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Global Unity
    The human population of the world currently stands at 7 Billion and is expected to hit 9 Billion within about 50 years or so. This growth CANNOT be sustained!   The only way to fix it is by a Globally accepted law limiting the size of families such as that which is in place in China! We have a serious problem with climate change but we cannot agree on the fix and those delegates attending the next discussion are saying that no agreement will be reached or signed. Countries like India are saying they cannot afford to make the necessary changes and that the rest of the world must finance their costs. India is at the forefront of the population explosion and they want the rest of the world to pay for their excesses?
    Let us make no mistakes, whenever the chips are down, Mother Nature takes a hand. She saw off the dinosaurs and, if we do not get our act together, she is strong enough to see us off too! The only way forward is to adopt a totally new way of thinking, a World Order! It is not about money or gold or oil. it is about life itself! The priorities are clean air and water, energy and a stable climate and FOOD
 We have already seen troubles caused by a lack of food in some countries and it will get worse. We need to forget politics, nationalism and all the stupidity that causes infighting. IF we know that the rainforests are imperative to our survival and they are largely in South America then we should find a way to preserve what is left and assist the regeneration of them. This means that the rest of the world pays South America to provide what the world needs. The vast majority of cereal and grain crops are grown in Canada and America so the rest of the world must recognise this and pay the price for those countries providing for our needs. South East Asia is the centre for rice production and the rest of the world must pay to enhance the annual crop production. Most of this is already in place but only for commercial purposes. We need to get rid of the politics and the "only if it is profitable" mindset or starvation will be the population control that is needed. That would inevitably lead to the biggest and nastiest world war ever seen, winner takes all.
    Now we can see that a "World Government" is needed. It would need to be agreed by all the major powers. Its directives would have to be empowered world wide, with NO ABSTENTIONS! It would need a military empowered to go ANYWHERE to guarantee compliance. Given recent events regards voting in Iran, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and so on, the World Government must be in overall control of elections. This means that any member country holding an election would have to have the World election team organise and implement the election. Why? Those grabbing power illegally do so in their own interests, not the interests of the people. This page is trying to make you see that the interests of ALL the people in the world are now on the front line and under fire, so countries run, by a few, for that few, do not fit in to the global needs which are now in place. Obviously, for the above reason, military juntas would not be acceptable. To survive, we need to competently manage the world and its resources but can you see a World Government? CB can't and without it, mankind is doomed.

    Lets recap so we are all clear on this, it is about the future of mankind. There is NO ROOM for politics, pettiness, tribalism, differences of belief, these are the cold facts! We must calculate the maximum number of people this planet can stand and them MAINTAIN that number, no more! We must calculate the amount of food needed to feed those people (including extra to cover disasters, floods, droughts etc.). We must calculate the replacement of the rainforests to assist the maintenance of the natural environment. We must put these requirements first in front of consumer led goods like cars, TV's etc. We must devise CLEAN provision of energy. This is why a world order is needed NOW, NOT LATER!

Last night, 9/12/2009, at 21.00 on BBC2, terrestrial UK television a programme in the science series Horizon confirmed some of the above text (which has been up on this site for 2 weeks now). It said that the world population was currently almost 7 Billion and is expected to be 9 Billion by 2050. It confirmed that India would overtake China as the most populous country and that food and fresh water would be the major problems. Need any more proof?

    More proof came again last night on BBC1 UK terrestrial television at 22.40 in a programme called "Hot Planet". Much of the content was in accord with CB's thoughts on Global Warming and also with some of what is said on the Universe site mentioned in the next paragraph. A 2 degree warming of the Earth, expected by 2050 will change things beyond belief!

    [ It is 11.45 AM, Friday 18th December 2009. Mr Obama has just spoken in Copenhagen on the American approach to climate change. It is looking very fragile that a deal will be struck. That is only on the global warming issue. The future of mankind is inextricably linked to a package of reforming how we live and that package is control of pollution PLUS population control PLUS food, fresh water  and resource planning! It is not enough to tackle just one of the components on its own. It may already be too late, mother nature has the power to change our climate in JUST 1 YEAR ("The Climate Wars", BBC2 on UK terrestrial TV, 23.20, Thursday 17th December 2009). To achieve an acceptable result is a truly global need and EVERY COUNTRY WITHOUT EXCEPTION must agree! Anything less  will mean no future for your children! ]

04.10, 19/12/2009, there is an agreement that has been reached in Copenhagen but it is too little and too late. They have accepted a limit to the global temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius. The scientific community see a 3 degree rise as a world disaster. A 2 degree rise may well be sufficient to kick off irreversible changes to our climate and 3 degrees will be an inevitable result. View this in the context of all on this page and you can kiss goodbye to the long term future of mankind and the majority of other warm blooded species on this planet. Mother Nature knows nothing of countries, money or any of the other stumbling blocks and she has never lost a battle, never mind a war. CB fears that she will speak to us and it will not be music to our ears. How can our world "leaders" be so stupid? CB is glad he is the age he is and that he has no children or family to worry about. ] 

    There is an interesting website which is a new theory explaining the Universe which has an enlightening piece on global warming. It is written for the man in the street to understand, plain and simple English and can be found here:    The Universe Explained. See what you think.

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