for the challenge?) but some things in the chat which had gone on all week  just did not add up.  CB is a veteran of chat rooms and was involved in a study of online contact (read the page entitled Online Dating)  and all did not feel completely right  so CB had to go with his gut feeling and end the contact. There were peripheral problems to consider as well but it never feels good to end up in such a sad situation but that is life. CB will still be open to any new female friendship but genuine people are so hard to find and CB is not an easy guy to relate to, hence the previous reference to "a challenge" but it should be rewarding to any girl who is up for it. Sticking to the odd moonshine day seems the best idea and is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

50.   12.45 GMT. 12.02.15.   Old CB was at the hospital yesterday and then out for a pint so there were no posts. Today, however, we make up for it. After strenuous denials by the Russians of any imnvolvement in east Ukraine, yesterday a cease fire was agreed. How could the Russians do that if they were not involved? Putin, be sure your lies will be found out! Speaking of lies, silly season has Ed Miliband dishing out promises on education today. He is going to mess around with education but, it needs something to happen. The standards in spelling and use of the English language by school leavers is appalling, just look at the typo's and spelling mistakes in the banner headlines shown on the BBC news channel! Oh, yes, just as a reminder in case Cameron is elected in May, if you want something, DO NOT get Cameron to make a promise on the subject, we all know what percentage chance exists of any Cameron promise being kept. The two journalists in Egypt have been bailed for 11 days when they will go on trial again. CB's message to them is GET OUT of Egypt. When governments throw the law around for political reasons you cannot get a fair trial! Do not expect all will be OK, get to safety if you can or prepare for a long time in prison.

49.   22.45 GMT.   10.02.15.   Sad to see on TV a report on Todmorden and Calderdale schools who both have NOT been allocated funds for refurbishment. The damp at Calderdale looked to be such that the school was not fit for purpose. Maybe the answer might be to involve the Health and Safety executive who have the power to shut the schools down. Perhaps a well off parent might go to law over the unhealthy conditions their child must suffer in order to attend school. If those who should allocate funding are reminded by a court of law just what their responsibilities are, then they may make better decisions on fund allocation. Smells like there is politics at work here! Has funding gone to a school less needy than these 2 mentioned here. Maybe the Education Secretary should have a close look at what is going down!

48.   08.15 GMT. 09.02.15.   Much discussion yesterday on politics TV about the sex scandal in Rotherham being more political in it's failings than for any other reason. Yet another reason to do something CB has repeatedly proposed on these pages, ban politics from local government. Those who would be councillors in our cities do so as an apprenticeship to be selected by their party to stand as an MP. CRAP! They should be standing for election as a councillor purely to do as much as they can for the city and the people who are in the parish for which the intended councillor is standing. Politics does seem to be a major part of the failings of Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police amongst other reasons which may yet come out. Politics in local government can have the most negative effect. Consider a city that has to suffer budget cuts. A council that is politically opposed to the government may well impose a cut that hurts the people and they then blame government to score a political point. It may be that they could save that money without hurting the people by cutting elsewhere BUT that cut is politically unacceptable. CB knows of this happening where CB lives. CB is also aware of the cloth cap mentality of some voters. One such case is a man who is staunch Labour but also an extreme racist, he hates Pakistanis. Some years ago he voted in local elections by doing his usual, he looked down the list until he saw the box with LAB in it and put his cross in accordingly. He was near suicidal 2 weeks later when it was pointed out to him that his councillor, the one he voted for, was called Asif Iqbal or some such similar name. Such is the stupidity of politics in local government, we need a law to remove politics from local government. We also need an oversight, all party commission to take any council or councillor to task should they propose, support or vote for a blatantly political act or policy where logic dictates a better way.

47.   08.00 GMT.   09.02.15.   Here we go again with a subject that has been reported before on these news pages. HSBC are under fire for aiding high level clients to pay the minimum tax on their income. There is, YET AGAIN, much talk of "fairness". Fairness is NOTHING to do with it! All governments will snatch as much in tax as they believe they can get away with. That is why we have accountants. Accountants prepare a profit and loss statement which serves as an annual tax liability statement. They must do this within the provisions of the law BUT multi national businesses will use so called tax havens to utilise international laws to minimise their tax bill. This is an ongoing financial war and nothing in war is fair. Because the UK economy is looking much better than most other countries, idiots like the Balls/Miliband team can bleat on about fairness and what they would do to get their hands on more revenue. The nett result of such actions would be a negative economy. Household names may disappear off the UK shelves if the tax payable on UK profits makes it not worth trading in the UK if the amount of nett income after tax makes it better to withdraw from supplying the UK. Companies not based in the UK who would incur UK taxation on profits earned here may withdraw from trading in the UK. Large corporations based in the UK may decide to relocate to tax havens should new laws make it prohibitive to stay here. Laws that reduce the effectiveness of some tax havens would only promote other needy countries to re-engineer their laws to become a tax haven. This is a never ending war but with dire consequences for those who take a step too far without thinking things through, as the Labour party seems to be very good at. With lines being crossed, such as Cyprus taking 10% from every bank account, the war may be hotting up but be assured, those who speak of fairness are those who have already lost. Those who recognise it is the law and international law that is in control are already miles in front of the losers who speak of fairness. As far as HSBC are concerned, if they broke the law OR if, as alleged, they assisted their clients to break the law, action is expected and a severe fine or levy would not be out of order as it might show HSBC and others that they will not profit from such actions. Meanwhile, Ed Miliband might do well to keep quiet as most of the alleged transgressions appear to have been ongoing during a Labour governments term.

46.   08.45 GMT.   08.02.15.   Todays Sunday papers are callimg for protection of whistleblowers and they lean heavily towards those in the NHS who speak the truth. Read post number 43 below and realise that the FULL answer to this problem is legislation to make cover ups a serious crime carrying a 7 year minimum sentence. Just look at Orgreave, the Hillsborough disaster, Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police and the child grooming scandal. Such a law would catch the press, the police AND politicians. Maybe such powerful organisations are the reason why a law of this type would be so hard for the people to get. It is one way we could cut down the number of MP's in the House of Commons, half of them would be in prison. It would fix the police budget as half of them would be in prison. The spelling in our newspapers would be terrible as, once the cover up squad in the press were in prison, the journalists desks would be staffed by school leavers. Similarly, the BBC's desks would be full of new recruits given the amount of covering up that has gone on there. What of our bankers, would there be enough of them still free to operate the financial systems? The down side is the number of new prisons we would need to house them all but at least the building industry would get a jobs boost. Perhaps the voters might make the provision of this law a requirement of any party who may form a government after this May's election. We can live in hope but CB does see that a law requiring honesty might be too much to ask of modern day mankind!

