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24.12.2011.      Well, we have had a terrible year so far BUT, for the next few days we maybe can take a break. CB wishes all of you a lovely Christmas, friends, family, what it is all about. CB will be back early next week UNLESS something important, which grabs CB's mind, occurs! From the first of 2012, there will be a new feature on this page (user friendliness).  On every report and comment, you will have the opportunity to feedback. This has always been there on the sitemap BUT, if you have a strong comment to make and the feedback is right here in the report, it is easier for you to use, SO, there you have it, Happy Christmas!

22.12.2011.    Our England soccer captain is to be prosecuted for a racist act on a football field. This is a measure of todays England, and where it is going. CB does not care whether it is Terry or Ferdinand who is right or wrong. Racism is wrong BUT, so is discrimination. Only a white man can be a racist. The reports on this case indicate it is all about words.  Shall we look at this. A black man can call his friend a nig*a (sorry for the star, don't want to end up in court) and it is derogatory, it means he is somebodys dogsbody. A white man using the EXACT same worded expression, even in the black mans accent (or perhaps worse in the black mans accent) will end up in court on a charge! What about a black man calling a white man rasclat (a minor slur) or bloodclat (much more derogatory) or rude boy (considered to ba a proper insult)? Nothing would be done about that because it is the black man calling the white man. A pal of CB's has been called a white bastard in open company by a black man, nobody even blinked. This is surely discrimination, when two people living in the same country can use the same word as defined in Chambers Dictionary, and for differences of colour of your skin, the "law" will not blink at one of them but the other goes to court, THAT has to be discrimination!  This  just shows how far out of touch the authorities are with todays world and, every time they lose another inch, it gets worse. David Cameron was talking the other day about how all societys troubles are because we do not recognise our christian roots. David, WAKE UP, count the mosques! England has not been a christian country for a long time! You and your friends in politics over the last 20 years have given the country away.

22.12.2011.    Canada have recently pulled out of the Kyoto initiative on clean air. It is said that it is all about just one industry, part of their oil recovery program that is deemed a high level pollution industry. Before they are condemned by the rest of the world, let us just do a comparison. America is around the same size as Canada. It has about, or over 300 Million people there. It is one of the worlds highest level polluters. It does have large prairies responsible for a large amount of cereal and grain growth. It has many large forests. Canada, however has about 37 Million people. They have a greater area of cereal and grain production and a greater area of forests. For those who do not know, plant life, by way of photosynthesis (how plants and trees live), keep the air clean BECAUSE they breathe in Oxygen in the daytime and breathe out Carbon Dioxide at night. At night they do the opposite by breathing in Carbon Dioxide AND breathing out Oxygen, whilst we  breathe in Oxygen, breathing out Carbon Dioxide 24/7. THIS is why, when you live in a city, get up at 05.00 and take the dog a walk, the air smells so fresh! SO, given the comparison, America pollutes about 9 X more than Canada. The air in Canada must be amongst the cleanest anywhere in the world. It would have been cleaner where the rain forests were but so much of them have been cut down, so maybe Canada is now number one for clean air. Given this, we can allow a small slippage for economic reasons in Canada where we can allow NO MORE SLIPPAGE from some of the others, including the USA and CHINA! Look in your history books! Canada has been one of the most people oriented governments, respecting the rights and needs of their people, for more years than any other for a long time now. They are very big on democracy so, MAYBE, the rest of the world might look to Canada for some lessons!

19.12.2011.      Well, Kim Kong is dead! Nobody should rejoice in any death and CB sends his condolences to the family of this man. There is, however, a consideration here. The question is WHAT COMES NEXT? Just read all that CB has said about military Juntas! It seems that a military rule might be the new North Korea (NO CHANGE). In the current world, we really do not need that! This is  the time when, an emergent economy such as China, who seems to have quite some political influence with North Korea, might show the world how good they are at international diplomacy! Perhaps, if China might exert some influence, there may be a change in how the world works in that area. North Korea is widely believed to be a NUCLEAR power, and, if they are, it is PROBABLY China that provides them with the capability, North Korea have also been exceedingly belligerent towards South Korea. SO, now it is the time to ask China where they stand in our world. They want us to keep buying their goods BUT if they want to support such a regime, where human rights do no exist, and the animousity to South Korea still exists, how can we support them? This is the sharp end of international diplomacy and the next few days will show us what the real game is! CB hopes the Chinese authorities will realise what the real truth is.  Should this not go the right way, could we afford NOT to buy Chinese goods? Probably not as they own half the world by debt. Is THIS the reason why we have a worldwide debt problem?????

19.12.2011.      Today we have heard that the Vickers Report will be adopted by the government. From the naievety of the mouth of Boris, Mayor of London, on TV today, we hear that the annual contribution to the exchequer from the financial sector of London is £53BN! Now we can begin to understand some of the things that are going on.  When the UK's people want change to the financial system, the government KNOW this BUT they can do nothing!  The political will to change the system is stifled by the financial sectors MONEY based resistance to change. Given that we DO follow the recommendations of Vickers, maybe the divorce of the investment banking casinos philosophy and the personal/business accounts MIGHT put in place the ability to do what CB advised just a couple of items earlier, that is to negate personal debt when paying rescue money into the banks, thus giving the biggest stimulus to the economy via creating spending power from the households! CB has great respect for Vince Cable, nearly as much as he has for Keith Vaz, and is prepared to accept and believe that the use of the Vickers recommendations will be implemented. Our problem is TIME! Now is TOO LATE, so GET IT DONE! Maybe we will be just in time. The world wide financial crisis is the most dangerous thing that our world has EVER faced! Just read some of the preceding bulletins to try to understand. The whole thing is about over borrowing of money BUT now we are over borrowing TIME! It has been said it will take years, not months to fix the Euro BUT, those involved have not seen that it will take just DAYS if the monetary system fails before we descend into anarchy. The Freudian slip of Gordon Brown when he said "We have saved the world", unfortunately, DOES apply in todays politics. If money fails, we all fail! We need our "leaders" to show LEADERSHIP, STAND UP and GET IT DONE NOW!

17.12.2011.      It will soon be the time where CB clears this page to an archive, but still available to you, CB's readers, on the site map, BUT, there is one event that annually makes this quite obvious to CB. That is the final of Strictly Come Dancing. This year not one of the 3 finalists deserved to lose. As was said on the program, all 3 were winners. Jason Donovan, a professional showman, is a winner because his agent can now up the price for his engagement to do a show AND he can ask for him to be considered for shows where dancing is required. Before this, maybe, Jason might have asked his agent NOT to put him forward for such shows, BUT, now he knows he can dance. Just consider the personal development that being on strictly has provided to Jason AND the possible enrichment of his earning power.  Harry is already a successful drummer with McFly. It would be hard to see him leaving that and the support of his fellow band members has shown why they are so good, they are mates and can work together. Harry could be a professional dancer BUT that is tough, there are so many stress injuries and, somehow, CB feels his earning power with his band would far outreach that as a professional dancer. He said he wanted to come out from behind the drums and be a front man but CB would not like to see him do a Phil Collins! Chelsee, however, as a young lady actress has gone so far forward with this experience. She is now known by the nation as a dancer of professional standard. Her acting ability is undenied BUT, the dance aspect opens up a whole new career shot for her. The biggest benefit, however, is how lovable the nation now knows she is. Sitting in the hearts of the nation MUST make it easier for her to have her pick and choosing of many parts, which is how she will eventually join all the great names we know in her profession.  Somehow, CB feels the show, which has been the best ever, is, to some extent, the loser on the deal because of the numbers of viewers who are sympathetic with CB's view that none of the 3 should have lost! Another question is, leaving out those who are in bodies that are not conducive to dance (no names offered) how many of those who were voted off earlier, given the extended training that the pro dancers provide, might have developed to a much higher standard. The pro dancers have an immense ability for choreography and maybe they sometimes miss out on the credit they deserve until the final 2 shows. One thing that becomes so obvious to CB is the closeness of the relationships that are, and have to be, built for a team to be successful. It is of superb credit to the families that they back their man/woman in such a show when the very nature of what the show is all about brings that kind of man/woman closeness. Jason Donovans family were incredible in their support. Chelsee, if she is single, well, they did like one another. Harry? CB does not know if he is single or not BUT he was obviously close to Aliana. CB thinks there has to be a lot that we do not know about this side of the show and this must be a very hard show to produce with all those potential problems. One judge, Craig, is like a boxer selling seats at his next fight by building the "Mr. Nasty" reputation but he does usually sound right, maybe a bit too pedantic. Tonight, CB feels for Jason and Chelsee but, given good health, CB will be watching next year.

17.12.2011.      OK, this is the third time CB has proposed this BUT, it is a go-er, WITH A BITE, so here it is again but PLEASE read to the end! The banks of the world were bust, YES. To avoid a total collapse, governments HAD to infuse cash into the banks BUT all cash that governments have is that which has come from or, legally, belongs to the tax payer! Because of this all governments are now in debt as they have printed money they cannot cover with reserves. EXCESS DEBT is totally the problem that is CAUSING the financial failure. Governments have been concerned for a long time about the rising amount of PERSONAL debt. The CORRUPT and UNREGULATED financial system leant too much money to everyone, so shall we consider WHO is at fault, and WHO caused all that misery that some are suffering. The governments must underpin the financial system or all is lost (see the previous posting under this one). The only difference here is HOW they do it. If, when the money is paid to the banks, they should be required to allocate that cash to paying off all their "bad debts ledger". In other words, all persons or households who were in "arrears" would have the "arrears" written off.  This would take the pressure OFF the general public. It would also give them a bit more spending power. The housewife, spending £20 or £30 more per week BECAUSE she now has it to spend instead of putting it to the "arrears" would pick up the high street. If the high street took more money, then they would earn more, THUS paying more into the treasury in tax, THUS helping the government! There is another upshot here in that the banks, not being in a position to write of so called "arrears" or "bad debts" on their accounts would have the balance sheet transformed, they would owe MORE TAX. There is also the upshot in that, if the banks had too little capital out on loan BECAUSE they had had that balance sheet change, instead of sitting on all the paper they have been given, they would HAVE to write new loans OR there would not be enough profits. This method would profoundly alter the liquidity of the banks. If this, however, did not put enough into the banks, then a second round could be organised by paying off excessive credit card debt, halving the overdrafts of Small to Medium Companies (say those with 1 to 5 employees) and paying off the personal loans of anyone who owed less than £5000. Again, we move some people back into being consumers (spenders) which is guaranteed to boost the economy. We also, with the SME's (small to medium enterprises) give them a chance to develop which may mean THEY CAN EMPLOY MORE PEOPLE! CB hereby invites ANY economists worldwide to use the feedback to tell CB why this would not work! If this were done worldwide, all the paper being printed and shuffled might be of use to real people, just for a change AND the worldwide debt might be transformed, THUS reducing all the problems. Please tell me what is wrong with this thinking.

17.12.2011.      What can CB say about the credit reference agencies? The downgrading of 6 banks by Fitch is CRAZY! At a time when we need positive thinking, they step in with moves that can only make it harder for the economies of the world to turn the corner. The thinking they have displayed is so flawed as we know the WHOLE WORLD is in trouble. Then we have France, diving in with their usual anti British stance with the comments they have made. These are supposed to be the INTELLIGENT people but they only show us their STUPIDITY. The FRENCH leader of the IMF spelled it out this week, we all have worse times to come, no one is immune, but, IF we all work together, maybe we can go the right way. Stupid FROGGIES trying to get their own back because David Cameron stood up for the UK is even less than crass stupidity. We remember De Gaulle FLEEING to England in the second world war and expecting to be treated like a king and we had the sense to treat him like he was, just a man lucky enough to get away, leaving his countrymen to bite the bullets. He was the man who said NON a few times when the UK was applying to join Europe, he was getting his own back. Seems like President Sarcastic is just the same! Does the UK need this garbage? We will descend into total chaos on a world wide basis UNLESS some of those that we hope have a few brain cells AND are in senior world politics realise that they must rise above personal likes and dislikes. A world financial failure is the end of democracy, the end of dictatorship, the end of communism BECAUSE it is the end of SOCIETY! If money fails, we will end up killing one another for food! Leaders of our world, please see THIS as a possible reality unless YOU fix things. How many police and military does the UK have? Maybe 350,000 in total and that might be well on the high side of a guess. If the 30 Million of the 60 Million population who are between the ages of 16 and 65 go to the ATM and cannot get to their money, what next?  The recent riots MIGHT give a thinking man a clue! Does any bright person believe that 350,000 can hold back 30 Million? This financial crisis will be fixed OR, we will see the end of all we are supposed to have built, and that will be world wide. Come on, TODAY is the day, tomorrow will not do!

