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39.   09.30 BST.   24.09.2016.   P&O North Sea Ferries.    A good friend of CB's has just been on the Pride of York ferry which does the Hull to Zeebrugge overnight trip.  Ne nas done this many times over the years but this time his trip was spoiled by an over zealous cop. CB's pal cannot even remember the alleged incident such was it's triviality. CB's pal has made many friends over the years on this ship, including the entertainments managers and  the two regular cops, sadly not on duty this trip. If they had been on duty there would have been no problem so this is down to one stuffed shirt. CB's pal is writing to Michael Garner, the P&O Company Secretary and first legal officer and more on this stroy when P&O have had a chance to reply, WATCH THIS SPACE.

38.   09.30 BST.   24.09.2016.   Hewlett Packard printers.    Millions of people around the world, just like CB, use a HP printer. It has been reported that HP printers are now refusing to print unless the ink cartridge is a genuine HP cartridge. The only way they can do this is by introducing this measure in a software upgrade. The moral of the story is, if you have an HP and it works perfectly well, refuse any software upgrade. The alternative is, if your printer has suddenly started to reject your ink cartridge, you have already taken on the upgrade. Should this happen to CB, the perfectly good HP will go in the bin and be replaced by an Epson or Cannon. If enough users of HP do this, they will have to think again.

37.   09.30 BST 24.09.2016.   Assad's Syria.    Much in the news about the destruction of the aid convoy to Aleppo. everyone wants to blame somebody else for this. Let us look at the facts. Assad could not let this aid reach Aleppo as he could not guarantee that some of the supplies would not fall into the hands of the free Syrian army, against whom Assad is fighting. Assad also probably feels that the civilians living in the "rebel" controlled areas are also his enemies as they probably support his enemies, ergo they are all targets. His only way to stop the convoy would have been to ask his Russian friends for help as they have the air power to precipitate a night time attack from the air. Now you readers might like to think about the military strategy just explained and come to your own conclusions, probably the same conclusions that CB came to which prompted this post.

36.   01.00 BST.   12.08.2016.   Sorry readers for no new posts, CB is currently breaking his promise by watching the Olympics (see post 29) on the TV till 04.00! This means sleep till noon then watch some more sport. There have been some occasions where the drug cheats have got a bad ride from the crowd and obvious delight when those cheats did not win. CB thhought this may be a non event but CB was wrong this time. Even with all it's problems, Rio is doing good. There has to be the realisation that Rio is one of the world's special places. The setting, it's magic and reputation seems to be contributing to the games. Now, you may ask, why is CB watching this? It is because here in the UK the broadcast is from the BBC, a non commercial station. With 3 out of every 7 people on this earth watching the games, commercial TV is in trouble until the closing ceremony. All commercial stations are showing old repeats that have been on so often, even CB could act the lead without a script! This is because the advertisers are not spending until the games finish. Therefore, CB has either to leave the TV on (watching the games) OR switch off. OK, CB admits, it has been great so far. Maybe CB should become a politician after breaking his promise, he would be a cert to be elected but, perhaps his problem is that he admitted breaking the promise, that is not what a politician would ever do, admit! Lets just watch the games and we can get together when the show closes.

35.   03.00 BST.   01.08.2016.   Donald Trump appears to display some understanding of muslim life. He suggested that the muslim mother of a killed US soldier was silent whilst her husband spoke at the Democratic convention. He asked if she was not allowed to speak, very intuitave! In the muslim household, according to the Qoran, all men are born superior to all women. Given that most marriages are arranged marriages, usualy for family financial reasons, this may put a woman with an IQ of 150 with a man who'se IQ is 110. She is required to keep her mouth shut (unless he instructs otherwise) and let him run the family.Many times she will see he is just not bright enough to make the best decision but she cannot say anything. She watches their prospects diminish, her kids prospects diminish, this is why there is a large organisation that welcomes and protects women of muslim persuasion who have had the courage to extract themselves and their kids from a home of dim and blind dictat.These women have largely gone against the belief in Islam because they have felt how it works and they resent being instructed in what they, and their children, must believe. Donald Trump saw that the wife was told by her husband to keep quiet. OK, now she has spoken but only as it was seen to be necessary. On this issue, Trump is right! The Pope is wrong, other world class leaders are wrong but Trump is right. CB does not back Trump OR Clinton but finds the contest very interesting. This post is in the interest of honesty, something we never find in politics so, when we do, it should be highlighted.

34.   22.30 BST.   30.07.2016.   As the saying goes (and also the title of a country and western song) "There's no fool like an old fool". The pope said 2 days ago that the world was at war but it was not a religious war.Does he think that terrorists are catholic, hindu, methodists et al? They all come from 1 religion, the one with the flawed beliefs that allow some to think that killing others will make them martyrs. This IS a holy war! They want to persuade 5.7 billion of mankind to take on the insanity of their belief. This is just one reason that CB has said the biggest failing of mankind is belief. It is the most dangerous state of mind as belief is NOT logic! How does the world at large defeat an enemy that is driven by insane fanaticism? Perhaps we can help terrorists by accepting a small part of their belief. If the authorised anti terrorist police adopted a policy of shoot to disable instead of shoot to kill we are getting there. Any Islamic terrorist shot dead believes that makes him a martyr and he will go straight to heaven. Every time this happens it strengthens their belief in this doctrine. Maybe our terrorist police should shoot to disable. Then they could fill the terrorists mouth with raw pork, hold their mouth shut, then kill them. One lead bullet is cheaper than a life time in prison and to die without achieving martyrdom may well deter many others from going that way. It also kills the diseased brain thus protecting others from infection. At the time of the defeat of Daesh, we will see unprecedented terrorist outrages as this will be their omly way to carry on waging holy war and no city in the world will be safe. At this point my suggestion outlined above, currently highly unacceptible, may well become the accepted way of dealing with such people of terror. How much insanity will good people stand before they say, OK, enough is enough, lets stop them for good..

33.   02.00 BST. 30.07.2016.   Lots of noise about the Hinckley Point C deal. CB thinks the government are right. The deal was set for finalisation in September. EDF (the French government) decided to do it sooner. Theresa May is right to hold back, reconsider if she wants. CB always thought it was a poor decision so maybe 6 weeks is needed to get some clarity of thought, whatever the reasons. When Theresa May went to see Merkel, CB feels she got a "OK, we didn;t want the UK out of the EU, but when you go we will still be friends and we will still do business". When Theresa May went to see Hollande, she got a "OK, you are out, all will change" attitude. The EU has appointed a frenchman to lead negotiations, a man known to be a hardliner with no love of the UK. Maybe 6 weeks will be enough for the French to reflect on how much business is transacted between the UK and France and what their attitude SHOULD be!You will never find brains where god never put them so finding brains in France is surely a forlorn task.

32.   02.00 BST 30.07.2016.   Hilary Clinton was different last night. Strong, confident, determined and unrelenting. She said it all BUT there is the left wing flaw in her politics. She is talking about taxing the rich to pay for all her spending. One day the left will learn that if you stifle the entrpreneur, it costs jobs, revenue and all that goes with communistic thinking. People start businesses to get rich. IF the left wants to take their gains away at an unsustainable rate, why invest your money in a new business. It is a fine line between policy and reality. So, Trump or Clinton, after last night, watch Chelsea, she was good. The 2 best speeches of the week were Michele Obama and Chelsea Clinton, so with Merkel, and May, get ready for girl power. If they make less of a mess of it as the boys have made, we better get used to it. Many commentators did say that they do not want Trump but they do not trust Clinton. Seems like the American "democracy" is as shit as the British. To have a political system that makes you choose between 2 where neither is desirable is NOT democracy. Trump or Clinton, Cameron or Miliband, maybe the USA and GB have the same political disease. The 2 party system does NOT work for the people in the modern world, it is the politicians way of keeping control. When we see that and demand change, maybe the word DEMOCRACY might have some meaning for a change.