45.   15.30 GMT.    07.02.15.   Mr. Putin, if, as you say, Russia does not want war with anyone, you need to say that with actions. Words from any politician will not be believed by the rest of the world, they need to see deeds that prove those words. Are you in control of your military leaders or do they call the Russian tune? If you need to have attack helicopter training exercises, surely Russia is big enough to hold such training anywhere other than on the Ukraine border. If you agree a cease fire, let us see that no weapons and ammunition found in eastern Ukraine cannot be traced back to Russia as their place of origin. Maybe you might open the border with Crimea so that those in the Ukraine of Russian lineage could relocate there and leave the rest of eastern Ukraine in peace. There is so much you need to do, yes. in the light of evidence given in the Litvinenko inquiry, NEED TO DO is the operative phrase otherwise nobody will believe you. You have put yourself in this position and only you can change that. Time to act and let the world judge those actions.

44.   18.45 GMT.   05.02.15.   Today it is National Voter Registration Day in the UK. The politicians want the 800,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 21 who are not registered to change their status. They are perhaps brighter than the politicians give them credit for. The disaffectation with UK politics comes from years of the same old same old. We know we cannot trust politicians to keep their word. The Labour and Tory safe seat system means we can only have either a Miliband who is not seen as Prime Ministerial material OR Cameron who after 4.5 years has shown us a man who cannot be trusted. What kind of choice is that? Given the actual number of voters who may turn out, we could have a PM after May who heads a party that only got a real total of 12% or so of the votes cast against the total registered electorate. To reverse the apathy trend, politicians must learn to keep their promises OR not make any promise that has little chance of success. They must also get rid of the safe seats. After the abortive, controlled referendum on the vote held 4 years ago, politicians might consider Proportional Representation as our voting system which most people recognise is the fairest vote as all ballot papers would count. Whitehall, you have a long way to go and most of what we want is opposite to your wishes but, remember, it is what WE WANT, not what you want that is why you are there. No change is more same old, same old and will see the turnout for elections keep on the downward trend.

43.   11.40 GMT.   05.02.15.   Well, what a hard post to write. Much was said yesterday about Rotherham Council and their failure to protect underags girls from a major sex ring. Mr Pickles MP, the Communities Secretary, has taken major serious executive action to deal with the immediate problems but we are to have an inquiry that will take years to complete. The problem is that there are 2 major players in the child protection arena, the council AND South Yorkshire Police. We have heard plenty about Rotherham Council but virtually nothing about the police. Will this inquiry go deep enough? Will it cover police inaction? Will it get almost everyone? We saw on TV a man who said he went to a flat in Rotherham to get his daughter back. The police were called and the father removed from the scene. When he went back a second time, the police told him if he ever went there again he would be arrested for stalking. How can any inquiry get the truth of this incident? Was the father an abuser and the daughter escaping one source of abuse only to fall into another? Was what she told the police because of duress? And when we cannot get the truth, it only makes us wonder. Why all the inaction, was it the race card or was it worse? Did the Council and, maybe, the police, have networks containing very senior members who were clients of the groomers? The severity of what has been going on dictates that the inquiry MUST go all the way. We have already seen some other local councils spring into action on child care, perhaps trying to avoid being another Rotherham. Answers are needed from the police as to why they ignored young girls who reported abuse. Surely laws were broken by those who did ignore reports of serious offences. The South Yorkshire Police behaviour on something as serious as this merely underlines the calls CB has made for a total reorganisation of the whole UK policing policy. Perhaps we should establish a public response bureau where anyone who is a victim, and not just of child abuse, who is being disregarded by the "authorities" can ask for outside help. Do you not now see why the UK needs an anti cover up law, making such actions a serious crime carrying a minimun 7 years in prison, something CB has suggested many times before. A law such as this would be useful in dealing with police who dictate statements to officers and then coerce those officers into signing the diktat, as was done by West Yorkshire police trying to cover up the Hillsborough disaster. These measures could go a long way towards ensuring the safety of young girls in the interim, necessary as an inquiry as serious as this one may take 10 years to bear fruit. Much more will be reported in future posts, you have CB's word.

42.   11.15 GMT.   05.02.15.   No government wants to go to war, given the cost in lives and money. There is also the balance of how many of their country's people are in favour of such a move. The UK is still smarting from their involvement in Iraq and, latterly, Afghanistan. The problem is that we face a MUCH greater threat from the IS. It has been said that the effort by the UK in the western coalition against the IS is only 6%. Now we have the Defence Committee, MP's who say the UK should do a lot more in the efforts against the IS BUT, there is the hangover from Iraq. The UK danced to America's tune in Iraq and at the moment the strategy against the IS is all American so many might be wary of any step up in the UK's involvement. Decisions like this are overshadowed by the well overdue Chilcott report, the forthcoming election and other smaller dissenting factions. The reality is that a massive coalition army, properly and fully equiped, is needed to drive the IS out of the territory they occupy. This sweeping up is the obvious complement to the air strikes but very few coalition members have any appetite for this. How can we expect to win back the occupied territories with such reticence? Perhaps we need total agreement on strategy from ALL members because the fight is against a unified force, well led and, to a man, all with total belief in the insanity of the ideal they follow. This will not be easy and the longer we carry on as we are, the more of our lives will be lost.

41.   13.30 GMT 04.02.15.   Finally a chair for the intended inquiry into persistent child abuse has been chosen. Justice Lowell Goddard from New Zealand is the new encumbent of such an important chair. She has good credentials, having successfully investigated how New Zealand police handle child abuse. Whilst she is a justice, NZ law may be quite different from UK law and she will need the services of a good Recorder, ask CB, he knows one of those. It appears that favourable soundings as to her suitability have been taken from survivors of abuse. CB suggested months ago that we should look abroad for the right chairman and you cannot go further afield than NZ! We shall watch and see if there are yet more banana skins to be encountered by this chair. Following the abuse connection, Rotherham Council has been found by an investigation to be "not fit for purpose". That report has been so scathing about Rotherham Council it is hard to see that even the toilet cleaner could hope to keep their job so we shall wait and see who and how many have to go, yet another space to watch.

40.   11.45 GMT.   04.02.15.   CB has just learned of a massive breakthrough in the understanding of dementia. Ed Balls could not remember, in a TV interview, the name of a big Labour supporter from high end business. If we add that to Miliband's forgetting to speak on the economy in his speech at the Labour Party Conference last year, we now know that dementia is not just an individual problem, it afflicts political parties as well!  With quite a number of senior business  leaders expressing no confidence in a Miliband led government and with Labour's lack of the understanding of business and economics, we have the clearest indication of just how much crap the UK will be in if we get a Labour government next May. If we add the reduction of confidence in the UK by major world players such as the IMF, given a Labour win, surely the voters can see that any vote for Labour is a vote against the UK! As for Europe, a Labour government might lift the UK above Greece on the list of those most likely to be kicked out of Europe. Voters, beware the loony left or sell your house and emigrate.

