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250.   22.30 GMT 29.12.14.   Debbie Purdy has died from self starvation. Incurably ill, she championed the fight for legally assisted suicide by those whose life was no longer tolerable. She persuaded the House of Lords to debate the clarification of the current laws surrounding such an act. There were so many detractors, so much hot air, so much controversy. Little do they see that this is miniscule to the debate 50 years from now. Should the total world population keep growing at it's current rate, fifty years on we will be discussing at what age will compulsory euthanasia be enacted! Be warned, do nothing about population growth and watch the human race and it's dubious future.

249.   16.45 GMT 27.12.14.   Following on from the previous post, the Xbox and PS2 cyber attacks are a very interesting situation. Firstly there was no admission from either proprietor that they HAD been hacked to CB's knowledge. Secondly, it shows that the proprietor's system security was inadequate. The best thing to come from this is the demonstration of such security inadequacy. Now both teams must review security. We know that any security system is there to be shot at but if it can be hit, it is a stimulus to beef it up. CB does not condone what was done, only the outcome. Sony are particularly at fault here after their recent hack over their new film. That should have been enough for them to act swiftly and if they had, would they have been vulnerable so soon? This is a wake up call to all web based internet services providers to keep security under CONSTANT review. Constant review must also include monitoring of the security programmers, are they good enough? Knowing of the many recent attacks, it will be hard for any major web based concern to explain a breach of discipline in future!

248.   15.15 GMT 27.12.14.   Hello all of you, hoping you have had a lovely and peaceful Christmas. That is not the case for many. Those imprisoned within the IS will not be happy. Has the jihad seeped into other countries, given the recent events in France? CB warned that world war three was already upon us but wait, world war four may have started as well. The cyber war between North Korea and the US is up for consideration. Many say that we cannot be sure that North Korea is responsible for the Sony hack but where would the blame lie if not there. Just look at the disgraceful words of that country against Barak Obama. We all have thought that the disruption of the North Korean ability to access the net was probably done by the USA so is this cyber warfare? We know that the NK's have used cyber attack against the South Koreans so how far will this go? Maybe we need an international conference to agree acceptable sanctions against any country where the official policy is to use cyber disruption as a weapon. The freedom and openness of the net is threatened if we do not defend it against misuse or abuse. The blocking of all international communications of any offender would be the right answer. That way they have no internet, no international phone calls thus no international business. Total isolation of such a nature would bring any country into line UNLESS a friendly ally helped them and for that reason the same should apply to any aiding and abetting to break the block. We may be entering into a new phase of the www but the danger here is the splitting of the world into two or more blocs which would be the possible start of a meltdown in relations which could cause an even bigger war than the ones we already have. Political cyber attacks could make the world a much more dangerous place than it already is!

247.   0845 GMT 23.12.14.   The Stormont farce trundles on, supposedly based on money. Come on? They are fighting over intractable historic problems. They are "discussing" the right to parade, use flags and all the other crap. The purpose of marches and flag flying is to piss off the enemy. Do they think that we will give them taxpayers money to promote hatred. We might as well award foreign aid to the Islamic State.

246.   08.30 GMT 23.12.14.   A sad loss to the world with the death of Joe Cocker. Back in the late 60's and early 70's, on quite a few occasions, I picked him up and we went for a few beers at Sheffield Students Union bar. I last saw him to speak to in 1972 and last watched him perform some years later at The Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield. I never saw him do an under par show and Joe was well worth his reputation as a top class performer. Always good company.

245. 20.15 GMT 20.12.14.   Did you watch it? Strictly come dancing? How can we pick a winner? Frankie Bridge is my glitter ball winner BUT, how good was Ms. Flack? How good was Simon?  Why is Pixie Lott not there? What impeccable choreography by the pros?  Lookking at the contestants, THEY look like pros. This will be good, what a geart year.  CB wishes them all well, and later will tell.

244. 23.30 gmt 19.12.14.   Sony, why are you folding to that little sicko who "leads" North Korea? He threatens  to throw nukes around to bludgeon China into giving him more money. You are letting the little cretin win! Put your film out. Drop your pants and show the world that you actually have balls. Walking away is horrendous and you will lose any respect you may still have, and you may lose billions when we, the rest of the world, stop buying what you want to sell. Consign the dimwit to the bottom of the pile of countries that do not count, stand up and be the company we love, you are bigger than him.

243. 18.15 GMT 17.12.1.   So, the events in Pakistan can only be the confirmation  that belief in Islam is insanity.  Why  do we in the western world  put up with the sickness of such a belief? We know that logic is real and belief is mental illness. but we let them  continue.  Is it not time that we protect ourselves by taking them out?  This is WW3!  Time to wake up!  If we take out the sickness that is their ideaology, we only make our lives safer.  Nobody wants conflict but when it comes our way, we have to deal with it.  YES, it is time to wake up!  YES it is time to rid ourselves of the threat. YES, wouldn't it be good to wake up in a morning to NO news of more atrocities. BRAINS are needed now, not cretinism and wavering.

242. 05.15 GMT 17.12.14.   So we are watching Tony Abbot, PM of Auastralia bumbling his way through a TV enquiry. Sad that such an idiott managed to remove Julia, a highly competent leader and Australia is so much denuded by the loss of such a strong lady. Abott is a cretrin and the world cannot endure such a dunce as Abbott in a place of power. How soon can we be rid of him?

241.   16.30 GMT 16.12.14.   Once again I have had an online shop with TESCO. CB has mobility issues so CL mail relay (recommended) [?]  CL mail relay (recommended) [?]  CL mail relay (recommended) [?]  when I can do it online I do. So many times I get all I asked for with no problems. If there is ever a problem, TESCO has a customer support service that  works, the people are empowered to fix things, unlike the others I have dealt with who are only empowered to say sorry but not fix things. Today I spoke to Georgia, what a delight she is. The training of these support staff is impeccabile. If I was not retired (15 years back) I would offer her a job with me. Tomorrows world is to shop online and pick up the bits you missed at TESCO Metro. That is a good world for us AND TESCO.

240.   18.30 GMT 15.12.14.   The global mental illness that we know as belief in Islam has given us another glimpse of it's nature in Sydney, Australia today. How many times must we see the sickness before we see the threat forced upon us? It is the evil idealogy that 1.5 Billion adhere to that is what we must defeat. The young bloods are the IS but their grandmas and grandpas believe the same, the difference is the young bloods have not been "radicalised" they are just fed up with waiting to make the rest of the world believe what they believe. Action must be taken against this belief and CB thinks the Australians may now show the rest of us what to do. If we do nothing, we will reap all we have sown!!! Tolerance is not in the Islamic language so we need to get the picture and deal with it STRONGLY!

239. 08.15 GMT. 13.12.14.   It seems the negotiators at the Global Climate Change talks in Lima cannot reach sufficient of an agreement to progress towards the next planned meeting next year in Paris. The crux is money which the poorer countries cannot afford. They say they have the undeniable right to develop their country for their people. The provision of electricity is basic but the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to do this is to burn coal to provide energy, which will further increase the carbon footprint of the planet. This is a GLOBAL problem that goes beyond the politics of any one country BUT the poorer countries are correct to develop. The answer is, as previously stated, for the richer countries to absorb some of the costs of the poorer countries. This is the same principal as the paying off of those countries to STOP cutting down the rainforests of our planet. The acceptance of ALL countries is paramount to a successgul outcome but the world has to work out the financial realities of how we pay for this. Global Climate Change is one of the three big global challenges to the continuance of mankind on this planet and, should we not see this and work together to fix the problems, we have a maximum of 150 years left. Go to the videos section of the sitemap to see videos on the 3 great threats.

238.   08.00 GMT 12.12.14.   Oh, what a shame, the CIA are guilty of using nasty tactics in their interrogation of terror suspects.  OK, maybe one or two might have been totally innocent of involvement in terrorism but the vast majority will have been detained for good reason and these suspects must be "encouraged" to share their knowledge. Whilst so many are screaming about the "human rights" of the suspects, they conveniently forget the rights of all the 9/11 victims AND the thousands of their relatives who are ALSO affected by the event. Whilst it may be politically correct to be seen as "the good guy", measures must be taken to reduce the world's risk of further outrages, whatever those measures may be. It has to be realised that through the Taliban, Al Qaeda and now the "Islamic State", our world has been engaged in the third world war for a few years now. This is a war against an ideaology, shown to be barbaric and unforgiving, that ia a guerrila war that will take decades to win. Every major city of this world is under threat with street to street fighting a possibility and we must see the future potential or lose. If we let "human rights", something our enemy has no concept of, to get in our way, we have already lost. If it takes the interrogation of 1000 terrorists to save just 1 innocent life, it is worth it. Consideration must be given to the use of the term "radicalisation", which is a misnomer. The truth is that the younger generation are tired of waiting for the world to be converted to what they believe so have taken up arms. The ideaology is the same throughout the world of believers, only the level of moderation is different! The moral stance is, if you are caught with armaments in your possession and in an area of ideaological conflict then you should expect to be interrogated. The answer? DO NOT EVEN BE THERE!!!

237.   09.00 GMT 11.12.14.   Ed Balls has been on TV speaking about the economy, on which he will deliver a speech later today. His final promise was "to reduce the deficit as soon as possible whilst not cutting public services to the extent of the Tory cuts". He still does not see that left wing ideals such as maximum public services costs the country more than the private sector can support. Ed Miliband should have listened to a former chancellor, Alaistair Darling, who warned him not to employ Ed Balls as shadow chancellor. The last thing the UK needs is Ed Balls with the power to bring down the economy again now that it is apparent we are on the right track.

236.   03.15 GMT 11.12.14.   The Rosetta landing of a space probe on a comet has sent data back to Earth which suggests that our water did not come from a comet colliding with Earth. Maybe if the scientists were to read The Universe Explained they might see where all our mass came from. It is the most plausible idea but the base simplicity of the explanation may fox the scientists who may be unwilling to beleive. Within chemistry, the vast majority of all processes involves the addition or removal of heat and this theory describes the formation of mass in just that way, heat loss so maybe our physicists should reconsider.

235. 12.45 GMT 10.12.14.   Prime Ministers Questions was quite a farce today. It was Harriet Harmon vs Nick Clegg as David Cameron was abroad and CB knows not where Ed Miliband was. The constant thing that CB sees is that, despite statements time after time that there is a move to get away from pushing the party line, this approach seems stronger than ever. It is a constant barrage from the opposition and a statistics led rebuttal by the government. If they behaved like this all the time even less would get done so why can they not sharpen up their act? The overall opinion was that Nick Clegg came out in front but the description "Pyrrhic Victory" comes to mind.

234.   12.00 GMT 08.12.14.   Lauren has gone from the X Factor, what a shame. CB felt Andrea should have gone. He has a great voice but he is still sounding that he is forcing the song at us when he nears the end of his delivery. A good few weeks with a voice coach would do him some good. Just like Strictly, none of the 4 over this weekend deserved to go but CB is sticking with Fleur. It will be down to the choice of song to find the winner.

233.   !2.00 GMT 08.12.14.   It is not surprising that there seems to be a backlash over the loss of Pixie Lott from Strictly Come Dancing. She is far too good a dancer to go but this is because of the quality of this years contestants. The problem is, if she was too good to go, who would take her place? Frankie Bridge looks like a professional dancer and Catherine Flack is also of that standard. The others have all shown significant improvement over the last few weeks and  do ,not deserve to go either.

232.   12.15 GMT 05.12.14.   Having dubbed today's business world "The Age of Sleaze and Scam", it is disheartening that the business world is set on proving CB right. One of the UK's biggest food suppliers, Premier Foods, is now asking their suppliers to make payments to secure their position as suppliers. They say that they are not doing anything illegal but, if not, it is a fine line between their new practice and blackmail. What of demanding money with menaces, the menace being that many of those suppliers may not have a sustainable business without their position of being a supplier to Premier. We need a new law here to specifically ban this kind of "theft". Maybe the shoppers could have their say by not buying Premier brands such as Mr. Kipling, Bisto etc.

231.   14.30 GMT 04.12.14.   What a good day for the government. PMQ's saw Cameron devouring all that tried to bite until he fell foul of sadomasochism (didn't know he was into that). Then George Osborne ripped the flesh off the carcasses with the autumn statement. CB saw no real surprises and it does look good but the proof is in the eating so, let us wait and see. The small amount of news that was less than good is something that will naturally cure it'self as the economy stays strong, wages begin to rise and other measures start to bring fruit. Seems we must stay on course so, comes next May, we just need to keep Ed Balls hands OFF the till.

230.   14.15 GMT 02.12.14.   Just taking in some of the UK Championship snooker on the TV. So many new names and they are doing well. Yesterday was the day of the old hands getting through but maybe not today. Ronnie O'Sullivan has been critical of the 4 table arrangement and, therefore, of the venue. CB agrees, surely the UK's second biggest tournament could be located at a better venue, there are enough top class places that could accomodate this prestige snooker get together. Obviously venues associated with other top flight events could not be considered but 4 tables arranged as they are is not the way to get the best from the players. It cannot be the best audience experience either. Maybe the organisers should talk to Ronnie, he seems to know his stuff off the table as well as on it.

229.   09.30 GMT 01.12.14.   Massive expenditure will be announced on Wednesday by George Osborne on our roads infrastructure. Not before time on the east west route from South Yorkshire to Manchester. A tunnel under Stonehenge? Why risk a world heritage site? Surely they could route the tunnel around it, not under it! All this because the UK is enjoying one of the strongest economies in the developed world. So much for Ed Balls and all his words over the last 4 years. All that hot air about the coalition economy not working really shows the total lack of understanding of economics by the left wing.  The electorate should take careful note and REMEMBER when they vote next May. 

228.   09.30 GMT 01.12.14.   Strictly Come Dancing is nearing the finals. The teams are so strong this year it is difficult to see who should go and who should stay. Pixie and Frankie are phenominal and it would be no surprise to see the 3 girls in the final at the expense of the men. CB has, this year also watched the X factor and here it is the same. None of the 4 left should go although one must. Who will come second, traditionally the second place seems to enjoy more career success than the others. Andrea hgas a nagnificent voice but on every song, as hge nears the end he seems to be forcing it at us rather than maintaining the good start he always delivers. He would be CB's weak link before the final. Keep watching, keep dancing, keep singing and we shall see.

227.   10.45 GMT 28.11.14.   This is an add on to the previous post number 226. Mr Cameron has now made his speech and we have seen measures to assist in curbing immigration, IF they work. He also believes that we are an integrated society. Is he blind, just politically blind or just proving how removed he is from every day life? Many who come here do not integrate at all. There is a district of Sheffield where the Roma people are the majority. They still live their lives as they did before they came here. Others see their lifestyle as anti social. Integration means the newcomers accept British Law and adapt their lives to OUR way whilst retaining their own culture where that culture does not offend our laws. David C., ask yourself if the ever growing muslim people have integrated? Look at Bradford, Morley, Leicester and other areas. Those areas have a few spokesmen who are "community leaders" who are figureheads when a local news story breaks, all the others live within their own communities. Does integration explain why a certain sector of the community in Rotherham did what they did and the Council and Police did nothing for fear of the race card being played? Doesn't help the 1,400 girls who will never have a happy life because of the constant memory of abuse and no help was given to ease their despair. Mr. C. you talk daily of learning lessons and perhaps the biggest lessons should be on the realities of the results of immigration. Mr. C. you have just answered a questioner by saying you do not want to be Prime Ministered after next May on promises that you cannot keep (just like the last 4.1/2 years), where have you been? As Shakespeare said, if only we could see ourselves as others see us!

226.   09.30 GMT 28.11.14.   Its all a question of trust. Today David Cameron is to announce new measures to curb immigration. Yesterday we were told by the media that nett immigration into the UK was 272,000 last year. Today the TV said that nett immigration of non EU immigrants was 272,000 so is that a mistake or is there an overall total that is higher than we are being told? The question is who do we believe, the media or David Cameron? Always remember the phone hacking scandal, from which we know how close Mr. Cameron is to the upper echelons of the media. Perhaps such close proximity to the media is how Mr. Cameron learned to fine tune his version of honesty? If immigration cannot be controlled, maybe it will be the underlying reason that the UK has no choice but to leave the EU so, come next May, welcome Nigel Farage by default. On that note and after certain meetings at which advice will be sought, be ready for a report on how some UK border agents might not be the men we think they are, how the UK Border Agency are not really in proper control and maybe an insight into how we have up to 1.5 million in our country when we do not know who they are, where they come from, how they got in, where they are now, what they are doing and where they get their money from. Can't tell you now as legal proceedings may be pending. CB says "you heard it here first".

225.   01.50 GMT 26/11/14.   God Bless America, Ferguson has earned all the riots. Any police officer who shoots 12 rounds into any target has a zero intention that the person will live. The authorities have decided that the officer will not stand trial. This was obviously a very intense situation but the decision not to prosecute was a wholly political decision (according to those authorities). The politics of the decision was "that a prosecution would unleash a backlash all over America, leaving police forces unable to function". As CB said, God Bless America BUT, were it a black officer and a white victim, would it still be the same decision? CB thinks not.

224.   14.30 GMT 19/11/14.   So now we enter the world of Niocola Sturgeon in Scotland with the prospect of Alec Salmond in Westminster. There is talk of the SNP being the power broker after the next election. Gordon Brown was "a Scot too far" so why should we put up with them now? Sturgeon has firmly declared her alliegiance to independence, even though she has seen the potential damage to the UK from the last referendum. Why don't we get there first? Lets have our own referendum for Scottish Independence here in England and CB thinks it would be an overwhelming vote to kick the foreigners out. Of course the question should also be asked of Northern Ireland and Wales. CB thinks we would kick the Irish out too but does feel we would want to keep Wales. Once this was done Wales might need their own independence referendum to confirm their remaining within a smaller UK. From there the only way is forward and we would not have Scots in our government, no Scots holding any power over England. This is not a silly idea but a realistic view of tomorrow.

223. 15.30 GMT 16/11/14.   OK, we have had another G20 meeting, this time in Australia. They all agreed an adgenda and made their promises. Mr. Putin seemed marginalised as all others made him realise that they did not want him there whilst he continued to interfere in the destabilisation of Ukraine. Then came the speeches. David Cameron said "that if we all keep our promises" which is the leveller. Cameron has been seen over the last 4.1/2 years that he cannot and will not ever keep any promise that creeps out of his lips, so how much faith can we have in any G20 agreement. They will all go home and continue with their own regimes and bollox to any G20 agreements.  How many millions  were spent for all those liars to get together and fashion yet another lie? All of this is the icing that makes the cake look good when, in truth, that which is under the icing is quite inedible. The only way to deal with this is to walk away from this shit, take no notice, do not vote for anyone or their party who was a part of this charade! When enough people from around our world show the "leaders" what we think of them, they will either change or we can throw them out. Let's get it done!

222.   22.15 GMT 14/11/14.   David Cameron, what is in your head? You do not need parliament to give powers of seizure of passports from returning jihadi's. A British passport is the property of the British Government, issued into the safe keeping of the recipient to allow them to travel. Dubious circumstances caused or created by the passport holder should deem it appropriate for the British government to recall such passport at will. If this is not the case, WHY? Under international law most countries are the owner of any passport they issue to their citizens. Stop ditzing and get on with the job we all asked you to do, you are looking shaky for next May and any more ditzing will just confirm to us that you are not the man for the next five years, something most of us already have come to terms with.

221. 21.30 GMT 14/11/14.    We turn a blind eye when South Yorkshire police allow rape and grooming to happen over many years. We turn a blind eye when West Yorkshire police try to stifle the truth over the Hillsborough disaster. We turn the same blind eye when whistle blowers in the NHS get threatened and paid off to go (and keep their mouths shut). It is the same blind eye that does not see TV stars, senior politicians and other notables commiting atrocities against children in the 70's and 80's. It is so easy to do this when the correct thing to do is to stand up and be counted. So, why does this government condone illegal publications? In the Qoran it does not say "infidels must die", it says "infidels must be killed". This MUST be an incitement to violence which is illegal in British law so why are we not collecting and burning copies of this book. Within the same book it says "Men are born superior to women" which is contrary to the sexism laws and therefore a second indictment against the Qoran. Why do we not enact the law? Why are we not  collecting such illegal publications for incineration? What is corruption? Is it pointing the finger at FIFA when we have suspicions? Is it pointing the finger at a country suspected of helping the Islamic State? Is it turning a blind eye to an illegal publication???? Maybe the next public enquiry, NOT led by Lord this, Lady that or Sir whatshisname might be into corruption in the UK in ALL it's forms. Might take 50 years to come up with the interim or preliminary report, don't you think? The duplicity of the Cameron/Clegg/Miliband regime feeds the "blind eye" society and are we not totally SICK of it. Can we find a potential leader who might see it in black and white, no 50,000 shades of grey? It is time to show those who are insane in their acceptance of a sick idealogy that they keep their illness under wraps, in their own homes and not inflicted on a daily basis onto the majority of those who are still Englishmen. Nigel Farage, forget Europe, if you are advanced in this countrys affairs at the next election, it is at home where we need to start. As we begin to clean house and Europe screams, invite them to have sex and travel (both in the same trip) until they become top of the agenda, THEN we can have a Euro vote. Nigel, it is getting desperate that we fix our problems, the others have turned that blind eye for too long now, please show us an English leader with the courage to deal with root problems that we have imported into a once beautiful country. CB does not condone racism but the race card cannot be used to escape justice under British law. If we live in England then we must accept English law, RIGHT? 

220.   13.30 GMT 14/11/14.   Today Nicola Sturgeon was confirmed as Scotlands First Minister, as predicted by yours truly. CB also said that she should see the potential damage done by the "Yes, No" referendum and work towards Scotland being a country that plays it's part and therefore enjoys all that is being part of the United Kingdom. This is not the case, she is banging the Independence drum. She has failed to hear the words of the rest of the developed world that they did not want to see the break up of the UK. Such a shame that the brains behind the Salmond years cannot see the reality. Nicola has the ability to wreak worse damage on the other three countries than a terrorist. We could all hope that she may learn better as she lives and develops but somehow, that may not transpire. Politics being what it is, there is a chance that she may find the fatal banana skin that takes her out of the picture and maybe the independence stand is that banana skin.

219.   18.15 GMT 13/11/14.   Not for the first time has this page spoken of suspected corruption within FIFA and here we go again. Russia and Qatar have been "cleared" of any wrong doing but Britain has been criticised. Now the investigator has refused to accept the report as he says "that is not what I found". With so much money associated with FIFA there will always be the hint of corruption. More worrying to CB is accepting Russia as a host, given their couldn't care less attitude to internetional relations. Why should such a country be given a big earner. Of even more concern is the hint of a link from Qatar to the Islamic State. Again, why should such a country be given a big payday? Football should not be political but with all the financial background and the awarding of the world cup to a country, politics must be considered. Move number one is to get Sepp Blatter out as nothing will change if he stays. After that, the new man can start to deal with such problems.

218.   00.00 GMT 13/11/14.   The eagle has landed but this eagle is called Rosetta. A space probe has landed on a comet travelling at 34.000 miles per hour and is 300 million miles from earth. This is the most monumental achievement yet in space technology. Shame it might be devalued by the short sightedness of some of the "scientists" on the project. In interviews today they were talking about extra terrestrial life and immediately spoke of water. Why do these numpties always harp on about water, it is because they can only see life in the terms of our existence, with a need for water, oxygen etc. If they could only take off the blinkers!!! Titan is Saturn's largest moon. It has an atmosphere which is mostly nitrogen BUT it also has ethane and methane in it. Near the polar regions it has rivers of liquid methane. In our search for extra terrestrial life, what if we placed a time delay camera beside one of these rivers. It might take shots of pebbles under the methane flow. Maybe we would see the appearance of a new pebble between two larger pebbles. Could this be life? A life that does not need water or oxygen but needs to be in liquid methane. A life that feeds on methane and reproduces without any obvious sexual act. Such imagination is needed in the search for ET life or we may wander past many life forms because we are still wearing our blinkers. A good site to look at, one that wears no blinkers, is The Universe Explained which may make you think and for the mathematicians, it conforms to Einsteins General Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics AND Quantum Gravity. The maths says it is correct, go see for yourself.

217. 08.30 GMT 12/11/14.    Ched Evans, the Sheffield United convicted rapist is to train with United today. This is causing a great divide amongst the fans and the observers.  He is training at the request of the PFA (Professionsl Footballers Association)  who feel that he should be rehabilitated through football.  Well, he has done the crime, paid for it by doing the time so what is the problem?  It is certain that things would be easier had it been any other crime with the exception of a crime against a minor but many will feel he should not play again and CB well understands their feelings. This will be resolved by the one thing that drives the modern world,  MONEY!  How many players will refuse to play with him in the squad, probably none as they will play for the money. How many fans will walk out of the ground the first time he is seen on the subs bench? How many more will walk out should he be sent on to the pitch or included in the starting line up? Will he be accepted by the rest of the team or will he be frozen out with no player willing to pass the ball to him? Will the companies who sponsor the club still want their name and products associated with United with a rapist playing for them? CB feels that if enough supporters leave the ground should he be called to play, then the money loss from dissenting fans will rule Uniteds decision, regardless of how the team does or does not accept him. This is not a "done the time, paid for the crime" situation as this scenario will be driven by emotion but the underlying rule will be the money! One to watch here.

216.   08.15. GMT 11/11/14.   David Cameron strikes again, he is so good at breaking his promises, perhaps he should make a training video to be shown to all new MP's. He was to allow a vote on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and now it seems there will not be a vote on the EAW. There are to be 25 or so votes on small things associated with the EAW but not an open vote on the UK's in or out of the EAW. Theresa May has been further damaged given her performance in the house when harangued, even by her own party members, over this Tory internal U turn. Let us all remember just how honest Mr. Cameron and Mrs. May are when he asks us to vote him in as our Prime Minister next May and she hopes to further muddy the waters of the Home Office after the election. Question is, who could we look to for honesty as a Prime Minister, nobody that CB can think of because they are all politicians and honesty is not in their vocabulary, they do not understand it.

215.   07.45 GMT 11/11/14.   Sir Howard Davies, chair of the commission examining the expansion options for London's airports has said that any option selected for Gatwick or Heathrow will suffer from overspend. Both options have some nasty side effects. It seems that Boris Johnson's idea for a totally new 4 runway airport has been trashed but why? London would benefit most from another airport. It also must be considered that there would be the benefit of a large scale addition to London's infrastructure. How many new houses would be built to house the airport workers? What about the extensions to the underground? What about all the industrial units needed for the flight related service industries? There is so much more to Boris' idea than just the airport. The only major concern is to the wildlife and this must be the biggest "but" in the new airport idea. CB feels that politics is the biggest barrier to Boris' idea and we should not let politics get in the way of the best idea of them all. If the wildlife problem is too large then keep the idea but find another site to build it on.  Many problems would be solved by the new airport build and the number of jobs created has to be a boost to the economy in the short term, a boost that would be sustained when the new build is fully operational. London's flight capacity would be best served with a completely new facility thus the build is ensuring the future over a much longer term than fiddling with existing facilities.  Gatwick or Heathrow  will plug a gap but for a much shorter term than a new build. Is it not time to let good business sense  triumph over politics? Is it not time to realise that Boris Island's costs are greater because it provides for much more than just an airport but the runway capacity provided is such an increase that we cater for many more years in the future than any other solution. We do not need a political battle between Heathrow and Gatwick, we need deeper thinking than that. Perhaps Sir Howard is not the right man for the job, perhaps he cannot see the greater long term good.

214.   12.30 GMT 10/11/14.   And here we are again, Theresa May was anything but sure footed this morning when she tried to skip around the Tory 2010 election pledge to reduce immigration to "tens of thousands". David Cameron had moved significantly nearer to a possible exit from Europe in his address to the CBI, we could nearly see Nigel Farage stood behind him. Ed Miliband is quiet, maybe as he still has his head down to escape the friendly fire. Ed Balls would do well to stay there too, every time he opens his mouth we smell his breath, probably from the constant shit he talks. We really do need new times in politics but, performing like the above, who is there to help us?

213.   16.15. GMT 08/11/14.   Much furious talk on the TV regarding the validity of George Osborne's description of the Europe negotiations. Ed Balls and Nigel Farage are saying that we did not get any REAL reduction on the £1.7Bn European bill. They claim we are using an £850 M  rebate which we were due to get anyway to pay half the bill. Firstly, we know that such a rebate due in 9 months might be re-calculated to a higher figure, a lower figure or even a payment as this is how Europe works. so it is difficult to see any positive inclusion of this rebate in our "new deal". It also shows that Ed Balls and, surprisingly, Nigel Farage have no real appreciation of cash flow. I will make it simple for you by asking you to imagine that you suddenly got an unexpected bill for £1000 for gas and electric, payable on 1/12/14. You then negotiated to pay just £500 in two payments, the first to be paid by 1.7.15. Would you count that as a discount? Would you count that as a winning result? Of course you would and the UK is now in that same position regards the £1.7 Bn. Ed and Nigel, read the previous post to this one, a week is a long time in politics and all the way to next July is quite a lot of weeks. Both of you should stop bleating, there will be less egg on your faces if you just shut up!

