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The Population Trap

    We are aware that the worlds human population is currently at around 7 Billion people but the expected doubling of that figure is likely to happen within 50 to 60 years. Scientists tell us that the mathematical maximum that the earth can support is 15 Billion people. We can already see problems for some who have insufficient food, given the current population. This is further compounded by freak weather conditions affecting our crops (see the recent wheat price rises on the commodity exchanges). CB believes that our way of life and the subsequent pollution it gives us is a major cause to such freak conditions. Therefore, with any increase in the human population, these freak conditions can only worsen. It therefore suggests that global population control is desirable but can this be achieved? Whilst the only country behaving responsibly in this area is China (they have a strict rule about how many children a couple can have), others are blatantly disregarding the exploding population problem. India is set to become the most populous country in the world within a few short years, taking the title from China and some countries, notably one of the Koreas, are actively encouraging their people to have more children. Their reason for this is that no civilisation has ever survived where their birth rate falls below 2.11 children per couple. Unfortunately, in the last week or so, it has been stated that China is re-thinking their birth control policy!
    CB must now make an apology. There is a short video that tells us better than CB can say what the population problem is. Unfortunately, the maker of the video appears to have an agenda against the Muslim faith. CB does not agree with any form of bigotry! CB has made his views clear on the subject of faith (see the page on The Worlds Oldest Industry) and the subject of belief (see the page on The Flawed Human Psyche). CB does not know if the mathematics or the figures stated in the video are correct and would welcome comment from anyone who knows (please use the feedback form). CB does not know any more than what this video says and does not know anything about its accuracy, but feels it is the best way to show you how population change affects our lives. Population change will happen, it is the increase that must not but, if you follow the thinking in the video, it shows us how big the trap is and how hard it will be to avoid it. Should the figures in the video be true, and countries fail to deal with their population problems in order to further their national cause, we are ALL in big trouble.

    This link for the video, titled [  this link is now deceased, please read the statement at the bottom of the page but you can try here] , should be watched but taken with a good pinch of salt. CB knows of no planned effort for world domination by Islam or any other  organisation since Hitler.  CB is sorry for the bias in this video and wishes it were made from a purely scientific point of view but we can only work with what we have, and the figures are so important that CB feels it must be shown. The bottom line is the video shows us the mathematics of why faiths, cultures, countries etc may want more people and all else tells us we need NO MORE. How can we resolve this?  To keep the world population at roughly the same level as now there must be no more than a 2.0 fertility rate, which is less than the 2.11 minimum and therefore  we have the eventual end of  those countries,  cultures, races and faiths.  A 2.11 or higher fertility rate virtually guarantees the population explosion will continue and this would eventually only lead to an "every man for himself"  situation, the breakdown of societies, law and order and all we aspire for.  Mathematics is our purest science and, should the figures in the video be correct, there appears to be no way out for the continuation of the human species, either way there is only an end of all we know.  Funnily  enough,  that would fit into how mother nature works!  The dinosaurs were dominant and then died out,  then it was the turn of man,  what would come next? Watch the video of this page which takes some time to load or go to youtube and search for "The Population Trap".

The  link given above for the video "Muslim Advance" is no longer valid. It is a streaming link that now seems to be broken from it's source. The gist of what it said was that the muslim people are slowly but surely emigrating into European countrys.  It was reported in the video that no country, society or culture can sustain with a reproduction rate of less than 2.11. It was stated that across Europe, the reproduction rate is between 1.3 and 1.8, hence the need to promote immigration to sustain their continuance. It was also said in the video that Colonel Gadaffi said "within 50 years Europe will be won without drawing a sword or shedding a drop of blood".  This is because the muslim people of europe were purposefully reproducing at a rate of 2.8,  thus ensuring an eventual majority in every country they live in (look at the problems in Turkey).  This might give the muslims a majority BUT, given the text above and all it means to the population trap, their tactics will bring forward the problem of over population.  There is no proof that this is true but, if you look at England, it becomes clear to the observer that, within 50 or 60 years,  your white, english, catholic grandaughter will be required by english law to cover her head when going out in public.  It is only a 20 year gap from that to England being governed by Sharia Law.  These are not necessarily CB's thoughts, but merely what the video said.  It is possible, however, that CB does see the chances of this being accurate.


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