39.   15.00 GMT 03.02.15.   David Souaan has just been sentenced to 3.1/2 years in prison for planning to join the IS in Syria. Perhaps, if he shares a cell with a "sugar daddy", he may come to understand how it feels to be the victim of rape. Ah but every cloud has a silver lining so the nett result is that he will never again suffer from piles or constipation!

38.   13.15. GMT 03.02.15.   The UK commons votes this afternoon on the so called "3 parent baby" change to the law. Two churches have stuck their noses where they do not belong and are against it. Others are "don't do it" types. CB has heard many arguments on the subject but feels it may be a significant step forward. Mitochondrial disease only affects the babies of 150 couples per year so a "yes" result is in a position to change things for those families whilst, because of the small numbers involved, leaves a lot of room for monitoring so it seems unthinkable that permission should be refused. CB feels the doubters are thinking with emotion and the rest are using logic, logic being by far the better way to make any decision. What say you?

37.   11.20 GMT 03.02.15.   The Al Jazeera journalist, Mr. Greste, is about to set off for his native Australia, having been released from an Egyptian prison. One down, 2 to go. Should the Canadian be released, what reason could the Egyptian "government" have for retaining the third man, an Egyptian? Maybe they might think they can persecute him because he has nowhere to go for pressure to be put on to secure his release. These were political imprisonments. Countries all want their standing and esteem in the international league table to be at the highest but then they do something stupid and the snakes and ladders begins. Steps up the ladder are climbed painfully and very slowly but should a snake be hit, the descent can be rapid. Political imprisonments like this are stepping on a snake but the relevant government never sees it. Such actions, particularly when a climb down is forced, are likely to be seen by such as the IS as weakness and we know what happens next. Egypt is already facing IS supported terrorism in the Sinai. CB knows that this site is watched by many governments because they want to know what the world thinks of their leaders.  Look at China, a communist government presiding over a predominantly capitalist economy. The communist traits come out over things like Hong Kong, an unthinkable intrusion into that territory. Hong Kong is so important to the Chinese economy so why be stupid and incur the wrath if not enmity of the people.  The human rights  violations in China would be a big snake if it were not for their importance to supplies of goods and ores needed around the world. Russia is different. Putin seems to be loved by the Russian people but with the kind of evidence being given to the Litvinenko murder enquiry that goes right back to Putin himself,  he has put Russia well down the list, a list where Russia has already suffered over the Ukraine.  Modern Governments  need to realise  that human rights violations, political imprisonments and such like are a guarantee of world wide condemnation. 

36.   11.15 GMT 03.02.15.   A North Yorkshire halal abbattoir has been employing animal abusers. Are we surprised, NO! When we see how the IS treats women, children, ethnic minorities etc. we cannot be surprised. Makes a mockery of the whole halal crap, doesn't it? Day by day evidence piles up against Islam so how long will it take for the light to dawn and all the countries of tolerance begin to realise that tolerance of inherent evil is the wrong approach. CB is sick of saying the obvious however nothing is obvious to those who will not see!

35.   2045 GMT 02.02.15.   CB informed you a few weeks ago about MPIG (minimum practice income guarantee) which is a payment from the NHS to some doctors practices. It is designed to allow a small practice in rural countryside to be viable enough to stay open. If that practice were not subsidised in this way, many country dwellers might have a 30 mile drive or bus journey to the nearest doctor, tough when the buses only run twice a day. MPIG also comes into play for inner city practices where the numbers of patients is swollen by alcoholics, drug users and others who take up a lot of the doctors time, often when they do not need to. The government wants to withdraw this support which will mean the closure of such practices. There is a petition on under the name of Graham Pettinger that is trying to stop the withdrawal of MPIG. Anyone can be under threat of losing their doctor, complete with their practice, if MPIG is taken away! If you are one then sign the petition, every name counts.

34.   13.45 GMT 02.02.15.   Are we about to witness Tony Abbot, Australia's Prime Minister, getting his comeuppence for deposing Julia Gillard, the previous holder of that post and a widely liked and certainly highly competent leader. She was respected in international affairs whereas Abbot is much less respected in those circles and for that and other home based indiscretions may well be deposed. It seems like the Ozzies are likely to reject him so, come back Julia, Australia needs you. You were always open minded as opposed to Abbot who is not. He is sceptical regarding mankinds pollution of the atmosphere. Does he not see that after 250 years of the industrial revolution with all the chimneys of the factorys, with all the effluent pipes taking industrial waste to the nearest stream or river, with all the cars pumping carbon monoxide into our air that it is undeniable man has had an adverse effect on our atmosphere? Does he not see that the pollution factor may well be responsible for the climate change we have seen over the last decades? AUSTRALIA, if you cannot get Julia back at least pick someone with more than just a few brain cells to lead you forward.

33.   08.30 GMT 01.02.15.   It appears that the IS (Insanity State) has murdered their Japanese hostage. Just another reason to support CB's call for the western coalition to ramp up their efforts to eradicate the insanity, get masses of boots on the ground and undertake a long term action to rid the world of this threat. We must be careful, however, to be sure that new factions cannot fill the void. The IS have only gained their position because of botched efforts in the past leaving weak or failing states ripe for a takeover. It is not enough to win the war and free the Iraq and Syrian territories, that is only phase 1 of a longer world wide battle against the ideaology of insanity that drives these animals, it is the aftershock that needs addressing. Any state such as Iraq or Syria must have an interim government in place that is strong enough (and contains no sympathisers) to establish effective control over the freed territory. That may call for half the government to be from the western coalition until it is clear that the government of that state could be safely given over to local people. Any territory, while ever it is under the control of Islamic Factions should be treated with respect for their beliefs. That means they are denied medicines or medical equipment discovered or perfected by a woman. They should be denied access to the internet as women have played a major part in it's use and development. They be denied access to international financial dealings. That there should be a complete embargo on exports to and imports from such a state, foods, medicine, services and especially any trade that may help their finances. Sanctions such as these should also be in place on any country that offers help or sympathy to such a state with the threat of the coalition forces possibly aimed eventually at such sympathetic country's. Nothing short of a total 100% effort against the insanity of the IS should be contemplated until the world is back to a situation of reasonable safety. It might be a good idea to convene a summit to look down this path as soon as is reasonably possible!