31.   13.00 BST.   26.07.2016.   Santander was the pick of the high street banks when they arrived in the UK by buying Alliance & Leicester. You could phone your branch and deal with your personal banking. When they got more successful, they started re-routing all calls from the branch to a call centre and their automated phone system pretty much gave the impression that they did NOT want to talk to anyone. At this point, the most approachable high street bank became RBS. RBS is currently re-branding to the old Williams and Glynn's name. As part of this, they are taking the Santander route of diverting all calls to a call centre, thus effectively taking the word "personal" out of personal banking. Bank users like to talk to someone they know, whose voice they know and their bank personnel know the customers voice. This does not happen with a call centre. Today, CB was out researching, looking for a user friendly bank. CB found Virgin Money. What a revolution in banking!!! They have a kids playroom, a lounge where you can sit and enjoy a coffee. They will provide you with a private office and phone to do non branch specific business. Above all else, they take the time and liaten to what you want and need from a bank. CB knows where he will move to the day he rings his branch and ends up talking to a call centre.

30.   03.30 BST.   26.07.2016.   CB has just watched Michele Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Many times over the last 3 years CB has predicted what will happen based on his reading between the lines of what politicians have said. Many times it has come true. After Michele Obama's speech tonight, she may well become the President of the USA. If Trump is elected, she may stand against him. If Clinton wins, Michele may stand in 8 years time. She displays all the qualities of a good president. She may be a harder case than her husband. Once again, CB wonders who is the real power in the White House, Barak or Michele. As CB has said, it could be a win/win deal this time. Either we get Clinton, with the experience OR we get Trump, who will bulldoze many things through that a politician might struggle with. IF Michele does run in the future, CB feels America will be a bigger winner on that occasion. Watch this space.

29.   18.00 BST.   24.07.2016.   OK, as CB expected the IOC to ban all Russian competitors, they have failed to do so. They say it is unfair to ban individual competitors who maybe clean. COME ON! Under a state sponsored doping regime, how can any competitor know they are drug free? Only by being tested independently by another countries testing system can they know AND, what would be their treatment back in Russia even IF they could this. The buck has been passed from the top desk to the individual sport governors, who have a vested interest in promoting their own sport above all others. Tennis is the first to speak, claiming they have cleared all 7 Russian tennis players. To what degree did the value of sales of tickets over the next 18 or so days play a part in this decision? Wherever there are large volumes of money involved, the smell of corruption is always present. Did the Brazilian olympic lobby exert any pressure on this decision? CB intended to watch all of the games but now will not. CB will view the proceedings as a NON event. If we fail to send out the right, strong message, this problem will never go away. CB feels sorry for all the other competitors who line up against someone who they cannot be sure that they are dope free.

28.   13.30 BST.   22.07.2016.   Harriet Harmon MP has been talking about the belief in Islam. She is trying to curry favour by saying that it is only the fanatics that are a problem. She is SO deluded. She does not see that Islam has declared a global holy war as they want us ALL to believe in their illogical idealogy. She is an MP, responsible for the laws in our country. She fails to see that the Qoran is an illegal publication under current British Law! The statement that "all infidels must be killed" is an incitement to violence in that if it said "all infidels must die" is not an incitement but the use of the word "killed" implies at the hand of another and that IS incitement to violence, illegal in the UK. The statement that "all men are born superior to all women" is against our anti sexism laws! When will this government uphold the laws they enacted? All copies of the Qoran should be siezed and burned. They should be replaced with an "authorised version" which does not over-ride British Law. Ms. Harmon should keep her mouth shut till she knows what she is talking about. Those 2 statements are common to ALL who believe in Islam, not just extremists. Islam is run by men, women have no place in Islam so why is she defending this principle? Maybe she needs the votes.

27.   12.30 BST.   22.07.2016.   We have just been told on the news that fraud is now our biggest crime. Read my page on Internet Security 2016 and understand. This is a link to another page on this site so have no fears about following it and use your browser back button to return here. Be scared. This page is for real and explains what the problem is. The fraud problem will mushroom over the next year and will eventually become so financially prominent that our use of the internet and mobile phones for banking and paying credit cards will become a liability. The only safe way now to do banking is on a landline, speaking directly to someone you know at your branch. This is "Personal Banking", however I did this with nSantander. That bank then moved to a phone system where you could not ring your branch, you got re-routed to a call centre. This effectively removed the PERSONAL from personal banking. I moved. Now the bank I deal with is going the same way, so I will move again, one day the idiots who come up with banking phone policy will learn.

26.   02.00 BST.   22.07.2016.   Theresa May has surprised CB. CB admires the fearless surgery removing every vestgce of Cameron. He applauds the appointment of Davis and Fox but, most inportantly, Boris. Rugg was good but Leadsom was just as good. This is a lady with no fear, enemies made, friends made but CB can only see true leadership in May, quite a surprise to CB. Boris and Leadsom are on a big learning curve, preparing them both for greater places later if they pass the auditions. CB thinks Ms May saw the Cameron and Osborne "fear" approach as having lost the EU referendum and has paid Osborne for his mishomesty. She paid Gove off for his Boris tricks. Must be some "behind the scenes" why she got rid of Nicola Morgan when she wahted to maximise women in power but we are left to guess on that one. Was she having pillow talk witha sackee?  Ms May has divorced herself from Brexit as she has a serious team and, as the buck stops at her desk, she can take the 3 to task should they not perform. She has gone "teflon don" and CB can see, given no BIG banana skins, she could be better than Thatcher and second only  to Churchill. The GREAT has truly been put back into Great Btitain, firstly by the OUT vote BUT, secondly by the new government team, CB hopes for the best from them all, CB is sure they know how important it is that they all perform.

25.   02.00 BST. 22.07.2015.   Yet another shooting of a black man by a white cop in the USA. This one, also on video, shows a guy laid on his back with hands in the air. He was a consultant talking to his autistic patient, trying to calm him down. He had no weapon! He asked the cop why he shot him and he got the answer "I don't know". Shall we look at psychology? There is a phenomenon called "gun rush". This is when an officer, authorised to carry a loaded weapon, has reason to draw that weapom but rarely uses it. Eventually there is a psychological pressure on that officer to "get that first kill". It is an extension of the empowerment to carry the weapon, almost as if, in that officers mind, the question is "if I got the gun, I got to use it, RIGHT" So he does, just by psychological reaction. The problem happened here in the UK when Charles De Menezies, an innocent Brazilian electrician electrician was on his way to work was ASSASSINATED by an armed response officer. The MET said they thought he was a terrorist with a suicide belt but our man KNELT on Charles back and pumped (their figures) 7 or 8 bullets in the back of his head. Clearly, in the UK, we have seen this problem BUT in the USA they have NOT. Psychological evaluation ( the psyche test) is used when someone applies to be a police officer in the UK. Unfortunately, if we threw out all applications on psyche grounds, we could never have enough policemen. This means that many recruits are NOT right for the job. Add to that the flawed training, we get many cops who are not fit for purpose from day 1. America seems to have this problem but compounded many times. Policing is the hardest job as the officers are exposed to the worst 10% of society and it must rub off, it has to have an effect. All police officers should have a psyche test every 12 months and, if armed, must have the "triple level" psyche test. This should also apply to those authorised to use a TASER. One day we might learn about the psychology of empowerment, until then people will die, especially if you are black and in America. CB suspects that after this, we can get ready for many more white cop killings in America, it seems it might be the only way for black activists to get their revenge. Pity they cannot see or understand that it is NOT racism, it is the failure of the system to understand and PROPERLY implement psychology in the choosing AND training of recruits. MAYBE, if the recruits were taught and understood gun rush, they may feel when it is happening to them and the trigger finger might be removed for that particular collar?

