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    Many years ago we had a referendum in the UK about whether to join the (then) common market or not. We voted to join. We didn't vote to cede our sovereignty to Europe but nobody saw that at the time. WHY? Because of the way the voting form was worded. There is a discipline called FORM DESIGN which means that if you are careful about how you word the form, people filling it in can only give you the answer you want! How many times have you filled in a form where you wanted to say something but there was no opportunity to say it on the form? This we must know and be wary of because the Leader of the Conservatives has promised us a referendum on Europe. If the Lisbon Treaty is fully ratified before the Conservative Leader becomes PM (PLEASE), he can only then realistically have a referendum on whether we stay in Europe or leave! He has talked of a "broken society" but he can only repair this IF we are out of Europe (European law would stop him fixing British problems). He is right, the British society is broken and needs fixing. CB has in mind a fix for our broken society but will not publish this fix on this site until after a General Election! CB has seen so many of his thoughts incorporated into "tomorrows policy" and feels that he should only impart such a far reaching strategy to any interested party by direct contact with the leader (CB thinks some wag in an office reads this site and claims the original thinking as his own, passing these bright ideas to his boss). In the fullness of time CB will appraise his readers with this strategy on this site!

    So, the UK leaving Europe? Could this be done and what are the consequences? The Europeans regard us as a second class member because we did not adopt the Euro. Maybe that was the open exit door we left ourselves even though none of our political leaders saw it at the time. What might the consequences be of leaving Europe? Many think that we have to be inside to be heard but, is that true? Lets just have a look.

    DEFENCE:- Because of the proximity of the UK to all European countrys, Europe could NEVER allow the UK to be occupied! Also, CB believes that America would find it unacceptable for the UK to be occupied, so CB believes the UK to be safe.

    Business:- This country has amassed many contacts over the years in Europe. We would still know those contacts if we left Europe. We would still be able to trade because our past reputation would stand. The fact of not being in the Euro has never stopped us doing continental business. If the UK were out of Europe we may be able to use our friendship with America to join the North American Trading Alliance and this may help us do business there. We could also develope contacts in Central and South America. This would leave the UK as a "middle man". We would also be the "Mr 10%" using who we know to arrange world wide business between Europe and ANYWHERE.

    Politics:-     Sitting in the middle the UK may well become a power broker between the USA and Europe. Both sides know us and trust us. CB thinks that this is the ideal position for the UK of tomorrow. The UK knows all the Europeans that matter and therefore could be a superb middle man.

   The implications of all this is that, if correctly handled by our politicians, the UK could rise into the top 5 in the world of political influence! Now Mr. Cameron, will we still get a referendum on Europe? Will we get the chance to get out? You do appreciate that, in your drive to be our next PM, you MUST keep all your promises! This is it Sir, hitting the fan, where do you stand?
  CB wants to know (and the rest of the UK public want to know too).


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