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The story of how to be a politician....................

    This guy is a self made man, owns a good business, treats his staff very well, pays good wages and hefty annual bonuses if they have earned them and is generally liked and respected as an honest man by all who know him. One day, jokingly, a friend suggests that he would make a good MP. Our man likes that and stands for parliament. At the hustings he makes two promises and, eventually, is elected as an MP. When he gets to the follies (town hall speak for the houses of parliament), he is shown his office. Immediately, the chief whip visits to welcome him. He also points out that one of his promises does not fit in with the new party policy and to pursue it would ensure a political life in the wilderness.
    The second visitor is a lobbyist for a major multi national UK business. The lobbyist advises the new MP of the disastrous effects to the treasury of his other promise and the dire pressures it would put on the company he represents. Our new man is further advised that to upset such a powerful company, who he may need as an ally in later political life would be the worst first mistake he could make.
    Our man has to stand up and make a U turn on both promises. Such is the evil of politics, it turns an honest man into a liar. Politicians are not born, they are made by the nature of the business they are in.

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