14.12.2011.      Boris, WELL SAID! It is now quite obvious that the UK MUST leave europe. It is never nice to see the rats diving off a sinking ship, but we are not the rats. We are just the guys that are saving our country from something that others think will survive and WE KNOW DIFFERENT!
As CB has said before, money rules all, and, because of that, the UK buisnesses will never lose the contacts they have in Europe. If we leave Europe, our position will be strenghtened because we could be the power brokers! We still know all the same game players! Not only can we do all we used to do, we can help others to do more than they did if we introduce them to Europe. CB was never a europhobe, CB thought that being in was good BUT, just for now. maybe it is good to be out! There might be a posible return later, when it is right to do so BUT, now is not the time. In a world that does business as it currently does, we have to be so careful, and OUT of Europe may well be our way forward. Should we do this it might be good to join the North American Trading Alliance. In that way we may find better markets AND, as previously suggested, we could be the middle man to those in the  NATA  who wanted to develope their links to European business. HEY, there is always a point where we need to see sense and maybe this is it!

11.12.2011.      CB has just watched Strictly Come Dancing and CB is well miffed. Every year we can see those who stand out and should get to the final BUT, this year, we have just lost Alex and Holly. The problem is, out of the 5, NOBODY was bad enough to be lost. All of those 5 could be professional dancers, they have shown us that. Next time we will see 2 of the 3 finalists LOSE and none of the 3 should lose, they are all too good for that. Jason Donovan is a showbiz pro, a song singer and an actor! If he could not dance as well there would be a reason to chuck him BUT, he can dance. Harry is quite incredible.  The rhythm he shows on the dance floor purely demonstrates why he is so good as a drummer.  Now we come to Chelsee. What a stunner! She puts herself across as a "bit of rough" never the "princess" material.  The truth is, if CB were to be so lucky as to have her by his side, Cb would be made. CB has no tact, is not welcome in any civilised company because he just says what he thinks (read this web site!) but Chelsee would win over any problems with her charm, what a lovely, beautiful little lady. The problem with strictly, this year, is that they have been too successful!  Too many people will be upset when the winner is announced, INCLUDING CB! ALL 5 should be given a special award for the standards that they have all achieved.

11.12.2011.      We have now seen a "deal" agreed in South Africa on saving the planet from any more pollution. Too little and too late. When will these so called intelligencia ever get it. This planet is NOT ours, it belongs to Mother Nature. She has never had to fight a war because, when it hits the fan, she fixes things. She is the greatest power we know. When the dinosaurs failed to work, she saw them all off. She can do the same to mankind. Have a look at this website to understand more about Mother Nature. The thing is, we have NO CHOICE and MONEY matters not, we MUST protect the planet or we will become extinct. It seems that the major powers had to be steamrollered into this agreement. They are China, America and India. The problem here is that this conference, whilst discussing a major threat to the planet, did NOT discuss the biggest threat that we face. That threat is the population explosion. Only China has ever shown due regard to this problem but CB understands that they are now reviewing their position on population. India, on the other hand, has no discernible care on this subject. They are shagging their way into the record books on population and their government does not see the problems. Read this page and watch the video to understand the problem better. Science says that the planet can stand a maximum of 15 Bn people. We are at 7 Bn and we have food shortages so twice as many people will only lead to anarchy. The world would be on a meltdown where, to be safe, if you saw another human, your best shot is kill him because if you don't, he will kill you. The deal would also be, having killed him, you have your meat for the next week! Do we want to descend to that? If not, then population control is the only way and NOBODY is giving this a thought currently! It does appear to CB that mankind is pressing the self destruct button and it is so sad, when we think of ourselves as intelligent, that we can be so collectively stupid!

09.12.2011.      Well, now we come down to the crunch! As much as Mr. Cameron does NOT want a referendum, he now has it thrust upon him. The UK needs to decide if we stay IN or we bow OUT of europe. The trouble is that the politicians now have a political football to kick. This means that, as the politicians are very good at, they can feed us with mis-information, IE, LIE to us. Here is the TRUTH! after all the years of doing business in europe, we will NOT lose our contacts, they need our business just as much as we need theirs! If we decide by referendum that we want to be IN europe, we MUST join the euro AND give away much of our sovereign powers to them. If we stay out, the contacts we have may well lead to us being a "power broker" to all those outside europe that want to develope their business within europe. IF we all decide to be "IN" europe, please realise that we will spend up to 30 years in the wilderness as all the others will see us as "they who didn't really want to be in". We have no choice, we are out and it will be financially good for us to be out. All we need to do now is pressure David Cameron to get on with the business, call the referendum, let us vote and then we can get on with the business of recovery. MR. CAMERON, please DO NOT use form design to try to influence our decision, give us a CLEAR and TRANSPARENT voting form so that this country can tell you what they REALLY want! This, above all else, might be how  we decide if you will stay or go next time we vote. Please be aware of that!

04.12.2011.      CB did a piece on this page (30.11.2011) about the government using credit easing to reduce the indebtedness of the families of this country. It was NOT a joke! Just READ it ( 3 articles down the page)! If people had no arrears, they would have more to spend each month. If the banks had no arrears on the balance sheets, their liquidity would be transformed. If the banks lending came down to a position that was too low because "credit easing" had repaid much of the outstanding, then the banks would HAVE to write new lending OR they would have no profits. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROPOSAL! The government with the nous to see the benefits and do this would set the template for the rest of the world. If that happened, there would be a fix to the worlds financial problems within a years time. Come on Mr. Osborne, are you a leader or a follower? CB thinks the electorate would prefer a leader for the man who has his hand on OUR money!

04.12.2011.      Roll on tomorrow, Merkel (the saviour angel{a}) meets Sarkosy (the sarcastic). WHY? To save the euro! The question is, can it be saved? YES! CB has already stated that the euro can be saved but ONLY if the United States of Europe is formed. Enter stage left, multiple referenda. All those in on the right, all those out on the left. Please be advised that Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain will not be invited. Italy may get a shot but all the rest can leave, quietly please. Cameron, after his "working lunch" with Sarkosy has now been humbled, he is NOT a Thatcher. CB believes his heart is in the right place, it is just that Margaret had bigger kohonies than David has got (and he is a daddy). So we either have an amalgamation of Germany and France AND a euro OR we go back to the pre euro days. The trouble is the knock on effect. The rest of the world is in so much trouble that it does not need this euro cancer eating away at the insides of the global financial system. As CB has said earlier, the indecision round the world will (historically) only create the groundwork for war, which is the usual way that the world recovers from economic problems. The next question is where will it start? Perhaps Iran? The Israelis may well decide to give Ahmedinajad a foretaste of what he seemingly desires before the fruitcake does a fatwah on Israel. That might lead to the rest of the world taking their sides and then we can all join the party. Hey, every cloud has a silver lining, such an act would fix the population explosion problem ( The Population Trap ), CB just does not want to be here when it is all over. It would also  eradicate all concerns about the atmospheric pollution problems, it would be polluted for the next 500,000 years, creating a big headache for mother nature.  Help in understanding the workings of mother nature might be found on another site close to CB's heart,  This Site, (which was conceived purely by observing mother nature and her work). It really is about time that the major world leaders begin to understand how serious the problem is. None of them can see the reality of a possible world war if the financial system is not PROPERLY fixed. Just read your history books. The last time we had a world recession was after the Wall Street crash and the dash to re-arm for world war 2 was how the recession was  defeated. CB is glad he is not a teenager AND has no kids to worry about BUT CB wonders just how these leaders with kids, grandkids and the rest can dither at the peril of their families, let alone the world for which they are supposed to work.  Heigh Ho, CB will just sit and watch the news on his TV and hope for the best BUT, he will keep prodding the leaders (if they read CB).

1.12.2011.      Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble for saying what he thinks (again). He had the audacity to criticise those who were on strike yesterday. Why can the press have so much freedom of speech that they come to think it is in the public interest for them to hack phones, write reputation destroying articles about those who eventually are shown to be innocent but an individual can't say what he feels and get away with it? Mr Clarkson merely reflected the opinions of many of us who saw the strikers on the news. Perhaps, as is his way, his words were a little over the top, but many of the more intelligent of us could see that a few union leaders appeared to have whipped up the mob frenzy and sent them out (losing a days pay) to do the political will of those few leaders. It only takes a couple of sheepdogs to herd a whole flock into the pen! This left wing conspirancy has been going on a long time. It started in the car industry with "red robbo" then moved to the steel mills, then the miners and, in most recent times, the firemen. The unions will never like a conservative government and they ALWAYS agitate when the tories are in. Maybe, should we have the misfortune to ever have a labour government in power, the business owners should "strike". Shut up shop for a month and go on holiday, no pay for the staff. If only, there is too much employment related legislation that would prevent that being a reality. It is a pity, our sick, sleazy, politically correct, health and safety burdened world seemingly no longer has any room for a sense of humour. HEY, hang on, CB is only airing his views in this article! Oh well, CB will sign off, shut down the system and sit and wait for the knock on the door from the guys with the handcuffs.

30.11.2011      Today George Osborne gave us his "winter warmer". All was much as we expected. If we are going to tackle the economy in a way that will REALLY count we need VERY radical thinking. We have had "quantative easing" which is the printing of money and injecting it into the economy. We now have "credit easing" to try to get the banks to lend to business. Why do we not take credit easing at its word? The money that the government has is the taxpayers money so why do they not use it FOR the taxpayer. Many households are into some heavy debt and the flawed financial system has allowed this to happen. Debts like credit cards, mortgages, personal loans are all owed to the banks. It is imperative that we get money into the banks to underpin their liquidity. Now, if we used credit easing to pay off mortgage arrears for householders, pay off arrears and possibly the remaining part of a personal loan or to settle credit card debt a number of things would happen. Firstly, with arrears getting paid off, the banks "bad debt" ledgers would be drastically reduced which would have a big positive knock on effect on their balance sheets. If many personal loans were paid off, the banks would be underexposed. This means, with not enough money out on loan, their profitability would be affected so they would HAVE to try to lend more and CB thinks it would make a big change to the current lending policy. Now, with many households no longer in arrears, nobody would be in danger of losing their home. We also have the fact that, because housewives are not struggling to find the extra £50 each month to go towards arrears, they would have the money to spend so the high street would see a big improvement in takings and, therefore, profits. This means, Mr Osborne, you get MORE revenue, not less. If households were not struggling with debt, the current austerity measures might just sit a little easier with most people. Of course we know that some people would just get back into trouble but most would welcome the "straightening out" of their position. It might also put an end to those "payday loan" adverts on the TV where, if you borrow a months money, it will cost you 6 months wages to pay it back. Mr Osborne, please tell me who wouldn't vote for the government that helped the people like that? And you would only have helped them with THEIR money. Yes, it would be a big job. People would have to ask for the help and declare their debts. They would have to then be verified with the banks but then, the payment, once accepted, would be paid direct to the bank with the correct debt reference to it and there would be just 1 more family out of trouble. You would only be putting money into the banks like you are doing now but clearly blazing a trail through current debt problems and, thus, setting a scene for growth through better spending. THIS WILL WORK!

30.11.2011.      In the last few days Pakistan has been shouting the odds over military incursions into their territory. Perhaps if they didn't house terrorists these incursions would not happen (they were upset about the seals getting Bin Laden, they think they should have been told first but, if that had been done, Bin Laden would probably have been moved). They should think of the £Bn's of dollars that they get monthly from the USA and the UK! They are virtually a failed state and to consolidate the Afghanistan position, it would make sense to keep on going, including Pakistan. Given the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear power, it is more important to have them in a stable political position than Afghanistan. Were it not for the nuclear position CB does not think Pakistan would get even a tenth of the aid they receive. Perhaps we should cut off the money for a month or two and see how loud they bleat then!