24.   02.30 BST.   22.07.2016.   Sheffield, England has done a deal for £1 BN to be invested in the recreation of the city centre from a Schezuan builder in China. All looks good BUT, are they aware that the money may well be coming from the Chinese "grey" economy? The "grey" economy is the one where the organised criminals lend money to the Chinese government so as to launder it! Sheffield sold it's city centre to Paul Sykes, who built Meadowhall (Knon by locals as Meadowhell) some years ago and the residents have paid the price ever since. Yes, Meadowhell is successful but only at the cost of the city centre but to use criminal profits to fix the error is bad. Two wrongs NEVER make a right!!!

23.   11.00 BST.   08.07.2016.   CB has made no comment about the referendum result, all advice was given before the event but the result was what CB believed to be the right one. During the campaign we saw the real people behind the mask. Cameron and Osborne were seen to be much less than honest. Michael Gove was seen, after the result, to be a nasty piece of work. Boris Jonson and Nigel Farage were seen to be the ones with the most honesty and both were seen as having the potential to be great Prime Ministers. Nigel has bowed out, not leading an electable party under our corrupt voting system, and Boris was assassinated, politically Now we are left with a choice between Theresa May and Angela Leadsom as our next PM, a choice to be made by 150,000 members of the Conservative Party. That is NOT democracy, it is the business of the people of the UK to choose their PM.  Theresa May will do a "Gordon Brown" and refuse to hold an election. She is a typical John Nash Model ( go to the lead and read the bottom paragraph for a John Nash Model explanation, it is another page on this site so using the back button on your browser will bring you back here).  She will do this for a number of reasons, firstly she wants to be PM (after 12 months as PM, she gets the near £150,000 per year pension and is provided with a security staff), secondly she does not want to risk a change of government, although the disarray in the Labour Party seems like this will not happen).  She, as a "remain" member, may want to be in a position that, say 18 months from now, she may announce to the Commons that negotiations with Europe are at an impasse. She might then seek another referendum over IN or OUT of Europe, where the impasse will lead to unresistable pressure to reverse Brexit. CB would not want to trust this woman as out new PM! This, my friends, is NOT democracy. For this reason, a good friend of CB has started a petition on the government web site calling for it to be the law that if we change the PM mid term, this change MUST be ratified by a general election within 90 working days.  The following link will take you to the page where you can sign the petition but it may be a personal link for CB's pal so you must change the name to your FULL name, change the email address to yours and change the post code to yours (link is

Now to get Theresa May as our new PM is frightening. There is a better candidate in Angela Leadsom. She is capable, an exit supporter and is NOT, like May, a member of the Cameron inner cabinet. Whever we get, they MUST remove George Osborne from the cabinet. Now, as you may remember, at the last election, 5% of the votes gave us 56 SNP MP's and 13% (4 million) votes for UKIP gave uis 1 MP and they call that democracy. Politicians do not want proportional representation as our voting system. We have a 2 party system now so last election we had a choice of Miliband or Cameron, one seen to be unfit as PM and the other having shown us 5 years of economy with the truth and all promises broken, what choice is that. The referendum we just had was a choice where EVERY VOTE COUNTED and under PR that is exactly what happens. Our current system dates back to the late 1600's and was necessary then BUT, now with better political awareness it is no longer fit for purpose so change is needed. There is a petition calling for PR on the government web site with over 14.000 signatures so a government written response is expected within 9 days. CB would urge you to sign this petition. Doing so wrests control of the vote from politicians and gives it to the people. Again it is a personal link so change the data in the boxes to yours. Here is the link:

Click this link to sign the petition "Bring in a proportional representation system for UK general elections."

Please take those links seriously, the UK is in a poor place politically just now and it is time for change. The 2 main parties are not yet in a position to move so this is our time to take UK politics much nearer to democracy than the shamocracy it now is. We just took our country back from Europe, now lets get some REAL control over our politicians.

22.   12.00 BST.   20.06.2016.   The murder of Jo Cox shows us what a sad and sick state mankind is in. History, however, plays a part here. Before the 1980's Margaret Thatcher years, when we found someone to be not competent for mental health reasons, they were deemed by the courts to be "likely to be a danger to themselves or others" and were sent to a mental health asylum. This was the system of law and order protecting society. Thatcher decided we could not afford this approach so she closed the asylums, got rid of the doctors, pills and all other costs. She proclaimed a new care regime called "care in the community", thus putting all those dangerous back into society. Successive governments have not done anything about this change and have even failed to fund mental health care. This is hoe Mr. Mair, charged with Jo's murder, came to be in a place where he could do her harm. This afternoon Parliament is recalled to offer their condolences to the friends and family of Jo Cox and, whilst they do that, they might reflect that they are all ultimately responsible for the murder of one of their own.

21.   12.00 BST.   20/06/2016.   Baroness Warsi has defected to the "remain" camp because of a poster? The "leave" camp are bemused as they had no idea she was a part of their efforts. CB thinks this vote on Thursday is more important than a poster, it feels like another Cameron dirty tricks stratagem! Also, Cameron wants the "leave" camp to abandon their pledge to reduce net immigration to under 100,000 as he feels it is "unachievable". Mr. Cameron, if that figure is not achievable, what was the promise doing in the manifesto in the first place???? Yet another hollow Cameron promise but, wait Mr. C., should we vote to leave, the government COULD declare the UK "an immigration emergency area" and declare our borders closed until a new policy is adopted. A points system would NOT do an "Ozzie" as WE could declare how our new system would work, honing it to OUR needs! OK, it may not be legal under European law BUT, SO WHAT? The law of the UK would apply so any necessary legislation could be enacted. Our border agents would need to be re-trained so after, say, 6 months, we could lift the emergency status and operate our new system. The overall status here is just how much our politicians have shown their true colours. How can any of them expect to still have a place in politics after what we have seen from them. Boris Johnson is relatively free from contamination and Nigel Farage is not even an MP but is standing for what he believes in. Who else in the middle of all this mess would you trust after Thursday?

20.   13.00 BST.   15.06.2016.   Prime Ministers Questions was, today, a shambles. It seemed that the Speakers impartiality was compromised in some way. The choreographer clearly chose those to speak exclusively from the remain supporters, allowing Cameron to bang on with his campaign. He consistently supports the 500 million customers and forgets the 6.7 BILLION other customers that would become available to the UK. He bases all his arguments on a fall in our economy, totally disregarding the potential for it to grow quite quickly. CB suggests that, if our voters have a majority of sense and vote us out, the prominent remain campaigners should be investigated and where they have blatantly lied, they should be prosecuted.

