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20.12.2010   OK, CB has been watching BBC news and there was a discussion about Mr. Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, winning a NO CONFIDENCE vote by 3 votes and it was said that "maybe he bought 3 votes (he is a multi billionaire), and, if he did, democracy is dead in Italy". Well, for all those of you who believe in democracy, EVERY democratic country has their own means of controlling the vote! There is only ONE country in the world that all recognise as a TRUE democracy, and that is Switzerland. They use Proportional Representation as their voting system! They have a written constitution AND, once elected, their Government can enact anything they can get voted through EXCEPT, where that new law may impinge on the requirements of the written constitution, then it has to be ratified by a referendum of the people! Given the sleaze in England with the MP's robbing us of our money and then the realisation that something had to be done to "restore the peoples faith in politicians" and all that was said by David Cameron at the election hustings about how they would do that, it seems to have gone cold. Cameron has been gazumped by his party members! Clegg, the champion of Proportional Representation has been gazumped by Cameron and his party. SO, NOW we can look forward to a referendum within a few months to change our voting system. What CRAP! Any fool knows that there is a discipline called FORM DESIGN. How many times have you filled in a form only to realise that you have no way of saying what you think, if you tick their boxes, THEY will get the answers THEY want. Referendums are the same. They are usually worded so that the desired result is guaranteed. We now have Mr. Clegg pursuing the AV voting system, which the Tories have indicated they will vote against. The AV system is the preferred system of a FAILED Prime Minister, you know, the BROWN one, who, like the Tories, are not prepared to give up the 2 party system that the UK has had since Cromwell ceded power in the 1600's!  Here is a very severe test of Cameron's continued use of the F WORD (FAIR????). Does he know what that means????? CB said at the time of the election that, if Mr. Cameron forgot his promises after attaining power, then the British electorate would not forget him. DAVID, SIR, it may feel safe now to you, BUT, REMEMBER YOUR WORDS! If your deeds do not match your words, we  will remember cometh 2015! CB has a word of advice to messrs. Cameron and Clegg, BE EVER SO CAREFUL OF YOUR USE OF THE F WORD! Caustic-Bytes was named very carefully and by design and you will be able to read in the VERY near future things that may byte you about the fairness of UK Government departments!

19.12.2010   Hah, at last, an ex Government drugs minister has called for the legalisation of all drugs. The illegality of drugs is often said to be because it is in our best interests and is done for us. OK, acceptable if no one ever dies from contaminated dope, getting shot or stabbed by a dealer etc. Take drugs OUT of the hands of the criminal, THEN you will be looking after your people! CB wonders if our ex drugs minister has been reading "The War on Drugs" that CB posted a long time ago on this site!

19.12.2010   It seems the Wikkileaks guy, Julian Assange is going to be hunted down. As to the sex charges, the only people who know the truth are him and the 2 girls. It is, however, one of the easiest ways to attach enough mud given the difficulty of proving his guilt or innocence. CB would also be inclined to believe Julian rather than the authorities. Too many times in the past we have seen the authorities misuse and abuse the justice system to deal with a thorn in their side just because they could. As to the leaks, we all have some secrets, but in public life, keeping secrets is dangerous, both for the keeper, who may be found out, and us who are being denied the knowledge of those secrets. The keeping of a secret means that someone somewhere is being lied to, cheated or treated less that they deserve. Keep leaking Julian and keep the sleazers and scumbags on their toes!

19.12.2010   CB has just watched the news where the reporter was asking why the UK was unprepared for the snow again after 2 previous years of snow disruption, and the Government guy making all the usual excuses. CB used to think that a brain was needed to be a TV reporter. The answer that no one will give is that we are not prepared because of MONEY! Yes, in Canada the people have electric sockets in the garage where the car is plugged in overnight. This keeps the car warm so it will start the next day. As winter approaches they also change their tyres for winter grade tyres. All this costs money but it is far cheaper than dealing with the disruption. In the UK nobody would spend on things like this, they are happier to accept the problems, it gives them something to moan about. It will take a sea change in thinking to get the drivers, Government and local authorities to allocate the finance just in case we get snow. Why does'nt the Government guy just state the truth about allocation of finance for snow preparedness? Because, if that were done and then we had no snow, the critics would be out for blood about wasteful Government spending!