30.11.2011.      Last Friday there were 18 special £1M tickets for the euromillions draw. Did you see that most of them started with VV? The random ticket drawer is not that random, is it. CB's pal had a ticket that was a TCV start and, as he enters both draws for the week usually on a Sunday, that would be a Tuesday number. The VV predominance indicates that only the Friday numbers were in the draw (there was one old number that started with a Q in the list). As much as Camelot would like us all to play online and preferrably enter for multiple weeks it seems you put yourself at a disadvantage by doing this. CB suggests that, whilst there are extra millionaire draws on the go, you should enter the euromillions on a draw by draw basis to ensure you have a chance at the random tickets. Maybe, ONE DAY, Camelot will get programmers that have the skills to provide the random draw on a fairer basis.

25.11.2011.      What about the burgler, required to write a letter of apology to his victims, who writes not an apology but a nasty letter telling his victims that they had asked for it! This cretin has NOT had his sentence extended for his action and WHY NOT???? He clearly has not learned any lesson, clearly will reoffend and should be singled out for special attention. He should be brought back before the court and given the absolute maximum that can be handed down. This is EXACTLY the type of thing that makes the law look so stupid that the man in the street loses his respect for it. Will these magistrates ever get the message?

22.11.2011.      Well, look at Egypt, where did all that new found "freedom" go? What you are looking at is a demonstration of how people are controlled, by fear. Society works on fear control, that is why most of us break no laws, we are fearful of the penalty should we be caught. The deal in Egypt is to look at who is really in power. It is the military. By definition, the military only understands repression as the way to run a country, whereas politicians are more likely to use argument and logic to achieve the same result. In Syria it is the same, if the people get rid of Assad, they have done NOTHING until they remove his brother who controls the military. If the brother were to go, Assad could stay, he is a weak puppet and would follow the people to stay as president. Read the page on "The World Order" to understand more about military rule.

22.11.2011.      Within the last few days we have had Bishops and Archbishops airing their views on various political points in the UK. Wasn't there a law passed against any church involvement in politics a couple of hundred years ago? Perhaps the meddling of the clergy ought to be taken up by the police! Read the page on "The Worlds Oldest Industry" to get a better understanding of why CB wants the clerics to shut up.

19.11.2011.      We are currently watching various countries trying to oust dictators and most of it is working. What about military powers? Burma seems to be coming out of that. What does it take for rulers to cede power to the people? All the starvation and aggravation in Africa is because of "warlords" being in power in their various areas. Why can not the UN do for these people what they did in Libya? When will this world ever learn? It is no good banging on about abuses if we just sit on the sidelines and shout! It is all about money! It is easier and cheaper to give "aid" but this money usually finds its way into the purses of the warlords, so compounding the problems, AND paying into the bank accounts of the munitions manufacturers! Stop the mouthing, GO THERE and do the biz. Then you can walk tall, take the business and make the money, WHICH IT IS ALL ABOUT ANYWAY! Do to Syria what you did in Libya ( it is not Assad who is the problem, it is his brother who controls the military, AND, therefore, the country). Then go to Somalia. Should anywhere else rear an ugly head, do them too. Now, let us look at Iran! Somehow, CB feels that this one will not happen like that. If Iran continues down the road that we think they are on, the Israelis might just do the pre-emptive and the world will condemn them but, secretly, will applaud. Can we not fix this before the big one is dropped? Sadly not, the Iranians are driven by hatred and belief, so we are not going to be spared this. To understand better, read the page on "The Flawed Human Psyche".

19.11.2011.      Well Mr. Blatter, just look at the post CB made on the 24th of last month. It suggested you were an old fart and you should take the millions that you have milked from football and find a beach to wallow on. Staying in football is bad for football and, hopefully, if you stay, it will lead us to finding where all your money came from. If you go now, maybe you are safe. If you stay, the witch hunt might bring you down and, under those circumstances, it is likely that those who are on your tail might want to view your finances. At your age, retirement is a good deal, TAKE IT! Hear the music, smell the coffee, WAKE UP, you are too old now, GO!!!!!

16.11.2011.      We have been told today that the rate of inflation in the UK has fallen from 5.2% to 5%. What a joke (if only we could laugh). It would be nice if we had some reality figures. Why not do an inflation rate based on the things we HAVE to buy, forgetting the luxuries. Lets just look at food, gas, electricity and the other necessities that say, a pensioner has to buy every week.  Just go shopping and you will see that over the last year we are looking at food bills up by 33%. Gas and electricity combined are up by about 14%. With things as tight as they are we are not buying TV's, we go rioting to get them. As we are not buying them, severe price cutting is about to tempt us. This adds a false figure to the calculation of the rate of inflation. If we got real figures, we may see just how rubbish our politicians are at looking after us. So much for honesty and transparency.

16.11.2011.      Mr. Cameron has been speaking his mind on Europe. HE thinks that there should be less involvement of Europe in the affairs of it's member countries. Everyone else has the opposite view. The real fact is that, for Europe to overcome it's problems and save the euro, it is most likely that they should form The United States of Europe. Each member country would have to be reduced to a state within Europe. There would have to be a federal government, with the member states only legislating on local matters, such is the measure of fiscal integration that is needed to ride out the storm. CB cannot see this happening and the alternative is the failure of Europe as it stands now. Mr. Cameron ought to listen more to the other heads of European countries rather than do all the talking, THAT way he might be able to keep in line with what is happening and what may be on the cards!

15.11.2011.      Columbia's Prime Minister has asked the world to have a re-think on the war on drugs. Maybe he has been reading "The War on Drugs", published  on this site a few years ago. Read the page but keep cool, see it logically. The subject is a hard one to address as many people get so emotionally fired up when this subject is discussed. The page, as well as being historically informative, helps you to understand the mis-information given out since victorian times to justify the law, a law of persecution.

08.11.2011.      Theresa May is currently answering to the Commons Select Committee regards the UK's "open borders". She says she did not authorise any relaxation other than that which has already been reported. It has been said she had to know because there is a weekly log of relaxations sent to the Home Office. Now, those who watched the recent UK TV program about the workings of No. 10 and the civil service might have seen the large box of paperwork taken home each night by the ministers. They have to delve through them and deal with all business within. After a 10 or 12 hour day, it is most likely that they only read the topmost layer, the most urgent stuff. It is possible that Ms May was given the logs but didn't see them as they were classified as not that urgent. Ministers do have to rely on their own small army of civil servants so, if any one of them underperforms, the Minister is at risk. This is what it feels like has happened here. The real deal is that business regards the UK borders was not classified high enough to be on the top of the list. Should that be the case, then Ms. May should resign.

08.11.2011.      WE have heard nothing from Lloyds TSB regarding any problems (although their ATM near CB's residence was not working last Saturday morning). Given the reported problems (2 paragraphs below) that 2 other banks experienced, it smells like a DOS (Denial of Service) attack on the banks. This is usually just rendering the web site unusable but, with ATM's involved it would be much more worrying. A full system breach would mean the banks having to advise users to change passwords etc. and CB has heard nothing of this order. Given there is an ongoing  worldwide protest against the banks, it is not unreasonable to believe that a DOS attack might be part of this. CB has today used an RBS ATM so they have fixed last weeks problem. It is now a "wait and see" situation but, if you do money online, watch your account carefully for now.

08.11.2011.      So, the review of childrens heart operation facilities in the UK has lost a battle in court. It seems that one of the units destined for closure has proved that the review criteria are unfair and ultimately illegal and, are therefore, safe. It seems that the whole evaluation process must start again!  Those who read this regularly might remember that CB said the whole process had been decided before any sham review. The facilities in Leeds are under threat and are included in only one of the four options in the review paperwork. This guarantees that Leeds must be up for closure. The review body is adamant that no decisions have yet been made BUT, their review methods are just like good form design. If you fill in the boxes, you can only arrive at THEIR desired result, ergo the decision HAS already been taken. To close Leeds in favour of Newcastle is, geographically, STUPID! South Yorkshire is so much in the "heart" of the most densely populated area and, just on the ability to get there for treatment, MUST be better than Newcastle upon Tyne. There is something going on here and all this is worthy of a totally independent enquiry. WHEN are they ever going to learn that, with the access to todays information highways, people do find it a little easier to see dirty doings for what they are.

06.11.2011.      We have seen on the news that HSBC bank had a computer problem. Their ATM's were not available on Thursday at the end of last week AND neither was the online banking system. It was blamed on a server failure! Strange that the Royal Bank of Scotland had EXACTLY the same problem the following day but said it was due to problems encountered during routine maintenance. Even more strange when CB found his usual ATM unavailable on Saturday morning AND, this one was belonging to yet another big bank, Lloyds TSB. Three banks all with the same problem smells more like a successful cyber attack. Cyber attacks are only ever reported when the problem is big enough to make the national news OR, if the problem affects enough of their clients that a cover up would be discovered too quickly. The policy is to keep attacks quiet so as not to undermine the clients confidence in their systems. All large companys like to have us believe that their system security is unbreakable. The truth is that any system, no matter how well designed, is a target for the cyber criminal. The thrill of breaking a system is so high and, in the case of a bank, so rewarding, that we are in a continual war with the criminals. Getting away with the crime is another matter but, the policy of keeping quiet by the big banks only helps the criminal to believe that they will succeed and get away with it. Maybe the banks might lean a bit nearer to transparency and, maybe, if they do it may help us to find a little more trust in them. Currently our trust reserves in the banks closely mirrors their cash reserves, which is very little.

03.11.2011.      Well, we are used to politics moving so slowly but what about the last 24 hours, we are now moving at formula 1 speed. The whole European package is falling to bits. How can this possibly be fixed? CB has this suggestion! The Greek PM was right to offer to ask his people by referendum if they were happy to accept the terms of the financial bail out, after all, he was only sticking to the principles of democracy! It must be realised by the actions of the outgoing Greek PM by calling this referendum on their debt relief package that, If Europe is to survive, it must become a federal state with all its members being merely states within the union. This would cede all sovereign rights of each independent country to the Central Government of Europe. Just as the 50 individual states in the USA have their own state legislature, where they can enact state laws, they all have to bow to federal law as enacted by the government of the USA. In europe, this would need every member state having a referendum on their continued membership, which would also include joining the Euro. The UK would, obviously, opt out. Those staying in would be in a position to underpin the euro. CB sees no other alternative if Europe is to be saved. The problem is time, what happens to the global financial system whilst we are all waiting to see the results of such a massive change. CB thinks that the times we live in are the most dangerous worldwide than at any time since the start of world war 2!

01.11.2011.      WELL, Nick Clegg is pulling big bytes over his confirmation of the government loan to Sheffield Forgemasters! This is total bollox! The government is spending NOTHING! They are merely guaranteeing the loan from a bank.  It means that IF Forgemasters  defaults on it's repayments, the government will step in and pay. This does NOT mean that we have accepted a debt UNLESS Forgemasters defaults. Now, CB is a guy who spent a lot of his time running steel companies SO, he does know why Forgemasters is one of the foremost leaders in the world. They have the largest hot forging machine in the world. They are very worthy of support as they are the foremost manufacturer of high level specialist plant in the world. The loan is not bad money, it is imperative to the future of UK Industry that companies like Forgemasters survives, CB NEVER used them, his business could not afford their prices, BUT, what they make is crucial to the worlds future. CB just wonders why all the controversy? The new coalition government could have kept their loan guarantee in place from day 1 and it would never have been a political football!  Why did they screw it all up?  CB thinks it was politics, not good sense but hey, that is life.  CB does not know who Forgemasters banks with BUT, if it is RBS, and we own 83% of them,  no money may ever be moved!  It will just sit on the guarantee!  HEY, one day one of the numnutz in the government MIGHT ask CB what he thinks, now wouldn't that be something?