32.   18.30 GMT 31.01.15.   Greece has already started to roll back some of the austerity measures required by Europe when the £180 Bn loans were secured. Tsipiras seems bent on keeping his election promises but his policy is typical left wing, spending now money he hopes will be earned tomorrow. Unfortunately, Greece seems not to have the ability to sustain that bet. Now Greece must negotiate with Europe but a Europe that has already said "no change". This is a Europe with a flat economy and involved with a fight against deflation. This is a Europe with no wriggle room and therefore needs all financial provisions already made to be sustained. This is a Europe that, if not careful, may be presiding over the collapse of the multi state dream or a drastic reduction of it's membership. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are all major candidates to leave or be sacked because their economies do not fit the European template and these could be joined by the UK but for  quite different reasons.  Time to sit back and watch, not a time to invest unless you see a short term high gain where you can get in and out safely with the loot.  The bookies can clean up here taking bets on the future shape of Europe.

31.   09.30 GMT 31.01.15.   Was just watching Williams vs Sharapova in the Australian Open ladies final until rain stopped the screaming at 30 all and 3 - 2 to Williams. Whenever Maria is playing the mute button comes into play because of the decibels streaming from her mouth on every shot. You lose the commentary apart from between games but you retain your sanity. Hardly any players do this anymore as the thinking behind the noise seems to have been debunked. Does Maria have to have a throat operation after every match? Can she hear music or has the shouting destroyed her eardrums? Maybe we should ask her partner what the bedroom experience is like, does her partner have to shove a sock in her mouth when they are in a hotel? That is always assuming that her partner can take her to the same levels of excitement as is seen by Maria in a grand slam final. The real question is, if all the energy expended in the scream were transferred into the shot, would she hit more winners? If she wins, the tennis fans will be all over CB asking "what do you know" and "who are you but, take it from me, CB can still hear good music. Have you any opinion on this (not so mute) point? If so, use the feedback link under the page title.

30.   08.00 GMT 31.01.15.   The BBC's Newswatch this morning commented on the interviewing technique of Kirsty Wark where she would not listen to the answers being given on the NHS by Andy Burnham. Maybe she was trained by Andrew Neill and Jo Coburn from the Daily Politics show. CB thinks this style of interview is caused by some dimwit producer shouting down the earpiece of the interviewer. The BBC has quite some problems. Newswatch introduced Robin Pembrooke, head of online news, as he has developed a new News App but we hope it was not written by the same person who does the streaming headlines used by the News Channel. Some headlines assume we know most of the news as they are so abbreviated it is impossible to gain any sense from them whilst others contain spelling errors and "typo's" which remain uncorrected for half an hour or more. What ever happened to proof readers. We have also been told of similar errors in the subtitle service. The BBC needs to realise that, due to how our brains read text, it is hard to see online errors. Because of this, CB will draft a letter, print it out as this allows the brain to spot errors, correct the draft and then do a final print. So, BBC, stop using young but cheap typists to do the banner headlines and subtitles OR get a proof reader to check the typists work BEFORE that work is passed fit for showing on our screens. The standards of the BBC have been steadily falling for some time now and it is a failure of the management function that poor production techniques can make it to the screen before the errors are spotted.

29.   01.15 GMT 30.01.15.   How pleasing it is when CB has criticised someone only to hear themselves back up that criticism with their own words. After criticism of The Daily Politics show and in particular Andrew Neill (post number 12), today on the same show he demonstrated that he should be retired from the programme. He was interviewing a Labour MP who was making the point that the "man in the street" should be given more power of control in some areas. The MP was talking about a run down housing eatate (possibly council housing) and Andrew Neill did his usual, talking all over the MP's reply to a question. He said "surely those people would vote with their feet". This remark shows that Andrew Neill is just as out of touch with everyday street life as the politicians he "interviews". He fails to realise that voting with their feet only applies if they can AFFORD to. If the run down estate is council housing then every tenant will already have an application to move lodged with the council and failing any offer of new housing, their financial situation would preclude any move. Time for Andrew and Jo Coburn to step aside and make way for new blood, blood that will NOT talk over or interrupt any answer to a question they have put and, when there are 3 or 4 participants, to police the discussion when they all want to speak at once.

28.   00.45 GMT 29.01.15.   We finally get a real insight into the Islamic State. They have a Japanese hostage and a Jordanian pilot, also a hostage. They asked $200m for their release. They then changed the demand to the release of a female suicide bobmer held in a Jordanian gaol, not the highest profile prisoner they could have asked for. They then said only the pilot would be exchanged for the woman. Then they said only the Japanese detainee would be released for the woman. Jordan has said OK, it's a deal but we have heard no more since. The real problem is the intensity of the chess game they are playing and playing it rather well. Their intention is to undermine the loyalty of the 3 arab states who are part of the western coalition against the IS. They are looking for a unified middle east, all under Sharia law and all under islamic control. Any doubts in western minds must now be sidelined. Any hesitation now will gurther enhance the position of the IS. If the western coalition feels they are doing enough they are wrong and therefore selling us all down the river, time to ramp it up and make strides into the IS, boots on the ground and full frontal, nothing less. This is still not enough, the western coalition must widen the net and start teaching lessons to those countries that finance or facilitate the provision of finance to the IS! Military action here with the relevant publicity, backed up by financial restrictions or sanctions, would wake the people of such countries up to what their leaders and bankers are doing. Why ramp it up? Just look at the latest action in the edge of Egypt, a country that may appear weak to the IS and therefore a target.

27.   12.30 GMT 29.01.15.   CB has just watched Andy Murray win through to the Australian Tennis Open final. A number of times it felt as though the commentators had given him their curse but after a disappointing first set (lost 7 - 6 in a tie break) he shone 6 - 0, 6 - 3, 7 - 5 to get the final slot. He will be playing Djokovic (yet again) or Stan Wawrinka. Either way, this time surely he must add the third grand slam title to his coffers having lost the Ozzie final 3 times before. So many times CB has watched Andy lose on TV so it begs the question, how many of his matches have been televised and how many of those did he win? If you know, tell CB with the feedback under the page title.  Best of luck Andy, bring home the pot!

26.   08.15 GMT 26.01.15.   Syriza wins the Greek election, as expected. A female Syriza spokesperson described it as "a great night for Greece". Well, we shall see. In a couple of years from now, given the policies as outlined by Syriza, Greece will be in a much worse position than it has ever been. At that point it will be impossible for them to get financial help such as they have had in the past. The Euro took a hard fall against the dollar and the pound on the news of the election result and those holding Greek paper now think they will not be paid.  Once they feel certain there will be no repayments and the austerity requirement  of the European assistance is ignored it will be not just easy but it will maybe be a requirement to oust Greece from Europe.  Anyone with investment money will not be  putting it in Greece so where will Syriza get the wherewithall to drive their economy?  Holidays there may become very cheap as they come under increasing pressure to get foreign currency, albeit in the form, for now, of euros, into the country. If the Greek people did not like austerity, they will get a much harder economic lesson when the shit hits the fan in years to come.  That will be the time to invest, when Greece can be bought for 1 cent to the euro.  Watch this space.