21.11.2010   Finally the Catholic Church has softened its approach to the use of condoms in the name of better health provision. They still do not believe in contraception. Maybe the Pope should read the page on The Population Trap and he would see that without birth control mankind cannot be sustained, it is mathematically impossible! Whilst he is there, he might also contemplate the contents of the page on The Worlds Oldest Industry, it relates directly to all the flawed thinking of the Catholic Church.

20.11.2010   CB was reading an article in todays Times about Gordon Browns Premiership. Not very complimentary at all! Seems they are finally seeing what CB said all along. Mr. Browns leadership was all about HIM and nothing to do with the better good of the Country. Now maybe it is time to change the rules so nobody else can do a Gordon Brown and hijack the country. It is noted by CB that David Cameron was all for political change, empowering the voters and all the rest of it BEFORE the election but now he does not want to keep the promises. CB thinks he lost that battle to his backbenchers, even though the Lib Dems are strongly for the change. MR. CAMERON, WAKE UP, if you do not deliver EFFECTIVE political change the voters WILL remember in 2015! The AV voting system is a con trick. Keep it honest, like you promised or your name will be spoken of in the same breath as Gordon Browns and you will have brought it all on yourself.

19.11.2010   Aung San Suu Kyi is free at last! Hold it, did CB say "FREE"? Nobody is free in Burma, not even the generals who repress their own people! Such stupidity belongs in a bygone age. CB welcomes the day that the United Nations passes a resolution banning the military from governing any country. The job of the military is the defence of their Nation, nothing more. Of course, such a resolution would require the UN to "do an Iraq" on any transgressors. In the case of Burma, there would be no "power vacuum" as there is a very able and, at one time elected, person to fill that gap.

07.11.2010   The Chinese Government is once again using persecution tactics to deal with their dissident artist. Their Nobel Prize winner is still in prison. Why can't they learn? We are talking about one of the most civilised peoples of the world. They are now, arguably, the most prominent country in the world. Criticism, when constructive, is a strength provider to the criticised. Any country where the Government cannot stand up to valid criticism is being run by the wrong people! Just look at Burma if you want an example, or North Korea for that matter.  Repression is the tool of control within countries with a low standard of living and, thus, dissidence is high. With the standard of living rising swiftly for most Chinese people, repression and control is an unecessary function of the Government. Repression is reduced by slowly chipping away at it, in the manner of a stonemason creating a statue. Now that China is doing so well under the current leaders, perhaps they should dump repressive tactics in one fell swoop, allowing others to freely have their say and be seen by the rest of the world to have grown up and moved into the modern day world.
07.11.2010   This week Dr David Nutt has spoken out on his subject, drug use. Once again he has told the truth, not the spin that the Government wants to hear. Make no mistake, the Government may accept all he has to say, it is just POLITICALLY not acceptable so, while that situation exists, the individual persecution will continue. Dr Nutt's views are very much in line with what CB has said  on the page on The War on Drugs! Please read and you will understand much better what the true picture is.

