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The Social Contract (Britain's Broken Society)

        We have heard many times from our politicians about "Britains Broken Society" but quite what do they mean? CB has his view (doesn't he always). Firstly people are controlled by fear. In religions we are told "believe what I tell you and do as I say or you will perish in the eternal fires of hell", which is purely a control method. Governments promise to protect us from other countries and from crime but we pay with our taxes for the military and the police to achieve this end, and you know what happens when you don't pay your taxes. Those who commit crime are dissuaded by the fear of getting caught and the consequent penalties but the dissuasion is eroded if the penalties are insufficient. We also have the aspiration of a "free society" but this is incompatible with the maintenance of control. When standards and controls are allowed to slip, human nature steps in and an advantage is taken. We used to trust our banks and MP's but look at it now. In the days of Margaret Thatcher the MP's were scared to vote themselves a pay rise over the rate of inflation so they didn't. Instead, the controls on their expenses were relaxed, RESULT - yes the expenses scandal because the MP's took licence on what they claimed for. We used to trust the banks but, when controls were eased they learned they could steal the company's stock (money) under the guise of it being a "bonus". This is what happens when control is eased.

    Over the years, because of "greater freedom" the standards in society have slipped. Forty years ago, when a young lad was sat with his grandad, he may have asked "Grandad, if I saw a fiver in the street and nobody was around, can I have it"? Grandad might have said "If you never touch what is not yours, you can never get into trouble". Nowadays he might say "Get it before anyone else does, don't be seen and don't get caught". There is quite a difference between then and now, isn't there? We have also lost respect for the police. Their failings, such as in the Yorkshire Ripper investigation and the assassination of Charles DE Menezies have brought their standing down (see the pages on The Police and Policemen - use the back button to return). And our respect for the law has diminished. When Tony Martin was continually burgled and the police appeared to be able to do nothing, he did it himself with a shotgun, only for the law that should have protected him to turn him into their victim and give him 5 years in prison! Finally, so much of what we used to do and what we might like to do to fix society is governed by Europe. The UK is now merely another European state and this is why it does not feel like England any more. So, how can this be fixed? There is a school of thought regarding leaving Europe, see the page on Europe (use your back button to return here)

    If we are injured we put a bandage or a cast on the problem until it is healed. The government could pass just 1 ACT to bandage society but it would be a permanent bandage! They could create "The Social Contract"! It would not cost any money and, for a brave and determined government, it would save BILLIONS each year. If you are born in the UK you are automatically a member of the social contract. If you immigrate into the UK you must work and pay taxes and social security for 5 years before you get your membership. Unemployment benefit and free NHS treatment would be reserved solely for members of the Social Contract! If you are convicted of a criminal offence you lose your membership for a pre-determined length of time. If you go to prison, that ban starts they day of your release from prison! OK, unworkable you say, what about the psycho who beats his wife and steals her benefit and the kids benefit? A man with a partner and/or kids but who is out of the social contract because of his behaviour would have his partners benefit paid to her in government vouchers which MUST be acceptable in any supermarket or shop. The vouchers should not be valid for alcohol or tobacco products but OK for food and hygiene products. The vouchers must be acceptable for payment into a COMPANY BANK ACCOUNT just as if they were a cheque but NOT payable into a private account to avoid their conversion into cash. Yes there will be problems but the majority will achieve the desired result. Now this would be a hefty contribution to the 6Bn savings the government needs to find and, added to the 1.334Bn savings demonstrated on the Benefits Targeting page, would kick start the economy drive but WITHOUT costing us frontline services!

    Now we can use the social contract to fix other things. What about the publics lost faith in the legal system? Magistrates giving too lenient a sentence, shyster lawyers twisting the truth to make their defendant look like an angel? The contract might say "The prime requirement of the police, judiciary and prosecuting and defending lawyers is to do evrything and all they can to arrive at the real truth". What about human rights, a tool used by criminals to wriggle out of their situation? The victims rights always seem to come second so, the truth statement above might also contain the words "The apportionment of rights will be first to the victim and second to the accused". To assist in character judgement the magistrates and any jury members should be furnished with the criminal record of the defendant, the victim and all witnesses. Finally, the legal precedent should be included. Why does a decision taken 25 years ago in another case and another court force the same decision in this case when totally different circumstances apply. The final wording might be "that previous decisions which have given rise to legal precedents should be used for guidance purposes only and must not force a decision, only the established facts of each individual case should bear on the outcome".

    Now the act should list every law in the UK to which the contract will apply, leaving nothing to chance and specifying minimum and maximum penalties per law so as to give the magistrate some leeway but making the penalty system equal across the whole country. CB accepts that there would be inherent problems with the awarding of rights firstly to the victim but the question is why do we have the law? Is it not to protect the citizen from those who would trample all over their rights, take their possessions and do them harm? The law has lost it's way to a great extent. For instance, if a burglar breaks into your home and you do anything to him, you will be prosecuted because the law makes you it;s victim after you have been the burglars victim. It does not recognise that, when faced with that situation, you have not got the time to think "Oh dear, I can't do that to him, I will be arrested" It is a split second act and you do whatever you can to protect yourself, your family and your home. It is nothing to do with the law at that moment, it is BASIC ANIMAL INSTINCT for SURVIVAL! The social contract can be used to put this situation right. As you can see there is much flexibility in such an act. For instance, considering the failings of the childcare function within some social work departments, there can be a clause requiring professional people to exercise due diligence and take responsibility within their employment. It may seem strange to include this but just consider those who sat at their desks drinking cups of tea and drawing a salary whilst the children they should have protected were killed. If they had done their job those kids might be OK now. This legislation would make them know that if they failed in their duty, they may be sacked OR prosecuted. If successfully prosecuted and sacked then there would be no unemployment. If ever there was a spur to either make such people shoulder their responsibilities or to find a job they can do then this might be it. CB thinks there is so much scope here. Perhaps this act could also require people to ONLY speak English in public, thus re-installing some "Britishness" in outdoor society. Watch the video of this page which takes quite some time to load or go to youtube and search for "The Social Contract".

CB knows the controversy within this page and will reflect on it. It is not the specifics, which many might disagree with  but the idea behind the specifics that is being put forward. Where laws have been downgraded in quality by successive decisions where the shyster defence lawyer has strayed so far from the truth as to get his client a nothing sentence, a blanket law such as the social contract could re-strengthen that law.
     There has been much concern in recent years that England will soon be a muslim caliphate (watch the 7 minute video entitled "Fertility Rates"). If the Social Contract made it plain that the legislation and governance of this country is by logic and made it illegal to base either discipline on faith then this could not happen. There are so many faiths practised in the UK now that fairness and the need for impartiality is required. This is why faith cannot be a consideration and to fit in with this new law, all bishops must be removed from their seats in the House of Lords. As the Social Contract amounts to a written constitution then any new law which conflicts or "butts up against" any provision within it would require a referendum of the people to agree to any change. In most cases a simple majority might do but in some cases a 75% majority might be required. There is one exception and that is the faith issue which might require a 90% or even 95% majority to change it. To facilitate change where we see that the contract has a flaw or some small part which was unforseen, in the first 5 years after it becoming a statute, the government might be allowed to make that change with a simple parliamentary vote but after this time, only a referendum would do. 
All of the provisions listed here and maybe some others that might become apparent but are not listed here would go a long way to restoring the UK to the old traditional values that used to apply but, more important, they would be the law and that would protect the future of the UK from the imposition of non UK values based on imported cultures. The UK would still be a tolerant society for those who came to live and work here but not at the expense of traditional Britishness!

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The JSC Group March 2006