25.   14.30 GMT 25.01.15.   It seems that a Japanese journalist might be the latest victim of the IS. No country is safe but, as the IS spreads the breadth of countries they alienate, it all helps the western coalition in their efforts to work together against the monster. We have to be looking towards amassing a multi nation army big enough to slowly advance through every inch of terrority thought to be IS and comprehensively despatching jihadi's to their graves. No it won't be easy and losses will be incurred but every day the IS survives is another days worth of danger for us in the future. Have we not learned from our history? All delays allow the enemy to strengthen their position and make it harder, longer and with more losses before we take them out. The western leaders need to wake up and get the job done.

24.   14.30 GMT 25.01.15.   The traffic through UKIP's front (or back) door is now 2 way. Nasty allegations both ways but Nigel Farage's input is so serious that CB thinks it would not have been said on TV without serious substance. CB also believes that the slurs cast at Nigel Farage from the errant MEP are less likely to have much substance as Paul Sykes, UKIP's banker, would not pump money into an already failed party. All that is needed now is for UKIP to field 500 candidates, not the 40 they admit to, in next May's General Election. That would go a long way towards the voters seeing a party working for the people, not just Nigel Farage! Five hundred candidates could break the 2 party system and could even return UKIP with a similar number of MP's to the Labour and Conservative parties. This is what UK politics needs, something to force political reform from those who promise it whilst not wanting any change at all.

23.   12.30 GMT 24.01.15.   Yes it is silly season. Greece go to the polls tomorrow with the anti austerity party Syriza looking like they might prevail. The policies they have put forward are a recipe for disaster. Nobody likes austerity but once it is introduced, it must be run to it's conclusion. Turning away from austerity now may mean the eventual bankruptcy of the country, exclusion from Europe and all that goes with that. Re-negotiation of Greece's debt is unlikely, they already have a deal which may well be the best they could get. Reducing austerity will move Greece away from their agreement so why should the holders of their debt believe any new promises. Their ability to repay is based on the guess of how much the country will earn tomorrow, which will be badly affected by any reduction in austerity. A large chunk of their economy is based on tourism and should countries holding Greek debt and feeling that Greece has reneged on a deal, might impose sanctions on Greece which may include levelling extra taxation on those going to Greece for their holidays.  Left wing economics such as spend now and worry about it tomorrow  under the current conditions  will surely take Greece to the brink. The leader of Syriza is acting in his own interests and not in the countrys best  interests.  The Greek people should take great care but CB does not think they will.  Do not put money in Greek banks, do not invest in Greece and prepare for your Greek holiday to become more expensive and less safe in the future.

22.   01.00 GMT 23.01.15.   Following on from post number 14, a good pal of CB's did an online shop this week. He shopped at Sainsbury's. All ordered came correctly but the bill was wrong. The picker had picked 5 packs of meat, sold by weight, but swiped the first pack through the reader. They then picked up the dearest pack and swiped it through 4 times to make up the charge for 5 packs. This led to an overcharge of over £1.20. This was shown to the delivery driver. He then emailed the fault to Sainsbury's customer services who responded by emailing an e-voucher for the difference. Now, CB's pal was not happy at being tied to another shop with Sainsbury'r by a voucher so he complained. He was advised to call a freephone number where he had to explain it all again and had to be put on hold whilst being transferred to somethone authorised to pass a credit to his card. He has had this experience with TESCO and they just replied to the first email of complaint with a confirmation of the credit passed on his card, no hassle with TESCO. The problem of picker error has happened to CB's pal with BOTH of these online suppliers. Seems funny that on both occasions it was the most expensive pack that was multi swiped. Tends to make you think that it is company policy to do this, hoping that many will not notice. Should that be the case it could be seen as an attempt to defraud the customer. There are 2 areas where picker error seems to be going on unchecked. The multi swipe of 1 pack is one error but the other is for multi buys of dairy products like milk and fresh cream. Too many times CB's pal has bought 3 tubs of fresh cream (for his coffee) and the cream has been all 3 tubs with a use by date of within 2 days of delivery. When this has happened, TESCO have credited him with the total charge for the 3 tubs. When picking multiple items of perishables such as cream, they should pick 1 tub with a use by date within the next 3 days, the second tub should have a use by date of 4 to 7 days away and the last one should have a use by date of 6 to 10 days away. Actually getting them to be aware of this is another story. ALWAYS carefully check the goods delivered by an online shop against your bill and watch the use by dates. Also be aware that, given this post, TESCO are still far out in front of other suppliers known to CB's pal. CB's pal did comment on his purchase in that he made a mistake by ordering 10 packs of smoked back bacon. The TESCO bacon cooks up nicely but the Sainsbury's version leaks a lot of white goo into the pan which usually is explained by the water that is injected into the meat so TESCO scores on quality. He further commented that when ne buys fresh cream from Either TESCO or ALDI it is still good up to 10 days after the use by date but the Sainsbury's product is going off within 1 or 2 days after the use by date so quality is a consideration. Somebody is selling us todays product and, maybe, somebody is selling us yesterdays product at todays prices.

21. 12.45 GMT 23.01.15.   CB warned you it was silly season politically. We are now in the midst of a huge row about pre-election TV debates and who should be involved. The truth of the matter is that no party that cannot be elected into a government forming position has any place in a TV debate. That means the debate should only be Labour and Conservative under our 2 party shamocracy. No party contesting less than 500 of the 650 seats available will be in a position to be elected into a majority and so there is no place for such a party in TV debates. Even if such party were to win every point hands down, they could not achieve a break through in our flawed political system so there is no place for them in the debates. By fielding less than 500 candidates they are letting the voters down. Given the general apathy amongst the electorate, should we have a turn out of 30% to 40% of the voters and that led to one party having, say, 40% of the votes cast, then that party would be trying to form a government with less than 15% of the votes from the TOTAL registered electorate, and they call that a majority! The 2 party system MUST be broken and, until it is, we should not refer to our country as a democraccy!