19.   08.30 BST.   15.06.2016.   George Osborne has done it again. He says he will be forced to combine a £15Bn tax rise with a package of £15 Bn cuts programme in an emergency budget if the UK votes for exit from Europe next week. Nice to see a group of MP's questioning his fitness to be chancellor should he embark on such an action. It should go further than that. The people should demand, via a petition, that Osborne be investigated with an independent audit on his budget proposals, he should answer questions before a Commons Select Committee and there should be an independent audit of his personal finances. This man, who controls the UK's purse strings has told us that our house values will fall by between 10% and 18% if we vote LEAVE. In economics, we know that we cannot control a market where demand far outstrips supply. With 250,000 plus immigrants coming here every year PLUS the natural population growth through child birth, demand on the housing market is more than just strong. The fact that every year since 2010 the government has failed to build even 50% of the housing target so how can values fall? Misinformation number 1 George, unless you can publish the figures to prove your ststement. Now we have your budget scare, misinformation number 2! All of this because we may leave a market of 500 million, a market that is stagnant with no growth. A market that has us tied up and unable to trade with many of the countries of the rest of the world so as to protect Europes supply from us AND their access to sell to us. As Europe is currently in decline (we are in the age of Asian expansion), why do you disregard our being open to trade with the other 6.7 Billion people of the world? We are likely to be able to sell our goods to others, possibly at a better profit AND without paying those markets £280 Million a week for the privilege! Why does your argument disregard the tenacity of the British People, such desrespect shows your constituents should never give you a vote again. Your figure of £4,300 losses per household if we leave could just as easily be £2,500 increase as CB believes the UK GDP is more likely to rise from 2% to between 4% and 6%. Wake up George, credibility is important in politics and every time you speak, you further deplete an already empty "Osborne credibility pot". Your fitness to be PM has been compromised by your economy with the truth and, frankly, by your statements, CB feels you should be thoroughly investigated regards your performance in the remain campaign. CB thinks this should apply to others, regardless of their position. Europe is the big loser should the UK leave. Europe has too many cracks at the centre of the organisation and yet they want to add 5 more countries, they have learned nothing over the years, so we NEED to GET OUT NOW! When Gordon Brown ASSUMED the PM's job and then failed to go to election we all could see he wanted the position for his own ego and felt that he would not be returned at an election. In 2010, when you got the note "there's no money", did Browns governmemnt spend it all to spite an incoming Tory government? Would your £30Bn budget be for the spite of losing the referendum? Get the nappies off, do the sums, ALL of them and try some old fashioned honesty if you can recognise it when you see it.

18.   13.00 BST.   14.06.2016.   CB has just been watching the Daily Politics on BBC2, unusual in that CB does not enjoy ignorant people talking all over the answers from interviewees, usually interviewers Andrew Neill and Jo Coburn doing the talking. Today it was different as a guest was Digby Jones, a man with many businesses and an ex Director General of theCBI (Confederation of British Businesses). He is firmly advocating for us to LEAVE the EU. What was different was his view. The REMAIN team are only looking at the 500M market which is the EU where Digby, like CB, sees the 6.7 BILLION market which is the rest of the world. He explained how the EU inhibited UK trade elsewhere and CB has said that the reason for the interference is to protect the supply to the EU from the UK. We could and would sell those same products elsewhere, possibly at a better profit AND without paying hundreds of millions per week to enable those sales. Digby highlighted how this government AND the previous labour government stopped him getting work visa's for those outside the EU BECAUSE the government said they did not know how many were coming from the EU. If we are not in the EU, such stupidity would not apply so lets get OUT. Nice to get a straight point of view from Digby, no scares, no lies, just good economic sense.

17.   12.00 BST.   13.06.2016.   Gordon Brown is set to make yet another speech telling us to remain in Europe. After all the damage he did to the UK over 2.1/2 years, he is not satisfied, he wants to inflict even more on us. Gordon, this country got a taste of just how less than honest you can be so stop flapping your lips, give us a rest. The politics of the UK are far from satisfactory but we will be better off WITHOUT your meddling.

16.   12.00 BST.   13.06.2016.   UEFA has warned both Russia and England of potential disqualification from the Euro Championship should any more fan violence occur. If UEFA wants to retain any credibility at all, instead of a knee jerk reaction, they should study the evidence. In all TV footage seen by CB, the England fans appeared NOT to be the aggressors. They appeared to be trying to escape advancing Russian fans and, when cornered, they fought for reasons of self defence. Bans should be put in place where the offending country has earned that ban and should be for 20 years to be an effective deterrent. Maybe the England fans are suffering from being seen as the old English barmy army, not as they are now. Come on UEFA, see if you can find a few alive and working brain cells and apply them to your decisions.

15.   00.00 BST.   10/06/2016.   Apologies for this but all posts for the next 2 weeks will be political, which is what the referendum is all about. CB just felt he should remind you readers what the ethics of this web site are, HONESTY, ACCURACY and NO punches pulled. CB is firmly for an out vote for the good of the UK. Any untruths by the LEAVE lobby WILL be taken to pieces on this site, as will the same untruths by the REMAIN mob.  Please use the feedback above if you want to ask CB personally  about any part of this referendum and you have CB's word that you will be answered to the best of CB's ability, knowledge and experience.

14.   13.00 BST.   09.06.2016.   Tony Blair has just given a scare mongering speech about the unravelling of the Irish agreements, that there would have to be border controls etc. The truth is the freedom of movement between north and south would preserve the way of life in N/S Ireland. It would mean we would have to beef up our border controls in Liverpool and North Wales to check ALL arrivals from Ireland, north or south. John Major said, at the same time, Brexit would lead to the break up of the UK. CB is already on record about this. We need trident so get our subs down to Falmouth. We do not need the Scots, given the current political sentiment so we should legislate to remove Scotland from the UK. England, Wales and Northern Ireland would be OK without them and we would be rid of 56 SNP MP's in the commons, a relief to all who are still in the house. Now, out of the EU, the new UK would be even better off.

13.   12.00 BST 08.06.2016.   Last night on ITV, David Cameron was talking about putting the GREAT back into Great Britain by staying in the EU. CB thought hes was an educated man. It is obvious to a pea brain that every time the European Commission grabs another bit of our sovereignty, that great gets smaller. To put the GREAT back into Great Britain is to get OUT of Europe. He was wittering on about the cost to our economy if we left the EU and it's market of 500 million. Where is his consideration of the potential boost to our economy of being free to trade with the other 6.7 BILLION people of the world? Many of these markets are UK friendly as they are Commonwealth countries, our people at heart. If trade with the EU were to fall then we would have goods to sell elsewhere, possibly at a better profit margin AND it would not cost us £350M per week to sell such goods. CB only hope that the British public see through the garbage and vote for THIS COUNTRY, get us OUT while we have a chance. CB also believes that this may not be our last chance as the problems within Europe may cause it's break up eventually. Better to get out now by choice than to have to hastily make other arrangements when Europe fails.

12.   00.30BST     06.06.2016.  So iti is getting hotter. I am talking about the AIR being expended by the politicians, or should I say idiots. Sad to see that one or two of the leave campaigners are being drawn into the war of POLITICAL words. Best to stick to the job, get us OUT of trouble. Major has opened his mouth, only to confirm what we learned 20 odd years ago, that his name ought to be MINOR!  We should stand firm, ask the questions in the previous post and keep asking until THEY answer. If you love this country, you know what to do. If you trust and believe in this country and it's people, you know what to do. If you are not sure, read the previous post again and then, if you are not sure, just do not make a mistake, do what you think best. CB was in Calais last weekend. He saw about 4 miles of roads with 2 barbed wire fences on 1 side and 1 the same on the other side. Where there were 2, there was a high one, maybe 16 feet and a smaller one, about 12 feet, this is fortress UK, protected by our French friends. CB does not believe that privately negotiated agreements would fall on our in/out vote, France has too much to lose (or, maybe, Toulouse might be a better clue). We can be fortress UK if we kick Europe out, and then we may be able to control the influx of those we do not want in favour of those we want and need. And what about Major? He says that the leave campaign have shot themselves in the foot by claiming that the influx of EU workers has kept wages down because they work for less, THEN he says that 80 million Turks would all want to come here for a better standard of living. Just shows his elite isolation from life's realities. MR. MAJOR, LISTEN you DUMMY. Yes workers come here to work for MORE money than they may get at home! YES, they depress our wages BUT, do we not have the minimum wage now? Now look at the average monthly wage in Turkey, then look at ours, even the depressed ours. We are 4 times what they earn so YES, they DO get a better life here so we MUST get out or this island will sink from the hordes coming here on BELIEF, that our streets are paved with gold. If we stay IN Europe, we will need them to be to pay for all the extras coming here. We need to make this movie ourselves, NO EXTRAS!