212.   15.00 GMT 08/11/14.   One week in politics eh? Cameron is in trouble with Europe although, arguably, George Osborne has dug him out. Miliband is in trouble with his own people. Theresa May is in trouble with the whole nation. It seems only Nicola Sturgeon is above the trouble barrier. Except for Cameron and Europe, all other problems stem from the arrogance of those in power not listening to the man in the street. We must wait and see what Theresa does to get out of jail. Miliband is where we want him, leading a merry band of men who only partly follow. This bodes well for the May election as it helps keep Ed Balls' hands off our economy. It could stack up as a Tory / UKIP coalition, not a bad thing as the promised referendum on Europe would confirm to Nigel Farage that the majority of UKIP votes were NOT for an immediate and unconditional exit from Europe. CB does not think that UKIP would sit with the Tories and the countries needs are not as desperate as they were in 2010 after 13 years of Labour devastation of the economy. Wait and see is the preferred stance for now.

211. 06.45 GMT 06/11/14.     CB loves to watch F1 but is now disgusted. The "double points" rule for the drivers championship to be introduced for the last race in Dubai is so grossly unfair. What is it all about? The driver, this year it is Lewis Hamilton, who has steadily worked toward the championship race by race could be denied his just reward for any reason, most of them luck. Reliability, a chance touch, a blow out or even deliberate action could drastically change the outcome of the whole season and, should this be the decider under double points, CB will feel that F1 has lost it's integrity. This is akin to the organisers cheating by varying the rules in mid competition and CB will not be watching F1 next year, possibly joined by many others who feel the same.

210.   11.50 GMT  05/11/14.   The American political system has done it again. They have successfully put the Republicans in places of power where they can leave Obama sat on his arse for the next two years. Did they forget that the Republicans are the same people who took America (and the rest of the world) to within days of a full financial collapse JUST to make a political point? Just proves the saying that you can give the people the vote but you can't give them the brains to use it well. So, thanks to voter insanity, the world may spin it's heels until early 2017, how good is that? We really need to break away from the American dominance of world economics and, with China, India and Brazil performing as they are, maybe we can do that. The American electorate will only have themselves to blame although they will typically be pointing their fingers in any direction than in their own direction.

209.   11.45.   05/11/14.   Oh dear Theresa May, how long is a week in politics? It is not so long ago you were being spoken of as a possible leader of the Conservative Party, a safe pair of hands, sure footed. THEN you dropped the ball with Sloss, then you dropped it again with Woolf and now thw Baker banana skin and you do not look so pretty when you are sat on your arse on the floor. Home Secretary is a tough job, trying to run a department that is too large and unfit for purpose. Perhaps a reorganisation of the Home Office, splitting some parts off might be a good idea?

208.   13.00 GMT 02/11/14.   First we had Baroness Sloss to head up the child abuse enquiry, she was seen to be unsuitable as her brother held a very high office in the government at a time that was seen to be prime time which was to be investigated. When she went by popular demand we were given Fiona Woolf. She has been discredited because of her close friendship with Leon Brittan's wife and Leon Brittan was home secretary at that self same sensitive time. Without allegations, the perception is that people were concerned that such close associations might compromise the independence of the enquiry. What has been exposed here is the incestuous nature of the upper echelons where deals may be done over a glass of wine in someones kitchen at a dinner perty. It is the perversity of the "keeping it in house" of such arrangements or, is this the way of keeping some control over such enquiries? The chair of these enquiries will be exceptionally well paid so it is jobs for the boys. Now we have to look abroad for a suitable chairperson, Belgium or Holland may be a good idea, where the chair speaks flawless English and has a better than stainless reputation. Why does it always have to be Lord This or Lady that or Sir Whatsisname if only to keep things in house and under control? The sickness of corruption has way too much room to function unless we find a better way in future.

207.   11.45 GMT 30.10.14.   Norman Baker, the governments minister for crime prevention,  has said there is no connection with tougher drugs laws and sentences with lowering the usage and decriminalisation would be a better move. At last there is realistic thinking along the lines of the page "The War on Drugs" to be found on this site. Alas number 10 says the opposite, they are still clouded in Victorian thinking, which has been seen to fail ever since it was brought in  to law in 1868. It is always those who have never done it who are the biggest opponents to change but, as abstainers, they know not that of which they speak. They hold the belief in the lies, mistruths and political flam that has been used over the years to justify a bad law. Will the day ever come when such eyes are opened? Sadly and probably not as there are none so blind as those who will not see. The greatest problem is that the minute the word "drugs" is mentioned, logic is out the window and emotion is in so what chance of reason prevailing? None!

206.   12.55 GMT 29.10.14.   Having just watched Prime Ministers Questions it strikes CB that there is so much hot air blowing around in the Commons but nothing is getting done, nothing changes. They were fighting over the same old problems that we see year after year so may we ask what do they do for their money? The other point is that there was not an issue that CB could pick up on. It was the same old yah boo crap that we are continually told will be eradicated but it is still here. Underlines CB's point that nothing is ever done.

205.   02.00 GMT 29.10.14.   Well, many apologies from old CB, bet you thought he had died. Spell of illness followed by doctors appointments by the dozen then a short holiday but all is well now. Lots of discussion about Turkish inactivity over the town of Kobane but nobody sees the truth. Turkey must defend their borders. When the UK, USA and others say "no boots on the ground" then why should Turkey do it? Turkey has let many refugees in but is trying to ensure no jihadi's or supplies go from Turkey to the war zones. This is the correct behaviour in every respect so no criticism is due. Also remember that Turkey has just over 50% of it's people who are muslim so any other approach is likely to cause severe internal unrest.

204.   09.15 GMT. 12.10.14.   Looks like the IS will soon win Kobane on the Syria / Turkey border. The Turks are letting refugees in to Turkey but NOT letting regrouped Kurdish fighters back in to Kobane to carry on the defence. What side are the Turks on??? If Kobane falls, so will Turkey! This is why the IS is so adamant to win this town. Maybe the west should revue the status of Turkey in the UN, after all they are 50% muslim. Maybe the time is right to review our home policy on Islam. This is a war of ideaology. In the UK it is illegal to incite violence or death but the Qoran says all infidels must be killed, therefore the Qoran is illegal. In the UK it is illegal to discriminate against women but  the Qoran says all men are born superior to women, thus the Qoran is illegal. OK, just to keep within their belief and save millions of pounds, the NHS should deny all or any treatments to male muslims where the treatment was wholly or partly discovered or developed by a woman. All copies of the Qoran should be declared illegal in the UK, siezed and burnt. A programme of demolition of all mosques must be started, thus the believers in the worlds most flawed religion would have to practice at home. This would stop large gatherings where the sick insanity of hardline islamists could be introduced to others. A law against covered faces MUST be introduced for national security and we may then make it illegal to cover the head when in public. A further measure against terrorism would be to ban speaking any language other than English when in public. Under such conditions maybe the softies of Islam might  inform the IS that their actions are working against Islam, not for it. Maybe 90% of Islam worldwide would act against the sick ones. Maybe England MIGHT feel like England once more. The threat is not only in the middle east, it is here in  Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham and a list so long CB does not want to even picture it.  Let those who would see a new England that resembled what it used to be stand up just for that and show Islam the same kind of tolerance they show others! If the British government does not see this then they are as blind to street reality as they have ever been and can not claim to be protecting the people of this country. British muslims may not like this but, given the obvious illegality of many statements of the Qoran in British Law, they MUST accept it. What say you Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Farage??????

203.   07.30 GMT 10.10.14.   CB is back from a short trip to Belgium only to see the start of the march of UKIP, gaining it's first MP and narrowly missing out on their second.  Now look at post number 200, read, understand and believe. Listening to Douglas Carswell's acceptance speech, he did not toe his parties line but more or less agreed with post 200. Nigel Farage spoke of holding the balance of power next May, has he been reading CB's posts over the last few weeks? CB hopes he has.

202.   13.30 GMT, 29.09.14.   China is digging it'self into trouble in Hong Kong. They wish to dictate who may stand for election as Hong Kong's next "mayor". The people feel that it is not the choice of Beijing who they can vote for. There has been widespread protest in the streets, dealt with by the police using teargas amongst other methods. This is China's human rights on trial by the world yet again. China cannot be trusted to respect peoples rights. They say the protests are illegal but, without arms and aggression, surely the people have the right to be in the streets. Given the agreement put in place when China took Hong Kong back from the UK in 1996, the actions of Beijing and the Hong Kong police is what is illegal. With China's place in the world economy, which they must protect, to make a stand on such a small issue is self mutilation. When China has made such progress politically in recent years, just how stupid is it to revert back to the old communist attitude. CB waits and watches and so does the rest of the world. CHINA, you need to maintain the respect you have earned from the rest of the world and actions like you are taking in HK will only destroy that respect and it will take many years to win it back, IF you can!

201.   10.45 GMT 29.09.14.   The Ryder Cup has been retained by the European team once again. This is such a special competition that seems to get an even higher than normal standard of play from those who are already the best the world has to offer. All of this with the exception of a bad loser called Phil Mickelson who carries more mouth and ego than skill. The American team captains in future should fail to select him in the pursuance of the high standards and cameraderie usually seen. Should his selection be automatic then those captains should ensure he is not chosen for any match. It only takes one bad loser to detract from what is thought of by the players as the most special competition in world golf. The winners love to win and the losers hate to lose but the losers usually carry their heads high and display dignity with their loss. These players live and work together on the tour so, perhaps if the American Ryder Cup captains cannot or will not do anything about the Mickelsons of this world, maybe the players on the tour might make their feelings known to him.

200.   01.45 GMT 29.09.14.   CB is issuing this post as an open letter to Nigel Farage. If you would like to be the next Prime Minister of the uk you might consider the following message. Leaving Europe is as big an issue as the Scotland referendum. Maybe it might be to your advantage to spell out the cost per day, per week, per month and per year of membership of Europe. Then you might spell out in a similar manner just how much we get back in rebates, cheap loans, industrial and housing grants and so on.  Now spell out all the powers we have lost to Europe, such as immigration control etc. Then your economic figures may make a lot more sense to the voters and you would be seen to be listening to business and industry if you then gave the voters a chance to have their say with a free and open referendum. Honesty and accuracy might be a good idea, something new to modern politics. There is room here for you to be seen as the only choice as our next Prime Minister, as the only man willing to be honest and as the only political respector of the peoples opinion, wouldn't that be a fresh approach. You must realise that a vote for UKIP is not licence to blast us out of Europe, it is a cry for help from an electorate tired of seeing the day to day disingenuity displayed by the Cameron/Clegg/Miliband culture at the heart of UK politics. You are needed but only if you fulfill the promise to break us out of the mould that we have suffered for far too many years now. Time to stand up and be counted, Nigel.

199.   10.15 GMT. 28.09.14.   Today is the last day of the UKIP conference. Nice to pick up another defection, not as reckless as the MP's name suggests. One of the delegates spoke of a 25% rate of VAT on luxury goods but Nigel Farage said it "would not be a part of our policy". Was that wise Nigel? Disunity in the party? This conference should have been the glue that held the confidence of next years voters together but when the left hand knows not what the right hand thinks and says, are you prepared for next May? You should have had ALL your policies fixed and firm and the conference was where and when to put them to the electorate, thus all your delegates should have been aware of them but it looks like that is not so. This must be fixed as we go into the new year or you can be assured that half your expected electoral gains to evaporate. With what is happening since Scotland, the voters are more savvy than at any time yet seen in  UK politics and now is the time to deliver. We do not expect any of the parties to deliver on the history of their actions and UKIP is the only party that voters will look to for a delivery of ALL electioin promises so, Nigel, be warned and take advantage. You must all speak with the same tongue and vagaries like the 25% VAT idea have no place in a concerted effort  to change UK politics to what the people need from you.

198.   09.30 GMT 28.09.14.   On Friday afternoon in the House of Commons there was enough hot air flying around that, uncontained, it would have melted both polar ice caps. Miliband once again showed us why he is unfit to be considered for our next Prime Minister. He was wittering on about legality. He might do well to consider the legality of a bunch of armed men who surround a village and kill all males in it. They then round up all females aged 8 to 18 and ship them off to be sold as slaves. Then they take all women from 19 to 35 and station them in barracks for the use of jihadists. When a jihadi wants a woman he just picks one of these at random and uses her as he wishes. The woman being raped knows her rapist killed her husband and sons and sold her daughter for sexand that in the morning she may be pregnant with the rapists child. All this political hot air on Friday was to send 6 tornado's to Iraq. What was required was the authority for the MOD to send whatever military assistance was needed at any time to wherever the need was felt. The first RAF flight yesterday, with all our intel, found no targets in Iraq after a 7 hour flight but, if that is the case, their presence freed up aircraft from other countries to spearhead moves against the IS in Syria. Now, if there are no Iraqi targets, it is time to send in the ground forces to start the mop up. We know that, if correctly used, the ground forces outnumber the IS by at least 10 to 1. Now the purpose is to destroy the IS ability to raise finance so lets target those who buy oil from them. Whether companies or countries, we must be in a position to freeze any financial transactions between the IS and their backers. Surely we must be thinking in terms of turning the coalition might against any country that backs the IS. All bases MUST be covered if we are to snuff out this sickness so all our MP's who, on Friday loved the sound of their own voices, might just consider what they were really discussing. Politically, we do not want a war but we cannot walk away from the situation so politics are out, war is in until there is no IS. Miliband, we do NOT set the rules, the IS have done this by their actions. The solution is the eradication of the militants, when they are dead they cannot pass on their mental sickness to others so lets get started.

197.   13.45 GMT, 25.09.14.   Now it is time for the UKIP brown stuff to hiy the fan. They hold their conference in Doncaster from tomorrow. Never mind the speeches, positioning and all the razz, this will be about their policies. If they are the ones we need, if they are whole and complete, if they go far enough and have a measure of vision to them, UKIP will be poised to deliver a massive blow to the 2 party politics of the UK. Any falling short on this and they will be doomed to a tiny voice amongst the many in the commons. This is their chance and, should they not grab it, the UK has lost a great chance.

196.   13.30 GMT, 25.09.14.   Sainsbury's has just announced that their "price match" will only compare to ASDA in the future, TESCO is no longer in this campaign. This may be suggestive that TESCO is about to launch a massive price cutting campaign to buy back it's perceived lost market share. Price match is a con in any event because, given vouchers against your next shop with a very short term use by date, they lock you into going back there to get the discount you should have been given off your previous purchase. CB never falls for such crap, CB shops where the deal is best on the day. That is why CB uses online shopping at every chance. If TESCO is about to up it's discounting, CB says bring it on.

195.   13.30 GMT, 25.09.14.   Is the "New Dallas" doomed. Shows like this are judged on viewer numbers and they then attract advertising revenue. A blockbuster premier on Channel 5 has 5 minute advertising slots. The norm for a mainstream show, such as CSI or NCIS has 4 minute slots. Dallas has been moved from 22.00 Thursdays to midnight Wednesdays and the ad slot is only 2 minutes. If similar is what is happening in the States, maybe this will be the last Dallas series ever. We will know when we see the last episode in this series. If there is a cliffhanger there is another series on the books, if it all ends, maybe there is not. We must wait and see.

194.   10.45 GMT, 25.09.14.   David Cameron holds a meeting tomorrow to discuss RAF action in Iraq but NOT Syria. He should carry the day but so much opposition to action in Syria will hold us back. Assad's weakness over the last 3 years left a power vacuum in northern Syria and the tribal government in Iraq did the same as the 2 tribes in northern Iraq felt disenfranchised. As we have seen, the insane sickness of islamic militants drives them to be excellent at spotting such weaknesses and filling the gap. They are well organised, trained and funded so this is a formidable combination. The business of saying "OK, we will use the RAF but only there, not there and no soldiers. When will it dawn that we are fighting and ideaology, this is world war three, THAT is why the rest of the world wants an end to the Islamic State. To defeat such an ideaology means TOTAL eradication. A dead diseased mind cannot infect another mind. This will take air attacks AND ground troops to mop up the reclaimed territories. The IS is a foetal sac within which the sickness we have seen is nurtured and spread so the whole sac must be wiped out. After that, maybe the world must temper it's tolerance to muslims (all of whom have the same ideaology, just muted to some extent) with actions to protect us from that ideaology. Maybe we should allow their belief but only in the privacy of their own homes. Maybe we should demolish all mosques and Islamic schools, ban covered faces in public and take any other control measure deemed necessary. The sickness will spread where many may gather so some curtailment measures might be inevitable. Islamn is such a flawed belief that control is not unreasonable. David Cameron needs to see this and should secure a commitment to military response to any IS threat, wherever it occurs and to be able to respond in ANY WAY NECESSARY at will. Weakness gave us this problem and we can therefore not tolerate any more weakness. You can only smell the coffee when you are awake and CB can smell the coffee, now it is time for UK politics to do the same. If the beheading of our people, the treason of some of our people and the philosophy of the IS is not enough to wake the politicians up, then save our money, keep the RAF at home and prepare to die whilst the IS rapes and sells your daughters, YES, in the UK because that is where we fight next unless we defeat them NOW out there! Strength NOW can crush the nucleus before it is large enough to turn so many heads that we lose the initiative.

193.   12.30 GMT 24.09.14.   UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon has today stated that climate change is the greatest global threat that we face. He is WRONG! Should we all work together we can fix this (watch the video) and we have most of the technology to do this. Should you consider the population explosion, you will soon see this is the greatest threat we face. Here we do not have the answer. There are many answers but each one has a highly unacceptible part (again, watch the video). CB suggests that something which can be 90% fixed is less of a threat than one which has no acceptible answer. Also, we can learn to live with climate change if it cannot be fixed but we cannot live together peacefully if there are too many people and not enough food and fresh water. Ban Ki Moon, think before you speak, we expect honesty and accuracy from you, take a leaf out of CB's book.

192.   13.30 GMT 23.09.14.   Alan Stewart, TESCO's new Chief Financial Officer started work today, more than two months before his due start date. Not before time given the horrendous £250M "error" discovered in their half year accounts. TESCO continue to lose sales and market share, something CB finds strange. It must be due to footfall in the stores as they are, by far, the best deal in town when shopping for food online. CB would love to be privy to the breakdown of sales and. as a retired consultant, is well equipped to understand. Once the accounts black hole has been dealt with, it seems to be time for a revision of long term strategy. CB was considering applying to TESCO bank but this is not a good time to do so. Until the accounts and strategy problems are dealt with, TESCO will suffer badly from customer confidence in their peripheral business. Given all this, CB cannot ever remember a bad experience in all his years of dealing with TESCO and, on the odd occasion where we had a small problem, their customer services dealt with it promptly and efficiently. It is hard to see why they are faring so badly in their traditional markets when they make it so easy to deal with them.

191.   13.15 GMT, 22.09.14.   Ed Balls has tried to con the UK electorate that he has some knowledge of economics in his speech today to the Labour Party Convention. He has talked of saving £400M on child benefit cuts. He is talking about saving another £100M on other measures including not paying rich pensioners the winter warmth allowance. He has not spoken of the cost of an £8 per hour minimum wage. There is no consideration of the needs of business and industry relative to that minimum wage. There is nothing said about how that minimum wage will rebound on the economy or the competitiveness of UK goods in the marketplace. Nothing said about the UK being the third fastest growing economy in the world and after all they said about the coalition's plan not being viable. Does this cretin think the UK voter is that stupid? They will remember the last time he had his hand in our till we nearly went bankrupt. Does Labour think that given enough spin, we will trust them to keep the country's books? CB KNOWS that good economics and Labour policies do not fit together! It is hoped that this post helps other UK voters to remember Labour governance.

190.   05.00 GMT 22.09.14.   President Putin of Russia is reported to have a team of IT specialists working on a way to divorce Russia from the world wide web and to establish a "Russia only" internet. Why would anyone want to do that? Information world wide is what the net is all about. The only valid reason to do this would be to isolate the Russian people from any information or opinion that the Russian government does not want them to see. If that is his intention, CB finds it very dangerous. Suppresion of the truth only makes way for lies and propaganda and that has always been the way of the worst dictators. If he really is doing this then it is time to re-examine his intentions, especially in east Ukraine. Many times CB has supported his position but maybe it is time for CB to rethink this man's very worrying actions.

189.   07.45 GMT 19.09.14.   Scotland has, thankfully, said NO to full independence. In the final analysis, the NO vote was the most sensible outcome as the yes vote had become nothing more than a large bet on the country's future. One outcome is, that after calling for a written English constitution for the last 8 years, we may get something like that. Surely the party leaders cannot run away from this now. The seemingly unsolvable problem of the so called "West Lothian Question" MUST be solved and Nigel Farage's written request to the Scottish MP's to voluntarily abstain from any vote which only relates to England legislation is a very good start. If this were extended to Welsh and Northern Irish MP's it would be a great leap towards the settlement that is required because, if the voluntary solution did not work, legislation might be much easier to implement. And, finally, as predicted, the NO vote has led to the resignation of Mr. Salmond, slippery as always, his resignation only refers to his leadership of the SNP, he will still be an SNP MP, so it only remains for Nicola Sturgeon to be confirmed as Scotlands new First Minister and CB wishes her luck on that point. CB further hopes she will see the good side of the No vote and the potential for damage to be done to the whole of the UK by yet another referendum and therefore not be seduced by a wish for independence.

188.   12.00 GMT. 14.09.14.   OK,Shaun Wright, NOW is the time to go! CB sees that you want to hang on to the £80,000 ish per annum BUT, If you do not go, the people of South Yorkshire will hound you into a prison cell, a place where you will suffer what those 1,400 girls suffered who should have been protected by YOU! Take your pick, save the money OR save your arse. CB hopes you go to prison so you can have a real feel for that which was done to young girls on your watch.  Your failure to walk comes from a sick mind, fuelled by money or, worse still, a love of power. You have to see by now you have no power left, Who may ever have respect for you or your thinking? WALK and save your arse and if you do not walk, we will all rejoice every night knowing what is happening to you, or, just maybe, you  might like it up there? Your personal sickness needs to be removed from our lives, DO IT!

187.   22.20 GMT. 10.09.14.   And following on from the last post, Slippery (Salmond) has bet his political future on a Yes vote (note the word BET). Lloyds bank has confirmed that in the event of a Yes vote, they will move their head office to London. Tomorrow we will be given the confirmation that RBS will do the same. Standard Life has indicated similar. Just how much loss of revenue does that account for to slippery's team? Further moves are expected from other industrial sectors. For this reason and the sketchiness of other figures, the uncertainty of the future which can neither be guaranteed or predicted, the Scottish people must now realise that this vote is a BET! An investment can be calculated with a minimum and maximum return but not guaranteed but a bet is just that. Most bets are losers and the bookie usually wins but, in this case, WHO IS THE BOOKIE? Given a Yes vote, slippery will be seen to be the greatest salesman of all time, shame his deal is to sell Scotland down the Clyde. The Bank of England has put in place measures to maintain stability but that is a short term measure, NOT a gift of a currency to be shared, that will not work AND the Bank of England has not clearly calculated the feelings of English voters in this matter. Stability is necessary to protect English interests yet to be extricated from a "New Scotland" but the political rope is not very long at all. Scots should see that this is now a bet and they should be gamble aware next week!

186.   16.25 GMT. 10.09.14.   PMQ's, where were they, AH, all in Scotland. CB fears, for once, Salmond (old slippery) may be right. All three party leaders fighting the NO battle BUT, slippery said it was a boost for Yes! The three musketeers have no idea how hated they are north of the border so slippery may have got it right. Shakespeare, "If only we could see ourselves as others see us". Hope the damage was not too great and can be repaired by those closer to the front. Perhaps slippery might listen to the same sentiment. After all, he is single handedly selling the future of the Scots right down the Clyde. Currency is still one of the biggest things. Some Yes wag was talking today of the Scottish currency being "pegged to the pound". Cloud cuckoo land, a country's currency trades against all others at a value reflecting the worlds feelings about the economy backing that currency. This means that Scotland, with a "pegged currency" are attempting to trade off Englands economy and, with the expected devastation of the Scottish economy on a Yes vote, that CANNOT happen. The markets of the world are much better informed than that and any currency adopted or dreamed up by an Independent Scotland will stand (or more likely fall) on it's own merit. How soon will they come crying to England for a bail out and how will they feel when the word they really should follow, NO, is given as an English answer. Salmond is selling a dream with a flawed economic background but we all hope there are enough well educated folk up north to see through the shit and stay united with their long term friends further south.

185.   12.30 GMT 10.09.14.   CB learned a new NHS term called MPIG today. CB paid a rare visit to the doctors, nothing big, just keeping up with current problems. The practice is a large, inner city  practice with more patients than most but is under threat of closure. Due to the nature of the location the patient list has many immigrants, particularly Somali people.  CB's doc, who he has known for some 23 years had a sad tale to tell. It was about MPIG (Minimum Practice Income Guarantee).  This is funding from the NHS to safeguard smaller practices, such as those in small village rural areas and in some cases, those like the one CB uses. MPIG is being discontinued, thus putting many practices around the UK at risk. Elderly patients, maybe with mobility problems, who have lived all their lives in small villages, will see their local practice close. Now they will have to go to the nearest large village or town to see the doctor. All this even though bus services to smaller villages are sparse and infrequent. This cannot have been thought through. MPIG must be retained BUT could be revised. If a village has more than 1 practice, MPIG could be retained for the largest practice but not others, thus bringing about consolidation. Where the practice is the only one for miles and serves a large but remote area, it MUST be in place. The problem at CB's practice is uncertainty. New younger doctors will not work there due to the uncertainty of their employment continuity. New partners are needed but no doctor will accept a partnership as they are unwilling to invest in a practice with an uncertain future. Here MPIG MUST remain in place. The whole MPIG picture must be re-thought as what the current proposal is becomes unacceptible. Every Wednesday we hear David Cameron in PMQ's telling us all how much more has been spent on the NHS but he never mentions rank stupidity of the MPIG changes. Watch this space, CB is waiting for news from his doc and what they propose to do about it.

184.   12.55 GMT. 08.09.14.   At long last after eight years of calling for a total reform of the policing of the UK, the Police Superintendents Association is now calling for the same. They do not agree exactly with CB's structure but they have stated that "having 43 separate police forces wastes millions of pounds annually". They want to restructure the forces "from the bottom up" so as to preserve local and community knowledge" but they also, in saying they would build the management structure upwards, carving out chunks of redundancy, thus saving money. This is EXACTLY what CB has called for time and time again. HEY, Superintendents, use the feedback under the heading, CB would be glad to help.

183. 07.20 GMT. 08.09.14.   At last Mr. Obama has decided to do, ONCE AGAIN, half a job. He will rid Iraq of ISIS but what about those left in Syria? The only answer is eradication of ISIS and that means cosying up to Assad. Of course, once the job is done, Assad could be taken into custody for his war crimes but there would be much more to do in the way of cleaning up. It would be no good to lock Assad up and leave YET ANOTHER power vacuum for a new ISIS to walk into. The future of coalition forces made up of multiple countries to deal with similar problems must never again do an "Iraq".  Adequate governance put in place by such actions must consider stability, the ethnicities of the area, the politics of power and how the people could vote on who administers that power, no small task but if mishandled, we have seen what happens.  It is clear that no action is not the option, the resultant power base for terrorism would  change the way of life across the globe wherever muslim believers have gone to live.  Longer term the world needs to consider the tolerance we offer to such a fundamentally flawed religion that it can so easily be used to justify terrorism and barbarism.

182.   07.15 GMT 08.09.14.    Scotland decides? Mr. Salmond seems to have been taken by surprise by the No campaign making clear there will be further devolution of powers given a No vote, something the rest of the world has known for months but Salmond seems to want to spin it as "something new" and the No team grabbing at straws. Mr. Salmond is just so slippery that CB wonders how so many Scots have been taken in by him, CB seems to remember the Scots to be a bit more canny than that. The Scots all seem to have been forgetting one thing, the backlash by the English public in the event of a Yes vote. There would surely be a clamour to divorce Scotland from the pound A.S.A.P, we would not want to see ANY of our money going over the new border. Backlash measures might be a large exodus of bank accounts from RBS closely followed by a call for our £43 Bn returned to the English taxpayer. Our businesses would wish to hive off the Scottish parts, Englishmen would likely call for the nuclear deterrent to be repatriated immediately, in short, a divorce is exactly that. The message to Scotland is be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! Hell hath no fury like a lady scorned and Mr. Salmond wants to keep the pound. The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street (The Bank of England) might want to be more benevolent than that but CB would place a bet that the English taxpayer would NOT want her to consider such a move. Talking of placing bets, markets hate uncertainty and so the pound is weakening against the dollar and the euro BUT, as the UK is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the pound should be strong. This means that, once we have a result either way, CB would expect to see the pound rise sharply so watch the market. Buy pounds at their lowest (when you think they are low) and cash in later, it seems a guaranteed safe bet.

