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Global Warming

Now, here's a subject that is a real problem. CB thinks we are too late already. There is a force on this earth that cannot be denied! We call her Mother Nature. Whenever the world has taken a wrong turn, she steps in and corrects it. She saw off the dinosaurs with, we think, an asteroid strike. She has used "natural disasters" to keep population control through the ages, the black death (bubonic plague) in the 1660's, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc. Now she has a big error to correct.

    CB thinks the industrial revolution is a cul-de-sac and that we are getting near the end.
Today it is the pound coin that rules in Britain. In the old days, a rich man had 10 cows and a poor man had 1. Cows are naturally self sustaining. They eat the grass, and the residue that comes out the other end makes more grass grow. Men didn't travel far, married the girl next door and so on. Boring by todays standards, but throw a pound coin on the grass and see how much more grass grows under it. None! The "Cow Wealth" culture was in tune with nature and self sustaining, consumerism is not. Perhaps the Luddites were better informed than we ever gave them credit for!

    Along came the industrial revolution. It created the consumer society. That created factorys, hence employment, selling, advertising and finally ended up with the world as we know it. Consumerism also created the crime figures as the "have nots" see what others have and want it, and, with no job or education, they can only steal to get it. So, we now have big business happy to use any scam to sell more and make more money (see the page on scam advertising). In the process business is raping the earth for its natural resources. This is using them up without replacement. The worst is the energy requirement which then, in the conversion of the resource into energy, pollutes the atmosphere. The destruction of the rain forests, another part in the consumer society cycle, means that the atmosphere is not being naturally renewed. A perfect recipe for Mother Nature to take a hand, don't you think? The overall pollution over all the years of the industrial revolution has changed the overall composition of our atmosphere. If you read that excellent web site The Universe Explained there is a paragraph on the difference chemically of Iron and Steel and this merely demonstrates that the smallest chemical change in a compound can have the most drastic and far reaching change in it's properties. Our atmosphere is a chemical compound and 200 years plus of contamination has changed it's nature and that MUST be a contributary factor to our altered weather patterns. These patterns are our new norms but further pollution may make it even worse. We might invent a new industry here to fix this. If we calculate the exact composition of our atmosphere BEFORE the industrial revolution, compare it to now, then we can build the factories around the world to clean the atmosphere back to what it was. We would also need to find uses for the waste from that cleaning process. As we have cut out the lungs of the planet with the decimation of the rain forests, we must use such an artificial means to change things back. Much oxygen would be released from the cracking of atmospheric waste and could be used to replenish the air. Masses of carbon would be released but we could make the panels for our fridges, cars etc from carbon fibre instead of raping the earth for iron ore to make steel. We have much to learn to protect our planet from further misuse and abuse.

    The worlds politicians realised this and after a discussion, decided to implement a plan to cut down on pollution.  With China getting economically stronger by the day, the problem will compound. China houses 1/5th of the worlds population (4 times as many people as America) and as they get involved in consumerism, the pollution factor will only increase. They are reluctant, however, to address the problem and they are not the only ones. This is a WORLD PROBLEM and all must get on board to fix it!

    Another factor of global warming are the water shortages that England is begining to experience. We don't have snowy winters nowadays. The reservoirs are replenished by snow. If snow falls and settles, it freezes the ground under it. When it thaws, it does so from the top down. As it thaws, it runs down into the reservoirs, not soaking into the frozen ground. If we only get rain, that soaks into the ground replenishing the water table but not necessarily the reservoirs. CB believes this is directly attributable to global warming.

    However much we try to avert global warming, we will not succeed. People will not give up their cars, do with less heating or give up any of the things they think are theirs by right. The third world will struggle to catch up, so, if the western world does learn moderation, all their efforts will be thwarted by the up and coming countries seeing the slow down as their chance to catch up. Scary? CB is glad that the end game is unlikely to be played out in his natural lifetime. Please be sure of one thing. Human nature will prevail in this struggle and greed will win over moderation. That is why CB is sure this is a job for Mother Nature! Watch the video of this page which takes quite some time to load or go to youtube and search for "Extreme Weather Explained".

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The JSC Group March 2006