01.11.2011.      Hello, it seems we still have big problems in Europe. The Greek public will be going to a referendum over their debt problems. They, like many others, seem not to understand where we are with all of this. European countries who have voted a left wing government into power, such as Greece, are having right wing policies imposed on them by Europe as a condition of Europe bailing that country out of trouble. Left wing thinkers will always spend money they do not have to try to realise their political ideals. They never seem to understand that ideals are to be aimed at BUT reality is the norm! NOBODY can ever overspend without the day of reckoning dawns. THAT DAY IS NOW FOR EUROPE! If a referendum in Greece overturns all the work that Europe's leaders have done for their benefit, then we should let Greece go. The deal is the stability of the world's financial system and no country can be allowed to bring that stability down. These are tough times and the whole world can be brought down if the leaders cannot get it right. It seems that nobody, with the exception of CB, sees the reality of where this may go. OK, if you think CB is nuts, fair comment, BUT, just wait 6 or 12 months and look again. Logic says that we either live within our means OR the result will be total chaos. All of the financial problems that we now see are, if you read your history, the same problems that, in the past, have lead to world conflict. We live in dangerous times and CB wants an easy life, the one he enjoys now BUT, CB feels that may be temporary, please prove CB wrong, PLEASE fix this problem, CB wants to have the easy retirement he worked for, not the conflict which would be inevitable if the world's monetary system is allowed to fail. We are in times where those who are the elected leaders have more weight on their shoulders than has ever been seen before. CB feels that another term for Barak Obama would be good for America but CB thinks that he will lose. NOT because he is a poor president, BUT because the world's economics might defeat him. That would be bad for the rest of the world. It does seem that Europe, fixing their debt problems, is the start of the climb back to world financial order, so CB says FIX IT NOW!

24.10.2011.      We have seen a world wide demonstration against the capitalist society. Having watched some of the interviews on TV, it is sad to see that the spokesmen want a large scale change to the status quo. Pity these people have no ideas as to what system might replace capitalism. These people are dreaming if they think that they could ever overcome the influence of the "haves" with governments. Those who pay the piper call the tune and always have done. Witness to that is a bank, 83% owned by the people, and there is still no political will to stop the board of directors authorising an annual theft of 33% the companys property in the name of "bonus"! This is due to the amount of money the revenue gets from this source and the fear is that, if the government does the right thing, the bank may move its Head Office and its operations offshore, thus depriving the treasury of its tax revenue. If repeated across all banks in the UK, the government would go bust. The trick here is for the government to actually listen, for once, to the music. People have had enough! They were livid when they found they were being robbed by MP's with their expenses. They feel similarly about all the austerity measures, as much as they know the measures are needed. They are sick of the phone hacking scandal which showed corruption within the police force. They were appalled at the police handling of the recent riots. It seems every day someone is on the TV saying "we have lessons to be learned from this". Lessons need only to be learned when something is or has gone wrong. The message from all of this and on the back of the capitalism demonstrations is that the people have had enough. It is not the time to sit on your fat flaccid and believe it will all go away, NOW is the time to learn THE lesson and start to fix the things that are wrong. Taking no action is to leave the fractures in society in place, undressed, and that means it will only get worse!

24.10.2011.      We have seen the end of Saddam Hussein, now Gaddafi, who is next, Sepp Blatter? FIFA is troubled with corruption allegations. Mr Blatter is to take steps to deal with this. As the boss, he should have been on top of it from the start! Here we have a tired old man who has had too much power for far too long. In his position and with all the money washing around in internetional football he has more power than many country's presidents! He has been the major blockage to the use of modern technology to assist the decision making process. This technology would also rule out any thought of corruption when officials get it so wrong. His re-election as the boss was very fishy as he ended up being the only candidate when, given the circumstances, a better way should have been found. Maybe it is time for a good clear out, a fresh start which just might be what football is in need of!

19.10.2011.      The evictions at Dale Farm, Basildon, Essex have started. The police, who are supposed to stand back and lend support IF NEEDED whilst bailiffs do their job, waded in mob handed, just as we expected them to, and against their guidelines for aiding court officers in execution of a court order.  In all the televised interviews with Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, it has felt like "the establishment" versus "teh gippo's". There is clearly ethnic bias going on here, shadowed under the umbrella of "the law". CB has had dealings with travellers in the past. Whilst they are a rough, hard people, they are very honourable. They will always do right by you as long as you do right by them. Respect for one another is the key here. The other side of the coin is, CB would not want to be thought of by travellers as someone who  had not done right by them, much less than someone who had deliberately done them wrong. Carrying a name like that makes it not too healthy to be in the company of any of the travellers community. CB is VERY pleased he lives nowhere Basildon!

19.10.2011.      Last week we had a report on the UK news of the persistent lack of real care for our old age pensioners. One in 5 hospitals gave care that was so poor it broke the law. When these old people are responsible for our being here, responsible for inventing and developing the luxuries, gadgets and entertainment we all take for granted, can't we just treat them well? Seems not, we are all too much "out for ourselves and stuff the rest". The hospitals are the tip of the iceberg. Supposedly dedicated care homes, where high standards are expected very often fall way below the mean average of acceptable treatment. You only have to see this apalling state of affairs to realise that our world is one of injustice, no matter how hard we try to better it. And none of this takes into consideration those "carers" who, fed up with their jobs, deliberately abuse those in their "care". AND, if the elderly person ever says anything, they are not believed because "they are old" "their mind has gone" and all the other cover up excuses that are given by those in charge. Maybe we should listen to the old FIRST and those covering their butts second!

15.10.2011.      And in the news, yet another case of child abuse at the hands of a catholic priest. Somebody ought to let the pope in on the secret, celibacy is unnatural. To impose it on priests will guarantee that catholic church choirs are the best in the world. When the priest drops a coin on the floor and the little boy bends over to pick it up, the frock is up, the shorts are down and the pain the little boy feels is what teaches him to hit top C! ALL religions are flawed because they are of man, by man and for the men who operate them, they are NOTHING to do with any god! Read the page on The Worlds Oldest Industry to learn more.

14.10.2011.      Liam Fox, the UK's defence secretary has resigned. CB calls to mind the number of times over the last few days where he has watched on TV the media thrusting microphones int Mr. Fox's face and screaming questions such as "when are you going to resign" at him. CB does believe that Mr. Fox was quite gifted in his handling of our defence affairs. Shame he let his personal life intrude. Would there have been such an outcry if it were Mr. Fox's wife that attended all the meetings? CB would like to remind the CRETINS with the microphones what a Pyrrhic Victory is. This is a victory where the cost to the victors far outweighs their gains. CB feels that the government might do well to look at ways to curb the cretins. The matter of the calls for resignation of, or the castigation of a cabinet member should be dealt with in the House of Commons and not on the TV or in the daily rags.

11.10.2011.      The news that some base accounts with Royal Bank of Scotland will only be allowed to use RBS ATM's to withdraw cash is not so good. The TV said it was due to cost as each transaction stood the bank 30p. CB thinks it may be worse than that. If you go to an ATM that is NOT an RBS ATM and you withdraw, say, £200 from your RBS account, it effectively means that the bank where you got your cash has lent RBS that £200 overnight. This is what the LIBOR (lending inter bank overnight) rate refers to. Now try to imagine how many times in 1 day an ATM might be used by someone from another bank. You will soon see that large amounts of money need to be transferred from bank to bank by the overnight transfer system (BACS). Now, IF a bank has no confidence in another banks ability to pay its debts, then THAT bank will not be wanting to lend to the other bank. One way is to bar the other banks customers from using their ATM's. With the recent demise of Dexia bank and the jitters about other European banks it would not be surprising to see the jitters develop between UK banks. Given this scenario, the problems with the Euro, America's poor economic outlook and all the other fear and indecision in the world's stock markets, CB asks "ARE WE WITNESSING THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM?" Maybe now is a good time to be poor, you cannot lose what you do not have!

06.10.2011.      Much of the talk at the Conservative conference has been about the economy. We have just seen Ed Balls (what an apt name) on the TV spouting his thoughts on the failings of the coalition to deal with the slump, best he keep quiet as he was, under Gordon Brown, at the very heart of what the last government did to sabotage the UK economy! It seems the banks are not lending sufficient to small and new businesses. As CB has said before, there is a way to deal with that. The reason a bank lends (or doesn't lend) to a business is purely commercial. The need to build up the UK's industry is political. Instead of the government pumping OUR money into a bank that won't lend, and steals 1/3 of the balance sheet every year in the name of "bonus", why does it not deal direct. The taxpayers money might be better employed by the Bank of England. Should they start a new subsidiary bank called, say, The British Business Bank, then we would be using our tax money to directly support the UK industrial effort. Whilst good commercial consideration should be given before lending, the reason for lending would be somewhat different to that of a purely commercial bank. CB would suggest that the rewards would also have the potential to be excellent. The reason why this is not happening is the lack of political will. The government is so scared of the banks moving offshore. Perhaps they could inhibit such a move as the Act of Parliament needed to authorise the new business bank might also contain a ban on the movement of large chunks of British money being transferred offshore. That ban might also help to catch up with those that avoid their fair share of tax by using offshore tax havens. Sadly, whilst all this is achievable, it needs a government that has less hot air and more hot action to make it work.

01.10.2011.      It seems the UK is going back to weekly rubbish bin collections. CB finds it funny that, given public health considerations, the Health and Safety executive was never to be heard at the time we went to fortnightly. Might it be that  the move away from weekly was done at a time when Labour was in power? Health and Safety has invaded every part of UK life, even in sometimes ridiculous situations that could only be attributed to the looney left so why were they so quiet? Might we hear their opinion on the subject this time? Maybe Mr. Cameron might load his shotgun, both barrels, and aim it their way? CB would be well pleased to see the H & S lose a lot of their power.

29.09.2011.      The financial crisis still sits at the top of the news. CB would like to, hopefully, bring home some home truths. Whilst the eurocrats are dithering, they forget one very major thing. Read the history books. The only thing that has traditionally broken a major world wide slump is WAR. The need for weapons and munitions has usually been the way to get countries back to work. War is also promoted by financial instability, mistrust of ones neighbours and these criteria usually present the opportunity for a warmonger to obtain the power needed to wage that war. Of course war costs money but that has never been a barrier to those who see war as their only way out. Europe must shit or get off the pot, wipe it, then present a clean face to the rest of the world, THEN the other leaders might join in with a repaired Europe to fix the financial problem world wide. CB has, for a long time now, seen the population explosion as mans worst enemy (Read the page on The Population Trap) BUT, a war that developed into a world wide conflict comes a close second. Now is the time to stop that potential by fixing the money problem.

28.09.2011.      Ed Milliband has done his best today in Liverpool to rally his troops behind him. CB is not convinced. This is the party that will ask the British public to give them the thumbs up to return to Government in 2015. They will ask that public to forget that, when in 2010, knowing the party was unlikely to be elected with Gordon Brown as leader, none of them could get rid of him, and yet they will want us to believe they can run the Country. This is the party that spent the UK into financial oblivion but, when the coalition party formed to pick up the pieces started to manage the economy, all they could do was criticise. CB is quite confident that a Labour government will never do much for the country except leave the coffers empty. Now CB also thinks that the coalition, marginally a better choice than labour, has yet to show the country that they are actually in proper control of things. Much needs to change before we may think that and so much, in todays global village, is beyond their control. The whole world is in a mess and we may well be heading toward the meltdown of the financial system that we all rely on. CB thinks it is unlikely that much will get better unless the major world leaders establish a true mechanism of co-operation to sort out the financial system from top to bottom. The alternative is unthinkable.

24.09.2011.      The financial crisis worldwide is deepening, in CB's opinion. Nobody understands the concept of confidence these days. You would think, knowing this, that the Eurocrats would get the job done. The sooner you taake the medicine, the sooner you get well and the quicker the bad taste disappears. Failure to bite the bullet leaves the bullet free to be loaded into the gun. The way they are performing in Brussels, suicide is the only likely outcome. The financial system worldwide seems to be compromised, and the bankers still steal 33% per annum from the empty coffers! We knew it was getting shaky but now we can see the cracks. There is no escape, even the Chinese, who hold a few TRILLION dollars will be hit because the rest of the world cannot buy as much from them as they did. Money that does not move makes no interest. The politicians of the world need to get it fixed and QUICK! CB does feel, however, that it all starts in Europe. If the Euro fails, CB will bet that the rest of the world could come tumbling down. Armagedden? Who knows.