181.   07.00 GMT 08.09.14.   Today, Ashya King should be going to Prague for the proton beam therapy which may save or prolong his life, that is if there is no further stupidity from so called officials. CB and the rest of the world has his interests at heart and wish the family well. Shame he has lost two weeks due to the cretinism of the English authorities. Once Ashya has received his treatment, CB wants to see the Southampton Hospital, the Hampshire police, the Hampshire PCC and the CPS all taken to court for what they collectively did to Ashya and his parents. Only stiff 7 figure compensation awards might be enough to make them think and safeguard others in the future from such meddling in the parents right to choose their preferred treatment for their children. Such money, invested in a health trust for the benefit of Ashya, might provide for his future.

180.   10.45 GMT 03.09.14.   William Pooley, the British Ebola victim, is being released today from hospital in London. Given he and the two American victims, all treated with the new and as yet "untested" experimental drug are now Ebola free, maybe we should have another look at this drug. Yesterday's statement by one of the World Health Authorities regarding the "Ebola battle in Africa being a lost cause" and the rise to over 3,500 infected maybe needs another look. Normal safety checks on a new drug takes years BUT, given the near zero recovery rate from this disease and it's rapid spread, there is reason for beta testing in the field right now. This means, pull out all the stops, issue the drug and use the field trials as evaluation. If hundreds if not thousands are saved, deem it a good trial. If the save rate is low BUT the spread is halted, the trials are good. The alternative cannot be contemplated. CB does know that it will take months to do this but lets do the computations, put the manufacture of twice that amount into play and lets stop this horrendous disease. Should we end up with unused stocks, at least we have data on the use of the drug and a bolster against any future outbreaks.

179.   10.05 GMT 03.09.14.   It seems a permanent ceasefire in eastern Ukraine has been agreed between President Putin and Poroshenko, Ukraines president. CB just has 1 question, if, as Russia has always insisted, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, why was Putin needed there????? Maybe the full truth has just emerged! Now the Kremlin has just said "agreement is on peace moves, NOT a ceasefire". CB still reads this as an admission of Russian troops being present in eastern Ukraine, contrary to what they have always said which is there was no Russian invlovement!

178.   01.45 GMT 03.09.14.    Big concern over the provision of extra airport facilities for London. Fifty years of stagnation is likely down to the politics of Gatwick vs Heathrow. The so called Boris Island might be expensive BUT, the TV graphics show us 4 runways. If those runways were the length of the big proposed runway extemsion at Heathrow then we would have more than doubled the existing capacity, thus leaving the status quo at Heathrow and Gatwick. Surely this is the right choice. The devastion to the environment is the big problem here. Infrastructure would also be bad for the environment but the roads, rail links, housing and all that would be needed is a massive project, providing thousands of jobs for some years to come. Given the boost to industry via import and export alone, the UK economy would have a guaranteed growth. Less politics and more commercial sense might be the answer.   

177.   07.55 GMT. 02.09.14.   The Scotland referendum is almost upon us. The simple equation is a NO vote is safe, there is no change and we know, just for now, that works. There is a bonus in that Westminster has promised further independence for Edinburgh in taxation etc. A YES vote means yes, there is a great risk because so much has to change. Alex Salmond seems to have bet his political future on a yes so is he being really straight with his people? Should he fail then CB expects Nicola Sturgeon, the real brain behind the SNP, to take over as First Minister. The NO vote is favoured by most businessmen and for that reason, CB expects the NO's to prevail. We will see!

176.   06.45 GMT 02.09.14.   What a mess Cameron is in over jihadists. Correct me if I am wrong but a passport is NOT the property of those to whom they are issued, they are the property of the government who issues them, therefore that government can rescind that passport. Cameron and Theresa May are talking about further legislation, what crap. They have to begin to realise they are fighting an ideaology, one that is shared by 1.5 Billion people. The younger generation are fed up waiting for Islam and Sharia Law to be world wide, hence they are fighting for it with the establishment of the Islamic State. As some die in the fight, their weapons will be picked up by others. The west must smash the IS but must also realise the consequences of this. The battle field would then shift to every major city in Europe and America. Yes, that is why it will take 50 to 100 years to defeat the ideaology, why all police would be armed (we DO NOT want that) and why armed forcces would be on the streets backing the police. Just read your history, this is the mediaeval holy wars in reverse. That is enough for this to become WW3, a terrorist and guerilla warfare scenario. Who will say CB is wrong?

175.   06.35 GMT 02.09.14.   The Rotherham grooming affair does not surprise CB. For far too long authorities such as the council and the police have shirked their responsibilities in areas where offenders could play the race card. Easiest option was to let the girls continue to be raped and pimped out. Says a lot about our multi cultural society. The multitude of calls for a reform of the police on this site are now, ONCE AGAIN, given much credibility, when, OH when, will Theresa May get the message? As to the councils and child care, who will go to prison for aiding and abetting the offenders? That IS clearly what they did by turning a blind eye. On that note, what about the elected PCC for South Yorkshire who spent 5 years running the very department for Rotherham council? Instead of spending his time overseeing the police, maybe he should be paying for the 5 years of non action!

174.   06.25 GMT 02.09.14.   The tragically sad case of Ashya King causes CB great concern. Where did the rights of a parent to take medical advice and reject it for what they thought was a better option disappear to? Ashya is number one here. The Kings have every right to do what they did and now a Chesterfield based charity has agreed to pay for the Proton Beam treatment they favour. Should that treatment prove the best decision, CB can see the law suits piling up against Southampton Hospital, the NHS, Hampshire police and the Hampshire PCC. Good move, best way to make them learn is to hit them in their pockets. Sadly, if all goes wrong, the law suits will be worse when the failure of adequate care is a court case. Then there is another law suit for wrongful arrest and detention. The extradition also may be a point in law if the Kings enjoy residencia in Spain and extradition where no criminal offence has been committed is another question. It is clear the Kings were trying to do their best for their boy so why did all this happen?

173. 23.15, GMT 30.08.14.   So, the National Lottery web site says it is "going underground" and will be back up at 21.30 but it is now  nearly 2 hours later.  CB thinks they were maybe hacked,  check your money! If not that, they may have had money wrangles with their space provider or the web author but to be offline for so long is unforgiveable. Just a redesign would have been planned towards a seamless swap from old to new. They also promised the explanation would be on the relaunched site but go look for yourself, CB could not find it. One day people like them (Camelot) might learn to tell the truth. Multiple law suits may make them understand, use  my feedback and we can sue them! 

172.   02.05 GMT 27.08.14.   Today CB's pal took delivery of his online shopping from Tesco. One change, ordered 6 x 1 ltr Whyte and Mackay's scotch at £15.05, they delivered 5 bottles BUT added 1 bottle of their excellent Special Reserve, normally £17.5 per bottle but they charged £15.05 for it. All else was as ordered AND full clubcard points too. This is why online shopping is best done with TESCO, you have to watch the price but TESCO does business with honour and integrity, unlike Sainsbury's who will rob you and not tell you they have their hand in your pocket. Be warned and be careful, some people think that online business is a chance to rob you.

171.   12.45 GMT 25.08.14.   So sad about Richard Attenborough. Ghandi and Cry Freedom stand out for CB. Many accolades seen but surprised about Gordon Browns. If Gordon Brown was sincere, maybe he should have learnt from those films and, instead of being personal power mad, might have emulated those portrayed in Richards films. Best for all of us if Gordon Brown stayed well under the radar, where most of us want him to be.

170.   15.05 GMT 24.08.14.   Just watched the Belgian Grand Prix from Spa and, particularly, the Rosberg / Hamilton incident. What a shambles for the team, what a disastrous PR occasion for Rosberg who now has lost many fans from an already small pool. Lewis Hamilton will rise in the ranks of the spectators but more than any other result, what are the odds that Hamilton leaves his current team for pastures new next year UNLESS Rosburg is moved first? CB does not think they can be team mates for another season.

169.   12.35 GMT 24.08.14. Online grocery shopping is serious news today. A good pal of CB's buys obline when there is any bulk or weight and has discovered quite some differences between the suppliers. Waitrose and ASDA have not yet been tried yet. CB's pal typically buys when the scotch cupboard needs a refill so whoever is the best scotch deal of that week gets the biz. Morrisons had a deal of £15 per litre recently but you were limited to just 2 bottles at the offer price. Add that to the minimum spend requirement and it made their "deal" of no real value. He has bought from Ocado once with an excellent result but since then they have been out on price for the scotch. Now Sainsbury's has been consistently good on scotch but here comes the problem. He spent 6 times since June with Sainsbury's, £403 in total BUT was not awarded his nectar points. After complaining they gave some 40 odd points, NOT awarding points on the scotch. Sainsbury's customer support seems to only have the ability to say sorry but not to do anything else. He also noticed after ordering a beef roast at £5, it was substituted for one at £12. He was not told at the point of delivery so he could refuse it. He also noticed that, when buying personally in store they DID award points on the scotch. Moving to TESCO, they award club card points on ALL ordered items. His last order was for £115 and, after bonus points, earned 142 points. He also was able to claw back £17 using 2 vouchers he had. When TESCO substitute anything it is usually with something more or better but you still pay at the ORDERED price. When something happens which needs an email to customer support they always fix things to his satisfaction OR better than he had asked for. Lessons learned, Sainsbury's will rip you off on points if you use the online option but TESCO keep all their promises or better. CB's pal will have another TESCO order in excess of £100 delivered in a couple of days and now feels that, unless ASDA or Waitrose suddenly learn how to price their scotch, TESCO gets it all in future. Happy shopping and take great care. CB's pal will go to Sainsbury's this week only to cash his nectar points and after that has no intention of using them again.

168.   12.25 GMT 24.08.14.   The new Doctor Who is upon us. What an almighty YAWWWWN. A new doctor has, in the past, been instantly accepted and all the differences from his predecessor were just due to regeneration. Peter Capaldi did not seem to benefit from this.  CB does not think it was his acting abilities, it was more likely just a very poor script.  Even the greatest of actors cannot do much if the base tools are not up to standard, although Clara appeared not to suffer from the same problem.  Early Saturday evenings will provide the opportunity for  a short nap until Strictly gets under way again. roll on.  Perhaps Peter Capaldi is already closer to regeneration than he knows? 

167.   08.30 GMT, 22.08.14.   Now all that has been said on this page about the Islamic State is beginning to dawn on the west. The killing of Mr. Foley has crystallised the minds in America, thanks to Chuck Hagel's statement of today, and totally confirmed the insanity of the IS. This is not a state, it is a massive gang of thugs but with large amounts of captured arms and ammunition and extensive finances for the waging of war. They do as they wish because they cannot see that they will have to pay for their actions, they cannot contemplate defeat. However, their defeat will cost many innocent lives, probably women and children, enough to make Gaza look like a drop in the ocean. It is time to face up to a number of realities. Ask any government what their first duty is and they will say "the defence of our country and people". Then we get Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron et al saying "there will be no boots on the ground in Iraq". Sounds like the cartoon introduction of Dads Army where the UK allowed the Germans in 1939 to overwhelm much of Europe leaving us defending our own penalty area. The modern day threat means that the defence of America and the UK starts wherever the enemy are and that means BOOTS on the GROUND, this will be urban guerilla warfare, street by street, hand to hand! Anything else is too little, too late. Now, understand the enemy. This is the Holy Wars of the middle ages in reverse. They are fighting for an ideaology which is flawed and barbaric. They want to see Sharia Law worldwide which has some good points but, just like their religion, can be twisted and turned any way that they want or need , not in the interests of justice but in the situation of brutality to gratify the bloodlust of the rulers. This type of mass insanity can only be defeated by total eradication. ALL countries who feel threatened must join together in a multi nation, multi discipline military force dedicated to removal of all militants. In other words this is WW3! There are 1.5 BILLION who have the same ideaology so, as militants are removed, others will become enraged and take their place. CB can see a war of 50 to 100 years to remove the threat to the world. Old enemies are now allies against the IS, we do not want Assad and dictators are persona non grata BUT, dictators do provide stability so now we help Assad to remove the IS and then decide how to deal with him. Any country that has accepted muslim immigrants has, from within, the chance of IS militancy so they cannot hide their heads in the sand. Look at the current trouble spots. Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine. The only one not particularly associated with Islam is Ukraine but, hey, many muslims live there too. Now tell CB this is not WW3! The world does not have the time to sit and chat. Mr. Obama describes the IS as "a cancer" and we know that to beat cancer, early treatment is needed. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the better the chance of success. Unfortunately, the world economy over the next few decades might be dictated by the manufacture and use of military equipment but better that than living under the IS. The old enemy is still there, TIME, so lets grasp the nettle and start the defence of the western world NOW. 

It has just been reported that the UK, France and Germany will be discussing a new UN resolution regarding Gaza, which is a bit like worrying about a pimple on your arse when you have a cancer growing inside you. Maybe it is time to realise that, so called civilians in Gaza all support Hamas and are therefore not quite so innocent. Maybe the discussion might be on the IS! Maybe Hamas, after the killing of 18 people as "Israeli informers" should give a clue that Hamas = IS? Come on, WAKE UP, Germany and France have loads of muslims living there, as does the UK, so the threat is an internal tumour. Deal with matters closer to home rather than  worry about  Gaza, your national people need you at home, NOW!

166.   11.57 GMT 18.08.14.   Quite how does Mr. Assange think he can leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Has there been some secret, under the counter diplomacy or is this diplomatic subterfuge? Either situation should be without trust by Julian as it would be surprising if he believed them given the nature of his leaks. We will wait and see but any underhand action by the UK would most likely get a big thumbs down from the electorate. 

165.   18.08.14.   11.45 GMT.   David Cameron has spoken on Iraq but what the hell did he say. Over the weekend (a weekend of illness for CB) he intimated a step up towards doing something more positive about the Islamic State. It appeared he now understands how dire the problem of the IS to the middle east and, ultimately, the UK. Mr. Obama seems to have got the  message as he is providing air attacks. Do they both now understand that the problems in Iraq are because they both failed to properly complete the job they started? This morning D.C. has told us there will not be a return to UK involvement in any war in Iraq. How does he think the religious insanity of the IS along with their brutality will be defeated. This is terrorist guerilla warfare which is fought in the streets, hand to hand so how does he think we would do it? This is a politician twisting and turning any way he can to speak in a way that , to his mind, will satisfy the people, but will  not get him in trouble so roll on May 2015.

164. 15.08.14.   18.38 GMT. Much in the media about Sir Ciff Richard, aka Harry Webb. CB abhors the media and does not indulge in gossip, BUT CB has personal knowledge  about the the ongoing discussion regarding Cliff's sexuality. CB will divulge all only if Sir Cliff is convicted and if he is cleared, CB will not say a word. Let us believe that CB is well informed so you should watch this page. You should also know that CB is straight, a man that loves females. We all wish Cliff well, unless he did something nasty to a little boy, in which case, give him  some time in prison and watch this space, you will learn more about Harry Webb (The name he will be indicted under). How does CB know this? How does CB know ANY of what is on this site, trust CB, it is all honest, accurate and no punches pulled.  

163.   13.08.14.   13.29 GMT.    Lauren Bacall is gone. Another great of our time. CB often pictures the map of the world as a cartoon where the shape of the country is represented by heads BUT one or two may be prominent. The map of South Africa may show Nelson Mandela as the prominent head, England may show John Lennon as the prominent head, America may have JFK. Lauren Bacall was a head! She married Hunphrey Bogart, a total nut. She confirmed herself in a TV interview that Humphrey, a man who was not too tall, believed the parts he played in films to the extent that he got beaten up many times in bars or restaurants by believing he could win a fight with a bigger guy. Lauren Bacall was a class lady. She suffered, as many women do, by falling in love with a man who did not have her intelligence. Her loss is of such significance as that of Robin Williams, we know the old adage "it comes in three's", do not want to contemplate who is next if that is true. She was special, always remember that.

162.   13.08.14.   12.54 GMT.   Well David Cameron, you have had to come home from your holiday. CB regrets this as we all need that break but a man in your position needs that break so much more. You are back to chair the COBRA session of this afternoon which is on the Iraq problems. The deal is, no Englishman wants to see military boots in Iraq again, BUT there is a responsibility to be shouldered by the UK AND America!  You did not complete the deal, Iraq is weak so the Islamic State has a presence.  The business of removing the IS is of world importance, see post 157 and just look at the brilliant insight of the lady described in post 155.  Mr. C., this is the day you have to grow some bollox, we fight now or the end game is WW3 and that will be a return to the Holy Wars of hundreds of years ago. One in 5 of the worlds population are deluded fanatics who believe in Islam, a wholly illogical religion but they will fight to the death to force us all into their insanity.  Have a look at  this site for better understanding. David, do not do your usual, do not waver, get the job done and your shaky legacy will be transformed, we will all feel safer if you get it right.

161.   12.08.14.   10.42 GMT.   We start this day with yet another instance of serious corruption allegations against a very senior policeman. Sir Peter Fahy and 3 other policemen are to be investigated by the IPCC in relation to their handling of a sexual misconduct case. How many more times will we see this before the Home Office moves to reform this country's policing system. The police are too isolated from any controls, they have too much unchecked power, they are over institutionalised and this could undermine any semblance of a justice system that we may still have. Read CB's pages entitled "The Police" and "Policemen" to get CB's slant on these problems.

160.   11.08.14.   00.05 GMT.    Robin Williams is dead. CB is so sorry to hear that. CB was never a great fan of Robin BUT CB is always cognisant of the quality and greatness of those who are special. Robin WAS special as so many characters that he played over so many years may show you. The man appears to have left this world of his own volition, California police saying he died from asphyxia, which may mean that he used hanging as his chosen method of departure or the other asphyxia is from a drug overdose where death is from choking on your own vomit. This is a very great loss to us all, especially at his age, 63. He was a Golden Globe winner more than once and CB believes he won an Oscar for "Good Will Hunting" and now, posthumously he may well get another Oscar under the life times achievement banner. If he does, it will be more than deserved. We must all remember that, when our lives are reduced to shit, if we listen to an old record or watch a favourite film, the players take us away from our troubles and we must all be grateful for the quality hours such stars give us. They are the people who save us from depression so it is extra sad that the disease of depression took this great man away from us.

159. 10.08.14.   23.34 GMT.   Peter Alliss, a great brain in the world of golf is naming Rory McIlroy as the greatest ever British golfer. Quite a statement. British works as, if he had said European, then Sevvy Ballesteros and some notable others would be in the frame.  You might want to read post number 153 on this page to have a feel of Rory's greatness which will back up what Peter Alliss says.  CB did invite  Peter Alliss  to have a lunch when he was next in CB's area but no acceptance was received. Peter would have been in the company of some great people, all golfers and also a friend of CB's, Lewy (Peter Cowan) , who is a respected golf coach to the stars of the game, although it has been quite a while since CB saw Lewy, who at one time was the professional at Lindrick Golf Club.  Peter Alliss enjoys the same greatness as another legendary golfer and commentator who was Henry Longhurst. His autobiography entitled "My Life and Soft Times" is a must to read. Henry was a gin and tonic man and, one day after a long lunch, he was on commentary duty which required him to climb a short ladder to get to the commentary box. As he tried to ascend he seemed a bit wobbly and his co-presenter of the day asked him "Henry, are you all right" to which the reply was, in good Spoonerism form "I shall be fine as long as Coles and Hunt are not paired together". Enough of that, Mr. Alliss, the invitation is still open if you are ever  in South Yorkshire, use the feedback link under the heading to be in contact, you will eat and drink, we will pay.

158. 11.08.14 23.12 GMT.   An open message to Benjamin Netanyahu. At the end of this latest truce, should Hamas fire just one rocket, please go into Gaza and do not stop until all Hamas personnel are dead or in custody. Then you should rebuild Gaza as a part of Israel. The Palestinians deserve to reap all they have sown, and you should be the farm owners. Do not worry about who or what may follow Hamas, you are equal to it. The western world will learn to live with the peace that you will bring to the area by doing what CB suggests. Any and all Palestinians or Hamas supporters should be forcibly re-patriated to Golan or the West Bank, put all your problems in one place where, if they transgress, you can deal with them. Egypt will support such a move as they will be glad that the need to monitor imports and exports will no longer be of any worry to them. This is a necessity because your next problem, and Egypts, will probably be the Islamic State who MUST be defeated at all costs, if they are not the whole world is at risk. CB is certain that the inborn strength and resolve of the Israeli peoples is the only way that the middle east can be stabilised after the world has eradicated the insanity and barbarism of the Islamic State. Please use the feedback link if you wish to speak yo CB on this subject.

157.   11.08.14.   Nouri Maliki is a weak man and, because of this, the Islamic State have seized one third of Iraq. Maliki must go tto save Iraq. Maybe if the provisions suggested in post 151 were possible, Maliki could go and Iraq would have an interim government that favoured no particular tribe. Maybe the Iraqi's might want that government to stay. Now to Turkey, where Erdogan has just enjoyed electoral success. Erdogan is a closet dictator. He is credited with saving the Turkish economy (as was Hitler in the 30's).  He tried to  ban social media in Turkey because he did not like the truth about himself when he saw it on the net. He also believed the freedom of speech on the net  would work against him, but surely that  only applies  if he has something to hide.  Let the good people of Turkey wait and see if Erdogan is the good guy or not. When the importance of  Islam starts to come to the fore, Turkey will have it's answer.  That poses  the question, what will Europe do when one of it's member countries  becomes an  Islamic caliphate and refuses to obey EU directives? That will be the beginning of the fall of the EU as after that, more and more countries will succumb to the insanity of belief. You saw it here first!  

156.   11.08.14.   Another bit of fun, it has been reported that consideration is being given to the idea that public health warnings should be placed on the labels of alcoholic drinks. That is cretinism! Who, after buying a bottle, is going to read the label? They neck the top off and drink it! The point of sale is the wrong place to deal with this as most buyers will take the booze home and drink it there and they are not the problem. Seriously increased penalties for public drunks are the required measure. Minimum prices per unit will only hurt the household drinkers who never trouble others. Why penalise the innocent for the transgressions of the few? This is indicative of the cretinism of the politicians who never think through the end effects of their misguided acts. Mind you, asking the weak of mind to think things through is like asking a man with no arms or legs to play golf! Perhaps every voter who likes a glass or two at home might ask their prospective candidates at the next election if they were involved with this move and refuse to vote for them if they were. Life is hard enough these days and if our only escape is a glass of something nice at the end of yet another tough day, maybe we do not need the idiot who would deny us that small pleasure. If action is seen to be needed then let that action be against the dummies that ask for it, the public drunks, those who infect the A&E departments and, YES, they should be billed for their problems that are self inflicted. One day we may actually get MP's with basic intelligence, or are we back to the no arms, no legs golfer again? We really are in quite a mess with idiots as MP's but, perhaps, that is why City councillors (MP's in waiting) refer to the house of commons as "The Follies".

155.   11.08.14.   Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the Kurdish representative in London is a star! She has the words to describe the Iraq problem. She has described the Islamic State as "a disease that affects the whole world". This is because, in her words "the Islamic State has said that they wish to raise their black flag over Buckingham Palace and the White House". CB has fallen heavily in love with this lady's mind and intelligence. If only the Obamas and Camerons of this world shared her insight. We need to deploy our best surgeons to cure this disease right now. They are known as The SBS, The SAS, The RAF, Navy Seals, Rangers,Delta Force, the list goes on and no offence intended if your unit is not in the list. We need to treat this disease as we have treated polio, TB, smallpox etc., total eradication and nothing less will do!

154.   11.08.14.   Mark Simmonds, a Foreign Office Minister has followed Warsi and resigned his post. This is wierd as Cameron's staff are saying it is nothing to do with their policy on Gaza and nothing to do with the appointment of Phillip Hammond, the new Foreign Secretary. Now the second part of that statement seems to point a finger at a personality conflict between the two people mentioned. Without saying that about the new appointee we would never have thought of a possible personality clash, seems like number tens publicity staff have dropped a big bollock. No problem, if we have weakness in our Ministrys, we need all waverers to resign, now is a time for strength, not weakness. A clean government (well, clean of weakness, proper cleanliness is not possible, this is politics) may be able to take us forward, wouldn't that be a nice change? So, all you doubters, stand up and walk, the people of the UK need you to do something honest for a change.

153.   11.08.14.   Well done Rory! Now only a green jacket awaits you. For those readers unfamiliar with golf Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland is a past winner of the US Open and in the last month has added the titles of Open Champion (British Open) and the USPGA champion. The green jacket is awarded to the Augusta Masters champion and those 4 titles are the grand slam of golf, so Rory only awaits his green jacket to join a very small group of winners of all 4 grand slam titles. Golf is the worlds finest game because it is completely individual. The ball sits there, stationary, laughing at you and saying "Put me where you want me to be" BUT, any slight variation in your swing will put that ball where you do not want it to be. It is all down to you! If you miss a putt, nobody else gains advantage, as they would in say, snooker, where a missed shot leaves the result for your opponent to score and gain amn advantage.  Golf also carries the distinction of being about personal honesty. There is a rule book and there is also a book entitled "Help in the Interpretation of the Rules of Golf", both of which CB carried in his bag when he was well enough to enjoy a round of golf. What great days they were for CB but, alas, they are no more. CB is now just a watcher but still marvels at the crass and raw skills shown by the worlds great players and Rory is now, undeniably, one of the greatest. At his age, there is much more to come and CB hopes he has enough time left to see more of his career. Rory, you must keep an eye over your shoulder as there is some brilliant talent behind you looking to take your title away so, go get that green jacket!

152.   11.08.14.   The news has just suggested that Baroness Warsi has shown us how the Tory Party has changed under David Cameron. What crap! David Cameron has not  changed anything, he couldn't, he never kept any promises he made before 2010, except the sham referendum on the voting system! WHY? Because the blue haired old ladies who pay for the Tory Party would not let him. He has to do what they say so they wil pass the £1 or £2 million cheques from their handbags to the party as they leave the venue. THEY say what they want and, for the money, Mr. Cameron just does what is required. So, now we have it. Labour's Miliband does what the unions tell him to do, for the money, David Cameron does what the old South East England ladies tell him to do, for the money, and Nigel Farage will do what Paul Sykes tells him to do, for the money. Now you see UK politics at its most naked self, if you can pay, the country is yours. Now how will you vote?

151.   11.08.14.   Given all we have seen about western military intervention to remove dictators (Iraq and Sadam Hussein) and the resultant power vacuum that always follows, why do we not see a better way? Maybe the UN could impose an interim goverment made up of appointed representatives, none of which are allied in any way to that country. Their job would be to safeguard the people and introduce an economy such that the people might be able to eventually elect a home government.  Maybe those representatives might come from UN members  who have nothing to gain from their official positions?  Maybe they might be suported by UN troops.  Maybe this might be a better way to live AND provide the best reason to  deal with Syria, IS and all other  places that threaten the rest of the world.  Come on, UN, grow some gonads, be what you were designed to be.

150.   11.08.14.   Now it is reported that France has initiated air attacks against muslim terrorists in Mali. Is this the dawn of the realisation that the terrorist wing of Islam is a global threat? Might this be a united governments of the western world starting a retaliation against mass insanity? If sufficient countrys combine against the common enemy then the world is going the right way. Let Israel deal with Gaza, they have that in the bag. Deal with the problem wherever it rises and do not stop till it is eradicated. The future of the world we know will be defined by this action and its result.

149.   11.08.14.   Frank Maloney, boxing promoter is now living as a woman. Is this his big push to become Nicola Adams new manager? CB hopes she knows better, she is the best! CB has no problem with any of the sexuality things we have come to understand in the last 20 years, BUT, CB will stick to what he has always said. That is they can do what they want as long as it does not become a part of CB's life. The day they make homosexuaality compulsory, CB will learn the definition of suicide! Give CB a good woman and the rest of the world can play their own game. Ladies, you are under invite. OK, now the jokes have all been done, CB is happy he has always known his orientation and has sympathy for those who have spent years in a wilderness.

148.   10.08.14.   The news is telling us of all the humanitarian aid being airlifted to the civilians under attack by the IS terrorists. David Cameron, as well as Barak Obama are saying "no boots on Iraqi soil". The whole world does not want war but, when faced with the ugliest acts of blatant terrorism what do we do? If Hitler had been stopped, how many might be still alive? So, here we are again. Can we not learn from history? Bursting a boil is painful but not as bad as letting it fester into something much more painful and dangerous. Maybe, once we realise that humanitarian aid is equal to air strikes, bombs, bullets and what ever it takes to remove the insanity of the evil cancer that is terrorism, we may be on our way to a quieter life across the world.