20.   01.00 GMT 23.01.15.   David Cameron has released the new "extra devolution for Scotland" document to some disdain from Ms. Sturgeon. It is said that some proposals promised have been watered down. Is this just politics? Probably! That which has been held back is a lever to gain concessions elsewhere. The stance of Ms. Sturgeon regards the SNP voting on health matters that only affect England may also be such a lever. We will see after negotiations what the final bottom line is but this will only come to us in bits and pieces in the hope we cannot add up. Given a general election is 3.1/2 months away you can expect some things in parliamentary business speeded up and other things delayed to gain a political position favourable to the government. Plain packaging for cigarettes? We have heard NOTHING for ages now and, suddenly, here it is before we go to the polls. CB thinks we are in silly season from now until it is all over, watch this page.

19.   01.00 GMT 23.01.15.   Leon Brittan has died. He was an exceptional politician but his passing will be clouded because, IF we ever get an inquiry into child abuse in Westminster up and running, his testimony may well have been quite important. At the pace the government is moving maybe half the intended witnesses will also be dead.

18.   22.45 GMT 21.01.15.   President Obama has given his State of the Nation speech. Were CB in his position the core of that address would be "nothing doing"! Mr. Obama as much as said that in his speech. He could well be forgiven for saying that he will only deal with matters arising during the rest of his tenure and that there is little point in introducing new initiatives. Should he take that stance, he will effectively stop the political points scoring by the Republicans in the run up to the next election. When the American electorate puts a Democrat in the White House and then fills Congress with Republicans, they engineer a stalemate where every Presidential initiative is killed by his opponents, not by good sense but to gain a political point. The nett result is not in America's best interests. Remember it was the Republicans that took the world to within a week of financial collapse and all in the name of politics. There is the suggestion that the whole system is flawed when this can happen. Many western countries have reduced their trading dependence on America because of the Republican's actions and they may well not be too happy should a Republican President be installed in the White House in January 2017. CB feels that Mr. Obama has so far been a good leader, how good could it have been if he had been able to conduct the business of America. The political situation is changing around the world and the only people who do not see this are the politicians who are stuck in the past and wish for no change to their comfort zones.

17.   12.00 GMT 20.01.15.   Welcome to the anti IS club John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand. It is good sense to ally yourselves to the Australian efforts to train soldiers who will resist the IS. New Zealand is not thought of as an international force but maybe you will be now. You come across as a very calm and level headed fellow and CB looks forward to your continuing input to world affairs. The more the merrier in the fight against the insanity that is the Islamic State. CB hopes that your involvement is a shining light to other smaller countries who may feel they can contribute too. Many of the smaller countries of the world, should they decide to help, would add up to a significant total force underpinning the efforts of all the others.  

16.   09.15 GMT 19.01.15.   Would that there was something else to write about but, alas, this is the most important issue of the day. Mr. Pickles has written to all imams asking their dedication to the eradication of extremism in the muslim faith. Lord Ahmad, the Communities Secretary is "disappointed" that the imams are upset by this letter. Many feel that the muslims are being victimised. Tell that to all who have lost loved ones at the hands of islamist terrorists. Until we find a catholic, Hindu or other faith suicide bomber it is only Islam where the fanaticism of their belief drives terrorist acts. It is only Islam that preaches hatred via the teachings of the Qoran (all infidels must be killed, an illegal statement under current British Law). The Qoran is the teaching given to all muslims via the interpretation of the imams and whilst those teachings are hateful (all men are born superior to women, an illegal statement under current British Law) then ALL muslims live a life which can never be integrated into British Society. There will never be integration into British Society by those who believe in Islam, look at Bradford, Morely, Birmingham and other places where whole districts are populated by muslims who then build their own communities where they do not have to integrate. It seems Mr. Pickles is one of the few in Parliament who understands. His understanding is quite shallow, however, as his letter implies that he will believe a favourable reply from any imam, more than CB would wish to rely on. Our world is full of sickness because 1 in every 5 believes in a religion of fanaticism and we do know fanaticism is only half a step from insanity. It has been said that 600 have left the UK to fight in Syria or Iraq for the Islamic State. Ask yourself how many of those went to fight on a principle OR how many went to be able to kill and rape with impunity because the Qoran implies that they have the right to do so. How many of those we can catch and prosecute would accept that their fate was the will of Allah, even when it is western justice that has been imposed on them? CB suggests none of them because thw will they speak of is only used when they are on top, not when they are paying for their sins. What a fine thing selective belief is. CB is so tired of writing about this, it must seem he is an Islamophobe but, in truth, it is the evil of belief, the evil of religion that CB hates and constant writing about the failings of the teaching of Islam is only because they have promoted themselves via terror and the IS, to the top of the list.

15.   11.45 GMT 18.01.15.   The French have buried one of the Charlie Hebdo attackers in an unmarked grave. Shame they do not understand. This is a man who believed he would go to his heaven as a martyr. Maybe the French should have sent out a message to other would be terrorists that heaven and martyrdom is not attainable for terrorists. How might they do this? Perhaps the dead terrorists body might be strapped to a dead pig and then cremated on an open fire built and lit on ground considered as tainted by Islam! Sounds like barbarism but, hey, it would be the will of the leader of their belief but a serious insult to all pigs!  The western world may not believe in that flawed religion but if terror is perpetrated in the name of that religion, perhaps we should use the very same religious teachings against all those who believe them. 

14.   06.15 GMT 14/01/15.   Now we have, for the first time, 3 of our 4 major supermarkets closing stores and re-aligning their approach to how they sell us our foods. Of course, this is a reaction to how we decide to spend our money AND to the effects of the larger discounters such as Aldi and Lidl who are increasing their market share.  All of this fits exactly the picture of tomorrows world in supermarket terms as described by CB in previous posts last year. We are more inclined to do a large shop ONLINE which means we use the smaller convenience shops near  where we live to top up the large online shops when we have forgotten some items.  This pattern of shopping reduces the footfall in the large supermarkets situated in business estates on the outskirts of our cities and therefore has an effect on the profitability of such stores. We have learned that we can save up to 30% of our food bills by using the discounters. We have learned that the vfm (value for money) factor at the discounters is very high because the quality of the unknown brands on offer is often much higher than the big name supermarkets and for less money. We have learned the real convenience is online shopping. Now, as the profitability of large stores falls in relation to the reduced footfall, decisions must be made regards keeping those stores open. Their usage may be to become "dark stores", where the only people employed in them are pickers of online orders and also they may become distribution depots feeding the supply of the convenience outlets. The future means less personal shopping in large stores BUT, the next big move may be when the discounters embrace online shopping OR start to accept credit cards. Our world never stops changing and in the supermarket world we can expect store closures (if only closed to the public based on footfall profitability), job losses and an ongoing move to online shopping. CB already uses the internet very regularly and there have been many posts on this. Currently many online providers have yet to learn that online is not an excuse to offer less choice and at a higher price. CB has found that TESCO are way ahead here, offering everything you might find in their larger outlets and at competitive prices. They also have an exceptional customer service team to fix any problems with online shopping. Ocado also performed well but CB has only used them once based on price. Sainsbury's has more or less been discarded by CB on past performance where nectar points are not awarded for much of the online spend and where a problem has occurred, their customer service team seemed powerless to do any other than apologise but not fix the problem. CB has felt that ASDA might be a good online source but as yet has not shopped with them on price or special offer considerations. Morrisons are fairly new to the online experience and have much to learn. When they offered 1 litre bottles of scotch at a price comparable to TESCO, they would only allow a purchase of 2 bottles against TESCO and Sainsbury offering the same at the same offer price but with a 6 bottle limit. The message is to look at online shopping in the future but be careful of price, quality and customer service. CB shops online but uses ALDI on a weekly basis for perishables such as fruit, veg and dairy when an online shop is not needed. This may well be the future shape of our foods spending.