11.   15.00 BST   01.06.2016.   The UK, in or out of Europe? OK, this is the big one. CB is SICK of all the crap coming from the Remain campaign and, with one or two exceptions, the Leave campaign appear to be calm and collected. After all the hot air spouted by Cameron, Osborne and many others, the only politicians that CB finds worth listening to are Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, both of which appear to have the qualities to be a GOOD Prime Minister, although due to our corrupt two party electoral system, only Boris could get there. We do not know what tomorrow will bring so all the lies may never happen. This is like a BET on a 2 horse race so we need to understand the form so here is your help. Now it is clear to CB that maybe more than half of those qualified to vote are not old enough to have experienced the history behind all this so CB will start by filling in the gaps. It goes all the way back to World War Two and even before. There is a distinct lack of respect for the people of the UK by the remain campaign. The UK built the British Empire without the help of Europe as most of them were considered our enemies at the time. The Empire spanned two thirds of the known and "civilised" world. Over the years it became the Commonwealth. As the member countries gained independence, they mostly asked to remain Commonwealth members and at the heart of this was a due deference to the "Mother Country" (the UK) and all of this was underpinned by one of the UK's greatest assets, OUR QUEEN. She is loved around the world and she would be the first to recognise that, when she visits a Commonwealth country, there are more people on the streets to see her than in any other country she visits. In Canada, the city she visits closes all businesses, except essential ones like pharmacies etc., on the day so people can go to see her. Now, in WW2, when every country in Europe was being stomped on by jackboots, the people of the UK stood up to Hitler. Boys of 18 and 19 were flying Spitfires and Hurricanes over SE England, knocking 6 Luftwaffe planes out of the skies for every plane that we lost. They did this because of the superior design and engineering of the British people and industries. They did this because they had COURAGE. We had a leader with the same HEART and COURAGE in Winston Churchill, who ensured that his parliamentary speeches were broadcast on the radio and he backed this up with broadcasts to the people to bolster their strength and belief. The people of the UK did not do a Syrian or Iraqi and jump in a boat and run, they stayed their ground. They were determined that no Nazi would live in their house, take their possessions etc. and they were determined that their children would be taught to speak English, NOT German.
    The UK's resistance, WITHOUT any help from Europe, was such that Hitler turned his attention to the fight against Russia, which eventually turned the war. The severity of the Russian winters PLUS their fierce resistance left Hitler with 2 enemies, one on either side of Germany, that would NOT be defeated so he eventually cracked. During this war, General De Gaulle, the leader of the defeated French army, cut and ran, coming to England. He expected to be received as a dignitary but the English treated him as a coward who left his men and ran to save his own arse, something he never forgave us for. So, every time the UK applied for Common Market membership, he said NON, using BSThis veto. With his death in 1965, the UK began talks which ended in January 1973 with our signature to the treaty. We signed ONLY for free trade, NOT political unity. It did appear, after a short time, that some laws would have to be common amongst member countries to allow free trade and this is how it all started. The advent of the Euro compounded this as so many laws would have to be common that "The United States of Europe" became the ideal at the centre of Europe. Now there are 19 countries using the Euro and 9 of us around the periphery that do not. Of the 19 there are 5 that could be a problem. Greece (Pop 8 million) has had 100 billion Euros as a bail out and estimates are it will take another 50 billion to finish the job. Spain (Pop 47 millionand) and Portugal (Pop 10 million) are both recognised to be troubled. Italy (Pop 60 million) are thought to be in trouble and CB has seen one financial report stating that the economy of France (Pop 66 million) could be heading for financial crisis. All these countries are left wing governed BUT Greece, Spain and Portugal have been forced by Europe to adopt right wing economic policies so as to straighten up their books. When we consider the cost of bail outs, it is a compounding problem so, if it cost 150 billion Euros to bail out 8 million people (Greece), it may cost 300 billion to bail out 10 million people (Portugal). When we look at the cost of financial rescue for 60 million, we could be looking at 6 TRILLION! This suggests to CB that the Eurozone is centrally fractured and therefore AT RISK! Now, if the UK leaves Europe, the other 8 peripheral countries may think OK, we could follow the UK, so, if the UK votes LEAVE, Europe is the biggest loser and that scares the pants off them. What scares the pants off CB is the apparent willingness of Europe to print any amount of paper to get out of trouble, as they did for Greece. You must understand that money supply is essential to run an economy. Europe is trying to run an economy to suit 19 countries so ALL must play their part. It is commonly believed that Europe "massaged" the figures to incorporate Greece. What if they did that to incorporate Turkey, due to the pressure of the immigrant problem. If you consider all the immigrants, Turkey has 80 million population so we are looking at 10 trillion Euros to bail them out. SO, what is the importance of money supply? If it takes 5 trillion Euros in circulation to support the economy of a country, that is so the banks can support the needs of business, that they have the money to provide the housewife with what she needs from the ATM etc. Bear in mind that in Greece, at the height of their problems, the ATM's were limiting withdrawals to 60 Euros per day! Now, if the country in question needs 5 trillion in circulation to finance day to day needs, if they only have 4,500 trillion, they are facing a recession or even a depression as they are not financing their Gross Domestic Product. If they have 5.5 trillion in circulation, that could fuel inflation by up to 10%, so money supply is a major tool in controlling inflation. If the Eurozone had to provide 30 or 40 trillion Euros to bail out the failures, where would inflation go? The Euro presents inherent dangers and the UK is not in it. However, if we vote to remain, we will give the rest of our country to Europe and CB can see a regulation handed down by the EC that all member states must accede to the Euro. In other words, we are just a state within the United States of Europe, all our sovereignity is lost. Just look at the history of the power grab by Europe from all it's member states to see this potential.
    Now let us look at Camerons statements. Safer, Stronger in a Reformed Europe. Firstly, Europe has made no mention of reform, they are just bending the rules for only 7 years to try to keep the UK in. Stronger in Europe? If we were strong then why did we need to renegotiate. We did this because our voice is mone of the 9 on the edge and the other 19 voices are stronger. Our voice in the world will be just as strong OUT of Europe and particularly LOUDER to European ears as they will have no power over us. Why would we be safer IN Europe? Let us look at defence. France and the UK, linked to America are the foundation of the western nuclear deterrent agains the other nuclear powers, Russia, China, India and Pakistan, all Eastern countries. The UK, under attack from an Eastern nuclear power is the nightmare as NATO nust contemplate possible all out nuclear conflict BUT NATO might have no choice. More unthinkable is a conflict with a non nuclear power who would, if successful, may GAIN nuclear weapons. For these reasons, should a conflict arise, NATO AND EUROPE must combine to defend the UK as Europe could not afford an enemy so close to them. CB thinks our defences are sound without Europe so does "safer" refer to terrorism? GCHQ in Cheltenham is the listening post for British Intelligence and has the premier remotely positioned software to listen to chatter and see emails from those planning terror attacks or organising paedophile rings. This software is also quite possibly the cause in the mushrooming in cyber crime (read post 9 for the explanation). GCHQ were passing terror info to the NSA in America until it was seen that to do so may contravene our data protection laws. Cameron's government hastily redrafted changes to that act to allow continued help for the American people. Europe then said that we couldn't change our law as it was now out of step with the European data protection law. Now, the European Commission could issue a regulation, which would apply to all 28 members, to unify data protection law OR a directive might be issued (directives are administered by the European Court of Justice) and that directive would be an INSTRUCTION to Cameron's government to repeal the changes to our DP act, thus leaving the American people much less protected because we are in Europe. Now, Mr. Obama, might CB ask you the immigration officers question, "What was the purpose of your recent visit to the UK?" To drink tea with the Royals OR to back Cameron in the remain campaign. If it was mainly the latter, you may be guilty of TREASON against the American people, YOUR people. Now, if the UK LEFT Europe, the unthinkable would happen as Europe DICTATES to ALL members BUT their anti terrorism units in every country would NEED to hear the chatter that GCHQ gets, SO, Europe might have to change the DP laws for every one of the 27 countries left in to match the DP law in the UK. That is why we would be STRONGER OUT of Europe. THAT is how our voice is LOUDER OUT of Europe.
    The UK is a small island with BIG people, BIG business, 5th largest economy in the world and from the days of the Empire, we taught the world to trade, we existed on trade so why will we lose if we are out of Europe. CB thinks our economy can only grow as we will be free of the European shackles stopping us opening new markets. These restrictions are in place to protect supplies to Europe of the goods they buy from us! Restrictions in a "free market"? Our biggest trading partner in the world is the USA, where htere is $3,500 million of reciprocal trade EVERY YEAR so why, Mr Obama, would we go to the bottom of your list to negotiate or even need a "trade agreement"? The UK exports $500 billion around the world every year but imports $500 bilion. Our exports to Europe are $220 billion but our imports from Europe are $240 billion. At those levels, let us begin to understand. With a few notable exceptions, business is about MONEY and PROFIT, NOT politics BUT European membership has now come down more to politics, NOT business. Our reliance on one another is so great that the vast majority will CONTINUE! If, for instance, the European Commission decided to impose a 35% surcharge on all imports from the UK, it would cripple them. The UK's higher paid drive Mercedes and BMW. In Germany, people on the same level drive Jaguar and Range Rover. So, if you combine the 2 car makers and all Germany's better off, the resulting lobby against Merkel would be unsustainable, so the Commission might have to do the unthinkable AGAIN and BACK DOWN. Now how strong are we if we are OUT, not in? The biggest export to Europe from the UK is foods, meats and all manner of other farm produce. We get £3.7 billion per year from Europe for farms but it is a flawed system. We pay £350 million per WEEK to Europe, that is £18.2 billion per year so if we were out, paying ouir farmers the needed subsidy would be easy. Now we are talking money, lets look at George Osborne's statements. He says every household would be £4,300 worse off per year. He does not take regard of the potential for our economy to prosper and thus increase the household income by maybe £2000 to £2500 every year. He further says the value of our houses will fall by between 10% and 18%. This is the CHANCELLOR who runs our economy. First lesson in economics, George, you CANNOT control a market where demand far outstrips supply. Ask the governments of the world who are losing the "war on drugs", ask the cartels! OK, back to housing prices. George, your government has failed to build even 50% of the promised housing EVERY YEAR since 2010. How can house prices go down under such a failure when demand increases but supply falters? CB thinks you have shit your chances of being in politics, let alone the next PM. Credibility is all in politics and you now have none.
    CB has not said much about immigration YET! It is obvious we can only contain this if we are OUT! Much scare tactics have been used, like the 1,100 footballers who would not have the right to work here. CB thinks that, given the tax paid by the highest earners, the Home Office would very quickly issue temporary permits along with a form to apply for the right of abode (to live and work in the UK). This could also apply to nurses, temporary farm workers etc. In short, if we were free from the EU, we could do what is right for the UK WITHOUT asking permission or the fear that our best efforts would be overturned by the ECJ. We could close the door to this overcrowded island UNLESS we get all those we need and none of the ones we don't need. You might read post 10 though, work is needed on the UK Border Agency.
    There is no doubt there would be downsides to our Leaving. We would lose the extradition and justice treaty but it would be in the interests of ALL of Europe to do a deal quickly. Without doubt the money and the stock markets would suffer because they always do in times of uncertainty.It would be only temporary as when the markets saw the strength and resilience of the Brits, they would bounce back.Money men should sell Sterling and, when it drops after the vote, buy it back. Market men should sell British blue chip shares and, when they fall, buy them back. Times of uncertainty are the biggest opportunities IF you have a strong heart. If you are on beta blockers, get out of the markets.
    And here come the stupid games. Cameron said something recently about losing our creative talent if we leave Europe. Maybe he was refering to European money for the arts. Well every time Europe gives money to the arts, the government effectively moves that money to the treasury by increasing cuts to the arts. In this country there is still a law which commands the death penalty and that is High Treason. CB thinks it would be a good idea to ask our talented artistic friends to help us out. We could have a day trip for Cameron, Osborne, vociferous remain campaigners, Mark Carney of the Bank of England and why not ask Obama. This would be a trip to Traitors Gate by the Tower of London where our artists might put on a very realistic show portraying what we do to traitors, that might make them think. Now we have just touched on "European Money". Be aware that CB was invoolved in EU grants back in the80's/90's. Tony Blair announced a "European Grant" of £650 million to aid business in South Yorkshire. CB assisted a company that wanted £25,000. It was refused and we went back with a new application shaped around the rules to qualify as explained to us. It was refused. Enough to say that after 7 more applications it was explained that the grant would only be given if the company built a new factory on BROWN land, did all the work and after that, the grant, IF AWARDED, would be paid within one year. Now you need to know that the approved brown sites were ALL in need of a clean up because they were previously used in the heavy metal industry and that clean up cost started at £1 million. In other words, this EU money for S Yorks. was a political ploy where the deal was that Europe was unlikely to ever have to pay out so be CAREFUL what you believe about EU money destined for the UK. CB feels the top and bottom of EU grants to the UK is that if Brussels is in control, they will award what they think and tell us what it must be spent on, whereas, if we are in control, WE choose how much to spend and what it should be spent on. CB would rather be out so we can manage our own housekeeping! We know best what we want and need rather than an unelected body who do NOT have the ability to listen and would rather have members spending on projects that suit the central political ideals of Europe than spending on projects that deliver for our people and our country's needs!
    Finally, CB makes no apology for his cynicism. There were £billions washing around in FIFA and look what happened. There are £100's of trillions washing around in Europe and they are the big losers if the UK exits so CB wonders if FIFA lessons have been learned by Europe. If so, who is getting the millions for pushing for remain, against the best interests of this country? It would be nice if the people of the UK could have an in depth and independent audit into the personal financial affairs of all concerned, after all, if they have nothing to hide, where is the problem. CB is apalled at the disrespect for the people of the UK shown by Cameron, Osborne et al. Maybe it is because they know the REAL figures of those who have come here, legally and illegally, and therefore feel that the true strength and resilience of the British people has been diluted way too much. There is a history over 100's of years relating to the strength of this small island and the resilience and industry of the people of the UK that is just not being acknowledged by Cameron, Osborne et al. Mr. Cameron, Mr. Osborne, when this is all over, that strength and resilience may just turn round and bite you on your sorry arses. Remember, before you vote, all that is good and great about OUR country came from our ancestors, NOT Europe. Englishmen and their guts, courage, endeavours and industry gave us this country and think what you want to leave to your children! This may well be the last chance you have to protect your legacy to those who come after you so do not be swayed by intimidation from the remain lobby, think for yourselves, get it right and vote OUT!