23.10.2010   Well, now to the spending review. Firstly, CB finds it laughable to hear the opposition speak against the cuts as labour caused the situation, they should retreat and hide in shame. Secondly, seeing the unions, union members and assorted red lefties demonstrating on the streets is , again, laughable. If the bankers were doing their jobs, they would be recording those demonstrations to try to identify those present. If those people run their home finances using an unsustainable deficit, they are too risky to hold a bank account. Finally, those wishing to make a political football of the cutbacks by saying the poor are the hardest hit should take careful note. This is where CB cuts to the basics! If you are receiving benefits and get 80 per week and you lose 5 of that, it cuts into your ability to obtain the essentials. If you have a weekly income of 800 and you lose 50, some luxuries may have to go but you can still provide the basics. It is useless to quote percentages, anyone who knows basic maths can see that the above figures are exactly the same percentage loss, BUT it is real cash that counts! CB would also advise Messrs. Cameron and Clegg to be careful of using their favourite buzzword, "FAIR", it is not possible to be fair to all. If they could have limited the cuts to only those with a weekly income of over 100, then fair might have applied but they could not do this. CB will tackle fairness in a soon to be published page on the workings of government departments. CB is waiting for further info before the page can go up but, be warned, it will not make comfortable reading, especially for Theresa May.

25.08.2010    Mr. Patel, the coroner who's judgement in the killing of Ian Tomlinson by PC Simon Harwood was controversial, is facing investigation on other previous incidents in his career. CB is not surprised. You can picture it, where a few phone calls, given the circumstances, would ensure that a "friendly face" was chosen to do the post mortem on Mr Tomlinson, a friendly face being one who would give the decision most desirable for the establishment. That would ensure no prosecution would follow. It seems that 3 other pathologists do NOT agree with Mr. Patels findings. The CPS has walked away from the deal. The PC cannot be charged with common assault because of the 6 month limitation on prosecution in such offences. Why was the PC not charged within the 6 month period and the prosecution could have the case adjourned sine die (until a date in the future yet to be determined)? Until things like this, the assasination of Charles De Menezies and other police wrong doings are dealt with in a fair and transparent manner our "system" will remain corrupt.


24.08.2010    Well, today we learn that a Catholic priest was an IRA bomb campaign planner. As bad as that is, the resultant cover up was worse. We expect the government of the day to be happy with cover ups but the Church? Seems like they learned to be experts when covering up the various maltreatments of children by nuns and priests. The church has so much to answer for, read CB's page on The Worlds Oldest Industry.


19.08.2010    At last the government is to do something about wheel clamping. They should realise that some businesses lend themselves to being used by gangsters and thugs as a legitimate way to do what they do. Night club doormen are now properly trained and controlled and have become a positive force in the industry. The fixing of the clampers is another step in the right direction. Next they should look at the selling of old bad debts. Some companies buy lists of bad debts and use scare tactics to try to collect, usually from old age pensioners and other vulnerable people. Any debt incurred before the 6th April 2007 may well be unrecoverable in law but this does not stop the bad debt boys. The buying of bad debt lists maybe ought to be illegal. Finally, Mr. Camerons good friends, the credit reference agencies should be better regulated. Any of their members can give you a bad rating and the agencies just accept it, they do not contact the client for their side of the story. Sometimes this is just a dispute and the client has a fair point of view. A black mark on the clients record will be there for 6 years and there is nothing that can be done unless the agencies member that originated the black mark can be persuaded to change their mind. Even then, under the agency rules, that black mark may still be there for 6 years. This is clearly a kangaroo court situation and should be investigated as it is grossly unfair to the individual client.


01.08.2010    CB has been resting recently but is now back. It seems the government is trying to modernise the Police force. They should have read the page on The Police first. Some of the recommendations they are doing have been on that page for 4 years now! They should also remember when Margaret Thatcher tried this, she was beaten down by the weight of the senior officers all trying to protect their little empires. Seems the well being and wealth of the senior officers is more important than public safety and justice! Why not go for a real change as CB has described and create a police force for the 21st century?


01.08.2010    Ian Huntley is going to sue the government over their lax care of him. As distasteful as that may be, the government, who are going to "vigorously defend" this action, must recognise that if they are going to imprison criminals, whilst the cons are inside, their welfare is down to the gaolers and ultimately their bosses, the government. Just another reason why a better solution needs to be thought through for dealing with criminals. Prison is the university of crime!


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