147.   10.08.14.   The Baroness Warsi bandwagon trundles on with that lady now criticising many and varied parts of the Conservative and it's policies. Such a rapid move away from her political roots only suggests to CB that she (and others) may be at the start of the formation of a new political party, the First Muslim Party of Great Britain. If that were to happen, they would be guaranteed a few seats at the next election as this country has allowed so many of that faith to come to England. The desired integration has not happened because these people gather together, forming their own closed communities, and these areas such as Bradford, Morley and so on would be the seats they might take.  Mark CB's words, this will come . All the more reason to go for "The Social Contract", a written constitution for Britain and Britishness as it always used to be.  Without that we are on our way  to  the countries of the UK becoming muslim caliphates.  People, you have been warned and that warning extends to David Cameron  and his street naive public school cohorts.  Whoever is the next government at the next General Election MUST take on this task of saving England from all and any that have desires to change for ever all that went before in our history. CB is so glad to be the age he is and with no kids to worry about. It does not concern CB personally, it concerns his regard for this country and what it could and should be if the threats are permanently removed. 

146.   10.08.14.   CB is so sick of constantly writing comment on conflict. The good news is that 20,000 Yazidi people have been rescued from Mount Sinjar in Northern Iraq.  They fled there to escape the Islamic State terrorists but were under attack from rockets fired by the IS terrorists and we are told that 500 were massacred and buried whilst some of the women and children were still alive! The rescue was possible because America launched 4 air strikes against the IS, one of which took out the rocket launcher and it's operating team. Now let us look at this, America is doing the right thing but if they are on their own, once again they will be branded as the bad guy, the infidel enemy who stick their noses into the affairs of others. It would be better if the air operations were conducted by a multi nation air force. If not, America will come under the same pressure as Israel for any civilian death toll. The difference is that Yazidi civilians and, in fact, all IS civilians are living under a cloak of fear, at the point of an automatic weapon, such weapons wielded by murderers, rapists and willing to do anything against those civilians. CB welcomes the American action but the world sees that after the removal of Sadam Hussein, maybe the USA and UK have some responsibility in that country. This does not suggest that there is any responsibility for other places like Syria, Gaza etc. That is wrong! Wherever there are human rights issues we, the west, have responsibility if only to protect our futures. If the west persists with the offensive against muslim terrorists, there exists the chance that these terrorist animals will end up in a war crimes court in Europe. The only reason they do what they do is belief, belief that they are right so all others are wrong, belief that they will never have to answer for their crimes. We need to demonstrate that they will answer.

145.   09.08.14.   Within minutes of the end of the 3 day truce in Gaza, Hamas fired rockets into Israel. Today thousands were demonstrating in London asking for Palestine to be freed. They seem oblivious to the first step to that freedom which is the defeat and removal of Hamas. Hamas are responsible for the miklitary and weapons training being delivered to the very same children that the London protesters want to free. This will only fuel the trouble for the next generation so freedom is too far away to contemplate. Israel has kept their word as the response to the insanity of more rockets is further destruction of Gaza by the Israeli military. We have seen enough evidence that Israel will live and let live if they are not troubled but Hamas cannot contemplate that scenario. While ever Hamas gets the support of the people of Gaza then Gaza will get all it deserves.

144.   08.08.14.   The business of fining parents who take their kids on holiday during school term time is ludicrous. The ultimate decision for the welfare of their kids MUST rest with the parents, not the schools. Maybe a better approach might be to legislate against selling holidays at any increased price during non term time (excluding the summer shut down of the schools). This appears to be a half term occurence and regulation of the package holiday industry at these times would adequately deal with the percieved problem.

143.   08.08.14.   The Ebola crisis is now recognised as a health threat to the whole world. We have a strict and regimented discipline with new and untested drugs and antibiotics BUT, it seems that a waiver has been issued to try a new remedy in America on those repatriated from Africa and we are told it appears to work. Maybe we can forget the laws just for this, use the remedy and monitor the result as the tests it needs to be passed for general use against Ebola. Given what happens to Ebola victims, surely that would be a worthwhile risk! Come on, lets be smart about this. Now, some of the readers might be forgiven for thinking old CB has Ebola of the brain as some of CB's points of view are against the norm BUT CB does do his homework. There has just been an appeal on TV for money to help the children of Gaza, yes, the same children who are taught to use guns, taught to hate. CB thinks that any money collected might be better used for the children of Africa who have lost because of Ebola. They did nothing to deserve their loss, something which cannot be said of the Hamas supporters in Gaza.

142.   08.08.14.   Just a few short bytes. Firstly David Cameron says the UK will provide "humanitarian relief" to  the people of Iraq but not military help. Why? The UK were a part of the joint attack on Iraq which led to the  de-stabilisation of that country and is a large part of why the civilians are now suffering.  Maybe Mr. Cameron might try to do something about the next byte, as it may be personal to him. NICE has refused to underwrite the prescription of Kadcyla for breast cancer patients. Maybe if that drug promoted the growth of bollox it would be adopted at twice the cost, even if only the first person to benefit might be our Prime Minister. Maybe it has been adopted in America, seeing as Mr. Obama seems to have now grown his own, he is talking  of air strikes against the Islamic State. Finally, CB sees no way he can find Oscar Pistorius  without blame over the death of his girlfriend BUT he does wonder about Gerrie Nell, the prosecutor. What is the Pistorius defence doing? When Nell tried 6 or 7 times some months back to verbally bludgeon Pistorius into saying some specific words, the defence sat on their hands. Why did they not point out that Nells job was to ask questions, NOT to try to put his words into Oscars mouth! When Nell tried to link the intensive training that is the life of an athlete to being a murderer, where was the defence? This trial has become a media joke because of an inept defence team and a prosecutor who is all about his own ego and status in the South African legal system. Hopefully, the Lady Judge can outwit them all and deliver sense after she has waded through all the personal shit being dug up. CB is pleased it is not his decision because all that mess heading for the fan could cloud the real question, is Pistorius guilty and CB sees no reason to say no to that question. Obama has launched air attacks in Northern Iraq, at last a good move! As Israel is doing the very same in Gaza, why all the criticism? Nobody thinks Assad is good for the future of Syria but he is fighting the same enemy as Obama is bombing in Iraq and Israel is dealing with in Gaza! Have we all now seen the stealthy enemy, the same people as did the 9/11 atrocity, the same people as did the tube bombing in London, the same people who threaten the future stability of our world if they are not stopped, the same people who firted 2 rockets into Israel just a few minutes after the truce ended! There is a creeping mass mental illness pervading our world slowly but surely and blind fanatical belief is it's fuel, no longer can we afford to let it keep burning.

141.   08.08.14.   Barak Obama has moved slightly in the required direction over Iraq. He has dropped food and supplies to the Yaziki people who are encamped on the unforgiving mountains of Northern Iraq. Now we have taken the first step, Mr. Obama, can you not form a multi-national force and start an air campaign against the illegal Islamic State? Try the UN and, when that fails as it always does, bring together all those bleeding hearts, bleeding over Gaza, and get something going in Northern Iraq. Look on youtube and search for the videos and photos of Gaza children being taught to shoot automatic weapons, look at the under 10's wearing Hamas clothes and showing their knowledge of modern warfare guns. Take that knowledge to Northern Iraq. Clearing Islamist bigots from Iraq may be the first step of halting the growing infestation of Islamist opression based on belief from the world. When Iraq is safe once more, do not stop, the clearance will have only just begun. There is no greater danger to world stability at this moment. Leave Putin to stew in his own juice, he will be well pissed off if you ignore him, and get on with the job of stopping the onset of WW3. You have to know that CB is right, use the feedback link above to ask any question you may have.

It appears that this web site has possibly been noted as having unfair content. It also has possibly been noted that this web site is biased. It has also been given as many green light notices as the other two notices. Readers, please remember the caustic pledge, "Honesty, Accuracy and No Punches Pulled". The right to speak openly, honestly and freely is alive on the internet, even though many of the places CB speaks about do not understand that right and, without a doubt, many people and religions would love it if that right were denied! CB just states his point of view, AFTER he has tried to establish the truth of the situation he speaks about. You cannot ask for or expect more than that in a world where dishonesty , propagasnda, bullshit and bollox rules (add the 4 up and it equals politics).

140.   07.08.14.   The Yazidi people of Northern Iraq have had to flee for their lives as Islamic terrorists were forcing them to convert to Islam or be killed. Once again the evil that is religious belief is a reason to kill. This started hundreds of years ago with the Holy Wars so maybe we should have learned from history. It all stems from belief, the perpetrators of death and misery believing they are right ergo all others are wrong. Given the prevalence of religious belief worldwide, we are surely entering an age of the advent of world war 3. CB has already said that WW3 started quietly with the so called "Arab Spring" but surely now the western world must accept what will come tomorrow if they do not do something about it. Gone are the days when a blind eye can be turned so as to claim later that they didn't see it coming. As we are remembering the 100 years anniversary of WW1, we might be thinking of how we can stop WW3 developing into a full blown global holy war! Containing the WW3 potential would be the best way we could remember and honour those who died in mud and trenches.

139.   06.08.14.   News today of a spaceprobe Rosetta aligning it'self alongside a comet. The purpose is to determine if the "ice" on the comet contains carbon or water and if it or similar might be the origin of the life we know on Earth. Commendable BUT, take off the blinkers. It is of the most interest to answer that question but just consider this. Titan, one of Saturns moons is surrounded with an atmosphere that is 90% Nitrogen and 10% Methane. It has a small river which is pure liquid Methane. What if there were numerous pebbles in that riverbed? What if the pebbles were alive? What if they showed no sign of a need to feed or breathe? Maybe all they need is the liquid Methane flowing over them. Maybe, using multiple timed photo's we saw that, in between 2 pebbles, there appeared another, smaller pebbkle. This would suggest reproduction which suggests life but with no Carbon or water! The most interesting aspect of this whole probe is that IF the organic "origins" of life as we know it are found by Rosetta on that comet, it appears to prove the likely existence of Extra Terrestrial Life but quite different to ours as we know the diversity of evolution! Taking off the blinkers should be a part of science, more so than it currently seems to be. There is an excellent theory of the universe which clearly demonstrates that removal of the blinkers gives another point of view, a point from which a whole new answer might be found. Go have a look, it is at The Universe Explained and is worth your time.

138.   06.08.14.   Boris Johnson has made a speech on Europe this morning. CB does not think his stance is good, he wants to stay in, but in a vastly changed Europe. If we address reality he cannot have that. History shows us that to bring so many people under one umbrella will leave many still getting wet. People cannot agree to that level en -masse. It would take 50 years or more to get to where Boris wants to be and that would be with all in agreement. Given where we are now, the future of England might be safer if we do a Farage and get out. What is interesting, though, is that every time we see Boris, he looks more and more like Prime Minister material, no more the buffoon, now see the real Boris. The Tories would probably win the election with a small majority next May if led into that election by Boris but, under questioning, he seemed to be ready to give an answer but deferred it to the party conference in two months time. He then relented and confirmed his desire to stand in May 2015 for election as a Tory MP once more. He did promise to serve out his current mandate as Mayor of London. Make no mistake, Boris is an important ingredient in the political stew and possibly the only man who might derail the efforts of Nigel Farage, who he opposes on the in or out of Europe question.

137.   06.08.14.   Yesterday we saw TV footage of the RAF escorting a Qatar Airlines jet in to land at Manchester Airport, a plane that was then taxi'd to a remote runway. It was established that a passenger had suggested to the planes staff that there might be a potentially dangerous device on board. A man was subsequently arrested, interviewed and then sectioned under the UK mental health laws. What does this mean to the air travel industry. The potential terrorists have already won! Because of them we have a near strip search at every airport when boarding a plane to guarantee our safety. CB flies a lot less now than he used to. The ferry or the Channel Tunnel are the preferred means of access to the continent. It is not so bad, you get to see much more than from 30,000 feet. Getting there and back becomes more a part of the trip than a couple of hours in a plane. So, any new rules for air travel? Might it be that any passenger with a history of mental health problems will have to travel with a professional carer? The prevalence of people with diagnosed depression means that very few could travel without a recognised carer. CB waits to see the aftermath of this event and is very pleased he does not ever suffer from sea sickness.

136.   06.08.14.   Alex Salmond seems to have been left wanting in the debate with Alistair  Darling. As CB has stated there are too many questions left unanswered. It seemed to hit a nerve when the question of the new Scottish  currency  came up. Alex Salmond wants to keep the pound but his words "the pound is as much Scottish as English"  shows his naivety as he seems to believe it will be the same pound as we use in England. Alex, have the pound but please know that you cannot fall back on England for help when the brown stuff hits the fan. Your pound will be nothing to do with The Bank of England, it will be the Scottish pound, a pound that cannot be spent in England. It will be subject to exchange rates and therefore MUST be underpinned by the Scottish economy.  That should make the Scottish economy the prime consideration in the yes/no decision. In considering that economy no belief whatsoever of any input or help from England should be assumed. There would also be a long period of wrangling to work out which businesses have substantial English investment and how that might be dealt with. Given that, the probable removal of the UK's nuclear submarines, and all the knock ons from this situation it becomes clear that the Scottish economy CANNOT be either predicted or guaranteed. All of this suggests the No campaign is on much safer ground. Mr. Salmond's failure to see the currency problem is a fatal flaw and should have been seen by Nicola Sturgeon but maybe she did see it and views the probable defeat of Mr. Salmond as her elevation to Scottish First Minister. Alex Salmond's remark about Scotland being better governed by Scots instead of Whitehall is laughablke for one reason, what planet is he on? A Scot is a person who will do anything for his country except live in it! Has Alex counted how many MP's are Scots (even the last unelected Prime Minister was a Scot and an MP for a Scottish constituency)? Perhaps Alex Salmond will become yesterdays man after next months vote, given such a poor performance on the TV and we will move to the Sturgeon years!

135.   06.08.14.   The Baroness Warsi affair rumbles on but, at it's heart. the whole deal is a load of smoke. It is clouding the issue which is Israel's right to self defence. Of course the TV footage of the destruction and the numbers of dead and wounded are disturbing but this is war. Every Hamas rocket puts back the chance of any negotiated peace deal, makes it harder to believe they will keep their word when historically we can see they can not be trusted. There is now a big to do about arms contracts and our government is "reviewing the licenses to make sure what we sell to Israel is not used for repression or undeserved retaliation. What crap! How do we know what military ammunition will be used for? If we are contracted to supply up to £7.9Bn of arms and ammo then we should keep our agreement. We are either in or out and any other stance would be us being duplicitous, just like the people of Palestine. We supply the goods and whatever they are used for is "the will of Allah". If there were no support for Hamas the whole picture might be different. The destruction of any Hamas military capability is paramount! The rebuilding of Gaza should leave the people with enough to occupy their thoughts and dreams of using rockets to destroy Israel should fade and die as people realise that civilisation and the protection of their new properties is far more important than any thoughts of hatred. This lesson to Palestinians, as hard as it is, will hopefully lay a new foundation for the future. The longer the people of Gaza show this kind of approach, the more likely the easing of the Gaza blockade will become. Tunnels, rockets and hatred will only keep the current status quo, making rebuilding useless. Any negotiated "peace" must major on pushing that line.

134.   05.08.14.   Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, has been fined £900 and given 5 penalty points on his driving licence for failing to stop after a minor collision in a car park in Morely near Leeds. This is his fourth conviction since 2010, including using a mobile phone whilst driving and speeding on a motorway.  It seems he has as much regard for  road traffic laws as he does for thriftiness when trashing the UK economy whilst Gordon Brown was PM!  Can the Labour Party have any hope of credibility with a man like that holding a senior position in their organisation? Hopefully not. With the likes of the two Eds (Miliband and Balls) at the head of Labour we, the people of the UK, ought to see why not to vote for them next May and that should ensure the relative safety of the taxpayers money.  

133.   05.08.14.   One law for the rich and another for the rest of us. Bernie Ecclestone has bought his way out of a trial for bribery with an agreed payment of $100M. The payment is not an admission of guilt, it is just a facility to duck and dive from the result of a completed trial. OK, we know his importance to a multi £Bn industry and that thousands of jobs are on his shoulders but should this allow him to escape the verdict of a jury? This brings the German justice system into disrepute. Perhaps Angela Merkel should publish a menu with prices for various offences. What would it cost to buy your way out of a murder charge? Did anyone consider what a dangerous precedent they were setting? This can only happen because at the heart of it all, corruption rules!

132.   05.08.14.   Following the resignation of Baroness Warsi from the government, the Chairman of the Muslim Council of the UK, in a TV interview, was speaking of this being a major loss and went on to speak of the plight of women and children in Gaza. This is just another example of the duplicity at the heart of Islam. In the muslim home the role of a woman is to cook, clean, raise children and provide sexual favours on demand to her husband. She is not supposed to have a point of view nor to express her thinking BUT, when they need and want sympathy, she is a serious weapon in the political and diplomatic process because she is likely to arouse international emotions. How can the world take Islam seriously when they are consistently behaving like that? The chairman conveniently forgot about "the will of Allah" which, to true believers, would apply equally to their losses as it would to their victories. One day we may get a straight and honest word from Islam but CB aint holding his breath.

131.   03.08.14.   And now it is clear that the great Jihad has spread to Libya. Fighting has intensified here but still the west has closed ears and eyes. They are bleating about Gaza but, if unchecked, Israel will be surrounded by terrorists and the normal state of affairs in the middle east will be war. Every new venue of armed conflict is merely an extension of what is already the norm in surrounding locations. WHY does the west not WAKE UP to what is happening now but, more importantly, what will be the future if the west maintains it's current stance. There needs to be a major conference of western powers to address the muslim terrorist actions to de-stabilise middle eastern countries but, with the state of affairs between the west and Russia, the question might be what could they achieve. The failure of diplomacy with Russia threatens the chance of any concord over muslim terrorism. Are we giving the terrorists the open door to launch even more trouble with the stupidity of modern politics? CB says we are and asks might it be time to see the greater threat, get together to deal with that and, maybe, that may take our leaders to a door that may open on better understanding and relations for the future. As to the great Jihad and events in Gaza, the west are condemning Israel for winning the conflict because of the civilian death count. The media are taking the same position by showing those in Gaza who are bereaved. Why do they all forget? When muslims are attacking their perceived foe they cry "Allah Akbar" (God is Great) and if asked about their actions the answer is always "It is the will of Allah". When these same people have lost the cry is "what did we do to deserve this" when, if they were not OFF and ON believers, maybe they would say "It is the will of Allah". Truce? Ceasefire? How can anyone seriously take the word of those who sway which ever way the wind is blowing?

130.   03.08.14.   This week it has been revealed that the government of the UK is to grant licenses later this year to search for gas and oil held in shale. This search will be widespread throughout the UK. Deposits which are financially viable would give us cheap oil and gas for decades to come, if we had the same success as has been seen in the US. The problem is that the process known as fracking will be the method of recovery of these fuels. The government is taking this decision because it solves their energy problems at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods and is "in house" in that we do not need to import fuels. Everyone is happy, or are they? If we look to America  we can see that fracking has it's dangers. When oil and gas is released by fracking, the recovery of that which is released is not 100%. So, where does the unrecovered fuel go? At the depth where fracking is done there is something called the water table. This is the level of water that falls as rain etc. after it has been absorbed into the soil. Contamination of the water table eventually means possible (if not probable) contamination of our water supply. Look at the medical evidence from those in the USA who live near fracking sites. Normally the health consideration and resultant court claims against the government and the licensees would make fracking non viable but, given the size of the budget and the savings on fuel provision, the court claims may be seen as "affordabkle in the better good of the country". That takes no stock of the ruined lives of those who become ill from the results of fracking. If such claims attracted court compensation running into Billions (like the recent court decision in America against a tobacco company) then perhaps the financial consideration might give a proper perspective on the practise of ignoring public health issues for money and politics. All of this can be further viewed in the light of the amendments of the law which will allow drilling and fracking under your property without your knowledge or permission. Who will pay when your walls start cracking and you cannot sell your house because of "undeclared subsidence". The government are rushing into a black hole because of money and politics and are unable or unwilling to see the probable longer term consequences. After all, by the time the crap hits the fan, Cameron and most of his team will be long gone (but NOT forgotten). Cameron should know better, he has children, he should be careful of his actions and decisions because of their future. Will he be the grandad the kids will be proud of or the grandad they all blame for  the issues that will be thrown up from fracking?

129.   01.08.14.   OK, you could be forgiven for thinking old CB had lost it following the content of post number 127 and the subsequent announcement of the 72 hour truce that began at 05.00 today. Reality, however, bears out all that CB said as the truce lasted less than an hour. It matters not who broke their word, but Israel has far more to lose by doing so,therefore it just shows that Israel must get on with it and finish the job. Israel's blockade of Gaza to stop explosives getting in did not work. The building of the wall led to tunnels so it seems that the true answer is as CB suggested in post 127. Given the western worlds apathy in dealing with Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Nigeria and so on, the west should shout all thet want whilst Israel gets on with the job. Once they have done we may get some semblance of peace in Gaza.

128.   31.07.14.   Given todays statement that "NATO is unprepared against any attack on a member state of Europe by Russia", it merely underlines what CB has said in previous posts about the UN. We are at a time when the role of the UN must be re-defined. We must consider building and arming UN forces to become an effective world police force. We must consider the use of the UN in this way to protect human rights in whatever country needs this. Just look at the state of todays world and how many hot spots of conflict there are. We allow this state of affairs to continue at our own peril so maybe it is now time to contemplate the changes suggested!

127.   31.07.14.   CB thinks it is time for a reality check over the carnage in Gaza. The reality check needs to be taken by the western leaders and the media who report the events in Gaza. The media are reporting the plight of "the innocent civilians" and fail to understand that, in a war, there are no innocents. Yes, the children are suffering the most but that is because Hamas station rocket launchers next to schools in the hopes that, after firing rockets, they can move the launchers and the Israeli's will not shell any location near to schools, WRONG! Hamas are quite insane in their thinking, they use their people as human shields. Israel are not without blame but they back up their verbal defence with satellite footage showing rockets being launched from such locations near to schools. The Palestinians applaud Hamas as heroes for firing rockets so what do they expect?  Negotiating a truce is useless as, in the past, when this has been done, the first thing Hamas does is to fire more rockets, you cannot trust the word of those fuelled by insanity! Given the last statement and the realisation that Hamas considers the loss of their own as collateral damage, it is not unreasonable to believe that Hamas might fire on their own people so as to gain political advantage over Israel, which side can the world believe! If the devastation of Gaza is completed including the forced relocation as described in the previous post and, with the resultant losses of Palestinians, maybe those surviving children will grow up with a greater fear of Israeli retaliation than the usual respect for the hatred they are taught by their parents. Should that happen, the next generation may consider a live and let live policy instead of the insanity of hatred. Maybe they will teach their children to live and let live. Maybe the "New Palestine" could move forward and, under those conditions, with the Gaza strip as part of Israel we might see a greater degree of peace than ever before. Once again this conflict is an example of the evil of belief, the belief of Hamas that they are right, their belief that Israel does not exist and has no right to exist. Logic should tell them they are wrong, the body count should tell them they are wrong and the result of this war will tell them they are wrong. Israel will suffer from condemnation from the world at large but they have had this problem since 1948 and they can live with it much easier than trying to live with constant rocket barrage and localised attacks on outlying settlements. Diplomacy at the point of a gun is never the way but when your opponents are suffering from mass insanity there is little else to turn to and effect a solution. Live and let live is the way but it only takes a few loose cannons to spoil the status quo and, for this reason, we can expect this war to be ongoing (in a stop and start format) for years to come until the hatred factor can be turned around. The longer the need for war the harder it will be to get the turn around. CB thinks that, whatever the faults of the Israeli's, it is down to Hamas to change. Either that or be slowly but surely obliterated by Israel. If that happens then Israel must incorporate Gaza as part of Israel as the alternative would be a different, possibly worse, extremist faction taking control. Reading this post, you know now that a permanent end to hostilities is highly improbable unless Israel does absorb Gaza!

126.   28.07.14.   This post might be one of those posts that has obvious good sense but politics would never allow it. Looking at the level of destruction in Gaza and should there be a lasting ceasefire, so many families have no home to go back to. Gaza is the centre of all the problems, we never hear of trouble coming from the other part of Palestine, West Bank and Golan, diagonally opposite from Gaza on the map, the two being separated by Israel. If Israel guaranteed safe and assisted passage from Gaza to the other half of Palestine and moved all the Gaza folk, Gaza could become part of Israel. A very long term rebuild would be needed but a very obvious problem would be removed. CB finds this sensible but does understand that a mass migration of 2 million citizens to new homes is a big ask and many would object. The people of Gaza have earned their position. The sicko's of Hamas fire rockets and the Gaza people applaud Hamas and hail them as heroes. When Israel retaliates, the Gaza people ask "why has this happened to us" so a forced removal to West Bank or Golan is deserved and in the interests of all. Israel would have to guarantee supply lines for goods to be delivered from sea ports to Palestinian territories. With every shell that hits a building in Gaza this scenario becomes more realistic.

125.   25.07.14.   Mr. Miliband and Mr. Balls, ,what do you wish to say to the UK voters today? You told them that, without question, the coalition economic policy would not work but todays numbers (back to above the 2008 crisis level) have proven you wrong! CB does apologise, it seems CB expects you to understand numbers but all we have seen and heard from you clearly proves that you do not. You said austerity measures would not work but seemingly, they are having the desired effect. Under these conditions the "cost of living crisis" is easing month on month, such that by the time the next election is here, you will not be seen to be credible, your view of our country is not a realistic view. Your street cred is being destroyed with every statement you have made since 2010 and CB looks forward to the next PM's questions but, alas, this is the holiday season so it will not be next week.  Whilst it is good to see your demise  (which leaves our economy safe from your  hands)  it does not cure our perception of the lack of suitability of five years  of Mr. Cameron presiding on his own after 2015.  It does not improve the credibility  of Mr. Cameron's suitability as a Prime Minister, given all we have seen from him in the last four years. Our only hope is that the UKIP surge is enough to break the two party system but that can only happen if UKIP puts up enough candidates in 2015 which, currently, we do not think will happen. The only thing that can change this scenario is a change of leadership in the Labour Party, a change of leadership in the Conservative Party and a change of candidate policy by UKIP. We must wait and see. 

124.   23.07.14.   CB has just watched a programme on BBC2 TV called Cloud Lab. It is about new discoveries within the atmosphere. They have demonstrated that bacteria is living at 30,000 feet, where it is unbelievably cold, there is no Oxygen and THERE IS NO WATER! Billions has been spent by science looking for life on the moon and mars. Every time this has been done they looked for water which is like viewing the world wearing blinkers. To coin a phrase, if they looked they might find "life, but not as we know it". Titan is a moon orbiting Saturn. It has an atmosphere of pure methane. Is it not concievable that there may be life there which needs no Oxygen, water or any other substance except methane? There is an excellent theory of the Universe which was produced by NOT wearing the blinkers but by using what we know and can see and it's subtitle is "Another Point of View" which is all about taking the blinkers off so you can maybe SEE! You will find that theory here if you wish to look.

123.   23.07.14.   Given the UK's poor relations with Russia, we have been told by our Prime Minister that all munitions deals with Russia will be blocked. This does not answer the question of ongoing contracts for the same goods. It seems that UK businesses are providing small arms and rifle ammunition to Russia but much worse, we are providing components for surface to air missiles or their launchers. Does that mean that this country was complicit in the downing of MH17??? Such is the sickness of politics. Mr. Cameron publicly tells us we are not selling these types of goods to anyone who may support rebellion or terrorism and, within hours, it seems we are. There are no antibiotics to combat political sickness of this type. This is just another example of how bad politics is in the UK. Until Nigel Farage came along, Cameron was the only candidate for PM next May BUT, after 4 years of seeing the real Cameron, maybe he is not the guy. Mr. Farage is needed BUT, he cannot become another Cameron, he has to be the real deal, that is as long as the financier of UKIP does not mess it all up with other needs and demands that conflict with all that has been said about the needs of this country and it's people. Time for great care!

122.   22.07.14.   The enquiry into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, announced today was probably inevitable because of recent legal decisions obtained by Marina, his widow. The deal is, however, it may have taken years if not decades were it not for the seriously degraded relations with Russia caused by MH17 and the Ukraine in general, which has helped oil the path to the enquuiry.  This, to CB, is just another example of how politics can be allowed to get in the way of doing what is right. You have to have a lot of courage to be a politician these days, to tell the truth when no one else will, to be open, honest and accurate when the definition of politics does not understand those words. To be prepared to do what is seen as politically unacceptable because it is the right thing to do. All those wishing to lead their Party to victory next May might do well to sit and read this and then to seriously reflect on the words of this post. CB does understand, however, that there is little likelihood of that, those that we know are full of themselves, have no need to listen to the people after they have secured their vote. Time for a big change in this country and in the hope that the new broom knows how to sweep!