13.   23.30 GMT 13.01.15.   Today we saw the return of Tony Blair to answer questions put by the Commons Northern Ireland Committee. Those answers we were shown clearly demonstrated the massive distance between himself and Ed Miliband. The old Blair still has it. He acknowledged his mistakes, apologised for them but stood up for all the other deeds. He clearly was convincing when he said that without the "letters of forgiveness" sent to IRA members there would not be a Good Friday accord which is the basis of the peace deal in Northern Ireland. Might there be room for a come back? Watch your back Ed, there is some hot Blair behind you!

12.   12.45 GMT 13/01/15.    Once again CB is watching The Daily Politics on BBC2, and once again it is pointless. Andrew Neill was "interviewing" 3 MP's and every question he asked them he proceeded to talk over their answer. How do we, the viewers get to hear the answer when all we can hear is Andrew Neill's voice? The height of his ignorance knows no bounds, perhaps the BBC should change the name of the show to The Andrew Neill Roadshow or Questions Without Answers. He is of an age now where we cannot expect any improvement in his approach, old dogs and new tricks comes to mind. Surely, should we find a few brain cells alive and well within the ranks of the programme makers, this approach might well be discarded in favour of something that is informative and therefore watchable.   

11.   08.15 GMT 12.01.15.   A good weekend for CB. Unfortunately, the news media have learned no lessons. The reporting of the situation in France was milked 24/7 to the point where such an important event was reduced by such coverage to the status of a soap opera. Todays viewers are savvy enough to switch channels rather than be bombarded by this kind of coverage. On the good side, the BDO darts final, won by Scotty Mitchell was every bit as good as we have come to expect from a BDO final except for commentator Hazel Irvine thinking it was coming from the Lakeside shopping complex in Essex when it was played at the Lakeside Country Club cabaret venue at Frimley Green in Surrey. The snooker Masters kicked off with a good result for Shaun Murphy. The Voice started on Saturday and left the judges full of apologies for some as they didn't turn their chairs for a couple of performers who were quite obviously up to the required standard. It does appear to be very hard to judge an act when you are not able to see the performance as well as hear it. Ski Sunday had it's second show of an all too short 10 week series but after the dismal and apalling TV offerings at Christmas, it is good to be into a pretty good time of year for the return of much loved shows. CB does not live his life for TV but when the weather is cold, wet and unforgiving, good TV is relatively important.

10. 08.30 GMT. 09.01.15.   George Osborne has just been talking on TV about the proposed political debates on TV before the election in May. He was commenting on David Camerons statement that he will not take part if the minor parties, such as the Greens, are not present. This is TOSH! While ever our political system is a shamocracy, I.E. a 2 perty system where our choice in May is limited to either Miliband or Cameron, of what value is it to have all the smaller parties in play. ONLY when our voting system is freed from the Tory or Labour limitation will that be relevant. Until then it is a ploy for Cameron to hide from the debates.

9.   07.50 GMT 09.01.15.   When the French authorities eventually catch or kill the Charlie Hebdo attackers there is one question that stands above all others. Where did they obtain military automatic attack rifles from? Should there be any link to the Islamic State then it must be read as proof positive that the holy war between the western coalition forces and the IS is moving to street terrorist style warfare which may be waged in any major city in the western world. Maybe then the world will realise the true breadth and depth of the threat. Politically, no country wants to be seen as moving against the belief in Islam BUT, from the teachings of the Qoran, the root ideaology pursued by the IS is at the heart of the belief. There must be a large scale political shift by the western world because the only way to win such a holy terrorist war is the eradication of such evil ideaologies. The distaste, politically, to pursue such an action will be responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent citizens to the point that, finally, the eradication will be the only way left. Should the western world see this early enough, they may proceed to the only end but do so BEFORE too many innocents die. Those in power should take note and the likes of Angela Merkel siding with the area that breeds such terrorists is the biggest mistake that can be made. Perhaps the German people might remember where her sympathies lie when they next go to the polls.

8. 12.00 GMT 07.01.15.   There has been a muslim driven attack on the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, where 11 are dead at the time of this post. It is said the attack is revenge for satirical cartoons published in the magazine but they have the right to publish this material. How deep is the flaw in the muslim faith that their only perceived answer is killing and death. This is the fourth muslim attack in France within the last month. All of these attacks are by those who are insane enough to believe in a fatally flawed religion. We have seen just how flawed it is when we look at the Islamic State and all the other muslim fuelled attacks over recent years. The whole ideaology of this religion is what we, the infidels, are up against. Surely now is the time for all countries, France, Germany, The UK, Canada, the USA and any other country infested with this ideaology to call a summit and decide how to proceed. Without this we will stand the chance of the world descending into a state of global terrorism and all in the name of belief. By now any cause whatsoever would be pursued with an eye on eradication but because this cause is seen as a "religion", nobody wants to make a move. This is no religion, it is barbarism and we should see it for the reality of just that. Failure to take joint action will come back on us and procrastination will make it too late once there is an agreement on joint action. Time to wake up! CB wants to ask the establishment, you know, the one we elected why they are refusing to uphold British Law? We need an answer to these questions Party by Party as we are 4 months away from an election. Why do we not outlaw the covering of faces in Britain? It is against anti terrorism provisions as terrorists can move freely, posing as women and avoiding our CCTV system? Why do we not stop the covering of heads by muslim women, it is against the sexism laws as it does not apply to men? Why are we not siezing and destroying copies of an illegal publication called the Qoran? The Qoran says "all infidels must be killed" which is an illegal incitement to violence. The Qoran says that "all men are born superior to women" which is also against the sexism laws. Is our government going to uphold the law or do we vote elsewhere?