16.09.2011.      Most of us have now had our TV signals turned over to digital only by now. CB has noticed that before this, there was some considerable mis-information given out. Now CB has a few clues but feels sorry for all those who do not, especially the elderly. Much provision was made to give help where needed, BUT CB remembers getting a leaflet saying "your old recorders will not work any more. Well, if they were fed by a freeview or freesat box, they would. CB wonders how many went out and bought new gear based on this mis-advice. We were also told that we had to retune our sets. Given that they had already been tuned in to the available channels, some might have wondered why. TV's and boxes  had to be re-set to "shipping condition", which is with no channels tuned in. This was so that they would search ALL frequencies and, therefore, find the HD channels. Without the factory default re-set, the equipment would only search a part of the available frequencies, that is the ones it had already found channels on (because this range was already in the memory). We were told that FREESAT did NOT need retuning. Well, it does! The BBC1 HD and BBC HD channels had been moved to a new frequency so, if not retuned (from the SHIPPING CONDITION), anyone wanting the BBC's HD channels would get a "No Signal" message. Why did the relevant authorities not know this? We are back to todays norm, "incompetence is OK". Wouldn't it be nice if companies had competent employees like they used to? Wouldn't it be nice if we had politicians who didn't need to "learn lessons", when will they be finished with school? They wonder why we call em "the good old days"!

10.09.2011.      Tonight CB did his usual at this time of the year. It was the Last Night of the Proms! A VERY large bottle of scotch, TV turned well up, (it is wired through the stereo and that was turned UP), and ready to celebrate.  As CB was singing along, he realised that the words were no longer right! NO, the song has not been re-written, it is just that the words are no longer true!  When the words "Britons never ever can be slaves" were sung, CB remembered that, earlier today, when he was out shopping in the high street, over 40% of all women he saw had their heads covered! Now CB is not British born, he is a British citizen, but was born outside Britain. He has lived here for 52 years and his perspective on life is that of an Englishman. It was when Edward Gardener made his speech at the end of the music that CB really saw through the pain he was feeling. It is obvious that, within 30 to 50 years, England will be living under Sharia law. The British are very tolerant with others but the Muslim belief is fanaticism and CB does not think that they will be so tolerant when they are the majority in Parliament. This is NOT RACIST, it is realism based on plain observation. CB has been voting in this country for over 40 years now and he NEVER VOTED FOR THIS! Our "so called" bright men, our MP's, have given this country away free of charge! The good news is that CB may well be dead by the time all this happens but what about YOU who have children? Is this what you had your daughters for? They will be the slaves of their owners (their husbands) under Sharia law, IN ENGLAND! This is the end of an era for CB, he will never watch the last night of the proms again and, if they think about it, if the last night of the proms, in the words of Mr. Gardener is "a celebration of Britishness", perhaps they should learn to sing Land of Hope and Glory in URDU or FARSI. it might be more fitting. In truth, if you read CB's page on "The Population Trap", you will realise that the muslims will never reap the benefits of their population explosion as they are building their own time bomb which, when it explodes, will only hurt them. Let us now see if THAT is the "will of allah"!

228.08.2011.      Well, CB is confused and that does not happen very often! This week, after all the furore over UCAS and unplaced students, we have been told that the GCSE passes are, ONCE AGAIN, better than ever before! Maybe someone out there might enlighten CB. Why is it that every time CB needs to deal with a company, such as an energy provider, a mobile phone provider or any of the other companies that CB needs to deal with, all CB ever encounters are totally incompetent dummos! When CB was a company owner, if any employee was not up to the job, CB personally trained them, as that helped BOTH the company AND the employee. If they were not capable of being trained, they had to go and a new person was put in place, but CB always felt, that if that was the only way, it was a defeat, CB loved his employees because they made him, and theirselves, money. In todays business environment, those who are incompetent seem to be tolerated. The accountants appear to decide that the old guy, been there 25 years (and has had a few pay rises in those years) is now too expensive to keep so they make them redundant and put a young dummo in their place. This works ON PAPER but not in practice. Those old guys do so many little things on a day to day basis that help make the company what it is. The new kid doesn't even know what those little things are, so the company becomes a little bit less than what it was. Imagine this! CB filled in a form for one of the companies that is an ongoing contract and got a reply to a Mr. T ********. CB's name is Mr. J. ********. When he was talking to some little girlie at this company he did point out his name was Mr. J., NOT Mr T. The girl then said "Who has a name that starts with a J", upon which CB said "Er, John, Jack, Joe, Jason". At this point, the girl was heard to sigh over the phone, as much to acknowledge that she had JUST realised that she was THICK! Unfortunately, this is rife in todays world, so WHAT are todays kids being taught? CB thinks the political leftys who have been degrading the education system for so many years need to be outed. Teach the kids what is important, what they (and the business world) need, Maths, English and sciences. If you think this is an extreme point of view, just watch the BBC News Channel. On there you will see the "breaking news" banner and I defy you to watch that without spotting a spelling or grammatical error! This is the BBC and even they are failing to be accurate. With all the technology advantages we have today, how can we fall so further back from where we had gone? Why does CB believe that his education, gained in the early 60's was a better education than that doled out now? CB learned allhe knows in spite of the teachers, NOT because of them, and it would be good to think it had improved, but it seems to have got worse. Maybe the only lesson learned over all those years is "how to frig the numbers to make the teachers look good"!

25.08.2011.      Todays news regarding the closure of child heart surgery facilities is very sad. The NHS is currently doing a consultation whether to keep the facility at Leeds and close Newcastle or do it the other way round. Logically, Leeds is more central in England and should, therefore, represent less travel for most of those in need and it is also on the M1 motorway, whereas Newcastle is at the top of the A1, a lesser volume road. A doctor Stuart who is on the advisory council to the NHS today categorically denied on BBC TV that the decision to close Leeds in favour of Newcastle had already been made. The newscast then showed the form filled in by 75,000 people from around the country. There are 4 sections on this form and Newcastle is a selectable option in all 4 categories whereas Leeds is only found in category D. CB has talked before about the discipline of Form Design, where if you draw up the form how you need it and ask exactly the right questions, you will get the answer you want without those filling in the form realising they are being steered down your selected path. It smells to CB like the decision has been made and now they are looking for the justification. This seems like yet another demonstration of the "sleaze and scam" society in which we live today, where it is well out of fashion to be honest!

19.08.2011.      With the release of the A level results yesterday, the annual scramble for University places by the "nearly achievers" has taken place. Now back in the old days, CB had employees. CB only once employed a graduate. He was a man who could absorb the contents of books and reproduce that content, in his own words, just in the format required to pass the exams. He could not think on his feet and was, in fact, the worst salesman that CB had ever had. CB has, for a long time, thought that business and industry has over rated the degree. Just do a search and see how many graduates actually work in the discipline that their degree is in. So many end up moving well away from the discipline that they are supposed to know when they start work. CB is not decrying education, just the application of it at job time. The best part of going to University has to be the contacts you make, learning to manage your own life (escape from parental control) and learning to manage your own finances. Yes, the bank of mum and dad does come into it for some, but most have to do a part time job so learning the disciplines of a working life is paramount. Given the cost of a degree now and the apparent rise of the work experience/apprenticeship movement, CB thinks that, in years to come, business and industry might place a lesser importance on the degree and, thus, be better off in the long run.

19.08.2011.      There has been more criticism from the financial experts (The Labour Party) over the Coalition Governments financial performance regarding the economy. They obviously still cannot see the truth of their folly. In this day and age any country MUST export a good percentage of their GDP.  Just to help the Labour lads out, Germany has a flat economy, as does France! All the other European countries are doing less well. America is not in a growth pattern. Only China, India and other South East Asian countries are doing well. That is because they are COMPETITIVE in the world markets.  Under such conditions it will be quite a long time before there is a significant move towards growth in the western world, REGARDLESS of what they might do. CB does wish that the Labour lads would stop bleating, go to school, maybe, and then come back with credible criticism. On the other hand, stay just as you are and we may be sure you cannot get back in power next time.

17.08.2011      It has just been announced on the national news that the senior Met policemen investigated in the phone hacking saga have been cleared of any wrong doing. The problem here is that it was the IPCC (the establishment) that did the investigating. Given that there have been so many times where we have seen the police close ranks and try to keep their own safe, do we believe them? Given the senior resignations in the Met over phone hacking, a final written warning being issued to the Chief of North Yorkshire police, Arrests of the most senior policemen in Cleveland, dismissals of members of the firearms unit in Liverpool, CB finds the credibility of the police a bite too much for him to swallow. Readers are, obviously, free to make up their own minds. Some of you might be old enough to remember when we all trusted the police, the banks, the insurance companies etc., ahh, the good old days, (but even that far back we never trusted the politicians).

17.08.2011.      David Cameron, talking about the events surrounding the "News of the World letter", has just now said that if he knew THEN what he NOW knows he may have made different decisions. Unfortunately it is SO HARD to believe Mr. Cameron these days  as he has not kept even one of his pre election  promises (unless you count the dodgy referendum on voting change).  CB believes he has not been allowed to keep these promises  by the back room, grass roots of the Tory Party, and it is hoped that this is the case, otherwise the lack of him addressing these promises could only be put squarely on his own shoulders.  The die hards do not want any electoral reform, changes of any type to the political system or any alteration to the status quo.  Given this and the electoral death of the Lib Dems and  the certain knowledge that the Labour Party would spend us into oblivion, who could we possibly vote for next time? 

14.08.2011.      Well, given the appointment of the American ex Chief Inspector as an independant advisor, Mr Orde, acting Chief Constable of the Met has said he "cannot be taught how to deal with gangs from a man who had 400 of them in his jurisdiction". Isn't this just typical of the arrogant approach of the police in general? Isn't this just what the rioters were saying? Mr. Cameron, if you do NOTHING else in your time as PM,  PLEASE give us a police force we can trust, PLEASE  reform those who think they ARE the law! How much longer do we all have to suffer the excesses of those who believe THEY are  untouchable! The British Public love the police UNTIL they have to deal with them, at that point they begin to understand what they really are. PLEASE put things right, and NOW is the time!

10.08.2011.      With the rioting in England having spread to places other than London, CB has had a worrying thought. It would not be a surprise to find that MI5 may investigate a possible left wing plot. Putting pressure on police resources could be designed to strike at the heart of the current governments austerity measures. This is more an attack on the government than the police. The only reason for this thought is the apparent serious organisation of the riots through messaging ability. Are we to believe that all the criminals in the country know each other? More like there is a central organisation with the ability to identify criminals around the country with their phone numbers and therefore the ability to co-ordinate these activities. That would suggest an ability to access a major computer system such as the PNC (police national computer). Given that there has been no news about any such system having been hacked, then who might have access to such a system? The ability to access such a system might also provide the details of standard police deployment and, therefore, the ability for the organiser to target areas where it would take quite some time for the police to react. CB thinks there is more to the current riots than we yet know (or have been told).

08.08.2011.      Well, with all that CB has said about the police recently, now we have the London riots. Much has been speculated by the news channels but CB wonders why nobody has related these events to the lessening of regard and respect the British Public has for the police in the light of all that has happened within some of the forces (The Met, Cleveland, Liverpool etc.). We have 43 separate forces, 43 mini gods, 43 different decisions for the same set of circumstances. Maybe, in the 21st century we need better than a 19th century police force!

08.08.2011.      CB wonders if the management at Standard and Poors have all been struck with a collective stupidity virus, or maybe it was a corporate educational weekend to teach them this new skill. The downgrading of the USA's credit rating is a blatant attack on the world economy. If this had been done by all the agencies it would have stopped it looking like a political move? Do S & P want to see a republican president? Whatever their reasoning the result is a further barrier to the world recovery. CB thinks all those who use S & P's services and do not agree with this decision should move to another provider and, hopefully, makeS & P understand the second part of their name more closely!

05.08.2011.      The Chief Constable of Cleveland and his assistant have been arrested for some improper conduct. Five officers from the firearms squad in Liverpool have been sacked, with potential additions to that list. What with the reported possible corruption over phone hacking in the Met, also leading to the most senior resignations recently reported it is surely time to reform the UK ploice forces into 1 national force. The stupidity of one force investigating another still exists (it is reported that Leicestershire police are investigating Cleveland police) and just how long will it be before a force looking into another will be stopped in its tracks by the need for them to be investigated? Read the page on The Police for a deeper insight into the problem (also the page on Policemen).