10.  14.00BST  25/05/2016.   The UK Border Agency.  This is a true account of the events that happened to a good friend of CB. He was born in 1948 in Canada to a Canadfian father and an English mother. The law at that time only allowed him to be an English citizen through his fathers bloodline. It did not matter that his maternal English grand Parents were both English. It did not mmatter that his fathers father was Welsh and his fathers mother was from Stroud in England. Over the years from 1977 when he was refused an English passport and got a Canadian passport through the Canadian High Commission in Trafalgar Square, the Home Office kept a file on him. All was good until one day in 2006, after a day trip to Belgium with friends who lived in Kent, it all changed. His friends were both Canadian but held UK/European passports. They both had strong Canadian accents and the border agent in Calais asked "Who is the Canadian?" Their reply was "The guy with the English accent mac". The border guard asked them to pull  forward and asked me to roll down the window. He asked "what is the purpose of your visit to our country" and the reply was "I am just going home, I have lived here since 1959". He then said "What is the purpose of your visit to our country". The reply was "I am going home"". He then said "If you do not satisfy my answer, you will not be allowed into the UK, what is the purpose of your visit to our country" and my friend lost it. he said" I was only 10 when my mother brought me to England, I had no choice, she was English and I had to go where she said, at which point the border guard stamped his passport, said "accepted for bloodline" and my friend was back home. Following this, my friend contacted the Home Office. They offered to sell him the Right of Abode for £20 for his lifetime so he bought it. This meant he had to send his passport to Liverpool to get a vignette stamped into the passport but it was renewableI every time he got a new passport. In 2010 when he got a new Canadian passport he sent it off for the new vignette. He gott it back with a letter saying they do not transfer vignettes any more, a new application was required with a payment of £143. This was clearly breach of contract but CB's pal was advised that, if it was a company, it was cut and dried in law but the Government were, effectively, outside the law, they could do what they wanted and get away with it. After a few letters, CB's pal got a phone call from an employee of the newly created "UK Border Agency". The caller admitted that CB's pal had been treated badly OVER THE YEARS by the Home Office. He advised that, if CB's pal took citizenship and travelled on his Canadian passport, as long as he showed a copy of his citizenship certificate, he would not be put through hoops when coming back minto the UK. He also advised that, if CB's pal applied AFTER the 1st November 2010, citizenship would be free (he did have to pay £80 for the local ceremony to receive his certificate). So, this was done. Now we get to the business. On the morning of the 9th October 2014, coming home from a 2 day break in Belgium, our friend met the immigration officer at Hull at 09.35 AM. This man displayed all the signs of someone who was mentally deranged. He looked at the Canadian passport and the certificate of British Citizenship. He then refused the certificate and gave our friend a half hour of harassment whilst the other 50 people on the coach had to sit and wait. He asked if our friend had the Right of Abode which is the first thing a citizen is granted, the right to live, work here and to be taxed. This man misused and abused his position wilfully in disregarding the provisions of Her Majestys British Nationality Act 1981. This act recognises dual nationality AND the right to ask for citizenship through your MOTHERS bloodline. That means he did not have the right to question my use of my Canadian passport. Now, our friend, with a letter at home from the UK Border Agency telling this would never happen if he was a citizen, knew this border agent was way out of control. Questions? Where was the audio/visual camera? This is needed to provide training videos for junior staff, to monitor the performance of senior border agents or to provide evidence against anyone trying to illegally enter our country. Our friend believes he had the proof that the UK Border Agency were FAILING to administer our border because they allowed a senior officer to act outside both the law and his brief. If our friend was about 21, with a rag headdress, wearing a dress down to his ankles, a large black beard and a kalashnikov slung over his shoulder, maybe the anti terrorism rules might apply but as our friend is in his later 60's, walks with a cane, has no beard, has no gun, etc. maybe now we know why we have about 1.5 million illegals here. We do not know who they are, where they came from, how they got in, where they are now, where they get their money from. CB would personally call for a full suspension from duty for the cretin on the immigration desk on that day and at that time until he has passed a full 3 phase psyche evaluation test, ,followed by a full re-evaluation of border security including all senior personnel involved in keeping this country safe. CB's pal took this to his MP, who is a Labour member. All seemed to progress until after the 2015 election. Even though this kind of complaint might lead to the opposition being in a position to cause the government grief, suddenly it was dropped. Is this because our "secret ballot" is not so secret? Did my Labour MP see that I did not vote for him?We live in a sick world, get used to it.