7. 23.30 GMT 05.01.15.   Tonight there have been protests in Germany against the ever increasing muslim influence. There have also been protests against the anti muslim protests. Angela Merkel has come down firmly against the anti muslim protesters, calling them racists. She needs to refine her accuracy, the protests are not against any race, they are against the ideaology of a religion that spans many different races. Her stance is flawed, it may be politically correct and tolerant but when Germany is a muslim caliphate, she will learn that tolerance is a forgotten word in Islam. She may also learn what the average German person feels when she is next at the polls! WAKE UP ANGELA, time to stand up and be counted!

6.   23.30 GMT 05.01.15.   When will the media ever learn? CB has just watched BBC 2's Newsnight. The presenter was "talking" to Michael Gove, Conservative Chief Whip. Every time he asked a question, as Michael Gove tried to answer, the presenter talked all over the reply, such crass ignorance. CB has to watch such shows to pick up on any material suitable for this page but CB can understand how any other viewer would switch channels in disgust. The interviewer should ask the question then SHUT HIS MOUTH and listen to the abswer. When there are 3 MP's from 3 different parties he should also be the "policeman". Should an MP be replying to a question and one of the other MP's talks over the answer, it is the job of the interviewer to shut the second MP up and allow the answer to be given. TV presenters are supposed to be the masters of communication and the art of communication is to LISTEN. If the presenter's voice adds up to more than about 20% of the talk, then they are out of order. We want to hear the MP and his answer!

5. 11.45 GMT 05.01.15.   Post number 3 has been up just under 2 hours and it has started already. Ed Miliband has just delivered an election speech. He said that Labour has no policies that are unfunded! Just another demonstration of how little Labour understands basic economics. Technically, ALL policies are unfunded because they rely on our economic performance for funding. How Labour handles the economy is the prime factor. The economy determines how many are working and how many are drawing benefits which has a direct bearing on the cost of benefits. The economy also determines the revenue income from taxation. All of these can be predicted with an upper and lower level but for a party that does not understand the economy, no predictions are valid. The tories are in the same boat with the exception that after 5 years, they have demonstrated some measure of economic success. They still love to over estimate the future position, a failing common to all parties but CB thinks the tories will be nearer the true results, shame they haven't got a leader whose word we can trust. The fun starts here!

4. 11.30 GMT 05.01.15.   There is a lot of controversy surrounding the convicted rapist Ched Evans and his possible return to football. He has paid his prison penalty BUT, on behalf of every female UK resident, CB sees the problem. Evans has the legal right to work in the profession he is trained in, football, BUT as a player he is a role model to many so how could he return. Money from sponsors may decide his future so maybe the only club he could play for is one that is muslim financed as muslims have little regard of the rights of women. Do we have such a club in the English leagues? Maybe he should take an apprenticeship as a bricklayer or some such other job, one that, like plumbing, does not allow him access to a home where he may be on his own with the lady of the house. One thing all seem to have forgotten is that he has an appeal against his conviction in the pipeline and what if that appeal is upheld? Is everyone jumping to, as yet, unfounded conclusions. Emotion is driving this situation when we know logic is the best servant.

3.   09.15 GMT 05.01.15.   The voters of the UK should prepare themselves from today as we are firmly into 4 months of election fever. The symptoms of this disease are untruths, half truths, the use of statistics to blur the real picture culminating in the frenzy of fear in the candidates that they may fail to be elected. Readers of this web site will know that CB will do his best to clear the picture using the principles of this site which are honesty, accuracy and no punches pulled. CB will not always get it right but regular readers can be sure that opinions expressed on here have a history of being as near as it can get. Be aware that, in CB's opinion Ed Miliband does not look like Prime Ministerial material and with Ed Balls wanting to be in charge of the UK's finances, after a couple of years of his policies, there will be nothing left to be in charge of. Our only other choice under the 2 party system of shamocracy that prevails in UK politics, is David Cameron, he who cannot be trusted to keep his word. We do have Nigel Farage to turn to but his party will not put up enough candidates to make a difference and he carries the danger that his team will see every vote for them as a vote to leave Europe, which is not strictly true. The other danger here is that the SNP may end up as the most likely to form a coalition government and do we want the Scots to be a major deciding factor in English legislation? In other words, if all stays the same, we are in the shit. The economy will be safer with Cameron's team. The NHS will not be safe with any of them. It needs a large scale demolition of the middle management ranks and CB, having had extensive care in recent times, knows that the caring units of the NHS are OK if left alone by the middle management meddlers. An extensive expose of the UK Border Agencies failings will be reported on this page as soon as legal clarity has been established which is an ongoing task as we speak. Other important occurrences will be dealt with as they arise but in the mean time, DO NOT believe what you read or are told on the TV. As things stand, CB can foresee more than one election this year because of the 2 party system and we may hope that 2 or more indecisive elections may finally prompt a change in the system but with Labour and the Tories firmly resisting this it will be hard to achieve. Read the pages in the Government section to get a better picture of what needs to be done to change the system. Stay with this page, CB will be diligent in dealing with the fever which we all must suffer until May. Good luck and be careful where you put your cross come the day.

2.   12.00 GMT 04.01.15.   We are firmly into the new year, with good wishes coming from every quarter, even this page. Sadly, a new year makes no changes. We still have an Islamic State, the Taliban in Pakistan and destabilisation in the Ukraine. Northern Ireland is still in a state of flux because of the stupidity of belief. Our world is no different and, despite all our hopes, tomorrow does not look too tasty in many parts of the world. Muslim terrorists and ebola still take their toll in Africa. The UK authorities still do nothing about the muslim population of the UK who, by their ideaology, live outside of some basic British laws. Isn't forcing women to cover their heads against the sexism laws?  If men had to do it too, it would be lawful. Ignore these breaches at our peril, within 50 years the UK will be under Sharia law.  The spread of muslim terrorism is likely to be seen in every major city around the world over the next 10 years and only because we are letting it happen, ask the French. Charges have been published against Prince Andrew but, in a world where the cover up is standard proceedure, Buckingham Palace is one institution where CB thinks they know better so their rejections of such charges are quite believeable. We may live in hope that 2015 will be better than 2014 but it is not likely. In 5 months we can vote for either the incapable Miliband or the duplicitous Cameron, what a great choice. Nigel Farage COULD break this system IF he fielded 500 candidates at the election but he is going for about 40 so HE is letting the country down. Looking at all that, hope is out of the window and justice will never happen (a UK nursing volunteer, fighting ebola in Africa, comes home to find she is infected). Sorry, folks, CB does not want to say these things BUT CB must, it is the philosophy of this site, honesty, accuracy and no punches pulled.

1.   13.30 GMT 31.01.14.   CB wishes all readers a happy and prosperous new year. You can find all last years posts on "news2014", look on the sitemap for it.

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