121.   22.07.14.   The report on the governors of some schools in Birmingham merely confirms that which some of us know already. Moves were afoot to change the nature of education in those schools to that of a hard line Islamist nature. This may well have been the first action that would lead to "The Great British Jihad" as, given success, it would have spread slowly but very stealthily to elsewhere in this country.  Those who think this is an Islamophobic stance might do well to invest just 7 minutes of their time watching the video entitled Fertility Rates to help them understand.  Ninety percent of muslims will tell us that they are not hard line but we might do well to remember that in 1939, 90% of Germans only wanted a quiet but prosperous future, certainly not a second World War but it was the other percentage that prevailed because that is what the hard liners do, they overcome the meek.  This is why CB says that the UK desperately needs a written constitution to protect us from such actions, to enshrine the old English values, see the page on The Social Contract. Any involved in politics must see this and work towards that end and if they do not, they have no place in the House of Commons. The fanaticism and lack of tolerance of Islam WILL be imposed on this country if specific action is not taken to ensure England stays ENGLISH. 

120.   21.07.14.   Following on from the previous post, western leaders have made statements today. CB finds it absolutely insane for the likes of Cameron and Obama to be so blind as to try to use MH17 to gain their political wishes. If the Ukraine is to be free of what amounts to a civil war, then some things must be realised. If the majority of eastern Ukraine wishes to leave and re-unite with Russia, then any supporter of true democracy such as Cameron and Obama should respect that majority. This transition must be negotiated diplomatically and as much as it sticks in the throats of those western leaders, it should be done. This re-alignment of Ukraine will peacefully suit all and any other end will not bring peace. Learning from MH17, the UN must declare the types of actions of the eastern rebels in respect of "quarantining" and SANITISING the crash site should be declared an international crime rendering any in the future who do the same to be liable at the court of war crimes. The tragic deaths of 298 might be used as a watershed to try to set global standards for the future and that may be the only positive to come from this mess.

119.   21.07.14.   MH17 is causing much concern in diplomatic circles. Just look at the progression of small and silly mistakes that led to WW1 and you can see how serious this could get, but then there was one player intent on war and nothing less, which this time we hope that does not apply. This is what is happening right now. Russia points the finger at Ukraine, America blames Russia and so on. People who are directly affected need the bodies of their relatives for honourable funerals. They need the personal possessions which may contain family heirlooms. NO PERSON other than official crash investigators has any business dealing with the aftermath of this incident and ONLY these people have any business touching either of the "black boxes". Any other interference must be seen as a criminal action. Any attempt to block proper investigations is futile as trained and experienced forensic investigators can determine the likeliest cause of this crash on even very flimsy evidence. Pro Russian rebels, even if mistaken and untrained members were responsible, can only harm their own position by any action other than complete co-operation with the recognised air safety authorities. We have seen TV footage of a missile launcher being driven away, rebels removing bodies to an unknown destination and heard reports of beligerence towards the first investigators to arrive there. This can only harm the view of such rebels taken by the rest of the world and, if it is proven that there is a link of rebel leaders to Russia, the position of Russia in the world will be further diminished. Sochi, forget it, this incident has negated all and any good feeling that Russia has earned from the world at large so, forget Putin's statement, the world is now looking to Putin to do something highly responsible by agreeing with the world and not his rebels. Let the experts get the job done, do the right thing by all those who have lost relatives and, just maybe, by working with the rest of the world, Russia may gain some improvement in their standing internationally. No other action will do! Perhaps as an act of good faith, Russia might send in armed troops to take over the policing of the area and provide the proper protection for the investigators but such troops should be wearing the sky blue berets of the UN! This would require the agreement of the Ukraine government but, under the circumstances, that should be given. Fears of Russian non-withdrawal after the investigation are dealt with by the Russians acting under the sanction of the UN and, given non-withdrawal when the UN says they should, complete and total isolation from the rest of the worlds UN members.

118.   19.07.14.   What is Ed Miliband saying? Has he finally seen that left wing policies are not financially sustainable, even with a thriving economy? Can we trust him, don't be silly, the Unions will instruct him to spend, same old same old. This is the usual propaganda that is the pre-election norm, where they all promise the earth until they are elected, then the mud and all else that is nasty hits the fan. Comes May 2015 we do not need Miliband, Balls and all the other economy wreckers. We also do not want a Cameron, totally unfettered and able to run riot. We also have to wait and see in September if UKIP present credible policies to the voters, then we will know if they are the much needed future of our country. Plenty of room to slip and fall before then so watch this space.

117.   19.07.14.   The MH17 crisis is showing the world that maybe we need some new thinking. When international crash investigators and official observers are prevented from doing their job by those who are suspected of an international crime such as shooting down a civilian aircraft, perhaps the international team should be protected by UN troops. This time the UN troops should not be "observers or peacekeepers", they should be a full protection team with a shoot to kill policy. CB sees the danger here but what else do we do? Those who resist such a move will be seen as demonstrating their culpability or are seen to support the resistance and we therefore have proof of such culpability. We live in times where UN forces must be more pro-active. We live in times where UN forces need to be much more in number, much better equipped and ready to act, whether it is the Ukraine, Nigeria, Gaza, the Isis caliphate or anywhere that the stability and safety of the world in general is under threat. Action by the UN has to be seen by the world as in the interests of the global majority and any who dissent are the real terrorists, the real threat! CB defies any of the western leaders to tell him he is wrong.

116.   17.07.14.   Once again we have a conflict where belief rules over logic and that is Hamas versus Israel. Everyone knows that the Israeli's are hard nosed and uncompromising but they  have enemies on every side  and their approach has been forged from need since 1948.  In the latest conflict the current score is Hamas -220+ to Israel -1 which is the death rate on the two sides.  Using logic, mathematics, Hamas must see they are not very good at the art of war so perhaps they should stop, however they still keep firing rockets at Israel.  Palestinian civilians revere their every rocket fired as an act of heroism and resistance but when the retribution strikes home they are seen  on the TV, grieving for their losses and saying "why did this happen to me".  As long as hatred is the norm this war will continue and with only one winner. If the Palestinian people wish to live  without fear of Israel they need to abandon the Hamas fuelled hatred, learn to live and let live. If they do this for a number of years then restrictions on them will be eased and a normal life will be nearer. 

18.07.14.            As predicted above we now have Israeli soldiers on the ground in Palestine dealing with "tunnels allowing terrorists into Israel". This will possibly continue until  the Hamas rocket capability is removed (but they will rebuild the capability eventually), and further hatred fuelled by belief will only lead to further conflict in the future. Whilst tne current score is Hamas -267+ Israel -2, we wonder what Hamas means when they say the "Israeli's will pay a high price for their actions". In reality, the Hamas leaders are probably scurrying around like rats looking for somewhere to hide and when it is all over, they will emerge as "heroes". What insanity!

115.   15.07.14.   Quite some upheaval at number ten, notably twice as many women as before in the new cabinet. The belligerence of Michael Gove has been tempered as he is the new Chief Whip but with special responsibility to do the party line on the media which will require him to be nice (was this the right appointment). What is the intention for Mr. Gove? He will be in a position to sell himself to the public but also in a place where he may do some self damage and, with a possible leadership challenge in the future, in which we may expect Mr. Gove to play a part, Is he being positioned to be next in line or to be ruled out? The most notable part of these changes is that some of the new appointees are Euro sceptics. Is David Cameron positioning himself for the under sell? He is a pro European but is giving us a referendum and, should the country vote for out, with a good few sceptics in the cabinet, it might be easier for him to stay even in European membership defeat. All of this matters not should we get a new Prime Minister next May whose surname does not start with the letter C. These are very interesting times in UK politics where there is, for once, much room for the changes we need in this country and it will be such a bore if they do not happen but we will have to wait.

114.   11.07.14.   Chuka Umunna, the Labour Shadow Business Minister, is bleating about the share price of Royal Mail at the point of sale and suggesting that the tax payer was ripped off by the government.  Well, we are all wise with hindsight but he does highlight a point. The price was set considering the current valuation of the assets and goodwill at the time, the consideration of the prevailing market conditions and the consideration of any other factors (a possible strike by the postal union) that prevailed at that time. Yes, the shares were more popular than expected and immediately rose by around 40% over the offer price. The offer price was arrived at after listening to various advice given by some who were approached. The advisors were in a position to undervalue the offer price so as to make a heavier than expected profit on the IPO. Were they not tied down by a contract? If they were then surely a windfall tax is in order to replenish the "lost" taxpayers money. Now, as stated in post 106, the provision of a written constitution such as that proposed in "The Social Contract" would, via the "honesty and accuracy" catch all clause, have provided a possible prosecution of such advisors for defrauding the taxpayer. Will a written constitution be offered to the voter at the May 2015 election? If you have any knowledge of that or an opinion or question, CB will see that if you use the feedback option.

113.   10.07.14.   Yet another glaring error with firearms has come to light today concerning the Metropolitan police, who shot an innocent woman during a raid on her house to arrest her son in the 1980's. This incident led to the starting of the Brixton riots and yet another senior cop on TV offering apologies for wrongful police action. Lets reform our police service into one that is fit for purpose and good enough to deal with the 21st century. What we have now is going back almost to Robert Peel times.

112.   10.07.14.   And now, just for a change, it is double standards time again. In todays news about the strike and the discussions yesterday in Prime Ministers Questions, David Cameron rightly pointed out that the ballot used by the unions to justify the action was taken 2 years ago. He further suggested that there was no mandate to strike as only 25% of the members actually voted. What about the two party system of elections in this country? On Mr. Camerons words, the government has no mandate as the electoral turnout was only about 1 in 3 of the electorate! Read post 106 which refers to political reform and ask our leader to put that in his manifesto for May 2015. I bet he doesn't, the tories and Labour enjoy the fact that only one or other of them can get a majority because of the safe seats for each party in the constituencies. Mr. Cameron, you must be more careful in future lest your words come back to bite you on your arse, a self inflicted wound hurts more than any other kind.

111.   10.07.14.   Any who doubted the words of CB when he was talking about the so called "Arab Spring" being the start of WW3 may now wish to think again. After the declaration of a new muslim caliphate based on land stolen from Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the caliphates leader has issued a call to muslims around the world to go there and take up arms. Phase one is to extend, at the point of a gun, the caliphate to embrace most of the middle east and north and central Africa. If they achieved this, can you see them stopping? Depending what other territory they can win might give them control over a nuclear presence (Iran might be a prime target and what of Israel) and can you see them just sitting on that? These people are fanatics which can also be interpretted as insane and, if we are not there now, the western civilised world must take note and actively take some remedial actions as soon as possible. This will not go away until it is made to go away. The world has been given it's warning! Failure to act over Syria and failure to fix Iraq and failure to act over Egypt are all contributary factors to the new caliphate being in place so NOW can those who are in power have a rethink, the world does not want or deserve what is coming if you don't!

110.   10.07.14.   The announcement today of the proposed emergency legislation to re-introduce the requirement for communications providers to keep a log of everyones comms activities only proves one thing. That is we are under the European thumb as it was a decision of the European Court of Justice that ruled in such a way as to require this action from our government. To all the scare mongers, mis-informers and everyone else who wishes to tell us that to leave Europe is the kiss of death, CB asks you the following question. We have done much business over the last few centuries with all European countries. WHY? Because we made money from them and they made money from us. This WILL NOT change, money and profit is what it is all about. Our failure to join the Euro did NOT stop our trade. If we are out of Europe we will still have all the contacts we had before, we will still be able to do the same business, all will be much the same. We may not have the ability to raise money from Europe for  infrastructure improvements but our improved, ex Europe, financial position will probably provide that money anyway. Being out of Europe is likely to open new doors and avenues to the UK and with much less constraint., PLUS the benefit of being once more our own masters. Just sit and think about that. CB sees a very good future for the UK, whether in or out but that future hinges more on the provisions of posts number 106 and 108 than our continuing European adventure. The final thought is that, out of Europe, we would be able to change many things that, currently, Europe demands we do (reviews of prisoners paroles where there is no chance of them getting out) and that change would save many millions of pounds.

109.   09.07.14.   What a surprise to see Magaluf on the news. CB has been many times over the last 35 years and it has always been fairly quiet. The Antillas hotel is a very good place to stay and the Robinson Crusoe pub in the middle of the beach walk is a great place to eat and drink. The small stretch known as the strip is noisy and busy at night but there are so many other places to go. There is an annual rugby competition held on the beach at the end of April and players come from as far away as Australia to compete. This undesirable side must have grown over the last 4 years (the last time CB was there). The police presence has always been high but not obvious so how can this change have happened? A video on a social media site is taking the blame but the footage shown on the news was a revelation to CB. It was never that busy and noisy as the TV depicted. It is hoped that the publicity will go a long way towards forcing the authorities to fix things but CB will not be going without making a phone call to friends who live there to check the situation out.

108.   09.07.14.   What a vicious ugly mess the 1980's child abuse affair is becoming. We now have two separate reviews proposed (at what cost). The selection of Lady Butler-Sloss, regardless of her stainless reputation, is flawed given her brother held the most senior legal position during the times when the allegations refer to and, therefore MUST have seen the documentation. Her only possible reason, in the eyes of the public, of maintaining her position as head of that review, would be to protect her brother and for that reason she should recuse her position. An enquiry of this nature MUST be seen to be squeaky clean. The apparent use of the Official Secrets Act to silence those who were privy to the documents on child abuse is a misuse or abuse of that act, the only reason to use it in this way would be to keep names out of the public eye. All of this is evidence of why the next government MUST introduce a written constitution, such as that described in post number 106 just below this post. That suggessted legislation already has anti cover up measures built into it and would do the trick but the measures would refer to all walks of life, such as the NHS, the BBC, the press, the police and all the areas where over recent times corruption has been uncovered. The people of the UK need to SEE these kind of measures as part of the fixing of our broken society so that their faith in our justice system might be restored. The rebuilding of our British Values is a MUST DO, whether we are in or out of Europe but will be readily achievable if we are out, and CB sees that the Social Contract is now essential. Comes the next election, look at who has such a policy, it should help you decide your vote.

107.   09.07.14.   Brazil 1 Germany 7 says it all. Scolari must accept most of the blame. It is now obvious that you cannot base all your play around just one player, Neymar Jr. Injury demonstrated why. Silvo also must shoulder some blame, as captain he should be setting the example and being disqualified by too many cards is not the example CB means! There was no leadership in the Brazilian team on the pitch yesterday and didn't it stand out. Scolari can only work with what he has got and he had not got enough, there was no depth to his team, nobody who could step up to cover for Silvo, and only one star player. Time for maybe Scolari to offer his resignation, if only to be refused, thus having a statement of confidence in his continued presence. Time to review the old guard, bring in the youngsters, look for that depth that was always the old Brazil. It takes a defeat like this to open the door to change for the future and that door is gaping wide this morning. The lesson is not just for Brazil, all should take note! Sometimes a player may be selected not for the fact he is the best but for the reason he is a natural leader and also a team player, thus if the captain is off through injury or what ever, there is a captain waiting to step up and maintain the shape and discipline of the team. It should also be noted that if a team has one obvious star, build the game around all eleven players, not just the star. With hindsight, this result looked inevitable, which is a shame as overall, this has been so far the best world cup of all time.

106.   09.07.14.   According to todays news broadcast the NSPCC wants it to be a criminal offence to cover up child abuse. If they looked at the page on this site entitled "The Social Contract (Britains Broken Society)" they would see a policy (UKIP, take note) which amounts to a written constitution for the UK and which would make it an offence to cover up anything illegal, including provisions to persecute whistle blowers, and covering up child abuse is very much a part of this proposed law. This is a catch all provision and is part of a package to enshrine honesty and accuracy in our every day lives, something which is currently at a premium. Just look at all the corruption in the news of today, it is never ending. Now, speaking of policies in the run up to May 2015, the parties might all take note of the above comments but they might also consider the following. Given the ever dwindling numbers turning out to vote, maybe we need political reform. Given the distrust of politics and politicians, the people need something to help them come back from that place. CB suggests a bill to introduce PR as the voting system so every vote counts.  Also we should cut down the number of MP's to around 500. The constituency safe seats for Labour and Conservatives should be broken, a choice of EITHER Miliband OR Cameron is unacceptable and, finally, we never again need another Gordon Brown. Maybe we should allow any party to change leader at any time UNLESS it means a change of Prime Minister, in which case a general election is MANDATORY to let the people have a say in who will be Prime Minister. Now we have all seen the level of corruption and dishonesty in the police. We need a 21st century police force, NOT an authoritarian and unchallengeable law unto themselves, so a total reorganisation of the police must be done (see the page entitled "The Police" for a description of this. Finally, a new approach to the economy would change the fortune of this country. Governments around the world are increasingly worried by the escalation of the total debt per household so lets fix it. George Osborne needed to put £20Bn per month into the banks so he lent it to them at 0.75%. All the money the government has belongs to the people of this country so why not use THEIR money for THEM. Give it to the banks but force them to apportion it to their bad debts, like mortgage arrears. In this way there are no more repossessions, also the housewife struggling with arrears is now free of that problem so she has a bit more to spend each month and becomes once more a consumer. thus enhancing the high streets performance. We know that traditionally, the high street is where the economy recovers so lets do it. Empty shops will be taken, city centre developments will no longer be on hold. The banks will have no bad debts to claw back against their tax liability so the treasury will do better. Give tax breaks on a regional basis to housebuilders and the banks who lend to them and our housing problems are fixed. Banks will need to lend this new money and the only place left to lend enough would be business so our economy finally might be fully funded. It is more complex than this  brief description but the new economic era would add 2 to 3 points to the growth figures. Policies such as these would be seen by the people as FOR them first whereas many Tory and Labour policies are often (rightly) seen as for the Party and maybe some people might do well out of them. Lets use some imanigination, break the mould and move forward.

105.   08.07.14.   Mass insanity seems to be taking a stronger hold of our world. The mental sickness of ISIS has led them to declare "an Islamic state" covering the lands they have stolen from Iraq and Syria, thus telling the world how it will be if the world does not stop what is happening. Insanity? Yes, when belief is held to over rule logic (fantasy over reality). Now we have Hammas firing rockets into Israel again. Have they not learned what happens when they do this? Obviously not. One day, one push too far and Israel will have another 6 day war and Hammas will no longer exist, neither will hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, most of them wanting peace, not the insanity of hot head rocket firers. All of this is fuelled by belief. WHY can these idiots not see the evil of belief? Maybe because the shit of belief is shovelled into their heads from being a baby by parents who cannot see that their teachings can only lead to conflict, war, death and pain for their children. Mankind has such a strong self destruct button but cannot even see it is there.

104.   08.07.14.   Just watched a very interesting documentary on the mental health system in America. Within the footage a sheriff in charge of the Cook County corrections facility said that "America is effectively criminalising mental illness". It seems that many who need care from qualified mental health nurses and doctors are actually locked up in prisons and "cared" for by prison guards. These guards only know how to punish any who break the rules imposed by confinement. It was said that in the last ten years over 2,000 have died at the hands of their "carers" and if truth be known, that is the smallest figure and many more should be considered in that count. It is many years since  the John Nash  Foundation exposed the American Mental  Healt Authority  as charlatans. John Nash was a mathematician working for the US government who had a breakdown (google him to see his story, he is the man that the film "A Beautiful Mind" was written about). He dealt a major blow to the Mental Health Authority in the USA and it seems that nothing was learned. We have much to learn around this world about the care of those who have mental problems and, if we look at America, there we can learn how NOT to do it! We, those of us who consider ourselves to be "normal" have a duty to look after those of us that we consider to be "abnormal", is it now time to start to learn and practise this?

103.   06.07.14.   And if that was not enough corruption, what about those World Cup tickets? We do not yet know if they are official tickets wrongfully sold on for profit OR if there is a major counterfeiting operation in place. Once again, Sepp Blatter, this is happening on your watch so why do you think you are the right man for yet another term as boss of FIFA? Maybe they need a change, a new broom, or are you concerned what the new brooms sweepings might uncover? It is just as bad covering up and protecting people within the organisation as that which you may be covering up under the disguise of "protecting the organisations reputation".  With as many suspicions of corruption as we have seen, do you really believe there is any good reputation left to protect?  Time to have a rethink, maybe!

Yet more power corruption. Missing documents, lost by a government department, on child abuse by (possibly) political figures? What is it that makes people such as celebrities and other public figures believe they can get away with wrong doings?  Shall we term this "The Savile Complex"?  They seem to trade off their lawless bahaviour against their public name as if that makes them immune to prosecution! If we catch enough of them and make them pay, maybe others in the future will think twice. Read the page on "The Social Contract" on this site to maybe understand why this country needs a written constitution, a law to cover all such occurrences and make it easier to deal with our miscreants, whoever they are and whatever their mode of celebrity.

102.   02.07.14.   Yet again we have police corruption at a high level hitting the news! The Metropolitan Police have been found to have altered and amended an internal inquiry into racial and sexual discrimination "to protect the force's reputation". Do those dummies not see that they no longer have a reputation to protect?  The general level of trust in the police is undermined every time yet another corruption case hits the news. The police complain about lenient sentences dished out by magistrates but this may be the result of how high the level of distrust is felt by the magistrates in accepting police evidence given in court. We have been for some time now at a point in time where Damian Green and Theresa May HAVE TO ACCEPT that a total reorganisation of policing in the UK is required. Without this, there is a risk that continuing autonomous misuse and abuse of the power wielded by the police could bring down the perception of a system of justice. Read the page on Policemen and The Police to better understand why we need to bring the policing in the UK into the 21st century. 

101.   30.06.14.   Just as CB predicted in a previous post, we now have a "new muslim caliphate" which is the ISIS controlled parts of Iraq and Syria. The same fate is on the cards for many parts of Europe! CB stated that the so called "Arab Spring" was the start of the "Great Jihad" which will be about politics being ruled by belief and faith, NOT logic. ISIS has confirmed this by their actions. This is an attempt at a general coup which spans the middle east and north and central Africa and will be seen in Europe eventually. The western world has to wake up, stop looking the other way, remove the blinkers, get their heads out of the sand (or their rear orifices) and deal with this or it will become WW3! Those who have any doubts should invest 7 minutes in watching the video entitled , for want of a better name, Fertility Rates and then think about what has been said. Be under no illusions, Islam does not understand tolerance, you either follow the book and the teaching fanatically or you are an infidel and muslims are taught to kill infidels. If you disagree, your point will be seen should you use the feedback facility.

100.   30.06.14.   David Cameron has lost his way in Europe, even though the principles he was advocating were right. He more or less stands alone, wishing to do a "Maggie" but nowhere near as strong as she was. His renegotiations for the UK in Europe may come to not much and certainly not what he wants. He is on record as saying he did not want to be the Prime Minister of the UK without winning those changes to our terms of reference in Europe. So, what now, are we heading for a change of leadership or will he back down? Politics is a hard, dirty and nasty business. His best position now is to hope to do a "Clegg" after the next election in May 2015 and be the smaller partner in a coalition government with Nigel Farage as Prime Minister, wouldn't that be something? If he did that, the Tories would shrink, just like the Lib Dems have and we would be back to a two party state, UKIP and Labour. Let us see what David Cameron says this afternoon in the Commons. Any comment may be sent to directly CB via the feedback facility.

99.   26.06.14.   Now we have Europe potentionally causing the UK a home political problem. David Cameron will lose his stand against Juncker over the next few days. He has said  he may take the UK out of Europe because Juncker  would not go for the changes in Europe that D. C. wants. Will D. C., for once, keep his word or is this just more hot air? If he keeps his word, he would effectively  scupper the basic principal  that UKIP stands for. This does not  necessarily  mean that Nigel Farage's  position would be weakened. Should UKIP stand in nearly every constituency in May 2015 AND back that stand with far reaching policies that the voters  can identify with, he can keep up the momentum towards a "new kind of politics".  UKIP have no stains, they were not in the expenses scandal and they did not contribute to Gordon Browns  mishandling of the economy.  Even if by the next election the UK is already on the way out of Europe, UKIP will have a strong place in the future of this country.

98.   25.06.14.   David Cameron strikes again! His handling of the "Juncker affair" is wonderful. He strikes at the heart of Europe, calling for an election that he cannot win. His motivation and argument is flawless but it does show us that Europe is likely to follow the federalist path that many voters have rejected. Which country will leave first? None of those bailed out can leave, they are in a financial trap but the UK could leave. Seems that Mr. Cameron has played right into the hands of Nigel Farage's UKIP party! All we need now is a massive UKIP vote in May 2015. This can only make a difference if UKIP fields candidates in almost all of the constituencies. Should they do this, CB can see a three way split but possibly with UKIP having the largest vote of the three parties, Labour and the Tories coming in the second and third places. UKIP need to find the funding to field over 600 candidates, more if possible and CB does not see them losing any of their deposits. It all depends on what policies they adopt and CB knows they can find all they may need on this web site.

97.   25.06.14.   We have a new skill (or is it an art form or lifestyle) to consider when selecting our next world cup team and that is the one introduced by Suarez, namely cannibalism. If it is not to the taste of our players then they should not be selected, they would not be able to stomach their role. Joking apart, the media are saying a two year ban for this, apparently his third offence, is ridiculous, it should be three bites and your out. Suarez should be given a lifetime ban from any professional football position and care should be exercised if he ever wanted to coach on an amateur basis and this is the only message that should be given to football around the world.

96.   25.06.14.   We are hearing about the increasing difficulty of seeing a GP. CB now feels that serious consideration needs to be given to taxing the time wasters and hypochondriacs who go to the doctor for something to do, someone to talk to rather than for any illness or problem. Any GP who's catchment area has a large Somali settlement will know what CB means. In Somalia, women and their kids go to the local doctor as that is the meeting place. It follows they do this when they come to live in the UK because it is all they know and all they have ever done. Part of this culture is to book an appointment, thus wasting more of the GP's time. If the time wasters and culture vultures were charged for their visits they would soon learn how expensive and precious the doctors time really is.

95.   25.06.14.   The Oxfordshire dinner party list will soon be one member light but they will not be losing two of them so there will be no shortage of conversation. Mr. Coulson should be missing but we do not yet know for how long. There is a problem though and that is one of security. All ex presidents of the USA have assigned to them a permanent security team. This is because the sensitive nature of things they know might be dangerous if in the wrong hands so what of Mr. Coulson and what he knows? Will he serve any prison time in solitary confinement in the interests of the nation? Will that time be in an open prison, in other words, in a very well appointed flat with all mod cons and a security team in residence? Maybe it is now clear that Mr. Coulson's security vetting might have been done at a much higher level. Just another Cameron decision to employ Mr. Coulson that was made in the interests of his friends before the interests of this country. Surely it is now plain that May 2015 will be best served if the Tories fight that election with a new leader.

94.   25.06.14.   As of today the chewing of khat is illegal in the UK. CB knew a somali gent, sadly no longer with us, who chewed it all the time (his death was from old age, not khat related) and it never harmed him. CB tried it and found it to be bitter, definitely an acquired taste and not to CB's liking.  So, in a time of diminished police resources due to budgetary reasons, the police are now charged with yet more (unnecessary) work.  Our very intelligent government says they have done this "to fall into line with other countries". They would do well to read the page on this site entitled "The War on Drugs" and learn! Any law that puts a policeman on the streets to pursue and prosecute an individual for what they have done to themselves and doing no harm whatsoever to any other person is a law of PERSECUTION.  This victorian thinking stems from 1868 when Britain was the first country to make the possession and use of drugs illegal. They did this "for your own good" as if putting users in a position of having to buy from criminals and having to buy a product made in a back kitchen, not a clean laboratory could be seen as "for your own good"! This is what the government spends the taxpayers money on and David Cameron should be ashamed, more on his judgement in the next post.

93.   19.06.14.   Miliiband is there again, speaking before he has thought it through. This is a mark of a desperate man, wanting to be the one who gets Labour elected but the man who does NOT look to us, the voters, as our next Prime Minister! CB will  be so pleased if he stays there, it guarantees, if the electorate concurs with CB, that Ed and Balls canot bankrupt this country again. He is talking about his "IDEA" for benefit reform. Does he not know this has been looked at before? Does he not see the political football this is? His idea looks good until it is implemented. THEN, his minions, the clerks, who decide on the applicants elligibility, come in to play. YES, they see that the applicant is eligible and deserves the benefit BUT, their boss has told them to "keep the yes's to a minimum, the government has told us to cut the bill and if we do not, we lose the contract so we do not need you" So now we see that it is not what the government says that counts, it is what they tell others to do. It is the truth that the government can say what they did for the people BUT, the people who are in need and are denied by the pen pushers are the real sufferers and the likes of Miliband have no STREET KNOWLEDGE of what this means. Once again the demonstration of a policy NOT having been thought through and Miliband showing us  all why NOT toi vote Labour, although CB does know that the "cloth caps" will put an "X" beside the "LAB" box, even if they do not agree with the candidate. CB has known a racist bigot vote "LAB" because he knew no better but he did not look at the candidates namre which was Ali Mohamed, who was elected. It is as it was in the 1680's, when Cromwell gave power to parliament which was then the Tories and the Whigs. They were appalled as they knew that anyone could win an election. They met and agreed that "they have to give the people the vote but they could not give them the brains to understand the vote or use it with good sense"  so they had to devise a way that only the Tories or Whigs could govern England.  They did, it is the constituencies that give Labour and the Tories enough safe seats that we cannot have any change, our next Prime Minister will again be either Labour or Conservative.