9.   14.30PM GMT   13.03.16.   Internet Security Today   Read this, you will be SCAREDshitless. It is all correct, written by a very close friend of CB and CB knows his IT credentials and experience. The link is only to a page on this web site so have no fears. After all, would CB publish crap under his own name? CB follows this guys rules and so should you.

8.   11.00AM GMT   12.03.16.   US Presidential Race.   This one could be fun as well as a win win situation for the USA until the voters screw it all up (they usually do). We could end up with a straight fight between Trump and Hillary. Hillary has vast experience in international politics. She was first lady for 8 years which begs the question "was she the brains behind the throne"? If she was, the Americans may remember that during the Bill Clinton years they had a few extra bucks to spend as the economy was well run. Many reasons to vote her in as the first female President and maybe the US voters might remember how the Republicans took the World Financial System to within 1 week of collapse just to score a political point. They blocked Obama's financial package and, if the USA had defaulted on it's debts because of that, the world would have been thrown into such chaos that a recovery may not have been possible. Voting for Trump, however, might have a surprising result. He is NOT a politician, has no diplomacy finesse and will not bow down easily to political opponents. He is a bully and may force through many desirable policies that otherwise could not happen. So, if all worked out, The USA might win either way, whomever they elect. There is, however, the usual self destruct button. The Americans vote for a new President but then fill the House of Representatives with candidates from the other party, thus allowing the House to effectively BLOCK any Presidential initiatives that may get them a political advantage. That is not an intelligent way to run a country, maybe a change in the system is needed. Maybe it is time to make America a proper democracy by expanding the 2 party system?

7.   10.30AM GMT   12.03.16.   Maria Sharapova    Staying with sport, WTF is going on Maria? If you take a legal medicine for 10 years under a doctors prescription to deal with a legitimate medical condition there is no problem. If the doping authorities suddenly make that medicine illegal in sport then you cannot be held responsible. They MUST make provision for such occurences. Losing any sponsorships under these conditions must surely constitute a breach of contract followed by the relevant lawsuit. The actions of the doping authorities against you under such conditions should also be grounds for legal action against them. Old CB is 8000 miles away from LA but he can still smell this one. What is being covered up? Talk to better advisors, ask CB if you wish but call another press conference and tell us the truth as it will be less painful than how it will be when it all comes out eventually. CB would bet (maybe a poor choice of words) that there is much more to come.