04.08.2011.      So Mubarak is now on trial. The people believe that there will be justice. They are so emotionally charged that CB does not think any other verdict than guilty can be the result. It seems impossible that there can be a "fair trial", there is too much emotion floating around for that to happen. The only place a fair trial could happen would be in the European Court but this would need Mubaraks suspected deeds to be designated as war crimes and it is unlikely that the overthrow of his regime could be designated as "war". Make no mistake, if Mubarak has attacked and/r killed his own people then he deserves a nasty end but it is hard to see that what is happening will be true justice. This will develop into a show trial. The human state loves a show and the human failing is to put the show above justice in a case like this. Read the page on The Flawed Human Psyche for more information.

31.07.2011.      The American financial situation is causing great concern around the world. The Republicans are hell bent on scoring political points. They did this over the health care package, effectively trashing health care for the poorest 15% of Americans. Thankfully they had to compromise. Now they are doing the same with their economy. They have damaged the American reputation world wide just to score political points. Every American is likely to pay dearly from their own pockets for the folly of the Republicans. Now, next year, the Republicans will ask the American people to put their man in the White House. If they can behave so irresponsibly as they have shown us they can, how much damage would and could they cause from the position of power. CB hopes that the vast majority of American people remembers the political STUPIDITY of the republicans when it is time to vote again. When they hear all the hot air promises in the campaign, they should remember the realisation now being demonstrated that the Republican Party cares NOTHING for the American people, NOTHING for the international standing of their country, as long as THEY THEMSELVES are OK, OH and they win the point of course, after all the point is more important than the country!

27.07.2011.      With the sighting of the "6 months to live" Lockerbie bomber on Libyan TV we may now feel that his release was a political move for the Brown government. Did someone get paid for their "expert medical opinion"? Perhaps those involved might have their bank accounts investigated. Perhaps those involved might be investigated for their ability to practice medicine? Actions such as CB proposes would possibly make it just that bit harder to find someone who would bend the rules or bend the truth just for money.

25.07.2011.      The events over the weekend in Norway are quite appalling. CB understands their courts decision to hold a closed first hearing. This is also very dangerous as the accused has already stated that his motive was ploitical and closed hearings may well be seen as "the establishment" protecting themselves from scrutiny or criticism. There is a much wider issue here. America is a country built on immigration, and Canada has had an open door policy now for more years than CB has been around so the people of these countries are used to high level immigration. There are many countries in the world where immigration is not an issue as all their people want out and no outsiders want in. That leaves the rest of the countries. Firstly, immigration is normally a necessity to provide skills that they do not have. It also provides a labour force to do the jobs that their own native born population will not do. The danger is an "open door" policy where there are little or no restrictions. This will only encourage nationalism amongst those born in the country and actions like those in Norway may become more frequent and more widespread. Those doing the "nationalist thing" will perceive themselves to be right in the face of apparent unwillingness or inability of their respective governments to conserve their country. The biggest future threat may be a reaction  to the "perceived" take over of many european countries by islam! Read the page on The Population Trap for more on this. Governments wishing to avoid this kind of trap might be best advised to be much more careful over immigration levels and, particularly, the vetting of those wishing to enter their country. What about Europe, with the "freedom of movement between member states" policy? If immigration policy is not the same throughout European countries, we have an even more complex problem, in that any 1 country that is lax on immigration control is the open door for all and any to continue to flood other European member countries. Haven't we created a wonderful world in which to live!

19.07.2011.      The resignations of 2 senior police officers in the phone hacking affair is very significant. CB suspects that the main reasons behind this is to do with the suppressing of evidence of wrong doing by police officers possibly discovered when the original enquiry was so quickly abandoned. The norm in the police is to cover up to protect the integrity of the force and to deal with the problem from within. This, yet another possible example of a method of operation which is somewhat less than honest would normally be a good opportunity to re-organise the whole of the police forces of the UK into a, much needed in our modern times, co-ordinated national force and not 43 little empires. Should this be achieved, at least some good would come from the whole hacking affair, HOWEVER, Mr. Cameron would need to be at the height of his powers to even think about this just now. He is, in fact, in danger of having to go to the country. It is only hoped by CB that this does not happen as a Labour government with the less than able Mr. Miliband in charge would be a recipe for the bankruptcy of the UK! This, ultimately, may not matter that much if the Euro collapses. Such an event might be the trigger for a full and total worldwide financial catastrophe, one which might not be fixed. Haven't our politicians done well? Now, returning to the police, we have been told that Sean Hall, the reporter who first blew the whistle on all this wrongdoing, has been found dead. We are told that there are no suspicious circumstances, but it is the police who have said this. And they want us to beleive them?????

10.07.2011      Well, the hacking scandal is boiling up, with suggestions there is worse to come. Anyone who has read the page on The Flawed Human Psyche may better understand when CB says mob rule is the current norm. When emotion stands over logic the resultant decision will always be flawed and it usually comes back to haunt the mob members at a later time. Ed Miliband ought to think about that. At the moment he is the voice of the mob. He is after David Camerons blood because Mr. C. employed Andy Coulson. Please tell me who has never made a mistake when choosing an employee. When you do that you are relying on that person to be all they seem, which is totally against human nature as there will always be shortcomings, even deceipt when others are relied upon. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? When it is shown that Rebekah Brookes has done something wrong, she should go, but not until! At this time, she, as a talented and experienced CEO, is much needed in her position. The one who will be ultimately damaged the most by this is the voice, the inciter, of the mob. Maybe that will be a blessing for the Labour Party as Mr. Miliband has never looked, at least to CB, like a leader let alone a potential Prime Minister. This affair has made CB think again about the proposed take over that is currently under review. Maybe that should be deferred for quite some time until we have a clearer picture of how all this unfolds. CB is sure there will be some more developments within the week.

07.07.2011.      The revelations of telephone hacking, which show how low certain newspapers will stoop to get a story, are causing quite a stir.  CB, however, expects certain parts of the media to behave like that. The bit that CB finds of more interest is the payments to "certain police officers" from the press, an act which is quite illegal. A previous enquiry, conducted by the police which lasted all of 3.1/2 hours and was subsequently shelved is the eye opener. If there is, in the possession of the police, such evidence of payments, WHY WAS THE RESULT OF THE ENQUIRY SHELVED? Just another demonstration of the police closing their ranks and protecting their own, even when illegal acts have been committed? As we see this time after time, surely the government must act to reform the police forces in this country (see the page on The Police). Easier said than done, Margaret Thatcher tried to do this and had to back off once she found out how much power they actually have. Is it not strange that, given the police are all about so called justice, we are constantly reminded that we will not see true justice until the police are reformed. The very least that the government can do is to establish a wholly independent department to investigate all complaints against the police and also any other police behaviour that warrants questions being asked. The police CANNOT be left to do their own in-house investigations of themselves any longer, we just do not have sufficient trust in them.

29.06.2011      Ken Clarke has opened a bag of worms with his statement regarding the right of householders to defend themselves against a burglar.  He says he "will clarify their position in law". Firstly, let us realise that self defence is not a RIGHT, it is a BASIC INSTINCT! Unless a burglar knows, or has "cased" the target, he does not know if the householder is a 5 foot wimp or a 6 foot plus ex marine, the implication being the intruder has no fear and is willing to do whatever is necessary to get away with his crime and is probably armed. The householder does not have time to think, he just INSTINCTIVELY reacts to defend himself and his property. He should never be prosecuted for this. The problem is the point of view taken by the police in such matters. From the time when the police were being judged on their numbers of convictions their method of operation seems to have changed. That is the point where they started to view self defence as a "crime". Some of you may have been in the position where you have reported an incident to the police and, by the time you have given your statement, you realise that half the questions asked of you were designed to see if there was anything they could get you on, and then they wonder why the public has lost respect for them! Mr. Clarkes moves are correct but incomplete. Currently, if you injure a burglar in your own home, he can sue you for damages. Mr. Clarke must establish that the intruder denied you your human rights and therefore the intruder has given away his human rights by denying them to you. This, and the removal of the right of the intruder to sue may go a long way to redress the imbalance in the current law. What about Tony Martin? After countless times of being broken into and the police doing nothing, he waited with a shotgun and blasted his attackers, killing one of them. He got 5 years in prison. He should have got a medal, with the 5 years going to each and every police officer who neglected his duty! It is situations like the one that Ken Clarke is trying to fix where, over the years, the point of view taken by the law becomes so far removed from what is fair that guarantees that the public loses faith in it. See the pages on The Police and Policemen for more insight.

14.06.2011      Yesterday Mr. Cameron pledged £814M to the vaccination of children around the world. He said it was important to honour our promises and obligations, (see the previous item)! Just £40M of that £814M would keep all our policemen on the streets of THIS country! Mr. Cameron seems not to have a sense of priority! It is politically ridiculous to do what he has done and then ask us to tighten our belts. Before the last election CB thought that Mr. Cameron would make a good PM. Now we are seeing the truth! CB does feel that the vaccination program is a good thing BUT the UK cannot be the BIG WORLD SAVIOUR when all at home is not well! Was this just a large dose of keeping up with the Gates's?
Come on, Mr. C., go and sit on the white throne, take the papers with you, sit and read for a while and DO NOT ignore them. They are full of all the ills of the UK and it is YOUR JOB to fix them, NOT to  save the world. Gordon Brown thought he had done that in a freudian moment and look what happened to him.  Sadly, CB thinks that Mr. C is finding it all too easy to behave as he is doing because of the inherent weakness of the Labour party, especially their ineffective  leadership!

08.06.2011      Having watched PMQ's this lunch time CB was amused to hear David Cameron in one of his answers to a question on foreign aid policy that "This Government will not break its promises to the worlds poorest children". Shame he does not stand by the same integrity when considering his promises to the people of Britain. CB cannot bring to mind ANY of his pre election promises that he has kept. He really should get a grip of which country he is Prime Minister of! Foreign Aid is NOT the number one priority so why keep that promise when all aothers are being allowed to fall by the wayside?????

07.06.2011      Todays news from CERN in Switzerland was much awaited by all who wish to understand our universe. They seem to have captured and stored "antimatter" for up to 15 minutes, bettering their previous storage attempts by 14.8 minutes. The deal is, what is antimatter? If the contents of this website,  The Universe Explained   are correct, then antimatter is just another name for Gravity. It is well worth reading this site!

02.06.2011      Today there has been a statement regards the idea for a review of the current UK drugs laws. Shame they seem not to read this site, CB's views on this subject have been posted on here for the last 5 YEARS! Please read the page on "The War on Drugs" to confirm that what they are talking about is the same as on this site. Finally, maybe, there may be some intelligence injected into the debate on drugs. It will NOT be easy as the subject causes many people to be emotional and, if we read "The Flawed Human Psyche" it will tell us how emotions, when governing the decision making process,  usually lead to a bad decision.

31.05.2011      Well, FIFA has spoken, (no, Sepp Blatter has). Lets do the CB thing, cut through all the crap and find the bottom line. With all the billions washing around within international football, it is not likely that corruption is there, it is probably certain. What is behind todays statement on this subject is most likely that those who are currently in charge know that, if they lose their grip, others will fill their shoes (and probably their bank accounts). The business on the table is for those in charge to stay in charge, that way the pay day is still guaranteed. Perhaps, if all the FA's in the world state that they have no confidence in FIFA, perhaps a proper re-organisation might be achieved. Maybe then, without Sepp Blatter, goal line technology might be brought in. It was Blatter who stopped this. WHY? Is it anything to do with the referees pay days? Is it to do with betting? Just how much money do they need to grift out of the football business? All of this goes to the heart of modern day living, corruption is now, seemingly, the norm, just do not get caught!

24.05.2011      It has been stated on todays TV news that PC Simon Harwood is to be prosecuted for the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson. It seems that media pressure brought about the defeat of the system. Remember that the police closed ranks and tried to protect this policeman. They brought in a coroner of questionable repute but who appeared to be pliable enough to return a cause of death that would have protected the policeman from any further action. Thankfully, the opposition brought in a team of pathologists who all recorded a different result at the inquest and, subsequently leading to this prosecution. With all we know about how the police establishment think there are different laws for them as opposed to the man in the street, surely it is time for a major overhaul of the whole policing policy and system in this country. Read CB's pages on The Police and Policemen to get a better understanding.