92.   19.06.14.   OK, come home England, you are done!  BUT, Roy has done more in the last 2 years than many before him. He has shown us a young side with flair and courage and a lack of experience. You cannot give experience on  a training pitch BUT, in 4 years time, when those "kids" have learned to be internationals, what wil be the result? This is longer term than 1  world cup, this is the start of tomorrow!  Let us not judge now, let us suffer the inevitable press and media assinations that will come so they can make a few pence but remember that England are still here. Let us look forward to tomorrow. Spain ruled the world but no more.  Remember that? They were the worlds explorers until we found Francis Drake so remember your history, 4 years from now. watch England. What goes around  comes around, will 1966 be revisited? YES!

91.   18.06.14.   The news report on Orgreave during the miners strike has shown where policemen had their statements dictated to them to ensure a conviction in court. If you read the page entitled "The Police" and another entitled "Policemen" you will find a description of "making the book" which is where an arresting officer makes his notebook available to his partner for him to copy, thus providing harmony of testimony in court to secure a conviction. Orgreave was an instance of "multiple making the book", as was what west midlands police did in South Yorkshire when trying to cover up the Hillsborough disaster. In essence, when the second officer gives evidence in court under oath and quoting from his notebook, he is committing perjury as what is in his book is NOT his words or recollection of the incident, thus, the act of "making the book" must be conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. This practice may be taught as part of basic training and has been in place since the 1950's or 1960's. It has led to a state where on many occasions the magistrate may not be too sure of whether the police are testifying truthfully in court but, if the magistrate does not believe the police, we have no justice system! So, when the magistrate is not sure, maybe he or she goes along with the police but awards a very minimal fine (how many times have we said the guilty have been let off with a light sentence and could making the book be the reason). The net result is a lack of faith in the system by the public and all caused by the police. SURELY, with all the senior police chiefs currently under investigation, Orgreave, Hillsborough and other corruption it is time for a fuill rteform of the police into a force for the 21st century, reform which is described on "The Police" page. Nigel Farage may be the man to get this done.

90.   18.06.14.   How wonderful the intricacies of world politics are. Ten years ago the UK closed it's Iranian Embassy in Tehran and all diplomatic ties were ended. In 2007 British Navy personnel were hijacked by the Iranian military in international waters off Iran and detained.  This further strained  diplomatic links which were "severed" but, in reality, during a diplomatic crisis unofficial back doors are kept open as these become the possible re-entry facilities when sufficient time has passed and repairs have been activated. Now we have Isis close to taking over Iraq and Iran may be the biggest player on the side of the west to prevent this. Suddenly the UK is re-opening the Iranian embassy with a "skeleton staff" to make the preparations to facilitate a full re-activation of the embassy fully staffed.  Did Tehran  demand the re-linking with the UK as a price for their help? Did the USA demand this in order to  have the correct and reliable contact with Tehran?  What was the impetus that drove such a sudden and severe U turn in UK Foreign Office policy?  Our Foreign Office Minister skated his way through this via a statement in the House of Commons yesterday which seemed to work but CB has unanswered questions here.  Perhaps the answers will emerge as time passes and events in the area occur.  In the mean time, the UK (and presumably America) has an official way to send spooks "skeleton staff" into Iran once more! 

89.   17.06.14.   Is there going to be an Oscars ceremony at the end of the world cup? There should be as CB has seen some of the best acting ever on those pitches. The level of cheating is astounding as well, Some players go down so quickly we might be forgiven for believing the pitch was made of female pubic hair dyed green. The standard of some referees has been abysmal too which begs the question why has it been so entertaining so far? Why have most of the fancied teams done so badly. There are just a few that look like making the last four on the strength of showing us the form we expected. Typical of football, it does not deserve the title of "the beautiful game" with all that is going on but we still watch it. We must watch, wait and see. Not hard to do as the competing TV companies are not even trying to compete by screening something good, they seem to have given up so we have no choice, World Cup it has to be. Never mind, enjoy! Just for information, in the opening preliminaries to the world cup coverage provided by the BBC, there is a latin sounding drum beat behind the visuals. This is not a Brazilian track, it is the opening of the wonderful track taken from an excellent album released in 1976 by Stevie Wonder entitled "Songs in the Key of Life" and the number is called "Another Star". If you bought the original release, as CB did, it is a double album with the bonus of an EP of 4 extra songs and a booklet with the lyrics of every track and supposed to be a collectors item but you can buy it second hand for $2.50. Find the track on youtube, it is worth the listen!

88.   17.06.14.   America is to deploy 275 troops in Baghdad to "protect their embassy and it's staff". Mr. Obama, watch your archive footage of the evacuation of staff and the destruction of sensitive data when you left Vietnam! Have you got it right at only 275? What is your percentage likelihood that a similar evacuation might not be necessary within days? CB is not in the business of telling you your job but any life saved is worth it and, whilst we have the ability to learn from history, how often do we actually do that? You have the history on film and also the written word, maybe an hour spent checking that may help should Baghdad fall. Maybe all you could learn from a brief recce might help you prepare so the final evacuation would be quicker and easier.

87.   17.06.14.   Do you find it surprising that Iran announced their willingness to assist America if the USA became involved in the Iraq conflict? Iran is a country where the real boss is the Ayatollah, which means that "belief" is a more major consideration in the governance of the country than pure logic! The danger here is that belief is most often used to justify actions against other men or countries which logic may forbid. Since the new Prime Minister was installed, Iran has been much calmer in it's foreign relations. They still have the centrifuges in their nuclear program which, if controlled by belief, is a most dangerous situation for the rest of the world. So why might they assist the USA against their neighbours? They cannot be scared of Islamist extremists as Iran is already a muslim country and that is what the extremists want wherever they are fighting. CB thinks this is a charm offensive to gull the USA into thinking they will get a warmer result from Iran in the future. It is also a way to get the aid of drones or, maybe, troops to calm things down in the region! There is also the chance that the extremists would want control over nuclear weapons, something which Iran denies they have even though the west has intel that Iran is not that far away from a prototype so, maybe this is behind the offer. Countries like Iran seem to forget that TRUST is the base need for good relations between countries and Ahmedinajad, as Iran's ex Prime Minister, did not promote much of that bewteen the west and his country. The only value in accepting Iran's "kind offer" would be to get to grips with Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions but we must not lose sight of the extremists probable goal of having a nuclear capability. This is why the west MUST take up the challenge and crush any part of Islam that is extreme or wishes to change a country to a belief controlled state. Politics and governance in a stable world comes from logic which is reality, not belief which cannot be shown to be reality and, in some cases where the belief is fanatical, will eventually become the next area of conflict. Watch CB's words.

86.   15.06.14.   The great debate on teaching "British Values" rages on but if only politicians read the page entitled "The Social Contract" on this site all may become clear. The Social Contract is all about restoring the old England, you know, the good one we had before Europe (was blamed for) the removal of old England. The Social Contract is effectively a modern written constitution and would legislate for the provision of, observance of and the teaching of "British Values" and the penalties to be applied for breach of that legislation. Breach of those values might be by a teacher, policeman, magistrate, NHS manager or in fact anyone so it is a catch all law. Read the page and understand.
    Contact CB with any comments.

85.   13.06.14.   We need to be sure that the actions of our chancellor, George Osborne, have been over and above the expectations of CB after the last election.  He has been exceptional, even more worthy of respect if the policy was all of his own design.  We must, also, see that the appointment of Mark Carney to be the Governor of The Bank of England was an act of brilliance. We have never had such a deep and lateral thinker as Mark Carney in the history of this country.  Shame they cannot make him a Knight, he is Canadian. CB feels that, as good as he has been, George Osborne could leave his office to the UKIP chancellor and we would be well looked after BUT, if we lost Mark Carney, the paper would not be thick enough to save our fingers from the brown and smelly mess that is the inevitable result of his loss. The UK is in a political mire and only a new order will do and it will NOT come from the Tories or Labour! A total change is needed or the country that we once knew as England will be so changed, even your own grandchildren wil call you a liar when you try to tell them of the beauty we once knew! We trust in Mark Carney, we hope we can trust George Osborne and wake up tomorrow with the hope that our trust is honoured. We further hope that, in May 2015, even though we lose George Osborne, the replacement will come from UKIP, we need their forward thinking.  

84.   13.06.14.   Ha, Ha, Ha. Read the previous post, no World Cup comment unless there is controversy. Penalty or no penalty? Brazil win but for a long time they were worried to death. Was it a penalty? How could the referee be so quick with his decisions? Most TV pundits agreed NO PENALTY, BUT, they are all ex players. They all agreed that, as players, you always try to con the ref!  The game is FOOTball, so, if your opponent covers your sight with a hand or arm, uses an arm to break your balance OR, as in this case, uses his hand to grab your shirt, it IS a foul and, if the foul is in the box, it IS a penalty! Never forget "The Hand of God" which set out the unwritten rules of soccer for decades to come and it all came from a cheat who ultimately demeaned the status of football for decades to come unless we fix it. The game is full of corruption and needs modern technology to help install the fix. Is this what Blatter fought against and why, is he a large part of the corruption? Do the referees make most of their wage from the bung they get for their on pitch decisions? Too many questions, not enough answers BUT, if all was well, would we ask the questions? Think about it!

83.   12.06.14.   Sepp Blatter has ignored calls for him to step down from the FIFA presidency in 2015. Those calls are because of allegations of corruption, not for the first time, in an organisation awash with money, and those allegations have all been made on his watch.  One of the main reasons why people in that position, or similar,  find it impossible to let go of the reins is that the new broom coming in might find much that the ex leader does not want others to see.  This applies to countries, just think of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, who may have much to hide, Assad in Syria and many other examples too numerous to list in this post.  The more they cling on to power, the more it appears there is substance to the allegations.  Sepp Blatter may do well to heed this post and stand down, he is too old and has done much but his time has come. Cleaning house seems to be what football wants and needs so let it happen.  There have been many instances (match fixing etc.)  that suggests "the beautiful game" might be a lot uglier  under the surface and a good house clean may do much to quieten the press  over corruption allegations but, to do this with credibility, Blatter must have gone.  Please note, barring serious controversy, not too much will be said on here about the events of the World Cup in Brazil as it will receive serious press coverage but we have yet to wait and see.

82.   11.06.14.   It is amazing how a TV reporter will use a word and suddenly you hear all of them using it. Check out how often you hear the word "excited" or "exciting" in news reports. There is one word, however, that is used so often it has become meaningless and, yes, you have got it, it is "iconic". That word, used before the advent of computers, meant something real and very special but now it is easier to relate it to "a small insignificant DOG (digital onscreen graphic) that sits amongst the many in front of your wallpaper on your computer screen. Why have the news reporters not seen this and realised the modern meaning of "iconic" is as described, small and insignificant? Maybe if this message enters the thick sculls of our news presenters, the great search for the next buzzword will get the kick off signel and the dreaded "iconic" will be dropped by all except the dense diehards of the industry.

81.   11.06.14.   Look at todays events in Iraq! CB said just a couple of months ago that the so called "arab spring" was the start of the "great jihad" which has the potential to become world war three. Muslim terrorists are taking ground all over, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, North and Central Africa and our leaders behave as if they didn't see it coming. Wherever there are substantial numbers of muslims, such as Turkey and other European countries, INCLUDING England, we must be prepared for the chance of civl war. The Birmingham school problem will not be the last time that the fanaticism of Islam tries to take a stronger hold in European countries and when they fail, civil war becomes a larger prospect. Any religion that has to be imposed at the point of a gun must, by definition, be flawed. Notice is given that the fear of being branded Islamophobic, such as we see in the Tory and Labour parties is license to do nothing and that plays into the hands of the muslims. Comes May 2015, we might hope that Nigel Farage's party, UKIP, will have the strength and determination to start the stand for English values. They can only do this if England votes for them en masse, we need to as we know the other parties will do the same as always, NOTHING!   David Cameron has issued a statement relating to our schools providing lessons in "British Values". Quite what does he mean? If the school is a largely muslim school full of children born in England, "British values" may be construed by a largely muslim board of school governors as to teach the Islamic faith. More proof, if more were needed, that CB's page on "The Social Contract" is a necessity NOW, not later and that there should be legislation that schools must teach logic and the teaching of belief should be done in the home by family (read the page entitled "The Flawed Human Psyche" to see the logic vs belief chart). Once again Mr. Cameron says he will do something without saying EXACTLY what that will be or making the meaning of his words VERY PLAIN. He has jumped on the bandwagon yet again so the sooner we get a new Tory leader, the better!

79.   09.06.14.   The row over extremeist factions interfering in 21 schools in Birmingham is only a warning of what we can expect in the UK. CB has said before that the muslim believers are only given every facility and assistance to follow their belief in our country because we are a tolerant society. When the day comes that the muslim people are the largest religion in the UK, we will see first hand that Islam is not a tolerant religion. Their belief, though not logical, requires fanatical  following, one of the reasons that makes it so easy to twist the teaching to that which the government refers to as "radicalisation".  The writing is on the wall, watch the video entitled "Fertility Rates", which directly challenges the world concern on the population explosion. We need a government that WIll (not just can) see thuis and  protect England. Lets give Nigel Farage and UKIP the job in May 2015, lets ask them to implement the provisions outlined in "The Social Contract"  page on this site and ensure that our English girls are not required by UK law to cover their heads, regardless of their belief, when going out in public.  The way this country is going, this may well be the law within the next 50 years. We might, given the diversity of beliefs in England, make provision to drop all religious studies in our schools as, education should be about logic and beliefs which will be a family thing might be taught at home. CB is NOT racist, CB thinks that ALL religions are confidence tricks, made by men  to con other  men in the favour of those who run the religion (read the page on this site entitled "The Worlds Oldest Industry"),  thus the reason for this post. If, within the provisions of The Social Contract, our government outlaws the use or consideration of belief in the governance of England, we will stay wholly within the bounds of logic when enacting our laws and those who do the things we are seeing in Birmingham will have broken a specific legislative part of The Social Contract (which contract amounts to a modern written constitution) and may be convicted and imprisoned. We have all been warned more than once now, our government must not let worries of being seen as Islamophobic get in the way, politics cannot be allowed to stop the legal protection of England and English values. This MUST be a job for UKIP, no other party has demonstrated the balls to do this (even though one party has a Balls member but, sadly, in name only!

78.   08.06.14.   If the row between Michael Gove and Theresa May is all about preparations for a forthcoming leadership election in the Tory party, CB says do it before the next election. The discerning voters may well have issues with David Cameron over trustworthiness. Michael Gove is seen as a man who will tread on any toes to push through whatever he wants to achieve, even if most observers do not like or want his desired end result. Theresa May might be viewed as a non achiever but running the Office over which she presides is a thankless task. This is a very large and unwieldy department that might do well to be broken down into smaller, more manageable, chunks. She could be better than her reputation at the Home Office suggests but who else could be in there. CB would have grave doubts over the electability of the Tories with either Gove or May at the front, the same doubts as apply with Cameron still at the helm. This is important as we must avoid the Miliband/Balls combo to save the UK from bankruptcy. Perhaps Nigel Farage has a much bigger and more important role to play in safeguarding the UK than any of us thought, let us hope so, he is the only one that is of "obvious Prime Ministerial quality" in all those mentioned in this post.

77.   06.06.14.   Given all that was said in post number 73 and now the Central European Bank has imposed negative interest rates, what do you think the Euro exchange rate with the pound will do? If the suits and ties in the central London restaurant can take a hint, maybe they will see that now is a time to back off! The Euro is at 1.23 against the pound and if they only look at the market and the relevant data, perhaps the exchange rate might go SLOWLY towards the 1.25 area, which is what the data sugests (read post number 73 for more info).

76.   06.06.14.   Ed Miliband this week spoke of a bill to make banks lend to business in his reply to the Queens Speech. Is he really so stupid. You cannot legislate to a business how they might run that business! He has no idea of economics at all! From the banks point of view, tier 1 lending is mortgages, tier 2 is personal loans, tier 3 is credit cards and tier 4 is lending to business, all based on the percentage risk factor per tier. The way to push the banks into a new era of lending is to make the market tell them that this is a new day. Economic policy is the way to do this, not legislation. Shame the major political parties do not know how to do this, or even understand CB's point of view. CB thinks UKIP might grasp the nettle and understand, let us see what policies they give us. Just as a by line, the Labour member of Parliament, Chris Bryant, has just said on TV that the Labour candidate for Newark was the best candidate (but he came third) and that members of other parties said the same.When pressed to name them, he replied that "we do not always tell you what we know", thus confirming that the Labour Party, and maybe others, are very good at keeping the voters in the dark. Where might the honesty in politics come from to restore our faith in politics, maybe UKIP? Read earlier posts to see what Miliband said about Labour being able to restore the confidence from the public in politics and politicians and just look at the statement from Chris Bryant! That is the truth! Now look at the Newark result where UKIP was second to the Tories but beating Labour into third place by over 3000 votes, even before they have a full manifesto to sway the voters their way. CB is waiting to see what percentage vote UKIP will get in May 2015. They HAVE to contest every constituency because CB says that May 2015 will be a three way split between UKIP, Tories and Labour with no obvious coalition agreements possible. IF UKIP have the biggest percentage vote, they can have a coalition but they need to use it for a full political reform of the voting system to PR so every vote counts, dissolve the constituencies to remove safe seats and fix the change of leader rules so we never again get another Gordon Brown. If they come second in that poll, they should refuse a coalition deal unless it has all the reforms mentioned above. Let us see where we are next year!

75.   05.06.14.   The Queen of England is 88. She has always said she would never abdicate, she felt it her duty to serve her country. Maam, if that is, CB hopes,  how one may address you, you have kept your word to us. You looked decidedly less comfortable when you attended Parliament for your 60th opening of that establishment than we are used to seeing you. We, your people, are concerned for you. Could you not abdicate your position, but abdicate your attendance at functions? You did not have children for no reason, get them in the harness, put them to work, you put your feet up and enjoy a quiet life, you have given most of your life to us and we would now get a kick from seeing you relax.  You enjoy the love of people all over the world. Just look at how many turn out on the streets to see you in Canada, look at the crowds in the African countries. You have earned your place so take it easy, let the kids take the strain, save yourself for the Christmas speech and have an easy time, we, your people, would love it if you did that.

74.   05.06.14.   Only three months to go to the big vote in Scotland. Alex Salmond is dead, politically either way. If the vote is yes for total independence, the likely financial implosion will hurt just a bit too much and Salmond will fall on his sword. If the vote is no, he is again dead as he seems to have pinned his future on a yes vote. Either way, Scotland may well be better off without him! Nicola Sturgeon appears to be the architect of Alex Salmonds policies and, if so, Scotland would be better off if she lead the SNP as outright leader. Obviously, in this position, she would no longer enjoy the protection of "being behind the scenes" and would stand or fall on her own merits. The nett result is that, after the storm, Scotland will have it's place. either as an ongoing part of the UK OR as a forgotten backwater that is stuck on to the top of the new UK. Enjoy your vote, you Scots, if it all goes wrong, you only got what you (or Alex Salmond) asked for.

73.   05.06.14.   As a frequent traveler to European destinations, CB has a need for Euros and so watches the exchange rate carefully. The rate between the Pound and the Euro is what is of interest. The rate of fluctuation always used to be slow and gentle but that has changed recently. CB has seen a regular weekly move from 1.195 to 1.235 and then the next week it is back to 1.195. Three cents in one week is a lot based on historical movement. Three cents, if you bought £20Bn at 1.195 and sold a week later at 1.235 represents a profit of £500M! Given the eurozone is still stagnant but the UK economy is now stronger than most other world economies, once it hardens against the Euro, it should stay there. The only influence for a downward move is if all those holding Euros at 1.195 sell to realise the profit but it should not, for economic reasons, be a three cent shift. CB wants to ask the question, is the exchange rate between the Pound and the Euro fixed on a Friday afternoon in some central London restaurant at about 16.00 by those "city slickers" drinking champagne and calculating their bonus on their smart phones? Perhaps the Financial Ombudsman might give us an answer, unless they are doing the usual, in which case they should watch the specsavers ads on their TV's (if they can see the TV).

72.   05.06.14.   Assad is president of Syria for 7 more years BUT, with nearly 3M people displaced outside Syria as refugees and half the country not having a vote because they are under "rebel control" what kind of mandate is that. Assad should look in the history books as to what happens to dictators, his presidency may well end with a piece of lead firmly implanted in his head. Enough said.

71.   04.06.14.   The Queens Speech was interesting. Nice to see they are tackling modern slavery but, once again, we see a move for the government and not necessarily for the people. The bill allowing fracking is in there empowering the energy seekers to dig under peoples houses without needing permission. What happens when the house then suffers subsidence? Who pays for the repair? What happens when subsequent insurance is refused or is at a prohibitive cost? Mr. Cameron has also conveniently looked the other way over health issues related to fracking, like America now knowing that it contaminates the water table with the result that local people suffer illnesses which can be directly attached to a contaminated water supply. CB suggests that any person who may be affected by local fracking should seek to establish or join a community group opposed to fracking. They should also engage a lawyer on a retainer and send legal notice to both the fracking company and the government that joint compensation suits will be the result of any occurence that is attributable to fracking and associated geological practices. It is things like this bill which makes CB believe that Herr Cameron is a bad Prime Minister. His first consideration on fracking is his desperate need to provide cheap energy when it should be for all the people who will lose financially or health wise that shows us he is a John Nash model, not what we need for a PM! For those who do not know, a John Nash model is a candidate who makes election promises and, once they are elected, they do what is best for themselves using the [logic] "whatever I do must be for the people, after all they elected me", and all promises are forgotten. Now in the Commons debate of the Queens Speech both Mr. Miliband and Mr. Cameron have spoken about both parties making moves to restore the peoples faith in politics, conveniently forgetting it was both of the parties that caused such loss of faith. The only party that can do a measure of restoration is UKIP, who have never been the cause of such loss of faith. This is further evidence that Labour and Conservatives are very much out of touch with the streets and the people of the UK.

70.   02.06.14.   Finally we have videos on site. If you look at the sitemap, the two video menus are at the top. Videos are in webm format as they were made by a good friend of CB's on a standard web cam except for the Fertility Rates video which is in wmv format. This means that the Fertility video loads very quickly on this site but the others take quite a while to load. Because of this, they have been uploaded to youtube which plays them instantly. The government video is on the Social Contract, which is a modern written constitution which should fix the UK's broken society. The World Affairs videos are to demonstrate the three threats to the future of mankind unless they are addressed by the whole world working together. Frightening but possible unless we all work together to fix them. Each video has a fix for the problem being discussed but they go beyond the needs of any country, these are global threats. They are the worlds financial structure, we were warned by the Wall Street crash in 1929 and again by the 2007 - 2008 credit crunch but what has been done since to protect us. The second is the population trap where we move closer to the danger level as the worlds population increases and finally, climate change which is happening now. All are worth a look so CB leaves that to you.

69.   02.06.14.   There is a big hoohaa about the possible corruption involved in the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid. Is this real or is it a smokescreen designed to remove the competition from a country where strong reservations have been made regards holding the World Cup in a climate extremely hostile to such a competition? The initial thought is that it is real, after all, there is so much money sloshing around in football, it lends its'self to corruption and this is not the first allegation of this nature in football. Maybe it is a good day that will come when Sepp Blatter is no longer the boss, he is too old now and has been there far too long and most of the allegations of corruption have been during his term. Sadly, corruption is rife in todays world. The UK government is quick to point it's finger to possible corruption wherever they see it but what about our country? Politics carries the stain of corruption with the expenses scandal. The press and phone hacking is there, the police with the number of senior officers under investigation, the plebgate affair, the actions of West Midlands police involvement in the Hillsborough disaster cover up, The BBC with the large pay offs to departing executives, the NHS with the whistle blower cover up payments, the banks with the excessive bonus arrangements, want me to carry on? The UK would do well to refrain from throwing stones as we seem to live in a greenhouse when corruption is mentioned. Time to clean house? CB thinks it is and sees the need for a new government with a new style. A government headed by a party with no stains from their past, a party with fresh ideas and a will to be the only party FOR the people BEFORE they are for themselves. That smells like UKIP to CB so, cometh the election in 11 months. UKIP will be judged on the policies they put to the electoirate so policy development, how they sell those policies and then the hustings is the order of the day. They have only 11 months to do this so time is short. Should they not do so well in the forthcoming by-election in Newark, it is of no consequence as, with policies as yet undeveloped, there can be no expectation on the party other than to see an increase in their share of the vote. Let us all sit back and watch. Should they do well in their "market share", we hope that is hand in hand with a serious increase in the turn out, that would underline the electorates distaste for the Labour/Conservative brand of politics.

68.   31.05.14.   The Sudan, having sentenced a woman to death for marrying outside her religion, the stoning to death of a 25 year old pregnant woman while the police looked on in Pakistan and the gang rape and murder in India of 2 young lower caste women are classic demonstrations of why religion should NEVER be a consideration in the governance of a country. The Sudanese Islamic decision is about the woman being a second class citizen, the stoning was about "family honour" and such a family has NO honour and the gang rape was about racism, looking at a lower caste person as being beneath the perpetrators in standing so that justifies what they did. When religion, such as in Sudan, and which is ONLY a belief and therefore illogical, is a major consideration in governance the only outcome is insanity (read the page on "The Flawed Human Psyche" to see the difference between belief and logic) . We have never yet had such proof that belief is the worlds greatest evil! Belief is used to justify an action against a person or persons when logic would not uphold such an action only because the believer thinks they are right but the bottom line is they are evil. The Sudanese death decision merely underlines all the flaws in a religion that can so easily be twisted and turned such as to make someone believe that suicide by a bomb vest, taking innocent others with them, is an act of god and will be rewarded in heaven. There is only one religion that this happens in and it is Islam. How can 1 out of every 5 people on this planet believe in such a barbarous religion. Are they all insane? This religion demands fanatical belief and we know that fanatics are not stable people. Wherever muslims have moved to a country en masse, their fertility rate outstrips the home national rate by 7 or 8 points and this suggests that in three generations the muslim will be the majority in that country. The next step is to become the government and that will change the country into a muslim caliphate. One day the world will wake up and realise that this religion is a danger to the rest of mankind! In the mean time, a modern written constitution, country by country, that makes religious consideration in the governance of that country illegal will fix things but only if, to overthrow the provisions of that constitution, a referendum of the people requiring a 95% majority for change might afford protection. Read the page on "The Population Trap" to realise how dangerous to mankind the fertility rate of the muslims really is. Should they prevail by these methods, they bring the time scale described in the Population Trap down from 150 years to about 60 years, very intelligent aren't they.

67.   29.05.14.   The lesson must be learned from the events of the 21 schools in Birmingham. The UK is a tolerant society and thus any immigrant is free to follow their own culture, beliefs and religion. In the case of Islam, that religion has no tolerance, if you do not believe fanatically in Islam you are an infidel and infidels should be killed according to their belief. The imposition pof the fanaticism is the desired result in Birmingham and if they do this it will spread. Fifty years from now any female, regardless of belief will be required by UK law to cover her head when she goes out in public. Is that what the English want for their grandaughters? This country needs a modern written constitution and it should outlaw the consideration of any religion in the governance of this country. There is much more for it to do but, given events in Birmingham, that is a major need for the next government to consider.

66.   29.05.14.   John Kerry must be out of his mind. He is bleating on about Ed Snowden being a coward, WHY? Ed Snowden merely told the people what the spies were doing to them and in their name! To most people he is a hero. The covert surveillance of the common man is what is wrong here. The establishment do not like their dirty secrets being exposed and Ed is their preferred scapegoat. They want to load him into a court, have a show trial and lock him up for life and then they will have the barefaced front to call that justice. They have been so corrupt for so long now they have lost sight of the reality. Stay in Russia, Ed, I hope it is not too cold and that they are looking after you very well.

