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Iraq is one of the biggest world political arguments of our time. Why Iraq and not Mr Mugabe? Is it because of the economics? Iraq has oil, Mugabe hasn't! Mugabe has hurt his own people every bit as much as Saddam Hussein did. It is all well and good to protest at what has happened in Iraq but, what if this had been done in 1938 in Germany? The removal of Hitler would have kept the head count much lower than the 7 or 8 million who actually died. German politicians would have been scrambling for power, there might have been a civil war. This usually happens when the vacuum left by the removal of a dictator needs to be filled. Yes, there will be casualties but it is better contained in a small area than left to grow into a world wide conflict.

    We now live in the nuclear age. This has placed a serious responsibility on the world's major powers to effectively contain any potential problems. That is the legacy left by the bomb! Any nation in the grip of a potentially wayward dictator or extremist faction bring upon themselves a possible action from the rest of the world, in the greater good of general security.

    With this in mind, the world powers must be particularly responsible and sure before they take action against any potential problem causer. This was seemingly not the case with Iraq. Now, just next door, we have a much richer nation who are developing nuclear capabilities. They have a president who talks like a terrorist and speaks of the total anihilation of one of it's near neighbours. This is potentially much worse than Iraq ever was! However, America has already played most of his cards in Iraq. Now where do we go? Any moves to disarm a potential nuclear capable country might draw less criticism than the move on Iraq but would surely further divide the broken ties between the Islamic world and the west. It is to be hoped that internal politics will remove the terrorist faction from power and, thus, save the people of that country from an Iraq type future.


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