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The Worlds Oldest Industry


       If prostitution is the worlds oldest profession, then Religion is the worlds oldest industry! Now lets cut to the bottom line. Every man, woman and child has the right to believe that there is a GOD! Further more, it matters not whether people call the entity God, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu or any other name, the name is just a tag given by man to reference to others what they are meaning. Religion is NOT about God, it is about control of the people who believe in a God. Control of the people is best effected by fear (believe what I say and do as I say or you cannot be saved and you will be condemned to the eternal flames of hell), and belief in God is the weapon of those who run, and therefore benefit from, the religions . Once you have control, you have power and money.  The great misfortune is that the con trick of religion is drummed into most children at an age where they are at their most formative mentally and also an age where they blindly accept what they are taught.
Of course, belief in God does go against logic. If belief also incorporates heaven and hell, then the only part of that which is possibly logical is that life on earth is hell and there must be a better place. No man ever lives a life without pain, so this life could conceivably be a punishment. Now, what kind of God would create an earth where every species must take another life just to eat and survive? If that concept is a joke, then to put an evil, lying, deceitful, murderous animal such as man here goes beyond good taste. If that is God, CB does not want to worship or ever meet such an entity.

    Now, with the religions, they all need the same props, a prophet, a book, places of worship. Prophets, well, over 1000 years ago education was at a premium. People learned how to till the land and tend animals and cook and bake. Any 1 man who was different, spoke his mind and stood out from the crowd could easily be seen as a prophet. Books, well they were written by MEN, not GOD! Men tell lies, and exaggerate (look at journalists). Men are notoriously inaccurate when re-telling a story and these stories were told over and over again before the scribes wrote them down. What if the scribe thought that a story was a bit bland, wouldn't he spice it up a bit? Of course, the teller of the story to the scribe couldn't check the accuracy, he couldn't read! Places of worship were very necessary. This is part of the control, you are in their house, you bow your obeisance and then the outstretched hand is more readily filled as you feel obliged. Nice con!

    The problem is that, given a couple of thousand years of acceptance, religions are so instilled in todays life that they will never go away. If the combined religions gave just half of all they were worth there would be no hardship or poverty anywhere on this earth. Getting them to practice what they preach is another story. We now even have the written word of some religions being twisted and used as a reason to hate, bomb and kill anyone who does not believe the same as the killers. That type of religion is seriously flawed.

    Some religions are the actual government of countries. This is contrary to good logic. Countries that are run according to and must conform to unproven beliefs are unlikely to behave responsibly to the needs of logic, as will be required if we are to defeat global warming.  Countries run by dictators will be just as bad in this respect. CB has his feet on the ground and stays with logic. If there ever was an Aadm and Eve, then they came from Darwins Theory of Evolution and not from any God. John Lennon saw the truth when he wrote "Imagine", where the lyrics say "Imagine there's no countries, no religion too".

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