20.05.2011      Well, just how ridiculous can life get? It seems Gordon Brown may be considered for the job of CEO of the International Monetary Fund. That is the last resort for countries which are going bust, and if he does for the IMF what he did for the UK then the world monetary system is on borrowed time and we are all doomed!! Do we still have a treason law in the UK? If so, why has Mr. Brown not been put on trial? Do we still hang those guilty of treason at traitors gate? The least we could do is find Mr. Brown a suite in Broadmoor. Make no mistake, Gordon Brown's premiership was for his ego and NOT for the good of the UK! The Labour party have conveniently forgotten him BUT, even when they knew about him and saw him as their liability, they could not get rid of him.  If that is the best way they can organise their party affairs, then we are in serious trouble if they ever gain power again.

18.05.2011      CB is quite bemused about the events of today where Kenneth Clarke is being taken to task for his words about rape. A brain impaired amoeba should be able to see the difference between the technical offence of rape where an 18 year old boy engages in CONSENSUAL sex with a 15 year old girl and the offence where a psychopath rapes and beats a girl, leaving her for dead!. The first girl will only be upset that they got caught, where the second, if she lives, will never be the same again. CB has just watched Ed Miliband saying that Kenneth Clarke should be sacked. Various women on the news broadcast have also condemned Mr. Clarke. The difference here is that all are thinking with emotion EXCEPT Mr. Clarke who is thinking with logic. Please refer to CB's page on The Human Psyche to better understand. If this is the best political football you can find, Mr. Miliband, it only underlines how unfit you are to be our Prime Minister. Leaders are best thinking with logic, not emotion, and CB is afraid that you, Mr. Miliband, will never learn that in the 4 years left before the next election.

11.05.2011      Having just watched Prime Ministers Questions I am of the belief that David Cameron wanted to change the format of this weekly event. He did say that he wanted to get away from the petty party bickering that had been the past format. Now, 1 year into his premiership, NOTHING has changed. If anything, the bickering has got worse, probably because Ed Milliband has (only just) got a bit more quickness of mind than his predessor. PMQs does show us that Ed Milliband does not look like a Prime Minister in waiting and CB thinks the Labour Party will need another change of leader or they can forget the next election.

10.05.2011      The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire has, today, been given a written final warning, valid for 18 months, after he admitted Gross Misconduct. It seems he favoured a relative who had applied for a job. Gross Misconduct is an offence usually dealt with by simmary dismissal in any employment situation. This Chief Constable has been with the police for 29 years. What is significant here? He can retire after 30 years service on 2/3 of his salary, taken as a pension. He must be earning around £120,000 per annum. The police authority has been looking after the boys again. They have put the 18 month limit on his warning which conveniently takes him over his retirement age so he can get his pension. How many more times will we see the old boys network in operation before someone stands up and points a finger hard enough to get this type of business stopped!

07.05.2011      Well now we have had the referendum and it was a NO vote, and the wording in it was not biassed at all. The result has, however, caused a problem. Remember the MP's stealing from us under the "expenses" banner? At that point, they realised that political reform was needed to try to win back the respect of the electorate. Too few people bother to vote, they are bright enough to realise that in most cases, unless they are going with the "in" party, they are wasting their time. Much was promised on political reform in the run up to the last election.  Our problem now is that NOTHING has changed. If we have a go at the MP's they have the perfect excuse "What do you want from us, we kept our promise, you had a referendum" they may say. We know that the MP's want NO CHANGE, they like it how it is with them holding all the power and the electorate stuck where we have always been. CB said the referendum was fiddling about and now we can all see that is the truth. CB cannot see what could be done to push for the changes we need. CB fears for the future, Ed Milliband does not look like a leader, Nick Clegg has commited political suicide and David Cameron has become quite arrogant, feeling invincible, even though the real power in the Tory party is held in the back rooms and not number 10! Much disinformation was spoken prior to the referendum by all sides and from that we can see that the MP's have learned nothing. They are probably patting one another on the back, feeling they have got away nicely with all they have done and now it is back to business as usual. CB is quite unnerved at the Labour gains in this weeks council elections. Did the voters forget that Gordon Brown nearly bankrupted this country? Do they believe that, if Gordon Brown had been re-elected, he would have admitted to us how bad things were? On every occasion, when Labour have lost power, the kitty has been found to be empty. Now the voters have given them license to do that to many cities in the UK. Whilst this situation continues to be the norm in the UK, the UK will decline, but you voted for it!

07.05.2011      It took an inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson to get to the point where the closed ranks of the police could be penetrated and possible action being taken against his killer. While ever the police are allowed to act like this and get away with it, the general public will have no confidence in them. This time it feels like we have won one, shame it comes too late to deal with the "gun rush merchant" who killed an innocent Charles De Menezies! It really is time the police were re-organised and brought into the 21st century (see the page on The Police and Policemen).

05.05.2011      The Archbishop of Canterbury says, in relation of the justice dealt out to Usama Bin Laden that "he feels uncomfortable about the killing of an unarmed man". How many people were armed in the 9/11 outrage? Maybe the Archbishop should stick to what he knows best, that being the confidence trick of religion (see the page on The Worlds Oldest Industry).

29.04.2011      A Special mention for the Royal Wedding. CB feels this may be a quite historic day for the UK. Wills and Catherine are now man and wife. CB realises just how much Catherine has had to give up to become Will's wife. From the outside looking on it seems a fairy tale but for Catherine, as much as she gains, so much has to be forfeited. She belongs to the people and the country now, a quite awesome responsibility. CB does feel, however, that her beauty, grace and presence is such that she will become loved and cherished every bit as much as was Lady Diana before her. It will take something really special to achieve this but CB thinks Catherine has all that she needs, she is truly of Royal blood. GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH!

18.04.2011      The palaver over the voting referendum to be held on the 5th May has started. Let us just remember for a moment. The politicians promised us a change. WHY? Because of the incompetence of some returning officers at the last election being the reason why some people at some polling stations were locked out and could not vote. CB has no recollections of any news regards what has been done to correct this. The changing of the voting system is just fiddling around. If we change to AV, more may come out to vote next time for the novelty value. CB thinks we will still get only about 40% of the electorate bothering to vote. This is because MOST voters realise that their vote is useless. The reason for that is at the heart of what MUST be changed to really give the voters their rightful electoral power! The 2 party system has to be broken to do this and that means a change from the constituency based system. If you look at how many constituencies are either Labour or Tory safe seats, you can see that nobody else can win an election! This is a change that the 2 main parties would never support but CB thinks a proper referendum should be one that addresses this point. David Cameron could not do this even if he wanted to as he is not in sufficient control of the Conservative Party, the grass roots behind the scenes are in control. Labour know that if the 2 party system were broken they may never be elected into Government again.
                        CB is also waiting to see the ACTUAL WORDING of the referendum question. The use of a discipline known as Form Design is a method of putting a question in such a way as to maximise the likelihood of getting the answer you are wanting. This has been done before in referenda. CB will know which way they want you to go on this as soon as the wording is publicised. Given all the garbage we have seen with MP's stealing our money in the guise of "expenses", the business of disorganisation at the last election, the promises of political reform given by the leaders at the last election, CB is surprised at the arrogance of the politicians. Little has been done so far. They think that this referendum will get them off the hook and their arrogance and continued belief that the electorate are stupid and will fall for anything shows us that they have learned nothing. Do not be fooled, CB thinks that this referendum is just a way of the politicians being able to tell us that they have kept their electoral promise over reform BUT it does not go hardly any way near enough to what is needed to make the UK a proper democracy! Just listen to Milliband, he has said the AV system will give the people their electoral power back. Ask HIM about the 2 party system! SO, the final questions to Mr. Cameron are 1. CAN WE HAVE A REFERENDUM ON THE ABOLITION OF THE " 2 PARTY SYSTEM? Also, remember that a written constitution came very high on the list of "wants" by the electorate when asked in various polls so, CAN WE HAVE A REFERENDUM ON A WRITTEN CONSTITUTION? This second one should be well protected, ie maybe it would need to be a 75% majority to change anything in it and maybe that referendum might have to be a compulsory vote by law.

18.04.2011      The holiday to end all holidays! Come to wonderful Dubai, stay at the Royal Police Accommodation. The hospitality cannot be beaten (but you might be). This is truly the holiday to die for!

15.04.2011      Well Mr. Cameron, your words on immigration did not go down well with all in your cabinet. You have, actually, got near to the mark this time. Australia have told their immigrants point blank and more than once that Australia will not cede it's country to them and they MUST integrate or leave. Australia does not, however, have to kowtow to Europe. France has told their immigrants that the covering of womens faces is NEITHER French, NOR acceptable. Firstly, Mr. Cameron, CB knows that mathematics is the purest science we have and the English people have a fertility rate of between 1.6 and 1.8 children per couple. This is not enough to sustain and so immigration is needed. Unfortunately, our immigration has not been selective in skills provision. Laxity and ignorance within the Home Office has allowed many peoples of muslim belief to come to the UK. CB also knows that the fertility rate of the muslim peoples is 2.8 per couple. DO THE MATHS Mr. Cameron, within 30 to 40 years white English Christian girls (your grandchildren) will be required to cover their heads when going out in public BY BRITISH LAW! Now, CB is NOT a racist, just a student of mathematics. YOU can protect the UK from this by enacting just one bill. Whilst we do have the Magna Carta as our "written constitution", it is a bit old. Write a modern constitution, one that bans all and any religious beliefs from the process of governance and law enactment. Let this country exist on logic and not belief. We are interested in reality, not fantasy. WE are also NOT wanting to live under Sharia law. WE are NOT wanting to go back to the days where women were second class citizens. If this really is still England, then protect it, Mr. Cameron, the first duty of any Government is the defence of the Country and it's people. Maybe it is time for you to start defending!!!!

25.02.2011   Royal Bank of Scotland have reported a loss of £1.1Bn for the last trading year. They are also reporting that they will pay £950M in "bonuses" to their staff. Where are they getting the money from? Out of our pockets AGAIN! Todays world seems to pay quite highly for incompetence and failure. CB does think that there is a job for the fraud squad, looking at the banks and the bonus system. Mind you, after the last item just published, we know why the fraud squad are doing nothing, it seems "do nothing" is a catching disease within the police!

25.02.2011   Today the news reported a 30% increase in complaints about South Yorkshire Police. CB finds this amazing, how can you complain about the work of an organisation that spends its time shying away from work. A friend of CB's recently applied to a major high street bank in Sheffield, Yorkshire, for a basic account and a credit card. He made it clear that he wanted both as a package. The account, with a £1000 overdraft facility, was awarded immediately but the card was declined  the following week in the post (probably as this bank is charging up to £5 per day for unarranged overdrafts and they would make much more this way than they would on a credit card). He made it clear that no card meant no deal. To his amazement, a few weeks later he received a letter from this bank giving him his roll number, bank account number etc. He had NOT signed any application forms, but he had provided evidence of identity in the form of his passport, which was photocopied. Obviously his passport bore a copy of his signature. He took this new account up with the banks head office as he felt that his signature MUST have been forged onto the application form. The bank denied this and said they had no copies of any paperwork but they did transfer the manager to another branch outside of Yorkshire. CB's friend contacted the South Yorkshire Police in Sheffield by phone and told them of his suspicions regards the forgery. THEY said it was a civil case and he should pursue the bank in a civil court. CB would like to ask the South Yorkshire Police when the laws against forgery were repealed?
The Police would dearly love the respect of the community but when they conduct their affairs in such manner, how can they ever regain that respect?

23.02.2011   Well now we see the full extent of the transformation of Gaddafi from the peoples hero to the terrorist leader. And 40 years ago he said he WASN'T a terrorist but the liberator of his people from tyrrany. What say you now Gaddafi, tyranny is OK if it is Gaddafi's brand of tyranny? CB says that the rest of the world should agree to declare that Libya is in a state of civil war. They have to be at war so that Gaddafi and the Generals and Police Chiefs who obey his orders to commit genocide on their own people can be dealt with at the war crimes courts in Europe. Mr. Gaddafi, if there is any justice in the world, your dream of dying in Libya as a martyr will be transformed into your dying in a war criminals prison cell somewhere in Europe.