65.   27.05.14.   The aftermath of the European elections is vast and will continue unabated for some time now. Europe has no choice , they must de-centralise and cede many of the powers taken from the member countries back to those countries. On the "unassailable" question of freedom of movement, they now must uphold that right with the exception that, should the movement be a permanent choice by the individuals or families, the country to which they wish to move MUST now have the right to say no or, to vet the migrants for things like what skills they bring with them, can they all speak the language of the country etc. Less centralised power and more coherent common market management is the requirement. What is laughable is how the established parties are taking it. Mr. Cameron is forging ahead as usual, oblivious to the march of UKIP, a typical "head in the sand policy" expected from D.C, a man out of touch with the streets. Mr. Miliband wants to be the one who restores our faith in politicians. He fails to see that it was HIS party, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems that destroyed the limited amount of trust they enjoyed by the expenses scandal, the destruction of our economy by the last Labour government and the Lib Dems sadly being pilloried for stepping up in the hour of this countries need instead of being respected for their sound actions. The only party that can restore that respect is the one that was not involved in any of that, UKIP. They do this by contesting every seat in England and Wales at the next general election with credible policies that are ALL quite obviously policies for the people first and policies that may restore England to being the country it used to be and laying down the foundations to keep England english. UKIP might do well to read this web site carefully. In last years news page is the economic policy that would add 2% or 3% to the growth of the economy over and above what it is now. An economy such as that will fix the "cost of living" crisis at a stroke. They need to reform the police. They need to implement the social contract and reform the political status quo of our political system, thus making the UK a true democracy whish it is not currently. Lots to do in the days to come, let us watch and hope.

64.   26.05.14.   The UKIP advance marches on, they came first in the UK European vote. This wish for change was reflected across the whole of Europe. The suggestion is that the direction of Europe is not what the people want. They have seen the federation of Europe and fear the next move, which would be the formation of "The United States of Europe". The people have said NO! Time for a rethink, which falls into David Camerons hands as he wants to re-negotiate our terms. Nigel Farage wants out BUT, he needs to be careful how he proceeds here. Currently, he looks like the next Tony Blair, the man of the people, highly electable as our next Prime Minister but the system will not let us have him. CB predicts that in May 2015, there will be no leading party as UKIP. Conservatives and Labour may well share the majority of the votes with UKIP being slightly in the lead. This must surely suggest, FINALLY, a change to the UK voting system in favour of the people, not those with their feet under the top table. The turn out in May 2015 may be more than average by between 5% to 8% because of UKIP and the feeling of the promise of something different and better. Should this lead to a coalition of two nearly equal parties to govern the UK, CB suggests that they suspend the five year term, convene the government to deal with day to day needs BUT to only be in power till the UK political system is reformed and, then, after a referendum of the people, to dissolve and have a general election under the new rules! This time, with no safe seats, you can have Mr farage as your new Prime Minister. Let us see. If you think this is crap, tell CB here.

63.   26.05.14.   We all know what happened on Thursday last when UKIP strode forward in the local elections. Tonight, on first sight, they are doing it again. The far right have just won the election in France. All across the EU the results are looking similar. Mr. Miliband says it is "just a protest vote" Good on ya ED, stay thinking like that. Chuka Umunna was talking last Thursday of the UK being politically in a "new four party era" so he has conveniently forgotten the safe seat system embedded in the constituencies which perpetuates a two party country. Any party that is so out of touch as Labour and with a leader so out of touch cannot be elected so maybe the tills of the UK might be safe from your economic incompetence next year! The Torys are not much better in their "street feel" and the Lib Dems seem to have been abandoned by those who used to support them. Next years general election may be notable for a very low turn out and such a division of opinion that any coalition might need three parties to make a government. THAT is the point where the politicians may HAVE to seriously reform our political system, they will have no other choice (nice for them to know what that feesls like). As this vote seems to be a similar "protest" across the whole EU, maybe the message may go to it's heart and with so much disruption and disarray, maybe UKIP are right to suggest we need to get out now before the brown stuff hits the fan.

62.   23.05.14.   Early results in the UK council elections are in with the BBC doing the usual churning of the data. There is only one piece of data that stands out to CB, that is the general boredom with the political system in the UK that has ensured only a 35% turnout! Nobody believes politicians any more, nobody trusts politicians anymore and if this trend continues into May 2015 for the General Election, it might be said that those abstaining (not voting) could by the numbers of the turnout render any result as showing the winners have not got a real mandate. Mr. Cameron, you should have kept your promises on political regorm. Once you got your feet under the desk you found it too comfy didn't you. CB will not vote for Mr Miliband but might find it hard to vote for Mr Cameron and, under our two party system, there is nowhere else to go. Whilst Nigel Farage does look like he may make a good Prime Minister, our system would not alow it and UKIP are too skimpy on policy so far. We need someone who will take far reaching measures to change our political system but where would that person come from? Nobody the electorate could put in power with our voting system. Much needs to be done but the current situation basically debars any action because of negative will of the current batch of players in UK politics.

61.   21.05.14.   Theresa May is doing something about the Police Federation. Mrs. May, why not tackle the problem from the roots. Read CB's page on The Police and do a complete re-organisation. We have seen enough now to know the depth of the corruption in the police force, sufficient for many law abiding citizens to have no trust whatsoever in the "justice system". If you do not go forward with a full re-jig of the police, you risk a full and total breakdown in the near future. Now is the time and please do not ask Norman Bettison to be an advisor on this, ask CB, he will do it.

60.   21.05.14.   Prince Charles has compared President Putin to Adolph Hitler. The Prince has the right to do so under freedom of speech terms but he seems to be tainted with the western worlds view of matters Ukraine. The russian speaking people of eastern Ukraine, who's livelihoods depend on selling the goods they make to Russia have asked to be taken in to the Russian empire. This is real democracy and is difficult for Mr. Putin. He wants to be friendly with the west but cannot walk away from the wishes of the majority of the eastern Ukraine people. The west has got it wrong here. They love democracy until it faces them with a problem of their own making. The UK and USA love "shamocracy" because they have it under their control! Those two countries are two party states in that, next year, we can have a new Prime Minister but we can only choose from Ed Miliband, who does not look like a Prime Minister in waiting OR Mr. Cameron who has spent the last four years showing us he cannot be trusted. In America you can have any president you want as long as he/she is either Republican or Democrat. Faced with such choices it is not surprising that so many people fail to bother to vote. In eastern Ukraine, however, the people have spoken en masse so why do we fail to listen. The west is WRONG, they do not like the voice of the eastern Ukraine people because they are NOT in control of that style of democracy. Mr. Putin is not like Hitler, he is a world class statesman trying to do the best he can but up against criticism from duplicitous adversaries. All this crap can be done away with if the west shut up, pay the energy bill for the Ukraine ($2.2Bn) and let the people who have spoken have what they want.

59.   21.05.14.   CB was out yesterday on a rare trip to the pub. The Hammer and Pincers at Bents Green in Sheffield was the chosen venue principally because it provides Abbeydale Brewery's Moonshine bitter, simply the best real ale ever brewed. The hammer is renowned for the quality of it's food and many were there to eat. They are doing a range of "world burgers" for the duration of the world cup and even the Italian burger is based on beans for the vegetarian folks so all are catered for. Now, an interesting conversation came up because Jess, one of the staff, has a sister who used to be a staff member but left to work with the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA). This is an organisation where vets and trainee vets work for no pay on a volunteer basis to ensure that no animal that is ill goes without the correct care and attention. CB has good memories of the work the PDSA does and has given from time to time but most people take dog or cat food to their local PDSA but CB asked if there were other things that were needed. Here is the list, in order of how much the PDSA needs them so if you are feeling charitable, it is up to you. First of all, they need towels. All animals that are ill must be quarantined so they have to be caged overnight. The cage is lined with a fresh towel which can be washed if soiled BUT, if the animal has a dangerous disease such as the Parvo Virus, the towel has to be incinerated so towels are a must. Second on the list is sheets, yes, the kind you put on your bed. Next is surgical rubber gloves and marigolds (similar)  Then comes tinned tuna fish (for the cats, not the staff) and finally tinned dog food. So, good readers, If you are feeling generous, a fine afternoon in the pub may just have generated a good day for the PDSA.

58.   19.05.14   And here we go again. Miliband is already spending money he hasn't got by promising the minimum wage will rise by much more than the cost of living. The policies of the left do not bear any relationship to real time economics. The last time we had Miliband and Balls anywhere near the tills of the UK, they left them empty, all had been spent on unsustainable policies of a top heavy public sector. Once again Miliband has not thought his policy through before opening his big mouth. The polls put Labour ahead of the Conservatives but CB hopes and believes the majority of the UK electorate does not want the left anywhere near the UK economy. Remember, Miliband promised a twenty month freeze on energy prices, closely followed by 4 of the big 6 putting up their prices by up to 10%. Now he has come out with this one. Will he ever think a policy through BEFORE making a fool of himself by announcing it too soon? Probably not, as CB says, you can't find brains where God never meant them to live!

57.   19.05.14.   The US coastguard must be very careful. The abandonment of their search for the four missing British sailors may lead the service into dangerous waters. Should the sailors be found, alive or dead, in a lifeboat or other escape method, they will be seen to have failed in their duty. If those sailors were American, would they not still be searching? They can only be cleared of any criticism if they clearly show that they stuck to their task until it was an inevitability that nobody could be found alive. Things like this go beyond cost, they go to the ultimate humanitarian level and to stop looking after just two days is not good enough.

56.   18.05.14.   In the last half hour Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England has expressed his fears of the results of an overheated housing market in Britain. At the same time Nick Clegg agreed that the government should listen to him and pare back some of their "help to buy" schemes. They both agree that the heart of the problem is that we build insufficient houses in Britain to ease the upward pressure on house prices, a direct result of there being more demand than ability to supply. Why does'nt the government for once see the whole picture? If they directly diverted the money saved by cutting down the "help to buy" schemes into an "assist to build" scheme then they would stay on budget but help the housebuilders to build more. Perhaps "special building loans" from the newly established Bank for British Business, many times mooted on this site, might go a long way to helping the builders maintain a positive cash flow, thus providing continuity in the building sector, which would help an already recovering economy. Mr. Cameron, Mr. Clegg, all you have to do is think this through, see the light and you will see the way to go. Remember what CB said about refinancing the banks. Instead of lending them £20Bn per month, give it to them as payment to reduce customers arrears on mortgages, loans, British administered credit cards etc., after all the money does belong to the people. If this were done, the people would be helped to become consumers once again giving a massive boost to the economy whilst at the same time reducing the debt per household. As consumers again, they would stimulate business and industry into filling the new demand. If the rest of the world did this, no country would have an economy that was not in boom mode. When the banks had no bad debts to claw back against tax liability, the treasury woulg get back most of this money so everybody wins. It would also have a direct effect on bank lending policy as they would have to re-employ the money the government paid them back into the market to provide next years profit. As most borrowing requirements would come from business and industry, there would be an oversupply of the finance the house builders needed so all ills are treated in one smart move. Come on, forget the "buying votes" cries from the opposition, sell this idea, do it and lets get the economy really motoring, whilst at the same time removing a large part of the "Big Debt Overhang"!

55.   18.05.14.   Lots more trouble to come from the Ukraine. With two eastern Ukraine regions voting to leave Ukraine in preparation to ask Mr. Putin to take them on, it looks quite serious. Putin does not want to further anger the west BUT cannot refuse a direct request from a majority of the people in these two regions. If only the west would honour their often expressed of belief in democracy, they might recognise that these moves by the people as TRUE democracy and back off. The situation only highlights the folly of absorbing these regions involved in the creation of modern Ukraine in 1991 - 1994. In fairness, these people, at that time, were all in favour of joining Ukraine as they witnessed the fall of the Russian Bloc, somewhat fair weather members. The heart of the problem is the desire of the Ukraine government  wishing to move away from Russia in favour of closer ties with the European Union, possibly to ask to join in the near future.  This would not be possible  if the two eastern regions eventually were absorbed by Russia as the remaining economy  would not qualify for EU membership. It is not certain that the rump of the new Ukraine, after the annexation of Crimea and the two regions, would have sufficient of an economy to be viable as a country without rebuilding that economy from the base upwards.  CB thinks it is more about the financial viability issue than any other reason that the west  is so concerned, they can see a lame duck that might need bailing out many times over the coming decades, all at the west's expense.

54.   18.05.14.   Arsenal are the FA cup winners. The only thing that stands out with this game was that, in extra time, only one team looked like scoring. This appeared to underline the importance of team fitness as, whilst all were quite fatigued, Arsenal were less so. Maybe this reflects the years that Arsenal have competed in the top flight of football against the best teams in the land and Hull have done much less of this. There is also the fact of Hull surrendering a 2 - 0 lead which must have sapped their will to win in the latter stages of extra time. CB does hope that the experience of making the final provides Hull with the necessary lessons to go that final step should they make Wembley again.

53.   16.05.14.   Eon Energy is to be fined £12M for mis-selling practises. It is a breath of fresh air that the watchdogs are fining them a nominal £1 and the rest of the "fine" is to be paid out as compensation to the Eon customers that most need it. In fairness, a good friend of CB's is a long standing Eon customer. He has considerably fierce negotiating skills and, using them, he created a "special relationship" some years ago with Eon in that they always do things by negotiation and not like the dictatorial methods Eon always seem to use. He would say they were a good company to deal with and would never wish to move.  On this knowledge, CB would have no problem dealing with Eon as a service provider. Sometimes, news such as this fine might make many back off from using Eon but, the truth is, they are a responsible provider, have no fears, Eon have been CB's pal's cheapest option for many years now.

52.   15.05.14.   Stephen Sutton is gone but his legacy is that which all major politicians would aspire to. In our lifetime I remember the truly great people, JFK, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. I now include Stephen Sutton in that short but illustrious list. In just 19 years, particularly in his last 4 years, he showed the world how to live. Such courage in the face of a brick wall. This tribute comes from a chance conversation in The Roebuck, a pub in central Sheffield in the UK. So many people commented on what was said. It was like the old days, the Roebuck is a glimpse into the olde worlde pub style but with free WiFi and all you would want from a modern pub but cleverly disguised as an old style pub. Top quality food, VERY fair price but, above all, good people as customers AND staff, which is how we all ended up talking about Stephen, even though we had never met before.  The Roebuck is owned by Wood Street Brewery, an independent brewer of REAL ALES, and good they are too.  CB loves the  fact that, as long as you know where to go, there are still such lovely places where you can make new friends easily, and the Roebuck is that. Visit Sheffield and miss the Roebuck and CB guarantees you will know you missed something special and you will HAVE to come back. CB will be there (maybe).

51.   14.05.14.   A good friend of CB's has just had YET ANOTHER poor experience with National Holidays, the coach tour operator. He booked to go on an Oxford/Stratford on Avon 4 day tour, from the 21st - 24th May. Last Saturday 10th he received in the post a cancellation letter, leaving him very disappointed. Whilst we realise that a coach must be half full to break even on the cost of providing the trip, to cancel so far in advance of the trip is strange, they had 10 more selling days to make the trip viable. The last time he went with National it was a Bruges mini cruise, Hull to Zeebrugge overnight, 6 hours in Bruges and return the next night. He was offered cheap passage so he booked 2 places, taking his pals grandson who was keen to see Bruges. The coach to Hull was OK but, having to change coaches at Hull, they split up the 2 of them, even though the booking was made for 2 and paid for on one card. CB's pal prevailed on the second coach driver to change the seating arrangements, 2 people travelling together do not expect to be split up en route. His experiences with National Holidays are now such that other arrangements will be made in future. A trip to Bruges with 2 half days and 2 full days in Bruges is only £30 or £40 more than the cost with National. The ability of National to organise a trip seems less than any untrained amateur could put together. CB's pal has never travelled with National without their being constant changes being imposed by National and the word is, take care if you book with them, be prepared to be messed around and only believe the trip is valid when you are sat on the coach. Even then, be prepared for surprises (not nice ones). CB's pal did ask foe National's customer support to call him but they did not even bother, make your own mind up about using this bunch of dopes.

50.   12.05.14.   The three members of Take That are being treated unfairly. If they needed a financial consultant it may be because they were of insufficiently skilled in financial matters ans, as such, they are only guilty of being mis-advised. Yes, they should pay back the tax but no more than that. As to sour old bags suggesting that Gary Barlow should hand back his OBE, they should shut up and crawl away. Anyone who has done as much for the UK and charities as Gary Barlow has done should have his OBE upgraded to a Knighthood. There are so many who have gotten away with so much worse so maybe the witch hunt should focus on them. It is refreshing that David Cameron has taken the position he has, for once doing the right thing.

49.   10.05.14.   Isn't it about time the world got real over the kidnapping of the nearly 300 schoolgirls. One MONTH after it happened, teams to assist are only just arriving. These girls will have been split into smaller units and probably sold on by now. How do they think they can find them amd if they do it will most likely be on a one by one basis. The warnings of dire actions against anyone who is found with any one of the girls should have been issued which might have stopped their sale. Specific actions against the Nigerian government should have been put in place IF it is shown that they had fore knowledge of the attack. Nigeria is a failed state but let us not forget that it is the insanity of the beliefs of extreme muslims that is behind this, as well as a nasty disregard for the female of the species. The leader of the group, the one on the video who blatantly did not wear a mask should be hunted down and dealt with, after the names of his accomplices are dragged out of him. The omly human rights that apply here are the rights of the girls, the captors gave away any rights when they did the snatching. As terrorists, maybe a long spell in Guantanamo Bay might allow them the treatment they deserve.

48.   06.05.14.   More than 200 schoolgirls were abducted in Nigeria by Muslim extremists but in Islam they are only the possessions of men. Women should not be educated in their eyes as they do not want them to use their mouths to give opinions, only to give sexual favours. Why would one religion be so easily corrupted as to provide so many extremist thinkers. Why is Islam the only religion that makes it so easy to persuade someone to wear a suicide vest in the name of their god? Such is the fatal flaw in Islam, a belief, NOT logic. If you apply logic to Islam, you expose the flaws but that is considered, by Islam, to be blasphemy. It is about time the west woke up to the fact that world war 3 has been going now for three years. The so called Arab Spring was not a quest for democracy,  freedom or to just get rid of a hated dictator it was the start of the big Jihad, the holy war to establish Muslim precedence world wide. Should the western powers see this then, just maybe, they might be ready. The UK is not, Turkey has now got problems as the muslim immigrant people are nearly 50% of the population and on it will go. It is time we made sure world wide via the UN that religion should NOT EVER be a part of governance of any country. The way to do this is to have a total ban on ANY business with such a country! If we stifle the insanity with economics, we negate the need to use bombs to get the same result! This will only go on if left unchecked, mark CB's words!

47. 06.05.14.   Monika Lewinsky has just been reported on NBC TV with comments replying to a statement from Hilary Clinton. Seems to me, with all her experience (Hillary's, not Monika's) she is showing us what we do NOT need for the next Presidential candidate, and CB was behind her (politically only). Best if the American people find the cash to press for Monika as the next candidate. She out diplomaticised Hillary and we need diplomacy more than spite, anger and all those things that promote wars. If all else failed in diplomacy, with Monika we know she may have the final answer, she seems to have learned a lot from her days in DC! Many a true word was spoken in jest!

46.   06.05.14   Mark Selby is the new World Snooker Champion. Beating Ronnie O'Sullivan must have made it so much sweeter. Ronnie is, without doubt, the most talented player we have ever seen in the modern game, give him a start and forget the match. So, how did Mark win, pure intelligence, he outthought Ronnie. Let CB explain. Ronnie's game revolves around playing with the reds quite open, or enough of them to allow a "breakup" shot. Nobody is as good at break building and, on the odd "out of position" error, nobody is as good at recovering his white ball position. Mark was playing very poorly and he knew it so his brain moved him into tactical mode. Every time he scored 30ish points he left a safety shot so Ronnie rarely went to the table with a shot on, he was always in the jungle, couldn't see the pot for the trees. Mark made Ronnie play a game that was foreign to him. That is how he won and in doing so he showed us that snooker is very much a game of chess played with cues. pockets and balls played on a table. Mark must have a very sharp mind (or a very brainy advisor). CB congratulates Mark, the new World Champion BUT also large accolades to Ronnie who, maybe going into this expecting his 6th title, was a very magnanimous and generous loser. It must be painful for Ronnie, with such a talent, to endure defeat but not many players across the world of sport could have been such a person whose words as the loser left us all feeling that next time, Ronnie will be even stronger. Accolades to all those who played, this was a championship that will be recorded as one of the classics of all time.

45.    27.04.14.   OK, at last we are getting a law to stop the sicko's who like sex with chidren from doing what they do on the internet. Let's get this straight. The internet is of the people, for the people and should never fall to the control  of any authority or government, BUT, when sicko's use it for their gain, yes we need to stop it. This is a dangerous area because what is terrorism? Is it people using violence to get a result or  is it people who are downtrodden just trying to get out from under? The internet is a big place in todays society and MUST stay there WITHOUT any interference from governments. It must allow people  to have their say.  We do, however, need to have some control but maybe WE can do this! Maybe it falls to us, the good guys, to trap the paedophiles?

44.   27.04.14.   We now have 2 more saints! who are these guys who profess to be better than any other mere mortal? What is this insanity that we know  to be religion?  One day, maybe the world wil wake up and belief  will be seen for what it is, mumbo jumkbo and no more than  that. Only when we get rid of such crap from our minds will we be able to move forward and deal with our future. watch the videos by CB's good friend, joeclem111 on youtube and learn! Mankind is on short orders, we cannot survive if we do not change.

43.   22.04.14.   There is a news report today on details of the compensation for those abused by the late Jimmy Savile. This could be an expensive exercise should the full extent of his doings were to be made public. He had a show where those who took part were given a medal that read "Jim Fixed it For Me". Perhaps all recipients of compensation should receive a medal that reads "Jim Fuxed it in Me". CB does apologise if this seems flippant but as recipients will also receive a cheque for up to £60,000 then perhaps there is room for some levity. When all is said and done we should look at the knee jerk reaction to Savile by the police which has led to so many TV and radio celebrities facing lengthy and nasty court cases which, to date, they have all been found NOT GUILTY! This has only happened because, once again, the police reaction was to harass these people because the police failed by doing so little in the past. They do not care about all the mud which will stick to these celebrities. The current organisation of British policing is outdated and over many decades they have built up an untouchable amount of unchecked power (witness the doings of West Midlands police over the Hillsborough Disaster statements). It really is past the time where Damian Green and Theresa May MUST put in place measures to re-organise British policing. Perhaps they should read my page entitled "The Police" before commencing such measures. CB would be glad to offer advice if they click the link.

42.   17.04.14.   Caroline Lucas is not guilty in the fracking trial. What excellent news. CB wants the UK to have a coherent energy policy and one that provides us with cheap energy but NOT at the expense of our health.  It has been shown in the USA that fracking pollutes the water table so we need to find another way.  In the future, if  Herr Cameron proceeds with fracking, our response must be to sue for immense damages  such as to make the overall cost of fracking to be  non financially sustainable. Herr Cameron, sitzen Sie nicht, aber macht frei. Get off your arse and do something for the English people, not for monetary reasons but for the reason that you are caring for their health, not their (or your) wealth!  You are under notice, sir, next May, 2015, is importanrt to England and, as in the eyes of CB, you are a failed Prime Minister, we cannot afford Milipede and Balls back in charge so you have to up your game NOW!  Hey, climb down off your Oxford based high horse, ask CB for help, it will be forthcoming as CB is not an Englishman but has lived here since 1959 and has a love of the country it used to be at his heart. We can get back there, look at the video on youtube posted by a good friend of CB, namely joeclem111 and it is entitled "The Social Contract". CB is here!

41.   17.04.14.   So all the action is in Geneva today whilst The Ukraine is still suffering anarchy which may yet escalate into something worse. CB still finds it stupid to believe that Putin and Russia are at fault. They seem to be wanting to look after the welfare of those who have asked for their help. The Ukraine is a country that has moved from Russia to the EU as their possible economic future but the areas that want to stay where they were are russian speakimg. They are also areas where all they make in their industries is bought by Russia so, when the people ask for help from Russia, they are exercising their DEMOCRATIC right. This (TRUE) version of democracy is distasteful to the likes of Obama and Cameron because it is democracy that is NOT under their control.  Maybe, if Geneva is to work, the western alliance might see that the Ukraine is not viable until the russophiles  are repatriated to Russia and the rump that is left might be ratified by a full referendum. This needs the west to climb down, accept that Russia is just doing what is right and BACK OFF! Take the cheque books with you, pay the debts and we can all go home happy. Remember the colossal failings of diplomacy that gave us WW1, do not repeat them as WW3 will be very short but will result in the reduction of the population count that is needed. Watch the video on youtube posted by joeclem111 entitled "The Population Trap" to fully understand. Now is the time to get it right and the western stance is WRONG! FIX IT!

40.   17.04.14.   David Cameron is in todays newspapers as saying we need to incorporate the Christian faith more into the day to day governance of the UK. CB thinks he has descended into cretinism and may be suffering from the onset of early dementia! Governance should be based on intelligence, that is the application of logic, not the confidence trick that we know as religion. If D. C. looked at reality with eyes that were prepared to see, not the millionaire eyes that he and his friends have, he might see that his grand daughters, 50 years from now, will be required by brtitish law to cover their heads when they go out in public, regardless of what they believe. It is only then a 20 year step to sharia law. Rather than back the evil of religion, he should be thinking of a modern day written constitution that makes the consideration of religion in the governance of the UK ILLEGAL! Go to youtube and watch the video entitled "The Social Contract" which was posted by a good friend of CB, joeclem111, and you will get the message. If our political leaders are so out of touch, what can we do in May 2015. Given our 2 party political system, we can do nothing, we can have the deluded Cameron or the clueless milipede. Time for a changre thinks CB.

39.   14.04.14.   We now have investigations into Muslim radicalisation is being pushed in schools in Birmingham. It is only Islam that is prone to this, no other religion allows for such action. We, in the UK, are tolerant to the beliefs and customs of others but Islam knows no tolerance to those who believe anything other than what they teach. Now is the time to protect the UK with a written constitution or England may change (radically) for ever into something we do not want. Go on to youtube and search for CB's friend, joeclem111. Watch the video's, the one entitled "The Social Contract" will explain all.

38.   12.04.14.   The Pope seems to want to be apologetic about child abuse in his church. Maybe he does not understand! The Catholic Church has the best choirs in the world! This is because when the priest drops a £1 coin on the floor, the little boy bends over to pick it up for him. At this point, the frock comes up, the shorts come down and that is when the little boy learns how to hit top C! Now, just maybe, this is because of the totally unnatural celibacy rule in the Catholic Church! Maybe, if you let the Priests get it on with the Nuns, all will be good, the choir boys will only have to sing for their supper, the Nuns will have 5 times the number of cucumbers to harvest. The laundry bill for the priests frocks will be halved. God, this is a win,win,win situation! Apart from the extraction of urine CB has just indulged in, there is a serious side to all this. Why do we not ask the pope to introduce a penis removal law for all little boy shaggers or, better still, make it a part of becoming a priest that, if you get caught, its cock off time. This may introduce a whole new meaning to being defrocked!

37.   12.04.14.   Back to Crimea! More is now becoming news to us plebs who know so little. Russia is threatening to cut off gas supplies, some of which is piped through The Ukraine because The Ukraine has NOT PAID their bill. Russia, with an economy that is nearly shaky but not quite, needs the money. Now we get to the truth, the bill is $2.2Bn! If the west (USA, UK et. cetera) wants to fix the problem in The Ukraine, then jointly pay the Ukraine bill. If you do then gas, oil, etc. will keep flowing. Russia are doing just whar CB did when he ran businesses, that was to hold supplies until the outstanding debt was paid. If the money problem is fixed, then those staunch supporters of democracy (US, UK, et al) maybe can guarantee the Ukraine economy? Well, if you believe in the Ukraine, why not? We now see that Putin is not the modern Hitler, he is just a cool guy getting the money owed to his country. Should he go any further without talking to the UN, then CB may change his position but, for now, Putin is showing us the best International leader we have seen for years and he is behaving correctly! Come on the west, pay the bills and all will go away!

36.   11.04.14.   Nicola Sturgeon has for a long time been the real brains behind the Scottish National Party. Alex Salmond has been the gun that fired her bullets. Now we have the independence vote and CB feels it will fail, as will Mr. Salmond, who has pinned his future on that vote. After Salmond may well be the age of Sturgeon. She is firmly on the "yes" side as she has to be but, given a "no" vote, let us see how good she is at political wriggling. CB thinks she will wriggle very well and take over the helm of Scotland and, if she does, she will be a formidable opponent for anyone who wishes to argue against her. CB is quite a fan and looks forward to watching her grow as long as there is a "no" vote. If the vote is a "yes", it may confine the best scottish political thinker for a long time to a secondary role. She will be bogged down in the 20 year period of recovery a "yes" vote will bring to Scottish politics and CB has better hopes for her than that.

