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  Cuts Protests

There are many questions raised regarding the recent protests against the Governments cuts program. The TUC has to be seen to be doing more than just sitting on their fat flaccids and taking their wages. It is certain that they were not happy that Labout lost the last election so they moved to organise the protests we saw in London against "the enemy", the coalition Government. Might CB ask them if they think, given the re-election of Gordon Brown and his cronies, do they believe that the Country would have been told of the desperate situation of the UK? Do they not see that we would have continued on the path of Gordon Brown being Prime Minister for his own ego and not for the good of the UK? Do they not see that we would have all found out way too late by virtue of this Country hitting the financial brick wall with nowhere to turn except the International Monetary Fund? Now we may turn to the protesters. These are people who are just out to work against the current Government. CB does not believe that they all, to a man, run their own personal household budgets to the Gordon Brown spend it all and more policy. These protesters MUST have a clue about living within their means. So what were they saying? CB suspects that they were all saying "cut what you want except the bits that relate to me".
    What did it cost to police this event, did the TUC consider that? They have a right to protest but the majority of the public who were not in the demonstration might be forgiven for believing that the TUC should be sent the policing bill. We do celebrate the right to protest but at what cost? Was it ever considered by more than just the police that a demo like this would give the perfect scenario to the lawless element, who rampaged through our capital trashing legitimate business premises just because they wanted to? CB believes that, given in the past they got it SO wrong, this time the police had learned a lot and did a much better job of keeping order. More must be done but it was obvious that the police have changed some failed strategies and moved forward.
    As to the cuts, CB sees how hard a job the Government has got in bringing Labour's past excesses to heel. No Government that has to deal with such stupidity can hope to be liked because of the job they inherit. This always seems to be the case when Labour are replaced after an election. We all remember Mr Wilson going to the IMF after his time of "spend it all". One day the electorate might learn that, historically, voting in the Labour party is a vote for bankruptcy. Do people not realise that if the UK were not in so much trouble we may never have got a coalition Government? The Conservatives and the LibDems did what they did FOR this country as they knew the previous administration was in it for glory, not the UK! THat is a very hard place for senior politicians to be in. We are all going to lose something, somewhere in our lives. Why can we not just accept this, shut up and get on with the rebuilding that must be done? We have NO OTHER CHOICE!

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