20.02.2011   Colonel Gaddafi was once the darling of his people, a revolutionary who delivered them from an unwanted lifestyle. Now he has become their persecutor. He would rather have his stormtroopers shoot and kill his people in the streets than allow them any freedom. He has been in power a long time now and should walk away into retirement. He is yet another who shows how too much power for too long corrupts the mind, (see the page on "The Human Psyche"). He probably believes that no one else other than him has the skill to guide his country. Good luck to all Libyans, CB fears your path to freedom will not be as easy as others have found their paths to be. At least, in Bahrain, they have found the wisdom to recall the military from the streets, perhaps they will also curb the excesses of the police who seem just as bad as their military. The wider world is witnessing the fact that, in countries where the military holds the ruling hand, the military does not exist to defend the people, but to keep them down in quiet servitude and obeisance. The only people they defend are the rulers who pay their wages.

18.02.2011.   Mr. Clegg has, today, been saying that "the AV system will hand back the ability to choose to the British voting public". What rubbish. The AV system is flawed and the only alternative system to the "first past the post" system is full Proportional Representation. Now Mr. Clegg wants a change to the system to try to break the 2 party system in Britain. The 2 party system was introduced back in the 1600's by the Tories and the Whigs (liberals) who, on power being ceded to parliament by Cromwell at the end of his reign, decided "they can give the people the vote but not the brains to use it wisely". They decided that only one or other of the 2 parties were responsible enough to govern the country so they devised the constituencies, giving rise to the 2 party system. The only way to break the 2 party system is to change the constituencies. For instance in Rotherham it is cloth cap land. Labour has it as a safe seat with a 20,000ish majority. If you wish to vote any other way than labour in Rotherham, do yourself a favour, take a day off and stay in bed! The way to defeat the safe seat situation is to "marry" the results in Rotherham to those in a true blue constituency with a similar tory majority. Mr. Cameron promised us a reduction in the number of MP's before the last election and this way would do that. One MP for the 2 tied constituencies gets rid of 1 MP. The breaking of the 2 party system goes a long way to finally making Britain a democracy for the first time. Every vote would count and would also accurately reflect the wishes of the people of Britain. Time to start honouring your promises Mr. Cameron! CB knows you have a lot of opposition from the Conservative Party back office but if you let them prevail, you can kiss goodbye to the next election, the people will remember and CB will help them remember!

18.02.2011   Well, now we have seen the reaction of the Bahrain security forces to their demonstrators it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the complaints are well founded. This is also serious proof that dictatorships, military juntas and government based on religious beliefs are never for the people, just those few who hold the power. "Democracy" does give the people more than any other form of government, even the "shamocracies" of most western countries.

17.02.2011   Mr. Cameron, haven't we got some spare Harrier jets kicking around? We also have some pilots to fly them. There should also be an aircraft carrier going spare. Why not sell or lease them to the Somali government or even to the combined maritime force. They would come in useful for blowing pirates out of the water. Just think of the income from leasing the pilots out and all the money for provision of the ammunition. Once there were no pirates left you might get some money from the southern hemisphere by using them to blow whaling ships out of the water. Come on, introduce some commercial thinking into number 10 and UK Plc will be richer for the experience as well as doing some good in the world .

15.02.2011   CB welcomes Larry (the new feline rat catcher) to No. 10. Larry, a small piece of advice if CB may, keep looking over your shoulder! There will be plenty for you to get your teeth into in number 10, CB is sure there are many rats in politics but, even though they do say never bite the hand that feeds you, your boss might make the list. He seems not too good at keeping his promises that were made prior to the last election. This may eventually qualify him to be on your list, however CB will leave that decision to you. After all, politics is a business where some very uncomfortable compromises have to be made.

14.02.2011   Well Mr. Cameron, whats all this about the BIG SOCIETY? CB does remember you talking about the BROKEN SOCIETY. Have you fixed it yet? If not, the BIG society might leave us with a society with a grand canyon running through it! The broken society was the buzz word from a couple of years ago but it can all be forgotten now that you have got yourself into the ivory tower of number 10. Mr. Cameron, the broken society can be fixed with JUST 1 NEW ACT of Parliament! Use the feedback link to contact CB and he may outline it for you.

10.02.2011   CB watched, yet again, Prime Ministers Questions today. What a shambles! Why don't they scrap this idiocy. Before the election Mr Cameron was blathering on about how much he felt that politics had to be changed and improved to regain the public confidence. Did he not also say that we needed to break away from the old tit for tat party versus party stupidity? Just watch PMQ's and you will see why the local councils nickname for Parliament is "The Follies". It may be tradition but the MP's come across ON TELEVISION as a bunch of uneducated yobs. PMQ's always degenerates into party versus party bickering in the hope of scoring points. If this is how business is done, it is not hard to see why the country is in such a state. Mr. Cameron should be very careful about giving the Labour Party so much stick when he keeps saying that after 13 years of power Labour did nothing. He has had 9 months of power but seems to have forgotten most of the promises he made to get himself elected.

09.02.2011   Mr. Osborne has declared an extra tax on the banks. I suppose he rightly feels that if they are going to rob the till then he may as well have some too! Three years back RBS "made" £10.5Bn "profit" against which they allocated £3.5BN "bonus money". That is 33% of the take! If a car factory produced 10,500 cars in the year and then the board voted to give 3,500 of those cars to the staff as a "bonus", the first man driving the first car out of the factory would be met by the police. He would be arrested for theft of the companys property. It would be no good him saying "we are entitled, we made them" as his defence (this is what the banks say about their "bonus"). Shortly after the first arrest the fraud squad would be all over the board and the books. So, when the bankers rip off 33% of their companys stock, WHY DO THE FRAUD SQUAD NOT INVESTIGATE?
Please be aware that the board cannot do as they wish. They are bound by some laws and then by the articles of association and memorandum of the business. Surely, even if they have changed the articles and memorandum at an extraordinary general meeting, there must be some legal way to stop this annual theft from the banks. The problem is, it appears to be a global robbery so Interpol would be needed. As to the government, they should get much tougher over this problem. If the banks then wish to take their head office offshore, let them. As their cash reserves are guaranteed by the taxpayer, then they might move the head office offshore but we should require them to leave all their liquid assets with the Bank of England, after all it is OUR money! As to the lending to new and small businesses problem, there is a very easy answer to that.  The reason why a commercial bank would (or would not) lend to a business has ZERO to do with the economy!  If the government wish to help businesses and the economy, then they could establish The UK Business Bank Plc.  This would be a wholly owned commercial bank supporting UK business for the people of the UK. Obviously all commercial concerns should be observed but  the reason why a bank of that nature would lend to a business would be quite different from the  stale old policies that are observed by the big banks. Also, with such a vehicle in place the guarantees given to the big banks would not need to be so large (they would only be left with normal private accounts and mortgages to cover).  Given the amount of  loss of business that may result from such a policy, the big banks would not make enough money for a "bonus" to be paid.  CB feels that it is SERIOUSLY important to fix the banks problem.  With the weakness of the Euro, the obvious bankruptcy of some countries and the major flaws in the financial system,  all the ingredients are STILL in place for a worldwide financial collapse.  Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg,  and not forgetting Mr Cable should be very wary of  treading too softly.  Last time the government got away with things by printing any amount of money and upping the money supply.  That, gentlemen, as you well know, is a TEMPORARY fix only!  Be warned!!!!!

07.02.2011   People of Egypt, be sure the vast majority of the world is watching and most of them are on your side. Now is not the time to let your efforts fizzle out to a painful death. Keep it up! Escalate your efforts into a general strike. Do whatever it takes to rid yourselves of the dictator. A  prolonged general strike would inflict so much financial damage to Egypt that Mubarak would certainly have to go now, if only to get the country working again. Good luck to you all!

05.02.2011   Mr. Cameron, CB sees you have been speaking about the muslims who live in the UK and their failing to integrate into British Society. You still do not see it, do you? Within 50 years a white English born christian girl will be required BY LAW to cover her head when she goes out in public! This statement is NOT RACIST, it is scientific (mathematical). You should read CB's page on The Population Trap! Watch the film contained within the page and SEE THE MATHEMATICS! Now the best way to safeguard against this problem is to do what you should do according to your pre election promises. You know, all those things you said you would do but you now feel reluctant to address! WELL, you are not supporting the proposed change in the way we vote. You seem unprepared to address the 2 party cartel caused by the constituencies with all the Labour / Conservative safe seats. And the biggest thing of all, a WRITTEN CONSTITUTION. That may be the fix to our mathematical problem. Hey, if you had the political will you could do all that you spoke about regards rectifying our "broken society" with JUST 1 NEW LAW! Mr. C. maybe YOU should read these pages instead of having one of your junior staff do it.
04.02.2011   Well Mr. Mubarak, all and any chance of going with your reputation intact has now disappeared. Your thug supporters which you allowed into the picture have shown the world what you are really all about. It is so sad when power corrupts the minds of the rulers, read the page on The Human Psyche.

18.01.2011   The rate of inflation in the UK has jumped to 3.7% and the news presenters are shouting about it. What do they expect? The banking industry has been stealing their companys product, MONEY, in the guise of their "annual bonus" and we have let them! No surprise that we had a financial crisis. IT AINT DONE YET! Governments world wide had to break the golden rule and print money they hadn't got to get out of gaol. All governments know this cannot be done without inflation raging out of control. We could be now heading at a fast pace into a world wide inflation spiral. What do we think will happen if that causes food and essentials shortages? Hold onto your hats, this could be a rough ride!

14.01.2011.   So we are going to have a bye election in Barnsley to find the replacement for the expenses thief Illsley! The bookies are already quoting odds of 10 to 1 ON for labour. You could put an amoeba in a jar, hang a red rosette on it and it would duly be elected as MP for Barnsley, which is a labour safe seat. We are also having a referendum on changing the voting system, which will be a whitewash. I remember Mr Cameron being vociferous about changing the voting system but he and his party are not supporting any change! FAIR David? Remeber your election pledges! Now, considering the bye election in Barnsley, it becomes obvious that safe seats are the biggest bugbear to UK politics. ERRM, David, remember how you said you were going to cut the number of MP's? TRY THIS. Eradicate safe seats and cut MP's in 1 go. TWIN Barnsley with a tory safe seat down south, you know, one with a tory majority similar to Barnsley. NOW you have 1 seat, so 1 less MP and it is not a safe seat. Now you can leave the voting system because you have got nearer the heart of the 2 party "democracy" that makes the UK politics STINK. David, we are watching you! It must be time for you to start honouring your pledges, the ones you hoped would make you look FAIR and honest, don't you think???

14.01.2011   Well, CB has just watched Questiontime, chaired by David Dimbleby, you know the politics show on BBC1 in England with invited guests taking questions from an audience. One question that was asked, "Do you think it was right for Jack Straw to make reference to vulnerable young white girls being stalked and groomed by young Pakistani men as a cultural norm" and what did you think to Mr. Straw saying that the Pakistani men viewed young white girls as "easy meat"? This was a reference to the story this week about such goings on in the Birmingham area. As this was discussed there was a big outcry about the "easy meat" tag. I do think they got it wrong. CB had a friend some years ago, a man of great integrity called Ali. He came to England from Somalia and got a job as a rolling mill hand, a very hard, dirty and dangerous job. Every week he sent half his wage back to Somalia so his family lived like kings. YES, CB saw him in the pub at night and, once when asked how he could drink if he was a good Muslim, he said "Allah is a good man, he will forgive me". CB once asked him why the Muslim religion required their women to cover their hair. Ali said it was NOT religious, it was because the asian man believed that a womans hair was a major part of her beauty and, if she covered it in public, other men could not see her true beauty and therefore would not want her! The other part of this was, if a Muslim man had a predominantly female family and any girl rebelled and refused to cover up, he was seen as not a man as he had not got control of his women, so the pressure was on him to fix it. The man being the head of the household is one of the oldest traditions around the world.  NOW, back to the "easy meat" row.  I am sure they got it wrong.  CB was told that a woman who will not cover her head is referred to by Muslim men as "Fresh Meat". A slight difference but, as always, if you have no knowledge of another mans culture, the lack of this knowledge is the hole that prejudice tends to live in.  CB sincerely hopes that what Ali told him is accurate and correct and CB further hopes that those who made the mistake learn quickly. CB will make every effort to ensure that all the panel members are informed about this article and where to find it.


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