35.   11.04.14.   So, Jermain wins The Voice but we all lose as the lovely Kylie, the greatest gift ever given by Australia to the world, is not returning. Jermain, remember Billy Bragg, never a star because the music loving public  put on the headphones to get away from the day to day CRAP such as politics.  Be the star you are and do the politics later, do NOT let one cloud the other.  This time last year the media idiots  were bleating about the Voice needuing rescuing  and that was why Kylie was brought in. Such CRAP, the Voice was strong and Kylie just added to it. She did the usual, that is put her unique stamp on it for which we are all grateful. This year will be hard as who could possibly sit in her chair and do as well?  CB hesitates to offer any one up for consideration and is glad it is not up to CB to choose. Now, Ricky Wilson showed himself to be a man of real class and Sir Tom Jones is the legend we all know. may be the greatest thinker of our time since we lost John Lennon (look at his other work outside of music), look at his natural brilliance as a music producer so who, female preferred, could make up the modern day fab four?  We wait with interest to see what the BBC comes up with but can we keep the door open for a Kylie return next year?  What about a soul legend?  Let us see what we get.

34.   06.04.14.   A big item in todays news is the bogof (buy one, get one free) offers that supermarkets use to make us spend more are a major contributing factor to the collosal annual wastage of food in the UK. There are calls to have such offers banned but, hang on, some of us waste next to nothing and do not want to lose such offers. As always, this has not been thought through, CB proposes another point of view. If the supermarkets jointly worked with the right charity, the free second item, instead of being given to the buyer, could be given to a charity for export to countries where people are starving. CB does believe that the charitable nature of the UK buyers would go for this in a big way. In this manner, the supermarkets may well enjoy a surge in sales, just what they are after, and many starving people might get the benefit. Logistics problems may happen but, if all the major outlets worked with the same charity and donated some of their advertising budgets to that charity, good food could be delivered by those supermarkets to a waiting aircraft, loaded and flown to the needy overnight! Why can't anyone else see ideas like this? Why always leave it to CB to see a better point of view? Come on you guys on the board of directors of the "biggies", don't you think this is a plausible answer?

33.   29.03.14.   Now we have developments over Crimea. It is reported that President Putin has had a long phone conversation with Mr. Obama asking for a diplomatic resolve over Crimea. America might be fooled into thinkiing that they now have the upper hand, courtesy of their economic sanctions, but they do not! The people of Crimea, in a majority vote, asked to be Russian again. Putin said yes and, without increasing his troops in the area, which were under the number of troops allowed as a maximum, guaranteed a peaceful referendum. Nobody was ushered to the vote at the end of a Kalashnikov, as David Cameron said! Putin looked after those who asked him for help. Putin has guaranteed the safety of the minorities (yes, we know that nasties might happen, but we may see that, should this happen, the Russian troops might be seen to protect the minorities and then we will learn more about Putin and his word). This was democracy in action! Anyone who declares independence against a dictator or a communist government is immediately recognised by western governments so what is different here. If you are a cake eater and, one day the cake is not so nice, you still got to eat the cake! When the western world enjoys TRUE democracy, they may begin to understand the duplicity of the countries we live in. Is it time for the USA and it's allies to review their foreign policies? CB says YES! This is a new cold war driven by fear of Russian expansionism but what if it is not? Remember your history, all the diplomatic mistakes that gave us WW1! Let us walk this path but NOT with the appeasement of theapproach to WW2, but with resolve to settle, that means leave Crimea with Russia, make it plain that no further expansionism will be acceptable BUT, if people who are suffering want to be independent OR go back to Russia, shall we negotiate on behalf of those people? Remember, it is NOT the good face of a western country that matters, it is the quality of life of the people that matters, those people who asked for the help and, just because they did not ask YOU for help, it is no reason to head for war over their decision. Obama, WAKE UP, then ring Cameron and all the rest and wake them up, fix this, it is you that is at fault and you are dragging Europe into your no win fight!

32.   28.03.14.   The continuing saga of MH370 goes on. There appears to be some credence to the suspicion that the world is not being given all that the Malaysian authorities know. CB is wondering why some pointed questions have not been asked yet. For instance, what is the result or, even, progress on the un-deleting of data on the flight simulator seized from the home of the pilot as they have had adequate time now to have completed that task. Also, in a day and age where 50% of the worlds population is either txting or has a phone welded to their ear at any moment in time, why was there no calls or txts from anyone on that plane. If it turned sharp left it flew over Malaysia so signals must have been available. The only reason that we had no contact at all is that everyone on board  became instantly unconscious or dead!  We are also very suspicious of constantly conflicting news or ideas on where the search area really is (they changed it again today).  The world has such computing power and technology  that such conflicts over the data analysis is inconceivable.  The major problem seems to be diplomatic as there are so many countries involved. Perhaps the overall responsibility should be given to Australia as they have seemed the most competent so far. 

31.   27.03.14.   The BBC news channel has just done a piece on energy prices in the UK. They reported that the "big 6" energy companies all put their prices up last year and Ed Milibands answer to that was to announce a 16 month price freeze on energy prices if he was elected as PM in May 2015. How wrong could they be? Those readers of this news page will remember that CB posted on this subject and you can check by readimg the posts on the page entitled "News 2013". In chronoligical order, Ed Miliband announced the 16 month price freeze policy first. Following that, 4 of the "big 6" energy providers put up their prices. Ed Miliband's ill thought through policy was the TRIGGER for that price rise. All UK voters should remember this comes May 2015 as it was just another piece in a large jig saw puzzle that depicts the lack of any knowledge or expertise in economics within the Labour Party. CB, for one, does not want failures like Ed Balls to get his inept hands on the UK's economy ever again!

30.   23.03.14.   Much is being said about the death of the GP service within the NHS in the UK. Surprise, surprise!!! The last wage deal with GP's gave them about £100,000 per year so what did we get for that?  Most of them worked for 2 years, paying off their mortgage and now they work 2 days per week, earning £40,000 for that. This is why, when you make an appointment, you never get your doctor! You get a locum so when you eventually get in the consulting room, you have to tell them from scratch what your problem is. OK, it is on the system but the locum never invests the time in reading your history, they just want you to explain your current problem. No wonder the NHS is creaking at the seams. Much of it is a lack of understanding of todays UK society. At CB's local doctor there is a large number of Somali immigrants. Where they come from, the culture is for the women to congregate at the local doctors so, when they come here, they do the same. Over half of those attending CB's local surgery have no problem, they are just doing what they have always done, i.e. meet at the doctors!  It is one thing to welcome these new Englanders but it is a much bigger deal to integrate them into our society. That takes education and, when such education is to change their culture, we must be prepared for the resistance that will come from such attempts to change their thinking. Multi cultural societies are an ideal and most of us welcome this but it is a big job to make them work. In the mean time, are we going to sacrifice our NHS just to allow a few thousand immigrants to feel at home in our country? Maybe the "we know it all" cretins in the House of Commons might ask on the streets, where real life happens, what we think might help.

29.   22.03.14.   CB has just watched "The Voice UK" quarter finals and every performer deserves a career in music. This is the best so far. What a hard job it must be for the judges to pick a winner from such raw talent. CB has a sneaky feeling that, despite her age, Sally has the edge because she is an ex and consumate professional, has worked with some of the worlds biggest names but, she just commands the audience when she does her thing but we must wait and see. Who could predict this one? Forget the pseudo talent shows, The Voice is the only reality talent show that gets the best to do their best and just how good will their best get by the finals? Watch and see.

28.   21.03.14.   It has been reported that David Cameron has expressed a desire to see Boris Johnson leave the post of Mayor of London and return to the Commons in time for the next election. Quite spectacular! It appears that the red carpet has been laid but why? Does Mr. Cameron now recognise that many of his supporters in the countrys electorate see him to have failed by not keeping many of his electoral promises? Does he see any increase in the level of disappointment felt by the voters? Has he had enough after 4 years of being in the hot seat? Does he feel that Boris has shown all the qualities as Mayor of London that would be needed to be a good and effective Prime Minister? Does he feel, as CB does, that with Boris at the helm, the Tories may be electable with a clear majority? Does he think that under Boris, the electorate might put much more trust in a Conservative government than they could ever find with D.C still in charge? CB thinks that in areas where politics may get in the way of doing what is right, Boris is a "take no shit" kind of leader who would forge ahead through the politics and be better for the interests of the voter. Is there another scandal on the horizon for Mr. Cameron that we do not yet have wind of (perhaps developments in the phone hacking trial)? Whatever is to come, CB thinks big changes are afoot in the Tory camp before May 2015! If you know more than CB, please tell it here.

27.   18.03.14.   In the light of the MH370 situation, surely we should re-address aircraft security in flight. With all the technology we have at our disposal we should think along the lines of security systems independent of anyone in the aircraft. Why can't the "black box" transmit it's data whilst in flight? It could start automatically when the plane reaches 250 feet off the ground and shut down transmissions at the same height at the end of the flight. Next time it flies, the old data would be overwritten by the new transmission. In this way when there is an incident, we have all the evidence we need to pinpoint the aircraft so we can provide any services necessary to deal with the incident. It is apparent that flight security TOTALLY independent of interference by those onboard is now a must. CB does not believe that we cannot achieve this!

26.   18.03.14.   CB has just watched President Putin's address to the Russian People regards Crimea. He is a considerably accomplished statesman. His words were very true. It seems Mr. Putin, as the president of a "communist" country understands democracy much better than our western leaders! Crimean people had their say in a referendum. No russian soldiers were stationed at the polling stations. Nobody voted at the point of a gun. Elections in Zimbabwe were not so easy for the people but the west turned a blind eye to that. This is a clear case of the majority in Crimea speaking and only Russia listened. If there is any escalation to this situation it is the stance of the west that will be the cause of the strife. The American driven phobia against communism is now null and void. Communist countries like Russia and China have the country underpinned by capitalism so where is the problem? If our western leaders really do think they are democratic, just accept that the Crimean people have spoken, listen to them and back off! Perhaps it is time for the major western countries to rethink their whole approach to foreign policy.

25.   18.03.14.   Alec Salmond seems to be reliant on retaining the UK pound as he takes Scotland into total independence. The message must be NO! The UK will accept Scottish independence but it will not allow it's tax payers to underwrite another country when the finances go wrong. Herr Salmond, think again! If you are fit to be independent, then do it but do not place any reliance on who will or won't pick you up when you fall. Go for the Euro or have your own currency, ours will not be available as your crutch. Maybe you should think more carefully about your chances of going it alone. Maybe the "No's" have a better idea of reality. Will Scottish independence be good for the country or will it just be good for you?

24.   16.03.14.   Ukraine has spoken. As bitter a pill it may be to swallow, the majority of the Crimean people want to revert to being Russian once again. There are minorities who may well be treated badly but the world works this way. Others are now wanting to have the same vote so we can look to the Ukraine being a smaller country. Cameron, Obama and all other western leaders who bleat on about democracy must now realise that they have just witnessed it happen. They should accept the decision, let the borders be redrawn and get on with supporting the rump Ukraine that is left. The USA and the UK are not true democracies, they are 2 party states and what has just happened is so much closer to true democracy, maybe that is what is sticking in their throats.  Swallow the pill and lets get on with life, no recriminations, the people of Crimea have spoken!

23.   14.03.14.   MH370 is missing but after nearly 1 week we have no idea where it may be. The worlds terror authorities seem happy to deny any such occurrence and, with modern day technology, how do we not know what happened? We must now look at the one thing which has, as yet, not been mentioned. This aircraft was in an area where the air space of quite a few countries abuts, so which one has a rogue military man who launched a SAM missile and took out this flight. From normal communications to ZERO only suggests a catastrophic event such as a bomb or a missile strike so why is it only CB that is asking? CB does not believe it is possible to turn off ALL communication devices manually from inside an aircraft in flight so how can we think other than some kind of explosive device possibly not on the aircraft at take off?

22.   02.03.14.   WTF is going on?  Putin just made himself a nearly likeable man  because of Sochi but now we have a declaration of war!  This may take the world to a bad place.  Mr. Putin, walk away, please  help the world to be a good place whhere we  all can live in  peace. Do not be a prick! Lets get this right.

21.   27.02.14.   Angela Merkel has addressed our MP's today. She is one of the most respected leaders in the modern world so what she says counts. She has broached the reform of Europe, something close to David Camerons heart. CB found it strange that she delivered most of her speech in German when she quite obviously speaks English very well, what was the message in doing that? She quite rightly made no offers and no concessions and, as Herr Cameron has not yet laid an agenda out for his ideas on changing Europe, she had nothing to work with. CB wonders how much of this speech was politics and how much was for real. It is good, however, to see something of a closeness between the 2 major economies in Europe, this is a path we can walk with safety and hopes for the future.

20.   27.02.14.   There is a lot of fun developing in the Ukraine. CB feels that the russophile areas like Crimea should be allowed to cede to Russia. This would need to be ratified by a referendum but it would fix many parts of the problem. The west might worry that Russia might embark on an expansionist policy but CB does not see that. The question is would the rump left by such a move have an economy to sustain it as an independent country? If some of the worlds larger business decided to invest there, the answer would be yes. CB thinks that things will go this way, let us wait and see.

19.   27.02.14.   Royal Bank of Scotland has reported a loss of £8.2BN for last years trading. So, if they apportion the usual £3.5BN as bonuses, can we ask them where that money will come from? It can only be stolen from the tax payers! As the holder of 83% of the shares in this company, our government has not just the right but it has a duty to stop all and any attempts at paying any bonuses by this company. George Osborne, the ball is now in your court!

18.    26.02.14.   There have been videos posted on Youtube that have connections to items posted on this site. Here are the links:  (Youtube Weather), (Youtube World Finances), (Youtube The Population Trap), (Youtube The Social Contract). Watch if you wish and if you have anything to say, do it here.

17.   26.02.14.   It would seem that Harriet Harmon is under siege. CB would like to warn The Daily Mail that they may be chewing their own bollox. Ms. Harmon may well be the most formidable adversary they have yet encountered! It was brain numbing watching the dim girlie of the BBC trying over and over again to get Harriet to amit that it was "a mistake" for the NCCL to have accepted the membership application from the Paedophile Information Enterprise. The dim girlie was in a bad place because it was her face and her questions that was broadcast, not the even dimer producer who was shouting the instructions down the earpiece she was wearing. Ms. Harmon did not budge, she is very skilled at not allowing those of lesser IQ than her to put words in her mouth! We might reflect tyhat Ms. Harmon was an employee of the NCCL. We might be aware that we do not yet know what her job was. We do not yet know how many NCCL employees were in a senior position to Ms. Harmon. We do not yet know who was responsible for bankiing the money and accepting membership applications. We do not yet know if the membership application processor was a minimum pay girlie or if that position carried any authority. So much is still "in the air" so, Daily Mail, tread caregful, Ms. Harmon may yet have some bombs to throw your way. You tried and failed, eat the shit and walk away before she kills you dead. If you know beter, tell CB here.

16.   23.02.14.   Well, as the rolling stones once said, it's all over now. Sochi has been brilliant, unbelievable performances but, sadly, a strange result. I refer to Elise Christie being ripped off by the speed skating judges. Their first decision to DQ her was correct and their second decision to award her a DNF was harsh but strictly to the rule. The third DQ was WRONG! CB wonders if having been adjudged at fault twice before, how much did that sway their third decision? If they say not at all, then it is reasonable to assume the judges had an agenda against her. This kind of judging error has the ability to cal the whole discipline of how speed skating is administered into question and detracts from the whole Olympic movement. It might be beneficial if the IOC did an investigation into that third decision to clarify this and to offer a full explanation with photographic evidence. CB will not be watching the closing ceremony as it is unlikely to br dissimilar to the terrible opening ceremony. Good to see there has been no attempts at terrorism, good to see that it was not used as "The Putin Road Show". Maybe he went home with his dummy in his mouth when it was clear that the Russian ice hockey team were not going to medal. The world can say thank you to Russia for putting on a safe and spectular event. Now we can get back to normal.

15.   19.02.14.   Vincent Nicholls of the Roman Catholic Church seems like he has forgotten what his job is. He is passing comment on the governments efforts to right the economy. As something of a political commentor, CB would suggest that Mr. Nicholls should shut up, he has enough of a job perpetrating the confidence trick that we know as religion. We still have bishops sitting in the House of Lords and it is high time we got rid of that anomaly. All ,those involved in religion are men of belief and government should be about the rule of logic over and above belief. Government is dealing with day to day reality and it is dangerous to allow belief, a most sinister tribalistic phenomenon, into the equation. Your comments are welcome if they are constructive, unlike who can noly use the Kings English to make any statement, not considered intelligent.

14.   17.02.14.   CB has just watched the GB Ladies team playing Russia in the curling. Never mind the "chess on ice" quality of the game, ir was noticeable that the combined teams looked more like beauty contestants than sporting teams. We were definitely in the "NDA" area (No Dogs Allowed). Our girls did good and have their last match of the round robin tonight, another win will do. The lads have just lost and must play a tie break tomorrow. It doesn't get much closer than that and it makes great TV. CB wishes both our curling teams the very best and will be watching.

13.   12.02.14.   Not many posts recently. This is because after the slating of the Sochi opening ceremony, the athletes have turned it all round. CB is sat with the TV on watching everything. The actual games has been sensational so far and there is still lots to come. Please forgive CB, all will be back to normal after a week this Sunday when it is all over. Watch and enjoy.

12.   07.02.14.   CB has just watched some of the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics. The good news, after falling asleep for 10 minutes, CB woke up just in time for the BBC news at 6. What a terrible bore in Sochi, not a new idea but a history lesson which was the exact same idea as that used in London in 2012. If that is the best they can do we must be thankful for the athletes. If the guarantee of no terrorist action is as good as the guarantee of a spectuclar show, we should get ready for some bad news. This ceremony, all about Russia, merely showed CB that progress under a strict regime takes a lot longer than it does in western countries. I wish all the athletes a good games, a safe games but the razz matazz around it is just too stuffy, CB is glad to be at home. What do you think?

11.   04.02.14.   Well done the terrible twins (Cameron and Clegg), once again you will be acting without thinking things through. An end is to be called to special offer rates for alcohol. How did you decide this? CB can hear the discussion now "It's too hard to tackle the culprits, the drunks so what do we do? I know [light comes on] Lets stop all cut price offers on booze! What about all those responsible drinkers? Who cares about them, anyway, we will get more tax if the price goes up". P&O will love it, their booze sales will go up fourfold. One day we may get senior government ministers with a few reasonable facsiniles of brain cells! Say your piece here.

10. 04.02.14.   The floods in Somerset are in the news daily. Those affected are still talking as if it is a freak occurrence and have failed to see that this is our new normal! There is a good explanation of this in the section on "changing the time scale in a natural cycle" in the excellent The Universe Explained web site. When we start to understand that explanation we might realise that permanent defences MUST be built and regular maintenance of our waterways put back in place. The money for this will save billions in insurance claims over the coming years. If we take it forward and realise that global rising water levels is a reality, we can see more work must be done. In the same way that the  Netherlands built dykes to reclaim land from the sea, we need to do this elsewhere to protect our established environments like New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and any other major city standing next to the ocean. If we do this we will still have to bear the misery of large storms but at not much financial cost and without the devastation of losing our ground level and possessions to flood water. If you know better, tell CB here.

9.   04.02.14.   OK, old CB has been having to go to hospital almost daily for tests and then spent a bit of time in Belgium, hence not too many posts. We are back and special mention must be made to some friends in Bruges. Firstly, La Foyer in the entrance to Verjdagmarkt, a large square. La Foyer provides a pot of coffee (2.1/2 cups) for only 5 euros but it is Arabian coffee and is SO GOOD! Always call there, the blonde beer is 4.4 euro's per glass,  and when you are satisfied, just up the road is the Hotel La Signe D'or. This is a very busy, vibrant bar which is truly international. CB has spoken to Danish girls, Swedish girls, a man from Germany, a man from Holland and on it goes. The Jupiter blonde beer is 3 Euro's per glass. This bar is on the corner of the street which goes from the square to Markt in central Bruges. On the right, just before you get to Markt is a square which has Jerrys Cigar Bar on it. Good place to buy your bacccy (English £ sterling preferred) and it has that humidor where you can have a beer or a coffee AND enjoy a smoke indoors, excellent when it is a cold damp day. The coffee is 2.5 Euro's and it comes with a shot. The blonde beer is 2.5 Euro's a glass thus representing the best value for money of all. Belgium and especially Bruges is so gentle and civilised with the most friendly people. CB has never failed to find an intelligent conversation when relaxing in Jerrys. If you have not been then go, it is well worth it. The baccy (Golden Virginia is £18+ per sleeve in the UK) is £5.30 per sleeve here. Your comments are invited.

8.   21.01.14.   Miliband and Balls, are you going to shut up and crawl away now? The UK economy is growing faster than any other European economy and one think tank says it will outstrip the German economy by 2017. What was all your crap about plan B? Now the people have secondary evidence that you know NOTHING about economics, the primary evidence is the near bankrupt state you left this country in after 13 years of Labour profligacy. The voters of the UK must absorb the austerity and refuse any Labour vote if this country is to continue to improve. As each month passes, the cost of living problems will wane and we will all feel easier with our monthly bills. This is history revisited, Labour always take us to the financial brink and the Tories have to clear up the mess. This always leaves us dissatisfied with Tory rule so we put Labour back in and we therefore perpetuate the problem. Cameron and Clegg have not been good leaders but they are eminently better qualified to keep the financial repair momentum on track so, comes May 2015, please do not put the two idiot brothers in charge, it will hurt if you do. George Osborne has shown us he is a highly capable chancellor, but we saw Gordon Brown as that until the truth came out. CB does not think that George Osborne is another Gordon Brown, he may well be seen as a saviour of the UK economy when all comes out. The people of the UK has been let down by the coalition government with the exception of their handling of our economy. We know another 5 years of them may hurt but it is reasonable to believe our economy will be good under them. That is the number one prime requirement, all else is an "also ran" deal so do not get it wrong at the next election. Your comments are welcome here.

7.   17.01.14.   Miliband does it again, shhots his mouth off without thinking it through! Yes, we need reform of the banks but not how he wants it. If he thinks he can limit the size of growth of any bank he is mistaken. Free market forces will dictate the size a bank grows to. His idea of limitation will throw a few million bank customers back into no mans land, where it used to be. Those people will find serious limitations as to who may provide banking services for them and that is not free competition. With Ed Balls as shadow chancellor it is quite easy to see where this folly comes from, Ed has no idea of good economics. What is refreshing from all this is that all thinking voters can see quite plainly what a mess the UK would be in if Labour won an election. It might be painful to stay with austerity but we are already seeing the benefits of that path and the squeeze is slowly but steadily easing so lets stay with it. Your thoughts are welcome here.

6.   15.01.14.   Prime Ministers Questions was again a lively exchange but with one difference. Today David Cameron hit the nail on the head. Inflation is down, unemployment is down and the economy is clearly well on the recovery road. The cost of living is still of concern but as the economy continues its recovery, the cost of living problem will slowly fade away. Labour are seeing all their political footballs deflate one by one but this is not surprising given their lack of any understanding of economics. So, when David Cameron made reference to just this, capping it off by saying that the Labour Party is hiding their shadow chancellor (Ed Balls) in plain view on the front bench, he was exactly right. The question of bankers bonuses was succinctly dealt with by the promise of a veto on cash bonuses of over £2000 for RBS, thus tying all other bonuses to long term results. Finally are we seeing some political will to deal with the annual theft of the banks stock by those employed to protect that stock! Your comments are welcome.

5.   13.01.14.   Our milionnaire Prime Minister has shown us his colours yet again today. He has shown us he believes that anything can be bought and disregard the consequences. This is the man who was elected by the people in the hope he would do what THE PEOPLE need. He has today covered his political arse, gone for the money and hang the people. He is buying local authorities if they accept fracking within their jurisditional remit to recover oil and gas trapped in shale underground. It looks great, cheap oil and gas, half price fuel bills, loads of revenue into the treasury, more new jobs, can it get better? No but it could get worse. The Americans are into this big style but we COULD learn from their experience. In fracking, when the oil and gas is released, the process recovers ONLY SOME of the product. We know that some is not recoverable BUT it is now released from entrapment so where does it go? Evidence from America says into the water table so what was fresh clean water, naturally filtered is now contaminated. This has caused much illness in areas localised around the fracking. The American legal system will no doubt give us a decision in 25 or more years and in the mean time Cameron's people will all get the same illnesses. We have a court that tries leaders for war crimes and maybe we should extend that court to cover crimes against the people so bad politicians can be sent to prison for just such acts of stupidity as has been committed today by our Prime Minister. Any suggestions can be made here.

4.   10.01.14.   Governer Christie of New Jersey appears to be in trouble because one of his senior employees deliberately caused a massive 4 day traffic jam. His fitness as a governor and possible future presidential candidate has also been questioned. As an employee, the perpetrator must have been acting as his agent and, therefore he may bear some legal responsibly for her actions. It must also be established WHEN he knew about this as it appears from a freudian slip on a TV interview that he knew some days before it came out so he must have sat on the knowledge for a time. CB thought it cost millions of dollars to even think about trying for the presidency. Christie surely will not be able to afford such a luxury after being sued for compensation by EVERY person held up in the traffic jam. What? They haven't thought of suing? Why? Isn't that what true Americans do? Isn't there an enterprising law firm out there who will instigate the law suit idea against him? If the American people do not think he is fit to run for high office then to bankrupt him should stop the rot. Do you agree?

3.   03.01.14.   A pal of CB has just upgraded his Mageia 2 Linux system to Mageia 3. There were only a few small problems but there is a help forum for this. He posted a few threads and got great help from Jim, Marja and Yankee495. These people are all caring people with good skills as help desk people. Yankee495 was exceptional as their knowledge of the KDE desktop fixed the most persistent problem. Unfortunately, doktor5000 was different. This person was more interested in telling CB's pal off for posting in the wrong forum. How the hell are we, those asking for help, expected to know how technical our question is and thus have knowledge of which forum to post in? With what M/soft is doing with windoze 8, taking virtual control of all PC's that use this system, now is the time for users to change from Seattles crap to a good linux system. CB can tell you that Mageia 3 is an exceptional system, in CB's opinion so much superior to windoze and just the right system for the home user and it is free. The only thing that might hinder Mageia's chances is a most unhelpful help assistant like doktor5000. The doktor has an impeccable knowledge of unix commands when working in Konsole but seems to be limited on their knowledge of Mageia and KDE. If the doktor had given the advice that was obtained from Yankee495, this problem would have been resolved 24 hours earlier. Maybe it is time to give the doktor a TARDIS! Where the doktor was less than helpful, CB's pal and CB collaborated and worked out the fix that allowed self resolution of two of the problems. Notwithstanding this, the help function in the forums provided by Jim, Marja and Yankee495 is brilliant and CB has no qualms about recommending anybody to download the Mageia iso, burn it to dvd and install as soon as possible. CB will answer any questions if you ask them here.

2.   03.01.14.   The cost of our power is again in the public eye. Ed Miliband has not yet acknowledged that his "20 month price freeze" was the cause of the 10% rise in prices by most of the energy providers. Now we have David Cameron and Nick Clegg ensuring a massive rise in costs for many, especially pensioners, with their 4 tariff only policy. Did they think it through? Didn't they see that, without legislation, the energy companies wouldn't keep the 4 cheapest tariffs but they would use 4 tariffs that guaranteed they would receive a big boost to incoming funds! Politics is a nasty, dirty business so maybe the terrible twins (Cameron and Clegg) worked with the energy providers to ensure that it looked good to the public but the truth is that they ensured the continuing income for the power industry to protect the financing of ongoing infrastructure work (and the income to the treasury). CB used to be on a tariff called Staywarm which was a non profit tariff for gas and electric and it was designed to provide for pensioners and some others who qualified through hardship. CB introduced a good friend to this some 10 years ago but now it is to be scrapped under the 4 tariff rule. CB is providing this link so you can read for yourself the email sent by CB's pal to the terrible twins. It effectively means that, with no change to his usage, CB's pal will now have to face a £50 per month (30%) increase in fuel costs. CB is happy to describe Ed Miliband as a bit dim and naive but thinks that, in the case of the terrible twins, some deal exists that we know nothing about. There seems to be some evidence that the big 6 in power provision may be acting in concert over pricing. When the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee questioned the big 6 CEO's they did not pursue that angle, in fact they very much let them off. We should all remember things like this when it is May 2015. We should remember David Cameron vetoing legislation to control the press (even though Leveson advised this should be done), thus guaranteeing his continuing invitation to his neighbours dinner parties. How many millions were spent on the Leveson enquiry just to have itt's most important part ignored by our prime minister? One day we might get someone who acts for us, the people, not themselves. If you have a comment or evidence to support this point of view, please tell CB here.

1.   01.01.14.   CB wishes all readers a happy and prosperous new year. There will be at least 2 posts tomorrow. CB has not gone to sleep, just taking it very steady and doing just as much as is necessary, no more. This is due to CB's right arm having been affected by the stroke. It is only slightly impaired but more than a few mouse clicks and some typing makes it feel very tired so please bear with CB, make some small allowances and we will be back on track from tomorrow. Thanks for your consideration.

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