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When Benazir Bhutto, one of the worlds most prominent leaders was snatched away by a murderer, her supporters said she was martyred. CB says it was murder, and felt that the future of Pakistan had been compromised. In a world that so desperately needs good deeds and good luck at this time, this was a most immeasurable loss to our future. So few of our leaders are like Benazir Bhutto, inspiring us to have faith in, and hope for, the future and to lose one so talented and at a time when she might have made even more of a difference than she had already made in the past, is a tragedy that ranks alongside the loss of such great thinkers as Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Steve Biko, well, the list goes on but, sadly, Benazir Bhutto does not. Benazir Bhutto, just as her father did, gave all for her Country, only to have short sighted morons rob the people of Pakistan of all they may have achieved with her help and guidance. CB does realise that this page may well make him a target for half the world but, as always, CB says what he thinks and pulls NO punches. CB has now seen that Pakistan is probably more under the influence of terrorists than any so called Government they have mustered. If you find the contents of this page slightly frivolous, please keep reading, the punch line is where it always is, at the end!

    OK, Mr. Obama, what are you going to do about it? CB understands it costs the American tax payer $200 MILLION per WEEK in aid for Pakistan! AND, your foreign policy is, now, under scrutiny. According to some, that aid is being paid to those who may have orchestrated this assassination. CB believes that you pay them so much because it allows you to have a joint finger on their nuclear armaments. 

    Right, Barak, lets take you through the fix to your Pakistan problems. When your banks were irresponsible, they caught a cold (known round the world as "sub prime fever"). The answer was for Wall Street (formerly trusted by the financial world) to package all this debt and defaulted payments and then commit a world wide fraud by selling "this newest easy money deal" on to non US banks. Hey, it worked, you pocketed some good, ready laundered cash.

    Lesson learned. Now, lets look at the political packaging? Iraq, full of tribes that hate each other, costing you billions, OH, and some lives too! CB does not wish to offend any US families who have lost their nearest and dearest in this conflict! Iran, next door, nuclear aspirations AND run by a bunch of people with hatred as their political fuel. Afghanistan, also a big drain on Fort Knox, and someone told CB that Osama Bin Laden resides there! And now Pakistan, a large drain on your aid budget and they just lost the best possible person to lead them back into civilisation and democracy.

    Thats it, we got all  4 in the package. Now, how to fix it. Well, America has a history of being a warmonger so, the fix is easy. America developed the weapon that kills the people but does minimal damage to the infrastructure (the oil might be safe). It is the Neutron Bomb! NOW, you would have to use some heavier blast devices (you know, where they store their nuclear devices) but, then you carpet bomb the 4 countrys with Neutrons and you have fixed it. Sounds expensive but if you stop all the aid to Pakistan, bingo, you have paid for all the kit AND the delivery is free on board!

    Right, the repercussions. Worldwide condemnation (but the Russians and the Chinese, your biggest problems, may well secretly applaud the 50 year window of peace that you have just created, as long as you compensate them for loss of business). Also, a gap of about 100 years till you can get at the oil (nuclear winters are long so CB is told).

    The upside is brilliant. You have zapped one 6th of the worlds population, but they were all ragheads (purely a term of affection, CB assures you). Effectively, you have solved the impending food shortage problem. AND, it gets better,  you have seriously reduced the worlds carbon footprint. There is more! Now you can send your poodle (Tony Blair) to Palestine and Israel with your clearest message yet! That message is "Any more crap from you lot and that is what you will get". Now you have fixed the middle east good and proper. Venezuela comes next and you have Ugo Chavez in your pocket. The world is put right in 1 fell swoop BUT.............
    You gotta answer for your deeds. OOPS! BUT, WAITITS EASY! CB to the rescue again! When you get downtown and facing Congress, and they ask you "Barak, WHAT HAPPENED"? You hold out your hands to either side. palms upward, shrug your shoulders and answer, in the time honoured phrase of all train bombers, suicide bombers, rocket / grenade firers and terrorists of the world. "IT WAS THE WILL OF ALLAH".

    Who is gonna argue, you killed em all. They are all dead! Good job they are or they might call YOU a terrorist. Maybe, one day, you might be the first American president to be charged with war crimes!

    OK, CB does know that it would take more than The President to do this because of standard nuclear weapons launch security systems. The best thing one can do for another in this life is inspire them to think, hopefully more positively and constructively than before one inspired them. It is called helping people. CB cannot do anything about yesterday. Hopefully he can deal with today. He can have plans and hopes for tomorrow, but only if the worlds leaders leave him room for those hopes and plans. With the loss of Benazir Bhutto, the room for hopes and plans is now much smaller. THEREFORE! It is time for the leaders of the 4 Countrys mentioned in the package, along with America, Russia, China and India (forget the UK, Gordon Brown is too busy looking after his own personal interests) to change their approach. Without Benazir Bhutto, so much more rests on all your shoulders. Come on, stand up to your responsibilities please, the world is waiting to see what you do now. If Pakistan is not fixed, you (and us) are lost.

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