6.   10.00AM GMT   12.03.16.   2016 Rio Olympics.   This may be the year of the wide flat screen! Given the corruption fun with FIFA, the doping fun with the IAAF, the tennis betting scandal things do not look so good. If there are no Russians because of doping then this may be a lower grade Olympics because Russia is prominent in all sports. If there were no Kenyans because of doping then the quality of the long distance running would be lessened.  Now we must consider the Zika virus. Brazil is at the centre of the virus problem but it gets worse. Now there are suspicions  that this virus is transmissable by unprotected sex, big trouble is just around the corner. Transmission by mosquito confines Zika to the hotter climates of the world BUT, STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) are notoriously infectious so the rest of the world can get ready. Anyone with a brain cell switched on might consider using their TV for this Olympic experience. Think of the thousands of Pounds or Dollars saved by not going and the bonus is YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY! On top of this, if for the previous reasons, this is a "lesser games" then that is a double bonus for staying at home. CB knows where he will be.

5.   10.00AM GMT   12.03.16   New Posts    Readers should keep a careful watch on this page as there will be a number of new posts in the next week AND, this is the week that celebrates 10 years of Caustic Bytes. Some of these new posts will be the most important political posts ever seen on this site so be warned, miss them at your peril. One or 2 will be very long posts so they will be on separate copy accessed by a link. The link will NOT take you away from this site, only to the document stored in CB's library. One will be an expose followed by the truth of the question "in or out of Europe for the UK"? Another will be a long promised expose of the total mismanagement and lack of control of our borders by the UK Border Agency. This week should be interesting.

4.   12.00GMT   21.01.16.   Camelot and the National Lottery. Now Mr. Corbyn, with the result of the Alexander Litvinenko inquiry are you still wanting to trust Mr. Putin and scrap our Trident? Please let us all know. Now to the meat of this post. In October last Camelot changed the nature of the National Lottery. They introduced balls number 50 to 59 inclusive. This changed the chances of winning the jackpot  from 14 million to 1 to 45 million to 1.  This was done to ensure more roll overs because Camelot sells many more tickets when the jackpot is higher. CB also expects that all those who play the same numbers every draw would not change to accomodate  the new numbers. This change was needed as the midweek draw jackpot had fallen to just under £2M and the Saturday draw to just under £4M, this fall being an ongoing trend and looking like we were nearing the demise of the National Lottery.  Since then the appearance of 1 or 2 balls from the 50 - 59 block seems to be EVERY DRAW! How can it work so much in Camelot's favour? Do you remember back in 1994 when the Lottery first started? The first time someone won a rollover (or was it a double rollover), the Daily Mirror headlined with an article discussing the immorality that one person could win so much money. After that it seemed that every rollover was a shared jackpot, how convenient. Were it up to CB there would be an independent audit of every draw, never the same audit team twice and audit teams drawn fron a pool of maybe 8 authoirised audit companies. Camelot would never know who was doing the audit. It might also be pertenant to audit  the jackpot fund. In times when many extra tickets were sold, the roll over appears to have increased by the normal amount of £2M  for the midweek draw and £4M for the weekend draw. Does Camelot hive off money from the  jackpot to be paid? When they announce a "superdraw", where does all that extra money come from if they are not doing this? Camelot may be whiter than white but with FIFA, International Athletics, tennis match fixing we all know that where serious money is washing around the criteria for corruption exists. For tbis reason and to protect Camelot's reputation, CB feels the independent audit is a MUST, not just a good idea. Every draw, as long as you have a ticket, it might be you BUT, every draw and without any tickets, it IS Camelot. 

3.   02.00GMT   21.01.16.   Open Message to Mr. Corbyn.    Nice one on Trident. We all understand your ideal of a non nuclear world BUT it is NOT that! Ask the chief of the RAF how many times they have scrambled in the last 6 months to ward off the Russian warplanes from UK airspace. Ask the Germans, French, Italians and Spanish how many rtimes they have been engaged in the same manouevres. Consider the sailing of 3 Russian warships down the channel but, this time, without any diplomatic chatter telling us they were going to do this. Putin is testing Europes defencves and you want to scrap Trident. CB hopes you stay in your job, Mr. Corbyn, because as long as you are in place, this country may be saved another dose of looney left politics, spend withouit care and all the other moves toward ideals without any cognisance of that which ultimately rules, REALITY!

2.   01.30GMT   21.01.16.   Open Message to David Cameron!   Well Mr. Cameron, thank you for wasting £20M of our, the taxpayers, money. That act only proves just how far from street knowledge you are! What will you do when the muslim womans husband forbids her to go to English classes? You know nothing about these people. The husband dictates how the home is run. He tells the wife and kids what to think, what to do and what to believe. Tough for the wife in an arranged marriage when he has an IQ of 110 and she has an IQ of 145, she is clearly better at decision making but, according to the muslim idealogy, the man is superior to any woman. Just to help you here, you want integration. Muslim people come here to England and ask to be citizens. They are assessed for their ability to speak English but if they cannot speak it, well, let em in anyway. Tell them they live under British Law and they put up their hand and say "Yeah, yeah, yeah". Now they integrate by finding a house in Bradford, Morley, Birmingham or Leicester where every neighbour is muslim and the mosque is just round the corner. The wife does not need to speak English, she shops at a muslim shop, with muslim market traders in the market and any time she shops elsewhere, point and pay works. She is only allowed out in the company of other muslim women so what is the £20M for? You must  understand  you are up against an ideaology here. Remember the tube and bus bombings? Committed by muslim men from Leeds. You talk of radicalisation but you do not see. Picture a kitchen tyable with Grandad, father and son drinking tea. Son says "Grandad, you came here to spread the word of Allah but you bought a corner shop. You forgot Allah and became a shopkeeper to feed your family. Dad, you worked there and now you run it but what about Allah? I will not forget Allah, I will join the IS and fight for Allah". Mr. Cameron, this is integration musloim style, They still make arranged marriages and, after Friday evening prayers in the mosque, they answer to the Sharia Council if they have transgressed. Non of this is legal. The young man talking to his dad and grandad is not "radicalised" but interpreting the word of the illegal (in British Law) publication called the Qoran how he sees it. Most of those who go to the IS are there because they want to kill and rape and never have to pay for their sins. In fact, rape cannot be a crime in their eyes as all women are inferior to all men and are therefore here to do as the man says. You have much to learn Mr. Cameron. The statement in the qoran about all men being born superior to any women is against the sex discrimination act, thus the Qoran is an illegal publication. The statement that all infidels must be killed is illegal as killed means at the hand of another and therefore is an incitement to violence. When are you going to enforce British Law on these new citizens? Perhaps we can assist all muslim men of 18 years of age or older by refusing any treatment on the NHS where the diagnosis, drug regime, therapy or surgical proceedure was invented by, developed by or perfected by a woman.  Just look at how many MP's are muslim, all because we are a tolerant society and, in not too many years from now, when they have the majority, England will be under Sharia Law and we have already seen in Syria and Iraq just how tolerant muslims are. They are even killing their own no in the middle east. You need to get to grips with reality, Mr. C. We have been engaged, since the start of "the Arab Spring", in a holy war which is, in effect, WW3. There is not a city in the world that is muslim free and the battle ground will be in these cities by acts of terrorism. The fanaticism of belief in Islam is turning into insanity with the centre of the disease in the IS. Unfortunately, this kind of sickness lives in the mind so, if we stamp out IS, the disease lives on all over the world and will infect more and more. Be ready and remember these words Mr. Cameron. CB sees why all this is going on, it is because The Commons has more important matters to discuss, like an anthem for England and should we ban Donald Trump. How would the special friendship work if the next President of America was banned from the UK? Mr. C., you have a lot of waking up to do.

1.   13.30 GMT 31.01.15.   CB wishes all readers a happy and prosperous new year. You can find all last years posts on "news2015", look on the sitemap for it.

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